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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 16
by MTL ([email protected])

Truth be told Ashley Marin was not a morning person at the best of times. It was worse when she hadn't slept properly, but it was her own fault. She was the one who had given Emily the green light to fuck Hanna after all, and knowing her daughter Ashley should have guessed Hanna would be anything but subtle about it. In turn she should have predicted how hearing her daughter's cries of pleasure would make her feel, although even if she had thought that far ahead Ashley couldn't guarantee she would have done the right thing.

Regardless the two teens living under Ashley's care had fucked each other under her watch. Literally. She had invaded a tender moment between two maturing women she cared for very deeply by not only spying on them as they had sex, but she had masturbated to the sight of it like some kind of deviant. Then she had spanked Hanna's perfect little bottom, practically creaming her own panties while doing so, before spending most of the night drooling over her own daughter's well beaten behind.

So Ashley had no sympathy for herself when she woke up to discover she was still very much tired. She also discovered she was still incredibly horny, the sight of Hanna's butt poking out from underneath the large shirt she was wearing almost too tempting to reach out and touch.

Almost overwhelmed with the urge to fuck her baby girl Ashley quickly got out of bed, shut off the alarm which unsurprisingly hadn't fazed her out like a light daughter, and quickly made her way to the room Hanna and Emily shared. After all just because Ashley couldn't fuck Hanna didn't mean she should go wanting this morning, not when she had been fucking Emily long before Hanna laid a finger on her.

For her part Emily was very much an early bird and while she hadn't particularly slept well thanks to Hanna being insatiable and her really intense sex dream about Alison she had still woken up about an hour ago feeling as fresh as a daisy. She had even managed a short run before breakfast and had been in the process of changing out of her sweaty clothes to take the second shower and dress for school when she heard Mrs Marin's alarm go off.

Now, given everything that happened last night Emily should have dressed as quickly as she could and left. Or made sure to lock the bathroom door before taking her shower, and then be really insistent that she had to concentrate on getting dressed for school, which was at least partly true. However despite all the sex she had last night, and how exhausted/well satisfied her pussy still was, Emily was a hormone filled teenager with an unquenchable thirst for lesbian sex.

So she waited patiently for Mrs Marin... Ashley, to come to her room, Emily pretending to bend over and pick something up so her older lover would have a perfect view of her ass when she entered the room.

Sure enough it wasn't long before Emily heard footsteps and then felt a presence slowly approaching her. She pretended not to though so she could stay bend over, her decision paying off when she felt a hand cup her ass. Then, for the briefest of moments, she wondered if it was Hanna, instead, back for more after last night. Then Emily laughed softly.

"What's so funny?" Ashley asked softly.

"I was wondering if you were Hanna." Emily confessed, causing both women to share a laugh.

"As if anything could wake her up this early." Ashley mused as her lover slowly straightened up and turned around.

"It's normally hard enough to wake her before noon." Emily mumbled an agreement, silence falling briefly as she studied the older woman's pyjama clad body. Then she asked, "So, how did I do?"

"Huh?" Ashley mumbled, lost in staring at the sweaty teen.

"With Hanna?" Emily pushed, suddenly feeling nervous, "I mean, you, you said you didn't mind. Tha, that you'd like, grade me or something?"

"So I did." Ashley grinned in recollection.

Trying to be brave Emily said in her best flirty tone, "And... wha, what's the verdict?"

Ashley looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, "Wellll... you fucked my daughter pretty well, considering you're both bottoms. But you totally failed to maintain even a moderate silence. Honestly Emily I wouldn't be surprised if I had half the neighbourhood complaining about how loudly you and Hanna were fucking."

"Sorry." Emily blushed.

"You should be." Ashley said sternly, before softening her tone, "But since you mostly did well I'll only give you a gentle spanking as punishment. Does that sound fair to you?"

While in her experience the older woman's definition of a gentle spanking varied Emily was quick to reply, "Yes Mrs Marin."

"Good." Ashley said, taking a seat on Emily's bed and then patting her lap, "Now, take off those cute little shorts and bend over my knee so you can take your punishment like a good girl."

