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Author's note: spoilers for Season 3, and possibly 4, although some stuff is made up/altered to fit the story.

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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 18
by MTL ([email protected])

When the first knock, or more accurately series of knocks, assaulted the door of the small apartment Aria was balls deep in her mother's ass.

It had been a long day and thanks to the principal calling her Mom into his office during lunch Aria hadn't been able to fuck her mother since this morning. But that was the great thing about having their own apartment, they didn't have too risk school quickies or lock themselves in the bathroom at home or anything like that. No, they could simply hurry to their new home and Aria could strap on a nice big dildo, make her Mom bend over the couch and then just sodomise the woman who gave her life to her heart's content.

Of course Aria made sure to indulge other things, like sucking on her Mommy's titties and eating her sweet pussy, making her mother worship her body with her mouth and tongue, and most importantly making sure her sex slave received regular spankings so she wouldn't forget her place. But honestly Aria was an ass girl who was literally obsessed with ass fucking her Mom and after not even being able to make out with her Mommy over lunch Aria hadn't been able to resist indulging in her obsession. Unfortunately only about an hour after she had first slid every inch of her strap-on into her Mom's butt those knocks started, mother and daughter freezing in horror, both hoping whoever it was would just go away.

No such luck, the almost frantic knocking continuing until a familiar voice yelled, "Aria! Open up! I need to talk to you!"

Spencer. Both the Montgomerys thought that knocking had seemed familiar. Then after a few seconds Ella whispered, "You told your friends about this place?"

"No!" Aria whispered loudly, momentarily sounding like a child being accused of something instead of the dominant top persona she had so carefully crafted for herself.

Luckily Spencer distracted from that fact by yelling through the door, "I know you're in there Aria. Open up! We seriously need to talk."

For a few more seconds Aria just stayed where she was and hoped Spencer would just go away. Of course that wasn't going to happen and as Aria couldn't risk butt fucking her Mom while her friend was outside she reluctantly pulled her strap-on out of her mother's butt and removed it from her waist. She then briefly smiled as despite the impending discovery her Mom stayed bent over the couch with her pants and panties around her knees and her gaping ass hole on clear display. Aria enjoyed that sight as she pulled up her skirt and underwear before reinserting the butt plug her mother had been wearing all day back into the older woman's butt, partly to hide it and partly to put it back where it belonged.

"Get up." Aria finally ordered in a whisper, waiting until her Mom had pulled up her pants and panties and was standing before handing her the strap-on, "Go hide in the bedroom, and suck this clean."

Obediently her Mom wrapped her lips around the first few inches of the toy and began to suck the taste of the deepest part of her butt off the fake dick. She allowed her a few seconds of watching that, then she turned and quickly scurried into their bedroom as quietly as she could. Aria watched her go, then with a deep calming breath she walked over to her front door just enough to poke her head out and find Spencer and surprisingly her sister Melissa standing there expectantly.

"I, erm, Spencer? Wha, what are you doing here? What's going on? What do you want? How did you find me? Did someone tell you that you could find me here? Was... was it you know who? Or did you follow me here?" Aria blurted out, barely pausing for breath.

Spencer waited until Aria had finished, then leaned in real close and whispered, "I know that you're fucking your Mom."

There was no one around and Spencer's voice had been low enough that hopefully no one in the neighbouring apartments would here. Not that it was the type of place where people are very neighbourly, the block of apartments probably chosen mostly because people kept to themselves. It was also cheap, something Spencer imagined was a benefit on Ella's salary.

What was important was that Aria had heard it loud and clear, and as Spencer had correctly guessed the revelation caused her friend to go ghostly pale, the smaller brunette looking like she was going to faint. That was when Spencer struck, pushing roughly against the door to force it out of Aria's loosened grip and push her way inside.

As she had been instructed to do earlier Melissa quickly followed and shut the door behind them, Aria just standing like a statue for a few long seconds before finally turning to look at the two Hastings sisters. She opened her mouth slightly but she didn't yell or scream or threaten, she just stood there with clearly no idea what to say. It was quite a contrast from the confident teen Spencer had spied on in the teacher's bathrooms, perhaps proving the old Aria that she knew and loved was still in there somewhere.

Further proving this Aria stammered nervously, "I, I can explain..."

Wanting to put the other girl at these Spencer blurted out, "I'm fucking my sister!"

