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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 11
by MTL ([email protected])

Never in her whole entire life had Hanna Marin ever felt so happy. So relaxed. So sexually fulfilled. It was quite frankly a little scary, but very telling, and Hanna didn't want to be one of those girls who repressed the truth when it became so totally obvious. Emily had been through that, more accurately Emily had told her after she came out what she'd gone through, and Hanna didn't want to go through it. Or at least avoid as much of it as possible. She was still going to tell people. Still going to have to learn how to say it out loud. But until then she wasn't going to deny the truth to herself.

She was a lesbian.

Or at least she was pretty sure she was.

Really sure.

Almost 110%.

So 100%?

No, that wasn't right. But it didn't matter, the point was that she had been fucking her best friend Mona Vanderwaal, who was a girl, and honestly it had been amazing. Fantastic. Better than she'd ever imagined. Way better than sex with Caleb. In fact she'd kind of forgotten he existed there for a second until he called her wondering where she had been all week, Hanna making her apologies but honestly, it was kind of a wake-up call because he had been so important to her, and now? Nothing. Not that she didn't still like him, she just didn't like-like him anymore.

Part of her was hoping that if she broke up with him she would feel something. Anything. But she didn't. Not really. He was upset, and she was sorry to hurt him, especially because she couldn't really tell him why she was doing it, but once the fight was over and he had stormed off she felt no impulse to run after him. No desire to make up. And little or no attraction to him, or any guy she passed on the street or any of the hotties that were in her magazines.

She was just too busy ogling girls, or trying to stop herself from ogling them, or at least trying to hide it, her mind whirling with what they could do to her and what she could do to them. Mostly though she was thinking about Mona. After a week of almost non-stop sex that probably wasn't that weird, but...

Seeing Mona in the distance Hanna beamed, relieved to have an excuse to come out of her head as she pretty much ran over to her friend. And Hanna almost never ran.

"Hey." Hanna panted, a little out of breath from running. Damn, she needed to hit the gym again.

"Hey." Mona grinned, fighting the urge to make a comment about her friend's lack of fitness. Not that she didn't look good, she did but that was probably mostly because of diet and, and Mona was staring again, "Did you want something?"

"What, I need an excuse to talk to my BFF?" Hanna grinned.

"No." Mona shrugged, enjoying the sight of Hanna smiling at her for a few seconds before reluctantly adding quietly, "Look, about tonight... my parents kind of think it's weird we've then hanging out so much. I don't think they really suspect anything but if you want to keep things on the down-low we should probably spend some nights apart."

"Oh... yeah. I, I guess." Hanna mumbled, barely trying to hide her disappointment. Then she grinned, "You could come round for a bit though. Or we could find somewhere to, you know... fool around. I've always wanted to do it in a bathroom."

Mona was somewhat taken aback by this revelation. Plus the way Hanna was grinning wickedly at her was totally making a certain part of her want to scream yes in response. But that could seriously mess with her mistress's plans. Besides, as much as she didn't want to Mona had different orders concerning her future wife.

"I, I can't. Got a lot of work to do." Mona forced out, then quickly added, "You could always see if Emily is free to hang out and have some fun."

"Yeah, I guess." Hanna shrugged.

"No..." Mona said, repeating her previous phrase and emphasising certain words, "You could always see if Emily is free to... 'hang out' and have some... 'fun'."

"Oh." Hanna stammered, briefly thinking about it before blurting out, "I, I can't."

"Why not?" Mona asked.

"Emily is a friend." Hanna stated automatically.

"So are we." Mona pointed out, "And she is totally hot. And gay. And not seeing anyone. You don't have to worry about messing her around anymore, you're pretty sure you're into that sort of thing, but it wouldn't hurt to make extra sure with someone you trust. I mean, if she's really your friend I'm sure she'd be glad to help you. Besides, it would be fun. Don't tell me it wouldn't be fun."

Hanna couldn't tell her that, and the more she thought about it the more it sounded like a good idea. After all she didn't want to lose Emily as a friend, but things with Mona had worked out so great. And Emily was really, really hot, and was probably way more experienced than Mona. Plus it would be nice to play the field a bit, no pun intended. But the real problem was there was something in Mona's tone which made Hanna unsure whether or not her friend really wanted her to do this.

