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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 12
by MTL ([email protected])

She knows, Emily thought. She totally knows. Oh God, this was all her fault. She had been stupid and selfish and now she was going to lose the very best friend she'd ever had. Oh God, she was horrible. She was a horrible, horrible person, and she deserved whatever Hanna did to her.

Emily hadn't intended to start an affair with her best friend's Mom. It had just kind of... happened. And Emily had been so lonely what with her break-up with Samara, and Paige before that, and Maya gone, and Alison... it, it was just nice to have someone. Anyone. And the sex, oh God. Emily knew that was no excuse, and she would never try using it as one, but at least in her own mind she could admit to herself that the sex had been amazing, perhaps the main reason Emily had fooled herself into thinking she could get away with this. She should have known better.

Hanna might not be... conventionally smart, but when it came to who was dating who or whatever she was a genius. Emily was surprised actually that Hanna hadn't figured it out sooner. Then again maybe she had and was just trying to find the perfect time and way to tell Emily to stay away from her Mom.

That time appeared to be now, Hanna acting weird all day, talking to Emily a whole lot but never making a impact, and giving off this vibe like she wanted to say something but couldn't find the right words. Worst of all there was this awkward tension between them the likes of which Emily had never felt before and couldn't stand it. She couldn't believe she was responsible for ruining her friendship with such an amazing person as Hanna Marin. God what had she been thinking?

"Ems?" Hanna suddenly asked, waking Emily from her thoughts, "Can I ask you something?"

Here it comes, Emily thought, bracing herself for the worst, "Sure, yes, erm... absolutely."

Hanna frowned, unsure why Emily was nervous. It was weird. But Hanna was way too caught up in her own nervousness to overthink it, the poor blonde still struggling to find the words which would convince Emily to try something amazing with her and not ruin their friendship in the process.

"I, I'm not sure where to start." Hanna mumbled, before falling silent again.

Not being able to take it anymore Emily blurted out, "Hanna I'm so sorry."

Frowning again Hanna asked, "Why?"

Staring at her friend for a few seconds Emily stammered, "You're... you're not mad at me?"

"No... why, should I be?" Hanna asked.

And there it was. The chance to come clean. Not that she hadn't had plenty of chances before, but now if Emily didn't say something she would literally be lying to Hanna, just making the whole situation worse. Then again, how could she possibly tell her best friend she was fucking her Mom?

"No, I... I just... borrowed a shirt without asking." Emily lied, inwardly scolding herself.

"Oh, no biggie. You can borrow whatever you want from my wardrobe, you should know that by now silly." Hanna smiled, before adding somewhat flirtatiously, "Unless I'm wearing it of course."

"Oh." Emily murmured, her mind suddenly racing a mile a minute for a completely different reason than the whole 'mother fucking' thing, "So, so what did you want to ask?"

Hanna bit her lip, and then summoning all her courage asked, "When... when did you know that, you know, you were gay?"

Feeling very confused and relieved Emily smiled, "I guess I kind of always knew. But... well, Alison. She made me realise who I was... what I was. No, no matter what else she did... I guess I'll always be grateful to her for that."

There was a long silence and then Hanna blurted out, "I've been having sex with Mona!"

"WHAT?" Emily exclaimed, feeling like she was in a cartoon from her tone and the way it felt like her eyes were bugging out.

"Just for a few days... ok, a week, but that's it, I swear." Hanna promised.

There was another long silence and then Emily realise just how not supportive she was being so she quickly forced herself to ask, "So... do you think your-"

"Gay?" Hanna interrupted, "Yeah, I think I kind of am."

"Oh." Emily murmured, still desperately trying to process this information ASAP so she could concentrate on being supportive, "That's great. Seriously Hanna, if you're sure, I'm happy for you."

