Once Upon A Time: Part 1 (FF,inc)
by Insominac

There is a town in Maine that goes by the name of Storybrooke, it is a small town where everyone in it knows each other. It is your typical town with your small businesses, your schools, and politics.

The Mayor of Storybrooke, Regina Mills was a cold woman who would do whatever was needed to make sure that she stayed in power. But in all reality She was an evil queen who had put a curse on the town, because of Snow White. She had made it so no one remember who they were, and Snow White would be separated from her Prince Charming forever!

Until one day when the pawn broker Mr. Gold, who had previously been Rumpelstiltskin, delivered to her a baby boy, a boy she decided to name after her deceased father... Henry.

Later on the boy grew up, and attended his school. His teacher Mary Blanchard had given him a book to read about all the fairy tales his young mind could ask for. Henry become engrossed in these novels. He suddenly cemented the idea that everyone in the town was a character in the books he was reading... and his mother, the evil queen/mayor had put a curse on the town to make
them forget. He continued reading to find out his teacher (whom he dubbed as Snow White) had had a daughter just before the curse was set. He did some research online and found that Emma Swan was in Boston and that she was his actual birth mother. He also believed that she was Snow White's daughter.

Henry: I must go to Boston to get her, she must be the only one to break the curse, because she's not currently in Storybrooke it must not effect her!

Henry saved up his money and took the bus down to Boston. He soon arrived at his mother's house, the house of Emma Swan.

knock knock knock

Emma: Who is it?

Henry: My name is Henry. I would like to have a word with you.

Emma opened the door to see a roughly ten-year-old boy standing there by himself with a large book in-hand.

Emma: Well, what can I do for you? Are you alone here?

Henry: I did some research online and found out that your are my mother, I believe that you are Snow White's daughter and you are the only one who can break the curse that the mayor... my mom, has put on the town. Everyone needs to realize who they are again so things can go back to how they are supposed to be.

Emma: What?!

She was stunned, she had been pregnant and given away a child for adoption. Was this actually her son, he looks to be the right age and resembled her and his father, who she had no contact with any longer.

Emma: Where are you from kid, I think you should go back home now.

Henry: I live in Boston. C'mon you gotta believe me it's the only way to save them.

Emma: Wait? You live in Boston, that a long way a way from here how did you get here?

Henry: I took a bus...

Emma: Well, I cant let you take a bus back. You can come inside and call your mother to come get you. She's probably worried sick.

Henry: No, please she'd kill me if she found out a ran across a few states to find my real mother, she probably doesn't even know I'm gone yet.

Emma could tell that the boy was sad and scared of getting in trouble.

Emma: Fine, I'll take you back, but I'm going to have a word with your mother and than I'm coming back here. I'm not going to "break a curse" got it?

The boy shook his head.

-5 hours later-

They had arrived in Storybrooke, Maine. They had finally gotten to the boy's house which resembled a mansion.

Emma: Wow, why would you wanna run away form this kid?

Henry: Its not where I belong, its not where any of us belong. He said sadly.

Emma: Alright, well lets get you inside and send your mother out please.

They walked up and rang the doorbell. Instantly the door flew open and the mayor hugged her son.

Emma's jaw dropped, she recognized the mayor as Regina Mills. The woman that she had given the adoption right to her son six years ago.

Ragina: Henry where have you been?! I was worried you had run away.

Emma: He came to Boston by way of a bus. He claims that I am his birth mother, but now seeing your face... I know that now to be true.

Ragina: Oh... well that explains it, Henry has been asking a lot of questions about you. I'm afraid his mind is starting to develop quite an imagination, ever sense his teacher gave him that awful story book filled with nonsense he's been wanting to find you. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but he is my son and you can't have him back.

Emma was a little taken back, they had just met and she was accusing her of something as large as wanting her kid back, she wondered was she always such a bitch?

Emma: I'm... not trying to. I was bringing him back to his house, but if you don't mind I don't think I can make the drive tonight so I would like to have a number for a motel.

Ragina: Sure, then it best you leave first thing tomorrow.

And with that Ragina slammed the door in Emma's face. Emma proceeded to go to the motel and sleep for the night

Henry came and visited her before she was set to go back to Boston.

Emma: Henry you can't keep coming to see me. I know that you really are my son, but I am not fit to be a mother, and you have a mom that loves you and would be very upset if you keep running away to come see me. I can tell that I am not her favorite person already.

