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Parks And Recreations: I Just Wanted Her To Like Me Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

That first day she had sex with April wasn't exactly a productive day for Ann Perkins. It was fine at first, but then after the incident she couldn't even think coherently, that infuriating documentary crew that was always hanging around capturing hours upon hours of footage of her sitting at her desk and just staring into space with an expression on her face which mirrored the chaos that was going on inside her head.

Eventually she just buried her head in the desk and let out a rather pathetic sounding groan of, "Please... just leave me alone."

* * *

Thankfully the documentary crew respected her wishes this time around, although it probably wasn't because they had developed any kind of conscience. No, it was far more likely they were simply bored of filming her staring off into space, those jerks figuring the reason boring old Ann Perkins was upset wasn't that interesting. Well screw them, because this was a way bigger story than anything else they would ever get. Not that they would get the story, Ann would make sure of that, because no one could know.

No one could know that she fucked April Ludgate. Or perhaps more accurately April Ludgate fucked her. It definitely felt like the latter given there wasn't a moment Ann had felt in control, and for all her silent freaking out over what had happened Ann couldn't deny she felt fucked. As in well fucked. As in, oh my God, another girl whose half her age and hated her had given her the best sex of her life, and Ann had no idea what that meant for her future.

Would she have to quit the Parks Department? She loved working there, but how could she possibly go back and face her ex-boyfriend after having sex with his wife? How could she possibly maintain her cool around anyone else she was in the same room as April, the wicked girl no doubt flashing her a knowing evil grin at every opportunity to remind her of their moment of madness. And what about Leslie? How was she going to be able to keep this from her? Answer, she wasn't, and she would end up fired for having sex in the workplace with a girl half her age.

Then there was the little issue of the fact that despite what April said, and how mind blowing the sex had been, Ann wasn't gay.

She wasn't!

What happened with April was just some fluke, an accident, her own body playing some kind of weird trick on her, because Ann was thirty-five and if she was gay she would have figured it out by now. Ok, so maybe she could see why April, and perhaps even her own body, had made that mistake. None of her relationships with men had ever worked out and she was terrible at sex. But so what? Ann was sure that the same was true for many straight women, and April was totally messing with her to be mean, as per usual.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door and poor Ann was far too lost in her own thoughts to realise the last thing she should be doing right now was talking to anyone, let alone who actually showed up on her doorstep.

"Oh God." Ann practically whimpered as she opened up her door to reveal April, "What are you doing here?"

"Andy was being lame." April shrugged dismissively, quickly ducking underneath Ann's right arm so she could gain access to Ann's house, "We couldn't agree on what to watch so I told him to do whatever he wanted, I was just going to come over here and have sex with you."

"OH GOD!" Ann loudly exclaimed as she slammed her front door closed, "April!"

"What? He just laughed and told me to have fun in his obvious 'yeah right' tone." April huffed, before a thoughtful look crossed her face, "Pity... I would have let him watch."

Ann was about to respond to that but she quickly restrained herself, briefly closing her eyes and taking a calming breath before focusing all her attention on the girl in front of her, "April, I... I don't really know what happened earlier, but-"

"I fucked you." April interrupted bluntly, "That's what happened earlier."

"I know that's what happened, but..." Ann practically growled before sighing in defeat, "But I don't know why I let you do that to me."

"You're gay for me, that's why." April smirked, advancing on the older brunette.

"No... no, no, no, no... that's not it at all, honestly, I'm not... April, you have to believe me, I... I, I..." Ann stammered, slowly retreating backwards until she had practically walk-through her entire apartment, her back bumping against her bedroom door at which point she whimpered, "I just wanted you to like me."

"Why?" April asked in her normal monotone voice.

Ann had an answer for that, several in fact, but her mind was drawing a complete blank, the poor older brunette eventually mumbling, "I... I, I don't know."

"I do." April said, leaning in to kiss her.

Ann should have stopped her. She should have stopped her earlier that day. However both then and now she was too stunned to do anything but just stand there like an idiot as April Ludgate pressed her lips against hers, the much younger girl effortlessly taking control of her just by doing that. And wrapping her arms around Ann and gently beginning to rub her back, sides and arms, but hey, who's counting.

The point was Ann found herself completely melting into April's arms and lips, and that was before April added her tongue into the mix. When she did that Ann felt herself being completely devoured by the scary intern, Ann almost wishing that was literally the case and April was turning into her true, monstrous form so she could literally eat her, because metaphorically being eaten by April seemed very much a possibility and something Ann wasn't sure she could live with.

