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Author's note: This is set during Season 4.

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Parks And Recreations: I Just Wanted Her To Like Me Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Zooming in for a close-up the cameraman focused on the two women as April pulled Ann aside and then said, "We need to talk."

"Oh." Ann mumbled, clearly startled as she looked around the corridor filled with people ignoring them, "Here? Now? At, at work?"

"Yes Ann, God." April huffed, before looking downwards, "I... I feel like I've put this off for a while now, and I kind of need to just get it over with, ok?"

Managing to zoom in closer the documentary team were able to see just how obviously worried Ann was as she took a deep sigh and nodded, "Ok."

There was silence for a few long seconds and then April said softly, "Andy is a child. A big cuddly child, who I absolutely adore. I adore him Ann, I love him, he brings such light into my life. But... I'm not in love with him anymore, and lately... I've been thinking it might be better to be with an adult. At least in the long-term. I mean, I love this place, but if you really think about it Ann, you're probably the closest thing this department has to an adult. And I don't want to be... I can't be with a child my entire life. It's exhausting."

"What are you saying?" Ann asked, sounding hopeful.

Finally finding the strength to look Ann in the eye April continued, "I'm saying... I'm going to leave Andy. For you. Honestly it was kind of inevitable, at least the leaving him part, so I should probably do it sooner rather than later."

For a second or two Ann looked blissfully happy, then she let out a tiny laugh devoid of anything close to humour as tears filled her eyes, "So... I'm officially going to be a home-wrecker."

"Looks like." April agreed solemnly.

There was another few seconds of silence, then April grabbed Ann and forcefully pulled her into a kiss. That did finally get a few people's attention, however it was only a glance or two before they continued to go about their day. Briefly the man behind the camera thought that this was kind of odd. Then again the people in this town seemed perfectly content to ignore things given that for the most part they were completely ignored by everyday people and even the subjects of their documentary. Outside of this job in his experience people love to flock to cameras to see what all the fuss was about. Of course then April pulled back and he concentrated on what was happening. Not that there was much, just two women smiling softly at each other, actually making him feel bad for filming this intimate moment. But they had an all access pass, and this would make good TV, so...

"I just wanted you to like me." Ann admitted with a faint laugh.

* * *

After that April had smiled softly and kissed Ann again, which made the nurse a little fuzzy on what the other brunette said next. She was pretty sure she said something like 'see you later', and then practically ran out of sight, probably out of the need to end the intimate moment rather than remembering a task she had to perform or anything like that. Which was fine, Ann needed time to process that apparently she had now officially stolen her ex-boyfriend's wife, something she did by spending most of the day sitting at her desk while not getting a lot else done.

Except getting up and getting dangerously close to Leslie's office door, even bumping into her on the way back at one point and making her excuses. Ann wanted to tell her best friend the truth, she'd wanted to do that all along, but once again she chickened out, saving that incredibly awkward conversation for when it now perhaps inevitably got out that April had left Andy for her. That is, if April really went through with it.

Given everything that happened Ann didn't think it was wrong of her to have her doubts whether April would actually go through with leaving her husband. After all, Ann wouldn't be the first other woman/side ho to fall for the 'I'm just going to break it off with my spouse' line only to never see or hear from her lover again. And considering that 'her' was April Ludgate, someone who up until recently had been given her every reason to believe she hated her, Ann was anxious all day, and genuinely relieved and surprised to later hear a knock on her front door.

The second she heard that knock Ann ran as fast as she could to her door and opened it to find April standing there looking extremely awkward with a sad little suitcase trailing behind her, Ann trying to knock the relieved smile off her face as she mumbled, "Hi."

"Hi." April mumbled back, unable to look Ann in the eye.

"How did Andy take it?" Ann asked.

"How do you think?" April huffed, pushing her way past Ann and then into her home.