Henry: But you have to stay you're the only one that can break this curse. Please, please, please! Just stay one more day, hang out with me and I'll show you that I am telling the truth!

So Emma did, her and Henry waltzed around town visiting the local police station and stopping into Henry's school.

Henry: Emma this is my teacher Ms. Blanchard, she's the one who gave me that book.

Ms. Blanchard: Hi, yes Henry certainly does love that book. I haven't seen him without it sinse I gave it to him about a month ago. I'm sorry, Emma, but do I know you? You look very familiar.

Emma: Ha, actually I was thinking the same thing, though I don't believe we've met.

Ms. Blanchard: Hmm, strange.

After a few minutes of hanging out there and Henry talking with his teacher, Ms. Blanchard walked over to Emma.

Ms. Blanchard: Henry tells me you're from Boston and are staying in a motel, you seem very nice and all. If you would like, I have an extra room at my place. It gets very lonely and you are welcome to stay until you make your way back home.

Emma: Really? Gee thanks, that would be great. I try to leave but the kid keeps convincing me to stay. He's very persuasive.

They both laughed and decided it was time to call it a day. Henry headed home while Mary and Emma went back to her house. When they arrived Mary offered Emma some hot cocoa and they got settled down and started talking about Henry and how it was he found her and that she was his birth mother.

Emma: Is this cinnamon in the cocoa?

Mary: Oh yes, sorry I should of asked, its just a habit of mine.

Emma: Actually it's quite alright, it reminds me of my childhood. I've forgotten about my parents. That why I got into the job that I am, I've tried searching for them but no luck. I have just given up hope.

Mary: Aw, I hope you find them someday, I know just how lonely it can be when you have no one to come home to.

She got up and hugged Emma, it felt nice for both of them to have another person to talk to and share their feelings with. And most of all hug someone when they were feeling down. When they hug broke they just stared into each others eyes, telling one another that it would be ok. That they would be there for one another, and then Mary kissed Emma full on the mouth.

Emma: Woah, uhhh what was that?

Mary: I'm sorry I've just been so lonely and you make me feel so comfortable and safe and...

But before Mary could finish Emma had returned the favor, puckering he beautiful lips and pressing them on Mary's, she grabbed the back of her head and tilted her own to get a better angle. Mary stuck out her tongue and Emma instinctively opened her own allowing Mary to explore her mouth with her tongue. They were both in a state of ecstasy as they both had been without a partner for a long time.

Emma started to unbutton her own shirt while Mary had broken the kiss to removed her own. They both quickly ripped them off and went back to the kissing. While in a tongue-tied situation both women were unhooking the others bra. Finally when they had unclasped each others they broke the
Kiss again to take a peek at the others breasts.

Emma looked upon the chest of Mary, she had average size breast with small pink nipples. They were perfectly centered in the middle of her breast, they were a creamy white and stayed firm on her chest. Emma was getting so hot
just looking at them. Mary was also doing some checking out of her own. Emma had much larger breasts than herself, though they reminded her of her own, a small light nipple dead center of the breast. They were beautiful she thought.

Mary: Wow, you have amazing breasts!

Emma: Thanks, I was thinking the same about yours. Why don't you come back over here.

Mary then moved towards Emma both being topless, Emma smirked up at her and then put her mouth on her right breast, fondling her left one with her hand.
Mary let out a slight moan at the initial touch, Emma was alternating between kissing her nipples, to the outer edges of her tit, she would flick the nipple with her tongue and then graze it across sending shivers down Mary's

Mary: Ohhh, Emma! Baby, your sooo good at this, I love how you fucking bite my nipple. Maybe you could try going down south a little she said with a giggle to her voice.

Emma liked the idea, she slowly started moving down her stomach kissing her the whole way down. She also managed to maintain playing with her left breast, pinching and slightly tugging the nipple, just to keep Mary hot and wet. Emma got Mary's pant line and started unbutton her jeans. Once they were unbutton she swiftly pulled them down to reveal Mary's panty covered twat. She was wearing boy shorts, white with a light green trimming. They perfectly fitted her curves that lead from the inner thigh to her pussy. On the front was a little picture of tinkerbell, Emma thought this kind of silly, but cute none the less.

Emma: Cute. she said giving a smirk to her new found lover.

Mary: Well, I'm a bit of a sap for fairy tales, and I wasn't exactly expecting anyone down there today, haha!

Emma: Well, I think its pretty adorable, but I think we should take them off. I'm guessing you agree?

