WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, animes and mangas, franchises, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age, even if depicted or referenced as otherwise in their original source material. I do not own One-Punch Man or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Fubuki (One-Punch Man), Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, Oral, anal, incest.

One Punch Man: Mansion Of Waifus Part 1
An erotic manga/anime fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Uncle Jeremiah was certainly the 'creepy weird Uncle' that sounded like something right out of a movie. Rich, but his exact wealth (and how he came by it) shrouded in mystery. A recluse, staying by himself and avoiding contact with family. Suspected eccentric and apparent self-proclaimed inventor. Reports of loud noises, banging of metal, and sparks from wielding heard going on late into the night. He avoided the rest of the world it seemed, and with his estate behind high metal fences the wider community stayed clear.

Yet he was family to Malcolm, and Malcolm considered it very rude to ignore a family member - although in his family he was the only one who tried reaching out to this odd Uncle. He always sent a Christmas card, always sent an invite to family gatherings and birthday parties. Even though he never got a single response back, and the phone line to Jeremiah's house was always suspiciously out of service. It didn't stop Malcolm from trying through. He always thought that if the roles were reversed, surely he'd appreciate family reaching out to him, right?

It appeared Jeremiah actually did. Passing away after a sudden suspected heart attack, only discovered when the delivery man dropping off the week's groceries found last week's crate still there, and investigated. Many had assumed the estate would be all auctioned off. Instead, almost as if he'd planned it all out, when it came to checking his affairs all the paper work was clear and ready to be carried out. Everything left to Malcolm. The mansion, the land, all the possessions and all the accumulated wealth. A good deed going a long way it seemed. Naturally, Malcolm quit his job there and then, packed his things, and headed off to his new home. Having no idea what secrets waited inside for him.

* * *

"Here we have it then..." Malcolm said to himself. The sat-nav App on his phone leading him right up to the door of mansion. The gates to the estate opened by a key code the delivery men knew - perhaps he'd have to change that going forward, but that could wait for another time. For now he parked up, unpacking his suitcase and satchel with his "prized" favourite volumes of manga and anime DVDs to sling it over his shoulder. Locking the car as he walked up the steps to the imposing front door of his new home, opening it up with a fittingly old metal key.

Malcolm was more the kind of man who stood out for not standing out. Baggy, plain clothes often with shirts of whatever popular meme or anime was on the go. Glasses and messy black hair. Handsome enough but never caring enough about his appearance to get that second look. Same going for his average body - he could stand to lose a couple pounds here and there. Not helped much by him deciding to spend his free time indoors either on games or on the computer, reading manga or watching anime streams. He'd sailed through school of course being quite the bookworm, and avoided most of the social clubs and functions that most would have given an arm to be invited to. There was some jealously around the fact that he was a familiar study buddy for the literal girl next door, the school's Cheerleader Captain and all around Prom Queen but that was all they were - friends. Some suspected friend-zone, others that he just never had the guts to ask. Truthfully he just had never thought of her that way, despite what others claimed.

He was a long way from home now to say the least. Stepping into the grand front hall that looked something out of a movie. Lavish paintings on the walls, expensive furniture lining the halls, one of a kind looking ornaments on podiums and even the carpet looked like it had rarely been stepped on. He could certainly get used to living in a place like this.

Which brought a thought to his mind as he headed forward, pushing open a door to peer along a corridor to what looked to be a kitchen at a far end. The place was spotless, give or take the period it's taken to settle legal matters and all that. However, according to all public records no one has ever been on the payroll for this mansion while Uncle Jeremiah was alive. No butlers, no gardeners, no chefs and not even any know payment to any window cleaners or similar. And this place was huge just from the main mansion alone, never mind the grounds and garden out back! There was no way that one man, especially one of his advancing years as Jeremiah was, could have possibly kept up the up keep of this place.

Getting to look around the place gave Malcolm the hope as to answers to several questions. Who really was Jeremiah? How did he become so wealthy? What kind of inventions did he come up with? How did he keep this mansion looking so great over all these years? Those questions and so many others. Malcolm was looking forward to investigating the barn-like building out back to see what devices awaited him there.

The plan now was to get settled in to his surroundings and then poke around the building some more, having been told of the rough lay-out of the place by those who had confirmed his Uncle's death by natural causes. Or at least, that had been the plan. As he headed up the central staircase he looked back down to the ground floor just checking around the place. He paused, doing a double take. Some sort small pad on the wall against the stairs. Attached to it, with a cable sunk into the wall. Most certainly not part of the original fittings. The place to his knowledge didn't have any security to it or anything like that - another curious thing as definitely no security firm in the region had anything on record about protecting this property. To have been around for so long and not been targeted even by thieves, but only one occupant? It seemed highly unlikely.

