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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

Aria Montgomery could still remember what it was like getting a text message and not nearly jumping out of her skin, her little body practically trembling as she opened and read the message. That memory seemed like a lifetime ago, or like it happen to someone else, but every time she received a message she liked to remember the days before A, before Alison's death, before... everything. It wasn't much comfort, but she still remembered it fondly.

That's what she was trying to do now as she read her last text message over and over again.

I have a gift for you. It, and the equipment you need to use it, are in your parents bedroom. Go home ALONE and thoroughly use it, or else.

- A

The message had come attached with a picture of Aria and her boyfriend/former teacher Ezra Fitz making out. Aria wasn't sure how A had got that, but she was pretty sure 'or else' meant A would make sure Ezra would end up fired, if not in jail. She would do just about anything to stop that from happening, but as she snuck out of school and made her way home Aria's mind had been filled with nightmare images of what A could want her to do.

It was those nightmare thoughts which filled Aria's mind as she slowly entered her home, climbed up the stairs and reached the door to her parents bedroom. Then she heard a familiar voice call out, "Hello... is there someone there?"

"Mom." Aria murmured, and then without thinking quickly entered her parents bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh Aria, thank God." Ella Montgomery breathed a sigh of relief, "I don't know what happened. I was in my car and... I don't know... I woke up like this and... honey... un, untie me... now... please..."

Ella's relief faded to confusion as her daughter just stared at her with a look she couldn't read or seemed to snap her little girl out of, continuing to call out to no avail as Aria flashbacked to a conversation she had a long time ago.

* * *

"Did you want a pair of those jeans?"

"Uh?" Aria murmured, turning away from where her Mom had just been to her blonde friend.

"Those jeans your Mom was wearing." Alison grinned, "You know, the ones you were staring at."

"I wasn't staring." Aria protested.

"Are you sure? Because it kind of looked like you were staring at your Mom's butt. And it's a pretty nice butt, but unless you dream of butt fucking your Mommy, I'm guessing you were staring at her jeans." Alison said in a tone which implied she suspected it wasn't the jeans Aria was interested in.

"No. No, no, no, no. Ewww, gross." Aria said, not sure if she was trying to convince herself or her friend, "I was just thinking about a boy. I would never stare at my Mom's butt."

* * *

Of course Aria had been totally staring but thankfully Alison had dropped it and Aria had managed to keep those extremely perverted thoughts to herself from that point on. Or at least she thought she had. And whether she did or didn't she was pretty much screwed now because Aria was now staring at her Mom's butt and her Mom was very much aware of it. But Aria just couldn't help herself given that her Mom was currently naked and tied down in the bent over position onto her bed. Her Mom's arms outstretched with her wrists securely tied to one set of bed posts and her ass was hanging off the bed so her legs, or more accurately her knees, could be held in place by ropes attached to the other set of bed posts. This gave Aria a perfect view of her Mom's big round perfect butt which she had been secretly lusting over since puberty.

Yet the thing that really got Aria's attention was not the positioning, the ropes or the nakedness. It was that there were words, which Aria guessed/hoped was written in lipstick, on her Mom's right butt cheek. Those words were 'Your Present' with an arrow pointing to her Mom's butt hole.

Aria licked her lips. She knew the consequences could be horrible, but she would do just about anything to save her boyfriend, and if that meant Aria had to fulfil one of her biggest fantasies then so be it.

Of course it wasn't quite that easy. Aria like to think of herself as opinionated, but she had never been that confident, so if she was going to pull this off she was going to have to essentially act like someone she wasn't. Someone strong, someone with an air of natural dominance, someone... well, someone like Alison. Or at least someone like Spencer.

Taking a deep, almost silent breath Aria did her best to think confident thoughts as she slowly walked round the bed to the bedside table, Aria ignoring her mother's cries for help as she reached the 'equipment'. The second she had managed to tear her eyes away from her Mom's ass Aria had noticed the 'equipment' A had been talking about. Seeing it left no doubt in Aria's mind exactly what was expected of her, perverted excitement flooding through her body as she slowly reach down and picked up the large strap on dildo A had left for her.

