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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 13
by MTL ([email protected])

Mona liked being alone. It gave her a chance to reflect. To plan. To think. That was the point of creating herself a little home away from home where she could get away from everything, and everyone. Even her mistress. Or at least that was the plan, but Mona should have known better. There was nowhere on earth she could hide from her mistress. Still, as long as Mona played along she had nothing to fear from her. And things had been going quite well. At least up until recently.

Glancing over to her right Mona looked at her new companion, dressed in the same black gloves, boots, pants and hoodie she was wearing, eyes focused on the screen in front of them. She didn't completely trust her mistress, and she trusted her new 'friend' even less and resented that she got an invitation to come over for 'movie night'. Especially when it was such an interesting movie.

"Look at Hanna go... I always knew she loved dick." The other girl said as she and Mona watched Emily and Hanna share a nice big double dildo courtesy of one of the many hidden cameras Mona had set up around Rosewood.

Mona scowled momentarily then smiled, "True, but as you can clearly see she prefers the rubber kind. And thanks to me she's definitely got a taste for pussy."

"Yeah, and she went at Emily's little muffin with even more enthusiasm than when she munched yours." The smirking girl said, pausing for a second before adding, "I wonder if she'll lick mine with even more enthusiasm."

"Somehow I doubt it, but you can always live in hope." Mona murmured dryly as she continued trying to focus on the beautiful blonde bouncing back and forth, Hanna screams of climax the sweetest music to Mona's ears.

The other girl leaned in, "I seem to recall you showing plenty of enthusiasm."

"I was faking it." Mona said dismissively.

"Oh don't be like that." The new member of Team A said, leaning in even more, "Your... our Mistress said we should play nice. Really get to know each other. I can't think of a better way than for your tongue to be reintroduced to my pussy. Or I could go first. I don't really mind."

"Mmmmm, pass." Mona dismissed, watching as the two girls on screen disentangled themselves, grabbed hold of the dildo and each began to suck clean the end which had been inside the other's fuck hole.

"Suit yourself." The other girl in black shrugged, turning to look at the other mini screens before smiling, "Hey, check out Melissa's room."

Mona was reluctant to change the channel but all the footage was being recorded so she would have the chance to go back and watch it later. Besides, she had to admit she was a little curious what her new 'friend' had noticed.

So she changed the channel then smiled as a figure slowly entered Melissa's room, "This should be a good show."

* * *

Spencer just couldn't take it anymore. She just couldn't stop thinking about her night with Melissa, Aria fucking her Mom like that, Melissa doing that to her or even... even doing that to her big sister. She'd had enough trouble sleeping/thinking of anything else when it had just been that night with Melissa and the initial spanking/rimming which had started this mess. After Aria and her Mom had left the bathroom her thoughts and feelings had been so overwhelming Spencer had no choice but to fuck herself just to regain a little bit of control. Of course, it wasn't enough and worse still made Spencer's entire body ache for more until finally she had to do something about it.

She had managed to keep her hands to herself for the rest of the day but shortly after she heard her parents snoring Spencer got out of bed and tiptoed down the hall to her sister's room. She then gently grab the door handle, very slowly turned it, and then took what felt like a minute to open the door and convince herself to slip into Melissa's room.

As quietly as possible she closed the door and then looked at her sister. Melissa appeared to be asleep, all tucked up in bed and facing away from her. Spencer watched her for a little while, mostly gathering up her courage, then she walked over to the bed as quietly and slowly as possible, Spencer's bare feet barely making a sound against the soft carpet. Naturally Spencer thought she could hear something but it really didn't matter as she made it to the bed without incident. She even got onto the bed, her body trembling as she expected to wake Melissa at any moment the way the mattress was dipping. But Melissa couldn't wake up, because she hadn't been asleep.

Before Spencer could reach out and try and wake her sister Melissa turned over onto her other side so fast it was a miracle Spencer didn't scream, the two Hastings sisters' eyes immediately becoming locked onto each other in their most epic staring contest ever. Only unlike when they were children, or squabbling young adults, this contest felt like it really mattered. Like it could end their relationship forever. Maybe even bring their entire family crashing down around them. Or it... it could change everything.

