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This is an alternative take on the second season 'Welcome to Storybrooke'

Once Upon A Time: A Kind Of Magic (Fb,F-solo,anal)
by Neenah

Regina Mills, was currently the Mayor of Storybrooke but before that she had been the Evil Queen in a far away magical land and whilst most of the magic had gone when she'd come into this land she'd kept a bit back.

"It would be nice for Owen to stay here with me," she smiled. His father Kurt Flynn looked annoyed at her effrontery, as whilst she'd been helpful to them in finding a mechanic and making them some nice meals, that didn't mean that he wanted to stay in Storybrooke when his life and job was in New Jersey. He was about to say all this when Regina circled her finger and a small sprinkle of stars shot from it and momentarily covered him like dust. He shook his head bewildered as Regina carried on, "You could go back to your home and Owen would stay here with me." She turned to eleven year old boy, "You would enjoy staying here wouldn't you dear?"

Owen nodded. That wasn't a surprise Regina had been feeding him his favourite foods laced with a magical potion that made him want to stay here. She smiled at his Dad, Kurt Flynn was older and more mature, that made him harder to influence, especially in something as big as giving up his son and leaving for New Jersey. Regina didn't want to use any more of her limited supply of magic, so she hoped a few more words of persuasion would tip the befuddled father over the edge, "You see how much he would enjoy it. And it would be so much better for him than that dirty city you live in, we're next to the sea and woods for camping and the local school is excellent. And you've seen my house, he would have his own room and plenty of space to play in the garden." The magic was doing its work Regina could see, she smiled inwardly, "And it needn't be forever - let's just say until Christmas, that would allow you to get on your feet again and see how Owen feels and if its not working Owen can go back to you."

"Dad please," Owen said. Regina had chosen her words to appeal to him as well as Kurt in the hope that he would join her in swaying his father.

It worked, as Kurt gave a nod, "I think you're right it would be for the best for Owen to stay here," his son jumped up and cheered, "though it'll tear the heart out of my chest to leave him."

"It's the right decision," said Regina. She opened the front door and walked Kurt to his car, Owen following close behind. She opened the trunk and took out Owen's backpack with his clothes in, she'd have to take him shopping and get him more as there wasn't much in there. Then she opened the front door of the car, almost pulling Kurt from embracing his son and propelled him to the front seat - she didn't want to give him time to change his mind.

For a moment he looked like he was going to, as he paused half-in, half-out of the car. Then he gave a sad smile and said, "You be good for Mayor Mills won't you Owen."

Regina looked briefly at the young boy standing beside her and her pussy tingled. She beamed at his father, "He will."

* * *

Regina had felt a rush of excitement in her loins as soon as she saw him. Even back in the Enchanted Forest, where she had many young boys as lovers, he would have stood out with cuteness and naughty smile, together with a massive lump in his pants. Here in Storybrooke where the only sex she got was from Sheriff Graham Owen Flynn looked heaven sent, just needing to be seduced and trained to become a great lover to satisfy her.

It had taken a bit of magic, a bit of patience and a bit of guile but now Kurt had left it was time to put the second part of her plan into action and coax Owen into her cunt. She could have used some magic, but that would have been a waste and anyway if the poor fucks she got from Sheriff Graham were any indication people who were magicked into having sex made very poor partners.

"This is your room," Regina smiled as she opened the door. There was plenty of room, even with the bed, wardrobe and a desk with, what she thought was the latest games console, a Nintendo Entertainment System. It probably was because Owen's eyes went wide as he saw it and he gave a little cheer and rushed in. He looked like he wanted to play with it straight away, which meant he wasn't missing his dad. Regina followed the young boy into the room, as he turned on the console her hand pushed at the mattress to see how springy it was as she knew it would be getting more use than just something to sleep on.

The console began to warm up. Regina said, "I'll just put your backpack in the bottom of your wardrobe.

Making sure she had Owen's attention she slowly bent down to put the backpack away. She had made sure she had put on a pair of very tight pants earlier and the material clung to her rounded ass and dug between her cheeks further shaping them. She remained bent over, unpacking a few of the things, her glance in the mirror confirming that Owen was looking entranced at her gluteus, by the look on his face he was definitely enjoying a look at the firm muscles pressing against her pants. Regina slowly straightened, a smile crossing her face. She turned to Owen, "Shall we have a go on your toy? You'll have to show me what to do."

