Once Upon A Time: Storybrook Stories Part 1 (MF,oral,anal,cream pie)
by Insomniac

Sheriff Graham and Regina

Sheriff Graham was a good man and a decent cop. He had only the best intentions for the small town of Storybrook. He however was in the palm of Regina's hand. She could persuade him to do whatever she desired, she had his heart, on a totally different level. As much as Graham was attracted to Emma, he found himself drawn back time and time again into the mayor's arms. Graham often snuck in to her house so that Henry would not be aware of his presence, if he did not stay the night and leave before Henry woke up, he would leave after they had had sex. Ever since Graham had hired Emma to be an officer at the department Regina felt like she was loosing her control of him, so she decided that she would give him an extra special reason to keep his eyes on her, instead of Emma.

Regina picked up the phone and dialed 911.

Graham: 911, what is your emergency?

Regina: Yes, officer? I seem to have a little fire... downstairs, I was wondering if you could use your, hose to put it out.

Graham: Regina? Is that you? I told you call my cell phone if you need me.

Regina: Oh C'mon. What fun would that be (she said in her sultry voice she used to seduce anyone into what she wanted). We never have anything going on in this town and besides, Emma can take it if anyone needs help.

Graham sighing complied and asked Emma if she could cover while he went home due to illness. Emma obliged and wished him to feel better. He nodded and went straight to Regina's house. He climbed his way up the back deck, opened Regina's window and crawled into her room. There he saw Regina waiting for him in a silk red nightgown. It draped over her breasts and butt giving just a glimpse of what she was hiding.

Regina: I'm not wearing underwear sheriff. What are you gonna do about that?

Graham started removing his jackets and belt, next were his shoes, then his shirt. Soon he was down to nothing but his boxers.

Regina: Now you're gonna have to strip before you can see me. You know how it works.

She had seen him naked many times before but he was a very well endowed man, the main reason she kept him around so close, he could fuck for a long time and knew everything she liked. She could never get enough and remained horny as ever, every time they were about to have sex.

Sheriff Graham removed his boxers exposing to Regina his 9 inch member. With a nicely shaved area just above. He had large balls swaying from side to side, it curved slightly up and hit Regina G-Spot just right every time he thrust in and out.

Graham: Your turn.

Graham waited in anticipation, Regina was absolutely gorgeous clothed, and amazing nude. Graham and been with a lot of women, and Regina was by far the best looking. No matter how much she bossed him around he always came back cause he knew he could get the best piece of ass around. Not only was she hot but she did freaky stuff like, take his load on her face, anal, and role play. She made him orgasm better and better each time.

Regina bent over and grabbed the bottom of her nightgown, and in one swift move pulled it over her head. She was now fully nude. She had large D breasts. A light pink nipple a little bigger than a penny. They were already standing erect and ready for Graham's tongue. Her pussy was tight, no matter how much Graham's huge rod pounded it, she remained tight. It was clean shaven, almost waxed. She turned around and bent over. Her ass was well toned and smooth. No imperfections at all.

Regina: Lets get down to it huh? No messing around.

She walked over to Graham and rest on her knees. She then took his rock hard member and stroked it. Starting slow at first, and then slowly picking up the pace. Once she had done this for a while she then leaned forward and took his dick into her mouth. She could suck dick like a pro. She managed to take about 7 inches of his cock insider her mouth, rotating her head and tongue driving Graham wild.

Graham: Oh my fucking god, baby! I love when you suck my dick! You work that shit baby deep-throat it. OHHH SHIITTTT!!!

Regina bobbed her head up and down a few more strokes and then laid on the bed spreading her legs. "Eat me" is all she said in her usual demanding voice. Graham didn't care though, as he liked the taste and knew he had to return the favor to get her warmed up. He bent over the bed and quickly plunged his tongue into her slit. Regina let out a gasp.

Regina: Oh shit, baby, lick my clit! You know I fuckin' love that.

Regina grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples slightly. She loved watching him as he did his work, she liked to see his tongue slid up and down her slit.

Graham flicked her clit back and fourth with his tongue and finger, alternating between her clit and opening.

Regina: OHHHH FUCKK, stick it in me now. I want you on top of me!!

Graham then guided his prick inside her hot steaming cunt. It was so tight he thought to himself. He had to pull it out and slam it in a few times before he could begin thrusting. Once she was wet enough he grabbed both of her legs and put them over his shoulders. He then began slamming her until his balls were clapping against her ass.


Graham: OH MY FUCKING SHIT BABY. Your soooo tight, I don't know how you stay so tight after I keep driving my giant dick into you soooo hard!

Regina was rubbing her clit while she was being pounded by the biggest dick to ever be inside her, she cupped her left breast while he right one was in her mouth, flicking her own nipple with her tongue. She was watching about nine inches of cock disappear into her pussy with every thrust.

Just then Graham decided he wanted to do it doggy, he grabbed both of her legs and thrust them to the side, the force was enough to roll Regina on her stomach.

Regina: You can do me from behind but I don't want anal tonight, ok?

Graham: OK, I'm not gonna last much longer is it ok if I finish in your ass though.

Regina: Yeah, that's fine.

Graham re-inserted his dick and grabbed hold of the Mayor's hair like a horse's main. Using his left hand, while his right hand grabbed and rubbed her gorgeous and smooth ass cheeks. Regina didn't mind this position because of course she loved to be man handled, but her clit rubber against the bed sending shivers down her spine.


Regina started moaning at the top of her lungs and suddenly Graham could feel her juices flood his dick, running down every side, so warm and sticky. This was too much for him and he knew he was gonna blow his load as well. He removed his dick from her soaked cunt and spread her ass cheeks. He aligned his dick hole with her ass hole and stuck just the very tip in. Within moments he started to shake and began yelling in pleasure. He shot his wad into Regina's ass leaving it there until every last drop was into her tightest whole. He flopped next to her on the bed panting.

Regina: That, was excellent. Well done Sheriff. You saved another damsel in distress from a... sticky situation. (She said with her lips curled in that sultry smile she was known for.)

Graham (chuckled): Though I love your puns, I think I'm the one who caused this sticky situation. But I should probably go before Henry gets home. Last I knew Emma was gonna bring him here after she got done covering for me.

Regina was too tired and happy to care that her "son" was hanging with Emma. She gave Graham a kiss goodbye and got dressed.

As she watched him climb down from the window she thought to herself. "That poor huntsman, he will always be under my spell. Hahahaah!"

The End


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