Aria's big eyes went wider than ever before, the tiny girl staring at Spencer for a few long moments before stammering, "Wha, what?"

"Me and Melissa, we're... we're having sex." Spencer said, trying to keep her tone soothing, briefly pausing to grab her sister's hand for comfort with Melissa only too happy to provide it, then Spencer continued, "It... it started about a week or two ago, and now... we can't keep our hands off each other."

Melissa smiled warmly at Spencer before turning to Aria and helpfully adding, "It's true. We can't get enough of each other and... and I'm her bitch. You know, like your Mom is yours."

After blinking a few times Aria began to ask, "How do you... A?"

"A." Spencer confirmed.

There was a long silence and then Aria asked, "Would you like a drink?"

The fact Aria didn't look her in the eye while asking was a little off putting but Spencer replied, "I'll take a coffee."

"Me too." Melissa said hopefully.

More silence, then Aria turned towards the bedroom and yelled, "Mom! Get out here and make us some coffee!"

Yet more silence, then Mrs Montgomery slowly appeared from the bedroom, the older woman briefly looking at the new arrivals before blushing, lowering her head and hurrying to do as she was told. Meanwhile Aria slowly walked over to an armchair and collapsed into it, Spencer half expecting a dust cloud to erupt because of it. The decor was tacky and cheap, no doubt the kind of stuff that came with the apartment as even on a budget Spencer couldn't imagine Ella or Aria had chosen any of the stuff that surrounded them. Of course given the apartment reeked of butt sex Spencer guessed that the two Montgomery women had been too preoccupied to find the time to decorate.

Not that Spencer was to dish out decorating advice, and truth be told while the look of the place was substandard the smell was very welcoming given that both the Hastings sisters' rooms had the kind of aroma usually found in a porno set after an all girl orgy. So Spencer found herself enjoying the not so fresh air, especially when she and Melissa collapsed side-by-side onto the sofa where the smell was strongest. Which was a good thing because it was about the only thing Spencer had to enjoy as the room fell into a deafening silence.

"Soooooo... how did she make you do it?" Aria finally asked as her Mom was distributing the piping hot caffeine.

"She?" Spencer questioned.

Aria shrugged, "We've always acted like A was a 'she'."

"Yeah, but... after all this... I don't know what to think anymore." Spencer said, "I mean, who... who would do this?"

"Alison. That bitch was always sick in the head." Melissa said without missing a beat, and then quickly turned Spencer and added, "Not that I don't love fucking you, but-"

"I know what you mean." Spencer said, taking Melissa's hand and squeezing it, "Love you."

Melissa smiled softly, "Love you too."

Simultaneously the Hastings sisters leaned in for a brief kiss, prompting Aria to smile giddily, "Awww, you guys are like, together-together! Like girlfriends?"

Pulling away from her sister and frowning Spencer replied, "Yeah... why? Isn't it the same for you two?"

Both Montgomerys blushed and Aria mumbled, "It's complicated."

"How so?" Melissa asked.

For a few seconds Aria just stared at her two guests with her mouth slightly open, then she tried to change the subject, "I kind of think Jenna is A. I mean, Alison's dead, right? And Jenna has plenty of reason to hate us so makes the most sense, right?"

"Probably, but you're avoiding the question." Spencer pointed out.

There was more silence, then Aria softly said, "I asked a question first. Answer mine, and I'll answer yours."

It only took Spencer a couple of seconds to recall the question, and a couple more to recall that response, which to be fair she had been thoroughly planning on her way over here, "I... I guess it all started about two weeks ago. I'm not sure if I had feelings for Melissa before then, but after the first... incident, things just kind of snowballed.

"Well, technically it was after the second incident." Melissa corrected, and then when Spencer gave for a look she quickly added, "What? The first time I just spanked you a little. After the second time we started fucking like bunnies."

"It wasn't just a little spanking, my butt was aching all night long. And what about that rim job, huh? You're seriously telling me you weren't haunted by the memory of my tongue up your ass?" Spencer argued, wishing she'd had the foresight to discuss this with Melissa first. Or just flat-out ordered her to stay quiet.

She hadn't so Melissa continued voicing her opinion, "Not as much as having your tongue up my cunt. And tongue fucking your pussy. And you cumming in my face while I came in yours."

