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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

Once again Ella looked up at the clock. It was almost four and there was still no sign of her daughter, a fact which should have probably been a relief but instead it just made Ella more nervous. Also as shameful as it was to admit it to herself there was part of her which was aching for Aria's touch, that wanted her baby girl to have stormed in and fucked her the moment the last student was out of her class. Or perhaps not even waited for that.

Although even the part that was reminding Ella how wrong this was wanted it over with as quickly as possible, so when Aria finally opened her door Ella actually found herself relieved to see the younger brunette, even as a wicked smile crossed Aria's face.

Aria continued smiling wickedly as she locked the door, closed the blinds and made her way over to her mother, "Hey... I thought I'd give everyone a chance to leave. I mean, there's still a few sad teachers hanging around, but they shouldn't disturb us."

Ella open her mouth slightly to point out that many teachers stayed after school for hours because they didn't want to carry home the mountains of paperwork they had to do just to bring it back once they were complete, however before she could get a word out Aria pressed her lips against hers. Initially this caused Ella to tense up, but she quickly reminded herself she had no choice and relaxed into it, the whole time trying to ignore just how good Aria's lips felt brushing against hers and how much part of her had been looking forward to this all through her afternoon lessons.

After about a minute of this gentle kissing Aria pulled back and began taking off her jacket, "I have some new orders, so just go with it, ok?"

Again Ella opened her mouth to try and protest but no sound came out, her eyes fixed on where Aria seemed to be deliberately sticking out her chest, Ella noticing for the first time how Aria's tight dress clung to her boobs, and... how her baby girl was blossoming into such a stunning young woman. Then all of a sudden Aria was sitting in her lap and kissing her again, this time more hungry and demanding, Ella feeling like she had no choice but to welcome her daughter's tongue into her mouth and begin worshipping it with her own.

That kiss seemed to last hours to both women, Aria completely torn whether to make it literally hours or move on to the next stage. After all she loved long making out sessions, and her Mom's lips and tongue was so heavenly soft that in a way Aria never wanted to stop kissing the woman who gave her life. However at the same time Aria was really horny and totally aware that they had a limited amount of time, so eventually she pulled herself away from those lips momentarily before pushing another part of herself back against them, namely her boobs when she had pushed her top down far enough.

Unsurprisingly her Mom was hesitant at first, but Aria held her head firmly in place and softly but clearly said, "Suck."

A few seconds later the older woman's lips were wrapping around Aria's right nipple and began to hesitantly suck, Aria moaning softly as she got to fulfil another fantasy. Sort of. Ok, so this was pretty much just something that cameoed in her fantasies, but it was a incredible thrill to have her mother sucking on her tits, covering them in kisses as she moved from one to another which caused Aria to continue moaning softly and happily.

Aria also whispered encouragements like, "Mmmmm yessssss, that's it, mmmmmm, good girl. Good Mommy slut. Suck my tits just like that. Mmmmm Gawwwwd, you make me so wet. Ohhhhhh, your mouth feels so good. So good on me. Oh Mom!"

This encouragements seem to backfire at first, Ella becoming more hesitant and even blushing slightly. However she continued sucking, and after a while she accepted this latest act of wickedness, much to Aria's delight, the younger girl guiding her Mom's head back and forth between her breasts before finally pulling back again just so she could kiss her Mom again. Well, that and more importantly pull her panties down and her short skirt up so that this time when she pulled back Aria could sit on the desk, spread her legs and show her Mom her wet centre.

Ella blushed furiously at the sight but couldn't look away, not until Aria murmured, "Mom... my instructions were very specific... you gave me something sweet at lunch, now I have to return the favour. Or maybe more accurately... you have to return the favour."

On the last sentence Aria gently reached out to grip the back of her Mom's head and began pulling her forwards, Ella allowing herself to be guided down in between her daughter's legs yet still hesitated to do what was obviously expected of her once she reached her destination. However Ella didn't hesitate long enough for Aria to complain, the teen only having to wait a few short moments before feeling her mother's tongue sliding across her pussy lips for the first of what would be many times.

