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Celeb (Character) - Ramona Marquez (Karen Brockman - Outnumbered)

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Outnumbered: The Winning Edge
by Kerrax ([email protected])

Even though school had finished over an hour and a half ago, he normally used Thursdays to stay behind and catch up on grading the students work. It seemed like the perfect place to get some work done. There were no after-school activities on Thursday, so the only other person he'd ever see was the old caretaker who'd pass by the classroom as he made his way through the third floor hall before working his way down to clean the other floors.

He was working his way through a stack of English papers when all of a sudden there was a knock on his door. He snapped his head up at the noise, the caretaker had passed by ten minutes ago meaning by now he should be somewhere on the second floor as he worked his way down the building and then left. Through the frosted glass window of the door he couldn't make out who was outside, but it was certainly not the blurry silhouette of the janitor that he had grown to recognize. Confused by this unexpected interruption to his work, he stayed seated in his chair.

"Come in" he said towards the door, slightly raising his voice.

The door opened to reveal one of his students, Karen Brockman, standing in the doorway KB It was well after the final bell so it didn't make much sense for her to still be there. And the fact that she was still wearing her uniform seemed to suggest that she hadn't even gone home that day. Mr Cartwright was surprised to see her to say the least. And also slightly worried. Karen was a bit of a chore to deal with. Not that she was a troublesome student, far from it, she was remarkably bright. However she had a tendency to ask questions. Questions that weren't always the easiest to answer. Questions which she relentlessly refused to drop until a satisfactory answer had been provided for it and any and all subsequent follow-up questions.

"Karen? What are you doing here?" asked Mr Cartwright. "School finished ages ago".

"Yeah, I know" said the blonde haired girl as she walked into the room. She didn't wait for him to tell her to come inside which was par for the course for the determined young girl. "Mr Cartwright. I was wondering if I would be able to ask for your help with something?"

Students often came to see him after class for help, though normally it wasn't so late after school and was normally arranged ahead of time. "Okay. What is it? Is it to do with the Science homework? It looked like you were having a little trouble understanding what I was talking about in class today."

"Oh no, I wasn't having trouble understanding it. It was just boring, so I wasn't listening" said Karen in her characteristically dismissive tone as she walked to the front of his desk.

Mr Cartwright was stunned temporarily by her frankness. "I...see? Well, that's not good to hear, Karen. I mean, you have to pay attention to what we're doing in---"

"But I don't really" said Karen cutting him off mid-sentence. "Because I'm not going to be doing a job in Science so I don't really need to pay attention. I just have to pass the exams and then when I leave school I never have to think about it again"

Mr Cartwright blinked. He had been teaching Karen for quite some time now, he thought that he was used to her extreme pragmatism but once again her ability to cut straight to the point while completely disregarding the other persons feelings or argument left him taken aback. Before he could mount a counter-argument, Karen continued talking. "I was wondering if you could help me with something else?"

"Alright....I guess? What is it you need help with?" asked Mr Cartwright.

"Okay, so..." Karen hopped up to sit on one of the students desks directly in front of his own. "Me, Catherine and Maisy are having a competition. We're doing a contest to see which one of us is able to suck off the most boys in class. At the moment, I've done 5, Maisy's done 5 and Catherine's done 3. There are 13 boys in the class and the rules are that once one of us does a boy then the other two can't do him and have it count. So that means, me and Maisy are tied and Catherine can't win."

Mr Cartwright sat there with his mouth hanging open. He was pretty sure he heard what she had said but because of how crazy it sounded he needed some time to fully process the information. Karen nonchalantly talked away as she dangled her legs over the edge of the desk kicking them back and forth. Mr Cartwright shook his head to try and clear away the haze of confusion, "Karen, I...what are you...are you telling me that---"

"Anyway" proclaimed Karen. "I don't want to be drawed with Maisy. She hates losing, so I want to win fully. The contest was to be the one who did blowjobs to the most boys in the class. And there are 13 boys. But I've thought of something that Catherine and Maisy didn't think of". Karen smiled proudly to herself. "There's still one more boy in the class".

Karen's legs stopped moving as she sat perfectly still and stared at Mr Cartwright. She locked her eyes to his and flashed a giant grin.