"Yes, yes, yes, ok, I get it, a lot happened during the second time, but you can't argue the first time we did something sexual together it was when you spanked me and then made me eat your ass. And I don't know about you but I certainly couldn't stop thinking about it, so I'm counting that as the beginning." Spencer said quickly, and then before Melissa could retort she quickly added, "Anyway, A ordered me to submit to Melissa the first time probably as motivation to turn the tables on her the second time."

"Or she was setting you up as the bottom." Melissa said cheekily, before quickly adding, "Or the bitch wasn't sure who was going to come out on top."

Spencer briefly stopped to glare at her sister, and then continued, "The point is A threatened Toby, and as we all know what she's capable of I felt I had too. But now I can't help wondering if that was an excuse. If... if maybe there was some part of me, deep down, which always wanted Melissa-"

"And in a weird way A gave you what you secretly always wanted." Aria interrupted.

Spencer frowned, "Are you actually saying you're grateful to A?"

"Aren't you?" Aria questioned, then after a a few long seconds of silence turned to her mother and ordered, "Turn around."

Ella, who had been awkwardly standing around listening to the conversation, blushed and made the mistake of hesitating.

"Do it!" Aria snapped, the teen then smiling as her Mom immediately did as she was told, leading the small brunette to add, "Good, now bend over, pull your pants and panties down, and spread your cheeks.

Again Ella blushed but did as she was told, humiliation almost overwhelming the respected teacher as she slowly exposed her butt plug filled back hole to her daughter and her daughter's friends.

Aria admired the sight and then, without looking away from her Mom's plug stretched butt hole, softly said, "My Mom is my bitch. I get to fuck her whenever I want, in whatever way I want. Whatever happened before, and whatever happens next... it's totally worth it to me."

Spencer glanced at Melissa and admitted, "I kind of get that. But aren't you worried what A is up too? She bullies and stalks us for like a year and then all of a sudden she's making us commit incest. Do you really think that was because she was trying to help us?"

"Probably not, but why worry about it?" Aria shrugged, "Whatever happens next, happens. Let's just enjoy what we've got."

With that Aria reached out and slowly pulled the butt plug out of her Mom's ass, savouring how that anal ring stretched for the large toy and then remained open and loose once she had fully removed the butt stretcher. Through it all her mother continued to expose her ass hole like the well-trained bitch she had become, that fact and the beautiful sight of her Mom's gaping butt hole filling Aria with confidence.

"A drugged my Mom, tied her up and ordered me to ass fuck her with a strap-on or she would expose the truth about me and Ezra. And I told myself I had to do it, but that's not true. I wanted to do it." Aria said, pausing briefly as she tried to put into words what she had done, "It's... it's hard to explain. I know what happened, what I did was wrong, but I don't care. It felt so good. It felt so right. It made me feel powerful, and confident, and dominant, and oh how I loved it. I felt like a whole other person, possessed almost, but I think it's more who I want to be. Who I am when I'm with her. And as long as she keeps moaning like a whore for me I'm going to keep fucking my Mom and no one is going to stop me."

Once again the whole room briefly fell into silence, and then Spencer huskily added, "I feel the same way about Melissa."

"Me too. Kinda." Melissa blushed, before adding, "How about you Mrs Montgomery?"

Still spreading her cheeks Ella blushed and with her head still down mumbled, "I love being my daughter's bitch."

Aria was almost surprised at how sincere her mother sounded, but shook it off in favour of once again addressing her guests, "So, I've shown you proof that I'm fucking my Mom... do you have any proof that your fucking your sister?"

Spencer smiled at her nervous sounding friend and then turned to her big sister, "Melissa, copy Mrs Montgomery."

Melissa blushed, got up, turned around and then slowly bent over and pulled down her pants and panties to reveal her ass was also plugged. She even spread her ass cheeks to give her audience a good view of just how deeply entrenched the ass stretcher was up her butt, which caused a look of surprise mixed with lust quickly cross Aria's face.

"I got the idea from you and Ella." Spencer proudly stated, and then quickly clarified when her friend gave her a look, "A ordered me to spy on you guys. It was very... inspiring."

"Oh." Aria blushed slightly, then an idea popped into her head, "So, what you're saying is we gave you a free sex show without knowing it?"

Spencer shrugged, "Uh-huh."

Aria gives a small smile, "Then don't you think it's about time you return the favour?"

"I was hoping you'd say that." Spencer returned the smile before turning back to her older sister, "Melissa, come here."