Malcolm left the suitcase on the landing level of the stairs and headed back down, satchel still on as he approached the pad. Rather high-tech looking and for sure out of place. When the mansion was explained to him they did talk about areas of the estate "they didn't understand". Was this one of them? Looked solid enough for a black coloured surface plate on some smooth metal. He gave it a tap, getting light thuds in return.

"What the Hell were you doing here, Uncle?" Malcolm thought aloud as he placed his palm outstretched onto the pad to lean against it as he tested it.

"Familiar DNA signature detected." A sudden, robotic voice announced. The pad lighting up as a green horizontal bar suddenly moved down the pad from the top to the bottom, scanning Malcolm's hand before he had a chance to react. "DNA signature confirmed. Designation - Malcolm. Authorisation confirmed. Assigning new overseer - Malcolm. Access. Granted."

A hiss and a click as Malcolm jumped backward in fright, nearly spilling out precious anime in the process. In the next moment the side panel of the stairs next to the pad started to slide downward, revealing an extremely futuristic corridor heading downwards with stairs, lit up with LED lighting to make the cold, metallic walls shine. When the panel fully lowered with a dull thump, all Malcolm could do was stare and blink at what he was.

Well, he wanted answers, right? Finding out why the hell some machine on the wall knew his name was a start.

Cautiously and clutching his satchel (what was he going to do? Hit them over the head with copies of One Piece and Bleach?) he slowly headed down the stairs. There was absolutely no record of this kind of 'basement' on the grounds layout that he was aware of. He took the walk downward carefully step by step, looking around in fear of suddenly some trap or space age robot was going to burst out of the walls to attack him. Arriving at a floor, he proceeded onward. Passing through a corridor with glass windows looking into rooms on either side. Workshops? Design rooms? Abandoned tech and machinery? As smart as he was, this kind of stuff was well out of his areas of expertise.

Eventually at the end of the corridor double doors slid open to a larger room. A big machine looking like a futuristic computer with a massive screen in the middle, several buttons and levers and a dozen or so keyboards lining the front. Running from it along the ceiling was some sort of metal pipe, connected to a large bulb-like dome in the middle of the roof. Approaching the main machine, Malcolm put down his satchel on a worktop nearby. His attention drawn to that huge device so caring not for the couple volumes of manga that fell out from the open bag.

In fact his attention went to a document on the small chair in front of the computer. Something with the size and thickness from the amount of pages that it resembled a dictionary. Sadly the front cover had scrawled on 'writing' that more resembled scribbles that actual words. Frowning he opened the book up, flipping through a couple of pages. "The fuck is this all supposed to be?" He questioned at the intelligible to him writing. "Wait, hang on..." He said loud, using a finger to trace down the page as he spotted words he could actually make out. "...I have finally found out the coding signature to make the machine work..." He read out, eyes squinting as he had to look through the scrawling before settling down on proper words. "I need never spend company with my family or friends again... When I can simple create... Create my own company..."

Malcolm turned around, resting against the desk as he flicked through pages of the book. "The system is not yet fully complete... I cannot create anything male... Only females... And attempts to create clones of actual living people have all resulted in..." Malcolm paused, gulping for a moment as he was quite thankful the scrawled writing didn't reveal what had happened. "However after tests... The machine can create real life replicas of any fictional, be it in written form, drawn or otherwise, character that can be provided... In exceptional real life form out of pure energy... As if the worlds of fiction and non fiction were merged..."

Carelessly, Malcolm leaned back a little further, resting his hand on the desk. Not noticing another dark pad like the one that had opened the path down to here. So caught up reading this manuscript that he didn't see his DNA signature being scanned again. "Those summoned are bound to duty and obey... Life signatures bound to the machine so they need not eat or require energy input... Their existence based on energy signatures distributed within the grounds of this estate... Energy nodes easily hidden within "works of art" - paintings, statues etc..."

Meanwhile on the desk where Malcolm had left his satchel, a robotic arm with a grabber claw popped out from the side, picking up the first book it found - a One-Punch Man volume - and held it up for the arm coming from the other side so it's scanner bulb could analyse the book.