Briefly reminding herself how wrong this was and that she should stop this only brought Ella to the same conclusion she had every other time... and to her shame she found that Aria smelt so... enticing.

So soon after she was firmly guided downwards Ella found herself closing her eyes, leaning ever so slightly forward, sticking out her tongue and slowly sliding it across her daughter's pussy lips. This immediately caused both mother and daughter to let out a long moan, Aria doing her best to muffle the ones that followed while Ella's were soft from the start. However while Aria was silencing herself so the remaining members of staff wouldn't catch them Ella was mostly doing it out of instinct as her mind literally couldn't cope with what she was doing so she had to switch it off. Well, either she succeeded in switching it off or her mind was just so full of thoughts she couldn't concentrate on a single one. Either way the result was the same, Ella becoming completely focused on licking her daughter's pussy.

At first that just meant gentle laps to Aria's twat but Ella eventually became more adventurous, sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise around her little girl's cunt as well as up and down in an attempt to bring Aria more pleasure. When this seemed to succeed in increasing Aria's moans Ella became more adventurous, seeking out and finding the entrance to her daughter's love hole so she could tease it with her tongue.

Ella then did the same with her daughter's clit, which succeeded in making Aria cry out, "Mmmmmm yesssss, oh Mom, oh fuck! Lick me! Lick my clit! Lick my pussy! Oh Mom!"

Aria knew full well that it was dangerous to say such things out loud anywhere but especially on school grounds. However she just couldn't stop herself. Dirty talk was such a turn on for her, and to use it to emphasise their relationship was so wonderfully wicked it was almost over whelming. And the best part? Her Mom didn't complain about it. Not once, meaning the older woman liked it too, or she was too scared to speak up, or she was too lost in eating Aria's pussy to notice. Whatever the reason it could be only a good thing, which made the whole situation even sweeter.

Of course Aria didn't bellow out her moans of pleasure as loudly as she could. That would be suicidal. No, she kept herself as quiet as possible, hopefully meaning only herself and her Mom would hear her. Not that it was easy keeping quiet, because... wow, this was like the best thing ever.

Ezra had gone down on her once however it had felt more awkward and as Ezra didn't seem to really enjoy it Aria hadn't made him do it again. She hadn't even let him finish, instead switching to straight up sex. They had stuck to that recently as Aria hadn't really liked sucking cock so she figured maybe oral wasn't for her. Then she went down on her Mom and Aria's point of view on the subject had done a 180.

Ignoring what that might say about her sexuality Aria concentrated on the pleasure she was currently receiving, each touch of her mother's tongue causing a tingle of joy to travel from the teen's twat to her brain. And those tingles only seem to get stronger by the second, the older woman becoming slowly more confident as the seconds ticked by, which was in stark contrast to Ezra. Also while they both looked up at Aria their eye contact only seemed to make her Mom lap more hungrily at her pussy, and eventually even pushing her tongue inside her.

Which of course Aria couldn't help but respond too, "Oooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd yessssssss, oh Mom, fuck me Mom! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it with your tongue! Oh Mom! Mommy! Oh fuck me just like that Mommy!"

Aria was pretty sure she mumbled a whole bunch of other things beyond that point but she honestly have no idea what they were. Not when her own mother was curling her tongue inside her to the spot that Ezra had never seem to be able to find, the first curl almost pushing Aria over the edge. The licks that followed quickly pushed Aria the rest of the way there, the teen desperately clamping her hand over her mouth as she came in her Mom's mouth.

Wave after wave of pleasure rocked Aria's body, the teen using her free hand to grab onto her mother's hair so she could try pushing the woman who gave her life deeper into her cunt. It didn't really work given that by this point the respected teacher was pressing her own face as deep into Aria's love box as possible so she could greedily swallow her own daughter's cum, that fact making Aria cum again. Then suddenly there were a pair of fingers being shoved into Aria's pussy and the teen literally didn't feel like she could think clearly if she tried.