It was a stupid question, Ann knew it was while she was saying it, she just couldn't stop herself. She would have totally spiralled if April hadn't pushed past, giving Ann the chance to focus on that tiny suitcase, the nurse unable to stop herself from asking with a frown, "What's with the suitcase?"

"Duh, I'm homeless now." April rolled her eyes, and then as Ann just stared dumbly at her the younger brunette continued, "When a couple breaks up, and they're living together, whoever leaves the other person they also leave the home. You don't break up with someone and then kick them out of the house. God Ann, this is basic stuff."

"It's not always that simple." Ann grumbled.

"So what, just because you kicked Andy out I have to be that heartless?" April asked, folding her arms.

"It was my home first." Ann pointed out, "And you didn't answer my question."

"Sure I did." April said, looking down, "I'm the bitch who broke Andy's heart and cheated on him."

"Did Andy really say that?" Ann asked, finding hard to believe someone as sweet, and as dim, as Andy would intentionally use the B word.

"No, but it is true. I cheated on my husband with another woman. It's time to be a grown-up and accept that's what I did." April said sombrely.

"Well... yes, but that doesn't mean you should beat yourself up about it." Ann insisted, "It doesn't mean it's anyone's fault."

"Yes it does!" April looked up into Ann's eyes as she angrily continued, "I'm the one who fell in love with someone else, not him. I... I never thought I wouldn't love him, but it happened. I fell in love with you and now here we are, and... and, why are you smiling?"

Beaming happily Ann pointed out, "You said you loved me."

April rolled her eyes, "I've said that before."

Ann frowned, "No you haven't."

"Yes I have." April petulantly replied.

"Like when?" Ann pushed.

"Like when I left my husband for you and moved in with you." April argued.

"That just happened." Ann argued, before she thought it through, "Wait a second, you mean this is you moving in?"

"Yeah, where else would I go? My parents? Gross. With Leslie? Lame. With Jerry? Lame and gross." April grumbled, "Why, do you have a problem with it?"

"No." Ann said she said after thinking about it for a minute or so, "It's just that-"

"God Ann, if you didn't want to be with me you really should have said something before I ruined my perfectly nice life for you." April said, trying to get past Ann although Ann wouldn't let her.

"No, no, no, no, NO! It's not like that, it's just..." Ann stammered, not even sure what she meant, "Are you sure you've thought this through?"

"Yes Ann, God, I didn't think my lesbian lover would object to me being so accessible." April grumbled.

"No April, I want to live with you, I do, it's just that..." Ann forcefully said while moving to keep April from running past her, eventually grabbing on to the younger girl as she asked, "Do you think we're moving too fast?"

April rolled her eyes and calmly explained, "Ann, we've known each other for years, and instead of just acknowledging I had a crush on you I insulted you for nearly the entire time. Then I fucked you. Then I left my husband for you. So far we only have one speed, and that's fast. But we can try slowing things down if you really want too, and by that I mean not get gay married or adopt a baby or something. But I AM moving in, and I AM going to keep fucking you whenever I want. Like right now for instance."

Overwhelmed by April's speech Ann allowed herself to be pulled into a long kiss, and then when they broke apart for air she could only glance at April's suitcase and mumble, "Is that all you brought with you?"

April smiled softly and then replied in a tone barely above a whisper, "Everything I need is in this house."

"Awwwww... April." Ann beamed, "I totally feel the same way."

"I totally just got an invitation to your pants party, right?" April grinned.

"If you mean sex, then yeah." Ann said.

"Good, because I want a box lunch for dinner." April practically purred as she pulled Ann into yet another passionate kiss.

Which was probably a good thing, because Ann was going to point out that April had invited herself into her home AND her pants BEFORE talking Ann into it. Or perhaps more accurately April had invited herself into Ann's pants and ended up taking everything the older woman had. Her sex, her heart, her home, all of it pretty much belonged to April now, and while that was terrifying Ann wouldn't want it any other way. Which sounded ok in her head, but Ann just knew she would have screwed it up if she was given the chance to speak, so she welcomed April's mouth against her own even more than usual, the nurse's heart pounding as April guided them to her bedroom with practised ease. Well, THEIR bedroom now, the thought of that making Ann's heart pound even harder.