She sat on the bouncy bed and patted a spot next to her for Owen to sit down. Owen took a seat a few inches from her and began to explain how the machine worked. Regina knew, but acted dumb, pretending she didn't understand technology. Owen was very patient, his hands touching hers as he showed her how the controller worked and what did what. Regina deliberately moved next to him so that their legs were touching. She decided to start to show greater understanding and to play a game with him. They both reacted to it, laughing and giggling as their little men jumped over things and scored points. Their legs rubbed together slightly, making Regina tingle. She cast a look at Owen, a slight red tinged his cheeks and she thought the touch was beginning to turn the boy on as well. But softly, softly was the way, gradually coaxing and seducing him, rather than scaring away by throwing herself on him straight away.

Regina stood up, "I'm going to make us some lunch and then we'll go shopping, you haven't got enough clothes."

"Okay," said Owen, "Can I just finish this game first?"

"I'll call up when the sandwiches are ready," smiled Regina. She arched her back as she turned, highlighting her tight ass and then slowly walked from the room.

After lunch she said "We're ready to go once I just change this top."

Owen nodded and bit into the last of the tasty cake Regina had prepared. She went upstairs and changed out of her pullover into a blouse. The bra underneath barely covered her nipples and pushed up her already ample breasts. She left the blouse only partly buttoned so that her cleavage was on full display. Owen was waiting for her patiently at the bottom of the stairs and she could see his reaction as she descended, his mouth opening in appreciation and his staring at her chest. She glanced down at his pelvis, there was a lump. She gave a deliberately innocent smile and held out her hand, which he quickly took, "Shall we go shopping?" she asked.

If any of the inhabitants of Storybrooke found it strange that she was walking hand in hand with a boy, who until a few days ago had not been part of their community and who's Dad had just left, none of them said anything. The naive of them might just have assumed it was innocent, she was acting as an aunt to a young boy and holding his hand was just a friendly gesture. Others had vague memories niggling at the edge of their recall that Regina liked young boys, though the memories seemed almost like dreams and not real at all. But they knew Regina owned this town and would make it very unpleasant to anyone who challenged her so they too remained silent.

Regina saw Mary Margaret, she loved toying with her, even if the young woman couldn't recall being her step-daughter, Snow White. Regina deliberately stepped in front of her, making the short-haired brunette pull up suddenly. "Sorry Regina," she stammered, her cheeks going red even though it was Regina who had stepped in front of her.

"Miss Blanchard," Regina smiled icily at her, then turned down to look at Owen giving him a much warmer one. She didn't think Mary Margaret was stupid and would know exactly what relationship Regina planned to have with the eleven year old. That made Regina pleased and she wanted nothing more than to confirm it and tell her prudish step-daughter than she planned to have the boy bang her in every way and every hole imaginable. But it was too early and might scare Owen so instead Regina observed the formalities, "This is my friend Owen. He'll be staying with me for a few months whilst his father is away. He'll be starting at your school on Monday, I'll come over and do the paperwork for his enrolment on Saturday."

"Yes Regina," said Mary Margaret. Regina liked that she didn't argue and say Saturday was a personal day or ask any questions about why Owen was staying with her - the teacher was too scared off her.

"Good," said Regina, "Come on Owen." She stepped past Mary Margaret and led Owen to a boys clothes shop.

Money was no object for Regina and she bought plenty of clothes for him, ranging from casual wear and cute pyjamas to formal jackets and suits and ties. She knew like most boys his age he didn't enjoy clothes shopping so she made sure she livened it up for him. Like when she was fitting on a tie she bent over and gave him a great view down her cleavage or when he was trying on his pants and she came into the changing room to help him do them up (they both didn't say anything about his huge whopper growing hard under his y-fronts). Once she was satisfied that they'd got the clothes for him she asked for them to be delivered to her house and left the shop casually holding his hand.

"I just need to get a few things as well, dear, " she said.

"Okay," said Owen, though he pulled a little face as Regina led him towards a woman's boutique.

"I just need to get a new nightdress," Regina said as she led him through the door. She thought his face perked up a little. She let go off his hand as she went over to the night wear section, looking through the display. She picked two choices and held the first one up against her body as she turned to Owen, "This one," she said with a smile. It was a long flowing gown with bows at the top and a neckline that barely went half an inch below the throat. She had no intention of buying it, but was pleased that Owen pulled a face that suggested he didn't think much of it either. She put it down and picked up her second choice, "Or this?" This one was much more her style, very short, barely reaching to the bottom of her tummy, dark and almost transparent with a couple of strips of material which would just about hide the nipples if she didn't move to energetically and 'accidentally' pop them out through the plunging neckline. Owen's face lit up and he nodded as she asked, "Which one do you think I should get?"