"Yes Mrs Marin." Emily repeated meekly, making sure to turn around and slowly pushed down her short shorts and underwear for the redhead's entertainment.

Seeing that tight teen booty caused Ashley to literally lick her lips in anticipation. It only got better for her when Emily slowly lent across her knee, positioning her butt perfectly for the spanking which Ashley was very much looking forward to giving to her. But not so looking forward to that she couldn't take her time and enjoy having a young, succulent morsel such as this bent across her knee, Ashley making the most of the situation by sliding her hands all over Emily's well-toned cheeks, squeezing and cupping the fine piece of meat in front of her.

Ashley continued to grope Emily's ass even after she began spanking it, even brushing her hand downwards and in between the younger girl's legs a few times to see just how wet she was. Unsurprisingly she was pretty damp the first time but it was nothing compared to after the spanking had begun, Ashley having to restrain herself from switching to finger fucking the teen several times throughout the butt beating because it was just so tempting.

Not that Ashley didn't have fun giving her teen lover a spanking, because she did. Very much so. Particularly the part where she made those light bronze coloured cheeks turn first pink then a little light red under the force of her blows. And the whole making those tight teenaged cheeks jiggle for her with every stinging strike. And well, Emily's soft cries and the sound echoing throughout the room, so really she particularly loved everything about disciplining her lover/the teen who was under her care.

However this wasn't a proper punishment, because the truth was Ashley really didn't care about her neighbours. They'd never really complained about the noise anyway, and Emily could be plenty loud when she came. Most of all Ashley couldn't be mad about what happened last night, not now she was so horny and moments away from receiving some relief from it, this spanking merely an appetiser for the real fun she and her younger lover were about to have.

For her part Emily was very much looking forward to what came next. Last night had been amazing but it had only further proven she was a lesbian slut who just couldn't get enough girl on girl sex. She'd fucked her closest female friend for God sakes, a girl who up until recently she had thought of as completely straight and last night they had ravenously munched each other's pussies until their jaws' ached. Worse still that had led her to now think about fucking her other straight friends Aria and Spencer, and she had woken up from a night of fucking Hanna craving the sweet taste of Hanna's Mom's pussy, these things proving beyond a shadow of a doubt she was a total whore for girls.

Emily just couldn't seem to control herself. She had repressed her feelings for so long and hated herself for them but now the dam had broken and she was thinking about pussy all the time. And tits, and asses, and dildos, Emily's mind filled with all the ways Mrs Marin had taught her to fuck and wanting to do all of them not just with both the Marin women but with every hot girl she knew. That meant Aria, Spencer, Maya, Jenna, Melissa, Mrs Montgomery, Mrs Hastings and, God help her, her long dead girl crush Alison.

Suddenly Emily was awoken from her thoughts by an extra hard strike, the slap taking her by surprise and causing her to cry out. Sadly the following strikes were as gentle/playful as the ones that had lulled her into a pussy filled dream world, Emily biting her lip to stop herself from begging for a harder spanking. She knew from experience that such a thing wasn't advisable, Mrs Marin often denying such a request, and then giving it to her at a later/less convenient date. Besides, even though Hanna could sleep through virtually anything the redhead was unlikely to push her luck.

So Emily remained quiet and took the gentle spanking, her ass turning pink under the force of the infrequent blows when really she wanted it turned red. She wanted to be punished for being such a whore that she had fucked her closest female friend and her closest female friend's Mom and yet that still wasn't enough to satisfy her ravenous desire for women, Emily at least able to revel in the humiliation which was being bent over the knee of the other woman and spanked like a disobedient child.

Unknown to both the spanker and the spankie a small miracle had happened in the Marin household. Not only had Hanna woken up before seven o'clock but she had got out of bed. Specifically she forced herself into the land of the living because her body was craving lesbian sex and she wanted to find her good friend Emily Fields who had proven several times last night she was very, very good at lesbian sex, especially licking pussy which worked out well because Hanna's pussy desperately needed to be licked.

