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Once Upon A Time: A Storybrook Tale (Fb, inc, anal)
by Neenah

Ever since Regina Mills had forbidden her from seeing her adopted son, Henry Mills, Emma Swan had been missing him. That was not surprising, he might have Regina's surname and in law she might be his Mother. But Emma was his real, biological, Mom, flesh and blood. And the natural laws of the universe said that the Sheriff's claim on him trumped the Mayors. Unfortunately State Law said differently and unless Emma wanted to end up on the wrong side of some cell bars she had to keep her distance and hope Regina changed her mind.

But there was another problem that Emma was facing. And that was the lack of dick in her life. When she was living in the big city she had got laid virtually every night, and if she had wanted she could have got banged on the remaining nights as well. But Storybrook was different, in that there was a distinct lack of eligible men - there was Josh of course, but he was married and anyway had a thing for Emma's flatmate. There was her predecessor, Sheriff Graham, but he was dead and Emma wasn't yet so horny that she was willing to dig him up to see if rigor mortis had set in. Which pretty much left either Mr Gold or Archie Hopper, and Emma wasn't sure she wouldn't prefer jumping the corpse of Graham.

Or there was Henry. Emma pushed the thought away. She thought about her son a lot of the time and she thought about prick a lot of the time, and sometimes she got the two things momentarily confused. She sat in her car and looked out the window at the children heading into school. Henry was walking down the sidewalk, with his oversized satchel and that book of Fairy Tales he always carried. He saw Emma and gave a small, sad wave - he was missing her as much as she missed him. Emma waved back; she was the Sheriff, the Mayor couldn't stop her stopping outside the school to make sure all the children got in safely.

She sat there watching him as he hung round the entrance, waiting for the bell. He was handsome for an eleven-year-old. His Dad had been well equipped in the pants department and Emma briefly wondered how big Henry was. It might after all have been her imagination that there was a bulge in his lower regions noticeable even across the road. Luckily the bell rang before Emma could have any further imaginings. Henry gave her one last wistful look before turning and going into the school.

Emma reached for the ignition and started the car. If there weren't any real pricks on offer, she had a selection of dildos at her place and Storybrook was so quiet on crime no one would notice if she took a day off to masturbate.

* * *

It took Emma longer than she expected to get home by the time she had dropped off the Sheriff's car back at her jailhouse, and got her own car to start. It didn't help that skies opened and it began to pour with rain. She ran from her car into the house and immediately headed upstairs. Pulling open her drawer she selected the dildo she intended to use, a nice big one with ribs. She was just starting to undo her pants when the phone rang. She cursed and was tempted to ignore it, but even in Storybrook things happened and it might be urgent. She rebuttoned her pants and headed downstairs.

"Emma, its Mary Margaret," said her flatmate as soon as Emma picked it up, "Henry's gone. He came to school then he skipped out before first class."

Before Emma could reply there was a knock at the door. It was Henry, soaked by the torrential downpour. Emma opened the door to him as she spoke back to her flatmate and friend, "Don't worry he's come here. He's absolutely soaked, so let him stay here until he's dry and then I'll drop him back at school. Don't tell Regina." She put down the phone

Secretly Emma was pleased that Henry had decided to play truant, it would give her a chance to bond with him without Regina interfering. Still for form's sake she took a stern look at the bedraggled boy before her and said, "What are you doing here? You should be at school."

Henry gave her a look that was supposed to be defiant, but came over as sweet, "I missed you and it was the only way to see you without her knowing."

Emma knew exactly who her was and smiled, "You're soaking. Let me run you a hot bath and put your clothes in the dryer."

Henry nodded and followed Emma up the stairs. She ran the bath and turned to Henry, "You get in the bath. I'll put on some popcorn we can eat whilst your clothes are drying."

"Okay," he said. She left the room as he began to undress.

She quickly heated the popcorn and put it in a bowl. She decided that rather than wait for Henry to finish she'd go and collect his clothes now to get them drying. Henry was her eleven-year-old son so she was sure that he wouldn't mind her coming in, but she knocked on the door anyway, "It's me. Can I come in?"

"Yes," shouted Henry.

Emma entered. And forgot about the clothes.

Henry was sitting in the tub, the water up to his smooth hairless chest. He hadn't bothered with bubbles so Emma could see everything underneath. Including one the biggest schlongs she had ever seen; at ten inches it would have been impressive on someone twice Henry's age. On the eleven-year-old it looked massive. For a second Emma considered picking up the clothes and hurrying out, but the cock entranced her with its size and solidity.

"Can I get in with you?" Emma asked without thinking.

"Yes," said Henry, as if was an everyday occurrence.