Malcolm was scanning himself but shifting through the book towards the end. "As a fail-safe... Have installed an "Emergency Evaporation" timer for when comes the time of my passing... Must register DNA signature... Or machine will automatically... Revert those created back into energy... Have so far created general staff for grounds and mansion... Potential could be endless..." Eyes widening, Malcolm closed the book shut before he reached the last few pages. "That explains it!" He said, figuring it out. "Uncle Jeremiah didn't employ staff, he created them! They must have taken care of the grounds and everything for him, and when he died because this "Evaporation" thing made all the people... Clones, or whatever they were just... Vanish I guess?" He pondered, looking at the book's cover. "Geez... Creating people out of thin air? That could be..."

He noticed a second too late the large screen behind him had been switched on for quite some time, and the next second a blinding light from the large bulb in the ceiling left him shielding his eyes with his arms and the book. Various machinery turning and clanking for moments before all coming to a sudden stop as the light faded. Malcolm carefully opening his eyes and lowering the book as he adjusted to the room's proper lighting. His eyes then widening as he dropped the book in surprise at what, and in fact who, he saw. All created into life thanks to his late Uncle's machine.

The two esper sisters of One-Punch Man looking straight drawn out of the mangas. Fubuki, the "Blizzard of Hell". The taller, curvaceous of the two with her chin-length dark green hair. Stylish in her tightly fitting dark green dress with several shining necklaces on, and sexy thigh high black boots on. Just beside her the shorter, and despite her youthful appearance, older sister known as the Terrible Tornado, Tatsumaki. Not standing, but actually floating in the air using her powers. The glow around her body matching her bright green, curled at the ends hair. Her petite frame clad in a form fitting black dress with cut slits at the bottom showing off her legs.

"Unbelievable!" Tatsumaki snapped as she floated across the room, getting right into the still surprised face of Malcolm. "I'm an S-Class Hero you know!" She said with a bitter tone, bending over forwards to glare. "And I have to take orders from someone like you?" She questioned, looking him over with suspicion. "You can't even hold a book right?"

"O-orders?" Malcolm stuttered, still trying to process the situation. "I... Huh? But I was, then... I??"

"Tongue tied? I have that effect on people..." Fubuki smirked as she stepped forward towards him.

"Indeed, orders. That's why we're here isn't it? We take orders from you, then when it's all over with we go back to our world, right?" She asked, folding her arms across her large chest as she looked him over.

"I, uh... R-right! Yes!" Malcolm said, quickly figuring out in his mind that A) Yes this was all real and happening, and B) They appeared to have been pre-programmed by the machine to listen and obey. Just like the book had said! "Indeed you are. I was just, well... I mean, you can understand why I'm a little, you know..."

"Flustered?" Tatsumaki mocked as she moved to be upright but still floating in the air. "Well around me I can understand that. But her?" She looked at her sister. "I have my doubts..."

"H-hey! What's that supposed to mean!" Fubuki snapped, glaring at her sister. "He summoned me too you know! That isn't just some kind of accident!"

"So? Maybe he wants you just as sloppy seconds?" Tatsumaki said with an aloof look to her. "Or he got you here because he knows he can't handle a real woman like me, so has to settle with you instead. Not that I would usually associate myself with someone looking like you." She quickly added as she looked to Malcolm.

"Wait! Hang on second... Are you..." Malcolm looked from the shorter sister to the taller one then back. "Are you saying... What... I think you are saying..."

"Well, out of all the Heroes you could have summoned? You picked two women, and sisters at that?" Fubuki smirked as she moved to his side, letting him get a good look at her huge tits as she placed a hand on his shoulder. "Let's not play dumb here... We know what kind of 'orders' we'll be getting from you..."

"Urgh! Lets just get this over with!" Tatsumaki said with an annoyed groan, stopping her floating to land on her feet before boldly slipping to her knees in front of her new 'Master'. Hands raised up as she applied her powers onto his clothing, making them glow green and him gasp as his belt unlooped itself and the zipper pulled downward. "It's not as if..." She started to say before yanking down his bottoms along with the underwear... "He's... Packing..." Tatsumaki said slowly, eyes wide as it was now her turn to be surprised.

He may be a nerd, a geek, and unlikely to win any prizes in any sports within the next millennium. There was one thing that Malcolm was blessed with however, and that was one heck of a cock. Long and thick with a fat crown to match, all topped off with a heavy set of balls. What? It's unrealistic that a generic geek would be packing some serious man-meat downstairs? He's about to bang two babes from an anime! Ain't nobody got time for realism here!

"Damn it! Idiot!" Tatsumaki snapped, glaring up at Malcolm. "I bet you won't even be able to last a minute with an S-Class Hero like me!" She claimed, looking annoyed but despite her words taking a hold of his shaft with her hand. Making sure he was rock hard with a couple of pumps.