All Aria could do was keep as quiet as possible, eventually using both hands to muffle her screams of pleasure, and when she finally got the ability to think again she figured that had been more instinctual than anything.

Ella also felt like it was her instincts driving her rather than her mind, except while Aria was desperately trying to focus on one logical thing, that being keeping quiet, Ella was completely lost to her forbidden desires. All that mattered was swallowing her daughter's cum, and then when there was no more cum to swallow slamming her tongue in and out of Aria's tight love hole so that her daughter would cum in her mouth again.

Over and over again Ella made her baby girl cum, the whole time pressing her face as deep into Aria's cunt as possible which made sure she was thoroughly coated in her daughter's cream. And throughout it all Ella wasn't worried about how wrong this was. She wasn't worried about anything. The only thing which echoed through her mind was more, more, more.

Then all of a sudden she was pulled away from that heavenly place, the pain of having her hair being pulled having nothing on being moved from that wonderful paradise. It was that untimely removal which caused Ella to whimper in protest and try to return to where her mouth had just been, almost succeeding until all of a sudden her thoughts came rushing back to her, the sudden shock of it all causing Ella to freeze in place and then become very pale as shame flooded her body.

"Wow." Aria gasped, completely unaware of her mother's horror, "Just... wow. Mmmmm, that was amazing. Like you were born to eat my pussy. Or my pussy was made for your mouth. Whatever, that was awesome!"

"Aria..." Ella began weakly, honestly not knowing what to say.

It didn't matter either way, Aria covered her Mom's lips with her own and soon the two women became completely lost in another long and drawn out kiss, the brunette quickly pushing her tongue into her mother's mouth so she could taste the remnants of her own cum and pussy juices.

After who knows how long making out Aria pulled away and grinned, "Now it's your turn. Bend over your desk. I'm going to fuck that hot Milf ass of yours again."

"Aria, I-" Ella tried again.

"I won't tell you again!" Aria said firmly.

There was a brief pause as both mother and daughter stared at each other for a long moment. Then with another soft whimper Ella slowly stood up and bent over her own desk.

Aria smiled widely in triumph, grabbed her bag and then moved around so she was in front of her Mom. She fully removed her clothes, pulled out the same large strap on she had used to butt fuck her mother the previous evening and then pulled it up her thighs. She then spread a generous amount of lubricant on the toy cock, staring her Mom in the eye nearly the entire time. Then Aria slowly moved round to examine her prize.

Even in her loose fitting pants her Mom's ass was totally drool-worthy, Aria pretty much doing just that before she reached out, grabbed a firm hold of those pants and the panties underneath and slowly pulled downwards. The reveal of her Mom's butt had Aria totally mesmerised, so much so it wasn't until she allowed the pants and panties to drop down around her mother's ankles that she noticed something mildly disappointing.

Spreading her Mom's ass cheeks to confirm Aria sighed and then smacked those cheeks hard enough to make them jiggle, "You're still not wearing your butt plug."

"I'm... I'm sorry honey." Ella yelped.

"I thought I'd made myself clear, I have no choice in all this. I have to do what A says." Aria said, softening her voice.

"A? Is that the person who AHHHH!" Ella began before crying out as she received another hard spank.

"I told you, I can't talk about it. And it's not the point." Aria said firmly, "The point is someone we know will probably be punished for your disobedience. Probably me. For that, you need to be punished!"

"AHHHH, sweetie no!" Ella cried after another slap, quickly adding as she could sense Aria becoming upset, "Not here. Someone might AHHHH!"

"Relax Mom." Aria said after shutting her Mom up with another blow, "I'll make it quick, and I'll even go easy on you. But next time you'll have to bend over my knee, and it'll be at a time and a place where I can guarantee we won't be interrupted. Then, if you disobey me again... I'll beat your ass so hard you won't be able to sit for a week!"