Gathering all the confidence she could muster Aria turned and looked her Mom in the eye. Immediately her mother became very quiet, her eyes slowly widening in horror as she watched Aria take off her pants and then pulled the strap on up her thighs.

Once the toy was firmly attached Aria grabbed hold of the tube of anal lubricant and began spreading it across the fake cock, her hands pumping the dick almost as if it was real.

It was then Aria heard a very soft murmur, "Aria... what are you doing?"

After staring into her mother's eyes for a few long moments Aria replied as confidently as she could, "I'm lubing my cock so it's easier to slide it into your ass hole."

In pretty much all of Aria's fantasies this was the moment her Mom started yelling at her, which was shortly followed by begging for mercy, then begging for more. However, her mother remained eerily silent, Aria only being able to conclude that the older woman couldn't believe what she was hearing. Aria could fix that.

Moving around so she was looking at her 'present' again Aria got another surprise.

"Wow Mom... you're dripping wet!" Aria said in disbelief, a smile crossing her face as she continued staring at her mother's pussy, "You must really love the idea of me butt fucking you, huh?"

Her Mom whimpered, but didn't try and deny it which made Aria's heart hammer in her chest. She'd been secretly fantasising about fucking her mother for years. If she had known her Mom would react in this way Aria would've made a move the moment she made peace with the fact that she wanted to do naughty things to the woman who gave her life.

Doing one of those naughty things Aria lent her head downwards, spat on her mother's ass hole and then licked up her own saliva from her Mom's back door.

Again her Mom whimpered, but offered no real form of protest as Aria began enthusiastically licking the older woman's butt hole. She slid her tongue all around the puckered hole, getting it nice and wet for what was to come. Aria even tried pushing her tongue into her Mom's ass, the teen bobbing her head back and forth so she was literally butt fucking her mother with her tongue in an attempt to get inside that tight little anal ring.

Aria tongue fucked her mother's ass for quite a while. This was partly because she was determined to try and get her tongue inside her Mom's tight butt hole, and partly because Aria really got into the act. She made sure to take the occasional break to give her Mom's ass hole a little more licking, Aria determined to give her mother a thorough rim job, however while this was technically using her present Aria was pretty sure A wanted her to do more than just licking her Mommy's butt, especially considering the dildo which was firmly strapped around her waist.

That was why Aria covered her fingers in the anal lubricant and then without warning pulled back from her Mom's butt hole so she could replace her tongue with her index finger.

Ella gasped out loudly as for the first time in her life she felt something entering her ass hole. It was a strange sensation, but not quite as painful as she had imagined it to be. It did however feel extremely perverted given the thing that had entered her butt was her own daughter's finger, Ella whimpering in shame that she found that fact to be arousing.

She whimpered again as she heard her own daughter practically moan, "Wow Mom... your ass is so tight. Are you... are you an anal virgin?"

Ella blushed and tried to pretend she hadn't heard what her daughter said. Tried to pretend it wasn't her daughter that said it. Tried to pretend this wasn't really happening. And she received a hard smacked to her ass for her trouble.

"Answer the question Mom!" Aria demanded, trying to make herself sound as commanding as possible.

It worked, Ella finding herself whimpering out, "Ye, yes honey."

"Yes what?" Aria pushed.

"I'm... I'm an anal virgin." Ella blushed.

Ella couldn't believe she just said that. Couldn't believe what was happening. But it was hard to ignore, especially when her daughter began pumping her finger in and out of her butt, Ella having to bite her lip to keep herself from moaning. Oh why did it have to feel so good?

The unwelcome feeling of pleasure only got worse as Aria began slowly increasing the pace of the finger fucking, eventually adding a second and third well lubed finger into Ella's ass, making the Milf moan against her will.

Deep down Ella knew she should be telling Aria to stop. That this was wrong. That they shouldn't be doing this. They might get caught. And any number of other things, but no matter how much she screamed at herself to say that, to say anything, all Ella seemed to do was moan and whimper.

Even when she felt Aria's fingers leave her ass hole to be replaced by something that felt much bigger Ella couldn't convince herself to speak up. She couldn't even interrupt her daughter as Aria firmly told her, "Mom, I'm going to take your anal cherry. I'm going to push every inch of this big cock into your ass and fuck you harder than Dad ever has. I'm going to make you addicted to the feeling of my cock in your ass. I'm going to make you need it. I'm going to make you beg for it. I'm going to make you my bitch. That's what you're going to be when every inch of my cock is in your ass. Do you have a problem with that?"