Somewhere in her muddled mind Ann was vaguely aware of movement. As in she was being moved first to the side, then backward, and finally lowered down on something soft, but she never offered up any form of complaint. She couldn't, not when April's soft lips and body were glued to her own while the wicked tongue bullied hers into submission. Then those wonderful lips and that skilled tongue were being removed, Ann first whimpering because April was no longer kissing her, then because the younger brunette was moving away, then because she realised she was in her own bed now just waiting for another girl to fuck her.

Again she tried to protest, but no words could escape from her mouth. Not when April Ludgate was staring at her. Then stripping off her clothes, Ann biting her lip as she watched April reveal her tiny feminine body, just about each new piece of clothing being removed making Ann's heart beat faster and her pussy wetter. Then April slowly got back onto the bed, carefully lifting herself up to her feet and then walking across so she was standing directly over Ann's face. Then she dropped to her knees and all of a sudden April's pussy was right in front of her face, Ann still too shocked to say anything.

"This time, I go first." April explained as casually as a normal person would tell you the time.

For a few long seconds Ann stared at April's pussy, her mind racing a mile a minute as she tried to figure out what to do. Of course she knew what she should do, but Ann couldn't find the emotional strength to tell April no, that the younger girl needed to get off of her, to push the other brunette off of her if need be. Not that she felt like she had the physical strength to push the tiny girl away, Ann's entire body feeling numb with shock at what was happening to her. To her shame there was another reason as well, desire. Unfamiliar, scary, and most importantly forbidden desire which made it difficult not to just stick out her tongue and slide it over the wet flesh in front of her which smelt ridiculously good to her.

"Hurry up Ann." April sighed in annoyance, "We both know you want this."

With her eyes getting blurry from unshed tears Ann whimpered, "I shouldn't."

April rolled her eyes, thought about it for a long moment, and then asked, "Would you like me to take the choice away from you."

There was another pause, and then with tears finally rolling down her cheeks Ann practically whispered, "Yes."

A tiny chuckle of disbelief escaped April's lips, then she reached down and yanked Ann's hair to make sure the older woman was looking up at her when she practically growled, "Eat my pussy Ann! Eat it right here, right now, or I'll fuck you tomorrow in front of everyone! You know you'd let me do it."

The last part was added a few seconds later as an obvious afterthought, but it had Ann whimpering because she knew it was true, and also because the idea of April fucking her in the middle of the Parks department made Ann's pussy horrifyingly wet. For a few moments Ann wondered how April would do it, whether the girl would finger her again like she had when they were alone in her office or whether she would use her tongue or whether she would just force Ann to her knees and force her to service her. Then there was another tug on her head and Ann opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and slid it over April's pussy lips.

Just like last time the first lick momentarily took all of Ann's problems away as the nurse's entire world became April's pussy. That yummy treat in front of her face with those wonderfully addicting juices, Ann slowly lapping at the first like a kitten with the saucer of milk. Then she began an ever-increasing rhythm contortions lashing April's pussy lips with her tongue, Ann lingering on the young girl's clit because it caused the most erotic sounds she'd ever heard to escape April's mouth.

After who knows how long of this April lowered herself down further so that Ann's head was pressed against the bed sheets and her face was smothered in the frightening girl's cunt. The good part about that was April's downstairs lips when our pressed firmly against Ann's upstairs lips so that the younger brunette's delicious juices flowing pretty much directly into the older brunette's mouth and down her throat, Ann forced to switch almost exclusively to simply gulping down all the liquid April was giving her because if she didn't she might not survive. The bad part was April started grinding on her face, meaning some of the heavenly liquid escaped her now ravenous mouth.

It got so much worse when April started literally fucking her face with her cunt, something Ann wouldn't have thought was possible for a woman to do to another, or a man for that matter, but there was no other way she could describe this. And when she found herself frantically licking April's clit to make a girl half her age provide more pussy cream for her to try and swallow, most of the liquid covering her face and soaking up into her hair, Ann suddenly had a moment of perfect clarity.

While April was terrifying and willing to do all sorts of things for her own amusement she valued her job at the Parks and Recreations Department, and if she really did fuck Ann or anyone in the middle of the offices in the middle of the day she would be fired for sure. And the girl had offered to take her choice away, which was insane, because that meant Ann had to make the choice to ask April to take her choice away. Essentially Ann had made her choice in that moment, Ann doing the wrong thing yet again and somehow tricking herself into believing April was forcing her to do something.

Sure, April had been aggressive since the moment she showed up on her doorstep, before then even, but Ann could have stopped her at any time. She should have stopped her. It shouldn't have been that difficult, even if they were both short April wasn't very athletic while at her age Ann had to work out to stay in shape. So really she had no excuses, Ann had once again given into these new, scary and exciting desires and now here she was, lying on her back with April riding her face.

