Once Upon A Time: Part 2 (Fb,inc)
by Insominac

Henry had knocked on the door and woke Emma up from a long restful night of sleep.

Emma: Who is it?

Hearing the knock, she walked over oblivious to the fact she was still buck-naked. She looked through the peephole and saw it was Henry.

Emma: Oh, Henry, why are you always knocking on the opposite side of a door that I'm on?

She opened the door to see what the kid wanted.

Emma: Hey aren't you supposed to be in school, I don't think your mother would be happy if you cut class and came here.

Henry: Ohhhh no... I felt sick, so I came here cause mom never really does anything for me when I'm sick.

She could see Henry staring and wasn't looking at her eyes. She looked down now aware that she was still naked from the night before.

Emma: Oh My God! Henry, look away.

She ran to get a blanket and covered herself up, wrapping it around her twice to make sure nothing peeked through.

Henry: It's ok, I don't mind. My mom walks around naked all the time, except she doesn't have any hair down there. Does everybody have hair down there? I just figured everyone didn't sense my mom doesn't.

Emma was now blushing, he had notice her vagina and pubic hair and was now openly talking about it, however she now found out that the bitchy mayor had a shaved pussy. That thought seemed to linger in her head. The mayor, no matter what a bitch she was, was actually incredibly attractive. Short black hair, strong beautiful eyes, a nice large rack and always wore skin tight skirts that hugged her curves and showed her tight ass. Ever sense she met her she had fantasized about her naked. She didn't want to talk about her naked body to her son that she just met, a ten year old boy who had just walked in on her completely nude, but she wanted more details about Ragina naked.

Emma: Uh hum... no, not everyone has hair down there. You grow it as you grow older but some people cut it some, or shave it all off, like you say your mom does.

Henry: Oh ok, I thought it would be weird if yours just grew in a line like that. That's pretty cool. You should make some other designs, ya know something cool.

Emma was started to laugh at what the kid was purposing, how open he was talking about the design on the way she shaves her most hidden area. Now she is having a conversation with her son about how she trims her bush.

Emma: So your mom, what does her chest look like? (trying to get as much detail about her fantasy as possible)

Henry: Um like your I guess? I don't know do you get hair there too? Cause she doesn't have any there either.

Emma: Haha no, I was just wondering some girls nipples are bigger or darker or pinker, some sag more and some are firm and don't bounce a lot.

Henry: Oh, I don't know. I'd have to see yours to compare and remember.

Emma knew he couldn't be planning anything, he was ten. So she pulled the blanket down to expose her son to her breasts... again she'd do whatever to get the most vivid image of Ragina as possible.

Henry moved closer to exam his birth mothers boobs.

Henry: Yeah, they look the same I guess, her nipples are a little darker and they don't bounce a lot. But wait. Do only girls get hair down there? Cause I don't have any either look!

Henry pulled down his pants and briefs, and exposed his semi-erect 5 inch penis.

Emma: Henry pull your pants up, but no, guys get hair too. You're just not old enough.

Henry: But your naked. Mom goes naked around the house and she lets me get naked, too. I like being naked. And if your gonna be naked I'm gonna be naked too.

Henry stepped out of his pants and flipped his shirt over his head. He was now completely nude in his teacher's apartment in font of his mother. Who was also naked.

Emma: Henry.

Henry took off running and laughing as he turned to see Emma chase him.

Emma: Get back here you brat.

She shed the blanket and was chasing a nude ten year old around a strangers apartment, while she herself was nude. She caught up to Henry and wrapped her arms around him, she then wrestled him to the floor and both started laughing sharing a wonderful moment.

Emma: You are a stinker and now you are gonna pay.

She started giving Henry raspberries on his stomach causing him to burst in fits of laughter. The vibration from Emma blowing on his stomach also, unknowingly, aroused him. Emma bent down to continue her tickle torture when his now full on erect penis hit her in the chin. She looked down out of the corner of her eye to catch a peak. She noticed that it seemed to be about six inches long now, which was surprisingly big for his age. Henry noticed that she was looking at as the tickling stopped.

Henry: Why does it get big like that, I never figured out why. It does that sometimes when moms naked too.

Emma: Well, it gets hard when someone is playing with it. Or when you... like something a lot.

Henry: Oh well, I bet that's why, I like you a lot.

Emma laughed.

Emma: Cute kid. But I mean it in a different way than that.

Emma was flattered though. She too was developing a soft spot for the kid.

Emma: But I mean in a more intimate way, but in our case I think its cause I'm so close and rubbing it, watch.