Aria punctuated her words by delivering a series of hard slaps to her Mom's ass, putting every ounce of her strength into every blow. This unfortunately meant each strike echoed throughout the room so loudly that Aria feared that they would be heard all over the school. However once she started Aria just couldn't stop.

Only one thing in her entire life had made her feel this powerful and dominant, and that was butt fucking her Mom. Even then it wasn't by much.

Watching those big round cheeks jiggling and slowly turning a cute pink colour from the force of her blows. The feeling of her hand connecting with her Mom's butt. And most of all the fact that her mother was whimpering, crying and gripping tightly to her desk but not doing or saying anything to try and stop her was all overwhelmingly intoxicating for Aria, the teen deciding after just half a dozen strikes that she was going to find any little excuse to spank her Mom from now on.

If Ella had known what her daughter was thinking she would have let out an extra loud whimper, something she was desperately trying not to do. However no matter how much she grinded her teeth, bit her lip and covered her hand over her mouth Ella could barely muffle the sounds falling from her, each one sounding deafening to her, as did each painful strike to her ass.

As if that wasn't bad enough Aria murmured, "Remember when I told you to imagine your other students could see you getting your pussy eaten by me? Well I want you to do it again. Imagine every single one of those seats are filled, your entire class watching with disgust as your own daughter spanks your fat ass. Then maybe you'll obey me next time."

The moment those words were out Ella couldn't get them out of her head. She tried really hard but she just couldn't stop imagining she was being watched. It felt so real, and to her shame Ella felt a tingle of excitement running through her body. Luckily it had nothing on the pain and humiliation she was now feeling.

Her entire life Ella had tried to do the right thing. She was no saint, but she had never been in serious trouble before, never had more than a few stern arguments with her parents, and that felt like a lifetime ago. In recent years she had been the one to dish out punishments, but it never crossed her mind to do anything this extreme. Yet now it was her suffering the fate of a disobedient child, pretty much being reduced to one by her own child, in her own classroom no less, and it was the most humiliating experience of her entire life.

As such it was a relief when it finally ended, even though that involved a wet finger being shoved forcefully into her ass hole and Aria leaning in to growl in her ear, "So, next time I pull down your pants what am I going to find?"

Ella whimpered and then when it was clear Aria wanted her to actually say the words softly replied, "The... the plug."

"And where is that plug going to be?" Aria pushed, beginning to twirl and curl her finger inside her Mom's butt as well as thrust in and out.

"In my ass." Ella half whimpered, half moaned as her ass hole fully relaxed to the small anal invasion.

"It better be." Aria murmured, pulling her finger from her mother's loosened ass hole, pressing the head of the dildo against it and slamming forwards, the sudden sharp pain of the larger anal invasion causing Ella to cry out and clutch roughly to her desk.

"Keep your ass relaxed Mom!" Aria ordered sharply, as she grabbed onto her Mom's ass cheeks so she could stare at the yummy sight of her cock buried in between those meaty cheeks, "If it helps, just imagine how much more easy this is going to be when you start walking around with that butt plug inside you all the time."

Ella whimpered softly but did as she was told and concentrated on the shameful vision of herself walking around with a butt plug in her ass while Aria opened up her back door agonisingly slowly. To Ella it felt like minutes passed between every additional inch Aria gently pushed into her rectum, the head of the dildo quickly passing the area stretched out by Aria's fingers and reaching depths which had only once before been touched. Through it all Aria continued spreading her ass cheeks, making Ella feel horribly exposed and helpless, although the worst part came from the fleeting thought that it was impressive how Aria was able to push the dildo up her butt using only her hip strength.