As soon as she said it Emily cringed at the phrase 'if you're sure' as it sounded the exact opposite of supportive. Before she could correct herself Hanna said, "That's the thing... I'm like, 99% sure. I left Caleb, I love him, but I just don't... love him anymore, you know? And the sex with Mona is amazing, but... I... she, Mona that is, said I should play the field a bit, and I agree. That way I know for sure what I want. What I like. And... I was thinking... maybe I should find someone with a little more experience. Help me find out what I do and do not like. Someone who's not in a relationship right now and might enjoy a little casual. Someone I trust. Someone I know I'll always be friends with no matter what. Someone beautiful, smart and funny and really gets me, you know?"

Emily waited a few seconds for Hanna to continue, then suddenly it all clicked into place and her eyes were wide again.

"I mean, I'm kinda a bottom and I'm guessing you are too, but I totally don't mind taking charge. Or we could always switch if you want." Hanna continued, "Plus I swear my Mom is like, deaf or something, so there's no way she'd hear us if we did it right now... not that we have too. You can totally think about it, or whatever. And, and I'm not suggesting anything serious. Just casual and fun. Cause like I said, I'm playing the field."

There was a long pause, then Emily said, "I... I... need a drink."

With that Emily got up and left.

* * *

Emily ended up having three drinks, all non-alcoholic, although she was tempted. If she hadn't already screwed up her friendship with Hanna by fucking her Mom or not being supportive enough when she came out to her it would be well and truly fucked up if she had sex with Hanna. Or didn't have sex with Hanna. Or she had sex with Hanna before telling her about her relationship with the blonde's Mom. If it could be called a relationship.

If she was honest with herself Emily didn't want a relationship with Mrs... with Ashley. For one thing she still couldn't get comfortable enough to consistently think of her as Ashley as to Emily she was still Hanna's Mom. She'd probably always be Hanna's Mom, at least to Emily. That had been what had made this whole thing so thrilling, Emily stepping out of her comfort zone and doing something forbidden. It was basically the same reason she increasingly wanted to march upstairs and jump into bed with the closest friend she'd ever had. She knew that probably made her a slut, and a twisted one at that, but Emily couldn't deny that part of her wanted it.

"Emily, what's wrong?"

Emily looked up, unsurprised to see Hanna's Mom standing there in a dressing gown looking concerned. For a few seconds Emily considered lying, but whether because she owed Ashley the truth or secretly wanted the older woman's permission the Latina blurted out, "Hanna wants to have sex. With me. For fun."

Ashley stared at her for a long moment with an unreadable expression on her face, then casually murmured, "You should go for it."

"Really?" Emily whispered, amazed Hanna's Mom was being so blas‚ about this.

"Really. You're both young, and what's happening between us isn't anything serious. Nor will it ever be." Ashley said softly, before leaning in with a grin, "Besides, my daughter has always needed a little guidance on her education, and I'm sure you could teach her something."

"Oh... ok." Emily mumbled, still not believing what she was hearing.

"Oh, and Emily..." Ashley said, waiting until she had the girl's attention before adding, "As one of your teachers in this subject I will be listening in, judging you on your performance and how well you can teach my daughter. I may work out a grading system so I can decide whether you should be punished or awarded for your work."

With that Ashley left, leaving Emily flabbergasted. The redhead's tone had been jokey but it wouldn't surprise Emily if Mrs Marin really did grade her. The logical part of Emily's brain questioned why Ashley would want to listen in on her daughter having sex. However she was overwhelmed by her lust which had slowly been taking over her body ever since Hanna had offered her sex until all Emily could think was that she hoped she could get a good grade.

* * *

What felt like seconds later Emily stumbled back into the bedroom she shared with her friend to find Hanna lying on her bed reading a magazine, the blonde not even looking up as the brunette entered. Hanna was probably worried she had ruined their friendship. Emily knew the feeling, especially now she might be ending it for good. At the very least she was going to make a future fight even worse but Emily just couldn't stop herself.

So once again giving in to her desires Emily gathered up all her courage and then softly murmured, "Hanna?"

