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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 14
by MTL ([email protected])

Ashley Marin was on edge. She couldn't sleep. Neither of which was unusual. Life in Rosewood could be stressful. She supposed life in general could be, but over the past few years something had just seemed off, especially when it came to her daughter's life. And now once again her daughter's life and her own stress had driven Ashley to her kitchen, slowly sipping a good but not great bottle of wine while deep in thought. Again this was all very normal. What wasn't normal was being able to hear Hanna's screams of pleasure as she was fucked by her best friend Emily Fields who, unknown to Hanna, also happened to be Ashley's lover.

True, this was union she'd technically blessed, so Ashley had no right to feel jealous. Especially when she had made it clear to Emily they were merely fuck buddies, Ashley generally only interested in the teen for the thrill of fucking a younger woman who just so happened to be her daughter's best friend. So Ashley shouldn't be jealous. And she wasn't. At least not of Hanna.

It was beyond obscene but the simple truth was that Ashley had been having increasingly impure thoughts towards her own daughter and the sounds she was hearing was like constantly throwing gasoline on the fire that was her indecent feelings towards her baby girl.

Oh why couldn't Hanna have the decency to at least try to hide what she was doing. Her own mother had given Ashley the courtesy of pretending not to hear her all those times she brought a boy or a girl home to 'study', and Ashley had figured she owed her daughter the same courtesy. After all Hanna was a wilful, rebellious teen who would find a way to fuck whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Banning her from sex at home would only force her to become more creative, probably fucking her lover in the most unhygienic places imaginable just to get back at the redhead. All while still probably having sex at home. But then, at least she would do it quietly or when Ashley wasn't around so the older woman wouldn't be haunted by images of her little girl's naked, sweat soaked body.

Ashley had known peeping in at her lover and her daughter would be a mistake, but she hadn't known how much until after she had done the shameful act as now there was no need to imagine Hanna naked, the reality of it constantly filling Ashley's mind like a dream she wished she never had. Not that it had been all bad, Ashley had fucked herself to some very satisfying orgasms, but they weren't satisfying enough. Not when Emily was clearly receiving far more powerful climaxes so nearby to her, climaxes Ashley couldn't stop herself imagining she was receiving from her little girl.

Finally in the early hours of the morning there was silence and Ashley breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, she thought, she could actually get some sleep. Then just as she was finishing her wine she heard the sound of feet noisily clomping down the stairs and then seconds later Hanna entered the kitchen, seemingly only wearing an extra-large T-shirt, a smile and a well fucked sweaty afterglow.

"Hi Mom." Hanna said cheerily, far too deliriously happy to even acknowledge what her mother might be doing there until it was too late.

"Is that all you have to say to me?" Ashley snapped angrily after a pause. When Hanna gave her a dumbfounded look it angered Ashley even more, "Do you really think I'm that deaf Hanna? Really?"

Far later than it should a look of horror crossed Hanna's face, "I, I-"

"Because honestly, blowing your boyfriend when I'm in the next room is one thing but fucking into the early hours of the morning is unacceptable." Ashley told the blonde sternly, briefly sighing before continuing in the same sharp tone of voice, "You're young Hanna, and experimentation is natural. Especially with a friend, and I really couldn't be happier that it's someone like Emily, but to be so loud? Do you have no respect for the neighbours? No respect for me?"

"It's not like that." Hanna stammered, her earlier happiness a distant memory.

"Then what's it like?" Ashley enquired.

"I... I..." Hanna gulped, closed her eyes briefly and then truthfully mumbled, "I didn't think you'd hear."

"Oh... so your argument is incompetence." Ashley snapped.

Hanna opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of it.

There was a long pause and then Ashley said, "Come with me."

Shrugging Hanna did as she was told, following her Mom into the living room where the redhead sat down on the couch, Hanna about to join her when she was stopped.

"No Hanna, you come here and... and bend over my knee." Ashley hesitated saying the last part, immediately regretting it because it undermined her authority.

Of course Hanna looked horrified, the teen scrunching up her nose and crossing her arms before flatly replying, "You can't be serious?"

"If you insist on acting like a child I'll treat you like one." Ashley proclaimed, adding quickly as her rebellious daughter opened her mouth, "Hanna, you've had this coming for a long time now. I'm tired of you doing what you want, when you want. Whether you like it or not you need this. Now, I am very tired and we both have places to be tomorrow so I suggest you just do as you're told. If you don't I will take your phone and ground you until further notice. I won't give you any money, and I'll make sure your father doesn't either. I'll drive you from and to school, which will be the only time you see your friends because I swear to God Hanna I will make sure Emily finds somewhere else to live. The choice is yours."