"It's so big!" Fubuki gasped, her eyes wide with approval. "Well well... Looks like this will be fun after all..." She purred, leaning against the stunned man so her large chest resting against his arm.

"Urgh!!" Tatsumaki grunted in frustration. "Fine! The sooner we get this done with, the sooner we can get out of this dump!"

"Hey, do I get a say in this, or..." Malcolm tried to question. Being cut off when Fubuki rather forcefully pulled him into a kiss, making him moan against her lips as her hand grabbed his, planing his palm onto her shapely backside in far from subtle fashion.

"Really?? A say in this?!? It's not as if we don't know why you summoned us here in the first place!" Tatsumaki snapped again, even though his attention was clearly elsewhere for the moment. Gritting her teeth as she gave him a stroke, she relented with an annoyed sigh. Lowering her head in to capture his fat cock crown between her lips. Finding herself groaning as her mouth had to stretch around a thickness she was clearly not used to. "Phrrr-verrrrtt!!" She cursed around his dick, still glaring at the man making out with her younger sister. Looking agitated with the focus not being on her. So to solve that, and as she claims get this all over with, she started to work her moth on his rod. Lifting up towards the tip of his bell-end before sinking down with a groan.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm..." Malcolm groaned. Quickly coming to terms with the impossible situation he was in, which was more than helped by how good his cock felt being taken in and out of the lovely, surprisingly soothing mouth of the green haired beauty in front of him. A full moan escaping him when he pulled away from the smooch so he could look down at Tatsumaki sucking on his dick. "Oh fuck that's good... Mmmmm! Mmmmm shit..." The death glare being given to him while she delivered the oral pleasure making it all the more hotter as she slurped. Her curly hair swaying in time with the smooth motion of her head that she was using on him.

"No fair! Quit hogging that dick!" Fubuki whined as she too now dropped down to her knees in front of the man that she and her sister appear all too willingly to call 'Master' since being 'summoned'. Leaning in as she helped herself to some of that big cock. Tongue out to flick at the base of the shaft. Sliding across around towards the top and underneath as far as she could, before reaching down to deliver quick smooches onto the balls. All while her sister sucked on the top part of his dick, applying her saliva onto those inches in expert fashion.

Lifting off, Tatsumaki directed her gaze to her sister. "Unbelievable! I knew you were a B-Class Hero, but an S-Class Slut??" She questioned, hands on her hips as she stared at her sister licking away at the dick they were 'sharing'. "H-hey! Don't ignore me!"

That's exactly what the darker haired stunner was doing however. Seizing the moment to pop this rod into her mouth and seal her lips around it. Groaning naughtily as she sunk down impressively deep to take in far more of his size than her sister had done - much to said female's wide eyed shock. "Mmmmphh!! Mmmmm... Hlllllkkkk!!" Fubuki groaned as she bobbed her head. Hands on the thighs of the man she's only just met in his world, but was greedily hogging his big dick to herself with a series of loud and quick slurps. Staring up with a filthy, pornstar look in her eyes as she blew him. A glimpse of her tongue being seen when she sank down onto him.

"I said don't ignore me you bitch!" Tatsumaki yelled, her body glowing green as she used her powers to force her sister's head off from that cock. "Same goes for you too! Idiot!" She cast another insult up at the man, but then contradicted herself by floating down into position in front of him in willing fashion. Not speaking but again glaring as she now leaned in, lapping her tongue at his base and lower portion of his shaft. Doing so with a telling light groan, barely heard from the moan of approval he gave out. Which only increased when Fubuki, back under her own control, captured his dick inside her mouth once again to start sucking him off.

"Ahhhhh! MMMM FUCK..." Malcolm groaned out, watching both in awe and delight as the two stunning sisters double teamed his cock. Getting his length nicely coated with saliva from them both as the taller, more curved female sucked and slurped away at the upper half of his tool. Leaving the petite but equally as stunning woman to work her tongue against the side of his length from the crotch upward a few inches. "Oh yeah! MMMM... No way I can... MMMMM! Ignore any of this..." He said between his groans. Looking between the two as they worked over his manhood like this was some scene out of a dirty 'dojin' comic. He certainly appreciated it and then some, moaning away as one sucked on his prick while the other flicked her tongue at the shaft. The way the two, Tatsumaki in particular, making sure their heads were angled so not to accidentally collide while Fubuki bobbed away making him wonder if they'd somehow done this before. A missing, X-rated scene from the manga?

