(fictional story about fictional characters)

(My version of Season 3 - Episodes 24 & 25)

Office: The Job (MF, MMF, anal)
by shaggy77

It seemed to Pam Beesley that her life had come full circle, a full 360 degrees, and that she was right back where she had started that day a few years earlier when she had been hired as the Receptionist at the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of paper company Dunder-Miflin. In the meantime, she had been through many heart-wrenching and life-altering experiences; but in the end she was right back where she had started: no boyfriend, and no hope for advancement in the company. There might as well be a "Dead End" sign around her neck. She was trying desperately to maintain her normal effervescent demeanor, but there was no denying she was depressed.

That morning, her longtime crush (and now someone else's boyfriend), Jim Halpert had left for New York City for a promotion interview at the corporate headquarters. She was fairly certain that he would get the job because he was definitely the most qualified. Although they had never actually dated, Pam had finally come to the realization that Jim was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with...and now he was gone for good. From the first day he had started in the Scranton branch, there was an unmistakable chemistry between them. If she had not had Jim to joke with and confide in, the tedium of the Scranton office would have driven her mad. They especially liked to team up and play pranks on the Assistant to the Regional Manager (not an actual title), Dwight Schrute. Dwight was actually a fine paper salesman, but a real character in the true sense of the word.

When Jim came to Scranton, Pam was already dating a warehouse worker named Roy. She kept expecting him to announce their wedding date, but he kept putting it off. It had become a running joke in the office and the Regional Manager, Michael Scott had given her a "Dundie" award for "The Longest Engagement" at the last ceremony. Michael had invented the "Dundies" as a way to increase morale, but it was really just an excuse for a party. Finally, on a "Booze Cruise" office party, a drunken Roy had announced their wedding plans and Jim had kissed Pam, telling her that he loved her. She was, of course, stunned and told Jim she was committed to Roy (never saying she loved Roy); even though she knew that her heart actually belonged to Jim.

A brokenhearted Jim had immediately transferred to the Stamford branch and eventually began dating fellow salesperson Karen. Meanwhile, Pam became fed up with a constantly drunk and out of control boyfriend, and sent Roy packing. Months later when there was corporate downsizing and the Stamford and Scranton branches merged, Jim returned to Scranton. Pam had been overjoyed at the prospect of reuniting with the subject of her affection, but soon learned that he and Karen were a couple. Things were initially cool between them, but the temptation of playing more pranks on Dwight soon loosened Jim up and he and Pam resumed their friendship. Just a week ago, Dwight had come to work and found all his office supplies (pen, pencil cup, stapler, etc.) were for sale inside the office vending machine. The best part of the pranks was that Dwight could never prove that Jim was behind them.

Everything had culminated the day before when Michael had once again closed the office without authorization and taken the employees on a "beach day" picnic. The "beach" was actually the semi-sandy bank of a lazy river. At the picnic he had announced that the next day he, Jim and Karen would be going to New York for the promotion interviews. Confident that he would secure the position, Michael devised a series of contests to see who would be his successor in Scranton. He told everyone to just have fun, but instructed Pam, "I want you to keep detailed notes of everything that is said and done today."

To which she mumbled, "right...I never get to have any fun so why should today be any different." Of course the notes weren't really necessary because everything that went on in the office had been recorded for months by a film crew making a documentary. By the end of the day, Michael had appointed Dwight as his successor.

Jim had sought out Pam as she wandered by the riverbank and told her, "you know the reason I took the transfer to Stamford was because I couldn't stand to see you with Roy...I wanted to be anywhere but here. Even when I came back...I was not really...back."

"Well I wish you would," she confessed, "because I missed you, and the fun we used to have. Good luck tomorrow."

As soon as the trio left for New York the next morning, Dwight began to assert his reign over the office...he even started to paint Michael's (now his) office completely black. "Everyone will be intimidated by this color when they enter my domain," he declared, "also I will be installing video surveillance cameras in the office...there is already one in this room, but no one knows where it is." Wandering over to the reception desk, he whispered to Pam, "I would like you to be my Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager. I can sense there is resistance in the ranks to my power coup and I need a spy."