Without a moment's hesitation Melissa let go of her ass cheeks and pretty much pounces on her little sister. It was probably a little aggressive given she was officially the bottom in their relationship and while Spencer had confessed she liked it when Melissa showed this kind of enthusiasm the older Hastings sister was somewhat worried she would embarrass her top. That was why she quickly let Spencer take control of the inevitable kiss, at first Melissa crashing her lips against her younger sibling's but then allowing Spencer to push her tongue into her mouth and bully her tongue into submission.

Long over the shame of their inappropriate feelings for each other the two sisters frantically groped at each other, again Melissa allowing Spencer on this occasion to be the aggressor although given their positioning there wasn't much 'allowing' involved. After all Spencer could grab her butt which was still a little sore from the fucking the younger Hastings sibling had given it earlier, Melissa moaning into the brunette's mouth not just at the pain but at the memory of being sodomised by her little sister.

Far too soon for Melissa's liking the kiss was broken, but it was for a good cause, namely Spencer pulling her shirt over her head. Spencer's shirt quickly followed and then the Hastings siblings were frantically tongue kissing while groping and removing other clothing such as each others' bras, shoes and socks. When it came time to remove Spencer's pants and panties Melissa took the initiative to break the kiss and wrapped her lips around one of her baby sister's nipples so she could suck on that while quickly undoing Spencer's fly and then pulling the last items of clothing down the other brunette's legs.

Once she had kicked those offending items off Spencer pushed down on Melissa's head and ordered, "Lower! Lick me! Lick my pussy! Lick oooooooohhhhhhh Goooooddddddddd!"

Spencer trailed off so she could let out one long, loud moan as Melissa pressed her tongue against the bottom of her pussy and slid it all the way to the top, the other brunette then repeating this motion over and over again as she settled into a gentle but firm pussy licking. Which was pretty much normal procedure whenever one of the Hastings sisters went down on each other so they could once again savour breaking this unspeakable taboo, however Spencer felt something different was called for this time round.

So after only about a minute or two of soft cunt licking Spencer firmly moaned, "Mmmmmmm, more. Give me more! Lick me hard and OOOOOOOHHHHHHH yeeeeeeessssss, lick my clit, just like that, mmmmmmm Goooodddddd!"

As they had discussed what might happen when they got to Aria's new place, and Melissa now seemed only too eager to please her, it hardly surprised Spencer when her older sister immediately complied with her wishes. At first that included giving more faster and harder licks which somewhat lingered on her clit but quickly escalated to just licking her clit which naturally had Spencer squirming with joy.

It also had Spencer closing her eyes, squeezing one of her tits in one hand while the other grabbed onto Melissa's beautiful hair and pushed her big sister deeper into her cunt. This, and her constant moans and occasional orders, prompted Melissa to wrap her mouth around Spencer's pussy lips and gently begin to suck on the sensitive flesh in between licks, increasing the pleasure until the younger brunette's entire world revolved around her sibling's talented mouth and tongue.

Then Melissa's mouth closed around her clit and sucked on it forcefully, prompting Spencer to open her eyes wide and let out an extra loud scream. It was then she was reminded she wasn't alone as across from her Spencer spotted Aria watching intently. Which honestly was a bit off putting for a moment, then Aria gave her a smile which was an enticing mixture of shy and sultry and then took the butt plug which she was still holding in her hand into her mouth. The butt plug which had just been firmly up her mother's ass and Aria was sucking it. And moaning. Her tiny friend Aria Montgomery was moaning as she tasted her own mother's ass hole, Spencer very nearly cumming from the obscene sight of it.

From the way Spencer quivered, tensed, and filled Melissa's mouth with an extra large batch of girl cream it was certainly obvious to the older brunette her sister was on the verge of cumming. That was why Melissa reluctantly paused the pussy eating and only return to gently sucking on her little sister's downstairs lips when she was sure Spencer had come down from the brink. Luckily Spencer's sweet honey continued to flow directly down her throat, Melissa only occasionally having to swallow when her mouth was too full of the younger Hastings sister's pussy juice and even then it was only a brief pause in the constant suction she was now applying to her favourite place in the world.