For a second Ann was so horrified with herself for her weakness she actually thought she might be able to convince herself to stop greedily licking April's clit and swallowing the much younger girl's pussy juices. Then it happened again. The most heavenly liquid Ann had ever known flooded her mouth, this time the older woman instantly recognising it as April's cum. April was cumming in her mouth, Ann overwhelmed with excitement at having pleased the other girl. At having made the younger girl cum in her mouth. At having made another girl cum in her mouth, Ann feeling the most bizarre rush of achievement and satisfaction.

Ann also felt ravenous hunger for girl cum, the first heavenly drop making her berserk, but even as she glued her mouth to April's cum leaking hole and started frantically gulping for all she was worth the majority of the precious liquid ended up covering her face. That was partly because April wouldn't stop shaking and grinding on top of her, Ann trying to hold the tiny girl in place but she was just too overwhelmed by this experience to even slow the other brunette down. Essentially Ann was completely powerless, and all she could do was desperately try to swallow as much of what was quickly becoming her favourite liquid ever until April was done with her.

Without any warning April got off of Ann's face, the nurse whimpering as it felt like only a second ago the younger girl started cumming. At the exact same time it felt like hours, Ann's mouth and tongue aching from all the work she had been doing and she practically felt drunk from April's girl cum. Was that a thing? Probably not, and as someone medically trained Ann felt silly for even thinking it, but while she could teach a class on sex education it turned out she didn't actually know that much about sex, because wow, just eating April's pussy was way more satisfying than just about any sex she'd had with a man.

Not that Ann didn't want April to return the favour, she really, really wanted her too, but right now her mouth was so sore it didn't feel like she could even ask for it. To be fair April didn't look in any condition to give it, Ann eventually turning her head to see that her co-worker was lying beside her and her whole body was flushed as she desperately gasped for breath.

Like that to brunettes lay for several long minutes, Ann silently wondering things like would she ever get April's taste out of her mouth, or the smell of this terrifying girl out of her bed and the clothes she was wearing. Another question was, did she want too, Ann having to admit part of her like the idea of being haunted by April Ludgate, particularly the part where April would be the first thing she would smell in the morning and the last thing she would smell at night, that sent no doubt giving her some very pleasant dreams.

Then April finally sat up, "Well, bye."

"Hey! What about me?" Ann protested.

"What about you?" April shrugged as she got off the bed, and then just as Ann was really getting angry she looked directly at her for the first time during this conversation and in that monotone voice of hers added, "You're not gay. Remember?"

There was a long pause, and then mostly because she was desperate to be touched, Ann looked down and mumbled, "I... I, I might be a little gay."

"I'm sorry, what was that?" April slowly grinned, cartoonishly putting her hand up to her ear.

For a moment Ann continued looking down, then she forced herself to look April in the eye and said, "I might be a tiny little bit gay. Just for you. Or something. I really don't know, and... and April, please, torture me about this later... just, you know..."

"Fuck you?" April offered, and then when Ann just nodded weakly the younger brunette added, "Is that what nice, normal girl Ann Perkins wants? Does she want me, another girl, to fuck her like the slutty lesbian she is?"

"Yes." Ann whimpered.

Tilting her head April asked, "Then why are you still wearing clothes?"

There was a moment's pause, then Ann rushed to strip her clothing off of her in what had to be record time for her, probably ruing it all in the process as she pretty much literally ripped it off her body. In fairness the shirt was already ruined thanks to April's cum escaping her mouth and running in all directions, but that didn't stop the fact that it was kind of embarrassing just how obviously needy she now was, that neediness a source of great amusement to April who smiled wickedly. Ann could remember when she'd do just about anything to see that smile. Now she just wanted to make it go away, because it was causing shivers to run through her body which were both delightful and terrifying.

Once Ann was lying back down on the bed again, this time completely naked, April gave her a long look and then smirked, "Too easy."

Ann panicked as April turn to leave, the aching to cum older brunette almost literally crying as she called out, "No April, please don't go, I'll do anything!"

Stopping by her clothes April turned around and flashed Ann another worrying smirk, "Anything?"

Ann gulped, then nodded, then when that didn't appear to be enough looked down nervously and mumbled, "Anything."

There was another pause between them, and then April slowly crawled onto the bed and along Ann's body like some kind of predator stalking its prey, lightly pushing Ann when the time came so she ended up on her back. Then when they were face to face April gently pressed her body down against Ann's and the older woman couldn't help but let out a soft moan of joy. It was partly because just the feeling of April's small boobs and wet pussy pressing against her own was providing some much-needed stimulation, but it was also because their body seemed perfectly fit together like two jigsaw pieces put in the right place.

"Do you have a dildo or something I can use on you?" April asked, yanking Ann back to reality.

Blushing furiously Ann shook her head.

"Really?" April questioned in a mixture of disbelief and disgust before sighing indignantly, "Fine, whatever. I guess I kinda, sorta wanted to try this anyway."