Hanna stood there for several long seconds, her mouth open like a goldfish. Every fibre of her being was telling her to leave, to yell at her Mom, to call social services, something. However after the ecstasy she had just experienced with Emily, and the equally fantastic time she's been having with Mona, Hanna really didn't want to call her Mom's bluff.

So with an agitated sigh Hanna asked, "Could I at least put on some panties first?"

"No!" Ashley said, desperately trying not to react to this information, "You should consider yourself lucky I'm letting you keep that shirt on. Now do as you're told Hanna. I won't tell you again."

Huffing indignantly Hanna stomped over to where her Mom was sitting and awkwardly leaned down so she was positioned over the older woman's knee. It was both horrifying and embarrassing, but nowhere near as much as what came next.

The room fell silent, nothing happening for several long seconds, then there was a loud smacking sound and intense pain. It hurt way worse than Hanna had been expecting, and she had been expecting it to be pretty bad, her Mom showing no mercy whatsoever as she brought her hand down again and again on the blonde's butt cheeks.

Hanna squealed and cried out in pain, at first unintentionally and then intentionally to try and gain some sympathy from the older woman who was supposed to love her. This only seem to make her Mom angry and the blows harder, Hanna's screams quickly becoming very real again as she wriggled and writhed on her mother's lap, partly to try and somehow dull the pain and ideally to get away from the cruel strikes. It was no use, her Mom held her tight and nothing could possibly take Hanna's mind off this terrible pain.

Just as she thought that Hanna felt something awful. Something unforgivable. Something obscene. And it made her hopelessly cry and wriggle even more as for the first time since she was a toddler Hanna was given a spanking, this one far more severe than any she had taken as a child.

Ashley tried not to enjoy this but it was so very, very hard. She hadn't given a spanking in so very long and she had forgotten how much she enjoyed it. Having someone at her mercy, punishing them for being bad, humiliating them, the power she felt, hell everything about it was enjoyable on some level. Ashley had even enjoyed dishing out a spanking to her disobedient daughter when Hanna was a child, although thankfully not in the same way. Back then Ashley had just been angry, and sort of satisfied that she had done the right thing when it was over. Now, oh now she was enjoying it on a whole other level. And she wasn't the only one.

To Ashley's delight she could feel wetness on her thighs. At first she dismissed it as some leftover juice from Hanna's passionate fuck with Emily, but gradually as the spanking continued the wetness increased, soaking not only the bottom of Hanna's large T-shirt but Ashley's pyjamas. Better yet in this position that shirt had ridden up so it was barely covering Hanna's ass, the blonde's pinkness peeking out eventually when she leaned her head a little to the right. Which of course she avoided doing at first but became too tempting for, especially when that cute little pussy began glistening with arousal.

Despite using every ounce of her self-restraint to just concentrate on giving Hanna the type of nice, hard spanking she deserved Ashley just couldn't resist getting a better look. Not when she was so close. So after half a dozen spanks she stopped to push that extra-large T-shirt upwards revealing the most drool-worthy ass Ashley had ever seen. It was so very, very wrong but at that moment Ashley had never wanted anything like she wanted to make her most forbidden fantasy come true right then and there. To slam her fingers and/or tongue and/or a dildo into her own daughter's pretty pink pussy or the cute little rosebud right above it. To fuck her little girl every way she knew how. Or to at least spread those nicely pinked ass cheeks and get a look at those heavenly fuck holes.

"Mom?" Hanna whimpered, obviously confused by the pause in the spanking but too afraid, or possibly dumbfounded, to look back at the older woman.

"I'm sorry Sweetie, I think we need to do this properly. That means bare bottom." Ashley said, grateful Hanna had awoken her from her lust filled haze enough to continue what she should be doing, "Then when we're done you're going to sleep with me. In my room! You're going to sleep in my room with me to make sure you can't keep me awake any longer."

Hanna tried to reply but before she could get out more than a syllable Ashley brought her hand down hard on the blonde's left buttock, then the right, then the left, and so on. It was hard enough to make Hanna forget all about making a fuss in favour of crying out in pain, her well-toned yet rounded butt cheeks jiggling invitingly at the force of Ashley's increasingly hard blows. Slowly but surely those cheeks changed from pink to rosy red yet still Ashley struck them, the redhead eventually using every ounce of her strength to give her daughter the spanking that had been a long time coming.