Of course Melissa didn't forget about using her tongue on Spencer. Sure, she might have given it a significant break, but soon enough Melissa was sliding her tongue up and down her baby sister's pussy lips, again starting at the bottom and going all the way to the top so she could linger on Spencer's clit. She also swirled her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise around the brunette's downstairs lips and dipped her tongue slightly into Spencer's core, all the while keeping her lips firmly attached to it so the cunt juice had nowhere to go except straight down her throat.

For a while that seemed enough for Spencer, then she turned her grip on Melissa's hair and moaned, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeee ohhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd! Fuck me with your tongue! Get every last bit of your tongue into my cunt right the fuck now Melissa or I swear to God I'll AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK! FUCK YEEEEEESSSSS oooooooohhhhhhh, fuck me, tongue fuck me, fuck me like a dyke slut you bitch, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!"

Melissa's inner Hastings wanted to point out that Spencer could do better. That for the supposed top of their relationship Spencer was coming off more whiny than demanding, her orders even sounding like begging for the most part. But at least she hadn't said please this time, and the way she shoved her face so hard into her cunt when she came was wonderful. And there was of course a part of Melissa which liked the fact that Spencer wasn't a cold or a cruel top. But such thoughts were fleeting when her little sister's cum was squirting into her mouth and down her throat, Melissa becoming ravenous as she removed her tongue from all the way inside Spencer's cunt to concentrate on swallowing that heavenly liquid.

The second Spencer's first orgasm was over Melissa slammed her tongue inside her as deep as it would go, sadly not triggering a climax this time but half a dozen hard tongue thrusts quickly did the trick, the process repeating itself as the big sister ravenously gobbled up as much of the little sister's cum as possible. Unfortunately for Melissa it wasn't possible to get all of it, not when Spencer was roughly grinding onto her face, although she definitely got the lions share into her belly and she did so much loved being marked in cum as her kid sister's pussy pleasing slut.

After half a dozen orgasms Spencer reluctantly pulled Melissa's hair roughly enough to force her away from her cunt and then she panted, "So... what do you think?"

Aria just stared at Spencer for a few long seconds, and then smiled, "Awesome, you've trained her so well."

Spencer smiled, blushed and then after a brief pause asked, "Do you want a go? With her mouth, I mean?"

"Fuck yeah." Aria beamed, her eyes twinkling with delight. Then with the belief glance at her mother she quickly added, "You're welcome to my slut in return. She's an amazing cunt licker."

Another smile crossed Aria's lips as she saw how her mother blushed at the complement as she shuffled over to Spencer, kneeled down and took Melissa's place between the younger Hastings sister's legs. At the same time the older of the two sisters strolled over to her with far more confidence and determination, Aria promising herself she would use that as an excuse to spank her Mom in the very near future. Right now though she was very much concentrating on the present which involved one of her best friends' big sister kneeling in between her thighs and leaning forward to lick her twat.

However Aria stopped her at the last minute by grabbing Melissa's head in both hands and pulling her back while she lent forward, "Wait, kiss me first."

Ironically unable to wait herself Aria closed the distance between them and kissed the other girl, Melissa unsurprisingly not complaining but immediately kissing her back and the smaller brunette tasted Spencer's cum and pussy juice on those welcoming lips. She tasted one of her best friends on that best friends' older sister's lips. Aria was tasting Spencer Hastings' cum and pussy juice on Melissa Hastings' lips... and on her tongue, and in her mouth, and the whole thing was an amazing turn on and maybe one of the most perverted things she'd ever been apart of, which was really saying something for a girl obsessed with fucking her own mother.

For a while Aria ravenously kissed Melissa, pushing her tongue past the other girl's lips shortly after the kiss began so she could exploring every part of the older brunette's mouth. She then licked her face clean of Spencer's girl cum and cunt cream before standing up and stripping off her clothes. As she lifted her top over her head Melissa helpfully undid her fly and then pulled her pants and panties down, Aria grinning at her as she stepped out of them, unhooked her bra and then sat down. Then she grabbed the other brunette's hair and shoved Melissa's face between her legs, then let out a long moan as her best friends' sister immediately started licking her pussy. Which was more than enough, for about five seconds. Then Aria wanted more.

"Lick me! Lick my pussy! Harder! HARDER! Fuck me! Oh fuck meeeeeeee mmmmmmm!" Aria demanded, beginning to grind her cunt into Melissa's pretty face, "Get your lezzie tongue inside me! I want your sister-craving tongue inside my cunt Melissa, mmmmmmm ooooooooh, stick your gay for your sister tongue in my cunt! FUCK ME! Ohhhhhhh fuck me like you fuck your own sister! Fuck me like you just fucked your little sister you nasty little sllllluuuutttttt aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!"