"I accept," Pam readily agrees and tells the documentary group when Dwight walks away, "Jim always told me to accept anytime Dwight asks me to be "secret" anything."

In New York, Michael is told by corporate executive David Wallace that he is actually interviewing for the job of his on again/off again girlfriend Jan, who is about to be fired. Michael recently resumed his relationship with Jan (who also works in the New York office) after admiring the results of her breast-enhancement procedure. Of course he immediately disobeys, tells Jan, and she storms into Wallace's office to make a scene. She grabs her breasts and demands, "it's because of these, isn't it."

Wallace corrects her, "Jan it's because your work has become nonexistent. You're never in the office and when you are, you're on the phone with Michael." She refuses to leave the office and is escorted off the property by Security. Wallace tells Michael that he will not be getting the promotion, but the position in Scranton is still his. Michael, of course, plays the chivalrous role and tells Jan that he refused the promotion because of the way she was treated.

Jim's interview proceeded flawlessly. David Wallace joked that, "I don't know how I would feel having a Sixers fan here. Jim you are clearly a very personable, competent guy who gets along with everybody."

To which Jim replied, "I'm sorry, is the question, "how did I get to be so awesome," I don't have an answer."

Wallace continues, "it's just a formality, but do you have you sales reports for the last quarter." Jim fumbles through his file, knowing that Pam had graciously copied them for him, and is stunned when a small gold-foil yogurt lid falls out with a note that reads, "don't forget us when you're famous," and is signed, "Pam." They had used the yogurt lids as medals for an impromptu "Office Olympics" once when Michael and Dwight were out of the office. His eyes involuntarily watered as he thought of Pam, knowing she was his true love. Eventually, although it was clear the promotion was his for the taking, he told David Wallace to withdraw him from consideration.

In Scranton, a depressed Pam decides to go for a liquid lunch at a nearby restaurant called Poor Richard's, a place that some of the office employees frequented. She was going to go the the nearest Chili's, but remembered that she had been banned from all Chili's because at the last "Dundies" party, she had taken half-full drinks from nearby tables, gotten completely wasted, and had fallen off her stool onto the floor. They had actually taken a copy of her driver's license and distributed it to the entire chain (supposedly). Losing count of the number of margaritas she ordered, while consuming very little food, all Pam could think about was that she had missed her opportunity with Jim. Noticing the way she stumbled to the register, the restaurant owner had called a cab to take her back to Dunder-Miflin.

As soon as she took her seat behind the Receptionist's desk, too drunk to do anything but press the HOLD button on the phone when it rang, Michael burst into the office announcing, "I'm back...and I'm never leaving...ever." Dwight was stunned, of course, as was Michael when he saw his office painted black, "what is going on looks like the set of some low budget porno movie. Now get your stuff out of my office."

Dwight wandered over the the Receptionist's desk and whispered to Pam, "I just wanted to say that you performed you duties as Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager admirably."

Her head swimming, Pam looked blankly up and saluted him, adding, "it was my pleasure."

The margaritas now taking full effect on her libido, Pam was growing more horny by the minute, wishing Jim were there but knowing she may never see him again. Everyone in the office, including the documentary crew were still out to lunch as she stumbled into Michael's office. "Hey Pam-a-lam-a-ding-dong," he joked, "did you miss me."

He watched as she shuffled to the inside windows and closed all the blinds, softly shut the door and then calmly said, "you've always stared at my ass, haven't you."

"That's what she said," he laughed, flustered at her statement. "Is this some kind of HR test...did Jan set you up to this."

"I really want to know your opinion," she slurred her words and Michael finally figured out that she was plastered when she deliberately turned her back to him, bent over from the waist and pulled her light gray skirt up to her waist. He could see her sensible white lace panties under her pantyhose cradling the most delectable ass he had ever seen.

" mind is moving a mile a minute," he nonsensically answered, "you know, I think we need a second opinion." "Dwight," he yelled, "Dwight get in here right now." Michael figured that if he was going to get busted, he needed a witness.