Spencer had come to get rejected. If only Melissa would yell at her, scream at her, call her a pervert, a sick twisted freak, then maybe Spencer would finally get it through her thick head this was wrong. That she shouldn't be having these thoughts and feelings, a brutal nasty rejection just what she needed to shame her into finally stopping this nonsense. That's why she was here. She was 90% sure that's why she was here. The problem was that Spencer was less than 90% sure she would be rejected. Maybe not even 50%.

Worse still it turned out she wasn't, the epic staring contest going on longer than any the Hastings sisters had endured before and it ended in a very different way, that being Melissa leaning forward and pressing her lips to Spencer's. And as badly as Spencer didn't want to kiss her sister back she just couldn't not do it. Not when Melissa's lips felt so good against her own.

As soon as she felt Spencer kiss her back Melissa felt like she could breathe again. The second she had heard her door opening she had been terrified. Was it one of her enemies. This A person. Her mother come to kiss her good night for once in her life. Or was it Spencer doing the exact same thing, only in a different way. To her everlasting shame Melissa had wanted it to be the last option more than anything. Although a close runner-up was someone here to put her out of her misery, Melissa honestly not sure whether she should be praying for a kiss or a knife when she confronted the intruder.

Melissa should have probably turned over and confronted the intruder much sooner than she did but she was afraid of scaring Spencer away. Not that Spencer was easily spooked per se, but these were very unique circumstances. So Melissa waited until the very last second before turning over as quick as she did, grabbing Spencer if necessary so she wouldn't run away. Because... because she had to put a stop to this. Tell Spencer that even if this A creep ordered them to commit unspeakable acts upon each other again they would refuse. She would refuse. Because this was wrong.

But Melissa didn't tell Spencer any of that. She stared helplessly into her eyes, hoping Spencer would run away, or yell at her, or tell her what a terrible big sister she had been or... kiss her. But Spencer just kept staring at her and eventually it became clear to Melissa that it was up to her. She needed to tell Spencer this was wrong. Perverted. Sick. And most of all it could never happen again. And she would. After just one more kiss.

It wasn't supposed to be very long. Just a quick peck. Melissa kissing Spencer goodbye, and the most twisted yet satisfying sexual experience Melissa had ever known. But then Spencer kissed her back and Melissa suddenly felt like she could breathe again. Like ever since she woke up with Spencer in her arms, untangled herself from her and started treating her sister like the plague Melissa hadn't been able to breathe properly, like she was underwater and dying from lack of oxygen but as much as she needed it a watery grave seemed preferable. She had just walked around the bottom of the ocean, everything dull and unfulfilling, what she really wanted being dangled in front of her just out of reach. And now, now she had somehow surfaced and she was gasping for air with almost indescribable desperation.

That was how Melissa ended up kissing her sister, things gradually escalating from the nervous caressing of each other's lips to the Hastings sisters practically choking each other with their tongues, Melissa shoving Spencer down so she could get on top of her and feel her younger sibling's body pressed against her own without breaking the lip lock for a second. From there things only became more frantic, their hands seemingly everywhere at once as the two brunettes grinded against each other and made out until their lips and tongues were sore from all the action and they were delirious from not getting enough oxygen through their noses.

When she finally broke the kiss Melissa couldn't look her sister in the eye. Not after what she had just done to her. Not when she had to say what she had to say next, ironically Melissa only able to force herself to say it by leaning down, pressing her lips to Spencer's neck and then between gentle pecks to that soft skin murmuring, "This... this is wrong... we shouldn't be doing this... we have to stop... I have to stop... you shouldn't be here..."

"Tell me to leave." Spencer moaned softly. This finally made Melissa lift her head up to look her in the eye, the Hastings sisters having a long staring competition before Spencer added, "Tell me to leave, and I'll go."

Another staring competition, this one shorter than the others, and then almost simultaneously the two sisters leaned forward and kissed each other. Melissa may have been the first to move by half a second but she wasn't sure. What she was sure of was she would push Spencer away later. Find time tomorrow to explain why they had to stay away from each other. Maybe next week. But for now Melissa felt that if she didn't give in to her perverted desires she would explode. So she ignored all of her worries and anxieties best she could and concentrated on kissing her sister, something which Melissa found embarrassingly easy.

