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Author's note: This is set during Season 4.

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Parks And Recreations: I Just Wanted Her To Like Me Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Again Ann Perkins found herself staring into a camera, kind of hoping that it would just go away while for the millionth time she thought about the infuriating April Ludgate. About what was going on with them, how could Ann put a stop to it, and did she really want to put a stop to it? Then the cameraman gave a forced cough, making Ann focus on the camera again.

Sighing dramatically she decided to give them something, "It continued like that for a while. April showing up at my house or my office whenever she damn well pleased, making me eat her pussy on command before or after fingering me to an admittedly wonderful climax. Or ten. Then one day I got a note from her job at the house and, well... could you say no?"

As usual the camera crew didn't answer, leaving Ann to remember that fateful night were the last of her resolve was broken and she became consumed by a girl over 10 years her junior.

* * *

How April managed to sneak a note into her locker in the hospital changing rooms was still a mystery to Ann, but while worrying and a little creepy it also made Ann feel all warm inside. After all, April had gone through a lot of trouble to get her that note, so she almost didn't mind that the younger girl didn't return any of her calls or texts about it. Of course all of those messages featured Ann insisting she couldn't possibly do what the note requested, something the note made very clear April didn't want to hear.

So ultimately, knowing April wouldn't accept any of her very valid excuses, Ann had showed up at the home April shared with her husband/Ann's ex-boyfriend Andy, the older brunette barely having enough time to knock on the door before the younger brunette grabbed her and shoved her inside. Poor Ann barely had a chance to open her mouth, the mature adult wanting so desperately to argue why she really shouldn't be here, but of course April shoved her tongue down her throat, meaning of course that Ann could do nothing but melt into the 22-year-old's arms.

"God Ann, what took you so long?" April huffed when she finally broke the kiss.

"I, I... I have a full-time job April!" Ann stammered, still dazed from the kiss, "I'm a nurse, remember? Why does everyone keep forgetting that?"

"Probably because you seem too." April crumbled, pulling back to look Ann up and down.

"Well I didn't-" Ann began.

"Nobody cares!" April interrupted harshly before scowling, "You're not even dressed slutty."

Ann blushed, "I thought this was pretty slutty. You even said so yourself."

"Yeah, before we were fucking, but now I actually want you to look slutty so this should be at least a few sizes smaller." April argued, grabbing onto Ann's shirt without warning and quickly sliding her hands up to the other brunette's boobs, "You've got perky tits and a nice, firm ass... for a woman of your advanced years."

"Oh... thanks, I guess?" Ann blushed furiously.

"Oh don't thank me, because if you don't start showing off these goodies soon, I'm going to have to punish you." April said in a somehow more menacing voice than usual, before standing back and sighing, "Are you at least wearing sexy underwear?"

"Ye, yes." Ann stammered.

"Show me." April demanded.

"Right here?" Ann blushed again.

April nodded, "I told you, Andy isn't here. He's having a guys night or whatever. Now take off your clothes!"

Ann did as she was told, again asking herself when it had become so difficult to say no to April Ludgate. She had said it before, right? She was sure April had said something obnoxious or mean and she had no problem shooting her down. Or maybe that was the problem. Before April was just being a brat, now she was giving Ann more sexual pleasure than the poor nurse could have ever imagined, leaving her at the complete mercy of this terrifying nutcase.

"That's more like it." April grinned widely as Ann revealed she was at least wearing a matching lease bra and panties, "That's definitely what a slut like you should be wearing. Mmmmmm, maybe I should make you wear it to work?"

"Don't even joke about that April!" Ann warned.

"You would, wouldn't you?" April grinned, the way Ann looked down and blushed answering her question, "If I told you to come to work in just a bra and panties you'd do it! God Ann, you're such a naughty slut."

Wanting desperately to shut the other girl up, but unable to think of a good verbal response, Ann suddenly grabbed April and shoved her tongue down her throat. Which almost immediately backfired, because Ann only had a couple of seconds of feeling like she had the upper hand before April easily regained control by bullying Ann's tongue into submission with her own, leaving the poor older woman a limp little puppet in her arms. And as she waited to be used by the younger girl Ann soon found herself whimpering into April's mouth as the scary assistant unhooked her bra and slipped it off her with the greatest of ease before doing the same to her panties.

Once she was standing there completely naked Ann broke the kiss, or at least was allowed to do so, pulled back and whimpered, "Please stop teasing me April. This isn't funny."