* * *

"Wow, look at Mrs Marin. She's beating Hanna's butt like she means it." Jenna purred with delight at what she was seeing on the big screen as two fingers slowly pumped in and out of her pussy.

"I think she does." Mona said dryly, curling her fingers inside Jenna's cunt and making the former blind girl cry out in joy, "Mrs M is right, Hanna has had this coming. She definitely needs a spanking."

"Or spankings." Jenna grinned.

"Finally, we agree on something." Mona smirked as she quickly removed her fingers from Jenna's fuck hole and replace them with her strap-on, "Here, let's celebrate."

With that Mona slammed forwards, easily penetrating Jenna's pussy with her fake dick, burying every inch of it inside her with one thrust. Jenna just moaned in pleasure at the rough invasion which didn't surprise Mona in the slightest given how wet and inviting her teammate's cunt had been to her fingers. Honestly all the pornographic footage they had been watching had been having the same effect on Mona, the tiny teen feeling her juices literally dripping down her legs she was so turned on, especially from everything involving Hanna.

Since both members of Team A were wet and ready for action Mona saw no reason to wait any longer to start the fucking. Hell, given how wet and slutty Jenna was the fingering had been unnecessary. Fun, but unnecessary. But now Mona was going to give this slut what she really wanted, and in turn Mona would get what she wanted. Well, not what she really wanted. What she really wanted was currently getting spanked on the big screen by her mother. But Mona would get something may prove to be an adequate substitute, or more accurately a pleasant distraction from her current lack of access to Hanna.

Unfortunately the second Mona started thrusting Jenna moaned, "Mmmmmm yeah, that's it, fuck me! Please fuck me hard!"

Mona gritted her teeth. Jenna's tone was clearly playful yet it was still obviously begging, that fact only becoming more obvious as Jenna continued yapping, giving Mona arguably the most hollow victory ever. The deal they had agreed upon was that if Mona could get the formerly blind girl to beg for her then Jenna would have to take it up the ass. If the smaller girl failed it would be Mona getting ass fucked. But apparently Jenna didn't mind being an anal whore, a fact Mona should have realised after watching her mistress have her way with this slut. Well, if Jenna thought it was that easy to get the better of her she was in for a nasty surprise.

Beginning to thrust herself back against her new 'friend' Jenna cried out, "Ohhhhh please fuck me! Fuck all my holes! Mmmmmm, fuck me while we watch your precious Hanna get her ass spanked by her own mother! Ooooooh, look at that slut. She loves it. Mmmmmm, I can't wait to do that to her. I can't wait to spank that slut's ass, mmmmmm, and her friends, ooooohhhhhh, and fuck them, yesssssss, fuck me, fuck me harder, yes, come on you bitch, fuck me hard and make me cum!"

Throughout the early stages of the fucking Jenna smiled wickedly. It had been so easy to trick Mona into giving her what she wanted and now she was getting it. Mona and her... their mistress stubbornly believed that being dominant and being a top whether same thing. Like if you weren't wearing some masculine appendage you somehow weren't in control. As if men were always in control of their relationships. Please, Jenna has been using her body to get what she wanted from boys and girls alike since puberty. Not that Jenna minded topping out right, if anything she was a total switch as she was perfectly comfortable in either role. However in her experience topping from the bottom was the most effective way to be dominant.

Take this situation for example. Jenna had Mona right where she wanted her, giving her amazing pleasure with that big dildo, thrusting it in and out of her nice and hard, the tiny teen getting ready to give Jenna even more amazing pleasure by shoving that huge toy up her butt. Jenna had even manipulated Mona into sticking a nice big butt-plug in her ass before she even touched her pussy, which not only made sure her back passage was prepared for what was to come but was currently giving Jenna the most delicious feeling of double penetration. It wasn't quite as good as taking two cocks at once but there was something to be said for feeling Mona's strap-on rubbing against the butt-plug through the thin wall of flesh separating Jenna's fuck holes.

When Mona inevitably butt fucked her Jenna would find it just as enjoyable as she really was an anal slut. More to the point Mona would finally allow her to cum. Not that Jenna hadn't fingered herself to a couple of orgasms already, but they weren't nearly satisfying enough considering all the yummy footage she had been watching. And sure, Mona proved to have more stamina and patience then she would have given her credit for, but Jenna was still confident she could wait her out. Or at least she had been, but Jenna had to admit she recognised in her tone a growing desperation as the desire to cum became almost overwhelming.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Do it you fucking bitch!" Jenna snapped, "Fuck me, mmmmmmmm, harder! Harder, harder, harder, harder, HARDER! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Do whatever the fuck you want to me just make me cum! Make me cum! Please... Mona, ooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, make me cum."