So she decided to ask outright, "Are you sure you're ok with this?"

"Totally." Mona lied, but suggested an idea that she was at least a little excited for, "Besides, if it works out we could have a threesome."

"Maybe." Hanna said, the way she brightened up suggesting she liked the idea. Then she frowned, "You really think Emily would be into that? I mean, I don't even know if she's even into me."

"Please, what kind of idiot wouldn't be into you." Mona scoffed, quickly adding, "Besides, I've totally seen her checking you out a bunch of times."

"Really?" Hanna smiled.

"Really." Mona said, the bell ringing for their next lesson in the distance, "Look, I've got... a thing I've got to take care of, but I'll catch you later, ok? Or, if everything goes well, tomorrow for juicy details?"

With that Mona left, leaving Hanna to her thoughts which mostly consisted of Emily. As in mostly sex with Emily, how that would go, how amazing it would be, and all the things Emily could teach her. She also thought about how beautiful Emily was, how kind, smart and funny, and how it was almost weird that until now she'd never really seriously thought about it. She just hoped that Emily was into her, and everything went well. The last thing Hanna wanted was to create an awkward situation.

* * *

Spencer Hastings was making a mistake. She had made a mistake. And there was pretty much nothing in the world Spencer hated more than making a mistake. Except possibly making one on purpose. Not that she had much experience with the latter, but that wasn't the point.

She'd had sex with her sister. Her own flesh and blood. And she had loved it. It was sick, and it was wrong, and Spencer was so very, very ashamed of what she had done, and yet... she could barely go a second without thinking about it. Thinking about how good it had felt. How much she had like touching Melissa. How much Melissa's touch excited her. How Melissa's tongue had felt inside her, and... and how she had loved the sweet taste of her big sister's pussy.

The first two times didn't count. They had been forced. But the third time, it... it had just... happened. And Spencer had been obsessing over why it had happened for a week now, unable to think about anything else until she got a new text from A.

You seem all torn up about this thing with your sister Spence. You shouldn't be. You're not the only one fooling around with a family member. Just come to the teacher's bathroom and see. But make sure no one sees you. Oh, and don't tell anyone. Or bring anyone. Just watch.

- A

After what happened with Melissa she knew this was a mistake. What happened with Melissa had been a mistake, one Spencer shouldn't have gone through with, she saw that now. She should have just warned Toby and taken her chances. Like she should be doing now. But despite her better judgement Spencer once again found herself making the mistake of doing what A told her to do.

Spencer told herself she had no choice. That Toby was in danger. That the people she loved was still in danger. She was afraid for them, and honestly a little afraid herself. After all, who knows what A might do if she disobeyed her. That was why she was in this predicament, hiding somewhere she wasn't supposed to be while constantly rereading the latest message from her tormentor. But she was less focused on where she was than what was happening and the part of the message which told her she 'wasn't the only one fooling around with a family member'.

Could it possibly be true. Was one of her friends in the same boat as she was. Being forced to fuck a relation? If so which one of her friends? And which family member were they fucking?

All the possibilities went through Spencer's mind, and most were gross and disgusting. All were gross and disgusting, but... to her tremendous shame, a few of the possibilities actually turned her on. Like Hanna and her Mom. Maybe Emily and her Mom. And definitely Aria and her Mom. Spencer knew it was a horrible thing to think, but she couldn't help it. Her friends' Moms were all Milfs, and even her own was, oh shit, she had to stop thinking like that.

Unfortunately she was left alone with her thoughts for about an hour. Just as she was about to leave she heard the door open and someone walk in. That person cautiously walked up to every stall and looked underneath it, although they didn't spot Spencer because she stuck her legs in the air the moment she heard someone come in.

There was more silence, then Spencer heard a familiar voice, "Ok, the coast is clear."

"Good." Aria said, walking into the bathroom quickly, "Lock the door and put up the sign."