In her groggy, sleep deprived state Hanna was far from her best. Her hair was a mess, make-up she had neglected to take off last night was smeared everywhere, partly because she had wept during a humiliating spanking courtesy of her bitch Mom, and she was kind of struggling to remember how to walk. As result she kind of resembled a zombie fresh out of The Walking Dead, only it wasn't human flesh she was craving. Well, sort of was, but in a very good way, Hanna wanting to devour Emily, but like, not chomp chomp, like munch munch. Like munch her muff. Oh, eat her cum and pussy cream. Yes, that was what she was craving to eat. Emily's cum and pussy cream.

Somehow she wasn't noticed right away when she stumbled into her own room in that state to find her Mom spanking her best friend. That had her fully waking up as quick as of she had just downed one of Spencer's triple-caff coffees, Hanna's eyes becoming as wide as sources she took in the details of the scene in front of her. Like the little fact that her best friend was naked and her Mom was clearly groping said best friend's butt in between strikes. And there was an undeniable look of lust on her Mom's face. And Emily was practically moaning. And the room practically wreaked with the smell of pussy.

Any normal teenager would scream bloody murder and at least consider reporting their Mom to the police. Emily was supposed to be living with them under her Mom's protection after all so whatever was going on here was so, so wrong. And yet... Hanna couldn't stop staring. And she told herself it was because of the girl who she had spent most of last night fucking. Her best friend who was currently naked and moaning, the air thick with the scent of her pussy, both its regular cream and the cum Hanna had fucked out of Emily last night. And she did stay silent for those reasons. But there was another Hanna couldn't even begin to comprehend, not before her Mom suddenly looked up and spotted her.

The second she did Ashley froze, her mind racing as she and her daughter became lost in a staring match. That at least was something they were used to as it was something that occurred regularly before, after and during their arguments. The majority of the time these arguments were a results of Hanna lying to her, or the teen whining because she wasn't getting her way or something she really, really wanted, even more than last thing she got, Hanna puffing out her chest and then complaining until Ashley gave in and once again gave her spoilt daughter what she wanted.

Remembering that filled Ashley with rage and before she could second-guess herself she yelled, "Hanna! What do you think you're doing!?"

"I, I... I'm..." Hanna stammered before coming to her senses, "Me? What are you doing?"

"Punishing Emily for being so loud last night." Ashley explained simply, "She is my responsibility too, you know? And I know you would have complained if I didn't give her the same treatment, so I was just trying to do it now while you were sleeping so Emily wouldn't have to put up with you staring at her while she's being punished."

"Oh... sorry." Hanna mumbled.

"Sorry isn't good enough." Ashley said sharply, briefly turning her attention to the brunette teen before turning back to her daughter, "Emily, get off my lap. Hanna, you take her place."

"MOM!" Hanna whined, a look of horror crossing her face.

"Now Hanna!" Ashley snapped, the mother and daughter falling into another staring match before eventually the redheaded woman added, "Do I need to threaten to take away your phone again?"

Hanna kept staring at her for a few seconds then sighed, "Alright fine, but I get to put on pants first."

"No, you will take that T-shirt off and take your bare bottom spanking like a good girl." Ashley said firmly.

"But why?" Hanna whined.

"Because Emily doesn't deserve to have you perving on her, even if she is your new lover." Ashley explained, "And I certainly won't have you spying on me."

"I wasn't perving." Hanna blushed, "Or spying."

"You were standing in the doorway leering at us so I'm not sure what else you would call it, but whatever you were doing I will not accept it in this house." Ashley scolded her daughter, "Honestly Hanna you looked like you were about to finger yourself like some kind of desperate slut, and I thought I'd raised you better than that."

"I, I wasn't." Hanna stammered, feeling totally embarrassed because yeah, the thought maybe crossed her mind.

"It doesn't matter, whether you want to admit it or not you acted inappropriately and you will be punished for it." Ashley said firmly, "Now do as I say before I decide to go get my hair brush. Or something worse."

For a moment it looks like Hanna didn't get the implication, then an obvious look of horror crossed her face, followed by apprehension and eventually acceptance, the sight of her daughter's shoulders slumping in defeat making Ashley absurdly wet, as did the sound of Hanna softly mumbling in a little girl voice, "Can, can I please still wear the shirt?"