It took him a moment to fully comprehend just what was being said to him. His eyes bulged and finally his shock led to him finally standing up from his desk. "Karen! Absolutely not! Do you have any idea what you're saying?" He began pacing the front of the room, one hand on his forehead as he tried to make sense of what was going on. "There's no way...I mean...Jesus Christ! can you seriously---"

"Well, if I were you I'd let me do it". Karen's smile had vanished. "Because if you don't let me do it then I'll just go home and tell my Mum and Dad that you tried to make me do it but that I said no and ran away and told them. Then you'll lose your job and end up in the newspaper and everywhere you go people will say 'Oh, look! There's that teacher that tried to shag the little girl. Let's get him!'. And then you'll have to move and change your name and you'll probably die alone because you're afraid someone might recognize you."

Mr Cartwright had stopped pacing. He just stood there, his face frozen in a look of disbelief and his arms still in the air from his ranting.

"So if people are going to be saying that you got a blowjob from a little girl, wouldn't it be better if you actually did instead of everyone saying it when you didn't really? But anyway, no-one would be saying that because doing things my way no-one has to know...except for Catherine and Maisy because they need to know that I won.

"What...What are you saying?" asked Mr Cartwright.

"I'm saying" said Karen as she crossed her arms. "Let me suck your dick and nobody has to find out. Don't let me suck your dick and I'll tell everyone you tried to make me suck your dick."

He couldn't believe it. Here he was a grown man being manipulated by a child. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. It was genius, if he didn't everyone would think he did and even if it was found out he was telling the truth later on, once you're painted with that brush it never comes off and his teaching career was over.

"I... how... what... " Mr Cartwright had lost the ability to form full sentences.

"So what's it going to be?" asked Karen, raising her chin.

"...Fine..." he said, defeated. "You're one evil little girl."

Karen giggled. "Yeah, I know."

The stress of the entire situation had left Mr Cartwright's head feeling extremely light, he sat back in his chair and held his head in his hands. This couldn't be happening, there had to be some way out of this, some angle he hadn't considered, some sort of---

"Right, so let's start!" chirped Karen as she hopped off the table. As she walked round to the other side of the desk, Mr Cartwright examined her closely. He noted her deep brown eyes, her pale skin and her long golden hair. He let out a half-laugh, finding slight humor in the irony of such an angelic face hiding such a conniving nature.

When she stopped in front of him, all of a sudden her head hung low and he could see an expression on her face that seemed less enthusiastic then a few moments earlier. For a second he thought she was reconsidering the whole situation however that hope was dashed when she bluntly stated, "You're not hard". It was then that he realized that the reason she was looking down was because she was looking at his crotch. "All the other boys got hard as soon as I told them I'd blow them", she said in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Karen, please listen. We can't---"

She rolled her eyes. "Fine. I'll do it myself"

She placed her hands on each one of his shoulders and hopped up onto his lap so that her legs dangled down over his hips and her face was right in front of his own. It had all happened so quickly that he instinctively grabbed her legs from behind the knees in order to keep her from falling backwards. She gripped her hands on his shoulders and shifted herself slightly then, staring directly into Mr Cartwright's eyes, began to swivel her hips back and forth.

Karen smiled dreamily to herself. Mr Cartwright knew he was in trouble, he could feel the pleasant warmth from her crotch rubbing up against his dick, and with the friction that her grinding was creating he knew it was only a matter of time.

"You said you don't want to do this. So, I'll make you a deal. If you don't get hard then I'll go away and nothing will happen. But if I feel you getting big down there, then that means really, deep down inside you, you WANT me to do it." Karen was looking straight in his eyes now. "You want me to get down on the floor. To get down on my knees and..." Karen rose slightly, bringing her mouth to Mr Cartwright's ear and whispered, "...suck your cock".

Mr Cartwright couldn't fight it anymore. The combination of Karen rubbing herself against him and her talking to him like that caused his dick to twitch and once he'd let his resistance go for one second, it was gone completely. His dick began to swell and the triumphant look on Karen's face meant that she had felt the sudden stiffness coming up from within his slacks.

"See! I knew you wanted this" cooed Karen.

