Oz: Adebisi Bangs Officer Claire Howell (MF,inter,anal,rough)
by The Fan

The Oswald State Penitentiary, also called the Emerald City, stands alone as the most complex and dangerous state penitentiary in the United States of America. Governor James Devlin praises Oz as a model prison. Warden Glynn runs the place with an iron fist. The prison's diverse population, split between Black gangsters known as the Homeboys, Latinos, Italians, Irishmen, Bikers, Aryan Brotherhood and of course, the Gays and the Others.

In this cutthroat, decidedly nightmarish environment, which is all-male by design, one lady reigns supreme. This fearless and most decidedly unique lady (a term used in the loosest possible sense in this instance) in question is corrections officer Claire Howell. Tall, strongly built, and decidedly tomboyish, with a vindictive streak, sociopathic tendencies and an insatiable sex drive, corrections officer Claire Howell is a force to be reckoned with.

It's not easy to be a woman in a man's world. A lot of female professionals in male-dominated fields would totally agree on that one. Women often have to prove their toughness and their competence in these male-dominated environments by working harder than ordinary male workers. Meet the lady who not only outshines the guys at their own game, but also looks good while doing it.

Officer Claire Howell, the Bitch of Oz, terrifies most of the men. The lady does whatever she wants, whether she feels like beating a male inmate for whistling at her or having sex with another male inmate whom she finds attractive. Oh, and Claire Howell doesn't stop there. The insatiable super slut also has her way with male corrections officers. Just ask prison manager McManus.

There is one question on everyone's minds at the Oswald State Penitentiary. One burning question. Is there anyone left at Oz who can challenge Claire Howell, the woman on whose bad side even Warden Glynn fears to end up? Nigerian hustler and Oz kingpin Simon Adebisi, leader of the Homeboys, answers corrections officer Claire Howell's challenge. The brother steps up like only a brother can. They got busy in Oz's kitchen.

Lying on her back, legs in the air, jaw slack, Oswald State Penitentiary correctional officer Claire Howell looked up at the tall, dark and ruggedly handsome figure of Simon Adebisi as the towering Nigerian kingpin slid his big dick into her butt. Adebisi smiled wickedly as he worked his big dark dick into Claire Howell's butt, and the bitchy corrections officer smirked wickedly.

"Fuck my ass harder, dammit!" Claire Howell said angrily, and Abebisi smiled and pinched the tall, plump white chick's nipples as he continued fucking her. In his nearly forty years upon this Earth, Super Gangster and Oz kingpin Simon Adebisi had fucked a lot of people, male and female, and there was nothing the Nigerian hustler loved more than a tight asshole. Hell, Simon Adebisi didn't care whom the asshole belonged to, as long as he got to fuck it.

"I like a freaky woman," Adebisi said, and the burly Nigerian kingpin raised the White female officer's chunky legs in the air. Simon Adebisi looked at Claire Howell's hairy cunt and fingered her cunt as he plowed her asshole with his big ebony dick. Oz correctional officer Claire Howell absolutely loved rough sex, and after banging Oz studs like the O'Reilly brothers and prison manager Tim McManus, Nigerian stud Simon Adebisi was the next logical step in Claire Howell's sexual to-do least.

"Women don't get any freakier than me," Claire Howell said, licking her lips suggestively and flashing Simon Adebisi a most wicked grin. The Nigerian kingpin pinched Claire's big floppy tits and slapped her hard across the face. Claire Howell screamed loudly, licked her lips nastily and glared at Simon Adebisi tauntingly.

"Hit me harder," Claire Howell all but pleaded, and super gangster Simon Adebisi smiled wickedly and happily obliged her. Adebisi struck corrections officer Claire Howell hard, punching her, and the female officer's lip split and bled. Corrections officer Claire Howell licked her lip, satisfied, turned on by the pain like only a masochist could be.

"I want to hit that big white ass of yours from the back," Adebisi said, and officer Claire Howell obediently got on all fours, presenting the Super Gangster with a delicious plate of White female ass and a great visual to work with. Adebisi caressed Claire Howell's big, creamy White ass and spanked it roughly, causing the officer to yelp.

"Spank my ass hard and fuck it," Claire Howell whispered in a sexy, husky voice that Adebisi found absolutely irresistible. The Nigerian-born Super Gangster gripped Claire Howell by those wide hips of hers and thrust his ebony dick into her asshole. Nothing Adebisi loved more than a tight asshole around his dick, that's for damn sure.

Claire Howell licked her lips, loving the deliciously hot pain that she felt down below as Simon Adebisi's thick Nigerian dick invaded her asshole. The slutty corrections officer had been ass fucked many times before, but never by a dick as long and as dark as Simon Adebisi's. Nope, the Nigerian stud's super cock was in a class by itself.

"Give me that ass, you crazy white bitch," Adebisi shouted, gripping officer Claire Howell's long dark hair and spanking that big White ass of hers while thrusting his chocolate dick deep into her asshole. Claire Howell laughed like a madwoman, grinding her thick White ass against Simon Adebisi's groin and inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) driving his dick deeper into her asshole.

"Take my ass, Mr. Nigeria!" Claire Howell howled, and Adebisi went nuts on her, slamming his dick mercilessly into her asshole. Prying her plump White butt cheeks with both hands, corrections officer Claire Howell gleefully offered her asshole to Simon Adebisi, and the Super Gangster from Nigeria happily took it. Adebisi happily sodomized Claire Howell, making her scream like the wanton slut she is.

"That was fun," Claire Howell said, rolling on her back with a happy smile on her face, moments after Simon Adebisi came and pulled his ebony dick out of her asshole. The corrections officer readjusted her clothes, and squeezed out a fart, while an amused Adebisi looked on. Claire Howell shrugged, for anal sex always made her a bit gassy and she didn't give a fuck what Adebisi thought of her. The Nigerian was a great fuck, but that's all he was.

"See you around," Simon Adebisi said, and corrections officer Claire Howell left the kitchen. Adebisi put his head phones back on and got right back to cooking. The fact that Adebisi just butt fucked corrections officer Claire Howell in the same kitchen where he raped Italian roughneck Peter Schiabetta didn't bother him none, since he's cheerfully sociopathic. Claire Howell went back to her rounds with a smile on her face, and Adebisi sang an old Yoruba song as he cooked.

Unbeknownst to either party is the fact that Nigerian-born Super Gangster and Oz kingpin Simon Adebisi's arch rival, Muslim leader Kareem Said, witnessed the whole thing. The Muslim brother was looking for a quiet spot to pray when he witnessed the unthinkable between two of Oz's most dangerous elements. Snickering, Kareem Said rubbed his hands as he walked into the darkness. The brother smiled, knowing that he now had enough information on both of his enemies to blackmail them into submission. All in a day's work.


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