Still bent over, Pam agreed, "yeah, get Dwight in here...he's got law enforcement experience...I would value his opinion."

Hearing his commander in chief yell, Dwight rushed into the office poised to deliver a karate chop to some assailant. Seeing Pam's shapely ass staring him in the face, Dwight's lower jaw dropped as he stared at her lovely rear end. "Dwight," she asked, "what do you think of my ass?"

Michael looked at him like a kid on Christmas morning, grinning from ear to ear and Dwight calmly answered, "well thanks to my training as a volunteer with the Sheriff's Department, I am a trained observer...and I think your cheeks are perfectly symmetrical, but it is hard to make a complete assessment with out the senses of smell, touch and taste adding to the examination."

"That sound reasonable," Pam slurred, "let me make it easy for you." She stood up, shed her cardigan, unbuttoned her pale blue blouse and shrugged it off her arms. Quickly she reached behind her, unhooked her white lacy bra and let the straps fall down her arms revealing her perfectly round breasts. They were both firm and bouncy as she flung her clothes onto Michael's couch. Her areola were large, pink elliptical shapes, and her gumdrop sized nipples were completely erect. Wasting no time, she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

Awkwardly, she kicked off her bright white tennis shoes, that she still had on from lunch and braced herself against a chair as she struggled to roll her pantyhose down her shapely legs. Nearly falling, she managed to pull them off each leg and kick them aside. Finally, without hesitation she hooked her thumbs into her skimpy, but sensible panties and shoved them to her feet. Michael and Dwight just stared at her completely nude body, smiling at each other. She had a thigh gap and they could see that she had very long pronounced labia. Her mound was totally bald except for a tiny "landing strip" of light brown pubic hair just above her slit. Seeing them staring at her crotch, she volunteered, "that asshole Roy liked it like that...I'm thinking of shaving it all." Turning away from them, she again bent over and asked, "well, what do you think?"

Michael stepped forward and kneeled behind her, grasping her soft, pale cheeks in his hands. Dwight also got down on his knees and began to run his hands up and down her silky smooth legs, kept taut by her love of bike riding. Michael leaned in and actually bit her right cheek, causing her to jump and look back. " marks...well, what do you think," she wanted to know.

Her naked body was magnificent. Not all thin and skinny in a model's sense, but soft with curves in all the right places in a girl-next-door sense. "Absolutely beautiful," Michael praised her, "so soft and smooth." She spread her legs further and he could clearly see her plump mound with her long lips hanging down.

Dwight, also fondling her silky cheeks, agreed, " Wonder Woman's ass."

Standing up and turning around, she pirouetted and asked, "what do you think of my body...what's wrong with me that I can't get a man? Never mind, there's only one way to tell if you truly like it." And with that remark, she surprised them by extending her delicate hands and grabbing their crotches. Of course, finding them already hard, she laughed, "ooo, I guess you really do approve. I've shown you about showing me yours." she plopped down on Michael's couch and watched as he and Dwight began shedding their clothes. She always got a chuckle over Dwight's short-sleeved beige shirts...she remembered him saying once that he bought them by the "crate" from his "shirt guy."

So horny that all self-consciousness was forgotten, Michael and Dwight were swiftly down to their trousers. Michael's body was slender and without definition, but Dwight was more toned; she knew he did a lot of chores on his beet farm and took martial arts classes. As Dwight shoved his down, he revealed he wasn't wearing any underwear, and explained, "underwear is for sissies." Pam just stared at his very thick penis as it bobbed in front of him. It was short, maybe five inches, but as big around as a Coke bottle. Michael's boxers seemed a couple sizes too large and concealed a decent six inch prick, a little thicker than a hot dog. Pam had not had sex for months and her desire, enhanced by the margaritas, was uncontrollable. She crawled towards the two men on her hands and knees and grasped their hard-ons in each hand.