Ella opened her mouth to protest again, but a look from Aria silenced her. Hanging her head in defeat Ella stuck the do not disturb sign to the front of the door and then locked it from the inside, leaving the key in to jam the lock, just to make sure. Meanwhile Aria was checking underneath the stalls herself but Spencer was still keeping her legs in the air, mostly because she was so shocked she was frozen in place.

"Ok, we don't have long, so-" Aria trailed off and then there was the sound of... kissing.

As always when her daughter kissed her Ella initially tensed and then relaxed into the twisted sign of affection, the older brunette hating herself for both giving in so quickly and that 'as always' was apropos. This had become the norm to Ella and while it felt like she should do something to stop it she wasn't sure what, and she wasn't sure she wanted too.

Aria was just such a wonderful kisser that Ella couldn't help herself. Her lips quickly moved against Aria's, and when she felt her daughter's tongue caressing her lips she quickly parted them to allow Aria into her mouth. From there things became increasingly passionate, Aria dominating Ella's tongue with her own as the younger brunette pushed the older one into the nearest toilet stall. Once they were inside Aria threw her bag on the floor and then pushed Ella down onto the seat and got on top of her, all without breaking the kiss.

The passionate make out session lasted for probably too long but it wasn't Ella's place to complain, nor could she under her current condition. She was just too overwhelmed by how good it felt. It was the same story when Aria undid the buttons of her top, then removed the front-releasing bra she had commanded Ella to wear, and then eagerly started sucking on the older woman's tits like she had done when she was an infant, Ella barely able to conceal her moans of pleasure as she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the perverted sensations.

When it came to having sex with her mother Aria could easily pick out her absolute favourite thing, but that didn't mean there wasn't a dozen very close runners-up. This was one of those runners-up, blissful happiness filling Aria's entire being as she suckled on her mother's teats.

It was just so comforting and relaxing, Aria felt like she could do this all day. Unfortunately she didn't have all day. She didn't even have the solid ten minutes that was usually the minimum amount Aria like to devote to foreplay. Still, Aria couldn't stop herself from at least allowing a few minutes to lick and suck those little nipples and a soft flesh surrounding them. But only a few, then Aria reached down and grabbed the waistband of her mother's pants.

Knowing what was expected of her Ella lifted her hips allowing Aria to pull the offending item all the way down to her mother's ankles before she began kissing her way down her Mom's soft but flat stomach. She paused only to smile at the fact that her mother had obeyed her command not to wear underwear, Aria quickly lowering her head even further and burying her face in between the legs of the woman who had given her life.

Spencer had been catatonic for the last few minutes, listening to what sounded like... like one of her best friends making out with their own mother. Over a billion thoughts went through Spencer's head in those few minutes, going so fast that even she couldn't properly comprehend them.

Then Spencer had heard a loud moan from Mrs Montgomery, one of her teachers, followed by Aria giggling, "Oops, almost forgot the ball-gag."

If it was possible for Spencer's eyes to go wider they did, especially after some gentle rustling and some sounds she couldn't identify followed by Aria whispering cheerfully, "There. Now remember stay nice and quiet for me Mommy. I wanna enjoy this."

There was more moaning, only softer and more muffled, Spencer doubting it could be heard from the outside. Of course she could hear it loud and clear, every soft little moan and whimper making Spencer's ear burn with the deep desire and then eventually the need to know what was going on. Or more accurately to confirm it.

Eventually when she could take it no more Spencer finally brought her legs down and quietly as possible got out of the stall she had been hiding in and got into the one right next to where the two women were. With every slow but steady movement Spencer was grateful she had worn flats, her footsteps barely making a sound and certainly not one that was noticeable over Mrs Montgomery's moaning. Even when she got on the toilet seat it was pretty quiet, although when Spencer finally peered over the edge she couldn't stop herself gasping as she was confronted by the sight of one of her best friends Aria Montgomery going down on her own mother.

