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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

To the men of the Montgomery household it seemed like a typical morning, both completely oblivious to how quiet Aria and Ella were, and that the mother and daughter avoided even looking at each other. This had also been the case last night, the difference being that by the light of day Ella was questioning her memory. After all what she remembered... what she thought she remembered, that couldn't have possibly happened? Right?

Then all of a sudden Aria slowly approached Ella for the first time since Byron and Mike had returned the previous evening.

"Hey." Aria said awkwardly, waiting until she had her mother's attention before adding, "Spencer should be here any minute to take me to school, so I won't be needing a ride, ok?"

"Ok." Ella mumbled weakly, finding herself unable to look her daughter in the eye.

There was a brief pause, then Aria leaned in to whisper into her Mom's ear, "I left you a little something in your purse. I expect you to wear it."

Ella blushed, standing still as a statue as she watched her daughter casually stroll out the door like she hadn't just used the same domineering tone she'd used yesterday when she was fucking her ass, the memory of that, if that's what it truly was, causing Ella to literally tremble.

After a few long moments Ella hesitantly grabbed her purse and retreated to the bathroom. Once inside she immediately locked the door, sat on the toilet and opened up her purse. There she found a box which she stared at for what felt like an eternity, and when she finally opened it Ella almost fainted, her overwhelmed brain desperately trying to think what to do.

* * *

Emily used to be a pretty heavy sleeper, but the constant threat that was A and having to worry about what the hell was going on around her had left her feeling on edge, and as a result the tiniest thing seemed to be able to wake her. Like receiving a text message.

The tiny sound had her heart racing as she slowly got up and reached over for her phone. As she grabbed it Emily instinctively turned from her side to a sitting position. It was then memories of last night came flooding back as she winced and immediately rolled over again so she wouldn't have to put any weight on her incredibly sore behind. This time she turned the other way so she got an eyeful of the sleeping woman in her bed, the sight causing her to briefly smile and forget all about the text.

No matter how wrong it was to have an affair with your best friend's Mom Emily could never denied that Ashley Marin was stunning, the young Latina having the sudden urge to press her lips down onto the older woman's in an attempt to wake her up sleeping beauty style. Then she remembered the message, Emily's fingers trembling as she lifted up her phone to see who it was from.

Left a little gift for you in your room. Check that draw you keep all your sexy, sweet smelling little underwear in.

- A

Emily cringed at the thought of this A creep going through her underwear draw but did as she was told. Lifting herself involve momentarily putting weight on her aching butt again although it was only brief, Emily getting up and then staggering out of the older woman's room and into the room she shared with Hanna. From there she quickly stumbled over to her allocated underwear draw, opened it up and pulled out a little gift wrapped box. Quickly and quietly she unwrapped it, then blushed as she saw what was inside.

At first all she could see was the massive butt plug, particularly the wideness of the toy making her up until last night virgin butt hole clench with fear and admittedly a little anticipation. Then Emily's eyes darted to the note underneath with it, the young lesbian hesitantly pulling it out and then reading that little piece of paper.

Think of this as your latest fashion accessory, because trust me honey, you're going to be wearing this accessory for me a lot. And just in case you have any doubts, ask Mama Marin to help show you where it goes.

Have fun.


- A

The idea of taking the large toy in her ass had been bad enough, but surely there was no way Emily could go to school with such a monstrosity embedded in her butt. There was just no way. She probably wouldn't even be able to walk straight. Not that she seemed to be doing such a good job of that right now.

Leaving the plug on the table Emily pushed the box and paper back into her underwear draw. Then she turned her back to Hanna's full-length mirror and then looked back at her sore butt hole. Then she blushed. Her usually tiny puckered hole was still open, Emily able to see inside herself in a way which was weird and kind of arousing.

Emily became lost staring at her gaping ass hole for several moments, then she heard a whistle. She immediately blushed and then looked over at the door to see Mrs Marin standing in it, the older woman's eyes not leaving the mirror.

"I, I was just... I..." Emily stammered.

"Shhhh." Ashley soothed calmingly, slowly but firmly walking over to where Emily was threatening to freak out, taking the teen into her arms and gently kissing her.

For a little while Emily's worries seem to melt away, just like she felt as if she melted into Mrs Marin's soft embrace. Then the older woman broke the kiss, pressed her lips to Emily's neck a few times and reached down to gently grab two handfuls of butt cheeks. That was when Emily found herself blushing again, even more so as her cheeks were pulled apart so Ashley could better study her handiwork in the mirror.

"Your ass seems to be healing nicely." Ashley said, remembering just how widely stretched Emily's butt hole had been after she had finally finished with the poor girl's back door, "How do you feel? Sore?"

"Uh-huh." Emily moaned, Mrs Marin's gentle kisses on her neck helping her relax.

"Well, I think I might be able to help with that." Ashley said softly before kissing her young lover and murmuring, "Bend over."

Emily blushed slightly, more at the low husky tone Mrs Marin had used and the look in the older woman's eyes rather than the words themselves, but the teen didn't hesitate to do as she was told, grabbing onto the nearby dresser, bending over and sticking her ass back at the redhead.

