ONE DAY AT A TIME: I'm Your Handyman

By Uncle Mike

Schneider slipped his master key into the apartment door
and walked in, calling out, "Ms. Romano!" He figured no one
was home -- not that he ever knocked -- but it was too early
for her to be home from work or the girls to be home from
school. Shouldering his pipe wrench like a rifle, the scruffy
jack-of-all-trades crossed the living room and turned down
the hallway to the bathroom, where, Ann Romano had
reported, a pipe under the sink was leaking slowly.

He passed by the bedroom doors but stopped when he
thought he heard a noise in one, the one Ann used. Quietly he
tiptoed back to the door. Hoisting the wrench like a club, he
threw open the door.

The big bed Ms. Romano used was directly opposite the
door. On a Formica nightstand at its left side, a lamp in the
shape of a poodle cast a yellow light onto the white sheets.
In the middle of the bed, legs spread wide, was Ann Romano's
younger daughter, Barbara.

Schneider froze, the pipe wrench still held above his head.
Barbara was completely naked. Her long, dark hair was
splayed out around her head. She was short, not thin but not
fat. Her breasts were little more than rises on her pale white
chest, but large brown circles held thick nipples that stood
straight up. A few dark hairs curled above her pussy lips,
which she held splayed open with two fingers of her left
hand. Her right held a long, vibrating beige rod half in and
half out of her cunt.

"Ba-ba-ba-ba- Ah, I better go," Schneider blurted as a
bright red suffused his face. But he didn't move.

Barbara looked up at him and shyly smiled. "You don't have
to go," she said. "You know, I never noticed it before, but
you're kinda cute." She giggled. "And that's a really big
wrench you've got."

Schneider looked up at the pipe wrench and seemed
surprised to see it there above him. He slowly lowered it to
his side. "Barbara," he began again, and his eyes zig-zagged
around the room as he tried to look anywhere but at her
wide-open crotch. "I really think I better go. Uh, tell your
mom I'll fix the sink, uh, tomorrow."

"The sink can wait," Barbara agreed, "but I can't." She
turned off the vibrator and withdrew it, slick with her
secretions. She got up on her knees on the bed, facing him,
and slowly slid the slick rod through the "O" of her full lips.
Deeper and deeper she slipped it in until Schneider moaned.
Barbara pulled the rod out and smiled at him. "Of course, if
you've got other things to do ..." Again she sucked the rod into
her mouth and worked it in and out.

Schneider dropped the wrench with a clang and hastily
shucked off his dirty work clothes. As he strode toward the
bed, Barbara tossed aside the vibrator and lay on her
stomach, her face just on the edge of the mattress. Schneider
stood before her and felt her hot breath on his cock. The
young girl held his balls gently in her left hand as her right
stroked his stiffening member. "Mmmmm, this wrench is
getting bigger, too," she murmured, then gasped as it grew
thicker and longer until it stood out from his crotch like a
flagpole, eight inches long. "Jesus, Schneider, where have you
been hiding this?" She flicked the edge of her pink tongue at
the tip and his cock leaped. "Oooh, you like that, huh?" She
reached around and pulled his ass to her as her mouth opened
wide to take in his meaty rod. When the head was inside she
closed her lips around it. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked
hard, taking in as much as she could manage.

"Not too bad, girlie," Schneider said. "Is that the best you
can do?"

Snorting, Barbara grabbed his cock in both hands and
stuffed it into her mouth until the head smacked into the
back of her throat. He still had an inch or so outside.

"Close, but no cigar," Schneider taunted her, and Barbara
began to plunge back and forth on his cock while her hands
massaged the rest of the long rod. Schneider pumped back and
soon shouted "I'm gonna shoot!" Barbara pulled back and a
stream of cum flew across her face.

"So you don't like to swallow?"

In reply, Barbara's supple tongue snaked out of her mouth
and licked the cum off her face.