"I think the second one," the eleven year old said.

"I'll just try it on, wait here," said Regina. She into the changing room. Pulling the curtain she stripped out of her clothes in front of the mirror. As she unclipped her bra she reflected that she still looked hot and sexy, despite being the wrong side of thirty. She ran her hands over her bosom, they were round and still firm, jiggling as she bounced them. She picked up the nightdress and slid it over her, the silk felt soft against her skin and she peered in the mirror again, smiling as she posed, very sexy, she thought. It would go better without the black thong she was wearing, but sliding them off and exposing her muff might be a bit daring this early, tempting though it was.

She pulled the curtain back and stepped back into the shop, "What do you think?"

The shop assistant was saying how lovely it looked and it fitted Regina just right, but it was Owen's reactions Regina was interested in. And they were positive, he hadn't been expecting her to come out to show him, so he had been leaning against a pillar looking bored. At her voice he looked up with a startled expression, which quickly changed to lustful appreciation, his cock starting to harden under his pants. Regina gave an artful twirl, giving him a look at her butt cheeks, not covered either by the silk dress or her thong. Owen grinned, "I like it a lot."

"I do as well," Regina stood in front of a mirror and gave a pose, pushing her tits up and almost out. Owen's lump was pushing at his pants. Regina turned to the assistant, "I'll take it."

* * *

"How are you settling in?" asked Regina. She sat on the side of Owen's bed, next to the tucked in eleven year old in his superman pyjamas.

"Good," smiled the young boy. Regina smiled, after shopping she had kept the low-cut blouse on making sure that Owen got plenty of looks at her cleavage as they ate dinner. After they'd sat on the sofa and watched a video, Owen impressed that you could movies that weren't in the theatre or on cable. Regina had made sure they'd sat close, so that she could accidentally keep touching him, rubbing his thigh and letting his head brush at her side. She had some work to do so she had left him alone for his bath and to play on his Nintendo, she wanted him to realise that he'd made the right decision in staying here. Lying in his new bed with a smile on his face he didn't look like he missed his Dad.

"I'm glad," said Regina, her hand casually, if not innocently, rubbed at his leg under the cover. It moved up and down, massaging his thigh and stopping just short of the top of his legs and the pelvis, where a large mound had grown. Regina pretended to ignore it as she continued to speak to him, "I want you to be happy here. Think of this like a fairy tale land where you're a prince and all your wishes come true, if you want a new game for your Nintendo or there's a video you want me to get or a new board game or book or comic all you need to do is ask me and I'll get it you."

"Dad would say you're spoiling me," he said, though his look suggested that he thought his father was mad.

"And he'd be right," smiled Regina, "But I think you deserve spoiling and I want to spoil you."

The boy nodded, not disagreeing. Regina continued to rub at his leg, teasing him with her fingers. The lump under the covers moved and got even bigger. The Mayor leant forward to place her lips on his forehead in a kiss, as she did so making sure he got a good view of her semi-open blouse and globes bouncing within. Her lips were wet and soft against his skin and she kept them there a little longer than a friendly kiss would normally be. After a few moments she pulled back her head, whilst keeping her hand moving up and down his leg in an almost casual movement. "Will you be able to sleep?" she asked.

"I think so," he said, "the bed is comfortable."

"I know what it's like being in a new house," Regina smiled wolfishly, "So if later you can't sleep you can come into my bed."

The boy smiled, but didn't answer. Regina stood up, "Good night," she said.

"Bye," smiled Owen as she clicked off his bedroom light.

Regina went downstairs and did some work. Once she'd done it she headed up to go to bed. The day with Owen had left her horny and if he didn't take up her offer tonight to share a bed she need to use a dildo to give herself some relief. She decided to check in on Owen as she passed his room, the light was off as she opened the door, but he was awake and said, "Hi Regina."

"Can you not sleep?" she purred.

"No, can I share your bed? That might help," he said.

"Yes," said the Mayor.