"Mmmm." Hanna replied noncommittally.

"Do you... you know?" Emily whispered.

The magazine forgotten Hanna looked at Emily, sat up, got off the bed and beamed, "What? Do I, you know, what?"

Emily smiled softly, "You know?"

Recognising the flirtatious tone Hanna moved forwards, "Say it."

Emily bit her lip and as flirtatiously as she could murmured, "Do you maybe, you know, still wanna... fool around?"

No sooner had Emily said the last part out loud Hanna closed the distance between them, not that there was that much of it at this stage, and kissed the other girl right on the lips. It was a bold move. Maybe a little too bold considering how nervous Emily seemed to be, Hanna deciding to switch gears the second her lips touched the brunette's. She kind of wanted to throw everything she'd got at Emily right away, and was prepared to do that, but instead Hanna just paused when her lips came to rest against Emily's, the blonde waiting for her friend to make the next move.

It turned out for the best as Hanna got to savour the simple touch of Emily's lips against her own, the blonde marvelling at how such a simple thing could make her feel. She continued to marvel and savour what was happening to her when Emily began gently caressing her lips with her own, and then eventually slid her tongue against the blonde's lips, requesting permission to enter her mouth. Hanna was only too happy to give that permission, the two long-time friends initially becoming lost in a needy tongue battle but eventually it simmered down to a gentle caress of lips and tongue, the one remaining constant from gentle to rough and back again being the almost breath-taking passion that the two girls had for each other.

Somehow Hanna was able to not get too overwhelmed by the lip lock and get enough oxygen through her nose to continue for what seemed like forever. Then when they did finally break apart it was only for a second so they could see each other's eyes, looking for a sign of hesitation. When none was found they went right back to kissing, their lips and tongues refusing to be apart for literally what had to be hours.

Somewhere in the middle of all that kissing Emily gently lowered Hanna down to the bed sheets and got on top of her, for a while the blonde just enjoying their soft bodies caressing each other through their pyjamas, although inevitably it stopped being enough.

It happened very suddenly. One second Hanna was perfectly content with just a gentle kissing and Emily's body pressed against her own, the next she was breaking the kiss and whimpering, "Please Ems, fuck me. Fuck me! Please, I need you to fuck me."

Emily was initially taken aback by Hanna's outburst. Perhaps she shouldn't have been, after all Hanna wasn't normally shy about telling people what she wanted. Then again with 'this' Emily thought Hanna would be a bit more... reserved. The fact that she wasn't was honestly a massive turn on, and before she even fully registered it Emily was lifting herself of Hanna's body and, before the blonde could complain, pulled off her pyjama top.

Hanna stared up at her lustily for a few moments, then awkwardly removed her own top with a little help from the brunette. Hanna's bottoms when next, quickly followed by Emily's, the two girls barely taking the time to take them off properly before they started rubbing against each other, both moaning lustfully as their naked skin rubbed together. Most notably their achingly hard nipples, the soft flesh surrounding them and their burning hot centres, although after a while it was the last one which was consuming the majority of their attention.

Emily wasn't sure if she had kissed Hanna or Hanna had kissed her or they had kissed simultaneously but they soon found themselves in another passionate lip lock, this time the two girls humping each other with ever increasing ferocity until Emily decided this wasn't enough. Or maybe it was her body that decided, as she couldn't remember making a conscious decision to do what she did next, not that Emily stopped herself when she realised exactly what it was she was doing. Namely breaking the kiss, looking into Hanna's eyes and pushing her hand in between their bodies.

With practised ease Emily's fingers found Hanna's pussy and most importantly her clit, Emily going straight for that sensitive bundle of nerves so she could play with it mercilessly and turn her best friend into a complete wreck beneath her. Then Emily slid a finger into Hanna's cunt, barely taking the time to enjoy the feeling of the wet heat clamping down on her digit before she began pumping it in and out of the blonde's hot hole, Emily smirking happily in triumph as Hanna went berserk beneath her.