"Now it's your turn to show me what you can do," Barbara
said as she lay back on the bed, opening her pussy to him.
Schneider crawled up between her legs and grabbed her butt
cheeks in both hands. With gusto he plunged into her crotch
and began licking and suckling her pussy lips, flicking his
tongue at her clit and sliding it deep into her. Barbara
pounded the mattress with her fists. "Lick me, that's the
way!" She was still shouting when Schneider dropped her ass
back onto the bed and rose above her.

"Enough of that," he growled. "Let's fuck." Her cunt was so
well-lubricated that he slid easily into her but his thick cock
stretched the walls of her young pussy to the maximum. "It's
too big, Schneider," Barbara protested.

"God, you're tight," he agreed, but he kept pressing in.
"Come on, take it in!"

"Schneider, no!"

He quieted her by covering her mouth with his, snaking his
tongue between her lips. His hands greedily roamed her nubile
body, rubbing her nipples raw as he pressed deeper, deeper
until his full eight inches was inside her. Barbara's eyes
were open wide in surprise as she realized what had
happened. Soon Schneider began to stroke, long, deep drives
that she felt all the way to her toes. He raised himself on
both arms above her as he pistoned his hips. Barbara took up
the motion and met every thrust with one of her own. Her
tight cunt made his cock force its way in every time, through
her hot, spongy pussy. Soon her juices flowed out and began
to stain the sheets and still Schneider drove into her.

Barbara beat on his chest and sides as his prick sent shock
after shock through her body. The fitted sheet was ripped
from its moorings as she writhed underneath him and it came
to rest like a cocoon around her, flapping against her sweaty

"Schneider, Schneider!" The words were forced from her
lips as he plunged in, now increasing the tempo until she
thought his cock would drive right through her.

Still driving, Schneider raised himself higher, lifting her
ass with him until he was kneeling, her legs held high under
his strong arms. He raised her ankles until they were resting
on his shoulders and smashed his cock into her young cunt
again and again and again. He drove like a madman, crazed by
lust, his eyes staring blankly at the wall.

At last with an ear-shattering bellow he exploded inside
her, blasts of cum flooding her cunt and oozing out. At the
same time, Barbara felt her muscles contract sharply and a
flush rise in her chest. Sparkling lights appeared in her eyes
and she screamed out "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!

As her pulsating cunt milked the last blobs of cum from
his cock, Schneider came out of his daze. He was just turning
toward a sound behind him when suddenly everything went

Schneider felt as if he were emerging from a long, dark
tunnel. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked around, a room
slowly coming into focus. Wow, he thought, that was one hell
of an orgasm. He was flat on his back, his hands above his
head. He tried to sit up, but he could only raise his hands a
few inches before they seemed to snap back down. He looked
up, wincing a bit at a sudden pain in the back of his head. His
wrists were bound by brown, silky-looking bonds -- could
those be? Yes, pantyhose, securing his hands to either
bedpost. Grimacing, he raised his head and looked down:
pantyhose held his ankles in check as well.

"So you're finally back with us."

Schneider recognized that voice and turned toward it. Ann
Romano, a short, perky redhead with a pixie face, was
standing beside the bed. Not much over five feet tall, she
still somehow looked imposing, lost in a bulky green flannel
bathrobe, her arms crossed in front of her.

"Ms. Romano, what ... ow." He tried to raise his head again,
but something was still hurting him.

"Sorry about your goose-egg, Schneider," the pert woman
said. "But when I saw you fucking my daughter I
automatically swung. Lucky thing for you I'd emptied out
some of the change from my purse at work or you might have
been a goner."

"Fucking your ... oh, yeah. Look, Ms. Romano ..."

"It's OK, Schneider. Barbara explained what happened. Turns
out she's been using my vibrator for almost a year now -- she
found it when she was looking for some magazine, she said.
Anyway, she said she's the one who seduced you."

"Yeah, well ..."

"Of course, she IS still under age. I could call the cops
right now and have you busted for statutory rape."

"Uh, Ms. Romano, I ..."

"But Barbara also said you were pretty good. So maybe we
could find some other way to punish you for what you did."