Stroking them slowly, she opened her mouth and guided Dwight's fat crown between her lips. Once inside she tickled his head with her tongue, but made eye contact with Michael as she increased her pace jerking him off. Dwight put his hands on each side of her brunette head and began to thrust into her mouth. Michael leaned forward and cupped Pam's wonderful breasts; kneading them and finding them to have the firmness of small water balloons. She loved to have her tits played with and softly moaned, "mmmm," as Michael tweaked her pink nipples.

Pam could feel her crotch going from damp to wet, as she backed her head off Dwight's pole. Looking between them, she announced, "I need something hard in my" She stood up, took Dwight by the hand and led him over to the sofa where she roughly pushed him down. Facing him and straddling his sitting figure, her knees on either side of his thighs, she reached down between her legs, grasped his rod and guided it to her moist slit. Slowly she lowered her naked body, allowing his hardness to separate her lips and penetrate her pussy. As his thick pole penetrated her opening, stretching her mound, Pam groaned, "holy shit that feels good." He was short, but the thickness made up for it as she began to ride his lap, fucking herself on his cock.

Remembering Michael, she stopped bouncing, leaned forward against Dwight's hairy chest and reached back with her hands to spread her round cheeks. She had never done anything like this before; Roy had been her only other lover; but it just seemed like the thing to do in this situation. Reading her mind, Michael ran behind his desk, ripped open his drawer and produced a bottle of baby oil. "Hey, these supple elbows don't happen on their own," he explained as he squirted oil into his palm and then spread it the length of his penis. Advancing between Dwight's legs, being careful not to touch him, Michael nudged his crown against Pam's anus.

"I consider that deviant," Dwight declared, "you know humans are the only species to allow that."

"That's what she said," Michael laughed as he pushed steadily forward until his head popped through Pam's sphincter ring and into her asshole. It was a tight fit, but his "hot dog" cock slid in until he was balls-deep in her lovely ass. "Yes Pam-a wham-a, that is one great ass," Michael congratulated her, "a great ass."

"Shut up and fuck me," she ordered as she shoved backward against his cock. Dwight began to bounce her up and down on his lap, his fat rod thrusting up into her cunt; while Michael jammed his prick into her ass as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her cheeks. Pam braced her hands against the back of the sofa as they assaulted her holes, her tits jiggling up and down. "Oh God, that feels good...fuck me guys...fuck me...jam those cocks in my holes." With both holes filled, she could feel them rubbing against each other separated by a thin membrane, creating friction and heat inside her. Dwight leaned forward and began to suck on her right nipple, while tweaking her left between his fingers.

They continued fucking her holes, first thrusting simultaneously and then alternating strokes, her body bouncing between them. "Oh fuck that's good," she groaned as they slid in and out of her. Michael was the first to lose control, jamming his prick as far up her ass as he could and beginning to pump her full of his seed. "Oh God," she yelled as her body trembled. Feeling his partners release and Pam's cunt muscles spasm, Dwight also rammed his cock forcefully up into her and unloaded his cum deep into her belly. "Holy fucking shit," she squealed as they filled her holes with their hot fluids.

Suddenly almost embarrassed, Michael backed out of her asshole and declared, "I think we'd better get dressed...everyone is getting back from lunch." Dwight shoved Pam's naked body off his lap, his shriveling penis slipping out of her pussy, and rapidly dressed. Pam sat there on the sofa, seemingly stunned, and Michael gathered up her clothes and handed them to her. She methodically dressed, wondering where her panties were...not knowing that they were in the pocket of Michael's jacket. "Pam, if you want you can take a nap here on the couch," Michael offered.

"Yes, I think I would like that," she agreed; and when she lay down, her head spinning, Michael covered her with her sweater.

She woke to Michael shaking her shoulder and asking her, "you're OK right. It's quitting don't mind locking up do you?" She went in the bathroom and spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up...still wondering about her panties.

The next thing she knew, the documentary cameraman had the camera shoved in her face and the interviewer was getting ready for the customary last interview of the day: "there you are, we've been looking for you all afternoon." She went back into Michael's office to get comfortable on the sofa.