April wouldn't necessarily describe herself as patient, when she absolutely had to be she could just about pull it off but it was lame and she much preferred instant gratification. For example right now she couldn't get Ann's clothes off fast enough, April literally tearing fabric to get at what was rightfully hers as Ann cried out, "Dude" like she was some kind of stoner from the 90s. God April hated it when her hot as hell girlfriend dated herself like that. Although on the bright side while the destruction of some of her clothes clean annoyed the older brunette Ann still helped April get her naked, and instead of complaining when April pushed her down onto their bed Ann just looked really turned on.

Part of the reason for that was probably that April immediately began stripping her own clothes, something she normally allowed Ann to do for her but this time round April had just slapped Ann's hands away whenever the older woman had tried something. After all, April at least wanted to see Ann's naked body as soon as possible and she wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that, but now Ann Perkins was lying in front of her in all her glory April was very eager to get naked so this change in their relationship could be consummated.

In what felt like a matter of seconds not only was April naked but her body was pressed against Ann's equally naked body and they were kissing like teenagers again, as usual April's mouth and tongue totally dominating Ann's mouth and tongue much to both womens delight. Then, after many long minutes or possibly hours of frantically making out, April move down to kissing Ann's neck while fondling her boobs. Ok, April had totally started on the boob fondling during the lip lock, but she definitely stepped up her game when she started kissing, licking and sucking Ann's neck, squeezing the most wonderful whimpers and cries out of the older woman.

Naturally it wasn't long before April was getting even louder whimpers and cries as she moved her mouth lower to start kissing, licking and sucking Ann's tits, cupping one into her mouth while her fingers played with whichever nipple her mouth wasn't paying attention too. Back and forth April went between those boobs, staying there longer than she normally did as a way to try and show Ann she really cared. But ultimately April couldn't resist going lower so she could kiss, lick and suck her favourite area on Ann's body.

Ann had no problem with that. Honestly she was so happy that April was now all hers, and combined with the wonderful words that April had begrudgingly admitted Ann just wanted to be fucked by her new girlfriend. Her girlfriend! Her girlfriend? Was that what April was to her now? Her girlfriend? It seemed the most accurate description given the circumstances, but they hadn't officially talked about it and Ann never like to assume these things. Although was it really a good idea to ask so soon after their relationship had become something real? Probably not, but Ann just couldn't help herself.

"April?" Ann squeaked as the younger brunette kissed her way down her stomach.

Sighing against well toned flesh April looked up at her lover and asked, "What Ann?"

Gulping softly Ann averted her gaze and bit her lip for a second, then refocused on April and asked, "Are... are we girlfriends now?"

April rolled her eyes, "Yes Ann! We're girlfriends now. God, I thought that would have been obvious."

"Just, just checking." Ann blushed, before she tilted her head back and smiled, "Wow... I have a girlfriend."

"Me too." April said dryly, before pressing a kiss to the inside of Ann's right thigh, "Now, can I finally fuck you? Because I'd like to at least get started eating you out before you die of old age."

Ignoring the jab and concentrating on the important part Ann blushed, and then stammered, "Sur, sure. You can, you know, go down on me. My girlfriend can go down on me. My girlfriend can lick me, lick my oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd!"

Ann's ramblings were cut off when April, who had clearly had enough of the nonsense coming out of the other brunette's mouth, gave Ann's pussy a long slow lick. She started from just above Ann's ass hole and continued all the way up to the older woman's clit, April then lingering there just to make sure Ann became completely incoherent, something that the nurse was extremely grateful for, and not just for the obvious reasons. Because yeah, Ann was grateful for the physical pleasure from the lick itself, and the long slow licks which soon followed that original lick, but perhaps more importantly April saved her from further embarrassing herself.