"You'd better not!" Tatsumaki snapped, moving herself away from his crotch, using her powers to float up to stare at him as he moaned from the other woman still blowing him. "Because there's two of us... And don't think I'll just sit out and be ignored while you fuck my whore of a sister!" She warned, making it clear she doesn't approve of not being the centre of attention.

Lifting her head off, Fubuki let out a gasp as she caught her breath. "Fuck? That's a good idea!" She grinned as she stood up, before turning around. Reaching back to haul up her dress and reveal sexy dark underwear on underneath her clothing. "Come on! Stuff me good... Especially since my prude of a big sister won't do it..." She added, licking her lips as she bent over to present herself. The other hand reaching back to pull her panties to the side to show off her slit. Already looking noticeably wet even just from the oral action.

"...Hell yeah!" Malcolm grinned, stepping forward as he gripped his dick, lining it up with the willing snatch in front of him.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Tatsumaki yelled, making the other two freeze in position as she gritted her teeth. "I said I wasn't going to miss out! So if she's getting fucked, then you better eat me out!" She demanded, fists clenched and looking at Malcolm with a narrow eyed glare.

"That's... Yeah, sounds good!" He quickly agreed. Seeing no issue with this situation. "But how will... Woah!"

His question was soon answered when floating into position, Tatsumaki suspended herself in front of her 'Master' but bending over forwards, actually placing her hands on her own sister's shoulders but her smooth legs dangling just beside the curvy body underneath her. "You should be honoured to be seeing an S-Class Hero like this..." She grumbled, once more using her powers but this time to move the cut apart bottoms of her dress out of the way to reveal her stunningly rounded ass in a pair of tiny black panties.

"Oh, I sure as fuck am!" He grinned. Making his move as he first pushed his cock into Fubuki's wet and waiting snatch to make them both moan. Starting off a round of thrusts as he worked his hips back and forth to feed her that big dick into her lower lips. Already making her buck backwards against him as she stayed leaning forwards to really push out her snatch out towards him. Wisely he didn't ignore the other red hot sister. Both hands up to grab her ass cheeks, making her gasp as she looked back. Panties quickly pulled to the side as he dived in. However, not onto her tellingly damp pussy. Instead he applied his lips onto her puckered asshole for a deep and long suck that alone make the bright green haired stunner arch and groan.

"AHHHHH!!" Tatsumaki groaned but not at all in discomfort as he started pleasing her asshole with his mouth. "I-Idiot!! I... I didn't mean... There!! MMMM!!" She gasped with clear pleasure as he started to flick his tongue out at her tight entrance. Hands groping away at her backside as he licked. Each motion making her moan while her stunning frame glowed, keeping herself held in place above her sister and the ground below. "B-Bastard... Ahhhhhh... Stupid... MMMMM... Butt licking... Big dick idiot..." She let the insults fly as she got her ass eaten out, but her moans continued to escape her the more he worked over her. To the point of her finding herself rocking her body a little back and forth in the air against his glasses-wearing face as he dined on that fine and ripe booty.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM FUCK!! OOOOOOOOOOH..." Meanwhile Fubuki was being far from subtle in hiding her delight at getting fucked nice and deep in her wet and snug pussy by this man. Her big tits bouncing within her dress as she pushed herself sharply back against every stiff thrust she was getting into her snatch from behind. Her own hands gripping her thick thighs for support to keep herself in this dirty position for the deepest, most pleasurable fuck possible.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK! Mmmmmm... AHHHH YESSSSSS! F-FUCK ME!! AHHHH!!" She demanded, even as she was getting just that. Her butt cheeks now starting to ripple as his crotch smacks firmly into them each time he delivers a pump all the way into her love tunnel. Stretching her walls more than seemingly any man back in her world had been able to do.

"Im-impossible! AHHHHH!! MMMMM..." Tatsumaki gasped, the S-Rank Hero staying still bent over off the ground but now with her head hanging down as she moaned. Eyes half closed as the sensations of having a tongue probing her tightest of holes is overwhelming her. Out of apparent reflex, further showing her enjoyment of his licking, she's smoothly grinding her backside against his mouth as he works her over. "MMMM!! F-fuck... FUCK!! I-Idiot... Stupid... MMMM!! Talented tongue idiot!" She cursed between moans. Still trying to sound angered by this all but clearly loving how his tongue poked, licked and twisted against her asshole. Leaving it nicely wet with a coating of his spit for good measure.