For awhile Hanna just enjoyed the sensation her friend was giving her with that one little finger. That one little finger which was now inside her. Emily was inside her. One of her oldest and closest friends was pumping a finger in and out of her, fucking her, having lesbian sex with her. Despite doing this and more with Mona for a week now Hanna found this overwhelming. Probably because it was kind of different with Emily, and yet not, in a way which was so very intoxicating. Of course, Hanna wanted to return the favour, and when she regained enough of her mind she quickly did so.

Given the look on Emily's face she wasn't expecting Hanna to return the favour, at least not now, but the moan the brunette let out when the blonde thrust a finger into her cunt quickly told Hanna that Emily didn't mind. That was only confirmed when Emily's look of surprise melted into pleasure, the experienced lesbian even slowing down her own fingers inside Hanna's pussy as she was hit with unexpected pleasure. It was kind of cute actually. That said Hanna was rather glad it didn't last, which was perhaps rather selfish of her but hey, it wasn't like she didn't speed up her finger thrusts in time with Emily's, the two of them beginning to rapidly fuck each other to orgasm.

It wasn't long before Emily added a second finger into Hanna's cunt. Hanna almost immediately copied this action and then, wanting to beat Emily to it and show her she knew something about girl on girl fun, started curling her fingers to hit the brunette's G-spot. This had the desired effect of making Emily cry out in pleasure, quickly followed by the Latina copying the action, Hanna's eyes literally rolling in the back of her head as she felt herself rushed towards climax. That was when Emily started playing dirty.

Up until now they'd been mostly staring into each other's eyes, and occasionally closing them when a particularly strong jolt of pleasure ran through their bodies. Then all of a sudden Emily dropped her head down to Hanna's tits, kissing her gently up the right boob and taking the nipple into her mouth. Hanna cried out as Emily applied a gentle suction but quickly moved to hard sucking, repeating this action with the left and then beginning to switch between the two sensitive bundles of flesh with increasingly hard sucks. Meanwhile Emily's thumb started rubbing the most sensitive bundle of flesh on Hanna's entire body, the blonde almost cumming instantly when she felt the additional stimulation. Not that she was able to hold back much longer, Hanna thinking as she went over the edge if she had a toy in her ass or if Ems stuck a finger into her back hole it would have been perfect.

As it was almost all of her super sensitive spots were being attacked so Hanna had a nice toe curling orgasm, her fingers slipping out of Emily's cunt as she succumbed to the ecstasy flooding her body at the hands, and mouth, of her skilled friend. For minutes, or maybe two, Hanna was a slave to sensation, unable to do anything but quiver under Emily's touch. Then with after-shocks still rocking her body Hanna flipped them so she was on top, the blonde turning the tables in more ways than one as she moved her mouth down to Emily's tits and shoved her fingers back into the brunette's pussy.

There wasn't much skill and absolutely no finesse but Hanna did show enthusiasm as she clumsily fucked Emily as hard as she could with her fingers while frantically moving from nipple to nipple so she could passionately lick and suck them. It did the trick, Emily crying out extra loudly as her cunt squeezed Hanna's fingers and covered them in cum, making the blonde smile. Making Mona cum was one thing, they were friends fumbling around with each other. Well, maybe they were more than that now, but the point was they were still inexperienced. Emily was an experienced lesbian, and Hanna had just made her cum.

Feeling confident she was getting a handle on this girl on girl thing Hanna removed her mouth from Emily's right boob, grinned up at her friend and said, "Now I'm going to show you what I've learned."

With that Hanna shot her body downwards, barely pausing to give Emily's flat stomach a few gentle kisses before she reached her friend's centre. For a moment Hanna just stared at it, her fingers still pumping in and out of Emily's fuck hole as Hanna just refused to stop at this point. Or her fingers now had a mind of their own and were enjoying the pleasant tightness of her friend's cunt too much to leave anytime soon. Regardless Hanna got an up close look for a little while, then she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and playfully began licking Emily's clit. Then not so playfully, Hanna first increasing the speed and roughness behind her licks and then taking that little bundle of nerves in her mouth and sucking on it.

