Odd Man Out: Andrew and Keith's Adventure (mfg, mm, ncon, mc)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Keith had been planning this for weeks, he was finally going to get Paige.
He had lusted after her for several years, and now was his chance to have
her. It was perfect, Andrew was going to be after school for detention, so
he would not be there to disturb them. All Keith had to figure out was how
to get Paige to drink the drug that he had, that way he could take advantage
of Paige. The drug would allow a person to control those who drink it. Then
Keith mixed the drug in some orange juice and poured it for Paige. Now he
just needed to get her to drink it. He left the drink sitting in the kitchen
and went upstairs to try and get Paige to drink the orange juice. But while
Keith was upstairs, Andrew's younger sisters, Val who is 14 and Elizabeth
who is 12 came home. When they walked into the kitchen they saw the orange
juice that Keith had out and decided to have a drink, not knowing that there
was a drug in the juice.

When Keith went upstairs, he heard the shower on, and realized that it would
be a while before Paige would come downstairs to drink the juice with the
drug inside. As he was walking downstairs, Keith realized that he left the
juice out. He then heard voices in the kitchen. By the time he went into
the kitchen he saw that Val and Elizabeth had some of the juice. At that
moment, Keith realized how cute both of them were, and decided that this was
the perfect time to try out the drug.

He asked Val and Elizabeth to come over to him and give him a kiss the way
they do occasionally to their brother Andrew. Without hesitating, they both
walked over and kissed Keith on the cheek. Then Keith decided to take it a
little farther, by asking them to both remove their shirts and bras. Val
quickly removed her shirt and bra, revealing a decent set of breasts, but
with fairly small tits. Elizabeth also removed her shirt and bra, revealing
small breasts, the size of half lemons and almost not tits at all. But
looking at these two girls, caused Keith to have an instant 4.5-inch hard-on.

Keith then asked the girls to remove his pants and give him a blow job. Val
quickly unbuttoned Keith's jeans, sliding them down to his ankles. But
before she could grab hold of it, Elizabeth was already sucking on his cock.
He could not believe that she was doing such a great job. While she was
sucking on his cock, Val decided to walk behind Keith and began to lick his
balls, all over the place. After 3 minutes of his, Keith decided that he
wanted to get a piece of their virgin pussies. He decided that he would fuck
Val first, since he expected her to be a little looser then Elizabeth's,
since Val was older. He told Val to go lie down and take off her pants and
panties.Keith then got into position and lowered himself, slowly into
Val's virgin cunt. After about an inch, he hit her cherry. Keith realized
that he would need to thrust himself into her. Then all at once, Keith
ripped Val's virginity from her. After fucking for barely 2 minutes, Keith
began to cum. As he came, he had a little smirk on his face, thinking about
how he might impregnant, Val, the feminist, at just 14 yrs. old.

Luckly for Keith, he was able to maintain his hardon because he wanted to
fuck Elizabeth too. Keith decided that he wanted to fuck Elizabeth doggie
style, so he got behind her and slowly inserted his dick into her virgin
twat. By the third thrust he hit her cherry, and by the fourth, he broke
through. Unfortunately Keith was still only able to hold on for a few
minutes before cuming inside of the twelve year old.

As Keith was pulling out of Elizabeth's formerly virgin pussy, he heard Paige
coming down the stairs, so he quickly grabbed his pants and a cup of the
orange juice. He stopped Paige right before she entered the kitchen. He
told her that he had made this juice especially for her. She couldn't stand
Keith, but decided to humor him by drinking the juice. Once she had finished
the juice, Keith decided to see if it worked on Paige. So he told her that
he thought she was beautiful and that he would love a massage. With that she
walked over and began to massage his shoulders. Then he told her that he
wanted to see what her pussy looked like. With that she undid her pants and
underwear, revealing a freshly shaven pussy. Keith decided that he wanted to
make Paige feel good, so he went down on her for over 5 minutes, before she
orgasmed.As he was getting ready to fuck her, Andrew came home. Andrew
could not believe what he saw.

His best friend was eating out his older sister. He just stared at them, and
his sister just said hi to him, as if nothing was going on. Keith did not
know what to say. Andrew just looked at him and Keith told him everything.
Keith told him what he had done and Andrew looked extremly upset. Before
Andrew could even justify what he had done, Andrew hit Keith in the stomach.
Being much stronger and larger then Keith, Andrew was able to throw him to
the ground.

Andrew decided to get Keith back for what he had done. It was at the moment
that Andrew actually saw the size of Keith's dick. He did not realize that
his so called friend had such a small dick. He decided to torment Keith for
a few minutes. Making fun of Keith's puny little 4.5 inch penis. After a
few minutes of insults, Keith finally asked Andrew how big his dick was.
With that Andrew undid his pants revealing a 8.5 inch cock that was as thick
as Keith's wrist. Keith just sat their in awe of his friend's dick. Keith
didn't even think a guy could have one that big. While Keith sat their open
mouthed, Andrew had an idea, he was going to get revenge on Keith, the best
way possibly, he was going to make Keith give him a blow job. So Andrew just
walked close to Keith and told him to suck it. Keith was about to say no,
when Andrew just looked at him. Keith decided it would be better to suck
off Andrew, then to fight him. So Keith began to suck on Andrew, after 8
minutes, Andrew began to shoot his load down his friend's throat. After
almost 1 minute, Andrew stopped cumming. He came so much that Keith could
not even swallow it all. While Keith was sucking Andrew's cock, Andrew
noticed that Keith began to get hard sucking his cock. So Andrew decided
that he would fuck Keith up the ass. So Andrew pushed Keith on all fours
and got behind him. Then Andrew began to slowly thrust his huge cock inside
of Keith's tight virgin ass. Andrew continued thrusting until he came inside
Keith's ass.

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