Emma quickly stripped off, Henry watching her as she peeled off her clothes. She paused momentarily before bringing down her panties, but only for a second. Henry's eyes widened as he saw her pussy, a little clump of hair above the slot. He was too polite to say anything, but Emma was pleased that under the water his manhood stirred and straightened. She didn't pause before dropping out of her bra. She stood, naked, with her hands on her hips, "Slide forward, let me get in behind you."

"Okay," said Henry and moved forward. Emma got in behind him, putting her legs on either side of the boy and sliding her own body forward so that Henry was nestled comfortably between her legs.

"Let me wash your back," said Emma reaching for a sponge and not waiting for an answer. It didn't take her long to clean his back and, without asking, she reached for his front and began to sponge down the dick. It was hard, remaining so as she ran the sponge over it. After a few moments she dropped the sponge and began to run her hand gently up and down the erect member. It felt good to her, as nice a prick as she had ever held in her hands, "How does this feel?" she asked Henry.

"Good," said Henry, "I like it."

"A lot of men do," grinned Emma, continuing to stroke it. She didn't say that a lot of women also enjoyed stroking it, but few of them were Moms with their eleven-year-old sons. Sadly no matter how much fun it was it didn't keep the water heated and the bath began to move from hot to warm to tepid. With a sigh Emma let go and stood up, getting out of the bath. Henry followed her, his ten incher still hard.

Emma reached for a towel, "Let me dry you."

"Okay," said Henry. He held up his hand and stood still as Emma started to towel him. She moved slowly rubbing at his skinny body and pressing the towel against him. As she moved to the front she saw his schlong was, unsurprisingly, still as hard as concrete. She moved the towel down and began to dry there, giving a lot of attention to making sure his boy balls and the erect member were well dried. Henry stood smiling, "I like that. It makes me feel good."

"You should do. It's a man thing. It means you're growing up," said Emma. As she looked down again at the ten inches of dong, she silently added 'and growing and growing'. She forced herself to pull the towel away and stand up, "There that's it. Let me put your clothes somewhere to dry."

"Oh," said Henry as the naked Emma began to pick up his clothes and hang them up, "What shall I wear?"

"Nothing," said Emma. She looked down at his gorgeous prick and smiled, "If you're shy I can go naked as well."

"I'm not shy," said Henry combatively.

"I'll still go au naturel," smiled Emma, "Let's go and eat that popcorn."

They went downstairs and sat on the sofa, the bowl of popcorn between them. Henry ate hungrily, as his adopted Mom very rarely let him have sweet things or things which were bad for him. Emma hardly ate any, she was a woman and needed to watch her figure, but also because she was a woman and wanted to watch Henry's large cock. Without her touch it went flaccid, but even nestling between his thighs, asleep and unmoving it looked like a sexual python which would only need a small prod to leap awake.

"That was tasty," said Henry as he finished the last of the popcorn and put the tub to his side.

"If you liked that you'll love this," Emma reached down and began to stroke her son's prong. She had been without cock for too long and the large one on show was too tempting to ignore. The dick swiftly rose to the occasion, becoming hard and bulging as she touched. Emma gripped it properly and began to masturbate it.

For a moment Henry's eyes bulged and his mouth opened. But then he relaxed and lay back against the sofa's rest. Emma smiled, "Does that feel good?"

"Yes," said Henry, "Sometimes I play with it myself, but this is better."

"It is, isn't it," agreed Emma. She began to work the cock up and down quicker. It seem to shiver and pulsate in her hand as she jacked it. Henry grinned widely, lying his head back and putting his hands behind it. Emma gripped tighter and jacked harder.

A look of blissful happiness was on Henry's face as the naked blonde jerked his large manhood with desperation born of months with only plastic toys for company. It was so good to have a prick in her hand that Emma couldn't care who's it was, it didn't matter it was her underage son, it only mattered it was large and hard.

The expression on Henry's face changed, from relaxed to excited and Emma knew he was ready. She brought down her hands for another stroke and Henry's body went tense and an explosion of white, gooey boy-cum flew from his dong-eyehole. Emma continued to bounce her hand up and down as the goo continued to blow out, shooting over her hand and onto Henry's naked legs. The young boy gasped in enjoyment as Emma carried on until the cock was drained.

"Aren't you glad I was home?" said Emma, she licked the cum from her hand. It tasted saltily good and she slurped it up.

Henry nodded, "That was great. I enjoyed that. It was fun," he looked at her, "Have you got a tissue so I can clean myself?"

"Let me," said Emma.