Emily whimpered, cried and moaned in pleasure, like Hanna and even herself earlier trying to keep things as quiet as possible so the blonde's mother wouldn't hear. Or at least Hanna thought that was what she was doing. Well, actually Emily was doing it but she knew Mrs Marin's hearing wasn't as bad as Hanna thought. Even if it had been thanks to their earlier conversation the older woman knew exactly what was going on in here. Knew that Emily and Hanna were fucking. That Emily had fucked Hanna and was now allowing herself to be fucked by the blonde, the head of this household listening in the whole time while her younger lover had sex with her daughter.

It should have been horrifying and off putting, but for some twisted reason it was actually a turn on. Emily was getting turned on knowing that her older lover was listening in on her daughter going down on her, Emily envisioning the redhead pressing her head or a cup up against the wall so she could better hear Hanna finger the brunette while mercilessly attacking her clit. Then Emily wondered if Ashley would actually touch herself to this. If the classy 'grown-up' Mrs Marin was currently fingering herself while listening to her own daughter fuck her best friend.

To Emily's shame it was that last perverted image which sent her over the edge, her pussy clamping down so hard on Hanna's fingers the blonde couldn't seem to move them for at least a couple of seconds. Maybe Hanna was just enjoying the feeling of the brunette's inner walls squeezing her digits, Emily wasn't sure. All she knew was one moment it was just her friend's mouth and tongue on her clit keeping her on her high, the next those fingers were moving in and out of her again, quickly bringing her to another climax. This time those fingers were pulled out and replaced by a warm, soft mouth, Emily's cum literally squirting down Hanna's throat again and again as the blonde tongue fucked her through multiple climaxes.

At some point Hanna turned around, impressively without removing her mouth from Emily's cunt, so that her own love box was hovering over the brunette's face. The intention was obvious and Emily had no problem with reaching up to grab Hanna's butt and guide her friend's womanhood to her mouth. The first chance she got Emily gave Hanna's pussy lips a couple of gentle licks before shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into the other girl's twat, the two best friends becoming lost in fucking each other with their mouths, tongues and fingers.

Neither was sure how many times they came, or how much girl cum they swallowed, but by the time Hanna rolled off of Emily both girls were drenched in sweat and loudly gasping for breath.

Emily had been having this type of intense lesbian sex for just over a year now. First Maya, then Paige, then Samara, then Hanna's Mom and now Hanna herself, so she knew she could take this type of ecstasy and come back for more. So she was impressed that after only a week of fucking Mona Hanna was able to quickly turn around so she was facing her again, give her a slow, gentle kiss and then moan, "Mmmmm, more?"

Emily smiled softly and flirtatiously asked, "Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Uh-huh, I'm a total lesbian slut now." Hanna beamed, before frowning, "Erm, no offence."

"None taken." Emily giggled before gently rubbing Hanna's back and enquiring, "So, what do you want to do next?"

Hanna bit her lip and then asked, "Do, do you have a dildo or something? The handheld kind, I think I'd find it too weird using a strap-on."

Smiling back Emily said, "I think I have just the thing."

* * *

Ashley knew this was perhaps the worst idea of her entire life but she couldn't help it, listening to the two teens fucking each other was driving her absolutely crazy and she just couldn't take it anymore. She had to see what was going on. She had to see her lesbian lover and her daughter fucking each other.

So as quietly as she could she tiptoed her way to the door, gently turned the handle and pushed it open just a crack. Sneaking a peek inside Ashley saw her daughter with a look of surprise on her face. Momentarily Ashley thought she had been caught, but luckily Hanna was staring at something else, something which caused the look of surprise to quickly turn into one of joy.