God help him, he did. Mr Cartwright had abandoned any objections he may have had, all he cared about now was how unbelievable this all felt. Karen's grinding had grown more intense and as he embraced what was happening to him, his hands had moved from holding her behind the knees to migrate up along her legs until now both his hands were clamped completely on her tight litte butt. He had worked his hands underneath her skirt in order to get a better grip of her firm panty-covered cheeks. As she thrust forward he clenched them tighter adding extra force to her movement. Karen seemed to enjoy having her ass pawed like this as she began to give out approving moans as he kneaded her cheeks.

"I think we're finally ready, don't you?", asked Karen. Mr Cartwright nodded his silent approval.

She slid herself off of her teacher and the chair, trailing one hand down along his body until she was kneeling on the floor and her hand had come to a rest on the noticeable bulge darting up from his pants. He unbuckled his belt while Karen pulled his zipper. She grabbed the waistband of his boxer shorts and yanked them down. Freed from its confinement, Mr Cartwright's dick sprang up much to Karen's delight.

"It's much bigger than all the others I've done" exclaimed Karen. "None of the boys were as long as you. And they were nowhere near as thick" she said as she wrapped a hand around his base. "This should be fun!"

Her small hand felt so soft against his dick and as she slowly began stroking his member he didn't think anything could feel better than the velvet sensation currently working its way back and forth along his dick. That thought was soon proven wrong when the stroking suddenly stopped and was replaced instead by the pleasant wetness of Karen's tongue slowly moving along his shaft as she traced her way from his balls all the way. She repeated this a couple more times before stopping, and then teasing Mr Cartwright, began to flick her tongue against his tip. Mr Cartwright didn't know how to feel. He knew this was wrong, probably the worst thing he'd ever done, but it felt so good.

Karen looked up at her teacher, smiling. She then lowered her head once more and this time wrapped her lips around Mr Cartwrights dick. The older man let out a moan at the feeling. He instinctively moved his hand down to Karen's head and began running his fingers through her hair. The small blonde moved her head back and forth, with each motion taking more and more of her teacher's cock. She smiled internally as she thought to herself that Mr Cartwright despite all his arguing was just like the other boys, desperate for her mouth to be on their dick.

Her confidence soon turned to panic as she felt Mr Cartwright's hand suddenly grip her hair and he began to thrust his hips toward her face. All of a sudden she was no longer in control. She jerked her head back and his dick popped out of her mouth as she brought her head up to grab some air. A trail of saliva ran from his prick to her chin. She wiped her mouth with her hand as she breathed heavily and then pressed her cheek to his member. "Oh big", she panted as she nuzzled against his cock and smiled. "I see you're beginning to get into this."

Having caught her breath, Karen returned to work. Mr Cartwright looked down to see her small golden head bobbing up and down, her eyes locked to his. The feeling was pure bliss. As she sucked on the head, Karen placed her hand on his shaft and began to twist as she moved it up and down his length. She swirled her tongue around his member and Mr Cartwright knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Karen recognized the signs as Mr Cartwright began to groan. This was it. She sped up the movement of her mouth and began jerking her teacher harder. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and knew what was about to happen. Karen knew she still had to go home later and so couldn't afford to be made a mess. She drew her head back just as her teacher's dick erupted as he let out a guttural moan. The first shot hit against her cheek and forehead, plastering the right side of her face. She pointed his cock away from her face as she continued to jerk him off, her teacher's cum falling safely away from her uniform and on to the floor.

Mr Cartwright was panting to himself. He hadn't cum like that in years and it was all because of this little bitch kneeling in front of him with his jizz shot across her face. He traced a finger upwards along her cheek, getting his cum from her face. Once it was collected he brought his finger to her mouth. Smiling, she cocked her head to the side and sucked his finger clean. She then opened her mouth wide, stuck her tongue out and said "Ahhhhhh", like a patient visiting the doctor.

Mr Cartwright laughed. "So you said 5 boys. Who were they?". The older man was still intoxicated by what had just happened and he wanted to hear more about how much of a little slut his student was.

Karen stood up from her knees and hopped up onto Mr Cartwright's desk. "Let's see..." she said, as she began wiping the cum from her hand onto the table's surface, "...first was Nathan. And then there was Leon, which was funny because he still wears Pokemon underwear. Then after him, I did Samir. Samir doesn't have any hair down there and he didn't cum either but he still made all the noises and faces. And I also did Lucas."