"Well, she's not the only one who's had to rely on a vibrator
for any action." Ann loosened the belt of her robe and slipped
it off her shoulders. As it slipped to the floor, she stepped
out of it and moved back from the bed so Schneider could get
a full view.

Her petite breasts were held by a tight leather bra, with
silver hoops at each corner. A black corset laced up the front
also served as the anchor for garters holding up a pair of
black fishnet hose. She stepped into a pair of sky-high
patent-leather spike heels that added five inches to her
height, and spread her legs slightly, showing Schneider that
she wore no panties. Bright red hair curled around her naked

As Schneider watched in amazement and then shock, Ann
unlocked the bottom drawer of the bedside table and took out
an evil-looking device, with a thick leather handle and a
tangle of braided leather strips, each of them ending in a
shiny silver brad.

She slapped the cat into her palm reflectively as she
looked down at him, spread-eagled and vulnerably naked.

"You know, Schneider, (whap!) you've taken an awful lot of
liberties. (whap!) Letting yourself into my apartment
whenever you like. (whap!) Butting into our personal lives.
(whap!) Even fucking my youngest daughter. (WHAP!) I'm really
going to enjoy this. (whap!)"

"Ms. Romano, look, I'm really sorry about Barbara. And I
promise, I'll never let myself in again. Scout's honor!"
Schneider's eyes bobbed up and down as he focused on the cat
slapping into Ann's hand. "Whatever you say. Just, please, let
me go!"

Ann smiled wickedly but said nothing. Instead, she walked
to the end of the bed and placed one heel on the edge, giving
Schneider a full view of her exposed pussy. She gently
brushed his left leg with the tips of the cat o' nine tails. He
flinched, straining at the bonds.

"I'll be gentle, poor Schneider," she cooed. Ann tested the
bonds holding his feet. They held fast. In one fluid motion she
stepped up onto the bed, towering over him. She walked up
astride his chest, her heels digging into the mattress on
either side. "Oh, Schneider," she said, "I do hope you make me
feel good. (whap!) Because if I don't feel good, (whap!) YOU
won't feel good. (whap!) And we wouldn't want that, would
we? (whap!)"

She moved forward again until her crotch was directly
above his face and then squatted slowly. She stopped with
her cunt just inches from his mouth. "Now, remember, (whap!)
be on your best behavior! (whap!)" She lowered herself the
rest of the way, her pink pussy lips kissing Schneider's
mouth. She used her left hand to spread herself wide open for
him, but Schneider was motionless.

Sharply she brought the cat down behind her on his chest.
He bucked at the impact of a dozen brads. And again.

"I told you, (whap!) you have to be a good boy (whap!). Now
see if you can figure out what I want! (whap!)"

Tentatively Schneider's tongue reached up and flicked at
her pussy. "MMmmmmmm. That's it, Schneider!" She brought
the cat down again but stopped it just short of impact and
then lowered it slowly, tickling his hairy chest.

Schneider began to lap at her muff and she lowered herself
further, smothering his face. A gurgle from him told her she'd
gone too far and she moved up slightly, allowing him to draw
a breath through his nose. She wiggled her cunt over him as
he slurped up her juices and tongued her sensitive folds.

"The clit, Schneider, suck my clit," Ann ordered. She
adjusted her position slightly and his tongue found her love
button. She almost lost her balance as a shiver of delight ran
through her. "That's IT!"

Dropping the cat, she fondled her breasts through the stiff
bra, poking her fingers underneath to rub the nipples.
"Mmmmmmm, Barbara was right," Ann groaned. "You ARE

As Schneider slipped his tongue deeper and deeper into her
box, Ann felt her insides tighten and her knees grow weak.
Suddenly a gush of juices poured out of her and dripped down
Schneider's face as she screamed out incoherently,

She fell to one side and lay there shivering for several
minutes before she recovered. Then Ann stretched out
alongside Schneider, playing a hand up and down his chest as
she rested her chin on his right shoulder. "You WERE a good
boy, Schneider," she grinned. "I think you deserve a reward."