It wasn't the first or indeed the last time Ella was begrudgingly impressed with her daughter's butt fucking skills, the younger girl continuing to impress when she finally impaled her mother's ass completely, Aria waiting a few long moments either to enjoy the sight or to allow Ella to relax before beginning to gently pump her pooper, the whole time her hand still spreading the older woman's ass cheeks. Yet more impressive than Aria continuing to use only her hip strength was how much she minimised her mother's pain and quickly loosened Ella's back passage to the point that despite herself Ella found herself moaning joyfully as she was once again fucked in the butt by her baby girl.

The pleasure Ella felt then dramatically increased when her daughter's hands finally slid from her cheeks all the way up along her body to her tits, Ella letting out a happy cry as Aria used the same skill she'd showed earlier to massage those heavy jugs, then almost as much attention to the mountains of flesh as she did Ella's nipples.

After a few long minutes of this Aria lent down, briefly used one of her hands to brush her Mom's hair out of the way, and then started kissing her neck, eventually whispering, "You love this, don't you Mom? Huh? You love my big dick in your ass? Huh?"

Ella nodded gently, and then when a pinch to her nipples told her that wasn't enough she answered, "Yes sweetie, I love your big dick in my ass."

"Prove it." Aria said, sitting down on the chair behind her, almost all of her dildo exiting her Mom's butt hole in the process, "Ride my big dick. Show me how much you love it up the ass."

There was an incredibly brief hesitation and then the older woman slowly lowered herself down on the dick and soon there after lifted herself back up again, Ella quickly beginning to anally ride her daughter's cock at a slow but steady pace, softly moaning the entire time.

That moaning was barely noticed by Aria who was completely captivated by the sight of her Mom's ass bouncing up and down on her cock. Well, Aria was also very aware of the feeling of her Mom's ass cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every downward thrust, and the sensations of the stimulator being driven onto her clit with what seemed like every movement, but that was only because those feelings were the most heavenly Aria had ever known. True, they had nothing on the orgasms Aria had received during the last time she had butt fucked her Mom and made her mother go down on her in terms of overwhelming pleasure, but there was just something about this whole thing which was special to the teen.

For a while Aria was so lost in staring at her strap on disappearing and reappearing from her Mom's butt hole she found it impossible to analyse the way she felt. Then her Mom let out an extra loud moan which first caused a wide grin to cross Aria's face, then the young brunette thought how she had found heaven on earth. Partly because her Mom's ass hole was so tight and fuck-able, but mostly because butt fucking her mother made Aria feel more powerful than she'd ever felt in her whole entire life.

Aria had always been more of a follower than a leader. Alison, Spencer, Emily, hell even Hanna was more of a leader than her. They were certainly more confident, which had always made them seem powerful to Aria and deep down she had been jealous of that. And she had fantasised about being dominant, of sexually bossing around others, particularly other girls, but had never thought she'd have the guts to do it. However her Mom just seem to bring out her dominant side, and nothing seemed more dominant to Aria than ass fucking another woman. Fucking her in a way she wasn't meant to be fucked, and making her like it, making her moan for it like some kind of anal whore. And that's what she had turned her own mother into, her own personal anal whore.

Her Mom was definitely moaning like an anal whore now. Too loudly in fact.

"Mom, is the butt plug in your desk?" Aria asked, then when her Mom nodded the teen ordered, "Pull it out and put it in your mouth. Good, now suck on it. Bite down on it if you have too, just make sure you keep yourself quiet. Mmmmmm, that's good. While doing that imagine it's got your butt juices all over it, because next time it will. Next time, and the time after that, and the time after that your butt plug will taste like your ass because from now on you're going to have that thing inside your butt hole 24/7. The only exceptions will be when you need to poop, or when I'm fucking your ass, or your butt hole is so stretched open it can't fit. Otherwise that plug is in your butt. Do you understand me mother?"

"Yes sweetie." Ella whimpered softly, "Is, is that one of this A person's orders?"