It irritated Aria that Melissa didn't immediately give her what she wanted and instead choosed to tease her hole, occasionally even ignoring her completely in favour of licking her clit. Which to be fair Aria enjoyed very much but it wasn't what she really wanted. Of course ultimately she got what she wanted, Aria let out a deafening scream as her words becoming nothing but gibberish as her mind turned to mush. And as she became overwhelmed with pleasure she tore her gaze away from Melissa to Spencer, Aria wondering if her best friend could make her feel this way with her tongue, and perhaps more importantly if she'd taste different from the source than she had on Melissa's lips and tongue.

For the briefest of moments Spencer thought more or less the same thing, then she grabbed onto Ella's hair and demanded, "You too Mrs... slut. Aaaaaahhhhh shit, stick your lesbian tongue inside me! Mmmmmmmm, I want your daughter-craving tongue inside my sister-loving cunt! Fuck me like a slut! Fuck me like a nasty little slut with your dyke tongue! AAAAAAHHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDDD, JUST FUCK ME! Oooooohhhhhhh fuck me like you fuck your own daughter! Tongue fuck my pussy like you tongue fuck your daughter's pussy you nasty little sllllluuuutttttt aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd!"

Ella recognised her own daughter's words thrown back at her and she wondered if there would be any repercussions. If she would have been that cheeky she would have been over Aria's knee in a heartbeat, although even when she was resisting her daughter's advances Ella would have never said anything like that to her. Of course, it appeared Spencer was also a top, not a slutty bottom like Ella, and given her squeals of joy Aria may not have even heard her fellow teen. And even if she had heard it may not have registered.

So maybe Ella did Spencer a favour by rendering her incoherent by shoving her tongue inside her pussy and beginning to fuck her with it, although honestly doing the teen a favour was only a fleeting thought. Ella was much more preoccupied with following orders as a good submissive slut should, and getting more of Spencer's scrumptious pussy juices, and later her no doubt even more delicious cum, the respected teacher wrapping her upstairs lips around her student's downstairs lips so most of that heavenly liquid flowed pretty much directly down her throat.

While those were more than enough Ella's number one reason for pushing her face deeper into Spencer's pussy and beginning to tongue fuck the teen was because she was jealous. Jealous of the fact that Melissa was the one making her own daughter scream with joy. It was perhaps the most sinful and unmotherly thing she had ever thought but in a moment Ella was jealous of the other woman eating her baby girl's snatch and wanted to be able to walk over to her and shove Melissa out of the way so she could take her rightful place in between Aria's thighs. But since she couldn't do that Ella settled for fucking Spencer as hard as she could in hopes that it would make Aria at least a little jealous.

Although truth be told Ella's main focus became swallowing Spencer's heavenly cum the second it touched her taste buds, quickly followed by getting more of that yummy liquid. That was easy enough, Ella had done a good job of gently teasing Spencer with gentle licks to the point where she was right on the edge, so after she concentrated on swallowing cum Ella went back to the hard tongue fucking, constantly keeping the brunette teen on the edge of cumming in her mouth instead of actually doing it. Sadly, as always, some of the girl cum did escape her lips, and after all Spencer began grinding into her face which allowed more of the precious liquid to escape, although getting her face covered in girly cream was almost as good as swallowing it.

Melissa was also doing her best to swallow all of Aria's cum as the younger girl grinded on her face, this fact heightening the pleasure for both brunettes. Of course Aria got the added bonus of watching the other two brunettes, and obviously she was the one cumming in Melissa's mouth instead of the other way around, but the tiny teen knew first-hand that as much fun as it was to receive she felt more comfortable being the giver.

That was why she eventually stopped Melissa, Aria roughly pulling the older girl back by her hair and then calling out to her friend, "Spence... SPENCER! Hey, erm, since we seemed to be sharing our bitches, do you mind if I fuck your sister's ass? I mean, I kind of want to find out if it's as good as butt fucking my Mom, you know? It would really help me out, and of course you're welcome to use my Mom's ass hole as your personal fuck hole in return. Or just keep using her mouth if you'd prefer. Really, you can use her however you want."