"Lucas?" asked Mr Cartwright. That certainly surprised him, from what he had seen, Lucas seemed far more likely to be interested in the other boys in the class than any of the girls.

"Yeah" said Karen, she narrowed her eyes and nodded her head slightly as if she too was aware of her classmates preferences. "He wasn't really into it at the start. But I saw a video on the Internet where a woman put her finger up the guys butt, so I did that to him and then he really really liked it"

"And then the last one was James. Until you, he was the biggest I'd ever done. I guess it was about 4 inches." She let out a small giggle. "Afterwards, because it was so big, I let him put it in me"

"So you're saying that you---"

"I let him fuck me" she said emphatically. "It felt sooooooo good." Karen had been sitting with her legs uncrossed and she had now slipped a hand up beneath her skirt. Mr Cartwright's eyes immediately shot to focus on this new movement. Sitting at the front of the class he had often been able to see up the girls skirts though he rarely thought anything of it and those times that he did he quickly squashed away those thoughts. But now he decided to embrace the display taking place in front of him. He was transfixed watching her, her thin legs splayed open and where they met her small hand rubbed against the crotch of her panties. It was driving him wild knowing that underneath that thin layer of purple and white striped fabric was her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each pass of her hands.

"Like what you see?"

Mr Cartwright looked up to see Karen smiling at him. "I let James fuck me. But you're so much bigger. Can you fuck me too?" she said in a mock pleading tone. Her hands moved to the bottom of the school polo shirt she was wearing. She raised her arms above her head, taking the shirt with them before throwing it on the ground. Mr Cartwright drank in her body. Smooth and thin, with just the faintest trace of baby fat to show that she had only recently started to grow into a woman. She wore a small white bra which was patterned with multicolored dots. It seemed it must have been bought out of desire to feel older rather than necessity as it was clear to see that it really wasn't needed at this point. Mr Cartwright didn't give a shit about size. All he could think about was just how fucking sexy she looked as she sat there in her tiny bra, her milky white legs covered by her white kneesocks and black school shoes and her skirt pulled up as she played with her snatch through her underwear.

"Are you going to pretend like you don't want to again? Or can we just skip right to the fun part?"

Mr Cartwright didn't need to think on it this time. He stood himself up from his seat and lunged at the girl on his desk. Grabbing her head in his hands he kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth. The intrusion seemed to catch Karen off-guard for a second but she quickly recovered and he was surprised at how fiercely her little tongue fought against his. Occasionally, he'd break their kiss in order to peck at her neck and allow her to catch her breath but he'd always return to her little lips in order to continue their wriggling embrace. It was clear from the amount of moaning coming from the girl that she wanted this just as much as her teacher did.

Her desires were confirmed when Mr Cartwright let his hand move down into her skirt. When his fingers met the fabric between her legs, it came with the unmistakeable feeling of dampness. He began to rub his index and middle finger against her panty covered pussy. "Oh God! Yes..." moaned Karen. Mr Cartwright smiled to himself. Having been pushed around so much by this bossy little girl, it felt good to feel like he was in control for a change. He drove his fingers harder against the cloth covering her most sacred of areas and he could tell from the increase in her breathing that she was enjoying it. Karen reached down to the front of her bra and undid the clasp at the front. The tiny shield fell away leaving Karen's upper half completely exposed. He took a moment to savour in her developing form, her small budding breasts were capped with perfect pink peaks making them look almost conical. He began rubbing his finger lightly against her breast, spreading the wetness from her pussy across her chest. He'd trace gentle circles around her sensitive nipples before running his fingertip across it.

While Karen had had sex before, James was far more inexperienced then her teacher. There was no foreplay involved with her classmate just sheer gratification for the two of them. But this, this was unlike anything Karen had ever felt before, sensations ran through her body in places she had never felt them before. It was like some sort of torture, a beautiful torture.

Just when she was getting used to the sensation of his fingers against her tiny tits, this was quickly replaced by his tongue coming down to flick against her nipples before he'd take it in his mouth and suck hard against it. Karen didn't know how much more she could take. Her buds were so small that when he sucked against her, her entire breast was in his mouth and it felt so good to feel them pulled against her body.