"It's kind of funny." April disagreed, glancing down at the goodies before her, "And I'm laughing on the inside, but if you want me to fuck you like the naughty little lesbian slut you are, all you have to do is ask."

Knowing exactly what April wanted Ann close her eyes briefly to gather up all her courage, then she opened them again and clearly stated, "Fuck me! Fuck me April. Please fuck me like the naughty little lesbian slut I am."

For a moment April was her usual emotionless self, then she grinned wickedly, "Good girl."

What felt like less than a second later Ann was back in what was becoming one of her favourite places, namely wrapped in April's arms with the other brunette's tongue almost literally down her throat. The next thing she knew she was being pushed back onto the bed her ex-boyfriend shared with his wife, the place that they had most likely consummated their relationship and then soon after their marriage, and now she was naked on it with his fully clothed wife grinding down over her, Ann so horny in that moment she felt like she could cum if April just kept grinding their bodies together like this.

It had happened before, albeit with April naked too, but it was not to be this time as the younger girl eventually broke the kiss and move down Ann's body slightly to latch her mouth onto her tits. Which of course just left Ann to moan, groan, whimper and cry out as for the next few minutes April when back and forth between her boobs, making the already pretty stiff nipples painfully hard thanks to a series of licks, sucks, and bites. Then, after maybe slightly less foreplay to what she was used to, Ann let out an extra pathetic sounding whine as April started kissing her way down her stomach.

So far April had only ever fingered Ann. That wasn't a complaint because April had made Ann cum faster, harder and more frequently with her fingers than anyone else had ever done with any part of their body, however even when she was trying to put a stop to this madness Ann wondered what it would be like to have April go down on her. How would it feel? Would it be weird? Would it make her cum faster, harder and more frequently than being fingered by the wicked intern? Would it turn her into a 100% lesbian, if such a thing was even possible? Or would it finally break the spell April must have cast over her?

Ann got in answer to at least the first question right away, as the second April settled in between her thighs and gave her the first almost painfully slow lick, sliding her wicked tongue from the very bottom of Ann's pussy all the way to the top the nurse knew she could never describe this in a negative way. Because it felt good. oh so fucking good. Better than any man, better than anything she'd ever imagined, Ann's head shooting back as she let out an almost deafening cry as she was overwhelmed by pleasure.

On some level she somehow knew April had a big self-satisfied smirk on her face right now, but Ann couldn't care less. She didn't care about anything except the amazing pleasure she was now feeling, Ann desperately wanting the beautiful 22-year-old girl to lick her mature pussy just like this forever. At the exact same time she wanted more. Wanted April to make her cum more badly than she had ever wanted it before, which was really saying something. However Ann was incapable of speech right now. Hell, she was barely capable of thought.

All Ann was really aware of in the first few minutes of her first girl on girl pussy eating was the long slow licks April was dishing out. When thinking became a little easier she noted that it was a little weird, especially when she looked downwards in between her legs to spot the long-haired brunette body of a girl half her age. However like with everything else the weirdness somewhat added to it. It was incredibly shameful to admit it even silently to herself but part of Ann got off on the fact that she was having an unbelievably taboo affair with a younger woman. And considering how much April got her off, well, Ann was surprised she hadn't melted from the intensity of what she was feeling.

In a way perhaps that's exactly what had happened. Perhaps Ann had melted away and all that was left was a little puddle of flesh and bone. Which again was weird, but as good as explanation as any for why she just laid there for a few minutes whimpering, crying and moaning in pure pleasure as April licked her pussy. Then all of a sudden it wasn't enough, and the once wonderful pleasure gave way to overwhelming need for more, Ann willing to cast aside all modesty just to get what she now so desperately wanted.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd fuck me! Mmmmmmm fuck, please April, make me cum!" Ann cried out, desperately clutching the sheets to take her mind off the aching need to cum, "Please? Please, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeee, make me cum! Ohhhhhhhh fuck me with your tongue and make me cum! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Stick your tongue inside me and fuck me with it aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

"Be careful Ann, that almost sounded like a demand." April said in a warning tone after removing her mouth completely from Ann's cunt and smacking it a few times with her hand to punish the older woman.

"No, no, no, no, I, aaaaahhhhh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean-" Ann whimpered, crying out again as April first gave her pussy one hard smack, then a series of them to make her shut up.

