Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to Orwell’s 1984, Outlaw Star or the word
sherbet, this story is written in jest I urge you all to NOT create your own
alternate universe, bend reality so you can have sex with fiction characters.

If your reading this your saying your over 18 (mentally or physically, your
choice) and if your not I blame your crappy upbringing and urge you to turn
yourself in to the nearest boarding school straight away.

Ok Kiddie crap over let’s get to the background:

A lot of people ask me what is Smoke all about, well like Plato had the
polis, a city based upon an idea, I have Smoke, a world based on my lust,
the back-story to this little world is a interesting one, back when I was
a younger man in college I created a basic adult text game about a man
named Rob Black sells his soul to Satan for a date with a super model but
then repents and converts to the church giving him a shoe in with god.

However halfway thru the date he chokes to death on a bit of fish (karmas a
bitch huh?) and both god and Satan come for what’s theirs (see where this is
going?) and realize they’ve been doubled crossed but neither…entity will let
the other man have his soul.

So they have a revelation, they ask Rob where he wishes to go, Satan offers
him sex, gambling and rock & roll, God offers love & knowledge and U2
concerts for eternity.

Rob Black has a better idea... “Let me have my own world”.

Not wanting to start a war over one man, both god and Satan agree and give
him a room out side reality, called “The Infinity Bunker” containing the
ultimate computer “Enigma” capable of terrorforming and creating life on
the world he is in charge of.

But still with his old memories he creates the ultimate world, a world where
nobody ages, nobody get ill or injured, a land of beautiful people and loose
morals but with a twist of his own on this world populated by porn stars and
models he is the only man and everybody idolizes him (Freud would have a
thing to say about that huh?) now living as the continents most beloved
bachelor Rob black lives in the world of neon lights and the latex wearing
police forces of ministry of love.

It’s a crazy world, but it just works.

This story is situated between episodes “Gravity Jailbreak” and “The Hot
Springs Planet Tenrei” in the Outlaw Star series, I’m no expert on this
series but the crew is still searching for the galactic lay line while
chased by the McDougal brothers and countless others desperate to get
their hands on the sexy android Malfina.

Well that was the plan until that god empowered guy Rob Black sought a
fresh challenge for his attention; bending reality with the aid of enigma
he brought the escape pod containing Aisha Clan-Clan, Malfina and the
assassin Twilight Suzuka to the continent of Europia.

Unaware of who or what Rob Black really is, all three women accepted his
offer of recovering at his private Chateau in the mountains, however Suzuka
is quickly arrested after being caught spying on Rob Black’s true plans and
condemned to be “Re-educated” in Europia’s way of thinking, Aisha meanwhile
has egocentric eyes as dreams of power and honor when Black offers her an
alliance between Europia and the Ctarl-Ctarl, Malfina of course is still in
shock having watched the Outlaw Star containing Gene and James explode.

Things naturally got worse for our heroines as the effects of living in this
world of sin and sex sunk in; Suzuka on route to the Sherbet isles was given
an in-depth search at the border control courtesy of the seductive agent
Jennifer Silence and MOL’s finest: “Agent Sunshine”, but in a heated moment
Suzuka gets the chance to escape and almost does, unfortunately Silence is
on top of her (no pun intended) and knocks her out with a blow from her gun
butt, Suzuka wakes to find herself at the docks overlooking the menacing
prison/education complex: The Sherbet Isles.

Malfina’s paranoia worsened when she realized Suzuka was gone, though she
knew not why, Rob Black had told her she had attacked several people in the
chateau and escaped, of course in reality it was because she had jut seen
too much.

Aisha’s heads were full of big plans, namely the big impending historic
alliance between Europia and the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, of course at a private
dinner she chokes when she’s given a firm “no” to what she offers, in a
panic she offers a better deal to which Black agrees but adds a condition:
She had to become his mate.

Although initially shocked, she warms to the idea once Black explains (in a
lie) how sad and alone he is…well that plus how powerful she’ll be once she’s
smoke’s Queen!

In a heated moment she agrees and the end up sleeping together.

Ministry of love battalion leader; Melinda Midnight is recalled from the
Chateau to the MOLHQ to explain what’s been happening to the shadowy Director

Rob Black continues to play the aces in his greater plan, although paranoid
with Suzuka’s ability to fall in line, but regardless he is now one step away
from his overall desire from the start: To corrupt and manipulate the android

Outlaw Star: Smoke-Alpha - Part 3: Darkness For Eternity (MF,oral,titfuck)
by Rob Black

In the dark, a horn blew as the small boat pulled in to the harbor.

Behind the metal railings Suzuka dressed in blue stretch pants and a
straightjacket stared out to the sea, Sunshine refused to let go of her
Lovecon.45 pistol, worried about giving Suzuka a second chance of gaining
an upper hand.