He asked her about the job interviews and Jim. She knew she was still drunk...just not as drunk, but still had trouble concentrating on the questions. "Jim...I'm sure he got the job...why wouldn't he...he is the most qualified. Everybody likes him. We just never got the timing right. I shot him down and then he did the same to me. I'm sure we'll always be friends."

Just then the door to Michael's office opened and Jim stuck his head in. She was completely shocked to see him and even more surprised when he said, "oh Hi...excuse me. Pam are you free for dinner tonight."

Tears forming in the corners of her eyes, she responded simply, "yes."

"Great,then it's a date," Jim smiled and left to get something out of the vending machine before going had been a long day.

Looking at the camera, a tear sliding down her cheek, Pam asked, "I'm sorry...what was the question? Oh never mind, I think it's time to go." As the documentary crew quickly packed up and left the office, Pam ran to the break room to catch Jim before he left. "Hey you...would you mind locking up with me."

"Just like old times," Jim grinned as they went to the front door and he handed her a bag of French Onion chips.

"Not quite," Pam answered as she locked the door from the inside.

"Hey Beesley," Jim inquired, "aren't we supposed to be on the other side."

"I can't wait until tonight," she said as her arms went around his neck and she pulled his head down to her level. She pressed her soft, wet lips against his and kissed him with all the pent up passion she had been withholding for years. A surprised Jim responded in kind: running his long fingers up her neck until they were intertwined with her soft hair and he was cradling her head in his hands. They kissed for several minutes, their tongues invading each others mouths and playing tag.

"Wow," Jim gasped when they finally separated, "I guess I should go to New York more often. I have a confession to make...remember way back on the "booze cruise" when I told you I loved you...well I never stopped."

"I think I have loved you since the first day we met," she admitted, "everything else just kept getting in the way." Taking him by the hand, Pam led him back into Michael's office, pushed him down on the sofa, and stood with her back to the desk. "I told you I couldn't wait," she teased as she threw her sweater onto the chair and began to unbutton her satin blouse. Pulling it down both arms, she tossed it to join her sweater. Reaching behind her, she quickly unhooked her lacy bra, let the straps slide down her arms and then shrugged them off. she covered her breasts with her arm for several seconds and then lowered her arms to her sides. Her nipples were so pert that Jim wondered if they would put his eye out if they poked him.

"Pamela Morgan Beesley, you naughty girl," he teased, and then added, "you are even more beautiful than I fantasized." Reaching up under her knee-length skirt with both hands and carefully rolled her pantyhose down her legs. Kicking off her tennis shoes, she removed the pantyhose and twirled it around her head like a lasso. Jim's eyes widened as she unzipped her skirt, shoved it down over her shapely hips and then just let it drop to the floor. Seeing her completely nude, he nearly fell off the couch and praised her, "oh my God, are magnificent. May I touch you?"

"I'll whack you with a tennis racket if you don't," she told him.

Jim dropped to his knees and scooted over to where she was leaning back against the desk. Looking up at her, he thought she looked like a classic Botticelli painting; something she should appreciate as an artist herself. His hands shaking, he reached forward and began to run his hands up and down her silky legs, enjoying how soft and smooth they were. Reaching his long arms behind her, he cupped and kneaded her perfectly round ass cheeks before reaching farther up and massaging her tummy. It was like he was worshiping her body and Pam tilted her head back and softly moaned, "mmmm."

Letting his hands drift down to her crotch, he caressed her inner thighs, causing her to spread her legs further apart. Jim was amazed at how long her labia were as they hung down from her mound. Using his thumbs, he spread them to the sides, discovering they were more like protective flaps covering her slit. She was so wet that drops of her lubrication trickled down his thumbs, where he licked them off. The inside of her opening was a vivid pink and Jim blew warm air up inside her, making her shiver. He nudged her mound apart with his nose, reveling in her scent of arousal and then extended his tongue as far up inside her cunt as it would go.

Her body trembled and shook and Jim was rewarded as her pussy squirted her precious juices all over his face. He was completely shocked but began to lick every inch of her thighs. "Oh my God, Jim...I'm so sorry," Pam apologized, "that has never happened before...I didn't know I was capable."