It was kind of ironic really. Up until recently April went out of her way to screw with Ann, put her into embarrassing situations, etc, and now she was saving her from her inner dork in what had to be the most wonderful way possible. Ann was so glad April was rendering her speechless right now with her talented little tongue, because in her head she couldn't get off the idea that she had a girlfriend now. And that girlfriend was April Ludgate, a girl she had spent the last few years terrified of/desperately wanting the approval of/unwittingly crushing on. A girl half her age who she had now officially stolen from her ex-boyfriend, those facts echoing in Ann's mind until they annoyed even her.

Although she was annoyed at herself for being like a broken record each time she thought of April as her girlfriend filled her with such wonderful happiness she could barely feel any shame at being with someone so much younger than herself/breaking up a marriage to get what she wanted. Or maybe she was just so overwhelmed by April Ludgate licking her pussy, Ann barely able to take her eyes off the long dark haired head in between her thighs as her girlfriend gave her so much wonderful pleasure.

For her part April was also overwhelmed by her yummy 'box lunch', or 'box dinner' as the case may be, however while she had admittedly grown to enjoy the feeling of sliding her tongue over Ann's sex it was the flavour which overwhelmed her. And maybe the smell, although that was really just adding to the taste, April pressing herself as close to the other brunette's cunt as possible without anything but her tongue touching it so she could become consumed with the smell and most importantly the taste she had become so addicted too.

April had no intention of admitting this to Ann but sometimes she daydreamed about this. She also daydreamed about Ann in general, but April much preferred thinking about how tasty her lesbian lover's pussy was, or how talented the closet case's tongue was and how good it felt against her cunt. Or inside her cunt. And of course a lot of those daydreams were merely memories, fairly recent ones too, April grinning wickedly as she thought about all the naughty things she had made Ann do, every time the nurse barely putting up a fight before ultimately obeying like the good little plaything she was.

Of course Ann was more than just a plaything now, or April's bitch, or the 'other woman', or whatever else the assistant had thought of her as since this whole thing started. Ann was her girlfriend, and while she was nearly as lame about it as her lover April did have to admit there was a certain thrill to officially having a girlfriend for the first time in her life. And not just any old girlfriend, but perfect Ann Perkins, a supposedly mature older woman who became putty in April's hands, or tongue as the case may be, whenever they had sex. It really was incredibly thrilling, although there were other feelings inside April she still wasn't exactly eager to share.

As distracting as does those feeling were they were nothing compared to her guilt over what had happened with Andy. What she had done to him. What she had to say and do to make sure he understood it was over between them. To ignore all that April had to concentrate on Ann's pleasure, eventually covering the other brunette's entrance with her lips so she could literally suck the creamy treat in front of her. So consumed with her sexual desire, and instead of ignoring it like she normally did when she was in this situation April first humped the bed sheets, then strategically moved herself around on the mattress so she was in a 69 with Ann, all to avoid thinking about Andy. When that didn't work she tried something else.

Ann was blissfully unaware of April's inner torment. She had been worrying about this for so long, and she knew she would worry again once she was no longer having lesbian sex with her first-ever girlfriend, but with April's mouth glued to her cunt Ann could only focus on her own pleasure, and how blissfully happy she was to be officially in a relationship with the terrifying April Ludgate. Then just when Ann didn't think her life could get any better it did.

It took her by surprise at first. One minute she had her eyes tightly closed and moaning with blissful happiness, and the next she sensed movement, Ann blinking her eyes open and frowning in confusion until she spotted April trying to turn around on the bed. As the other brunette's lower half got closer and closer to her Ann smiled happily in realisation, the older woman grabbing onto April's ass when it was close enough so she could help guide her lover to her destination. Namely Ann's mouth, Ann eagerly parting her lips and leaning in to swipe her tongue over the yummy treat presented to her.