Having wisely just gone with the flow of this hard to believe to put it mildly situation, all Malcolm had to focus on was fucking one of the women bent over in front of him while eating the ass of the other one suspending herself above her own sister. Meaning his was inside two red hot holes at the same time. His cock thrusting away balls deep into Fubuki's wet snatch, while his tongue was buried between the rounded ass cheeks of Tatsumaki. He could worry about why after being summoned to life in his world they were both apparently so horny for his cock later. He had pleasure of the highest order to think about as was intending to deliver both for himself and his two now anime 'servants' he was making moan out.

Attempting to focus his efforts equally, he moved one hand off of Tatsumaki's butt so he could blindly reach down, gripping Fubuki's thicker behind to give it a grope as he stiffly banged the more curvaceous sister from behind again and again. The smack of his skin connecting off of the B-Rank Hero's ass sounding out every time he drove in balls deep into her slickness. Still flicking out his tongue into the asshole of the woman keeping herself held up off the floor while he thrusted away into that snug snatch. Showing off outstanding and very unlikely skill for a man of his nerdy appearance to be able to satisfy two women clearly out of his league in more ways than one, and making them both moan at the same time.

"AHHHH! AHHHHH!! AHHH FUUUUUUCK!! FUCK FUCK AHHHHHH OOOOOOOHHH MMMMM!!" Fubuki was gasping out, drops of sweat falling from off her pretty face as she jolted back and forth on the cock driving in and out of her snatch. Her large chest swaying in time with her body but still contained within the dress she was still wearing while being fucked. Eyes wide and mouth open, with her tongue shamefully sticking out as waves of intense pleasure started flowing through her. "AHHHHHH OOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUCCCCK AHHHHH!! AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCKK!!" She yelled out in delight, suddenly and wildly orgasming all over the dick of her 'Master' as he stiffly stuffed her pussy over and over. Driving her through the unexpected and powerful sexual peak that was leaving her knees buckling even before she was finished. Drenching Malcolm's shaft with her juices to the point of dripping. By the time she was finally coming back around to reality she was drooling at the side of her mouth. Eyes staring upward in a daze as she lazily grunted while jolting forward as the man behind her pumped her a couple more times.

"Ahhhhhh!! You... Uhhhh! Lightweight!" Tatsumaki snapped, looking down at her sister to see her post orgasm state. Having to float away from the probing tongue against her asshole as she used her power to catch Fubuki before she collapsed to the floor. Forcing her around and holding her just inches off the floor so she could glare Fubuki with disappointment. "He'd barely even fucked you!" She claimed, not paying attention to Malcolm coming up behind her. "There's no way that his stupid, big cock could ha-AHHHHHHH FUCK!!"

This time it was Malcolm making the move to cut off the still ranting beauty in her suspended tracks. Spreading her ass cheeks so he could push his member up into the tightness of her back passage, using just the lube of his saliva from the tonguing and the pussy juices of this woman's own sister that still coated his rod. The man grunting at the tightness all around his rod as he eased himself in and out of her rump. Giving himself time to adjust as he tapped that stunningly rounded backside of the petite, bright green haired babe. Holding her cheeks apart to help make the motion a little bit smoother but at the moment caring for his own pleasure than hers.

"AHHHHH SHIT!! I-IDIOT!! It's... AHHHHH FUCK!! T-Too big!!" Tatsumaki claimed as she stared back with wide, shocked eyes. Gasping with each thrust and finding herself grabbing onto the first available thing - that being her sister's dress. Sadly in an instant the smaller in size but older in age female had ripped the dress to shreds in a wild moment of losing control of her powers briefly due to the ass fucking. Her pretty face then going straight into the huge tits of her sister as she groaned into them. Legs trying to wrap around the curvy frame of Fubuki while she squealed in surprise but ending up just struggling. Her hands also clamping onto the juicy, jiggling flesh of the taller woman's breasts for an unintentional squeeze.

"Noooooooooooooooooo! Ahhhhhhhh-ieeeeeeee!!" Fubuki groaned as her tits were almost played with by her own sister as Tatsumaki jolted against her sweat-shining body. The bright green haired woman sandwiched between the busty beauty in front and the man behind her as he shoved his dick into her tight ass from behind. The S-Class Hero's fingers digging into the more than ample (and certainly worth an S-Rank alone!) chest of the B-Class ranked Hero. Thumbs accidentally rubbing against the hardened nipples to make Fubuki further squeal out but in pleasure as her head tossed back for a long moment as she moaned out.