Without any warning whatsoever Mona pulled the butt-plug from Jenna's ass and her strap-on from her pussy and then pressed that cunt cream covered cock to that loosened ring of flesh. Of course this had Jenna crying out in delight, first at the feeling of the toy being removed from her ass and replaced with a much larger one, and then an even louder cry as Mona pushed the long, thick dildo into her rectum almost painfully slowly. Mona didn't even bury it all the way into her butt before she started a fucking motion, Jenna's ass being skilfully loosened so that there was barely any pain, only pleasure.

"Quit your moaning and suck on this!" Mona practically growled, shoving the butt-plug into Jenna's face.

Happily parting her lips Jenna took the toy into her mouth and eagerly began sucking on it, savouring the flavour of her own ass. With her lips wrapped around the base Mona let go of the handle, grab a hold of Jenna's ass and spread them wide open, putting the older girl's stretching butt hole on display. Of course these things only turned Jenna on even more, the older brunette smiling as she continued eagerly suckling on the butt flavoured plug while Mona slowly fucked her in the ass.

It took awhile for Jenna to realise Mona's true intention with the surprisingly slow sodomy. When it finally clicked she couldn't help smile, actually sort of impressed. Mona had pushed her already incredibly horny body to the edge of climax, then switched things up to deny that climax, and was now pushing things ever closer again with no sign that she had any intention of making Jenna cum. Clearly Mona wanted Jenna to beg for her for real. Not that Jenna hadn't meant every word she had already said, but Mona would have her needy, desperate and submissive, switching the power over to Mona for the first time since the fucking began. She was very close to achieving it too. All that remained was seeing which one of them broke first.

Of course Mona was also close to breaking, the slow sodomising driving her just as crazy as Jenna. Mona desperately wanted to pound Jenna's butt with every ounce of her strength, partly for the sheer pleasure of doing it, but mostly because she wanted to cum. And not just from her fingers which had been just as busy as Jenna's but from dishing out a nice hard butt fucking, the likes of which never failed to give her a powerful climax. Unfortunately things with Hanna had cooled down but Mona could still imagine it was the perfect blonde beneath her just as she always did, although now Mona was trying not to think of Hanna, or any of those pretty little liars for that matter as she was trying to control herself.

What felt like hours ticked by, Mona giving up on spreading Jenna's ass cheeks and just concentrating on relentlessly pumping in and out of her butt, the ass fucking seeming to go on forever until finally Jenna used the tone Mona had been waiting for, "Please, please, please, please, PLEASE MAKE ME CUM! Please? Ooooohhhhhh Goooooddddddd I need it so bad. Mmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhh fuuuuuccccckkkkk ooooooooohhhhhhh please, please I, ohhhhhhh fuck, FUCK, FUCKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GOOOOOODDDDDDDD!"

Smiling in triumph Mona tightened her grip on Jenna's hips and quickly began increasing the pace until she was using every ounce of her strength to pound the bitch's butt, the sound of flesh on flesh almost as loud as the other brunette's squeals of pleasure. In less than a minute Jenna was shaking violently in climax, so much so she almost knocked Mona off. Almost. But Mona was a real top. A total ass pounder who knew exactly how to pound an ass hard and deep until she could pound it no more, which is exactly what Mona did.

Both girls became completely lost in the butt ramming, Jenna cumming over and over again while Mona held back for as long as she could. When she finally came Mona pushed through it but the flood gates were opened and she gave into the thought she had been holding back, that of Hanna bent over in front of her, the blonde's butt hole stretched widely around her strap-on, the girl Mona loved begging to be butt fucked like an anal whore. And it wasn't so much Mona was imagining it, she was remembering it, this perfect memory fuel and onwards to squeeze several more orgasms and of herself and Jenna before finally she collapsed in a panting heap on top of her new ally's body.

Mona thoroughly enjoyed the restful relaxation for who knows how long, then without warning she lifted herself up and pulled her dildo from Jenna's rectum. Smiling wickedly Mona enjoyed the sight of the damage she had done, staring for several moments at the gaping crater which used to be Jenna's ass hole.

Then for the first time in quite a while Mona looked at the screens and noticed a figure slowly entering the Marin household, prompting her to frown and murmur "What do you think you're doing blondie?"


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