Silence looked around, the metal railing separated them from the ship’s now
extending gangway, they we clearly not alone, behind them, similar MOL agents
were rounding up even more similar Europian criminals…some were even here
voluntarily…people were like that in Europia, eager to learn.

Suzuka had to be kept away from the others though, she was a code alpha, a
danger to society, one dodgy stare and she would probably start a riot.

“All prisoners will enter the boat first with their guards, then volunteers!”
boomed a slightly Germanic sounding bullhorn from the ship.

There was a fire alarm style ring as the railing descended in to the tarmac

“Up the gangway Miss Suzuka and I won’t ask twice” said a stern Sunshine
waving her pistol towards the boat.

As Suzuka walked up the gangway, Silence couldn’t keep her eyes off the
assassin’s firm round ass, which seemed so beautiful through these tacky

“How’d I miss that?” she wondered.

* * *

I sat up in bed, reaching around the dark room for the body of my companion
the previous night but to my dismay Aisha was gone.

I looked to the floor, her uniform was still there, either she had walked out
naked (a delicious idea but highly implausible) or she’s taken something of

I’d always been a heavy sleeper, so heavy in fact I’d missed whoever had left
the bland little note on my bedside table reading “Midnight recalled to HQ,
promised to return soon.”

The absence of the battalion leader posed a problem, and even worse it
strengthened my paranoia, there was no reason for HQ to recall her, she was
taking orders from the big cheese after all and he wasn’t suppose to be

I got up and redressed myself in my favorite black suit, I formulated a
plan in my head, I needed to speak to Aisha first though, I had to stop her
telling Malfina what had happened the night before, which in itself was a
problem, she did have that big mouth after all (a handy one for what occurred
last night but that was then and this was now).

Stepping out of the bedroom in to the hall to begin my search for the
Ctarl-Ctarl beauty, I had expected to see a guard or two at least providing
a presence the halls, after Suzuka’s spying I hoped that Europia’s MVP would
deserve some VIP treatment but nobody was around.

I traced the hallways towards the north wing of the chateau, when I heard a
shuffling noise; my heart skipped a beat as I believed it to be none other
than my Aisha, in a jog/run I headed towards its source.

I turned the corner and walked in to not my ‘fiancé’ but her companion and
object of my real lust, Malfina, arms cradled in fear/safety around her ample

“Miss Malfina, you seemed lost, can I help you?”

She had a stare of unhappiness on her face; I don’t think I’d seen her smile
since we first met.

“…Aisha told me there was a bathroom with a shower around here…” she said
half aware of the situation of even of who she was talking to.

I break perhaps the biggest smile of the week; a glimmer of joy in a sea of
this morning’s bad tiding.

“Yes it’s 4 doors down to your right, it should have everything you need.”

Not even making eye contact she mutters “thank you” and walks on.

I turn the corner of the hall way and wait for the sound of the door before
spinning on my heels and proceeding to the next phase of this delicious idea.

* * *

Malfina was dressed in her now 3 day old outfit, a short black leather skirt,
a tight white shirt and a black tie elevated over her large firm breasts,
they had already begun to smell decayed, perhaps she should ask one of the
guards about getting clean clothes.

Aisha had told her yesterday there was a bathroom where she could get a
shower nearby, now with Mr. Black’s direction she had finally found it.

The bathroom was best described as white; the walls were a mosaic of solid
white with black lines between the tiles, the ceiling and floor a solid white
stone (marble maybe, but she was unsure).

In one corner a gold sink shone like it had been polished moments ago, next
to it lay the matching white-with-gold trim lavatory and in the final corner
lied her goal: the shower.

This shower was a large glass cabinet, high above was a gold showerhead which
would spray water on to the lucky recipient and below a gold sink hole which
would remove it, on one wall was a round dial (Malfina guessed it controlled
the water) on the other was a full scale mirror, showing the person in the
shower their figure as they washed.

Malfina turned to lock the door, she needed a second to relax, she didn’t
want to be intruded on in this her first real moment of privacy.

She slowly pulled down her tie and began to unbutton her shirt, allowing her
large breasts to feel the cold air of the bathroom, the chill sending shivers
down her spine.

Sitting down on lavatory, she began to pull off her shoes and socks, leaving
just her small leather skirt to cover her beautiful body.

Reaching in to the cabinet she turned the dial to “Hot” and a cavalcade of
water began to sprinkle down in to the empty shower, slowly she raised her
arm in to the water testing its temperature.

The water felt warm to the touch, inviting and relaxing to her.