There was no denying it, Spencer had seen Aria wearing that exact same outfit earlier, and given Aria's taste in clothes it couldn't be anyone else. Which meant Aria really was doing it. She was going down on her Mom, and her Mom was letting her, both women so lost in what they were doing it didn't seem they even heard Spencer's little gasp. To be fair Mrs Montgomery was moaning fairly consistently, and Aria was going at her Mom's cunt like she'd been dying of thirst in the desert and just found a cool spring, Spencer herself becoming lost in just the sight of what was happening.

Meanwhile Ella was finding the sight of her own daughter in between her legs combined with the feeling of Aria's tongue just too much to take. So Ella closed her eyes, allowing herself that little mercy.

Ella had been doing that quite a lot lately. It didn't always work out but when her daughter was going down on her Aria didn't normally look up, her baby girl was to preoccupied with what she was doing for that, so Ella could get away with keeping her eyes closed. Also when Aria was fucking her from behind Ella could get away with it, which was lucky for her as her daughter's favourite position was doggy style and the teen was practically obsessed with her ass, allowing Ella to look anywhere but at her baby girl while she had her way with her. It was different when her little girl was fucking her face to face, then Aria liked to look deep into her eyes while she took her, Ella very grateful that wasn't the case right now because she didn't think she'd be able to stand it.

Aria was just making her feel so good. So very, very good. She always had from the very start of this insanity but each time she'd only gotten better. Take this for example. Particularly for the first couple of 'quickies' Aria had dived right into Ella's cunt, missing several of her Mom's sweet spots in an attempt to quickly tongue fuck her to climax. Very quickly Aria had learnt to give her mother's pussy lips a few long licks before diving right in, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always making sure to touch Ella with every lick. This time the licks were fast but they lasted maybe longer than usual, each swipe of that tongue making Ella tremble in anticipation of what was coming.

In that blissful but torturers stage Ella was reminded of the downside of closing her eyes. Sure she didn't have too witness Aria's head in between her thighs, but no matter how hard she tried Ella couldn't forget it was her baby girl who was going down on her and in a way closing her eyes only intensified the feelings of pleasure. It definitely felt like that was the case when Aria finally slammed her tongue inside of Ella, the desperate to not be discovered teacher unable to stop herself from screaming with pleasure in to her ball-gag.

The sound made Aria smile. Of course she nearly always smiled when she was giving her Mom pleasure but on this occasion it had more to do with the fact that her mother's cry was muffled.

True, the ball-gag had been another 'present' from A so naturally Aria had been sceptical, and even a little grossed out at first, but as it turned out this gift was proving to be very useful. She tested it out last night and her clueless father hadn't heard a peep as his daughter ass fucked his wife to screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm. Of course stuffing a pair of her Mom's panties into her mouth had achieve the same effect, but now they were in school it didn't hurt to have something a little more... sturdy. Especially if at the same time it didn't totally silent the older woman as Aria had become very fond of listening to her own mother whimper, moan, cry and scream in pleasure for her.

Even though it was clear that her beloved Mommy was trying her best to keep quiet, and was doing a reasonably good job thanks to the ball-gag, Aria was still hearing all those whimpers, moans, cries and screams and they were turning her on something fierce. Especially as they were combined with the sweet taste of her mother's honey, firstly the heavenly taste of her Mom's pussy juice flooding Aria's mouth and sliding down her throat and then the yummiest treat of all, her Mommy's cum.

Aria was supposed to only lick her Mom to one orgasm. Then they were supposed to leave. Or more accurately, they should leave. That would be a smart thing to do, as A had been uncharacteristically vague with her command. Just 'go fuck your Mom in the teacher's bathroom right now'. So Aria could probably get away with just a little cunt lapping. However as her Mom's cum poured down her throat Aria couldn't possibly stop herself. One batch of yummy Mommy cum was nowhere near enough, especially when it was so easy to make her Mom have multiple orgasms with just a few skilled thrusts of her tongue. Of course, that only made Aria's pussy burn for release, the tiny teen to horny to do the smart thing, especially when once again she had a chance to do her favourite thing in the entire world.