"I already told you no." Ashley said dismissively, then when Hanna gave her a pleading look added, "It's not like you have anything we haven't seen before. Very recently in Emily's case."

Looking over at the blushing brunette teen Ashley waited for Emily to ask for permission to leave. She would have let her, both to show a small level of mercy to Hanna and because Emily had taken her spanking like a good girl. However Emily stayed where she was and didn't say a word, Ashley briefly wondering whether that was because the shy brown skinned girl was too embarrassed/shocked to say anything or because she wanted to see Hanna get spanked.

Ashley quickly forgot all about that when she heard Hanna whimper in defeat and then turn back in time to watch her child removed her only item of clothing, Ashley hoping she managed to keep her face neutral as she was almost overwhelmed by inappropriate desire. Her daughter was just becoming such a fine young woman, at least physically, Hanna's behaviour momentarily forgotten as Ashley practically drooled over those well rounded C-cup breasts and the noticeably dripping wet treasure in between her little girl's thighs.

She continued being very aware of that even when Hanna bent over her knee, her daughter's wetness now pressed against her thigh in a way which really shouldn't have been erotic to her, but totally was. That was also the case for Hanna's ass, Ashley wondering why the most wonderfully spank-able/fuck-able bubble butt she'd ever seen had to belong to her daughter.

Blissfully unaware her Mom was perving on her Hanna complained, "Can we get this over with?"

Awaking from her lustful haze Ashley growled, "Manners Hanna, manners. I know I taught you them, but I'm beginning to think everything I say goes in one ear and out the other. Apparently I need to be a lot firmer with you. And provide some re-education."

Hanna didn't like the sound of that but before she could muster any complaint her Mom hit her, hard. She never thought that would happen, always thought she had a good relationship with her Mom, but now here she was, bent over her Mom's knee and taking a spanking like a disobedient five year old despite the fact she was practically an adult now. And maybe social services wouldn't be as interested in this as if her mother had just started hitting her in the face, but surely they should be this Hanna couldn't imagine anything more mortifying.

Her Mom wasn't as gentle as she was with Emily, but what was really worrying was that Hanna could tell she was holding back, and what she was receiving was plenty painful. Well, it was one of the worrying things about this situation, as there was something far worse about it. Something that horrified Hanna to her very core and humiliated her beyond belief, that being she was wet. Or more accurately wetter, her already soaking pussy practically frothing as her Mom's hand came down hard on her ass cheeks in a seemingly never ending spanking.

She didn't know why but Hanna had actually found it kind of hot to watch Emily getting spanked, the blonde telling herself over and over again it was just because her beautiful friend was naked during it but that wasn't the whole truth. There was just something about watching Emily squirm, and squealing in pain as her butt was beaten and groped, part of Hanna feeling relieved that at least she didn't have to deal with her Mom perving on her ass while another part of her absurdly felt jealous she wasn't getting the same attention.

That thought was another reason Hanna found this so horrifying but thankfully she was given a break from dwelling on it when her Mom increased the force of her blows until it sounded by the sound of her butt being beaten was echoing throughout Rosewood along with her screams, cries and begs for mercy.

"Stop, stop, stop, please!?" Hanna wept, unable to handle the pain any more.

Giving her daughter a reprieve Ashley said, "Are you sorry?"

"YES! Yes, yes, yes I'm sorry, I swear I'll never spy on you again!" Hanna quickly promised.

Ashley sighed, running her hand over Hanna's ass cheeks. As a mother she felt guilty, she hadn't intended to beat her baby girl's butt quite so hard, but whether she liked it or not the guilt was overwhelmed by a feeling that Hanna's beaten red bottom looked so cute. And hot. And fuck-able. Oh how she wanted to fuck Hanna's ass in that moment, and how much she needed to maintain control and get Hanna out of here before she did something she would regret.

"I don't want to keep doing this." Ashley lied, "But if you keep acting like a brat, lying to me and getting into trouble you're going to be right back over my knee. Do you understand Hanna?"