"I don't want to hear your excuses Man Perkins!" April scolded the older brunette, "I just want you to ask me properly for what you so desperately need. Come on, beg me to fuck your old dyke cunt with my girl tongue. That you need another girl to fuck you, because it's the only way a naughty lesbian slut like you can get off. Tell me Ann, tell me what a freaking lezzie whore you are. Tell me how badly you want me to fuck your old dyke cunt and make you cum like the naughty lesbian slut you are!"

Ann whimpered, threw her head back and wished she had the power to resist. Wished that April didn't have some kind of weird power over her. That she had some semblance of control and/or dignity left. But instead she started to shamelessly babble, Ann almost completely unaware of what she was actually saying because they were just words.

In that moment Ann would say anything to be allowed to cum, "Ohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmmmm, April please, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeee fuck my old dyke cunt with your girl tongue and make me cum like a slut! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck, I need another girl to fuck me, because ooooooooooh, because it's the only way a naughty lesbian slut like me can get off. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, I'm a freaking lezzie whore who badly wants you to fuck my old dyke cunt and make me cum like the naughty lesbian slut I am! Please April, please, please, please, please ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, fuck me like a lesbian slut and make me cum! I'm gay April! You're right, I'm gay, a lesbian, a dyke slut, whatever you want to call me, I'm it AAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCK ME!"

After that Ann became completely incoherent. She tried to say more, just on the off chance that April would take pity on just how desperate she was or she could find a way to offer April something she wanted in exchange for giving Ann the orgasm she so desperately wanted. But it was no use, the second April slid her tongue into Ann's pussy all that was left was a quivering shell of a woman who couldn't stop whimpering, screaming and crying out in the most blissful pleasure she'd ever experienced.

In what was left of her mind part of Ann told herself she wasn't a lesbian, at least not completely. Because while it was still kind of upsetting to not realise she was bi and for April Ludgate of all people to make her realise this perhaps now obvious truth Ann still clung to the idea that her entire life hadn't been a lie, that she really had enjoyed her past relationships at least on some level, even though she had never known ecstasy like this existed.

Then she came. And it wasn't even the indescribable heaven of April fingering her, because it was so much better than that. Or at least a different level of heaven, because April was soon reminding her just how skilled her fingers were when she replaced her tongue with them inside Ann's cunt to squeeze another orgasm out of the older woman. She then went back and forth between her tongue and fingers, eventually settling on both thanks to Ann's clit which was apparently the perfect target for April's tongue as the 22-year-old's fingers hammered Ann's pussy through multiple climaxes.

Just as Ann thought she was about to slip into unconsciousness April removed her tongue and fingers from her pussy, causing the older woman to whimper pathetically. Part of Ann was relieved, because this meant she wouldn't be unconscious in April's presence which seemed like a bad idea. More importantly it meant they could continue having sex. Also it provided a few precious minutes to recover from her orgasms, Ann just blissfully quivering as after-shocks ran through her body.

When she had the strength to sit up slightly to look for her lover Ann's eyes went wide as she spotted a now completely naked April standing by her bedside drawers, strapping a large dildo around her waist. Despite everyone in the office thinking she was a prude Ann knew full well what that was, she just didn't think after the amazing tongue fucking she had just taken that she could possibly survive getting dildo fucked too. Unfortunately for her she was barely conscious as it was, and even if she had energy to object her throat was so sore Ann wasn't sure any coherent sound would come out.

April didn't seem to have that problem, "Ann, you've had like hundreds and thousands of boyfriends, right? So you must be pretty great at sucking cock? Huh?"

Ann blushed and mumbled, "I, I guess-"

"Great, why don't you come over here and prove you're good at something for a change." April said dryly, adding with a small smile, "Other than eating pussy, of course. No denying you were born to do that."

Absurdly Ann was actually grateful April added that last part. She was actually worried for a second. How insane was that? Of course this whole situation was insane as Ann should have been offended enough by everything April said to give the little brat a piece of her mind and then storm out in a huff while threatening April to never, ever speak of this thing between them ever again. Instead she slowly forced herself off of the bed and kneeled in front of April like a puppy trying to please its master.

It wasn't easy, first because her legs felt like jelly and all she could do was stumble off the bed and literally crawl over to the other girl. Then when she grabbed the dildo by the base and guided it into her mouth Ann was faced with the second problem, she wasn't that experienced at sucking cock. Sure, she did it when she first started going out with a guy either to make him think she wasn't a total prude or to make sure he was lubricated for her pussy, but she never really got an urge to do it, like when her mouth watered at the thought of eating April's pussy.