Slowly the leather skirt fell to the floor and she entered this waterfall of

* * *

The jeep pulled down in to Holljager Street, how long had it been since she’d
last seen Smoke city anyway? The streets looked so different; no longer the
blissful cobblestone roads of yesteryear now the tarmac smoothed industrial
fast lanes of today, the jeep shuddered to the stop outside the huge black
monolith style building, known and feared by many as the headquarters of the
Ministry of love’s elite.

She looked to the driver whom hadn’t spoken for the entire trip.

“What do I owe you?” she joked.

“Don’t worry it’s on the slate” the driver replied, not turning around.

“Just make sure it stays there” shot back Melinda and climbed from the back
of the jeep, small suitcase in hand.

The jeep cluttered to life and disappeared down the street, leaving Melinda
Midnight the honor of facing her peers alone.

* * *

From the other side of the mirror the man in black watched Malfina, her
perfect body glistening as she was pummeled in hot water by the showerhead.

His motions quiet, should he sneeze, cough or groan, his plan would be in
jeopardy but he didn’t need to do much, the cameras were all over the room,
a preparation he was glad he made, but being there was always so much more...
pleasurable than watching.

His hand touched the glass... centimeters away from his prize, what he wanted
for so much now was within his grasp.

In his right hand his hard cock pumped away in self made excitement to the
beauty that was in front of him.

Water danced over her naked form, streams running across her large swaying
breasts, teasingly over her small yet inviting nipples, all the way down to
the tuft of dark hair around her pussy.

The man in black increased his pace, his mind racing with images what he
could do to this beauty, the things that he WOULD do to her.

His hand pumped faster and faster, he could feel himself about to come.

As he shot his load over his hand in self pleasuring bliss, through his teeth
he hissed her name - “Malfina”.

* * *

The steel like doors sung open to the inner sanctum of the private office,
there among the white walls and wood furniture, watching over the city
through the huge windows sat the Director of the Ministry of love, a woman
many never knew even existed outside of urban myth and stories, her name:
Susan W Weissmann.

“I am eager to read that report your holding Midnight” boomed the director’s
cold and steel like voice.

Melinda was shocked, she hadn’t even turned round but she knew what she held
and even who she was, she’d better try and at least at the part.

“It’s all here Director Weissmann, black and white, clear as crystal, a
complete composite report of the last two days.”

Weissmann’s chair turned around, Midnights eyes where met by that of her boss
and supposed mentor.

Her eyes were a dark blue, her hair a dark blonde, her body long and slender,
breasts pushed against a tight leather vest, legs hidden by the black marble

“Miss Midnight, when you’re in the ministry of love, we expect no less” The
Director’s voice barked “Now leave the report and await my calling!”

Midnight didn’t need to be told twice; she lowered her file to the table,
saluted and exited the room.

* * *

I feel better about myself a little more than usual as I slide the secret
door back from the wall behind the wardrobe.

My mouth was dry, I think my whole body may be too, I was still in awe at
Malfina’s beautiful body, her creator was truly a man of fine sculpture, the
darker party of me just couldn’t wait to get my hands on her…oh what fun we
will have.

Nobody even knew about that little secret that itself gave it an erotic
touch, it was my dirty little secret.

My mind began to remember why I had bothered to get out of bed in the first
place and my hunt for my fiancé continued.

* * *

Midnight sat alone in the corner of the Ministry of Love’s cold and sterile
break area, around her the new generation of MOL troops and battalion leaders
gossiped and ate snacks, she was just some fossil that nobody wanted to be a
part of.

Her mind was a buzz with problems, namely what was occurring without her,
though she didn’t mention it in her report, all three of the Outlaws were
potential problems for the system, they had ideas, they could question the
very values of her society and she couldn’t have that, insurrectionists were
as dangerous as arsonists.

Her thoughts turned back to the first night at the chateau, Black had
fucked her, for that one moment she had truly felt alive, like she belonged

Maybe she was in the right place at the right time, maybe not, Rob had
obviously sensed some kind of kindred being between them, and why else would
he reciprocate her advances?

Her thoughts were broken by the MOL’s crackly PA system.

“Battalion leader Midnight, Battalion leader Midnight, report to director
Weissmann’s office pronto.”

* * *

The hold of the ship was split in to 34 equal sized cells; every agent stayed
their prisoner personally, knowing them best they not only were the best way
of not only of preventing escapes but recapture too.

In cell 1# the most dangerous of the load Twilight Suzuka sat.

Rather than on the bench (as per the norm), she had elected to sit crossed
legged on the floor in mediation.

On the bench the slender forms of Border control guard Jennifer Silence and
MOL agent “Sunshine”, ever watchful of their prey.

After the events of the border stations Silence was ever watchful of Suzuka,
she had not only managed to fill a rather delicious passion of hers but she
nearly escaped her in the same heartbeat.

Not again, she would make sure of that.