Ann opened her mouth to ask April what she meant, but she was rendered speechless when the infuriating 22-year-old girl quickly crawled down her body so that her face was hovering over the thirty-something woman's pussy. She then just stared at it for an eternity, Ann honestly feeling like she stopped breathing for a few brief seconds, then April looked up at her with an evil smirk and then without moving from that position reached up and twisted Ann's nipples hard enough to make her cry out in pain.

"For future reference, lesbians like you love foreplay. They can spend hours just playing with each other's titties, a little bit like this!" April explained, emphasising her point at the end by twisting Ann's nipples even harder, "You should try not to skip it... but if, I don't know, one of you had just spent ages eating pussy like it was your job, or had been in a super long car ride and the whole time thought about the awesome pussy eating she was going to get once she arrived, skipping the foreplay might be ok. Or at least I think so, but then again I'm not a lesbian slut like you."

Somehow these words cut Ann to the bone, even if she should be expecting nothing less from April. In fact by the terrifying younger girl's standards she had been downright nice, especially when Ann had totally lost her mind to her need for sex, that overwhelming need still controlling her as instead of insisting she wasn't gay Ann just closed her eyes, tilted her head back and whimpered pathetically, the mature adult of the Parks department once again surrendering her body to the assistant.

Honestly she was expecting more pain, either the physical kind or the psychological kind, Ann honestly unsure which would be worse at this point. So the long, slow, gentle lick to her pussy took her completely by surprise, Ann's eyelids shooting wide open and an extremely loud moan escaping her lips as she experienced some of the most intense pleasure of her life. The intensity was repeated over and over again, April starting to lap at her twat with wonderfully long, slow and gentle licks which started from the bottom of her pussy lips all the way up to her clit.

At the same time April's grip on her nipples loosened to the point that she was just gently holding them, then after a while she began to gently massage them. It was just the flesh of her boobs at first, mostly, but then April got focused on tweaking her nipples with suppressing gentleness and efficiency, the additional feeling this caused making Ann feel like she was going to explode from sensory overload.

For a while it all seemed wonderful, Ann wondering why April would ever make her feel this good. Ok, so the 22-year-old had done something similar earlier in the day, but that was to proved that the nurse was at least a little gay, something which in this moment Ann couldn't bring herself to deny. Surely April didn't need more proof, so why was April doing this?

Then it all became clear, the overwhelming pleasure turning into unbearable agony as Ann's desire to cum became a burning need which threatened to burn her alive from the inside out. Ann desperately racked her brain to see if she could come up with the medical term for it, but she couldn't think clearly about that or anything else, her entire world becoming April's tongue on her cunt and April's hands on her tits, the poor nurse writhing in her own bed as she was sexually tortured by a girl half her age.

Suddenly April's tongue was no longer on her cunt, it was inside it. April's tongue was inside her. April was inside her. April freaking Ludgate was inside her, the evil 22-year-old girl making her feel more pleasure than anyone or anything ever had, even Ann's idea of pleasure being redefined as April began thrusting her tongue in and out of her. Fucking her. April was fucking her. Again. This time with her tongue, April freaking Ludgate tongue fucking Ann so ridiculously good.

Just when Ann didn't think it could get any better she came in April's mouth, the younger brunette wrapping her mouth tightly around the older brunette's pussy lips in a tight seal much in the way Ann had done when the positions were reversed so she could swallow as much girl cum as possible. Of course Ann was only faintly aware of this, and the fact that eventually April replaced her tongue with a couple of fingers as the other girl easily broke the previous record for making Ann cum.

Over and over again Ann experienced the greatest pleasure of her life, the mature woman screaming, writhing and bucking furiously but never able to even slow April down for a second, the ecstasy almost becoming torturous again just before exhaustion took over and Ann slipped into blissful relief of unconsciousness.

* * *

The next morning Ann found herself sitting in her living room wearing only a fluffy bath-robe and staring off into space again with the exact same expression which had been on her face yesterday, her eyes eventually focusing on the camera which had somehow ended up in front of her face, but honestly, she was still too stunned to get angry at this latest violation of her privacy.

There was no trace of April, other than the smell of the other girl on her sheets, and while it was possible she had dreamt every wonderful/horrifying thing that happened yesterday Ann knew it actually happened. She just had no idea what, if anything, she was going to do about it. What could she do? She felt completely at the mercy of April Ludgate, and amongst all of the questions rattling around in her head the most prominent one was why was she actually enjoying April having power over her?

Was she really some kind of submissive lesbian? A... what was the word... a bottom? And why did April Ludgate have to discover this about her, and why did she have to like it?

After staring into the camera for a long time she voiced her internal conflict, "Seriously, what's going on? What's happening?"


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