Mr Cartwright returned his hand downwards. He felt his way down along her smooth tummy but this time when his fingers reached the waistband of her panties he moved underneath it and for the first time let himself touch his students tiny mound. Through closed eyes, Karen panted "yes" as she felt her teacher's hand run across her pubis. By now her panties were sopping, so it was with great ease that Mr Cartwright was able to insert his finger. At the moment the intrusion entered her pussy the little girl gave out a deep moan. Her hand grabbed at Mr Cartwright's wrist, she gripped on to it tightly almost as if she was making sure he held it in place and she was afraid that he might move it away. They kissed once more and the entire room fell silent aside from Karen's muffled moans as her teacher's finger probed inside her. Karen's pussy was the tightest thing that Mr Cartwright had ever felt, he couldn't help but think that if it felt like this against his finger, how amazing would it feel once he put his cock in there. He'd have done it right there and then, god knows he wanted to, but he figured he needed to try and stretch her out a bit more before trying.

He removed his hand from her pussy, causing his student to groan. "Why'd you stop?" she asked annoyed. "Don't worry..." said Mr Cartwright, "...I just need to move you a little". He moved Karen off the desk and had her lay chest down on it, so her feet were planted on the floor and her butt was sticking out. "I think we can get rid of this now, don't you?" he asked as he slid down her skirt. As it hit the floor she kicked it out from under her feet leaving her in nothing but her shoes, socks and panties. He pulled the tiny strip of fabric aside and resumed his slow finger fucking, but this time upping the ante and adding an extra finger. Karen moaned her approval. He began with a steady rhythm stopping occassionally to stretch his fingers apart in order to try and widen his intended passage. "Please...faster" panted Karen. Mr Cartwright was happy to oblige, he got down on his knees and increased his pace. As he did this he poked his head under to find her little clit. He began to flick his tongue against it and the new stimulation sent shockwaves throughout the bossy little girl. Within a matter of seconds he heard her yell out. "AUUUUUUUUGHHHHHH GOD! FUCK!". Her pussy clamped down on his fingers and he knew that she was cumming. He continued his tonguing of her little button and Karen was lost to the joys of orgasm. "Shit! Shit! Fuck! Oh God!". He loved hearing her sweet little voice pant out such filthy words and when those words had turned to little exhausted moans he knew that she had finally come down.

Mr Cartwright stood up and examined his student. She lay with her face sideways on the desktop, a dumb smile plastered on her face and clearly breathing heavily, one dainty hands was lazily fumbling inside her panties.

"Did you like that?" asked Mr Cartwright.

"I was okay." panted Karen before letting out a laugh.

Mr Cartwright laughed too. As she lay face down on the desk, it was now for the first time that Mr Cartwright got to appreciate Karen's little tush. Her ass had felt so good in his hands back when she was grinding against him, but it wasn't until now that he was able to get a good look at it. He had a suspicion that her panties may be a size or two small as the purple and white striped fabric was pulled so tight that he was clearly able to see the outline of her two perky little globes. He couldn't help himself, he grabbed his dick and began to smack it against her tiny little panty covered butt. He lifted up one of the sides of the knickers and placed his cock in between her two little cheeks. They felt so firm and smooth, it was unbelievable. He grabbed her by the hips as he moved underneath her panties in between her pert little buns.

"That feels really nice" said Karen looking back at her teacher. "Can you fuck me now?"

"I think so" replied Mr Cartwright smiling.

Mr Cartwright sat on his desk then picked Karen up and guided her to sit on his lap. They sat staring at each other face-to-face with his hard dick poking up against her stomach. Karen smiled as her small hand reached down and grabbed him, smiling, she eased herself up and...

Mr Cartwright sighed as his tip passed through her delicate little lips. She was so tight, it was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. He looked at Karen who appeared to be in a trance, she smiled dreamingly and her eyes seemed to be glazed over in a haze of pleasure. She was so beautiful.

Karen couldn't believe what she was feeling. She was so...full. She had already lost her virginity but Mr Cartwright was so much bigger and thicker than her classmate had been, this was completely different. She slowly moved herself up and down try to get more and more of her teacher inside of her until finally she had taken his full length.