Sunshine was eager to fill the silence (and by association torture Suzuka but
preventing her mediation that required total silence).

“Silence, perhaps you could let the prisoner know what to expect on her
arrival at the Sherbet Isles?”

Silence smiled thinly and nodded in agreement before beginning.

“Well she’s already had a taster from what she was given at the station I
believe... Of course what she’ll get at the isles won’t be as sweet or

Suzuka’s eyes opened, taking in every part of what was being said.

Silence could smell fear like a wolf on the prowl and continued.

“The things that go on the Sherbet Isles are evil beyond even my low tastes,
if the guards don’t screw you up, the inmates will make you their bitch, one
at a time if need be.”

Silence laughed an evil chuckle.

“And the gangs, they have sick tastes, worse than strap ons and metal tables,
they like to do horrible things to new meat… oh the stories I hear...”

Silence ran her fingers through Suzuka’s soft hair.

“And that’s what you are my daring: New Meat...thrown to the lions.”

* * *

“Miss Midnight may I remind you that you’re a MOL Battalion leader first and
anything else second” Weissmann slammed down a heavy looking book on the desk
giving a equally heavy slam “And you should know that we at the ministry of
love need nay demand constant progress reports!”

There was a heavy pause; Midnight’s eyes couldn’t look anywhere apart from
the floor.

“Now I want to know out the outsiders, in particular the dangerous one you
had incarnated without my permission” Weissmann continued in a calm voice.

Midnight was sweating, Weissmann had her, and she should have sought superior
permission to have a prisoner sent to the Sherbet Isles.

“The outsider…Twilight Suzuka was highly dangerous in all forms of combat, it
had taken all my battalion to subdue her...” a lie, but Midnight couldn’t say
“I was being fucked in the ass, so sue me” could she? No, Weissmann would
take her badge then or worse…she had always heard nightmarish stories of what
happened to those who crossed her...this was not a woman to anger.

Weissmann sat down in the large chair with a reassuring creak of stretched
leather from both the seat and her uniform.

“...And besides, Mr. Black signed the forms himself ...”

Weissmann’s eyes narrowed and slowly opened her mouth to say “Rob Black may
be the god of your world, but he isn’t mine, I do not appreciate being cut
out of the loop mainly because he’s screwing you on the side.”

There was an awkward silence, Weissmann straighten her tie, Midnight could do
very little but watch and wait.

“I’m getting the chopper to take me to the Chateau; perhaps the man of the
moment would be able to share some more information with me if I came in
person rather than have information funneled back to me by a dumb bimbo like
you...” Weissmann looked at Midnight’s nervous face “Oh don’t look so upset,
I’ll take you back as well, I know how you battalion sluts hate to be away
from your geeky friends.”

* * *

The boat arrived in the port of the Sherbet Isles, sirens blazing indicating
the ships arrival, deep in the cells, the bullhorn blares again “All guards
please take your prisoners to the courtyard.”

There was a clang as the cells opened and the slow stepping of guards and
prisoners feet.

Slowly the trio of Silence, Sunshine and Suzuka walked from their small cell,
Suzuka taking the lead with Silence and Sunshine armed behind her.

Up the stairs and on the deck Suzuka was hit by the cold night
long had she been down there?

On the side of the ship, a long metal gangplank slid down to the concrete
dock, a buzzer sounded and slowly the prisoner were escorted to the courtyard
of the facility.

Best described as a prison/castle establishment, high towers and stone walls,
the facility looked tight security wise, spotlights on the walls beamed down
columns of light and guards patrolled everywhere brandishing guns.

Suzuka stepped off the gangway and in to the courtyard, a small hut was set
up for registration of new inmates, being a class alpha Suzuka would be first

* * *

I tap lightly on the door then with a creak of wood peered in to the dusty
old library.

There among the dusty tomes and dustier furniture sat the lady I asked to be
my mate yesterday, Aisha Clan Clan, dressed only in a dark red dressing gown
(I recognized it instantly as the one from my room, my initials were stitched
in the chest).

“Hello o’light of my life” I smirk bowing like a worshipper at a magnificent

Aisha chuckles, she has a good laugh for a cat/human creature I think to

“What does my Queen wish of her humble servant this fine day?”

Aisha chuckled again and gave me a look like she was about to talk but then
decided not to.

A humble silence hung in the air for a moment before she breaks it.

“I was just reading some of your history my love; it’s got a lot of holes
hasn’t it.”

Planted MOL materials for newcomers Melinda had told me, nobody in Europia
ever looked forward or back so we had no reason to use technology.

“The wars destroyed many records; maybe that is why we hate war so much” I
smirk back.

“Still I’d like to learn more ab…” began Aisha but was cut off by the door.

In walked one of Midnight’s battalion (I never bothered to learn names of
troops, they were always too focused on duty to have a conversation anyway).