This made April moan into Ann's pussy, creating wonderful vibrations which made Ann moan into April's pussy which of course started the whole process over again. To make sure that April got the full effect of that, and so she could swallow more of the other girl's delicious cream, Ann followed April's example and created a tight seal around the assistant's cunt with her mouth. This not only made April moan louder into Ann's pussy it made her enthusiasm for licking and sucking Ann's twat seemed to double, Ann in turn redoubling her efforts and April following suit until it was like they were fighting over who would make the other cum first.

Wanting to win, and catch up to April considering the young girl had been eating her out for longer, Ann slowly pushed her tongue into April's welcoming love hole. This backfired in a major way, firstly because Ann nearly came just from feeling April quivering and clenching around her tongue, then because the 22-year-old retaliated by slamming her own tongue into Ann's twat, making the thirty-something nurse cum in April's mouth and all over her face. It was enough to make Ann drop her head back to the bed sheets and cry out with selfish pleasure, but then fingernails dug into her thighs and she was quickly reminded of the fact that she had a job to do.

Even as she enjoyed gulping down the sweetest flavour ever April was extremely annoyed with Ann for not continuing to pleasure her through what April promised would be the first of many orgasms for her older lover. Fortunately Ann took the hint and got right back to work, even returning the favour by shoving her tongue into April's pussy and then beginning to fuck her with it, not stopping until she made the younger brunette cum. When she succeeded April tried not to be a hypocrite, continuing to tongue fuck the other woman as much as she could, but the pleasure was just so overwhelming she had to slow down a little bit.

To make it up to her new girlfriend April immediately sped up again once she was over her orgasm, even curling her tongue inside Ann's cunt to hit her G-spot and make sure she got a fresh batch of girl cum to swallow. Ann returned the favour, the process repeating over and over again as the two women sucked and tongue fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other while working hard to make sure the majority of the other's cum ended up where it belonged, in their bellies. Then when their tongues got tired they replace them with their fingers, although even then they licked and sucked the other's clit.

At first it was sporadically, then constantly, both April and Ann so obsessed now with making each other cum they thought nothing of pushing their fingers up the other woman's butt. Although unsurprisingly April was the first to do that, and probably Ann only followed suit because it made her cum so hard. Whatever, April didn't care about the how or the why, she just wanted to make Ann Perkins cum for her. Her own pleasure, even though it was wonderful and constant, almost became a background noise or more accurately a background sensation, as April and apparently Ann became lost in fucking each other.

It was amazing, one of their best ever experiences together, but ultimately April had to roll off of Ann, the two women just lying there trembling for a few long seconds. The alternative was fucking each other unconscious, and April wasn't ready for this night to end yet. Not when she was yet to deeply penetrate Ann Perkins, the thought of that making a smile cross April's face and giving her the strength to turn her body around, collapsed down on top of the older brunette and then press her lips to Ann's in a kiss which was nowhere near as frantic as their earlier kisses but no less passionate.

Nearly unconscious and blissfully happy Ann would have been overjoyed to spend eternity kissing April Ludgate just like that. Then it once again became even better thanks to April beginning to grind herself down on top of Ann. Ok, so they were both really sticky with sweat, but that somehow made the experience hotter, and Ann barely even noticed with April's tits and pussy rubbing against hers, the older brunette whimpering and moaning into her lover's mouth as they both experienced this wonderful form of girl on girl intimacy.

Ann didn't even think she could accurately describe the feeling of April's nipples scraping against her boobs and vice versa, or perhaps more wonderfully their clits constantly bashing against each other, Ann thinking that particularly that last thing would drive her crazy. Of course she'd experienced this a few times before with April, the 22-year-old seemed obsessed with finding different ways to fuck her, but Ann wasn't sure her body had ever been this sensitive. She wasn't sure she could cum again either, but under April's lust for her Ann felt her body start to respond again, especially when April pushed her tongue into her mouth.