So, as Ann began bobbing her head up and down on the fake cock while rapidly salivating on it, she knew it was only a matter of time before April began criticising her. She tried to put it off for as long as she could by putting more effort into this blow job than any other BJ she had ever given, but that just seemed to speed up the process, Ann's stomach turning as she heard a dramatic sigh from April, the younger girl clearly displeased with her performance as she tried and failed to get all of the cock into her mouth.

"God Ann, is this really the best you can do?" April huffed in disbelief, "Oh my God, I feel so sorry for all those men caught in your Venus fly trap. Oh God, you made Andy put up with this, didn't you? You made him suffer through lame ass blow jobs like this? God, you suck! Only not in the good way."

Disheartened more than ever before by April's words Ann redoubled her efforts, literally forcing the head of the strap-on into her throat. But that just made her eyes tear up and pretty quickly she had to pull away, violently coughing after a few seconds of having her windpipe so horribly stretched and filled. Again this only made things worse.

"Try harder or I'll face fuck you!" April threatened darkly.

Again Ann tried, and again her self-preservation prevented her from giving April what it was now so obviously the evil little assistant wanted. Which was another example of something which should have finally pushed Ann to leave, but instead she continue trying to push herself while continually glancing up at April in a silent plea for mercy she knew that the cruel 22-year-old would not give her.

"Fine! You want my help, I'll give it to you!" April growled, grabbing a firm hold of Ann's head and beginning to pump her hips back and forth, "This is how you should be sucking cock. With enthusiasm and passion, like you actually want to do it. Mmmmmm, fake it if you have too, just don't be lazy. Which means taking every inch that you can, Man Perkins. Oh come on, we both know you can take more than that. Don't act like you're not a total whore for cock. I've seen the way men stare at you. The way Andy stares at you. Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, that's better, take it Ann! Take it, take it, take it, take it, TAKE IT!"

While she was talking April switched from simply pumping the few inches Ann was able to take in her mouth in and out of her lips to forcing inch after inch of dildo down Ann's throat, not stopping until every inch of the intimidating cock was choking her. Ann paid the price for this, tears filling her eyes and staining her cheeks with mascara, her throat muscles aching as they were obscenely stretched and of course her nose working overtime to compensate for the dildo cutting off her windpipe. She also violently gagged and whimpered around the huge dick, but April wouldn't be denied.

On the bright side April really seem to be enjoying it, especially when she could fuck Ann's mouth with the entire length of the cock, treating the poor older woman's throat like a whore's cunt. And somehow, in that moment, pleasing April was all that mattered. Ann didn't care about her own well-being, and she certainly didn't care about keeping even a shred of dignity, she just wanted to make April happy. And from the sounds of it, she was making April very happy indeed.

Perhaps a little too happy. If Ann didn't know better she'd think the cock was real. But that was impossible, so logically there must be another dildo inside the harness pushing into April's pussy. Either that or the harness was rubbing against April's sex in a way that Ann could imagine would be very pleasant, and the idea that she was physically pleasing the younger girl as well as mentally filled the allegedly mature brunette with such incredible happiness.

Although the same time she was incredibly grateful when April pulled the strap-on out of her mouth and ordered, "Ok, that's wet enough. Time for me to utter the phrase you've probably heard more than any other, get on the bed and spread your legs for me!"

Even as she frantically gasped for breath Ann did as she was told, crawling over to the bed and pulling herself up on it before turning around and spreading her legs as wide as she could. Her heart then fluttered as she spotted a huge grin on April's face, the wicked brunette slowly joining her on the bed and positioning herself in between her legs.

April then pressed her dildo to Ann's entrance and calmly whispered, "Beg for it."

"Please April, fuck me." Ann begged without hesitation, "Fuck me April. I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me. Please? Please fuck me April. Fuck me with your cock. I need your cock. I need it inside me. I need your cock inside my pussy. Please give it to me. Please, please, please, please, please, oh April... April... OOOOOOOHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDDD APRIL!"

Ann was only begging for a few seconds but it felt like an eternity given that April slid her cock up and down her pussy lips, particularly teasing her clit and entrance in a way which had the previously tired nurse wide-awake and desperate for the penetration she was about to receive. Oh, and once she finally received it Ann let out probably the loudest moan of her life, the head of the dildo which had felt so big inside her mouth feeling so wonderfully good inside her cunt. Sure, there was a little discomfort, but Ann was so turned on from getting totally dominated by April that her body accepted the monster cock inside it with ease.