“Sir, we have an inbound transmission, Director Weissmann is on her way to
the Chateau.”

Under my breath the one word I can think of is “fuck”.

“Ok...” I begin through my teeth, “I want somebody looking out for movement
on the horizon, let me know if so much as a fly come towards the place!”

The trooper saluted and disappeared.

“Problems?” enquired Aisha “Surely a director poses no problems for my great

I turned my back to Aisha and clenched my hands in to fists.

“No, she’s no problem, just an annoyance, a wannabe politician desperate to
have me disappear.”

Aisha rose from her chair and put her arms around me in a playful fashion.

“Say the word and I’ll take her out” she whispers in my eats.

I smiled and chuckled “Miss Aisha, you may just be my hero but no... let me
take care of her.”

“Awww ...your no fun” she said kissing the back of my neck, her tongue runs
down my neck, she’s a lot or friendly than she was yesterday, I suppose
that’s delusions of power for you.

“I need a favor from you Aisha” I say coldly.

“For you my prince, anything.”

I turn to face her, her beautiful brown eyes stare deep in to mine.

“When she arrives you are not to tell her of our marriage or even that
we’ve slept together... if certain people knew that I was planning the great
alliance we may be the ones “taken out”..., I don’t want Malfina to know in
case she slips up, it’s in our best to get this romance our little secret.”

Aisha looked disappointed like she wanted to scream her marriage from the
rooftops instead.

“Can I get a favor in return?” she asked quizzically.

I felt unsure but nodded.

“Will you take me to the city?”

There was an uneasy silence, if Aisha ever saw Smoke city, Phoenix Rising,
or any of Europia’s cityscapes my game would be well and truly up, even her
in her deluded state probably would put 2 and 2 together and come up with
“What’s this shit? Your dead meat!”

“Tell you what…” the still warm lying section of my mind fired back in to
full gear “...If you can be a good girl and keep our secret while the bad
lady is here, I’ll take you there myself.”

I put my arms around Aisha, locking her in a loving embrace with my body then
my lips; she accepted and reciprocated the feeling, then released and looked
at me in that cute way she had when she had an idea.

“If we can’t do this for a while, let’s make this moment count.”

* * *

Front of the line Suzuka was met by a robust woman in a blue denim style
uniform with matching hat armed with a clipboard.

“This the Code Alpha?” snorted the guard.

“Yep” came the reply from Sunshine, showing her paperwork to the grunt.

“*Snort* Ok baby, 3 rules: 1- do what the governor and my guards tell you and
you be fine or it’s the box 2- You don’t attack anybody or it’s the box 3-
You try and escape, my girls get something to shoot at...that clear?”

Suzuka was silent.

“That’s just peachy” the guard continued “Now some questions.”

* * *

Aisha felts her fiancé strong hands run down her back; even through this
course of the robe his touch brought sparks to her mind.

Black’s hands reached her slender backside, it felt round and warm to the

Aisha’s hands meanwhile were also heading south towards her lovers fly, even
through his pants she could feel his impressive hard on waiting to burst out.

The robe fell to the floor revealing Aisha in the full naked form, her dark
skin a land of mystery and dark delights, her hair a wild and delicious
white, he ears pricked at attention.

Black’s hand fell to his fly, eyes narrowing as the fly opened and his cock

Not waiting for an invitation, the Ctarl-Ctarl ambassador grabbed the dick
and began to deep throating it straight off the bat, her tongue rubbing
against the throbbing head, sending chills and thrills up her lovers spine.

* * *

“Ok that’s everything, you two wanna tell her anything before she goes in?”
the guard snorted.

Silence looked Suzuka in the eye.

“I’m not going to say “I’m glad to see the back of you” because I have
enjoyed your banter and abilities so much.”

The guard gave Sunshine a puzzles look which Sunshine reciprocated with the
generic MOL Agent “Ask No Questions” stare.

“I hope we meet again Miss Suzuka because one day I know you and me will
finish what we started.”

Sunshine smirked in remembrance, the guard did too but more out of courtesy
than knowledge.

Silence turned her back to the assassin and in a wind of lavender and leather
walked back up the gangplank for the return voyage to the mainland.

“May I have a moment with my prisoner?” Sunshine asked.

The guard gave a stern look but being a guard and her a MOL agent she was
outranked so she nodded and walked to the next prisoner to get their details.

Sunshine smiled and then moved her face close to Suzuka’s and began to

“Listen to me, I don’t have long…I want you to remember something…If you get
out of here, programmed or not – there are more people who share your view
about Rob Black...come to Phoenix city, it’s not far from the port and look
for “Denise Détente”, if you find her ask her about “Calypso”...TELL NOBODY

The guard came back to them; Sunshine regained her composure and added.