Ashley admired the beautiful sight for a few moments then quickly retrieved the bottle of lubricant from her room. When she returned Ashley generously coated two of her fingers with the lube and pushed them into the teen's open back hole, those digits slipping inside with only a light gasp followed by a moan from Emily. That was followed by yet more moans as Ashley gently fingered Emily's ass, twirling her fingers around inside the teen's bowels, making sure to spread the soothing liquid all over the young girl's anal walls.

"How does that feel?" Ashley asked with a smirk after a few minutes of this, already knowing the answer.

"Gooooooddddd mmmmmm." Emily moaned.

Ashley smiled, fingered Emily's butt hole for a few more minutes before asking, "Is that for me to use on you?"

Emily's eyes blinked open in confusion, then she noticed the butt plug, blushed and then murmured, "Uh-huh."

Biting her lip Ashley asked, "Are you sure you don't want something smaller? I have plenty of other toys if you want to try them first?"

"No, it's ok. I, I want you too." Emily blushed, "Please stick that thing in my butt."

Not needing to be told twice Ashley grabbed the plug, coated it with the lube and then pushed it into Emily's ass.

It was a much tighter fit than Ashley's fingers, the older woman actually having to use force to get it all the way in and the last little bit even stretched Emily's ass hole even wider than last night, but ultimately Emily's hole closed around the base of the toy as much as possible, the toy firmly inserted up her butt, and again Emily only letting out a tiny cry before moaning in pleasure which extremely impressed Ashley.

Nevertheless the woman asked, "How's that feel? Is that ok?"

"Uh-huh." Emily murmured, before quickly adding, "It's... it's kind of weird and I feel really, really full back there. But, it doesn't feel bad. And, I... I kind of like it."

"But it hurts a little?" Ashley murmured knowingly.

There is a brief pause and then Emily nodded.

"Well don't worry." Ashley said softly, moving closer so she could whisper the next part in Emily's ear, "I think I can help take your mind off it."

With that Ashley gently turned Emily around, pulled her into her arms and kissed her. Emily kissed back without hesitation, one of her hands cupping Mrs Marin's face while the other gently rested against the older woman's hip. Meanwhile Ashley mostly just cradled the younger woman and concentrated on moving them towards Emily's bed while not breaking the kiss. Once she reached their destination she gently lowered them both down to the bed sheets and got on top of her lesbian lover, Ashley's hands briefly playing with Emily's tits before she broke the kiss and made her way down the brunette's body.

Once she reached Emily's breasts Ashley of course spent some time on them however she was very aware that they had very little time before Emily needed to go to school and Ashley needed to go to work. As a result Ashley was forced to rush particularly this part, quickly sliding her lips between the two soft little hills of flesh, only sucking those nipples a handful of times before moving down Emily's body even further to her inevitable destination.

Emily was very aware of the time as well so she was grateful for the quick treatment. Plus while Emily had woken up mostly tired and sore she had also been a little bit horny, and only gotten more so from the moment she saw the butt plug. Now thanks to her current position her weight was pushing that plug deeper into her ass while Ashley's lips were so close to where Emily wanted them, the teen only too happy to whimper out, "Please Mrs Marin, mmmmmmm, Ashley... please, I ohhhhhhhh!"

Before Emily could even get a coherent sentence out Ashley slid her tongue out and over the teenager's pussy lips, making Emily literally tremble with delight.

Ashley really was amazing at eating pussy. Emily had learned so much from her over such a short time. Like the art of quickly getting another girl off. Because sure, Emily was so wet Ashley could have just thrusted her tongue inside her and fucked her with it until she came, but even when it came to a quickie there was something to be said for some gentle tongue work to start. Not much, and Ashley pretty much went straight to teasing Emily's most sensitive spots, but at least for those first half a dozen licks the older woman generally worked her over, building her up so that when it came Emily's orgasm would be more or less the same body trembling climaxes she'd come to expect from her skilled older lover.

In turn Emily was sure to do everything she had been taught, namely to grind herself against Ashley's face in the way she knew the older woman loved, the movement having the added effect of causing the butt plug to move around inside the teen's bowels. At one point it was almost like she was being ass fucked again while having her pussy licked, albeit with a much smaller toy this time. That meant obviously the anal stimulation had nothing on what she'd receive the previous evening, but combining what she was currently feeling in her ass with the feelings in her cunt were beyond exquisite.

Ashley could tell the plug was having a positive effect on Emily. Many of her lovers had been through the same thing, and in this particular event Ashley was able to further manipulate things to her advantage. For example if she timed a certain lick just right she could get Emily to bounce her hips up and down, adding to the effect of the teen impaling her own ass on the toy. Also thanks to her position Ashley could literally just reach up and pushed the plug deeper into Emily's butt, at one point the Milf simply grabbing onto the base and beginning to thrust it back and forth, effectively ass fucking Emily while she continued taking care of her pussy.

Of course by that stage Ashley had moved on to shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into the teen's twat, the redhead fucking her brunette lover slowly at first but gradually increasing the pace until Emily was squealing hysterically.

