Once Upon A Time: Ever-Growing Family (FF,b-solo,ncon,magic)
by Insomniac

Henry was constantly being pin balled between his birth mother Emma, and his adopted mother Regina. Since Emma came to town and broke the curse, the two had become like mother and son should be. But, no matter what Regina did to spite Emma, Henry felt he owed her for taking him in, and he still felt there was good in here, as did his grandmother Snow White. However, the mood was starting to change after Regina wanted revenge for Snow killing her mother with the candle given to her by Rumpelstilkskin.

Snow: Henry, we are processing the magic beans to get us back to the enchanted forest... but we don't think Regina should come with us.

Henry: No! she has to. She raised me, she she she he stuttered

Snow: Henry we gave her multiple chances to prove she could change, and even when she knew you would hate her, she still did evil things. She may act like she wants to change again, but soon back in the forest she will go back at it.

Henry: there must be another way, like take away her powers or something. please, he begged.

Snow: Henry... she has done way worse than you know, magic is easier to handle in our world. she will be more powerful than she is here, and she may try to do to Emma what she did to me...

Henry: Whattt- what'd she do?

Asked Henry sheepishly. half not wanting to hear the answer.

Snow: I am only going to tell you this story so you know, exactly what she can do, and how evil she is... it was years ago in the enchanted forest...

Back in the enchanted forest...

Regina was on the hunt for Snow, after her being the reason she lost the only man she ever loved, she would never stop trying to kill snow. no matter what the cost, she would have her revenge. Thanks to a magic ring given to her by Rumpelstilskin, she could locate the whereabouts of Snow.

Just then Regina spotted her in the forest, resting behind a tree. Now's my chance she thought to herself. Although it doesn't look like she has a weapon, unlike her, she is usual a good opponent. Maybe she realized her mortal weapons are no match for my magic.

She teleported to the tree right in front of Snow.

Snow: Regina! How did you find me?

Regina: Oh that's for me to know, the important thing is that I did in fact find you. And I am going to kill you.

Snow: Regina, this is crazy, you've been chasing me across the forest for my adult life. All because I was trying to help you find true love.


Snow: I know... and I'm sorry, again and again. But does that mean I deserve to die?

Regina: Not today

She said with a sudden smirk.

Snow: So... so why are you here?

Snow asked shyly. She knew there was no good terms on why Regina was here, so she was trying to figure out what she would do, if she wouldn't kill her today.

Just then Regina teleported behind Snow and gave her quick but deep kiss on the neck.


Regina: You took away my sex partner... now you'll become my sex partner.

She said starting to laugh.

Snow: Regina, please don-

But before she could finish he sentence Regina flicked her wrist and sent Snow back forced against a tree. Not be able to move more than a few inches. as if she was loosely tied there by some invisible rope. "Your gonna be here awhile, so get comfy" Regina was chuckling like mad now, as she slowly approached Snow up against the tree.

Snow begged, "Regina whatever you gonna do please rethink it. What good could possibly come out of this?"

Regina: Good? None I suppose and that's why I love it. Hahahah!!! You see I could have ripped your clothes off just as easy, buuuuuut. I think the old fashioned way is so much better. I get to build up desire as we move forward. And, if were lucking Charming hasn't dirtied you up yet, she said with a huge smile on her face.

She moved forward and ripped off Snow's shirt exposing her tan bra. Her breasts were a decent size, perhaps a B cup. Snow still pleading for her to stop, realizing that this was actually going to happen. But Regina continued and ripped off the bra. Exposing her lovely boobs. A large nipple blended into her natural breast. They weren't the fairest of all, but they were decent enough.

"Please," she said, "those aren't even close to mine."

Regina magically removed her top, revealing her D cup breasts, with a small pink nipple perfectly centered. So firm, so perky they were truly incredible breasts. Snow couldn't help but to look, though she was in no way aroused, and was more focused on covering her own chest back up. But she figured it would only get worse... and she was right.

Now, Regina shouted. "We look at your vagina. You know, I use to watch you change and shower. Lets see how much you've grown," she said with a wink.

Snow couldn't believe Regina had spied on her naked when she was a kid. She knew she was evil, but she was also a perverted lesbian witch.

Regina grabbed the top of Snow's skirt and ripped it in half. "OH! no underwear. You whore!" she laughed.

Snow was trying to cross her legs from embarrassment but could not. She was now in tears and sobbing for Regina to stop.

Snow: Regina! please you don't have to do this. I'm naked, you see everything. now just let me go.

And that Regina did. She was finally fully nude with a view of Snows hair patch covering her vagina.

Regina: Are you kidding me, and your the fairest in all the land? look at this.

Regina finished stripping herself. She exposed her tight shaven vagina. Both lips tucked in and clit pointed out and ready. Snow did not have any interest in looking, and the tears kept streaming.

Regina picked things up and placed two fingers inside Snow White slit and started pumping them rapidly. "Ohhh so tight," she said.

"Regina, NOO PLEEASSEE JUST STOPP UHHHH!!!" Choking down her tears while being violated.

Regina laughed and proceeded to to stick a couple other fingers up her ass. "MMM, this was always my favorite part of you. Oddly enough... this doesn't feel as tight as your cunt. Does Charming keep you pure by using the second hole?" she asked with an evil smirk.

Tears pouring out of both eyes and a pain in her vagina and anus, even let she couldn't help by let out a little groan of pleasure, it was impossible not to. Even though she wasn't haven't any fun. But this only fueled Regina on.

"Ahhh, bitch you like it." She moved her head in and parted her pubic hair with her tongue and started lapping away and Snow's clit.

"Regina.... ohhhhh. NOOO I'll leave the forest forever please, just stop." Snow demanded

Regina: Nah, I kind of like you here now. We can make this a common occurrence, don't you think?

Regina picked up her pace lapping away, and diving her hands deeper and deeper into Snow's cunt and ass.

Snow began bucking in her hands. "UHHHH, OHHHHHH NOOOOO OHHHHHH MY!!!"

Just then Snow filled Regina's hand with cum. "Wow, we have a squirter on our hands. Beautiful."

Snow still against the tree, was panting and sobbing. Tired but still violated. Regina broke the spell and Snow dropped to the floor. "Until next time," she said in a sultry voice. With that she magically put her gown back on and disappeared.

Back in Storybrooke...

Henry: So... she raped you... he said hesitantly.

Snow: Yes. But that's our secret! Please don't tell anyone, OK, Henry? Now do you see how important it is that she stay here. She could do that to me, Emma, or you if she has that kind of magic again.

Henry: OK... Henry lowered his head and agreed that evil should stay far away from them. Well... I'm gonna go pack my things I guess.

As he got up Snow noticed Henry had a large erection, due to her story of Regina raping her. 'Did he really enjoy that,' she thought? 'Is he... as sick as her... no, he's just a teen boy,' she thought.

Henry veered off into the bathroom, and recounted every detail of that story while he stroked his seven inch prick. Playing it over in his mind until he blew his load. "Ahhhhh, if we go back there. I need to see that happen."



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