It was just as easy for Spencer, at least during the kissing. During the duration of what followed she had doubts, worries, etc but they were almost drowned out by adrenaline and pleasure, Spencer mostly just moaning when the latest kiss was broken and Melissa went back to her neck, this time licking and sucking the soft flesh she found there. Meanwhile Melissa's hands quickly found their way underneath Spencer's pyjama top, caressing the small but perky flesh before quickly concentrating on the younger girl's nipples. This of course made Spencer moan even more, obviously trying to keep it down while quietly confident her parents would sleep through this. Or at least she hope they would.

Of course it became increasingly difficult to remain silent as possible, things quickly accelerating with first the removal of Spencer's short sleeve top, the younger girl lifting her body and then her arms to help Melissa remove it so her sister could lick and suck her nipples. Then, after only a few minutes of Melissa practically attacking Spencer's tiny teats, the older brunette practically ripped the younger brunette's pyjama shorts off and buried her face in her baby sister's cunt.

To be fair there were a few long quick licks but Spencer barely had time to enjoy them before Melissa was shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into her pussy, the penetration so hard, fast and unexpected that Spencer literally arched her back and let out a sound like a wounded animal. She was given no time to recover as her big sister immediately started fucking her with her tongue, that intimate part of Melissa's body sliding in and out of Spencer's most intimate place of all in a rapid fucking motion which had seemingly every fibre of her being humming with delight.

Spencer had imagined what felt like a thousand different ways this could have gone down, most of them worse than this, but even as she felt her body rushing towards orgasm she wished there was more build-up. That Melissa would be gentler with her. That... that it would be more, romantic. Which might be the most perverted thing of all, but in that moment Spencer didn't care. She was completely lost to her desires for her sister. Then in the next moment she was lost to her own selfish pleasure, Melissa's tongue easily sending her over the edge of an orgasm the likes of which Spencer had only known when she was fucking her sibling.

When her sister came in her mouth Melissa stopped the tongue fucking momentarily so she could seal her lips around Spencer's pussy and greedily swallow as much of her sibling's cum as she could. Unfortunately Spencer was cumming so hard and fast Melissa couldn't swallow all of it, the precious liquid escaping her mouth and covering her face. Luckily she had plenty more opportunities to swallow Spencer's girl cum, Melissa barely giving her a chance to recover before shoving her tongue back inside her sister and starting the process all over again.

She did however change things up a bit after Spencer's third orgasm. Or was it her fourth? Melissa had lost track, although she hadn't been really concentrating on the number. She had more important things to focus on like what her mouth, tongue and eventually her fingers were doing. When she added them into the mix it was to replace her tongue inside Spencer's cunt, Melissa reluctant to remove particularly her mouth away from the source of that delicious juice but she told herself it would be worth it in the long run. She was right, Melissa finding there were plenty of juices waiting for her when she returned her mouth to her little sister's pussy. That was of course after she had spent a few minutes fingering Spencer and sucking on her clit.

Melissa switched between these two techniques over and over again at a constantly rapid pace, totally concentrating on fucking her sister so she wouldn't have to acknowledge that she was, well, fucking her sister. It worked if only because Spencer's cum was the most delicious thing Melissa had ever tasted, her baby sister's regular cunt cream a close second, the older brunette working tirelessly to get the younger brunette off until she felt a tugging on her hair.

Not wanting to go anywhere Melissa tried to fight it but the heavenly liquid she was still lapping up distracted her from fighting and an ever determined Spencer just wouldn't quit. Eventually Melissa was forced to remove her mouth from her sister's twat because it felt like the alternative was to lose some of her hair, the older girl letting out an annoyed yelp of pain as she moved her body upwards which was then quickly silenced by Spencer's lips crashing against her own, the two Hastings sisters once again becoming lost in an almost violent kiss.

In the middle of the latest kiss Spencer flipped them so she was on top, Melissa moaning in approval as she thought she was about to be treated to what she had just dished out. Instead Spencer gradually slowed down the kiss before breaking it and staring down at Melissa with a unreadable expression on her face. Then she gently reached down, grabbed Melissa's top and began pulling it upwards. Eager to be naked Melissa helped, lifting her arms up and then when the top was gone removed her own pyjama bottoms as Spencer began gently kissing her neck. Too gently.