In the back of her mind Ashley was a little concerned that her luck would finally run out. That for some ungodly reason Hanna wouldn't simply go straight from Mona's to school but would stop off at home first to find her mother with her face buried in between her best friend's thighs, or someone else would drop by for an unannounced visit to find the same thing, but honestly Ashley liked her odds. Hanna was rarely up this early without prompting, and even if she was awake by now the chances of her daughter or anyone else showing up any time soon were remote, so as long as this truly was a quickie she should be fine.

Ashley made sure it was, the redhead skilfully pushing Emily to a quick orgasm, allowing the young lesbian to shudder under her touch, the sweet heaven that was girl cum pouring down Ashley's throat. Then when Emily's climax was over no matter how badly she wanted to continue tongue fucking the teen until she came and came and came Ashley restrained herself. Pulled herself up and away from Emily's cunt the moment she had finished swallowing the Latina's cum, the Milf licking her lips before she pressed them to Emily's in a kiss her lover welcomed.

Emily loved tasting herself on the older woman's lips and tongue, partly because she simply loved the flavour itself and partly because it was a sweet reminder of the gift she had just been given. Of course the downside was it re-stoked the fire inside her and made her want to return that gift. Well, technically the downside was that she didn't have more time to return the gift, but regardless of that fact Emily really wanted to make time.

So after about a minute of kissing Emily pulled back and murmured, "What about you?"

Ashley bit her lip, glanced over at the clock and then replied, "I'll be fine. Get to school."

Before Emily could respond Ashley gently pecked her lips and got off the bed, the older woman almost out the room by the time Emily called out, "Are you sure? I... I really want to thank you."

That had Mrs Marin looking back at her thoughtfully for a few moments. Then the older woman briskly made her way back to the bed, laid down next to Emily and said, "Make it quick."

Smiling softly Emily got on top of Mrs Marin and lowered her mouth to the redhead's right nipple.

"Quick." Ashley repeated sternly before Emily's mouth could close around her teat.

Emily looked up hesitantly, then simply lowered herself down further, pressing a few quick kisses to Mrs Marin's stomach, determined to give the other woman some kind of foreplay. Then once she reached her destination Emily stuck her tongue out and slowly slid it over her lover's pussy lips, Ashley moaning softly and after grabbing a firm hold of Emily's hair pushed the teen deeper into her cunt.

Taking the hint Emily began to lap eagerly at the extremely wet and welcoming pussy in front of her, making sure to gently hit Ashley's clit with every stroke of her tongue. After a few minutes of that Emily wrapped her lips around that clit and sucked it gently for a couple of seconds, then went right back to licking Ashley's pussy. Emily switched back and forth between these techniques for a little while, quickly adding closing her mouth around Ashley's pussy lips and sucking them into the mix and then after a little while also added gently teasing the redhead's entrance with her tongue, each one of these things seeming very much to have the desired effect of making Ashley moan happily.

It also had Ashley smiling widely and caressing the younger girl's hair, but mostly it had her moaning. Of course Ashley tried to keep her moans as quiet as possible while listening out for Hanna coming back but those things were very difficult thanks to Emily's talented little tongue.

Emily had been a natural at eating pussy, and while the teen had confessed to some previous experience with her former girlfriends Ashley was pretty sure the girl had been born to pleasure women. After all Emily had been able to find all her sweet spots during their first time together, something her ex-husband hadn't been able to find no matter how much coaching Ashley gave him while Emily had never forgotten exactly where they were, the teen attacking the last few once she drove her tongue into the older woman's cunt, almost making Ashley cum on the spot.

Of course while Emily was born to be a rug muncher and had been able to use her instincts from the very beginning to make Ashley cum with these the teen lesbian had definitely improved with constant practice, particularly in the art of making Ashley cum. Besides, it wasn't like Ashley hadn't been able to teach Emily a few tricks, the younger woman using each one of them in quick concession to bring Ashley to climax as quickly yet powerfully as possible.

Once her orgasm hit it was impossible for Ashley to remain completely silent. Not that she had managed complete silence before, but now it was all she could do to not scream Emily's name or something equally enlightening to anyone who might overhear, the Milf becoming lost for a few moments as she grinded her cunt against Emily's face while using her hand to push the teen deeper into her needy hole, the Latina greedily swallowing nearly every drop Ashley had to give her, the rest covering Emily's pretty little face.

Then a few glorious seconds later Ashley found herself with something of a dilemma on her hands. She really did need to stop this if she was going to get to work, and Emily was going to get to school, on time... but it was so very tempting to just let Emily make her cum over and over again. After all the brunette was so good at it, and Ashley already felt so close to another climax it wasn't like it would take that long. However it also felt like if she had one more orgasm Ashley might not be able to let Emily leave the house, both of them becoming lost in an entire day of relentlessly fucking each other, and in truth neither of them could afford that. Not again.

So like the responsible adult she was Ashley pulled the teen up from her twat, kissed her passionately and then firmly ordered, "Now go! Get that cute little butt of yours in the shower so we can both get going."

Looking at her with those hopeful eyes Emily asked, "Join me?"

Ashley opened her mouth, honestly to say no, but she just couldn't help herself, "Ok, but just a quickie."

Emily smiled.


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