"Are you kidding," he calmed her, "that was great. You mean Roy never got you off like that?"

"Actually, you are the first person who had ever licked me there," she confessed, "Roy didn't really care about my orgasms."

"Well, I hope I'm the last also," he grinned, his face glistening, "but I guarantee it won't be the last time."

He resumed lapping at her mound, and Pam felt like her heart was going to burst. Finally she was with the man of her dreams and he seemed to be even more than she had hoped. She was brought back to reality by the sensation of Jim sliding his index and middle fingers up into her juicy pussy while he sucked on her engorged clit. "Oh God," she quivered, her knees feeling weak. No matter how fast Jim licked her clean, he could not keep up with the juices dribbling down he thighs. Slipping his fingers out of her hole, he stood in front of her and cupped her perfect tits in his large hands. Leaning forward, he sucked on her left jellybean, nibbling on her distended nub. Repeating on her right nipple, he felt her hands fervently grasping his belt.

"You're overdressed for the occasion," she observed as she rapidly unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. Jim just stood back and allowed his girl to undress him. While she was shoving his pants down his long legs, he assisted her by removing his jacket, tie and shirt. She found that he was wearing very different underwear than she was used to seeing: they weren't "tighty-whities," or boxers, but were more like tight swim trunks.

Seeing her puzzled expression, he enlightened her: "they're made by a company called Duluth Trading. I started wearing them while playing basketball in college. They keep everything nice and tight and I don't have to wear a supporter."

And then she found out why he liked everything nice and tight. As she pulled them down his legs, out flopped the largest penis she had ever seen...or dreamed of. It was at least ten inches long, still semi-erect, with a crown like a tennis ball. Even more amazing was it's girth...Pam guessed it was as big around as a soda can. "Holy shit, Jim," she breathed hard, as he kicked his pants off and she grasped his prick in both hands.

"I know it's probably not as big as you're used to," he apologized.

Not taking her eyes off his snake, Pam giggled, "you mean Roy." She freed up one hand and held her thumb and index finger about three inches apart. "Behind his back I used to call him needle-dick." Running her hands up and down Jim's pole, she extending her tongue and licked the very tip. Her dainty hands made his meat seem even larger as it reached full erection. It must have been at least twelve inches long and had even gotten thicker. Pam began to lick the full length of his prick; staring at his scrotum and running her tongue all the way up to the crown.

Jim was in heaven as he looked down and watched her angelic face in his crotch. She opened her lips as wide as possible, and did manage to pop his crown inside her mouth, but it just wasn't comfortable...she thought her jaw was going to dislocate. "We'll have to work on that," she thought to herself. Seeing her discomfort, Jim hooked his hands under her arms, lifted her with ease, and set her down on the edge of Michael's desk. Cradling her head in his hands, he kissed her passionately, while snuggling his body against hers.

"Pam, I want you so bad it hurts," he admitted.

"Me too," she responded, and spread her legs farther apart, making herself available to him. With Pam sitting on the edge of the desk, Jim stood between her silky legs, grasped his tool in his hand and nudged his huge crown against her mound. Reaching down with both hands, he pinched her incredibly long outer labia between his thumbs and index fingers, spread them wide and pressed his head against her sopping wet slit. They both looked down and watched as Jim steadily pushed forward, attempting to penetrate her hole.

Pam could feel the pressure against her slit as the bulbous head pushed against her opening. She knew Jim was being careful not to hurt her, but she couldn't wait any longer...she needed to feel his giant cock inside her. She shoved her wide hips forward, impaling herself on his over-sized crown, "oh shit, yeah." It felt like her slit had ripped, but as Jim just stood there, waiting for approval, Pam realized that it wasn't pain...but pleasure that she felt. She smiled at her lover and Jim began to push slowly forward. Inch by amazing inch he stretched her cunt as his monstrous cock slid up into her belly. Pam's ass squirmed on the desk as Jim's horse-cock stuffed her hole. "Oh my fucking God," she squealed, feeling her tunnel stretch around his pole, "that feels so fucking good."