He got out of bed in his pyjamas and followed her into her room. Pulling back her black satin sheets he got into the bed and faced away from her as she changed. If he didn't want to watch her get undressed, Regina thought it would have been more effective if he wasn't looking in the mirror. She made a bit of a show of it, pretending she couldn't see his smiling reflection and didn't know he was watching her. First she slid of her heels and then carefully undid her skirt, dropping it the floor. Her blouse was next and then her bra. She wandered round the room tidying up and getting rid of her make-up just wearing her thongs. Owen's eyes followed her as she moved, still following her as she picked up her new nightdress and went into her bathroom.

When she emerged she was just wearing the nightdress without panties. Owen had turned to face her and his mouth opened in surprise as she walked towards the bed, her pussy naked with just a small strip of hair above the hole. She pulled back the cover and got into bed, sliding over to beside him. She reached up and clicked at the light switch above her head, plunging the room into darkness. "Night Owen," she said as she pulled him into her in a snuggle.

"Night Regina," said the eleven year old, his voice muffled as his face was pushed into her chest.

She could feel his hard schlong pushing through the cotton of his pyjamas against her belly. Her hand reached down to his wrist and guided it down to between her legs, leaving his hand over her pussy mound. She began to moisten as his fingers began to stroke at the smooth flesh. Reaching down Regina's hand slid into the boys pyjamas and she began to stoke at his erect manhood. She could feel it pulsing beneath her fingers, each stroke making it shiver. Her hands closed round it, the dick was round and thick, filling her hand as she moved down and up. It was long as well, ten inches of throbbing muscle. Slowly her hand went up and down.

"That feels good," said Owen with a half-sigh, half-moan.

"You're hand feels nice on me as well," replied Regina. She gave a lust filled titter as Owen's hand continued to rub over her hole.

"You're very wet," said Owen.

"I'll get wetter if you put your finger in me," instructed Regina. She gave another lust filled giggle as the boy's middle finger pushed into her hole. The boy began to move it up and down, moving it faster and faster and make her juicier and juicier. Cum filled her hole and coated his finger. She moaned in pleasure and moved her own hand up and down his erect member.

"Up, a little left, no right," she said as she instructed his fingering, "Oh yes, oh, oh, oh." His small finger was hitting at her clitoris, making her tremble with pleasure. She groaned and gasped as her body shook, "Oh, oh, oh."

The young boy moved faster and harder, seeing the effect he was having on Regina. The woman let go off his dick and turned onto her back, moving her hands up to fondle and squeeze her tits. Owen leant over her, leaning on one elbow as his finger continued to thrust into the Mayor. Regina gasped and shuddered, her cries getting louder as the boy drove her pussy to deeper and stronger orgasms, "Oh, oh, oh, ohhh, ohhhh, OHHHHH!"!

She gasped and grunted as she came. Owen pulled his finger out, "Was that good?" he asked anxiously.

"Very good," said Regina. She turned back to him and slid her hand back under his pyjamas. His ten incher was still erect and solid. She smiled in the darkness and said, "You're hard."

She slowly began to move a finger up and down his stiff penis, circling round the member and tracing the bulging veins, "Have you ever played with yourself?"

"Yes," said the boy.

"What did it feel like?" she asked.

"Fun," he admitted.

"Do you want me to play with you?" she tittered.

"Yes," he said as Regina's fingers and thumb closed round his schlong.

She began to jack him off, her hand moving hard underneath his pyjamas, pounding the dick up and down. The pyjama's stretched as she jerked, the soft material jerking up and down like a tent rising and falling. The young boy grunted and gasped, his body shuddering as he was pleasured by the woman's hand. Regina could feel his excitement as his face pressed between her tits and he writhed with excitement. Her hand moved quicker and quicker. Gripping his dick hard in her fist she could feel the blood pumping.

"This feels so good," he said, "This I so fun."

"For me too," tittered Regina and jerked him harder, making the boy groan. Her hand pumped up and down, the skin moving over the muscle beneath her hands. He groaned some more and Regina knew from the sounds and the way his body tensed he was going to cum.

The goo spurted out from his cock, all over her hand. It would have blasted over her if his pyjamas hadn't stopped it, but it still seeped through, leaving a large wet patch. Regina took away her hand and licked at his salty cum, before settling her head down on the pillow, "That should make us both sleep better," she said and slid her arms round him, bringing him back close to lie against her.

"Yes," he said happily, "Good night Regina."

"Good night Owen," she replied and kissed his forehead.