For a while Spencer's modesty tried to tell her she wasn't enjoying the sight before her. That even the possibility of it hadn't been a massive turn on, and when it had been confirmed that she hadn't almost creamed herself on the spot. However now she was having to bite her lip to stop herself from calling out in encouragement Spencer could no longer deny it, she was loving this. It might be sick and wrong, but it was so hot, and honestly kind of comforting as it meant apparently she wasn't the only freak in Rosewood having an affair with a family member.

Of course then things took on a whole new level when Aria pulled away from her Mom's cunt, licked her lips and told her own mother to, "Bend over."

Clearly exhausted from her orgasms Mrs Montgomery did as she was told while Aria rummaged through her bag and pulled out... a gigantic strap-on dildo!

Spencer was catatonic again for a few seconds, her mind barely registering Aria taking off her shoes, pants and underwear and then pulling the harness up her thighs and strapping it into place. Then the tiny teen knelt behind her mother who was now bent over the toilet seat, Aria reaching out and grabbing... the handle to a butt-plug, which had been stuffed into her Mom's ass, Spencer's mouth opening almost as wide as her teacher's back hole as it stretched wide to allow the toy to leave it.

Once it was out with an audible pop Aria put the plug directly into her own mouth and sucked on it greedily, like her Mom's ass was the tastiest of treats. She kept it in her mouth while she lathered the strap-on in lubricant. Or at least Spencer suspected that was what it was, not that it mattered as the tube and the plug were soon put away so Aria could aim her newly attached cock at the entrance to her own mother's bowels. That whole had already been left gaping open thanks to the plug so Aria had no problem pushing the head of the dildo into her Mom's bottom, which she did none too gently. Of course that first thrust had nothing on the ones that followed, Aria slamming the full length of the strap-on dick into her mother's rectum in only a few sharp thrusts and then beginning to sodomised the woman who had given her life with what look like practised ease.

Ella couldn't stop herself from squealing a little as a result of the first few thrusts, which earned her a couple of hard slaps to her ass and a growl from Aria, "Quiet bitch!"

Ella whimpered into her gag but desperately tried to comply. Again it wasn't like she wanted to be discovered being butt fucked by her daughter, but she just couldn't help herself. It felt so incredibly good.

Over the last week Ella had redefined her understanding of pain and humiliation. Sure, the pain she had been receiving was not as bad as giving birth, but it was so much more embarrassing. Partly because her own daughter was the cause of it, Ella thinking back to the agony of childbirth and actually wishing she could swap her current pain for that.

She couldn't sit down without horrible pain, whether the plug was up her ass or not. It was the same story if she rolled over onto her back in the night or Aria playfully slapped her ass. Even walking around was difficult. And spankings were unbearable, Ella blubbering like a baby from even a gentle one, and the hard ones, the ones with a paddle, had Ella literally pleading for mercy. Worst of all was when she had to used the bathroom... Ella refusing to even think of it in detail as she blushed from memories of pain and humiliation. But it was all worth it. Every single moment of shame and agony was worth it for the moments of ecstasy her stud of a daughter gave her.

Ella had gone for so many years without real pleasure. Of laying on her back like a dead fish while her husband did his business for a few minutes and then rolled off her to go to sleep, Ella not even sufficiently aroused to get herself off half the time. Even before that Ella hadn't known this kind of ecstasy existed, all the men of her past barely giving her a fraction of this ecstasy. In moments like this Ella knew that the worst shame of all was that she would do anything to feel like this. She would give up her marriage and career, even become publicly disgraced and thrown in jail if she could just feel another second of this ecstasy. She might even give it all up for just the first few moments of the butt fucking, Aria's skilled thrusts relaxing her constantly used back passage into blissful submission. Then of course came the ecstasy, which only became more intense as her daughter continued pounding her ass until Ella's mind turned to mush.

Normally Aria would spend hours gently sodomising her mother. Maybe she'd switch positions. Make her Mommy ride her cock, either face to face so she could watch her boobies bounds or her Mom facing away so she could watch her butt jiggle. Or have her Mom spread her cheeks, either in the reverse cowgirl position or like this with her Mommy bent over in front of her. Or she could put her mother on her back and take her ass like that, the older woman's legs either resting on Aria's shoulders or wrapped around the teen. Or her Mom could always hold her own legs up. The point was that there were a lot of different positions she liked, but Aria didn't have time for that. Nor did she have time for a long drawn-out ass fucking or to exchange dirty talk. No, Aria had to concentrate on dishing out a rough butt pounding and making her Mom cum as soon as possible.

