Once Upon a Time: Wicked Fun (MmFF,inc,oral,anal,bond,first,squirt,bukakke,magic,ncon)
by Insomniac

There was always some tragedy going on in Storybrooke, lately it had been the presence of the Wicked Witch of the west from Oz. Emma along with Henry were brought back to Storybrooke in order to help everyone remember what happened. A whole year of their lives seemed to have been erased from their memories. However Hook was outside of the curse and was able to escape and bring back Emma. In doing so they found out who exactly was behind the new curse, the Wicked Witch.

Also, the Witch admitted to Regina that they were half sisters, and that Cora their mother had given her away where she ended up in Oz. She revealed that she should have had the life Regina was gifted with, and that she should have enacted Rumplestilskin's curse. Regina had sought to take out her sister on her own. Wicked had taken over her office, forcing herself to live Regina's life, taking what she thought was hers.

Regina busted in the door to see her sister in her chair.

Regina: Get out of my office, and get out of my town.

She yelled whilst throwing a ball of magic.

Wicked brushed it off as she was much stronger than Regina. "Please," she laughed. "Your life is mine now and there isn't anything you can do about it. I'm better than you in every way possible. Rumple taught me first, and made me much stronger."

Regina: We will see about that. But your right, I do have it all. And you have nothing, you're so pathetic you have to come in and steal my life.

Wicked: What life? You're a mayor of a fake town you made up, cause you were too cowardly to kill those you hated. And now your practically friends with them. You're the pathetic one sis.

Regina smiling, "I've got more than you'll ever have," she snarled. "I have a son, and a lover."

"Ahhh, yes," Wicked responded. "A son, who has already replaced you with his birth mother, and a common thief, what a great life you're leading."

The sisters were referring to Robin Hood, as of late he and Regina had developed feelings for each other and they had finally started a relationship.

Just then the wicked witch got an idea. She stood up smiling ear to ear. She threw her arms out causing Regina to fly back pinned against the wall. Regina couldn't move. "Let me down you bitch or I swear to god I'll kill you."

"How's that sis?" Wicked asked

"I'll be right back." Then she vanished only to return back with Robin Hood and Henry, both slightly dazed as if she had used her magic to sedate them.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Regina hollered.

"We're gonna see whose better sis," she answered.

"Better at what?" Regina pondered furiously. "You hurt my son I'll make sure your death is slow and painful!"

Wicked: I'm better than you at everything. Everything you are, I'm more. So I'm gonna fuck your son and your lover while you watch.

Regina couldn't believe what she heard. "You're... you're gonna what?" she asked appalled.

"You heard me," Wicked responded. "I'm gonna fuck your son and your boyfriend over there, and strip you while you watch them standing there naked."

She then walked over to Regina and with one flick of her arms Regina's clothes fell to the floor. Regina had the urge to cover herself but still could not move her arms.

"You're sick!" Regina cried. "You're really going to fuck a 13 year old boy?"

"Oh, yes," wicked laughed, "and I'm gonna love it. Now, lets get a look at you." She glanced over her body. "Well... we definitely have the same mum hahah our nipples are exactly alike, and see the way your left pussy lip slightly overhangs the right, look at mine."

The witch then removed her own clothing. As much as Regina didn't want to look she was forced to. "See," wicked said, "except my tits are bigger of course."

Regina had large C cup breasts with a small pink nipple with a slight bumpy texture. Wicked's looked exactly the same except at a D cup. Regina had a dark patch of hair over her clit, black as night, while Wicked was clean shaven.

Regina's ego was getting the best of her as she glanced on her sister naked body.

"Tell me, sis, is your cunt green back in Oz? With that red hair it must look like Christmas down there," she laughed.

Wicked smirked and walked over and slapped her.

Just then Robin Hood and Henry started coming to, out of their daze. She then turned around and magically bound them to the wall too.

"Now before I get to them," she said, "let see whose tighter."

Regina got wide eyed. "WAIT!" she pleaded.