* * *

Regina woke the next morning as re-energised as she'd felt for months. Owen's fingering of her pussy was just the relaxant a busy mayor needed and she could still remember her excitement as she came. She disengaged herself from the sleeping boy, he needed more rest than she did and she always rose early so she could do some work. She dressed and showered and then went into her office to do some paperwork, even as she typed she was recalling the last night and her pussy warmed up at the thought of Owen's huge member and her hand round it.

"Morning Regina," Owen stood in the door of her office interrupting her fantasies.

She swivelled her chair to face him, letting him see her blouse was open a button too far to be decent. She gave a radiant beam, "Good morning dear. Did you sleep well?"

The boy was blushing and he looked at his feet, "About last night..."

The women smiled, "Don't worry about it. It was your first night in a strange house no wonder you couldn't sleep, but it was easy to deal with wasn't it? I was very relaxed and after and feel asleep almost straight away, what about you?"

The boy blushed a little more, but he nodded. Regina stood up, "Let me make breakfast." She walked past him, making sure she gave her hips an extra sexy swing as she walked down the corridor to the kitchen. It was sweet that he was embarrassed by touching and being touched by a woman, but she hoped it was only temporary as she wanted him in her with his big dick. The thought of it made her wetter and it was miracle she didn't hoist up her skirt and finger herself as they were eating breakfast. She did casually undo another button on her blouse as she was eating his breakfast, making his eyes almost pop out as her titties almost did the same. After breakfast she said, "I've still got some more work to do, so why don't you play on your game's console or watch some television."

"Okay," said Owen.

Regina was so horny that once she closed her office door she pulled up her skirt and down her panties and slid her finger into her hole, tickling at her clit and running her nail lightly over the bud as she fantasised about Owen's big lump of meat being in her and slamming down her hole. After she had made herself cum a couple of times she settled down to work, but even as she pressed the buttons on her calculator and wrote things down on her notepad for her secretary to type up on Monday she was thinking of Owen banging her hard and deep. It meant that it took her longer than she expected to finish the work and taking a break at lunchtime to make Owen some sandwiches and tease and flirt with the eleven year old, she was finished about three.

It was time to go over to Mary Margaret's house and enrol Owen at school, but first she had to make sure she wore something sexy and daring to make Owen's member bulge and Mary Margaret blush. She called to Owen as she passed his room telling him they would soon be going before going into her own room and choosing her clothes. For her bottom half she went for her boots and a knee length skirt, which had cuts in the side all the way to the waist which showed whether she was wearing panties or not - she wasn't. For her top she chose a see-through black blouse through which you could see her lacy black bra which just about held in her bosoms. She picked up Owen from his room, unsurprisingly he looked suitably impressed and taking his hand in hers walked over to Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret was quickly at the door, her eyes almost popping out as she looked at Regina's revealing clothes and the way she was unashamedly holding Owen's hand. Regina stepped into the house, "I'm here to enrol Owen."

"Y...Y...yes Regina," said Mary Margaret and scuttled into the house. Regina, still holding Owen's hand, as he wasn't minding, followed her into the kitchen where Mary Margaret had got out an enrolment form and a pen, "Name?"

"Owen Flynn."

"Sex?" Mary Margaret blushed,

Regina resisted the temptation to say 'they'll be lots' not until she had properly bedded the boy, but instead said, "Oh he's very much male." She deliberately looked down at his pants as she did so and gave a smile that was so lascivious that Mary Margaret almost dropped her pen.


"Eleven," smiled Regina.

Mary Margaret looked up, defiance on her face, "Are you bang..." Regina's cold look stopped the younger woman's sentence mid-flow.

"Could you wait outside a moment Owen honey," Regina beamed warmly at him before returning her gaze to Mary Margaret, her smile was glacial, "I just want to have a private word with Miss Blanchard a moment."

"Alright," said Owen and went outside to sit on the bench on the porch.

Regina turned to Mary Margaret, making the teacher quail beneath her look. Regina smiled thinly, "You were asking whether I was banging him?"

Mary Margaret shivered nervously and looked like she wanted to be anywhere but here, aware she had made a mistake in provoking the town's Mayor. She shook her head, "No, it's not my business."

Regina ignored her reply, her smile becoming colder and wintry, "I'm not yet, but I soon will be. I'll be taking his young dick in my holes and fucking him like crazy. I'll ride him morning, noon and night and drain his dick of its lovely salty cum. I'll drop him off at school so exhausted after a hard night's screwing he'll fall asleep in his desk. And you what, Miss Blanchard, there's nothing you can do about it because I'm the Mayor and I own Storybrooke and everyone in it. And that means if I want to bang an eleven year old I can and if I want to invite every boy in his class to come and join him in fucking each and every one of my holes all you can do is watch and look mildly annoyed. Do you understand?"