“…And next time you mess with Black, your get worse than a sexual holiday.”

Sunshine turned and walked back up the gangway, rejoining Silence.

Suzuka’s mind was ablaze...Calypso? Others? What kind of messed up world was

“Come on” coughed the guard “Time for you to meet the boss.”

* * *

In my mind I could only think fireworks; Aisha’s oral skills were quickly
becoming a favorite of mine.

In my rushed state, with the danger of the visit to come looming over my head
and the worry that Malfina or somebody else who would spy on our secret may
soon enter this unlocked room, I could quickly feel myself about to cum.

Aisha’s tongue rubbed down my shaft as her tongue continued to pleasure me so

In shout out (rather unexpectedly if truth be told) “Oh shit, I’m going to
blow it.”

Aisha’s ears prick up when I say this and her mouth opens as she backs away
from my hard cock.

My eyes widen as I give my best puppy dog look to convey my displeasure.

“You let me swallow it last time, that was love, but you know I have a kinky
side too Rob, come on, squirt that stuff all over my tits!”

Aisha was falling in to the Europian rut so quickly it warmed my old heart to
see it.

I pound my cock in to her warm chest a good few more times before slowly
pulling out, her warm palm takes over, rubbing my hard cock faster and faster
until the pleasure is nearly overwhelming.

Jets of cum began to spray out over Aisha large breasts, in spurts running
down her chest, Aisha letting out a reassuring moan of delight knowing she
could satisfy my lust this way.

Her slender hands reach to her chest, using her fingers to scoop drops of

She looks to me and smiles.

“I think somebody owes me a back rub when this is all over” she jokes.

With a lick of her lips she slowly dips her cum covered fingers in to her
mouth with a satisfying suck.

* * *

As Suzuka was pushed in to the office, now dressed in reulation orange
overalls worn by all prisioners, she was handcuffed and under guard, the
woman behind the desk stood up, hands raised in welcome, her smile a solid

“Greetings outsider, my name is Nicole Necronos, you may call me “The
Governor”…. welcome to the Sherbet Isles!”

Suzuka examined this strange new person.

Nicole’s dark brown hair was brushed back in to a ponytail, her skin a pale
white, her eyes a dark blue; she clearly didn’t see the sun a lot.

Her body was dressed in a dark two piece suit/skirt combo, her jacket a dark
blue with the skirt to match, her chest pinned with a large gold heart with
“Necronos” carved in large letters, her rounds breasts pushing against her
crisp white shirt, elevating her blood red tie.

The governor stepped from behind the oak desk, revealing the full length of
her long pale legs as she approached the handcuffed assassin.

“So this is Twilight Suzuka, A code alpha condemned by the great Rob Black
himself…pitiful really, your press is failing you, my girl.”

In the blink of an eye a huge wad of spit flew from Suzuka’s mouth to the
face of the governor.

“My press says I’m doing better than you bitch!”

* * *

The chopper was landing a good 40 feet from the Chateau, no doubt a move to
ruin the gardening I had put hours in to, both Malfina and Aisha stood by
my side, hair blowing wildly in the gust made by the rotor blades as the
monstrosity descended upon us.

Slowly touching the ground, the doors opened confirming my worst fears.

It was never that I HATED Susan Weissmann; it was just that she had always
bared a grudge, and with me she had a planet sized chip on her shoulder,
that’s the kind of shit I hated about her.

In a breath, the blades slowly died down, as the were switched off.

“Miss Weissmann…” I bellowed as she exited the chopped, dressed head to toe
in the MOL generals-style leather uniform (confusing since I didn’t even know
the MOL had generals) crowned with black heart shaped badge on her breast and
a general’s hat covering her pony tailed hair.

Every trooper and grunt snapped to attention, and why not, this was the MOL’s
chief after all, I didn’t, I was untouchable after all.

“I trust you enjoyed your flight” I smile, behind her I spotted Midnight
clamber out of the chopper too, she gave me a smile and small wave, girl was
crazy like that after all.

“Just fine” Weissmann replied sharply, behind her a lesser grunt carried a
large black suitcase.

“Planning on staying with me for a while? That suitcase looks rather large
for a casual visit” I question pointing to the grunt as she passed.

“For the foreseeable future, we shall talk at dinner” she snapped coldly and
walked passed me.

Gee, who put her in such a cold mood?

* * *

The Governor put her hands to Suzuka’s face, her spit soaked eye unblinking,
her face stern and harsh yet silent.

“A fine specimen of womanhood, if I don’t say so myself, tell me girl...what
was your old life before breaking in to my world?”

Suzuka looked at the floor and whispered “Assassin.”

The Governor laughed out loud, almost unable to stop herself.

“Your clearly losing your knack aren’t you, my girl.”