Aria's heart hammered in her chest as she waited for a reply which never came.

Her heart rate only increased when she spread her mother's left butt cheek so she could have as much access to her Mom's virgin butt hole while still being able to admire the 'Your Present' written on her Mom's right butt cheek. Then Aria began putting pressure on her mother's ass hole, watching lustfully as that tight anal ring slowly stretched open right before her eyes.

"When the head of my dick is in your ass, it's mine." Aria said softly, pausing the stretching of her mother's butt hole, "Then, when the whole length is inside your butt, you become mine."

It was mostly just talk of course, but technically Aria was giving her Mom another chance to protest, even if Aria knew there was no going back at this point. She had to butt fuck her mother. Of course that didn't mean she had to be cruel about it, and if she played her cards right maybe Aria could ensure this wouldn't be a one-time thing, and she could avoid getting into serious trouble.

To Aria's delight her Mom continued not to protest, Aria waiting a long few seconds before fulfilling perhaps her biggest fantasy and sliding the head of the strap on dildo into her Mom's butt hole, both brunettes moaning as Aria took her mother's anal virginity.

Ella was extremely grateful that her daughter gave her some time to relax after the initial anal penetration, the older brunette trying to decide what was more overwhelming, the fact that there was a dick in her ass, that it was strapped around the waist of her daughter or that any pain she initially felt quickly turned to the most perverted feeling of pleasure she had ever felt.

That weird one two blow of pain and pleasure continued as Aria slid inch after inch of dildo deep into her Mom's rectum, Ella feeling increasingly overwhelmed as her back passage was stretched and filled by strap on cock.

Why couldn't she tell her daughter to stop? Why did this make her hotter than anything she'd ever experienced with her husband or any man? Why was she having to bite hard down on her lip to stop herself from begging her daughter to slam every inch of that big strap on dick deep inside her ass and make her her bitch? Why did all of a sudden the idea of being her daughter's bitch seem like the most natural thing in the world? Why did she want to be her daughter's bitch more than she'd ever wanted anything else?

All of a sudden Aria stopped, only an inch or two of her strap on left to push into her Mom's butt. Then she asked, "Mom, do you want to be my bitch?"

There was a long moment of silence then Aria gave a small slow thrust, only pulling a couple of inches out of her Mom's ass before pushing it back in. It made Ella moan so loud she blushed, but she couldn't stop herself from continuing to loudly moan as her daughter began gently butt fucking her.

"It sounds like you want to be my bitch." Aria said, increasing the pace a little which only made her Mom moan louder, "It sounds like you want me to shove every inch of this cock into your ass and fuck it hard until you cum. Is that what you want Mom? Do you want to cum like an anal slut?"

"Yes honey." Ella found herself whimpering.

"Yes what?" Aria pushed.

Ella whimpered, buried her face in the bed sheets and replied, "I... I... oh God, ohhhhhh... oh, I... I want you to make me cum."

"Make me believe it!" Aria demanded, smacking her Mom's butt as she continued fucking it, "Tell me you want to cum like an anal slut!"

"I... I... ooooooooh fuck, I want to cum like an anal slut." Ella again whimpered into the bed sheets, another smack to her ass finally making her raise her head and crying out, "I want to cum like an anal slut! I want you to make me cum like an anal slut! Oh Gawwwwwwwwd Aria, I want you to make me cum! Make Mommy cum like an anal slut!"

Aria briefly smirked to enjoy her victory and then asked, "Do you want every inch of this dick inside your ass?"

"Yes sweetie, I want every inch of that dick inside my ass!" Ella obediently parroted.

"Every inch of who's dick?" Aria pushed.

Ella blushed, but forced herself to reply, "Your dick. I want every inch of your dick inside my ass. Mmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh, I, oh Gawwwwwwd, I... I, I want every inch of my daughter's dick inside my ass!"

"And what happens then?" Aria asked, then after a long pause elaborated, "What does it mean when every inch of your daughter's dick is in your ass?"