"Yes Regina," said Mary Margaret, completely defeated.

"Good, Owen will be starting on Monday," Regina gave a curt nod goodbye and left the house without a backward glance.

Owen was outside, waiting for her on the bench. He looked up with a questioning look on his face, "What did you want with Mary Margaret?"

"We just had some business to attend to," Regina gave him a warm smile and he nodded in acceptance. "You'll start school on Monday," she said and reached out for his hand. He took it, his own hand was small and warm and she felt her pussy tingling with lust as she felt his touch and with the conversation with Mary Margaret about what she was planning to do with Owen fresh in her mind and she knew she'd have to have him in her and soon if she wasn't going to die of unfulfilled lust for his dick.

"Shall we go for a quick walk before we go home?" she asked. If they went home she'd have to let go off his hand until bedtime when she could come and tuck him in and make sure he either knew he could into her bed later when he couldn't sleep or get an invite into his if she told him she was having difficulty sleeping. If they went for a walk she could continue to hold his hand and not have to share him with the games console. She was glad when he nodded yes. She smiled and said, "Let's walk through the woods; its nice in the fall with the leaves."

Owen shrugged, not interested in scenic views, but then he smiled as he looked up at her and her heart melted at the sexy grin as he said, "I guess that would be alright."

The two of them walked across town and into the woods; the leaves on the trees were turning golden and falling to the ground to cluster in large piles that they kicked through. The weather was pleasantly dry, with just a small nip of cold air to say summer was over and fall had begun. They walked further into the woods, hand in hand, Regina laughing as Owen made some jokes and in turn pointing when she saw a bird or a deer in the distance. The walk didn't dampen her ardour, she found, her pussy was still as tingly as when they started.

"Ouch," said Owen.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" asked Regina concerned.

"I've got a little stone in my shoe," said Owen, who hadn't put on boots as he was expecting to be in town.

The two of them went over to a log, Owen limping, Regina walking. He sat down on the log and Regina crouched in front of him and unlaced his shoe and held it upside down. The stone must have been very small as she didn't see it fall out but she decided to gently massage his foot to remove the hurt. She licked her lips greedily as she noticed that his member was expanding beneath his pants as her hands rubbed over the foot. Regina slid the shoe back on; her pussy was so horny it was almost hurting. Owen smiled at her, "Thank you."

"I didn't want you to limp home," she replied, her eyes still feasting on his bulge.

"Can I give you a thank you kiss?" he asked.

Regina's head shot upwards. Owen was looking at her with a cheeky smile on his face, his eyes sparkling with naughtiness. The Mayor beamed back, suddenly aware she had been played and there had been no stone. But she wasn't going to hold that against Owen. "Of course you can," she replied. She crouched forward in front of him, her hands leaning on the log on either side of him and moved her head towards him. He leant forward as well, coming towards her.

There lips touched in a magical moment and for a second Regina thought all the birds in the forest started tweeting in tune. Their heads moved back and Regina saw the cute smile on Owen's face and was aware that there was equally one on her own. She was about to say something, she wasn't sure what, when she saw the boy's head was coming forward again. She came forward to meet him and felt a thrilling sense of surprise as she realised his mouth was open and his tongue was pressing at her lips trying to get in. She opened them and let his tongue come in over hers. It slithered and explored, moving round her open mouth. She brought her own tongue up, letting it creep against his. He pushed harder at her, his lithe tongue flicking round her mouth, his lips pressing at hers. His kissing lacked grace or subtlety but it made up for that in force and passion. She could feel him pushing further forward, pressing her back so that her hands left the log. He continued to kiss forcefully at her and she carried on enjoying it as his lips pressed on hers, pushing her back.

Until she overbalanced and fell on her back, Owen unprepared fell with her. Luckily the fall was neither fast or far and they landed comfortably, the front of Regina's skirt up near her waist, Owen on top of her, his lips near hers and his manhood pressing hard at her stomach. For a second he looked shocked and then as Regina gave a laugh of joy he smiled and brought his lips down on her again. She kissed him back passionately, her arms wrapping round his small frame and dragging him down at her. His hands lay on either side of her, his lips and tongue pushing at her, his dick hard beneath his pants. With her skirt up she could feel the cool fall air against her cunt, but it didn't seem to make the slit any cooler or drier as she felt her excitement rise.