Jim couldn't help himself, and laughed, "that's some potty mouth you've got there Beesley."

Grinning, Pam replied, "shut up and fuck me Halpert...stuff that big fucking cock in me." Finally, every inch of his big, fat cock was inside her...his head nudging against her womb and his balls slapping against the edge of the desk. Pam couldn't believe how full of cock she felt like he had shoved his arm up her pussy. Jim wrapped his arms around her naked body and held her tight against him...impaled on his giant pole, just enjoying the snug feel of her pussy. "Jim, your cock feels so fucking good...don't ever take it out of me."

"Don't you think it would be a little awkward walking around Scranton like this," he joked as he flexed his meat in her tunnel, causing it to expand even more.

"Holy shit, how did you do that," she groaned, and added, "I guess even in Scranton people might stare, but let's do this as often as possible."

"Agreed...just at a different location," Jim smiled as he hugged her tight.

"Jim," she asked.

"Yeah," he spoke softly in her ear.

"Fuck me."

He released his embrace, slid his hands down to her waist and slowly began to withdraw his huge log. Pam could feel the walls of her pussy shrink as he pulled out, leaving an empty, lonely feeling. Then just as slowly, he slid his massive cock up into her, stretching her hole as he progressed. "Oh my God, that feels so fucking good...fuck me Jim...fuck me." It was like she had never had sex before as Jim began to slide his monstrous cock in and out of her cunt. With every stroke, he stretched her pussy a little more. His log was so fat that every time he thrust into her, he would grind his pelvis against hers and trap her swollen clit between them. It seemed to Pam as if she was having constant orgasms, her fluids dripping down the front of Michael's desk.

Jim loved watching her pert breasts jiggling up and down as he shoved into her. He was fascinated by the way her long lips gripped his cock when he pulled out and disappeared back inside her when he thrust. Her pussy was so tight that it felt like he was wearing a condom two sizes too small. Holding her waist tightly, he began to jam his horse-cock into her hole harder and harder, faster and faster. Leaning forward he gently took her engorged nipple between his teeth and nibbled. "Oh my God, Jim," she squealed, "fuck me...fuck me...I love you fucking cock."

She wrapped her smooth legs around his waist, trying to keep his cock inside her and Jim slid his hands under her ass and lifted her up off the desk. He began to walk around the room, till thrusting his pelvis forward, driving his giant pole up into her cunt. Eyeing the sofa, he gently laid her down, her beautiful body still impaled on his prick. Pam immediately spread her legs as far apart as possible; one foot on the floor and the other leg thrown over the back of the couch. Enjoying the way her tits flattened out on her chest and jiggled, Jim began to slam his gigantic cock down into her stretched out hole, his balls slapping against her ass. "Yes...yes...fuck me baby...fuck me," she begged.

Not knowing how to broach the subject, Jim softly told her, "uh Pam...I'm about to...uh...reach my climax." He wasn't positive she was on some form of birth control and didn't want to surprise her.

"Oh you sweetheart, "she gasped, nearly out of breath, "it's OK...cum in me...fill me. I need to feel your cum inside me."

He pounded into her pussy a few more times, then his body stiffened, his cock as far up inside her as he could thrust. Suddenly it felt like her belly was on fire as he exploded deep inside her. She joined him and her body went into a spasm as they ground their groins together. "Oh Jim...fill me up...cum in me baby...fill my pussy." Jim began to pump his unbelievably hot seed deep inside her, filling her cunt with his cum. It was like he had been saving up his whole life for this moment as he continued to spurt into her hole. The thought flashed through Pam's mind that she wished they were making a baby together.

When their orgasms subsided, they just lay together on Michael's couch, their sweaty bodies sticking to the vinyl. Jim just let his shriveling snake slip naturally out of Pam's cunt as they hugged each other. Neither felt the least self-conscious of seeing each other naked for the first just felt natural; like they had been together for years. Breaking the comfortable silence, Pam finally joked, "you know you're not getting out of taking me to dinner tonight."

Laughing, Jim replied, "wouldn't think of it. Would you like me to take you home to change?"

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