Again Ella blushed, but forced herself to reply, "It means I'm your bitch. Ahhhhhhhh, oooooooooooh, ughhhhhhh, when every inch of my daughter's dick is in my ass it means I'm her bitch. It means my daughter has turned me into her bitch!"

"That's right, and that's what you want, isn't it Mom? To be my bitch?" Aria questioned, before elaborating what that meant, "You want to be mine. My fuck toy. My personal anal slut. You want to have to bend over and give me your ass whenever I want a piece of it. You want to have to do whatever I say, whenever I say it. Isn't that right Mom?"

"Yes sweetie." Ella replied, tears rolling down her cheeks, "I want to be yours. Oooooooh, ahhhhhhhh, I want to be your fuck toy. Mmmmmmmmm, your personal anal slut. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwddddddddd, oh fuckkkkkkk, I want to have to bend over and give you my ass whenever you want a piece of it. I, mmmmmmm, I want to have to do whatever you say, whenever you say it. Oh, oh God, I... I... oh fuuuuuccccckkkkk, oh God forgive me, I want to be your bitch! I want to be my daughter's bitch!"

With that Ella let out a loud cry as she felt her daughter's hips smack against her well rounded ass cheeks, the sound of her cry and the smack of flesh on flesh echoing throughout the room. There was a long deafening pause as both mother and daughter took in what this meant. Every inch of the daughter's strap on cock was buried deeply inside her mother's ass. The mother was now her daughter's bitch.

Deep down Ella knew they were just words and they didn't have to mean anything, but in that moment she truly felt like she was her daughter's bitch. More significantly she felt like that was what she wanted to be. It terrified her to her very core, but in that moment Ella Montgomery wanted to be her daughter's bitch. And because she wanted it so bad in that moment it felt like it was true.

Ella didn't lose that feeling as she felt Aria grabbing a firm hold of her hips and begin to gently pump her own hips back and forth, Ella whimpering as her daughter began sodomising her again. That gentle sodomy didn't last long, Aria beginning to pump her Mom's pooper harder and harder with every thrust, each increase of speed making Ella moan louder.

No matter how hard she tried Ella couldn't remember the last time her pussy had taken a fucking half as hard as the pounding her ass was now taking. She used to have energetic sex all the time but her husband had lost interest in her body a long time ago. He still seemed to enjoy their private time together, but it was definitely more slow, gentle, perhaps even lazy love making. This, as shameful as it was to admit it, felt so much better.

Aria was so... energetic. Looking over her shoulder Ella could see just how much her daughter was enjoying this. How... enthusiastic she was to butt fuck her. Her daughter really wanted to fuck her butt. Her daughter really wanted her. It was incredibly perverted but Ella felt more wanted right now than she had in years. And it was oh so wrong to be doing this, it was so wrong to be having anal sex with her own daughter, but it also felt so good Ella found she couldn't care less about how wrong this was or what the repercussions would be. All Ella wanted was for her daughter to fuck her ass hard and make her cum.

That was exactly what Aria was trying to do. More or less.

Aria wanted to fuck her Mom's ass hard, and that she was definitely doing. But when her Mom came she would inevitably come down from her sexual high and second guess what they had done. She might even be disgusted by it. And she will most definitely yell at Aria for ass fucking her, even though she blatantly wanted it as much as Aria did. That reaction seemed unavoidable and Aria feared it. All she could think of doing was making sure her Mom came harder than she had ever cum before. Then maybe, just maybe Aria could talk her Mom out of punishing her, and hopefully talk her into honouring her promise of being her bitch.

To actually have her Mom as her bitch... it was a dream Aria had never imagined coming true. Sure, she took charge when it came to Ezra and her previous boyfriends, but she was terrible at seduction, and the idea of seducing her Mom... it just seemed like an impossible task. But now she was fulfilling one of her ultimate fantasies and actually getting to fuck her Mom up the butt Aria couldn't imagine not being able to do this again and again and again. She didn't want too. She had to make her Mom her bitch, not just because she wanted to avoid getting in serious trouble, but because the idea of never getting to fuck her Mom again was unbearable.