"Yeah, sure. I mean yes! I mean, stop questioning me and concentrate on keeping yourself quiet!" Aria said, smacking her Mom's ass as she quickly change the subject, "God, I love watching you acting like an anal whore but please, think of my reputation if not your career and stay quiet. Keep acting like an anal whore and ride my big dick though. Mmmmm, yes that's it. Hard. Ride me hard. Slam that fat ass of yours up and down on my big dick. Destroy your own ass hole like a good little bitch."

Ella whimpered and did as she was told, at first blushing at the sound of the old chair as it squeaked something fierce with every thrust, the sound echoing throughout the room just as loudly if not more so than the sound of flesh smacking off flesh. However once Ella was slamming her butt up and down on the cock as hard as she could the teacher no longer cared whether the chair broke or whether they were discovered. No, all she cared about was making the ass fucking as hard as possible so she could cum.

That's exactly what Ella did, the Milf screaming joyfully through the butt plug as she anally rode her daughter's cock, the respected older woman reaching a stage she had only reached a couple of times, whenever Aria was fucking her.

Sex with men had always been enjoyable but Ella had never felt like she needed it like she did right now. She'd never needed a cock inside her like she needed her daughter's dick inside her ass at that moment, never craved to be fucked, never wanted to be dominated and controlled, and yet here she was becoming lost in this completely submissive side she never knew she had. And all of a sudden, in this moment, the fact that it was her own daughter doing this to her wasn't a embarrassing fact Ella had to push through, it was something that felt more right than anything she'd ever known.

It was in this moment, when Ella felt like she'd finally found her place in life, that she came. Hard. So hard over the next few minutes were nothing but a series of overwhelming explosions, Ella's mind, body and soul becoming completely lost to the perverted joy of having anal sex with her own daughter.

Aria was just as lost for a long while, however it was her mother's first orgasm which brought her back to the land of the living, a huge smile crossing her face as her attention switched from her Mom's ass bouncing up and down to the entire body of the woman who gave her life shaking uncontrollably. Then for the first time since she sat down Aria pushed upwards, timing it so it coincided with her mother slamming herself down, the dildo reaching new depths inside the older woman's rectum which resulted in an even more powerful orgasm than the one before.

For a little while this process was repeated, Aria easily making her Mom cum over and over again in powerful multiple climaxes which made the teacher's juicy squirt out onto the desk. Mostly onto the points that were underneath it and out of sight but still. Then eventually her Mom collapsed on top of her, clearly too exhausted to continue. Not that Aria was going to let that stop her. No, instead Aria roughly pushed the older woman forwards, her Mom falling down on top of her desk and then Aria lying down on top of her to pin her to it before the teen restarted the butt fucking.

It took awhile for Aria to get back in the groove, and she needed to adjust to the new position, but soon the sound of her hips driving into her Mom's pillowy butt cheeks echoed throughout the room. The sound, the feeling of her Mom's ass cheeks jiggling against her thighs, the fact that this was her biggest fantasy come true, a taboo, on top of a taboo, on top of a taboo, on top of a taboo... dominating lesbian anal incest... Aria in total control of her mother, making the woman who was supposed to be in charge of her anally ride her strap on dildo, that big prick borrowing into the deepest depths of her Mom's bowels, forever changing their relationship!

After that last thought Aria was incapable of thinking coherently for several long minutes, a massive orgasm rushing through her which made her go berserk, the little teen brutally pounding her Mom's shit pipe through climax after climax after climax. Then when she ran out of energy completely Aria crashed down onto the sweaty body underneath her, mother and daughter just laying there panting for several seconds. Then Aria allowed herself to fall backwards into the chair, a beaming smile crossing her face as she was presented with her handiwork.

Her Mom's butt hole was a gaping mess, easily as open as last time, if not wider, allowing Aria to see deep into her mother's bowels. It was so beautiful Aria became lost in staring at that red ringed crater for several moments before she even noticed her Mom's ass cheeks had gone a darker shade of pink from her hips relentlessly smacking against them, which again only added to the beauty of that battered butt.