She did exactly that. More or less. Ok, she may have spent a couple more minutes than was necessary pumping her cock in and out of her Mom's pooper at the sort of slow pace she used at the beginning, but that was only because she became lost in staring at her Mom's thick, juicy butt jiggling against her thighs and the feeling of her mother's ass hole gripping her dildo like a glove. And honestly she became lost in those sights and feelings again, but it didn't matter so much the second time because that was when the sound of her hips smacking off her Mom's ass cheeks was echoing throughout the silent room along with the older brunette's squeals of pleasure which were audible even through the ball-gag.

Aria had known there was a limit to how quiet she could be when fucking her mother. Or perhaps more accurately there was a limit to how quiet her mother could be when she was being fucked, especially up the butt. If it was up to Aria she wouldn't even be doing this. At least not during school hours. But A had made one of her perverted demands, so Aria just tried to make the most of it and hope somehow no one heard them. Or at the very least no one with a set of keys.

Of course inevitably Aria stopped caring whether anyone heard or not as she became completely lost in butt fucking her Mom, her whole world beginning to revolve around a pair of juicy ass cheeks and a heavenly back hole which was just a perfect fit for her cock. Over, and over, and over Aria pounded her Mom's ass, devoting every ounce of her strength to slamming her personal fuck hole, experiencing the kind of hard climaxes she could only receive from pounding her mother's butt as cum shot violently from the cunt of the woman who gave her life, the rutting females ending up with a large puddle of girl cum beneath them which flooded into the stall Spencer was still hiding in.

Spencer wasn't sure when her hand slipped into her pants. It seemed to do it of it's own accord when she was too busy watching her best friend butt fuck her own mother, Spencer honestly already so horny that her little touches did almost nothing to increase her arousal. By the time she noticed that she was touching herself she just couldn't stop. She knew she should, knew it was wrong, but in that moment Spencer felt she had never needed anything like she needed to get off right there and then.

So she plunged two fingers into herself and started furiously pumping them in and out of her horny honey hole, quickly and easily bringing herself to the edge. She went over it when she noticed just how hard the other two brunettes were cumming, the visual of their cream flowing into her stall causing Spencer to cum so very hard. There was only one other time she had cum harder, images of Melissa now shamelessly playing out in her mind and making her cum again.

From that point she wasn't sure whether she came again, if she was experiencing powerful after-shocks or just having one long orgasm but Spencer didn't care. All she knew was that she felt continuous pleasure for several minutes which didn't end when Aria finally stopped, partly because Aria then pulled her strap-on out of her mother's bottom which left Mrs Montgomery's butt hole a stretched open ruin. It was the most obscene sight Spencer had ever seen, and considering the past week that was really saying something.

Just as Spencer thought that Aria untied her Mom's ball-gag, took it out of her mouth and said, "Clean."

Mrs Montgomery then turned around slowly and awkwardly and... took the dildo which had just been in her ass into her mouth!

Spencer's mouth dropped open wider than Mrs Montgomery's gaping butt hole, although it was a close call, Spencer able to lean her head ever so slightly to still see the respected teacher's wrecked ass hole while she sucked her daughter's strap-on dick with increasing eagerness. Spencer continued staring with her mouth open as Mrs Montgomery took every inch of that fake cock into her mouth and down her throat, thoroughly cleaning it of all her anal juices. Then the mother and daughter lazily kissed each other, easily reinserted the large butt-plug into the older woman's well fucked butt hole, got dressed and left, blissfully unaware that Spencer was still touching herself as she replayed the scene in her head, eventually replacing the Montgomerys with herself and Melissa, the ultra-perverted image bringing her to maybe her hardest climax yet.

Of course afterwards she felt as guilty as hell but Spencer also felt a thousand different emotions and thoughts, the most shameful being the most consistent thought, what would it be like to do that with her big sister.


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