"Let me." Hanna whispered, "Let me suck on it."

Shortly thereafter Emily walked into view and pressed a dildo to Hanna's lips, the blonde immediately devouring the first few inches and began rapidly sucking... the double ended dildo Ashley had brought her young lover as a gift. The redhead smiled in delicious irony as Emily took the other end into her mouth, that end already glistening with saliva letting Ashley know that Emily had already given Hanna a taste of the little show she was now enjoying.

Lower and lower the two teenagers went, stuffing inch after inch of dildo down their throats until they were both gagging and their lips were almost pressed together. Then with a little more effort they just about managed it, the two girls then immediately taking the dildo out of their mouths, giggling and going straight back to sucking it, no doubt preparing it for their greedy fuck holes.

Briefly Ashley tried to imagine Emily was sucking her strap-on but she quickly gave up on that as in this twisted scenario she couldn't possibly fight the image of Hanna on her knees with her cock in her mouth. The image almost immediately made Ashley cum, the redhead having to grind her teeth as she came on her fingers imagining her own daughter giving her a blow job. The image stuck in her head as Hanna used her mouth to caress that toy as if it was real, Ashley not only quickly recovering from her orgasm but racing towards her next.

Before Ashley could reach her peak Emily pulled back and said, "I, I think that should be enough."

"Yeah." Hanna agreed before biting her lip, "So... where do you want me?"

Emily just paused for a few seconds, clearly thinking about it, and then said, "On your hands and knees on the bed... trust me."

Hanna frowned but obeyed, luckily facing away from Ashley and perhaps just as importantly giving Ashley her first look at her daughter's naked butt. She had only just begun to admire her little girl's naked form. Her womanly curves, her full tits, rock-hard nipples and wet little pussy. However Ashley had always been a butt girl, and when she saw Hanna bend over and present her ass to Emily it was almost like her most twisted fantasies had come true. It would be perfect if Hanna had called out to her, begging her Mommy to take that well rounded but toned bottom and make it hers.

Instead Emily pushed one end of the double dildo into Hanna's welcoming cunt, inserting about eight inches before she turned around and got into the same position as the blonde but facing away from her. Then, a little awkwardly, Emily pressed the other end of the dildo to her own horny fuck hole and then pushed backwards, impaling herself on the toy with a loud moan. Closing her eyes Emily waited until she had most of her half of the dildo inside of her pussy and then began thrusting back and forth, Hanna doing the same without needing to be told so that the two girls were fucking themselves and each other.

Ashley had been the one to teach this technique to Emily as although the redhead definitely preferred her strap-on she thought the teen would benefit from a little advanced education. Ironically it was now paying off in ways Ashley could never have imagined, the redhead fingering herself to the most powerful self-induced orgasms of her life as she watched her daughter and her teen lover fuck themselves and each other with increasing enthusiasm, both of them squealing in pleasure as they came even harder than Ashley was. Probably. Although in her current state Ashley found it hard to imagine.

In her mind it was Ashley behind Hanna, pounding relentlessly first into her baby girl's cunt and then into her daughter's bottom, Ashley vividly imagining her strap-on slowly penetrating Hanna's ass hole and sliding all the way into the blonde's butt so the redhead could sodomise her little girl. Ashley came over and over again imagining Hanna's butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs instead of Emily's butt cheeks, her daughter squealing with joy and begging for more as Ashley took what was rightfully hers.

Just then Emily looked up and noticed Ashley. Luckily she didn't aroused suspicion by stopping the fucking, but she was clearly confused by exactly what Ashley was doing. It was enough for Ashley to awaken from her lust crazed state to once again feel shame, the mother softly closing the door and retreating to her own room to scold herself for her unnatural thoughts about her only child. Unfortunately those unnatural thoughts came back with a vengeance as the Marin household echoed with Emily's and particularly Hanna's screams of pleasure as the two friends turned lovers fucked themselves and each other into unconsciousness.


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