Spencer was momentarily embarrassed that it took Aria yelling her name to get her attention, but that was quickly forgotten when she heard the smaller girl's offer. Sure, it made her blush, but it also made her grin happily, push Ella slightly away, and call out, "Butt fucking each other's bitches sounds great. We could even, you know, do it side-by-side. If you want. You don't have too, I just think it would be cool to see them both face down, their ass holes stretching for our cocks like the anal sluts they are."

"Oh, I'm definitely up for that." Aria beamed, before turning her attention to the older brunettes, "Melissa, Mom, strip off your clothes and crawl on your hands and knees into the bedroom. Me and Spencer want you on the bed, face down with your asses in the air. Oh, and spread your cheeks. Show off those slutty little butt holes we're about to fuck."

Aria smiled happily as she watched her house broken and well-trained bitch immediately do as she was told, her Mom perhaps proving herself the most submissive of the two Subs. Although there was something to be said for the way Melissa blushed and slightly hesitated before taking off the last of her clothes, a.k.a. her panties, and then following right behind the respected teacher and crawling into the bedroom, getting on the bed and then spreading her cheeks. Of course Aria and Spencer weren't far behind, both teens enjoying the sight for a few moments before Aria quickly retrieved two strap-on dildos for them to use.

Her friend took one with a grateful smile and then as they slowly stepped into the harnesses and pulled them up their thighs Spencer softly said, "I've... I've been ass fucking Melissa a lot this week, pretty much every time we've fucked actually, but her back hole is still really tight, so would you mind taking it easy on her?"

"No problem." Aria shrugged, tightening her strap-on around her waist, "You don't need to worry about my Mom though. She's a slutty anal whore who was made to take it deep and hard up her butt."

Spencer briefly bit her lip as she and her best friend got on the bed, "That maybe so, but don't you think it would be cool if we could fucked them slowly together. You know, just at first."

Aria frowned, "Relax Spence, I'm not going to hurt your sister. Especially not when she's offering me her cute little ass to fuck."

Focusing on that cute little ass for a few long seconds Aria almost literally salivated, eventually licking her lips and slowly pulling the plug from Melissa's butt hole. Earlier she had reinserted her mother's plug up her ass so Aria was delighted to see that Spencer joined her in removing the toys stretching the back holes before them, the plugs stretching those tight anal rings before exiting them with a pop.

Again Aria took a few long seconds to admire that sight before moaning, "Mmmmm, I love it when my Mom's ass hole gapes for me, and your sister's ass hole looks just as cute when it's gaping. But I bet we could stretch these holes wider, don't you think Spence?"

Spencer looked at her dazed with lust, and then smiled softly, "I think it would be a shame not to at least try."

"In that case, after you?" Aria offered.

Spencer smiled, "How about on the count of three?"

"Ok." Aria beamed, grabbing hold of her dildo in one hand and pressing it again to the slightly gaping butt hole in front of her, "One."

Once she had copied her friend Spencer added, "Two."

"Three." The two teens exclaimed together, forcefully pushing forwards so the heads of their dildos simultaneously invaded the ass holes of Melissa Hastings and Ella Montgomery.

Not that it took much effort, Aria knew for a fact that her mother's well trained back hole welcomed invaders and Melissa's adorable ass hole was exactly the same way, those dildos sliding into the older women like keys into locks. Pushing the rest of their respective toys inside those butts was a little trickier, however Aria had gotten very good at loosening her Mom's rectum and the same things worked on Melissa's back passage. And, complying with Spencer's wishes, Aria did them slowly, which honestly was her preferred method as it gave her the chance to savour the anal penetration.

Spencer was the same way which was partly the reason she had not so subtly hinted that she and Aria should stick to this routine. The main reason was of course her sister's well-being, but she hadn't lied to her friend, she genuinely thought it would be cool to slowly violate the older girls' butts in this way, and as far as Spencer was concerned she was so very right.

Watching her respected teacher Ella Montgomery take her dick up her ass was out of this world, but being able to watch that AND her big sister Melissa Hastings being anally violated by one of her best friends Aria Montgomery was beyond even Spencer's vast vocabulary. She literally couldn't think of any way she could put into words how wonderfully amazing and pervertedly intense it was to watch those two butt holes fill with strap-on dildo, the fact that Melissa and Mrs Montgomery continued spreading their ass cheeks to provide a better view somehow making it better.