"Yes. I understand, and I'm sorry." Hanna whimpered.

"Good. Now apologised to Emily for spying on her and then go have your shower." Ashley ordered.

Remembering her friend was just standing there Hanna blushed, then awkwardly craned her head to look at her, "I'm sorry Ems."

There was a few seconds pause, then Ashley smacked her daughter's butt one final time, causing Hanna to cry out loudly in pain. Then Ashley ordered sternly, "Hurry up Hanna! If you're late for school again I swear to God you'll be right back over my knee!"

"Sorry Mom." Hanna apologised again, quickly getting up and shuffling out of the room while rubbing her aching butt.

Just as her daughter disappeared out of sight Ashley called after her, "And just to make sure you're not distracted Emily will be staying with me until you're up and dressed and making breakfast for us downstairs. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mom." Hanna called out, the blonde teen quickly locking herself in the safety of the bathroom and then looking through the cabinet for some cream to help with her sore butt.

Wasting no time Ashley stood up and glanced at the brunette, "Follow me."

Then Ashley quickly strolled away back to her room, somewhat glad Emily couldn't see her smile as the brunette teen followed her. Once they reached the older woman's room Emily closed and locked the door behind them, the beautiful brown skinned teen clearly assuming Ashley wasn't about to give her a stern lecture on anything involving her recent behaviour.

She guessed right, Ashley quickly removing her nightie and then firmly pushing Emily to her knees, "Quickly, we don't have long."

It was an unnecessary risk, one which Ashley should be mature enough not to take, but all that spanking naked teen butt had made her overwhelmingly horny and her fingers just wouldn't suffice. Not when she had a hot, wet, talented teen mouth and tongue at her disposal, Emily seemingly only too happy to drop to her knees and bury her face in Ashley's cunt.

When she first felt that tongue, which by now was very well trained at pleasing her, touch her pussy Ashley had to grit her teeth tightly together to stop herself from crying out in pleasure. She had to continue doing that as Emily used her now extensive muff munching skills to make sure the redhead was hurtling towards a orgasm in no time, Ashley already feeling like she was more than halfway there thanks to what just happened. And to her shame she replayed it over and over again in her mind, particularly seeing Hanna naked and spanking her, that vivid image overwhelming her until Ashley was convinced it was her daughter in between her thighs.

While Ashley became completely lost in her most sinful fantasy Emily became just as lost in the heaven that was eating pussy. Oh it was so good, Emily's memory always failing to do justice to how amazing pussy cream tasted, or how proud she felt making this experienced woman moan in pleasure. Making Hanna moan was easy, she was so inexperienced and slutty the slightest touch seemed to turn her into a happily moaning mess, but the older Marin expected a certain level of skill at all times, something Emily had become very good at.

Of course thinking of her friend had Emily momentarily feel guilty. After all, it was one thing to enjoy the sight of her friend naked, which was ok at least for now as they had so recently had sex and were now maybe friends with benefits, but getting turned on from watching that friend get spanked was twisted and wrong. And getting off on watching that friend getting spanked by her own mother was just gross, Emily so ashamed for her early actions she felt like she could burst.

Hopefully she will get a chance to make it up to Hanna later. For now she tried to concentrate on making it up to Ashley, the brunette teen increasing the pace of her tongue thrust and curling that wet muscle upwards to attack her older lover's G-spot. Given this had to be a super quick quickie Emily had wasted no time in slamming her tongue into Ashley's love hole and beginning to fuck the older woman, pausing only to swallow when her mouth was overflowing with pussy juice, something which continued when she was finally rewarded for her efforts with a face/mouth full of girl cum.

Emily was expecting to be quickly pushed away and be told to clean her face so that she could wait by the shower for Hanna to finish. She was hoping that in between those two things Ashley might return the favour and eat her pussy, although under the circumstances she wouldn't be surprised if she was denied an orgasm. After all as far as Hanna was aware her Mom was punishing the two teens, so risking discovery to lick Emily's cunt was probably a bad idea. Not that what they went for was much better, consciously or not Mrs Marin lowering her ass to the bed and using a firm hand on the back of Emily's head to keep her in place, the teen tongue fucking the older woman to climax after climax. Not that Emily even considered complaining, the lesbian teenager becoming lost in a world full of yummy tasting girl cum and pussy cream.