Suzuka didn’t speak.

“Well no matter, here at the Sherbet Isles, we can give you new skills, ones
you’re going to enjoy having...” The governor stopped to look at the guard by
the door “Take her to her cell.”

* * *

“You’re taking Malfina?!” I slammed my fist in to the old oak table of the
dining room.

Weissmann gave me a cold stare than drank from her wine glass before

“She is not a she, she is an it, a robot, a robot from outside Europia!
She has no owner, no paperwork and no signs of independence… she should be
dismantled and taken to TEK-Q now not sitting in your summer home drinking

Malfina was silent to my right, in some kind of shock; Aisha sat to my left,
in shock too but not so badly she’d let her hand leave my thigh.

“Tek-Q are gothic assholes who’d gut you just so they could fuck in a puddle
of your blood…permission to take Malfina…denied.”

“It’s an order Black” she said, standing and almost pointing.

“I am refusing to obey your orders” I replied calmly.

Aisha let out a smirk of authority, although Weissmann didn’t know it yet,
Aisha believed she would soon weald the same power over the people.

“Black, you mess with my department and you’re going to be up fuck creek
without a god damn motherfucking paddle!” Weissmann slammed her fist down
on the last word to emphasis it.

I stood up, Aisha’s hand falling to my side.

“You don’t know who I AM Weissmann, I am THE authority in Europia, there is
NO higher power than me and you know what...MIDNIGHT GET IN HERE!”

The slender figure of Melinda Midnight walked in from her post in the hall.

“Susan Weissmann, as Rob Black, protector of these lands I hereby strip your
of post as Ministry of Love director and here by demote you to the duty of
street patrol level 3, welcome back to the streets sweetheart!”

Weissmann’s jaw literally hits the floor in shock, I look to Melinda “Melinda
Midnight, for services in the duty of protecting and supporting the ways of
Europia I here by promote you to Director of the Ministry of Love, now if
you could get this sentry to her post...” I gestured to the disillusioned

Melinda broke the biggest smile I’d ever seen.

“You heard him..." Melinda shouted to Weissmann “...get to your post...NOW!”

Aisha patted my side on celebration as I sat back down… I watched as
Weissmann, head down, walked slowly out, the oak door closing behind her.

“Now Director Midnight, I trust you have no problems with Malfina remaining
here at the Chateau.”

“Of course not Sir, I would suggest the same thing” replied the new Director
as she sat in Weissmann’s place.

* * *

“This is your cell…cot on the left is yours” said the soul-less guard as she
opened the cell door, Suzuka took two steps in before the guard stopped her
with a hand on the shoulder.

“I’m going to take off your handcuffs, try anything and your be in the box
before breakfast.”

The guard unlinked the handcuffs and stepped back as the cell’s door slammed

The cell was roughly 15 feet by 15 feet, she had seen smaller cells but this
a was in the top 10, along each wall lay a green cot, the green was marked
with blood, dirt and other stains.

The right wall was pictured with magazine scraps and photos, most featuring
pictures and words of Rob Black at various celebrations and gatherings.

She looked at the slim figure that stared at her from the corner.

Suzuka’s eyes met hers when Suzuka realized the stranger’s left eye was a
a solid dark ruby red eyeball, a small yet visible scar running either side
of the eye suggested she had suffered some harsh trauma to lose an eye,
Suzuka’s gaze descended to examine this unknown person.

Her skin was a chocolate darkness, her mouth a slim red smile, her neck a
slender curve descending down to her orange prison uniform, her firm round
breasts making a statement (that statement being “I got nice tits, have a
look!”) ending at her long luscious legs.

“They call me “Cyclops Cyan”, just call me Cyan and we’re be cool...and you

“Suzuka” she replied, not making a gesture in thanks for her warm welcome.

“Fresh meat huh? Oh you’re in for a rough ride tomorrow! They say the first
night’s always the worst, but if you get in with somebody you can get some

Suzuka looked away from Cyan, after what had happened the day before at the
border station was enough for her, she didn’t even want to imagine what cruel
and perverse practices they had planned for her here.

“Let me guess, your going to protect me huh?” she said in almost a sarcastic

Cyan laughed, it was rare to see a prisoner with such sass.

“Let’s say it’s a mutually beneficial relationship... You watch my back and
I’ll watch yours.”

There was an awkward silence as Suzuka climbed on to the cot and rolled over
to face the wall.

“So what did happen to your eye?” Suzuka asked coldly.

Cyan touched her face in remembrance.

“Dreadnought happened that’s what.”

* * *

The biting cold of the wind brushed my face as I stood on the veranda of the
Chateau, wine glass in my hand and mind full of warm ideas I smile and raise
my glass to the moutainscape.