Owen's mouth rose from hers. She looked at him, his sexy smile and blue eyes and she smiled back as she said, "Do you know what fucking is?" Her hand moved down to his pants and then she took the zip between her fingers as if that would give him a clue.

He nodded, "Some of the older boys told me. It's when you put your thing in a woman's thing and jump up and down on her."

"Close enough," said Regina pulling down his zip and sliding her hand into his pants. She got under his Y-fronts and tugged at his dick - it was as huge and hard as last night. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Uh-huh," Owen nodded enthusiastically and Regina finished pulling his meat out between the flaps in his trousers.

The faintest bit of pre-cum leaked from the tip as she touched it. She opened her legs, showing her pussy hole. With one hand she lifted the front of her skirt further up her waist, before moving it back down and widening her hole for Owen's huge schlong. She took his meaty member in her hand, "I want you to stick it in me," she said in a hoarse voice.

Owen nodded and his small body began to slither down her body until his face was over her tits and his huge dick was rubbing at her pussy. "Oh yeah, sweetheart, stick it in me," Regina repeated, spreading her lips for his meaty fuck-muscle. He lifted his pelvis and when he lowered it he skilfully inserted his ten incher into her. It went deep down into her cunny, rubbing at her G-spot as it stretched her warm and wet walls. It felt so good and big, Regina gave a groan, "Oh Owen, fuck my pussy."

The young boy moved up and down rapidly, his big dick pounding balls deep into her cunt. Each thrust sent the Mayor into ecstasy and she cried in pleasure as her G-spot was hit and hammered, "Oh Owen, screw me good and deep."

"Uh-huh," granted the young boy and went even faster, his thin frame pounding into her hard, thrusting deep at her. He stuck his head between her titties and began to nuzzle at the cleavage beneath the thin material, continuing to fuck her as he did, his pelvis rising and falling in a swift motion. "Uh, uh, uh," he panted and puffed.

"Ooohhhh," Regina moaned in joy. Her hands gripped his buttocks, they were small but firm and moving hard. He might be young, but he was good and if this was what he was like when he was inexperienced he would be the biggest stud on the planet once he'd ridden her a few times. Regina knew she would enjoy teaching him. She squeezed at his ass cheeks to encourage him, "Do it harder Owen, bang me harder!"

"Uh-uh, uh, uh, uh," Owen thrusting his schlong into her vigorously.

The dark haired sorceress could feel the twigs and leaves scratching up at her legs and back, scraping at her as she bounced up and down. A few birds cheeped nearby and she could hear the rustle of the wind in the trees as a light breeze blew through the woods. If she was interested in romance it would have been romantic, but she was only interested in sexual pleasure and she was getting plenty of that.

"Ohhhhh, yes, ohhhh!" Regina gasped and felt herself buckling as the young boy's thrusts drove her into cumming. She squealed and cried as the pleasure zoomed from pussy to spread through her body in a glorious feeling of joy. Her mouth opened and she cried out again, "Ohhhhhh"

"Urrrhhhh," Owen lifted his head and back up and tensed, his butt crashing down one last time and his meat impaling itself deep in her tunnel, "Uuurrhhh!" his eyes opened wide and his smile widened into a grin of pure bliss, "Uuurrrhhhh!"

His cum pumped out from his ten inch dong and into her cunt, filling her with his seed, More and more of it shot, like it was gas pump and she was an empty car, spurt after spurt of white goo. Only when he was sure he had emptied himself did he give a final "Uuurrrhhh" and fall forward, resting himself between her legs, his head comfortable between her bosoms.

"That was wonderful," sighed Regina, her pussy still trilling with pleasure.

"Uh-huh, it was," agreed Owen nodding. For a few more moments he remained in place, his head resting of her tits, his dick limp in her cunt. Then, his strength regaining, he moved up Regina's body so that his face was opposite hers, his wet cock slithering out of her pussy and up to her stomach, leaving a trail of his and her cum behind it like a snail on a stone.

"Oh," giggled Regina as he opened his mouth and slid his tongue out. She quickly reciprocated, pressing her lips against his and pushing back with her tongue so that it twisted round his. He was a good kisser as well as a good screw, she thought. As their mouths munched at each other she could feel Owen's schlong hardening against her stomach, the hard member pressing at her. It was soon as stiff as a flagpole, pushing and prodding at her flesh. She began to get more excited.