"AHHHHH!! F-FUBUKI! Watch... AHHHHHH FUCKK!! AHHHHH!! Your damn hands!! I-IDI-AAAAAAAAAH OOOOOOOOOHHH!!" Tatsumaki tried to warn being the groans she was letting out. Clearly not exactly hating having her ass filled up with the biggest cock she's ever handled. However her gasps and wide eyes were because of her struggling sister she was clinging onto. Fubuki's hands finding their way somehow down underneath the other woman. Trying to grab for support but unluckily (in some ways) Fubuki clamping a hand right onto the wet snatch of her own sister. A grip, then a rub for a moment, before - after a combination of her own shaking in delight from being groped and her sister slipping against her from that jolting - a couple fingers actually ended up deep inside of Tatsumaki's snatch.

The shock and unexpected feeling of the incestuous fingering managed to set off Tatsumaki instantly into a sudden, hard orgasm of her own. The shameful look of pleasure on her face hidden as she was getting smothered by the huge chest of her sister that was feeling up. Those fingers of Fubuki lodged up her snatch quickly soaked with fluids as the Terrible Tornado became a huge waterfall. The sexual peak only increased and encouraged as Malcolm thrusted away into that shapely behind, without even noticing really the sister-on-sister (albeit unintentional) action going on at the same time.

"Ahhhhhhh!!" Tatsumaki gasped, her orgasm settling just as Malcolm pulled out of her behind with a groan of his own. "Get... Ahhhhh!! Get your stupid fingers... MMMMM!! Out of me damn it!!" She demanded with a glare at her own sister, a threat ruined by the sweat covering her face at that moment.

"Eeeeeee! You let go... AHHHHH!! Of my breasts first!!" Fubuki demanded back with a whine. Her free hand going onto her sister's wrist to try and pry the small hand off from pinching her nipple so roughly.

"Nnnnnngh!! I-Idiot!!" Tatsumaki snapped, gritting her teeth. "Fine! We'll.. Ahhhhh! Just do this the hard way!" She warned before the glow around her body increased as she once again moved both of them around in the air.

This time they were both suspended off the floor but in a horizontal position, just a few feet above it. Tatsumaki underneath the taller and curvier sister without much choice than to be so close considering Fubuki's hand was still lodged into her soaking pussy. Fighting back with as much incest as she was getting - and not exactly fighting to stop it either - Tatsumaki brought one of her long, smooth legs up to position it between her sister's thighs. Allowing her to rub against the similarly dripping pussy of the female above her while keeping her off the ground as well. Going even further by capturing a nipple of Fubuki's large mounds between her teeth to tug on her.

As Fubuki moaned and yelled out, but tellingly never once letting out a single objection to this all, Malcolm approached the hanging in the air sisters from behind. Helping himself to some action as he spread the darker haired woman's butt cheeks apart. The height off the ground that the two women were placed at just perfect for him to step in and push his cock into the juicy rump of the Blizzard From Hell. "MMMM FUCK!! Just as... MMMM!! Fucking tight as your sister!" Malcolm marvelled as he groaned. Spitting down onto her asshole for good measure as he stared to plunge his cock slowly but surely into the third of Fubuki's holes that he's gotten to experience since 'summoning' her to his world.

"AHHHHHH!! OH FUUUUUUCKKK!! AHHHHH!! Don't... MMMMMM FUCK!! DON'T STOP!! PLEASE!! AHHHHHH!!" Fubuki moaned out without any hint of shame, but not giving an indication as to if she was addressing just one of the others involved in this threesome or both of them. Loving both the thigh of her own sister working over her moist snatch and the big cock pumping in and out of her jiggling backside. Bucking her hips back against the incoming pumps and in turn grinding her box against the leg of her own family member. "UHHHHH!! YES! MMMMMM FUCK!! U-USE ME!! FUCK... FUCK ME!! AHHHHH!!" She begged. Sweat dripping off her stunning, built body as her huge tits swayed in time with the rocking motion she was making her body do. Her chest rubbing against her sister's face as she toyed and teased with those mountains, but keeping her fingers stuffed right up Tatsumaki's twat all the way through this power-aided position.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! Idiot whore!! MMMMM!! Dumb... AHHHHH!! HORNY BITCH!!" The S-Class Hero grunted between her moans. Shifting herself against those fingers of her own sister to fuck herself on them while keeping up with her own job. Hands gripping the big mounds as she started to suck on those massive tits. Long, deep slurps delivered on one nipple and then the next with quick changes between the two. Showing a contradicting amount of pleasure back to the woman she'd enjoys tormenting and insulting. Now seemingly she loves her fingers too. Still working her hips against the hand between her legs to keep her pussy soaking wet and her own moans coming. Even as muffled as they are currently from the breasts she's smothering her face with.