The cum was so yummy that she wanted some more of it and the cum on the boy's legs would do fine. The naked blonde got down on her knees and pushed herself between Henry's legs. Her tongue moved out and she began to lap greedily at the trails of white gooey slime covering first one leg and then the other. It was as delicious and as protein filled as the cum that had covered her hand. As her tongue licked away the sex goo Emma noticed that Henry's schlong was beginning to recover its strength, straightening and expanding as she moved up his thigh and nearer to it. Henry was had great sexual stamina, Emma thought, but the rapid hardening of the dick gave her an idea.

She licked away the last of the cum from Henry's thighs and looked up at him, "You enjoyed me playing with your dick right?" she asked.

Henry nodded happily. Emma winked, "You'll love me sucking it then." She didn't wait for an answer, but opened her mouth and began to move down the humongous rod. Henry eyes shot open and his mouth widened in an 'O' of happy surprise. Emma moved her mouth down, rolling her lips over the huge schlong - there would be no wasted cum from this baby she hoped.

The naked woman's head moved up and down the erect member, sucking and slurping at it. Henry eyes rolled around his head, and his face gave every expression of enjoyment at the sucking he was getting. Emma was enjoying it too, Henry's huge prick was just the thing to get over her dick-drought. It stretched her jaw and pushed at her cheek, filling her mouth. It was so nice, so yummy, and so good that Emma was almost hoping he wouldn't come until she her jaw was so sore she couldn't blow any longer.

Unfortunately Emma's was such a naturally good cocksucker that Henry had to blow. He gave a pleasured moan and shot his load, blast after blast of salty cum shooting into Emma's mouth. Despite her aim not to waste any cum there was too much for her to swallow and it leaked between her lips and over her chin. She let go off Henry's prick and licked away the leak, "That was lovely," she said.

"It was," said Henry. He looked at Emma, "Once it gets hard again do you want me to put it in your front-hole."

It was Emma's time to look surprised, "You know about that?"

"Yes," nodded Henry, "Sometimes I watched her with Sheriff Graham when she didn't know I was around. He used to put it in her front-hole and she would go mad. And sometimes he put it up her bum, and she used to really like that as well."

Emma looked at him, wondering if she was being had and perhaps Henry wasn't an innocent as he looked. Mind you, she thought, even if he was playing her, she didn't mind being played. Not with the thought of a monster like that in her, and why bother with the front-hole as well - anal was fun. She smiled, "Let's go to my room, and see if we can you hard. Then perhaps you can put it in my bum hole, Regina isn't the only one who likes it there."

She took hold of Henry's hand and led him to her room. The dildo she had been planning to masturbate with before Henry's arrival was still on the bed. Emma picked it up and licked it, before smiling and saying, "Now let me see if I can get you hard."

Henry sat on the bed and watched as Emma placed the dildo in her mouth and sucked the toy like it was her son's cocked. Once she was sure it was wet she got onto her back on the bed and opening her legs, so that Henry could see she began to put the toy into her butt-hole. She purred with pleased enjoyment as the dildo went down and in. It didn't take long for her to have worked it deep, stimulating zones from behind

"Oh, that's so good. Almost as good as real hard prick," she said.

Henry's cock was hard again, not harmed by him stroking it as he watched his biological Mom anally pleasure herself. He said, "I'm ready."

"I'm ready too," said Emma and rolled onto her front. She dropped the dildo beside her and moved her hands to her ass cheeks, spreading them and displaying the hole that her dildo had opened nicely, "Put it in Henry."

The young boy gripped his cock and pushed it in. Emma shuddered with pleasure as the erect manhood pushed into her excited poopchute. It seemed to fill her totally as Henry pushed down, lowering himself on her. The length went deep into her and the girth opened her. She gave another moan of pleasure, "Put it in Henry. I want your massive schlong in my tight shitter. I want your big dick to fuck my ass."

Henry didn't reply, he just grunted and began to move up and down. His cock excited her anal passage as it thrust down. She shivered and screamed in joy, it was much better than a dildo. Henry pushed deeper, pushing his cock deep into her bowels and making her scream with excitement. Emma gasped and grabbed at the bedding, sweating hard as Henry panted above her. The massive dong ripped open her asshole painfully, but orgasmically.

"Fuck my anal passage, Henry. I want your huge rod to rip me open. Make me cum with that big, big, prick," cried Emma. Henry panted in exertion as he rammed his eleven-year-old manhood into her far more experienced anal hole. He was good, hard and fast and Emma orgasmed again and again and again. She couldn't believe how lucky she was as the pleasure came in her, so explosively all she could see was cry out in joy, "Oh fuck, oh fuck."

"I'm cumming," said Henry and shot his load into her ruined backdoor. There were gallons of it, shooting down her bowels and exploding out like a geyser as Henry pulled his prick out of her ass.

Emma moaned, lying there as the pleasure in her ass went down. She would need to get Henry to take more days off school to come and fuck her in future.


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