Because of that Aria was trying to fuck her Mom's ass as hard as she could without making the older woman cum. It was incredibly difficult, Aria having a newfound respect for her older boyfriend whenever he fucked her pussy like this. She was also very grateful to him for teaching her this technique, Aria bringing her Mom to the point of orgasm and then denying her at the last minute.


After listening to this for little while Aria abruptly pulled her strap on out of her Mom's ass, quickly walked around the side of the bed and untied her mother's hands. Aria then walked back round so she was behind her Mom, untied the Milf's legs and then ordered, "Get up onto the bed so you're on your knees, spread your cheeks for me and beg to get your big bitch ass fucked hard so you can cum!"

There was a long pause, Aria terrified she'd made a mistake as her Mom looks back over her shoulder at her. Then to Aria's delight her mother slowly got up onto the bed, moved into the centre of it, pressed her face down against the bed sheets, reached back, spread her ass cheeks, and then whimpered, "Fuck my ass sweetie. Please fuck my big bitch ass. I'm... I'm your bitch. You made me your bitch. You... oh God, you made your Mommy your bitch. I'm my daughter's bitch. I've become my daughter's bitch, and I don't care because now all I want is to get my big bitch ass fucked hard so I can cum! Oh God Aria, please make me cum. I'll do anything. I'll bend over for you whenever you want. I'll be your anal slut. I'll be my daughter's anal slut. I'll be whatever you want me to be honey, just please make Mommy cum!"

Again there was a long pause as Aria savoured her mother's words, and the beautiful sight of her Mom obediently spreading her ass cheeks, showing off the formerly tiny hole which was now gaping so widely open. The now gaping hole Aria was going to thoroughly use.

Ella let out a whimper of anticipation as she felt a dip in the bed, knowing it was her daughter kneeling behind her. Moments later she whimpered joyfully again as she felt that big strap on pressing against her gaping butt hole. Then Ella's begging ended with a loud cry of ecstasy as Aria slammed her hips forwards, her baby girl burying the entire length of the dildo deeply within her bowels once again.

Wasting no time Aria pushed her mother's hands out of the way, gripped tightly to the older woman's hips and began jack hammering her dildo in and out of her Mom's ass, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room as Ella was quickly butt fucked to orgasm by her daughter.

It happened so fast. One moment Ella was trying to adjust to the wonderful feeling of the dildo once again pounding the deepest depths of her butt, then her cum was gushing out of her. She'd heard of this, heard it was possible for some women, but Ella had accepted the fact it wasn't possible for her long ago. Then her own daughter fucked her up the ass, and all of a sudden for the first time in her life Ella Montgomery was squirting, the almost agonising bliss rocking her body almost too much to bear, especially as it just didn't seem to end. Ella hadn't thought it was possible for her to cum more than once either, but her little girl effortlessly pounded her ass to climax after climax.

Aria experienced some pretty powerful orgasms of her own as she continued joyfully butt fucking her Mommy. She could feel the stimulator inside the toy bashing against her clit and knew that had to be a factor. However Aria was convinced that the main reason for her own climaxes was that she was fucking her Mom's ass. She was finally fulfilling this little fantasy which she had been keeping to herself for so long, and no matter what the consequences would be for a few blissful moments it was all worth it.

Aria wished she could fuck her Mom's butt forever. She made a good try of it but eventually Aria's strength ran out, the younger girls squeezing one more orgasm out of the woman who gave her life before abruptly pulling her strap on dildo out of her Mom's ass.

For a moment Aria thought she was going to collapse with exhaustion. Then she spotted her Mom's gaping butt hole and suddenly Aria felt a new rush of adrenaline. Sadly not enough to give her Mom another ass fucking, but enough for Aria to lean down and spread the older woman's ass cheeks so she could get a better look at the ass hole she had just thoroughly abused.

"Wow Mom, your butt hole look so cute like this." Aria murmured as she stared deeply into her mother's bowels, "It's so loose and open... I can see deep inside you. And you're not even closing... do... do you think it'll stay like this? Your butt hole gaping open for hours? Proof just how good I butt fucked you... remind you that from now on you're my bitch?"