That became a running theme as Spencer worshipped her neck and then her tits for what felt like an eternity at the same gentle pace, driving Melissa crazy. Which may have been the intention. To drive her crazy until Melissa begged Spencer to fuck her, even now the Hastings sisters in competition with each other. As always Melissa refuse to lose, the older brunette biting her lip as she let Spencer have her way with her and desperately tried to ignore her ever-growing need for her sister's mouth and tongue to travel lower.

Frustratingly enough when Spencer finally reached her destination she ignored it, choosing instead to plant tiny kisses up and down first Melissa's thighs and then all the way down her legs. When she finally returned to where Melissa wanted her most the older girl was just about to break. To beg. To scream at Spencer at the top of her lungs to fuck her with her tongue. Fortunately that was the moment Spencer finally gave her what she wanted. Sort of.

Melissa cried out loudly as she finally felt Spencer's tongue touch her twat, that soft little muscle travelling slowly as possible from the bottom of the older brunette's pussy lips right up to the top, almost but not quite touching Melissa's clit. This torturous lick was then repeated over and over again, Melissa again finding it difficult not to beg the other girl for what she really wanted as Spencer continued to tongue her overworked womanhood.

Closing her eyes Melissa tried to calm herself down. To relax and just enjoy having her pussy licked. Ideally imagine that the person giving her this overwhelming pleasure wasn't her kid sister. The second part sadly didn't work as no matter how hard she tried Melissa couldn't picture anyone, man or woman, being in between her thighs other than Spencer. That in turn only made Melissa more frustrated and stressed out, so eventually she just tried to ignore it. Put it out of her mind completely and just enjoy what she was experiencing.

It actually sort of worked, at least for a little while. Melissa was able to relax and just enjoy Spencer's eager tongue working over her pussy, the older brunette shutting off whatever part of her brain was telling her incest was wrong so she could welcome the sinfully good sensations she was receiving from breaking the taboo. Unfortunately that didn't last long, Melissa quickly finding herself in need of a release as Spencer continued to torture her with gentle licks.

Finally Melissa could take it no more, "Spencer, oh Gooooodddddd, please Spencer... fuck me. I, I need you to ooooooooohhhhhhhh, I need you to fuck me! Please! Please? Spencer, mmmmmmmm, I need your tongue inside me, please Spencer... in, inside. Put it inside me and fuck me with it. Fuck me with your tongue. Please? I need it, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, Spencer, oooooooh, I need it so bad. Oh God fuck me Spence! Fuck me with your tongue and make me cum! Make me cum! Oh God Spence, make me cum!"

Without breaking her flow Spencer smiled, enjoying the fact that she had broken Melissa's 'Hastings Mask' and expose herself. Expose the fact that she really wanted this. That she needed this. That Melissa needed her to fuck her. Her older, smarter, craftier big sister needed Spencer to fuck her with her tongue and make her cum. Make her sister cum in her mouth.

Spencer wanted it too. She even felt she needed it. However not as badly as she wanted to show her sister just how much she meant to her. Just how much she cared. How much she loved her. That she... that she loved her. Truly loved her.

Desperately trying not to analyse it Spencer concentrated on her work. She had already moved from just an up and down motion to working clockwise and anticlockwise around Melissa's pussy lips, Spencer rewarding her older sibling for her words by adding teasing the other girl's clit and entrance into the mix. From there it wasn't too long before Spencer took mercy on Melissa and finally gave her what she had been begging for.

Melissa had been desperately trying to keep her begging as quiet as possible but she swore the cry she let out when Spencer slowly slid her tongue inside her echoed throughout the room if not the entire house. Momentarily she prayed that her parents didn't hear her because even if she heard them coming Melissa didn't think she'd be able to stop Spencer fucking her. Nor could she imagine ever wanting to, even if they were discovered. Then she lost her conscious thought as her baby sister began tongue fucking her, Melissa feeling like she melted into the bed into a puddle of pure bliss.

Soon Melissa felt herself on the edge of a powerful climax, but before she could beg for it she felt Spencer remove her tongue from inside her cunt. She let out a whimper of disapproval, then a moan of joy as Spencer replaced it with two fingers, those digits easily slipping into Melissa's insanely wet fuck hole. Then all of a sudden the Hastings sisters were eye to eye, Spencer's gaze drilling right into Melissa's soul.