Meanwhile Hanna had been busy applying several different creams to her ass without much success before taking a long, drawn out shower. Hanna really loves showers, and bubble baths, the blonde feeling perfectly comfortable to spend hours in the bathroom whether it was by herself or gossiping with Mona to avoid certain classes. This time around she tried not to be too long given what happened with her mother earlier, but honestly the time just flew by.

When she finally got out of the shower she felt really nervous she would be in for further punishment. Hell, even the threat of further punishment later made her still a little achey butt quivering with fear, and maybe something else she didn't want to acknowledge, Hanna quickly ignoring that thought as she looked around, more than half expecting her mother to appear out of nowhere and start yelling at her. In reality she did hear her mother's voice, but while it was loud it didn't sound angry.

There had been many times Hanna had heard a noise, immediately gone to check it out and then questioned her decision as she approached the noise and often after she had seen what it was. Like all those other times Hanna couldn't resist her curiosity, the blonde softly walking up to her Mom's room and trying to open the door. When that failed she looked through the keyhole and then her eyes went wide in disbelief, Hanna standing there gobsmacked as she watched Emily going down on her Mom.

Over and over again she tried to pull herself away, but she just couldn't. Or stop losing her grip on her towel because one of her hands drifted to her cunt for some reason, although Hanna only realised that when her Mom pulled Emily away from in between her legs, the blonde only watching her mother and her best friend make out for a couple of seconds before she finally looked away, her fear of discovery awakening her from her trance. She then scurried away back to her room, wondering if she'd ever get the image of her Mom and best friend kissing/fucking each other out of her head.

* * *

Mona was like God, she saw everything. Maybe not live, but thanks to the video cameras she had set up all around Rosewood she saw it eventually. This morning, she had woken up late by her standards and had found the Hastings sisters in a 69 in one of their rooms and Aria butt fucking her Mom in their toilet, both of which she planned to watch in their entirety. However they just couldn't compete with the sight of her beloved Hanna being spanked by her own mother, Mona watching with delight as everything unfolded, including Hanna discovering the truth about her Mom and Emily ahead of schedule.

Being a super genius Mona had of course planned for that scenario so it was no problem, and the look on Hanna's face was predictably priceless. It was a look Mona was expecting to see a lot in the near future, but if everything went according to her plan Hanna would be blissfully happy with the end result. Well, it wasn't just Hanna that would be blissfully happy, and as much as Mona hated to admit it... it wasn't just her plan.

"Mmmm, that's it Ems. Show me what a great little cunt lapper you are." Alison practically moaned, pretty much directly in Mona's ear.

Even though she hadn't heard the door unlock or Alison approach Mona refuse to give the other girl the satisfaction of seeing her surprised or pissed off, so she just turned to her and smiled, "I'm sure you're looking forward to finding out."

Smiling back Alison replied, "Until then, I have you."

The implication was very clear and while Mona could have wasted time arguing, and kind of wanted to, she decided to get the huge inconvenience over with and dropped down to her knees. Almost immediately Alison grabbed hold of her hair and growled, "What do you say?"

Trying not to grit her teeth Mona replied, "Please Mistress A, can I eat your pussy?"

"You mean can you have the privilege of eating my pussy." Alison corrected, before smirking, "But I suppose that'll do. Get to work rug muncher! Eat my cunt."

Blocking out whatever else Alison had to say Mona brushed her redcoat aside, undid her pants and then made sure to grab them and the blonde's panties so she could pull them down at the same time. Before those pants and panties hit the ground Mona had pressed her face in between Alison's legs, her tongue just teasing the lips of the other girl's extremely wet pussy for a few long seconds before she got down to some serious licking, touching Ali's clit with every stroke of her tongue so at least the bitch's comments were in frequent and/or incoherent.

