Once Upon A Time: Better Left Forgotten (MF,oral)
by Insomniac

It had been just a few weeks since Emma broke the curse, and now that things were settling down and people were getting use to being in Storybrooke, they were realizing some of the things they had done while cursed.

Emma met up with David, whom she just found out was her father. They needed to clear up what had happened between the two. They met at Grannies for some breakfast about how to assess the situation.

Emma: Look David, she was cut off.

David: Emma! we cant talk about this, its disgusting. Im your father and we were cursed. You couldn't have known who I was and I wasn't able to recognize you. That's all I want to talk about that.

Emma: David, we can keep this buried. I'm not saying tell anyone, especially Mary Margaret but we had sex!

Emma! David said in the loudest whisper possible, as to not bring the attention he was trying to avoid.

Emma: What. I need to talk out what happened, and it can't be with anyone but you... Emma started to replay the scenario back in her head.

~3 months earlier~

Emma had just become the sheriff in town. They had also recently found David after he woke up from his coma in the river under toll bridge. Emma, doing her job, went to his apartment to check up on him.

She knocked on the door, when David answered.

David: Sheriff Swan? Can I hep you he asked.

Emma: Hey, just checking in, your head ok?

David: Oh thanks, I feel fine, just cant remember anything. Poor Katherine wants to get back together but I just don't feel what I must have felt for her before.

Emma: Yea I know what that's like...

David: Being in a coma and not remembering your loved ones?

Emma: Eell... no. But I meant not having loved ones around. I start to feel, cursed or something.

David laughed. "C'mon your beautiful, and brave, any man would be lucky to have you. Hey I may be the one with the injury but you look like you could use the pick-me-up. C'mon in for a cup of coffee. I do remember how to do that!

Emma: Oh, what the hell, it's rainy and I've got nothing else to do.

They went inside and started to brew some coffee.

David: So, I don't want to pry.. but you had Henry, I mean, your love life was something at one time right?

Emma: I thought it was, but he left me. tricked me into his dirty work and left me alone with a kid I couldn't raise. I just feel like sometimes he robbed me of my youth, my fun times as a single woman. I was a hot piece of ass back in the day!

David nearly missed pouring the coffee and smiled.

Well! I'm sure you could have had your fun after him... and I don't know how far this goes but, your still pretty hot for what its worth.

Emma: Well, aren't you so charming...

David laughed, I'm sorry I didn't mean to cross any boundaries.

Emma: No, it's fine. I'm sure you all ready to go after being in a coma for a year she laughed.

David laughed again, "Well... I have been checking out you ass."

Emma: Yeah? She stood up and turned around. She then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down just over her thong covered ass. It was tight, just big enough she both cheeks could sit in your hands.
Look better? she said seductively

David: Much... I've been... I've been looking at your chest too he said hopefully.

Emma burst out in a loud laugh. "I bet you have," she giggled.

She then stepped the rest of the way out of her pants, and took off her shirt. She had on a see-through lace bra and matching panties. David was in awe that this was actually going this far. Emma then removed her underwear. She had supple C cups with a small pink nipple. they were already standing erect at the thought of David seeing her naked. She was completely shaven. David thought she had a perfect pussy.

"Your turn stud."

David didn't think twice, he quickly shed his clothes revealing his throbbing 9 inch cock.

"Wow Emma said in shock. That... looks delicious."

Before David could even respond she was on her knees with his cock just entering her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and moist. "Ohhhhh Emma you can really swallow a cock!"

Emma looked up at him while she continued to bob up and down. She was easily taking the whole nine inches down her throat occasionally gagging and spewing saliva onto his dick.

David bunched her hair in a ponytail like handle and drove her down until her nose was mashed against his abdomen. He held her there for 30 seconds at a time.

Emma then pulled back and stood up. Now you down she demanded.

David got on his knees, and Emma lifted up one of her legs over his shoulder and placed her foot on the counter. She grabbed the top of his head and began grinding her pussy on his face. She was so wet and David knew what to do with his tongue.

"FUUUUUCKKKK!!!" she yelled. "Suck my pussy David, God dammit your amazing. Shove that tongue deep inside me." Emma began grinding harder and faster, so fast that she moved too far forward and David accidentally swiped her asshole. He didn't hate it but it wasn't for him.

She gasped and loved it. She had never had her asshole licked before.

David knew she would want this now so he had to change what he was doing. He scooped up under her leg and stood up with her. Picking her up and sliding his dick inside her.

David: Shiitt Emma your pussy is sooo fucking tight.

"God that cock is soo big!" Emma wrapped her legs around him and brought him in closer. She shoved her tongue down Davids throat. "FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME."

David grabbed her ass cheeks to thrust her even harder. "Emma, im gonna cum!!!"

Emma hopped off and knelt down, "I want it on my fucking face." Emma closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

David continued to jerk off until her blew his load, "OHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!!!"

He covered Emma's face in his cum. She then rolled her tongue around her lips to get most of the cum, and collected the rest with her fingers and swallowed that as well.

David: Hey sorry about the early release... kinda haven't done anything for over a year so...

Emma: Its fine, trust me you were great.

David: Hey listen, I'm still in a way with Katherine so-

Emma interuppted, "Trust me, our little secret," she winked.

She then got dressed. "Well back to the job I guess. Glad I could be of some service to you."

~present day~

"Emma. that can never happen again, we can never speak of it again. What would people think or do."

"I know," she exclaimed, "I just needed to get it off my chest for a minute. I would never tell. I said it was our little secret and it is..."

The End


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