Of course just when Ann could feel herself about to cum again April had to get out off of her, Ann whimpering as she complained, "Dude?"

"Ugh, I keep telling you, stop using that word." April tried to grumble although it came out as more of a chuckle. Either way she retrieved her favourite accessory before Ann could come up with any sort of witty retort, April just enjoying the look on Ann's face for a few seconds before, "What's wrong Ann, see something you like?"

"Uh-huh." Ann quickly nodded her head, and then after a few seconds she added with a smile, "You."

For a second April stopped what she was doing and just stared at Ann, then she looked down and grumbled half-heartedly, "Shut up."

April then quickly finished pulling the strap-on up her thighs, tightened it around her waist and then quickly returned to the bed. Normally the introduction of that particular accessory brought out April's cruel side, and Ann hated admitting this even silently now to herself, and couldn't bear the idea of telling any of their friends, but part of her really got off on April being mean to her, especially during sex. However this time round there were no insults, no insinuations, not even a demand for a blow job.

Instead April crawled in between her legs, Ann eagerly parting them and a welcoming her lover into her embrace. April then kissed her before she rested her forehead against hers, looking into her eyes and then spitting onto her hand and then rubbing that saliva onto her rubber cock. Then, while still staring lovingly into Ann's eyes, April pressed the slightly moistened tip of the dildo against Ann's entrance. Luckily the older brunette's love hole was still wet with saliva, and despite April's best efforts a little cum and pussy cream, and the older woman was pretty used to taking the younger one's cock inside her, so Ann pretty much moaned in pure pleasure into April's mouth when her new girlfriend penetrated her with her strap-on.

April couldn't help but grin a little into Ann's mouth as she once again made the older woman moan for her. It was something April had always found easy, but for once she didn't feel the urge to mock Ann for it or to slam every inch of her cock into the other brunette. Instead she pushed her strap-on into Ann painfully slowly, April almost annoyed with herself at the unnecessary care she took with this extremely wet hole which had always welcomed her attention.

It was hard to tell if Ann would prefer she hurried up or not, the older brunette encouraging without being pushy, although there was an undertone of frustration to her moans of mostly pleasure. They quickly became purely pleasurable once April had buried the full length of her fake dick into her lesbian lover's pussy, Ann wrapping her arms and legs around her as April then started to fuck the other girl more gently than ever before. At least with her strap-on.

April was fucking her girlfriend more gently than she had ever done with her strap-on cock, because she was using the dildo to make love to this woman she had fallen head over heels for. Ann Perkins. She had fallen in love with Ann Perkins, and now April was making love to her with a strap-on dildo. Not fucking, making love, like the two of them had been doing all night, April realising the change affected her in ways she couldn't have possibly anticipated as various different versions of what she was doing echoed in her mind, although they all basically meant the same thing. The thing that she was doing. Making love to Ann with her strap-on dick.

For who knows how long April became completely lost in her thoughts, her body switching to autopilot as she mindlessly pumped Ann's pussy. Then Ann broke the marathon kiss and stared up at her wide-eyed, and April became lost in what she saw in those eyes. Devotion, admiration, maybe even awe, but most importantly love. Ann Perkins loved her. Despite everything she had ever done or said to this wonderful woman, Ann Perkins had fallen in love with her. And despite her best efforts to avoid it, April had fallen in love with Ann Perkins, this moment bizarrely solidifying it.

Ann was thinking that exact same thing, which was just as overwhelming for her as it was for April, if not more. The difference was that while April had been desperately trying not to feel anything for the nurse Ann had been too far gone for so very long. At this point she wasn't even sure when she fell in love with April Ludgate. It was definitely before they started having sex, and before Andy and April got together... maybe it was even love at first sight, Ann momentarily trying to think back to what she had originally thought of this now 22-year-old girl who had stolen her heart.

