Our Miss Brooks (mF,MF,Ff,oral,anal,toys)
by JH

It wasn't easy getting into this position in this car but it was part of the deal Connie Brooks had worked out with Walter Denton to get rides to school. His cock was fully in her mouth and her head was lying on his lap. She was sucking him from hardness to orgasm and trying to complete the task before they arrived at Madison High. She had pulled her dress to the top of her panty girdle and while sucking him off had her hand rubbing her exposed cunt through the opening. She never wore panties under her crotchless girdles just for times like these. The 1930's roadster didn't have a lot of room but she managed. She had hold of the base with her left hand and her right had three fingers buried deep in her cunt while she rubbed her own clit. Her tongue danced around the shaft which added to his pleasure. She could feel him begin to tense up and sucked him to the back of her throat and as he shot into her mouth she pulled it all down her throat. At the same time she jammed her fingers deep into her own cunt and had a nice orgasm. She licked him clean and raised up to a sitting position. She patted her hair sprayed blonde hair and fixed her lipstick as they pulled up to the front of the school. She opened the door and walked up the steps to the school. She never looked back nor said anything.

Her mid-calf tight dress was somewhat wrinkled and she smoothed it out. Looking behind her she insured the seams in her nylons were straight. She walked into the female teachers' bathroom and to the mirror. She made sure her hair was exactly as she set it that morning. Looking in the mirror she applied more lipstick deepening the red color.

It was Thursday and she knew what she needed to do. She walked to the teachers' lounge and was lucky enough no one was there. She sat on the couch and removed her sensible shoes and in their place put on a pair of 5 inch stiletto high heels with an ankle strap. She had gotten these shoes for "special occasions" and had found that Thursdays fit the bill. She stood up and her 5' 7" height was now a little over 6'. Walking in them was no problem but she preferred if none of her students saw her in what could only be described as cfm heels. She stood and insured the seams were in lines with the sharp line of the stiletto style heels. Her dress was mid-calf so there was only a short line up the back of her legs but, she knew, it was enough. She walked out of the lounge. Her heels made a tapping sound on the old wood floor as she walked down the hall to the principal's office.

Osgood Conklin sat at his desk. The office was quiet. He had given the staff the day a matter of fact he insisted on it. Though puzzled, Osgood was not known for his staff kindness, they took the opportunity to leave. Osgood was a bastard. He knew it and didn't care. The deal he worked out with Connie Brooks gave him what he wanted a cost him very little and she was so good it was well worth it. Besides Martha, his wife, was boring and Connie added true spice to his life. He heard the outer door open, tapping of high heels on the floor, then his door opened. Connie Brooks stood in the doorway with a smile on her face.

She reached up and began to undo the buttons at the top of her dress. She closed the door behind her. Continuing, one button after another was undone until the white long line bra was exposed. Her breasts were held in bullet shaped cups but at the tip the nipples were exposed. Reaching to her side she undid the belt and unzipped the dress and let ir fall. She knew what he wanted so she slipped her hand up a squeezed the material of the bra covering her breasts. The nipples grew larger and redder. She walked towards his desk and came around to the side he was sitting. She bent over and the panty girdle rode up exposing the soft hair covering her cunt. She reached down and opened the lips and looked at him. "Well?"

He moved behind her and slid his cock into her cunt. She pressed back against him and let out a deep sigh. She loved the feel of a cock in her...her cunt...her mouth....her didn't matter. His cock was buried all the way into her cunt. He began to move his hips causing the shaft to slide in and out, glistening with her pussy juices. She reached down and opened her cunt lips with her fingers and found the clit nub. She rubbed this and as his movement increased in tempo she rubbed harder pushing herself to an orgasm. She pressed back as he reached around and began to squeeze her tits causing the nipples to get harder and stick further out of the material of the bra. As he shot cum deep inside her own orgasm swept over her. She tensed causing the cunt muscles to grip his cock. The result was draining him of the built up fluid. She turned and dropped to her knees. He took the cock into her mouth and sucked him clean of their juices. Once done she put him back into his pants and zipped him up. He sat back into his chair while she redressed.

"Ok. That will give you your budget for the next week. Next week I'll see you on Wednesdy and make sure you have something on that will let me get to your ass."

She smiled and left his office.

* * *

The rest of the day went as usual. She dealt with the issues of her students and staff few, if any, who knew of her "other" life. She got a ride home from Philip Boynton. She could drop all her "extra-curricular" activities if Boynton would ever take the hint but he may be an excellent biology teacher but understanding her biology seemed to be beyond him. She had done everything but gone down on him in his office but she was sure he would have a heart attack at such an approach.

* * *

She was waiting for one of her students - she had on a long, white, satin nightgown. She wore fingerless satin white opera length gloves and slip on white high heel slippers with 4 inch stiletto heels. She loved the way the heels made her legs and ass look.

The knock at the door broke her out of her reverie. She opened the door and the 5'1" blonde form of Harriet Conklin walked in. Connie closed the door and moved into a deep kiss and embrace with the teenage girl. She was a head shorter than Connie and had to stand on her tip toes for her lips to lock onto the taller woman. Her tongue slid into Connie's mouth and found Connie's tongue. They moved around each other. Connie moved her back and without breaking the kiss both fell back onto the couch. It took only a minute and Harriet had her hand against the older woman's breast and she kneaded it causing the nipple to get hard.

Connie slipped her hand beneath the younger girls flared skirt and was gratified as Harriet opened her legs wider. Sliding her hand up she felt the hot, moist hair covering Harriet's cunt. She broke the kiss long enough to say "I took my panties off just for you." Connie rubbed the slit making Harriet squirm in response. Connie slipped first one, then a second, then a third and finally a fourth finger into the younger girl. Harriet's breathing was quicker and deeper.

Connie reached into a drawer by the couch and withdrew a plastic cylinder with a bullet shaped head. Turning a dial it began to vibrate in her hand. She took it and slid it under Harriet's dress and into her cunt. It was as if an electric shock went through her. "ooohhhh, deeper, more!" Connie was pistoning it in and out and pressing it against the young girls clit.

Leaning back, Connie pulled the nightgown up to her hips exposing her cunt to the girl. She pulled Harriet's face into the folds of her cunt. "Lick me. Stick your tongue in me."

Harriet gladly complied and was licking and tonguing the hot wet slit. Connie took the vibrator and worked it into the young girl's ass. Harriet moaned but didn't stop until the entire plastic shaft was deep inside. Then she turned it on. "Oh my god...hhhhuuuunnnnnnnhhhhhuuuunnnn!"

Connie left the shaft in place and took her hand and rubbed the clit of the young girl. At the same time Harriet was busily licking and sucking the older woman's cunt. Connie took one hand and took the back of Harriet's head and pressed it into her cunt. At the same time Connie and Harriet were overwhelmed by orgasms.

Harriet looked up at Connie. "Can we do it again?"

Connie Brooks shook her head no. "You have to go home. You don't want to be late. We'll get together tomorrow."

This seem to satisfy Harriet. "Oh, good. I have cheerleader practice. I know exactly what to wear.


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