“Toasting another day as top dog?” Aisha asked protected by the doorframe
from this bitter wind.

“I’m celebrating another toppling of an evil of mine” I reply devoid of

Aisha steps towards me, I hear steps but with my back to her I see very

“If she was so bad you could have taken her out earlier surely?”

I become blank, my words mere whispers as if I’m not thinking “Don’t let
appearances fool you my love, Weissmann has friends in high places and this
is a shadowy world we live in... regardless Weissmann put my wishes in doubt
so she needed taking out…it would be horrible if she disrupted my plans to
separate us at this stage.”

Aisha’s hand rests on my waist.


I chuckle “It would be horrendously bad of me if I separated you from
Malfina; she is clearly a close friend of yours.”

There was a pregnant pause; no doubt chivalry had bought me some points in
her head.

“Rob…just don’t go overboard with protecting me or Malfina, we’ve been in
some tight spots but we can handle ourselves.”

Her head is behind mine, her warm breath is burning don my neck.

“I’m going to catch some Z’s, we’ll talk tomorrow lover boy” She kisses the
back of my neck, I smile in pleasure to this romantic gesture.

“Sure thing darling, tomorrow it shall be.”

There are footsteps…somewhere in the distance I hear words too muffled to
decipher, then footsteps getting louder.

I turn to see Malfina, hair blowing in this bitter wind, dark eyes piercing
my soul.

“Miss Malfina, You should be resting.” I begin but trailing off.

“I wanted to thank you...” Malfina said silently.

“I wont sugar coat it Malfina, pissing off the MOL is a hobby of mine” I
smile back.

Malfina joins me at the railing; I turn my gaze back to the horizon.

“But you didn’t have to save me….you may have compromised your position by
doing so?”

“Not really, Europian society is different to most; the people know who’s in
charge and are happy to go with what their told.”

“And you, where do you fit in to this society?”

I look at Malfina, her dark hair waves in the cold night wind.

“I don’t have any purpose; I just exist because I do.”

I love being cryptic, it adds intrigue to any conversation, Malfina’s face
crumples in thought, she is clearly upset by my answer.

“But since meeting you haven’t told us your position, are you a king, a
ruler, a politician...what are you?”

I smile again.

“I can ask the same question...what are you? Aisha tells me you were designed
to control the outlaw star yet you are able to think and act better than most
humans I know, so are you just a steering system on legs or are you some kind
of goddess who doesn’t know it?”

She stares at me, more confused than before.

“Just as you steered the outlaw star from danger, I steer these lands from
harm, my name is Rob Black and this world is my legacy.”

There was a silence, the wind whistled behind me.

“I still do not understand…” she begins, I cut her off.

“Not everything in life is as easy to work out, what our purpose for in life
is always the most cryptic and complex questions.”

Malfina folds her arms against the cold; I could tell she was bogged down
with enough tiredness and complexities for one night.

“I suppose your ideas bear some merit” she admits before turning around “I
am retiring now, goodnight Mr. Black.”

I smile.

“Call me Rob, after all aren’t we all friends now?”

She did not respond, just walked off through the glass doors and back in to
the darkness, I turned back to the wind.

“Women” I say to myself sarcastically.

“Oh don’t judge us all the same way baby cakes, some of us are a lot more fun
to be around.”

I turn round expecting to see an energetic Aisha returning because she could
stand to sleep without my touch but to my shock its Melinda now kitted out in
general’s attire similar to that of Weissmann at the dinner.

“Like the threads? Got them from Weissmann, little tight in the ass but her
clothes are a good fit” she tells me with a smile.

She looks in to my eyes, I think she wants me to kiss her but for the obvious
reasons I won’t.

“You’re looking cold tonight” she said breaking the silence “and I don’t mean
because of the shitty weather.”

I thought it best to bring her up to speed, so cut to the point.

“I proposed to Aisha last night” I explain.

There’s another silence broken by an under-the-breath “Fuck” from the
director followed by the near shout cry of “WHY?”

I put my hands on the veranda railing to hold myself up.

“I thought I could use it to get closer to Malfina, so sue me.”

Melinda put her hand to her cheek.

“This would be cute if you hadn’t assfuck me the night before but I’m sure
his majesty has a plan so why not let me in on it.”

I paused, I really hadn’t thought this far ahead.

Then somewhere in the darkness of my mind a new idea was born.

“Tell me, does Tek-Q owe me any favors?”

* * *

Enclosed in the darkness of the Sherbet Isles Governors office, another idea
had been born.

The Governor reached to the telephone, scooping it with one hand and then
hitting the large red button with her outstretched finger.

“Hello is that Tek-Q… I have someone I think Dreadnought would like to meet.”

To be continued in the next episode:

Outlaw Star: Smoke Alpha Part 4 - Iron in the Blood
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