She tried, but the memory was fuzzy, and more importantly there was a growing need burning inside her for more. What April was doing was so wonderful, and Ann never wanted it to end. But after a while the gentle love making went from overwhelmingly pleasurable to overwhelmingly frustrating as the need to cum grew bigger. Eventually it became absurdly big, given the number of orgasms April had already given her, but after weeks of nearly non-stop lesbian sex Ann was admittedly kind of spoiled.

Eventually Ann just couldn't stop herself from whimpering, "Please April, oooooooohhhhhhhh harder! Fuck me harder baby! Make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, please April, make me cum like only you can. What you're doing feels so good, but I... but... I, oooooooooh Goooooooddddddddd aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Initially April started increasing the pace slowly, but when it became clear that wasn't enough she started hammering the dildo in and out of Ann's pussy, making Ann cry out incoherently. She also started clawing her fingernails up and down April's back in a way which she'd learned encouraged the delightfully disturbing younger woman, and perhaps more importantly using her legs to pull April into her with every thrust. Both seem to have the positive effect Ann had been hoping for, namely making April fuck her harder.

Somehow in all the intense pussy pounding it never stopped feeling like love making, probably because April stared at her intensely the whole time, eventually even mumbling, "I love you."

That was said in more or less in her normal tone of voice, but Ann caught an undertone to it which made it clear that April actually meant it, that affect enough to push Ann over the edge of maybe her strongest climax ever, and that was really saying something. The ones that followed it weren't quite as strong, but Ann certainly wasn't complaining. She very much wasn't complaining. In fact she was begging for more, even though Ann was pretty sure all that was coming out of her mouth was a series of swear words, April's name and hopefully just how much she loved this girl.

Although Ann wasn't exactly saying she loved April, or anything else coherent which wasn't swear words and April's name, it was in the way she was screaming it louder than any word which fell out of her mouth. April certainly saw it in the intense look in Ann's eyes although the other brunette clutched to her desperately as April pounded her rubber cock in and out of the older woman's welcoming pussy. It was something Ann used to tried to hide, and something April tried to ignore, but in that moment it was clear that both women were overwhelmed by what they felt for each other.

Surprisingly instead of being distracting, as such thoughts normally were, this wonderful feelings only pushed April onwards, the tiny brunette even finding strength she didn't know she had too fuck her girlfriend through climax after climax. For her part Ann started pushing herself upwards every time April pushed downwards, ensuring the dildo went as deep as possible into the older woman's love hole. This seemed to drive both women crazy, reinvigorating them for a little while until the stimulator on her clit and the joy of having Ann Perkins in this way caused April to go over the edge of her own climax.

April pushed herself through the climax, but she knew it was the beginning of the end. So she concentrated on making Ann cum instead of the pleasure echoing through her body, April thankful that she achieved her goal before her second orgasm hit, quickly followed by her third, fourth and then fifth. It was that fifth orgasm which finally brought her crashing down onto Ann's body, April trembling in her after-shocks as her girlfriend just held her in a loving embrace.

They lay there like that for a while. Minutes, hours, April had no idea and she didn't care. In fact, she would quite happily have gone to sleep on top of her lover... if that wasn't potentially uncomfortable for Ann. So instead she waited until she regained at least a little strength, and then awkwardly untangled herself from Ann just long enough to pull the strap-on out of the nurse and unbuckle the dildo from her waist. Initially the removal of the toy and April's body from being directly above hers had Ann groaning and whimpering in disappointment, but that quickly turned to a hum of contentment once April collapsed onto her again once the strap-on was lying on the floor somewhere.

Of course April then had to roll them over so she was holding Ann in her arms, the younger girl unable to stop herself from reminding the older one she was the top in their relationship, but made up for it by kissing her on her head and whispering, "I love you."

Ann smiled softly, and then began to ramble, "God April, I love you too. So much. For so long. You were pretty much all I thought about and, I, I... I know it's pathetic, but like I said I just wanted you to like me."

"Ann, you big dummy." April smiled, "I always did."

The End


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