Which didn't go unnoticed by April, "God Ann, how many guys have you slept with?"

Blushing in embarrassment Ann could only moan loudly, knowing there was nothing she could say in her defence. True, she wasn't the slut April like to think she was. She'd just been with a reasonable amount of guys for her age, that's all. That part of the body was supposed to stretch anyway, and again, April just had her so turned on so much it shouldn't be that surprising that the dildo was sliding inside her with ease, and yet April broke eye contact to stare with disbelief at Ann's stretching love hole.

Ann was extremely relieved at this because it meant she could close her eyes, tilt her head back and just concentrate on moaning in pleasure. Well, that and continuing to hold her legs open, but that wasn't so bad now she was used to it and whatever embarrassment she received from exposing herself in such a graphic way was more than made up for by the pleasure of having her womanhood filled with big rubber cock. In fact if she was honest with herself the embarrassment only added to the pleasure in a really twisted way as it was another sign that a girl half her age had power over her.

Proving that again April roughly slapped one of her breasts, causing Ann to cry out in pain and open her eyes, ready to give the other girl a piece of her mind. Instead she just whimpered slightly when she saw the angry look on April's face, Ann bizarrely feeling a little afraid of what the more dominant brunette would do to her now but mostly upset that she had disappointed April.

"I said, keep your eyes on me slut!" April said darkly, this time slapping both of Ann's tits a couple of times before continuing, "I don't care if I'm not looking directly at you or not, you look at how much I'm enjoying stuffing your loose whore cunt! Do you understand me you old bitch?"

"Yes April, I'm sorry April." Ann whimpered pathetically.

"As you should be." April said, giving Ann another thrust, "Now, answer my earlier question!"

"What?" Ann asked, genuinely confused only to cry out as April smacked both her tits again.

"How many guys have you slept with?" April practically growled, leaning down so she was closer to the older woman's face.

"I, I, I... I don't know." Ann whimpered.

"Can't count that high?" April offered.

"No, it's just... a few nights have been kind of a blur, and while I've only had a few boyfriends I'm not exactly sure how many random hook ups I've had." Ann admitted.

"Oh Ann, you should always remember when you have sex." April sighed, feigning sympathy, "I guess it's just a sign of old age, or your slutty nature. Or maybe you just don't remember because all those poor guys were fucking a lesbian cunt and no matter how hard they tried they just couldn't get you off because the only cocks you actually like aren't real. Oh well, on the bright side I can promise you Ann, you'll remember when we have sex. I promise you're going to remember each and every time I use you as my own personal lesbian slut."

Ann didn't doubt that, not just because April seem to have a knack for making every time memorable but because Ann never wanted to forget a single second of being with this terrifying young woman. Because she could tell herself she was straight all day long, and maybe even make herself believe it, but when she was alone with the younger woman she was completely at April's mercy, and oh how Ann didn't want it any other way. She wanted to be April's personal lesbian slut, hence why she had practically given the other brunette an excuse to humiliate her again on a silver platter. She loved this, didn't want it to stop and above all else wanted to please April.

That proved a little difficult considering April obviously still wanted Ann to continue looking at her, and to do that the older woman had to use every ounce of self-control not to close her eyes and drop her head back again when in one smooth motion the younger girl pulled a few inches of dildo out of her cunt and then almost immediately pushed them back in. April then started repeating this process, officially beginning to fuck Ann's pussy at a slow but steady pace.

Fucking her. She was fucking her. Fucking her with a cock. April Ludgate was fucking her with a strap-on cock. Respectable grown-up Ann Perkins was being fucked by a dildo wearing a girl barely out of her teens. A girl half her age, maybe even younger enough to be her daughter, was fucking her with a strap-on dildo, reducing the only responsible adult in the Parks Department to a moaning wreck.

Those kinds of thoughts echoed through Ann's mind for quite a while, rendering her completely humiliated and blown away with submissive desire. It looked like April was having similar thoughts, albeit a mere image of them where she was revelling in her power and dominance over the older woman, the smug look on the 22-year-old's face combined with the gentle thrusting enough to make Ann feel like she was going to cum just from this treatment.

Some of Ann's lovers had been perfectly decent in bed, but none of them even compared to April. Every time they had sex April blew her away and it was no surprise that this time was no different, but just how quickly the assistant put Ann's ex-boyfriends to shame was shocking, Ann barely even noticing when she was fully impaled on the cock because she was so wrapped up in the skilled pussy pumping she was now receiving.