"UHHHH!! Holy fuck!! This... This is messed up... And I love it!!" Malcolm grinned as he groaned out in delight. Now showing the signs of getting involved in such a wild but smoking hot sexual encounter with two beauties who technically aren't real. Sweat pouring off his body as he worked his cock stiffly in and out of Fubuki's jiggling backside. More than making the most of such an unlikely encounter, and impressively keeping himself from blowing early even with the clear filthy incest action he's witnessing as well. His hands gripping the shaking cheeks of the beauty he's stuffing with his fat member and moaning with every in or out pump he delivers into her.

With the rubbing, fingering, and tit sucking being done to one another it's of no surprise that soon both sisters are sending one another into their second sexual peak of the day. Juices further dripping down Fubuki's hands from the bright green haired beauty's snatch, while Tatsumaki feels fluids from the sibling above slowly cascading down her thigh and leg from the grinding she's done up against that pussy. Tatsumaki even unable to keep licking at her younger (but bustier) sister's chest as she cums. Just resting her face against those soft pillows, which helps to hide the big, near lost it from all the pleasure, grin on her face.

"That... MMMMM!! This is insane!" Malcolm states the obvious as he pulls out of that well fucked ass with a groan. "I mean, an awesome kind of insane, but..."

Before he could continue to speak he was cut off when was the one with a green glow around his body. Held just off the ground with two sweat soaked, grinning with lust sisters staring up at him. Soon Fubuki moving up so she could use her big tits to capture his cock between them, but with Tatsumaki using her hands to press those breasts against and around the fuck-stick they've both become extremely familiar with since this man 'summoned' them to his world.

"OH FUCK! AHHHHH... MMMMM SHIT!!" He sighed in pleasure, watching as the fat head of his cock vanished then Tatsumaki raised those tits upward before smoothly sliding them back downward with a sexy slap as the bottoms of those mounds connected with his crotch. The bright green haired stunner so close to her sister that her perky tits are pressing into Fubuki's back. Nuzzling cheeks as they both groan while one uses the large boobs of the other to pleasure the cock they have both had up their tight asses during this steamy threesome.

Fubuki groans in particular as she feels that shaft throbbing inside of her deep cleavage. Having shown no signs of objecting to it going between her tits having just come from deep inside of her ass. So caught up in the lust of this whole situation that she's down for almost anything. Further proven when after feeling a flick of tongue against her cheek she turned to the side, only to find Tatsumaki pressing her lips against hers. The two stunning sisters moaning into each other's mouths as their tongues slap against each other. All the while those rounded, juicy orbs still being pumped over the fat cock that's made them both cum harder than anyone else could make them back in their own worlds.

Seeing this final sexy display was too much for their new 'Master' to take as he deeply grunted. His cock shooting out a thick blast of spunk that perfectly caught the two making out beauties right up the sides of their faces and their mouths. Turning towards him with jaws open and tongues out, catching as much as they both could and groaning all the while. An impressive amount of jizz that gave them not just both generous mouthfuls when shot up, with the rest splattering across both of their stunning facial features. Even catching in their shining, green hair top it all off. Only small drops missing the target so to speak and landing back down onto the tops of those huge breasts that had just milked him dry.

"Sweet... Holy... Fuck!!" Was all Malcolm could utter out as he stumbled back, using the nearest desk to prop himself up with after such a wild encounter. "Guess... When this thing summons women... It makes them super horny?" He assumed.

Watching as the two esper sisters of One-Punch Man started making out again. Snowballing as they pushed the collected spunk into one of their mouths before passing to the next, before repeating the sexy motion again. Finally greedily Tatsumaki closed her mouth first, swallowing down the load with a gulp, and leaving her with a big, lust-drunk smile on her cum-covered face. Or at least it was for a moment, before a hungry Fubuki started to lick off the jizz from her sibling's face to get her own tasty treat.

"...Yeah... This machine is so getting used again." He smartly said, catching his breath and watching the 'cleaning up' getting done in front of him.

The possibilities were endless! Anime! Manga! Animation! Maybe even a Japanese-style game or two! His own personal Mansion of Waifus all at his call and orders! And starting off with two powerful, as well as stunning, ones at that! Whoever Uncle Jeremiah was, he owned him a major thanks one hell of an inheritance!

Had Malcolm managed to finish reading the book, he would have read the warning about making sure the machine settings on 'sexual drive' were turned down, as after a designated user reset that setting in particular automatically flipped to high. Whether he would have actually done that, or figured out how to? We can be thankful we'll never know...

* * *

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