All Aria got was whimpers in response, which was more or less what she was expecting. Part of her had been hoping for more a submissive response but this was what she'd been dreading. The moment where her Mom might freak out about what they'd just done, maybe resulting in Aria never getting to fuck her Mom again, which would be a truly horrible fate.

Maybe that was A's plan Aria thought, suddenly remembering this was all set up by her stalker which sent a chill up her spine. She'd been so lost in lust she hadn't seriously considered what A was trying to accomplish with this. In fact, just giving her what she wanted one time so that she would have to go through life with it being denied to her might in fact be the best case scenario.

Suddenly Aria was awoken from her thoughts by her Mom, "Aria... sweetie..."

Concentrating on the moment and desperately trying to maintain control Aria laid back on the bed and firmly commanded, "Suck my cock Mom!"

Aria desperately tried to avoid biting her lip or seeming at all nervous as her Mom looked over at her with an expression she couldn't read. Keeping up her dominant charade was more difficult than ever as she and her mother just stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Then to Aria's delight, and relief her mother slowly crawled over to her, lowered her mouth down to the dildo and then after a brief hesitation took the head into her mouth.

Ella's face screwed up in disgust as she tasted her own ass on the toy cock. And it wasn't just her ass but the deepest part of it, the head of this strap on having been buried as deep inside her rectum as it could go. However to Ella's shame her look of disgust was mostly instinctual as she actually liked the taste. She actually liked the taste of her own ass.

This realisation was humiliating, even more so than getting ass fucked by her own daughter, and yet the thought sent a thrilled to Ella's pussy, this act of humiliation arousing Ella in such a weird and unnatural way. She knew it was wrong, so very, very wrong, but Ella had just had multiple orgasms from being sodomised by her daughter, which if she was honest with herself had been the best sex of her life. Was it even possible for her to go any lower?

With that in mind Ella committed to going ass to mouth, gently sucking the taste of her own butt from the head of the toy before beginning to slide her lips down the shaft. Soon she was bobbing her head on the first half of the dildo, Ella feeling increasingly embarrassed about just how eagerly she was now sucking her daughter's strap on, and that she seemed to love the taste of her own ass more with every passing moment.

It was incredibly addictive. It all was, so much so that it was almost easy for Ella to ignore her daughter's words of encouragement, "That's it Mom, suck my cock! Suck it clean! Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, you better get used to this because from now on I'm going to be butt fucking you a lot, and every time I do you're going to have to clean my cock afterwards. You're going to have to clean my cock every time I'm done fucking your hot Milf ass with it! Ohhhhh yes, you're going to be my ass to mouth slut! My anal slut! My pussy licking slut! You're going to be anything I want you to be, do whatever I want you to do, because you're my bitch!"

Aria really wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying, she was too enthralled by the blow job she was getting. She had thought she was a pretty good cock sucker, Ezra certainly never complained, but her Mom was way better. The way she was bobbing her head up and down on that cock with such passion and intensity, moaning nearly the whole time, made it seem like there was nothing in the world she wanted to do more. And Aria seriously thought she was going to cum in her Mom's mouth when the older brunette began taking the dildo down her throat. Aria hadn't thought was possible but her Mom deep throated the entire length in no time, the Milf greedily sucking the last remaining drops of her ass juice off the toy before beginning to bob her head on every inch of the dick, seemingly make sure she hadn't missed a single bit of her ass juice.

This sight had Aria raring to go once again, the teen trying to decide whether she should give her Mom another ass fucking or whether she should try giving her Mom's pussy a pounding. Then again maybe she should take off the dildo and try licking some pussy. Or she could try making her new bitch lick her pussy. Or her ass. Or they could 69.

Then Aria heard the sound which never failed to make her jump out of her skin. She'd gotten a text, her eyes shifting down to where her phone was still inside her pants. It wasn't necessarily from A, but Aria had a feeling. And that horrible feeling reminded her that she had played directly into A's hands. The bitch was probably watching to her right now, recording all of this so she could somehow use it against her later.

Aria looked over at the bedside clock. She still had some time before her father or brother were likely to get home. She could search for hidden cameras, or check who the text was from... or she could forget about her problems for a few more blissful moments and fuck her Mom some more. Decisions, decisions.


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