Emma grabbed the boys penis as an example to show him that it would arouse him when she touched it...
At least it started that way. She grabbed his little dick and stroked it a little. She then realized that she had not been with a man in a while. And even though he was a ten year old boy, it was still a hard penis that was right in her hand. After all, he had already seen her naked, already compared her pussy and tits to that of his moms, and now she was stroking him to prove that's what made his dick hard.

Henry: Ohhhh, that does feel pretty good, he said giggling. Nobody's ever touched it like that.
It feels pretty good, can you keep going?

Emma: I didn't plan on stopping Henry... here let me try something else.

She then leaned over an engulfed his entire cock in her mouth. Henry bucked up and slammed it into the back of her throat at the initial touch. Emma smiled and knew that he was enjoying this.

Henry: Wow! That does feel good. Keep doing that please, its so wet and feels really good.

Henry was starting to breath heavy now, Emma knew he was not old enough to produce cum so she sucked him a little more, and reached her hands up and tickled his balls. This sent shivers down his spine.

Emma: You know it feels good when you touch me down there too.

Henry: Ok, what do I do?

Emma curled her body so her pussy was right next to his face, "here just lick this a bit, it taste good and makes me feel really good too!

Henry did as he was told, he first stuck out his tongue to get a taste, it was a little sour but I wasn't bad, so he continued. He stuck his tongue in her hair and down along the slit, he found a hole and decided to explore and be creative. Emma noticed that he had found her hole and plunged his tongue deep in.

Emma: Ohhhh Henry that's so nice, you're a natural pussy eater, baby!

Henry: Haha, I'm good at a lot of things, what else am I supposed to do, this is fun.

Emma: Well, here lay down, with that thing sticking straight up I can get on top of you and put that, in me.

Henry: Wait isn't that like having sex, I learned about that in school a little bit.

Emma: Yes, it's very fun. Umm, they tell you not to because its all part of the Evil Queens curse.

Henry: Really?! I havent even read that yet, I'm glad your on my side.

Emma: Of course, but obviously we can't tell anyone, we can't let the wrong people know.

She said winking at him, he was so na´ve and easy to keep secrets if it goes along with his fantasy story.

Henry: I won't tell anyone, I promise.

Henry then laid on the floor, hard dick in the air. "Ok, I'm ready" he said.

"OK," Emma then climbed on top of Henry and grabbed his little dick. She knew it wasn't gonna be much but it was bigger than Mary's finger so it was to be something. Her being on top she could control it
and maybe get a decent amount of pleasure out of it. She guided his cock into her and sat down on it letting out a moan.

Henry: Wow, that was a tight fit, its so warm and wet, this feels really good.

Emma: Ohhh shit, yeah baby this feels really nice. I love your dick, Henry. Shit, shit uhhhhhhh!

Henry couldn't believe what she was saying, swearing and really moaning a lot like she was hurt, but she said it felt good, and she knew more about this secret operation then he did so he let her carry on.

Emma: OHHH FUCK ME HENRY! Beat my pussy up you little boy.

Emma reached down and started to rub her clit at the same time she rode Henry. She would let him deeply penetrate her so that he clit would rub against his stomach. While she was as far down as she could be, she'd grind back and fourth. Henry was just the right height to where when she bent over she could stuck a tit in his mouth.

Henry took the hint and wrapped his lips around her right breast. Licking the nipple and playing with it. Switching between that and sucking around the outside. These didn't really taste like anything he thought to himself. But they were almost like a toy. He decided to play with the left one in his hand. Pinching the nipple and squeezing the entire breast.

Emma: OHH FUCK BABY IM GONNA CUM!! OH SHIT!!! Your so good at eating pussy and sucking my tits, you even have a decent sized dick. SHITTTT OHHHHHHH!!!

Just then Emma's pussy flooded Henry's cock, at the same time Henry noticed is body start to convulse and his muscle got really tight.

Henry: WOW! That was amazing, no wonder the Evil Queen doesn't want anyone to do that, she takes away al the fun.

Emma out of breath began to laugh, "Exactly, but remember, TELL NO ONE! Now here taste this."

Emma positioned herself for Henry to taste her cum, Henry did.

Henry: Wow, that taste weird, its ok though. Did you like that?

Emma: Yes, I did. Now lets get dressed and go get some lunch.

She grabbed the back of Henry's head and gave him a huge kiss on the mouth, shoving her tongue at his at massaging it gently.

Henry: Thank you, I think we should do that mission again soon!

Emma: Haha, me too Henry!



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