"I'm impressed?", said Mr Cartwright. "How about---"

Mr Cartwright was cut off as Karen forced her tongue into his mouth. Her tiny tongue wriggled against his just as her tiny hips wriggled in his lap. "Just shut up and fuck me!" she said breaking the kiss.

There were no objections this time from the older man. His hands moved to her petite waist and began thrusting his hard member in time with Karen's rise and falls. The room was silent except for their combined pants and moans and the soft sound of Karen's ass being smacked against by her teachers balls.

Karen wrapped her arms around his head and leant back her long golden hair dangling down.

"It feels so goooooood", she groaned. She smiled at Mr Cartwright, "I knew I'd get you to do this. Adults think they're smart but you're not really. I mean you're a teacher but you can't be that smart. Not if I was able to trick you into this."

Mr Cartwright couldn't believe it. Here she was riding his dick and she was still taking time to gloat.

"You think you're so clever, don't you?", he asked angrily.

"Cleverer than you anyway", she said smirking.

Mr Cartwright thrust sharply into her.

"Oh god, yes! Fuck! Harder. Please! Harder. Fuck me harder!!"

With a quick movement Mr Cartwright stood, turned and lay Karen down on the desk all while keeping his dick inside her. With her now beneath him, he grabbed the inside of her knees and lifted her thin legs so that her sock covered calfs were resting against his shoulders. Mr Cartwright had had enough of the bossy little girl yelling in his ear and so he was going to give his student all that she was asking for. He increased his pace as Karen moaned rapturously. "YYYYYEEESSSSS! AUGH THAT'S IT, FUCK ME!"

Mr Cartwright thought back on everytime Karen had pissed him off. Every back-answer, every smart comment, every veiled insult. As a teacher he had to respond diplomatically, these days telling a kid to shut up got you reported to the school board but now he could do what he wanted. He didn't give a shit if the entire school board walked in he was going to ram her pussy as hard as he could. "You little smart-ass!", he hissed. Karen looked up and locked eyes with her teacher. "Faster!", she demanded.

The desk began edging along the floor as he pounded her cunt all the while cursing at her. It wasn't until a minute or so had passed before Mr Cartwright realized he had achieved his goal of shutting up the know-it-all little girl. Karen was lying on the desk with her mouth open in wordless delight. She could no longer berate her teacher as her brain was too focused on experiencing the pleasure she was feeling as his hard rod smashed into her.

Suddenly her whole body began jerking. She arched her back as she cried out. "Augh, ffffffuuuuuuck!"
The sight in front of him and the feeling as her pussy clenched down on his cock was too much for Mr Cartwright to take. He thrust deeply one final time as he came ferociously, shooting stream after stream into his young student. Karen felt the warmth shoot inside her and smiled contentedly to herself. Spent Mr Cartwright lay on top of the girl, the sound of her gentle panting in his ears.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed but eventually he heard Karen speak once more, "I should probably get home now". Shaking himself from his post-euphoric state, Mr Cartwright got up letting Karen off the desk. He sat back in his chair, clearly still in a haze as the little girl went to go find her clothes. As he sat, he stared at his desk and noticed a small puddle of cum. He must've shot quite the load as it appeared Karen couldn't take it all in.

"I wouldn't worry about that" said Karen as she wriggled back into her skirt. "I haven't actually had my thing yet so it's not like I'm going to have a baby". She clasped her bra so it was on once more. "But you didn't know that, did you?"
She picked up her school polo shirt, "I could have and that wouldn't have been very smart now, would it?".

She was fully dressed again and the Karen that he was so familiar with had returned. "See? I'm smarter than you!"

As she walked to the door, she bent down to pick up something. It was purple and white. As she held her panties in her hand she stared at them and considered them for a moment. "I think these are too wet to wear home. I'll tell Mum they went missing in the dressing room during PE. Here, you can have them." Dismissively, she threw the garment across the room into her teacher's lap.

"Goodbye, Mr Cartwright! See you tomorrow!" yelled Karen. And with the slam of a door she was gone.

The teacher sat there alone in his classroom, pantsless, holding the damp underwear of his pupil in his hand.
He got himself dressed then held Karen's panties to his face as he inhaled deeply.

He realized he still had English papers to correct and Karen's parting gift and the memory of his encounter with the little, blonde, smart, beautiful girl was going to be quite the distraction.


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