Mary shook her head in agreement. Emma proceeded removing her underwear. She slid two fingers just under the top of her panties and dragged them down to show Mary's pussy. She was slightly trimmed but had a decent amount of hair all around it. Emma could tell that she wasn't expecting this to happen. She reached her hand out and stroked the outside of her pussy. She was already incredibly wet. She stuck a finger inside her and began to thrust up and down. 'Oh my God! She's so taught,' Emma thought to herself, 'No wonder she's so lonely. I don't think she's slept with anyone in a year or better.'

Mary: Oh my God, fuckk! That's soo good, stick another in the baby, stretch that shit out ohhhhhhh!!!

Emma: I don't think I can fit another in there, damn girl, you're tight!

Mary started bucking against Emma's hand, thrusting her index finger into her warm slit, Emma then used her thumb to caress Mary's clit, rubbing it in a circular motion while at the same time fingering her.

Mary: OHHH GOOOD EMMAAAA OHHH FUCK. I'm gonna cum soon baby, I don't want to yet. I want to see your fucking pussy.

Emma was surprised at how vulgar she was. She bet that she was pretty good in the sack for a man. She was so tight and had nice tits, if she shaved up she'd be one hot chick. Emma backed off and stood up, removed her jeans showing Mary her see through panties.

Mary: Yea, here I am with Tinkerbell undies and you have a see through g-string.

She knelt down and started to kiss Emma's pussy through her panties. She could see that Emma had a thin strip of hair just above her slit. Mary started rubbing her nose against her twat, getting the smell and the feel of the material across her face. She then grabbed the lace on Emma's hips and pulled them down leaving her completely naked.

Mary: Turn around.

Emma did as she was told. She didn't know what was in store but she definitely wanted to find out what Mary had in mind.

Mary bent her over the table and stood back and admired her ass.

Mary: Oh I've seen you walk with those tight jeans. That ass gets me horny every time, I'm so happy I get to see it naked without the jeans.

Mary then proceeded to bend down and spread Emma's ass cheeks. She stuck her tongue out and lapped up her pussy juices. Emma was amazed, she was having the best oral sex she had ever had. Her tongue was so wet, long, and she knew exactly where to hit. Something about it being from behind allowed her to hit
Emma's G-Spot. Just then she got the shock of her life, Mary moved up slightly and started licking her asshole. Emma was advanced in her sexual life, she had never been with a female, but plenty of males. One of which resulting in the unplanned pregnancy with the very boy that brought these two together. She did like it though, normally no one would go near her butt in such a way but her new found excitement was sticking her tongue directly in her hole, plunging her tongue deep in and out.

Emma: Ohhhh shit! Baby, that's nice. I'm surprised you would do that. You fucking like that ass don't you? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, stick a finger up there!

Mary: Easy honey, trust me. I know what I'm doing. Let me show you something.

Mary then complied to Emma's wishes and stuck a finger up her ass, but also stuck two inside her cunt. She finger fucked her ass and pussy at the same time. Now it was Emma who was bucking against Mary's hand moaning and flooding her juices on Mary's hand.

Emma: Holy fuck! Damn, your gonna make cum so fast. But now I got something I wanna try.

Mary: Oh, sounds fun. Lets do it baby!

Emma then sat Mary on the floor and spread her legs open, she then maneuvered herself between Mary's legs in the opposite way she was sitting.

Mary: Ms Swan are you trying to scissor me?

Emma: You are correct.

Emma then scouted closer to Mary so that their pussies were nearly touching,
"Line up your clit with me and then just follow my lead."

They lined their clits up and Emma started rubbing her pussy against Mary's. the two started rubbing faster and faster, until the were both screaming begging for the other to make them finish.



Both came at the same time, Emma stuck her hand down and collected the juice from both their vaginas. She stuck two fingers in her own mouth and sucked em dry, she then gave the other two to Mary, who did the same. They then kissed and sucked the remains off each other's tongues.

Mary: We should call it a night, you can crash on the couch, looks like were gonna have a fun time with you staying here she giggled.

Emma: Sounds good to me.

Mary headed off to her bed still naked, shaking her ass for Emma on the trip down the hall. Emma smiled and got a blanket and pillow and curled up on the couch, still naked. Not caring about anything else going on. She knew she would sleep good tonight.

-the next morning-

Mary got dressed and left to teach classes, she saw Emma was still sleeping and quietly exited her apartment as not to wake her.

A couple hours later there was a knock at the door, Emma got up to open the door and look through the peep hole to see that it was Henry...

To Be Continued...


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