Disclaimer: These Characters belong to Fox. I only borrow them to have fun.

Rating: NC-17 (Lesbianism,and of course Sex)

Pairings: Kristen/Charlotte, Summer/Seth

Setting: AU take on Season 3.

OC: Twisted Encounters
by Robbins ([email protected])

At rehab Kristen Cohen is having coffee with Charlotte.

Little did Kristen know Charlotte is a Lesbian predator. She targets wealthy
women, and seduces them so she can be a kept women. Charlotte has noticed
Kristen from the moment she saw her in rehab. 'She is very attractive,'
Charlotte thinks.

* * *

A few weeks later Kristen comes with Charlotte to a cabin. Charlotte has
conned her into coming with her.

* * *

Kristen is sitting on the couch. Charlotte comes in. She goes up to Kristen.

"You know, Kristen, you're very attractive," she tells her.

Kristen is surprised by this. Charlotte touches her.

"I am very attracted to you," Charlotte tells her.

Charlotte moves closer to her.

"I am not sure," Kristen says until she Is interupted by a kiss.

* * *

Seth Cohen lays naked on his bed. His beautiful and sexy girlfriend Summer
Roberts is riding his dick hard with her fine pussy. Seth can't take anymore,
and starts to pull away. She slaps his face.

"Oh no you don't, Cohen!" Summer demands.

She resumes riding him.

* * *

Kristen is laying on a bed. Charlotte has her face in Kristen's pussy and is
licking away. Kristen enjoys this.

"Oh Shit!" Kristen screams.

Kristen cums.

* * *

Charlotte is now laying on the bed. Kristen is now has her face in
Charlotte's pussy. Charlotte loves the fact she now has Kristen in her

"Oh Kristen! You are doing so good!" Charlotte moans.

* * *

Kristen continues licking Charlotte's pussy. Charlotte cums on Kirsten.

* * *

Kristen is now laying on the bed. Charlotte is massaging her back.

* * *

Kristen and Charlotte lay on the bed. Kristen Is thinking. She has to make
a decision on what she wants. Her family or Charlotte.

* * *

Kristen Is packing.Charlotte Is upset.

"You don't have to go," Charlotte says.

"I have to go," Kristen says.

"But, you belong with me, Kirsten," Charlotte says.

"I can't!"Kirsten says.

* * *

Next door to the Cohens, John Thomas is moving in. A taxi arrives at the
Cohens. Kristen gets out. John sees her and is very impressed with her.
Kristen goes inside.

To Be Continued...


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