Owen raised his mouth from hers and smiled, "Can we do it again?"

"Banging?" Regina asked and he nodded enthusiastically. She giggled, "Oh yes. This time I want you to do me doggy style."

"Doggy style?" Owen's face crinkled in confusion. Regina gently pushed at his chest so that he got off her and knelt beside her in the leaves, stroking his humongous slab of meat.

"It's when you take me from behind," she explained and got onto her hands and knees, hoisting her skirt over her back and spreading her legs so her pussy was free. "You want to try it?" she turned her head and gave him a come get me smile.

"Uh-huh, yes," said Owen and came at her from behind.

"Ohhhhh," Regina moaned loudly as the young boy's huge prick entered her hole. He grabbed her waist and began pummelling her pussy with passion and vigour, thrusting his great big dick deep into her. He moved quick and hard and Regina groaned again, "oooohhh, yes, Owen, ohhhhh!"

His huge schlong filled her, stretching at her walls and hitting her G-spot pleasingly. Owen grunted and snorted as he went faster and faster. His hands moved from her waist to her ass cheeks, fondling them as he fucked her and running over her round buttocks until they came to the crack. He pulled the cheeks apart and slid his thumbs between them. Regina gave a gasp as they pushed at her puckered back hole, easing it gently apart as his member continued to spear her cunt. The tip of one his thumbs entered, less than a quarter of an inch but enough to give the horny mayor a thrilling idea. "It's tight isn't it?"

"Yeah, but it's going in good" grunted Owen, still hammering her pussy with his thick meat and thinking that was what she was talking about.

"My asshole is tight," she clarified.

"Uh-huh," nodded Owen, pressing at it with his thumb as he carried on dicking her other hole.

"Do you want to fuck me in my tight asshole?" asked Regina, turning her head again and smiling widely.

"Oh yes, yes please," said Owen, pulling his dick from Regina's cunt. It was slimy with her juice.

"You'll have to push it in really hard," smiled Regina, "and give it all you've got."

"I can do that," said Owen excitedly. He held his dick and pushed it at her ass. It didn't go in at first, so he pushed his thumb deeper and wiggled it, making her squirm in pleasure, as he made himself a small hole. The tip went it on his second try and Regina made a little moan as Owen asked, "Like this?"

"Ohhhh yes," she replied. He thrust a bit deeper and then deeper still, pulling back and shoving down. The dark haired Mayor gasped and rocked her body to meet him, taking more of his schlong deeper into her shithole. He started to get into a rhythm, shoving forward, dipping his dong down her backhole, stretching the shit tube and going faster. He took hold off her waist for extra traction and shoved more of his member down, ramming deep into her.

"Oh Owen, fuck my ass, fuck it deep," called Regina as the hard muscle filled her asshole. She gripped at the ground beneath her, not caring that leaves were scratching at her hands or that twigs were digging at her knees - all she cared about was the fantastic feeling of Owen's meat banging away at her shitter, it felt so hard and pleasing and filling. She gave a shriek of joy as the boy's dick drove down and brought her an orgasm, "Oh, oh, oh, fill it Owen, fill it with your huge member, fill my poophole with your manhood."

Owen was going even faster, putting all his effort into giving her an excellent anal fucking, one that was stretching her ass wide and pummelling the hole like it hadn't been pummelled before. His full ten inches was pounding at her, his big balls bouncing at her buttocks like a pair of pendulums. "Ohhhhh!" cried Regina, "Oooohhh!" as Owen slammed her ass open. It was the greatest feeling imaginable, "Oooohhhh!"

"Is this right?" grunted Owen. He didn't stop, but continued to ram her ass, his hands gripping her cheeks and playing with them as he thrust and thrust again.

"Ooooohhh," Regina called in reply, "Ooooohhh! Yes, Owen, yes!"

His thighs smacked at her buttocks, his dick pounding down the anal tube. He was going fast and deep, so skilful. Her clothes were sticking to her with sweat, the perspiration trickling down her forehead, despite the cool of the evening. It was getting dark as well, the sound of an owl in the distance. But that was almost drowned out by her passionate cries, "Oooohhh, oooohhh!"

Owen was moving quicker, upping his speed. He gave a grunt, "I'm going to..." His seed spurted into her ass in waves, blasting deep into her bowels and filling her whole hole with his warm goo. He pulled out and some of the cum came with him, trickling from her ass and down her inner thighs.

Regina groaned, "That was great Owen."


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