"Spread your cheeks." Aria ordered softly, watching with glee as her mother slowly reached back and spread her ass cheeks, making the hole look even more open.

After another minute or two of staring Aria reached out, grabbed her phone and wandered over to her desk.

Once she sat down and it she smiled over to her Mom and called out, "Get over here and suck my cock clean."

Again without protest Ella did as she was told, every step she took agonising as her ass violently complained at the slight movement. Honestly it was a relief when she reached her destination, the teacher so delirious from her multiple orgasms she could almost pretend like this was a dream. Almost.

Of course pretty much the moment her lips wrapped around that cock Ella awoke from a dreamlike state, the teacher whimpering as for the second time in her life she tasted the deepest part of her ass on her daughter's dick. A taste which Ella knew should repulse her, and yet... it wasn't completely unpleasant. To her shame Ella even found herself moaning softly as she sucked her daughter's dildo.

Doing her best to ignore just how much she was enjoying this, and where the strap on had been, Ella eventually started bobbing her head on the cock, her mouth quickly filling with the hard poll which had so recently rammed her rectum.

For a few long minutes Aria relaxed in her chair while she watched her Mom suck her cock clean. The teen had lazily reached out to grab a loose grip of the older brunette's hair pretty much right from the start, mostly as a little sign of dominance. However when her mother started taking the dildo down her throat Aria tightened her grip allowing her to take a more active role in the blow job. This meant keeping her Mom deep throating for longer, and guiding her mouth up and down on the fake dick, and even giving her leveraged to fuck her mother's face.

It took quite a while but eventually Ella was not only deep throating the entire length of her daughter's cock but she was able to hold that position for several long minutes, as long as Aria held her Mom in place of course. And stopped using her mouth as a cunt, or ass hole, for that particular moment.

Of course by then the cock had been thoroughly cleaned, but Aria was having so much fun she didn't want to stop. In fact she even forgot what she had intended to do with the phone in her hand, until her Mom's phone rang, followed by her own.

Checking the caller ID Aria smirked and then while forcing her Mom's lips down to the base of her cock and holding her there answered the phone, "Hey Dad, I was just about to call you. I'm hanging out with my friends so I should be home late, but don't worry, I'll grab something to eat. Mom? Oh, she told me to tell you that she'll be working late. Apparently she's got a butt load to deal with, so it could be hours until her poor ass gets a break. Yeah, I guess you could say it's a real pain in the butt. Yeah, bye."

Aria smirked wickedly down at her Mom who was looking up at her with a horrified and pleading expression. Whether that was because she was choking on the cock in her throat or because of what Aria was saying the teen wasn't sure, although she suspected it was the latter. There was one way to find out though.

The second Aria let go of her Mom's hair the older woman pulled her mouth away from the cock, choked and gasped for air, and then exclaimed, "Aria! What, what did you just do?"

"I fucked your mouth. And before that I fucked your butt." Aria shrugged nonchalantly, then before her Mom could say anything added, "Oh, you mean about Dad? Don't worry, he's never been good with innuendo or anything like that. And even if he was, I doubt he'd guess that you were going to spend all night in here taking it up the butt for me."

Ella opened her mouth, went a little pale, and murmured, "All night?"

"Uh-huh." Aria grinned, getting out of her chair, "Like I said, A was very specific. I need to bend you over every desk in here, so as you can see we've only just got started. But don't worry, we'll take plenty of cock cleaning and pussy eating breaks so at least your butt hole will be getting a little rest now and then. I think we've rested enough for now though, and if I'm going to butt fuck you over all these desks we'd better get back to it, don't you think?"

Again Ella opened her mouth to protest but again she found herself reaching the conclusion she had no choice. So instead the proud teacher and mother of two lowered her head, stood up and for the second of what would be many times that night bent over for her daughter.


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