For some time Ann was completely lost in blissful pleasure, then April whispered, "What are you?"

"Huh?" Ann groaned, barely conscious of what was being asked.

"I said, what are you?" April last firmly, awaking and from the pleasure induced haze.

Blushing furiously Ann lowered her head and answered, "I'm... I'm gay. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

April cruelly twisted both Ann's nipples and growl, "Wrong answer."

"I'm a lesbian." Ann immediately responded, and then when April glared at her quickly added, "I'm a dyke! I'm a rug muncher? I'm a pussy licking whore? What? Just tell me what you want me to say and I'll say it!"

April smirked, leaned and closer so her face was directly in front of Ann's, and then calmly said, "You're my own personal lesbian slut, mine to fuck whenever I want."

Ann blushed again and then whimpered, "I'm, I'm your own personal lesbian slut. Yours to fuck whenever you want."

Twisting Ann's nipples again April growled, "Make me believe it!"

"I'm your own personal lesbian slut. Yours to fuck whenever you want." Ann wept, repeating it over and over, becoming more forceful everytime she said it until she was screaming at the top of her lungs, "I'm your own personal lesbian slut, yours to fuck whenever you want. I'm your own personal lesbian slut! Yours to fuck whenever you want! I swear April, I'm your own personal lesbian slut! I'm yours to fuck whenever, wherever and however you want! Ask me anything and I'll do it, I swear, I oooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh FUCK! I'M YOURS APRIL! I AM YOURS WHENEVER WHEREVER AND HOWEVER YOU FUCKING WANT! I AM YOUR OWN PERSONAL LESBIAN SLUT! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!"

The most terrifying thing about these words was by the end Ann wasn't simply trying to make April believe them, she herself believed them. Ann believed each and everyone of those words, and because they were true. God help her they were true the second April choose to take her, because no matter what she may say later now she had the clarity produced by a large dildo hammering her cunt, April now using what had to be every ounce of her strength to make Ann see the truth, and that truth was she was April's lesbian slut.

Ann Perkins was anything April Ludgate wanted her to be. A toy to be played with, a slut to be fucked, a bitch to be owned, the label didn't matter. It didn't matter whether April had 'turned her out' or she had never been straight to begin with, because Ann Perkins was now nothing but a fuck hole for April Ludgate's pleasure. And oh, how Ann hoped against hope that April was feeling a fraction of the ecstasy she was now feeling.

Even after all those mind-numbing orgasms April had given her Ann wasn't prepared for the level of intensity she felt when she first came on April's cock. And in that wonderful moment nothing could have convinced Ann the cock inside her wasn't part of April in some way, the respected nurse lost in the idea that the girl half her age was ramming deeper and harder inside her than anyone had gone before. Hell, at that moment Ann felt like she could feel April in her womb, the older brunette wishing the younger one could fill her up with potent semen so she could bear April's children.

Part of Ann inwardly laughed at the thought of being April's little housewife, but it still made her cum so hard she lost the ability to think coherently. All that was left was a babbling mess, literally hysterically crying with tears streaming down her face and screams of April's name echoing around the room as she used her arms and legs wrapped around the younger girl to desperately clutch onto her as the tiny thing continued pounding her through climax after climax, making Ann feel like she was literally in heaven.

The next thing Ann was aware of was April pulling that wonderful cock out of her pussy and seemingly try to get away from her by rolling over onto her side. Losing April's cock left Ann with a horrible feeling of emptiness, the older woman desperately wanting to keep some kind of connection to the younger girl as she suffered through that feeling. So Ann desperately clung onto April, the scary assistant letting out a indignant sigh at the action but thankfully she didn't push the quivering nurse away and even allowed her quite a bit of time to recover before mumbling, "So?"

Unsure whether she heard that or not Ann lifted her head up and softly replied, "What?"

"Sooooooo, Ann..." April huffed in annoyance, as if Ann should have known what she meant, "What are you?"

Ann had to think about this for a few seconds, then when she realised what April wanted she looked the other brunette directly in the eye and as confidently as she possibly could replied, "I'm yours! I'm your own personal lesbian slut. I'm whatever you want me to be April. I'm yours to fuck whenever, wherever and however you want."

Smirking wickedly April challenged, "Prove it."

* * *

"And so I did." Ann told the camera crew, blushing bright red, "God help me, I did."


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