There had been a time where this had been Mona's most shameful fantasy. Arguably it still was, but in this case it hardly felt like a dream come true anymore. Perhaps that was because she'd fucked Alison so many times that even she couldn't count them all, or because the attraction was purely physical and/or she still kind of hated this girl. Mona wasn't sure, but it hardly mattered now. The important thing was that while 'Mistress A' could still be an insufferable bitch sometimes and fucking her now was nowhere near as thrilling as the first time the other girl had a pretty tasty cunt which truth be told Mona didn't mind licking from time to time. And ok, it was still a little thrilling to go down on the mighty Alison DeLaurentis.

For her part Alison always found it thrilling to have someone going down on her, especially like this. Oh yes, she loved having someone on their knees before her, worshipping her cunt, their mouth and tongue working so very hard to get her off, to make her cum so she would mark them as hers with her cream. It was even better when she just dropped her pants or skirt and shoved someone between her thighs, still being half dressed making her feel more in control and somehow even naughtier.

Of course it had taken her a while but something she had learned was that while men tried they just couldn't compete with a knowing female mouth and tongue, even blushing lesbian virgins enough to put even the most considerate guy to shame. Lesbian sluts were on a whole other level, and for all her flaws Mona definitely qualified. Although it helped that in this case Alison got to watch other lesbian sluts, sluts who didn't realise it yet but were being trained to be her sluts.

Shoving Mona's face deeper into her twat Alison moaned at what she saw, "Mmmmm, that's it Emily, eat that pussy you little dyke! Are you imagining its mine? Are you imagining your face is in between my thighs were it belongs and your eating my fucking cunt? I bet you are. I bet you still can't stop thinking about my creamy little cunt. Mmmmmm, well don't worry you filthy little lez, you'll be munching my muffin soon enough. Ohhhhhh, you too Spencer. You'll be licking me with the same enthusiasm you lick your big sister's cunt, mmmmmmm, and she'll be licking me too, and you Aria, oooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkk, I'm going to fuck you all! OH FUCK, pound your Mom's fat ass Aria! Pound it hard! Fuck it hard and deep, mmmmmm aaaaaaahhhhhh, just like I'll fuck all of you!"

Alison continued to talk but it was mostly gibberish, the blonde teen mostly struggling not to mention Mona's name. There was a time where this girl had barely been a blip on her radar, and yet here she was on her knees fucking her with her mouth. That was partly because her options were limited, but also partly because Mona had stepped up in her absence, and in more ways than one. That was something Alison was loath to admit even in her own head, let alone out loud. Likewise she tried to avoid giving Mona praise, but it was pretty much unavoidable when Mona finally slammed her tongue into her cunt and started fucking her with it, Alison almost cumming on the spot.

To be fair it had been way too long since she'd last got off and she'd recently gave pleasure without receiving any in return for the first time she could remember. Plus there was all these wonderful images she was now enjoying in front of her. Still, Alison had to admit Mona did a pretty fantastic job at fucking the cum out of her, her little minion even swallowing the majority of it while allowing a good portion to cover her face like a good girl. It made it easier to stomach the fact that she hadn't been able to avoid screaming Mona's name when she came, Alison at least able to tell herself it was a reward for all her hard work getting her off.

Always wanting to remain in control Alison allowed herself to be fucked to a couple of orgasms and then pushed Mona away, the blonde shooting her minion a small smile before telling her, "I'm going to take a shower. I won't be needing company."

As Alison turned and began walking away Mona licked her lips and considered just letting her go. It wasn't like she expected Alison to return the favour, but that additional annoyance caused her to voice what was really concerning her, "Wasn't that a little risky? Going to see your girl crush, I mean?"

Alison stopped in her tracks, looked over her shoulder and stared at the brunette for a moment, and then smiled impishly, "Totally worth it."

Again Mona considered leaving it at that, and again she couldn't help but comment, "I thought you didn't eat pussy."

This time turning completely Alison said flatly, "It doesn't count if-"

"It's the one you love." Mona interrupted with a smirk.

Alison smirked back and then walked into the motel room's bathroom, calling over her shoulder as she did so, "Silly Mona, you still don't understand, do you? This isn't about love, or sex... it's about power."


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