Her hand slipped down to brush his cock, which jumped at
the touch. "Mmmmm, but you're not quite ready," Ann said. "I
think we'll have to work on that." First she moved up to kiss
him, licking her own secretions from his tongue as her right
leg caressed his stomach and groin.

Then she turned around, leaning over his stomach and
blowing a stream of cool air onto his cock. She watched the
stiff, dark pubic hairs bend under the breeze. She began to
stroke the underside of his dick, watching in fascination as
it hardened and lengthened. Like her daughter, Ann's eyes
grew wide when she saw it continue to grow. "My God,
Schneider, you put all of that monster in my Barbara?" Her
breath on his rigid cock grew warmer and her nostrils flared.
"My GOD!"

"Yeah, Ms. Romano, I ..." Ann quickly picked up the cat and
lashed him across the chest.

"Shut up! I'm doing all the talking here! Remember who's in

Schneider grunted as she lashed him again, then stroked
his chest lightly with the braids.

Ann crawled up onto him, straddling his waist as she faced
the door. She bent her face lower and sunk onto his cock,
pursing her lips around the massive member as it slid into

* Origin: Usenet:Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH (US

Date: 07-24-96 (18:03) Number: 59563 of 59736 (Refer# NONE)
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her mouth. "Schnei-er, ur sho birrr!" she mumbled around the
huge pipe. "I on't ow ih I an hake ir." But she continued to
lower her mouth onto him and his cock slid past her lips
further and further until her nose was buried in his ball sac.
She gave out a squeal of delight and pulled back up, plunging
up and down at the tip before again slowly taking him in all
the way. Schneider groaned loudly as her lips tingled along
his rod to the hilt.

In time Ann rose off his cock. "Sorry, don't want to waste
it," she said, and scootched forward until the entrance of her
pussy was poised at the head of his dick. She wiggled her
cunt at him and Schneider tried to press into her. "Naughty
boy! (whap!) This is my game! (whap!)" Ann teased him, but
she rose up and guided his cock into her, the swollen head
forcing aside her tight lips and sliding home. She held him
just inside her for a minute that seemed like an eternity to
him, then slid down onto him all the way.

Again she stopped, relishing the feel of a big, thick cock
inside her hot, soaking pussy. She began to clench at it and
release it with her cunt muscles, then rose and fell over it,
letting Schneider's rod drive in and out.

Soon she picked up speed and was bouncing on his cock like
a trampoline, her short hair flying up on every downstroke.
Schneider moaned both in pain and ecstasy, still aching
slightly from the blow to the head but hurting more from
being unable to control Ann's mad tempo, which sent tremors
of agony and delight through him. His legs and arms were
becoming numb from the restraints, so all his senses were
centered on his cock as Ann's cunt slithered up and down.

His breath came in short, quick gasps as he struggled
underneath her, lunging up hungrily at her passionate thrusts.
"Oh, Christ, Ms. Romano!" he breathed out, but her speed never
slackened. She leaned forward, resting her hands on his
knees. He saw her tight butt bouncing on his crotch as she
forced herself onto him, her cheeks squashing onto the backs
of her spike heels and then lifting up for another plunge.

At last he felt his balls tighten and his cock grew even
bigger until his cum blasted into Ann's cunt. The burst of
warmth triggered her own orgasm and they joined in a
screaming, shouting climax as Ann ground her cunt onto his
massive cock.

Later on, as Schneider lay still restrained on the bed, now
damp and cold from their exertions, Ann sat on an easy chair
next to the door, looking at him speculatively.

"Uh, Ms. Romano," Schneider began tentatively. "May I ask a
question?" He eyed the cat, which she once again was
slapping into her palm.

"Sure, Schneider, go ahead (whap!)"

He winced. "Could -- could you let me go now?"

"Let you go? (WHAP!)" She half rose from the chair. "You
think I'm going to let you go? (whap!)" She paused and sank
back into the cushions. "Mmmmm, maybe. But not now." She
smiled. "Let's just take it one day at a time, shall we?"


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