For what felt like an eternity Spencer slowly finger fucked her without saying a word, forever keeping Melissa on the edge. Then Spencer whispered, "Tell me you want me to make love to you. Say it!"

Melissa had no idea what had come over Spencer but she needed to cum so badly she barely hesitated, "Make love to me. Do it! Please I, I... I need it so bad. I need you. I need you to make love to me. Please Spencer... please, love me. All I ever wanted was for you to love me."

The last part was true. Well, Melissa wanted many things, but when it came to Spencer all she wanted was for her kid sister to love her and be there for her. And as long as 'make love' was code for 'fuck me' Melissa definitely meant it, because in that moment it felt like she needed Spencer to fuck her more than anything she'd ever needed in her life. But... Melissa wasn't sure. Not that she really had time to debate it, Spencer taking a few seconds to let those words sink in before she picked up the pace ever so slightly and sent Melissa crashing over the edge of a powerful climax which rocked her body to its very core. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until Melissa was completely delirious and couldn't be held responsible for her actions.

Spencer wasn't sure what had come over her but she liked it. Her brilliant brain was still trying to tell her how wrong this was but how could it be? How could anything this good be wrong? And it didn't feel wrong. It felt right. So very, very right. Spencer loved it, and she loved Melissa, as a sister and more than a sister, and she needed to show it like she needed oxygen.

She tried to make love to her, to show her how much she meant to her, and it worked for a while. She got to enjoy the look of bliss on Melissa's face, the indescribable look in her eye, and the incredible feelings of her big sister's body trembling beneath her and the breath-taking feeling of Melissa's cunt clutching to her fingers for dear life. But as hard as she tried Spencer couldn't stop herself from eventually picking up the pace, nor could she prevent Melissa from trying to shove a finger into her cunt while she was trying to love her. So Spencer gave up on making love and switch to fucking.

That involved taking her fingers out of Melissa, pulling the other brunette's hand away from her own centre and then crushing their cunts together and frantically beginning to rub herself against her sibling like she was some kind of horny animal mounting another female because there was no other available choice. Melissa hump back but Spencer was the one on top, Spencer was the one controlling the fuck, so Spencer was the one fucking Melissa. And in her mind it wasn't simply with her pussy. No, it was with a strap-on, Spencer wearing a cock just as big as the one Aria had used on her Mom only instead of plunging it in and out of the woman who gave her life Spencer was hammering her older sister's cunt over, and over, and over again. And Spencer would. Spencer would buy a strap-on and fuck Melissa with it. She would fuck Melissa's cunt and then bend her over so she could fuck her older sister up the ass. Yes, Spencer was going to butt fuck her big sister and make Melissa's ass hers. She was going to make Melissa hers.

With that last thought Spencer became totally lost in the perverted act of fucking her sister, Melissa's mind having already left her which meant the Hastings sisters became total animals, bashing their most sensitive parts together until they were so tired they had to collapse in a sweaty heap to regain their strength.

Exhaustion threatened to take over but the orgasms hadn't been quite as intense as last time and both brunettes were horny for more, so eventually Spencer lifted her head up, prompting another staring competition between the two sisters.

Then when Spencer tried to move downwards to clean the other girl's cum leaking pussy Melissa softly cried out, "Wait!"

Looking incredibly worried Spencer locked eyes with her older sibling and whispered, "Are, are you going to throw me out?"

"I, I don't think I can." Melissa blushed, giving Spencer a half smile which the younger girl returned, "I, I was just thinking we could make this a bit more interesting."

Spencer wasn't sure that was possible, but she was intrigued, "What did you have in mind?"

"I have a strap-on." Melissa whispered boldly, "And that paddle. You could use one of them on me, or both, if you can make me cum first."

Immediately getting the idea Spencer grinned, "Deal."

With that quickly Spencer turned around so she and Melissa were in the 69 position and buried her face in her big sister's pussy. Melissa did the same, both Hastings sisters working frantically to lick up every drop of the other's precious cum before they slammed their tongues inside each other, as always both of them determined to win.

* * *

"Wanna make the same kind of bet? Like whoever picks the winner correctly gets to top the other?"

Mona smirked, "I wouldn't bet against Spencer. Would you?"

"No." Jenna said, taking off her hood, "But I'm sure we could come to some arrangement."

Mona raised an eyebrow, "What did you have in mind?"


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