It was too late. Wicked shoved 2 fingers inside her sister and was plunging back and forth furiously. It was hurting Regina. "Wow, sis, you're pretty tight. I guess old Robin must not be too hung." She bent her head down and took a long lick. Regina gasped out of shock.

"Mmm, we like that don't we. You taste sweet I'll give you that much and maybe tighter. I fuck whoever I want, because everyone wants to be with me."

Henry and Robin Hood fully came to.

Henry: What the... What's going on? Mom! Why are you naked, why can't I move. Why is the Wicked Witch here and naked?

"Oh," she moaned, "Henry. I'm gonna answer all your questions. You my sweet child are going to stick your dick in me. You and Mr Hood here."

Robin: You can't make me, you cant make us. You're pure evil.

"Yes, I am, and, yes, I can," she responded. And with another flick of her hands their clothes were gone as well.

"Well, well. Not to say I'm shocked with you Robin, but Henry, I think your mommy was fucking the wrong one of you two."

Robin hood was 6 inches at most, he had a bush of hair that made it seem smaller and seemed unkept. Henry on the other hand was over 8 inches and had not yet grown any hair. He had been through puberty, but still had no hair.

Regina couldn't help but look over and be slightly stunned at Henry's cock.

The Wicked Witch reached down and started to stroke Henry. "What are you doing?" he exclaimed.

"Hush, boy," she replied. "You're hard from seeing me. You'll like this as much as I will." She knelt down and started to suck Henry's dick. Henry started to moan, he had never felt this sensation before. He had only started to masturbate, he had never been with a woman. It was so awkward for his first time in front of his mom and Robin Hood.

Regina was screaming, "Henry, pretend your somewhere else. Stop what your doing witch or I'll slit your throat!"

Wicked stopped, "Oh, please, do. I have something very large stuck in it," she chuckled. "Mommy how come you haven't tasted this? He's huge and as for little one over here." She then worked her way to Robin Hood. "Could you satisfy an infant?" she looked with a smug look on her face. "I'm only gonna touch you to enrage my sister. Don't think that is going inside of me."

She then turned around and bent over, she backed up to Henry and slowly inserted it into her cunt. It was a tight fit but after a couple of pumps she managed to take the whole thing.

"Ohhhh fuckk meee, Henry. God I love this cock!" she reached over and was stroking Robin Hood's small member. Both men were trying to hold back their enjoyment as they knew this was wrong.

Regina was fighting back tears the whole time, watching her boyfriend and son fucked by her half sister was disgrace.

"Shit, Henry, thats amazing! You may be the biggest I've had." She pulled forward enough so Henry's dick slid out of her, she then crouched down a little further and lined his cock up with her ass and pushed back. Henry thought his dick was going to snap it was such a tight fit, but it managed to push through.

"Hollly shiiiit, Regina, your son is in my ass it feels fantastic. What do you think? Should he come in my pussy? That'll confuse the blood line huh?"

After what seemed like hours for Regina, Wicked puller Henry out and started to stroke him off. She then took him back in her mouth as he shot a loud in her mouth. Henry was shaking as much as he could under his restraints. He let out a loud moan that caused the witch to smile. "Sweet boy," she said mouth still full of cum. She then put her mouth under Robin Hood dick and finished him with her hand. She collected both men's cum, and walked over to Regina.

Regina was disgusted to find out what was next.

Wicked put her lips on Regina's and forced them open, she then spat her son's and Robin load into her mouth. She drew back and held her hand over her mouth forcing her to swallow. Regina's eyes teared up with their sticky seed sliding down throat. She was practically gagging at the thought of having her sons cum in her.

Wicked then floated up so her pussy was against Reginas face and rubbed her clit until she squirted all over her. Leaving Regins soaked in her sister cum.

"My god its been a while since I've had a fucking like that," she sighed out of breath. "Well, guess we can continue this some other time. I've got to get back to my curse." She put her clothes on and released her 3 victims from her trap and disappeared.

The three of them got dressed very quickly.

"Mom I," Regina cut him off quickly. "Don't say a word. We need to get to Rumple to make a forgetting now," she said with tears in her eyes.

The End


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