Throughout this process Spencer felt like she was on cloud nine, but she literally thought she was going to cum when her thighs finally came to rest against Mrs Montgomery's ass cheeks. She felt the same thing when seconds later Aria completed Melissa's anal penetration and then immediately started butt fucking the other girl nice and slowly, Spencer quickly following suit and swearing she at least had a mini orgasm while doing it.

For a while time passed, Spencer having no idea how long she and her best friend simultaneously fucked girl butt before Aria called out, "Hey Spencer, you mentioned rimming your big sister, but have you ever tasted her ass hole on a toy?"

Looking over at Aria who currently had the plug which had so recently been in Melissa's butt almost pressed against her lips Spencer shyly grinned, "Yes, sometimes, but normally I make her do it."

"Me too. But they get plenty of chances to taste their own asses, and they'll be tasting each other's soon enough, so what do ya say we treat ourselves?" Aria suggested.

Spencer smiled a little more confidently, "Let's."

With that she lifted the butt plug that she had been meaning to put down up to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it, Spencer moaning softly as she tasted Mrs Montgomery's ass. Of course Aria beat her to the ass tasting and let out a much louder moan of pleasure. She also sucked it clean a lot quicker than Spencer who chose to savour the perverted flavour, the taller teen basking in the fact that she was tasting her teacher's ass while fucking it, right in front of her daughter no less.

Even though half her face was pressed against the bed sheets and thus somewhat restricting her view Ella was able to see Spencer lifting the toy to her lips just fine, which would have been perverted enough, but the brunette teacher just couldn't help turn her head so she could see Spencer AND Aria sucking on those butt flavoured plugs. She blushed and let out a soft whimper when her daughter and her daughter's best friend wrapped their lips around those plugs, but that didn't make her feel any better about herself. Ella just couldn't help herself though.

It was beyond shameful and wrong but after two weeks of being constantly fucked by her daughter Ella had succumbed to Aria's sinful desires. To her own sinful desires. She, respected teacher Ella Montgomery, was now a perverted slut. Perhaps the most perverted slut ever given she thoroughly enjoyed watching two teen girls suck on ass flavoured toys while they lazily pumped her butt and the butt belonging to another girl barely out of her teens.

While it probably shouldn't have been the fact that the other girl being ass fucked had also turned her head to watch the perverted sight and was moaning in just as much joyful pleasure at being sodomised by the girl was actually a comforted to Ella. She was beginning to think she was the biggest pervert in Rosewood, and while Ella still thought that was the case at least there was someone almost as perverted, the only difference being that Melissa was only Spencer's big sister and while it was wrong for the older Hastings to sexually submit to her sibling it was nothing compared to a mother submitting to her own daughter.

Ella was supposed to take care of Aria, feed her, clothe her, be in charge of her until she was mature enough to be her own woman. Instead, she had allowed Aria to flip the tables on their power dynamic simply because, for whatever reason, she enjoyed being her daughter's bitch. Sure, the blackmail had played its part, but Ella knew the truth. She loved this. She loved everything about being her daughter's bitch, but especially bending over, spreading her cheeks and allowing her baby girl to fuck her in the butt like the total anal whore she had become.

Meanwhile Melissa wasn't focused on the shame she knew she should be feeling, Spencer sucking on the plug which had been in Ella Montgomery's ass, or even Aria sucking on the plug which only a few moments ago had been buried in her butt. No, Melissa had fixated on the last two, but she struggled to feel shame as it felt so right to take it up the ass like a slut. In fact she wished Spencer was ass fucking her, because no matter how unspeakably wrong it was or how it would completely ruin her and her entire family Melissa just couldn't get enough of her kid sister's cock in her ass. She couldn't get enough of her little sister, and her little sister couldn't get enough of her, Melissa's heart fluttering as she was flooded with memories of the many times Spencer had fucked her over the past week.

As wonderful as those memories were Melissa's current reality was extremely enjoyable, Aria proving herself a skilled butt fucker as she effortlessly stretched out the older brunette's butt and made the twenty-something girl physically ache for a hard butt banging. No, Melissa didn't just want a hard ass fucking, she wanted a brutal rectum wrecking. She wanted to get her backside completely and utterly brutalised until it was a gaping mess, and she couldn't even remember her name she had cum so hard. And from the sounds of her increasingly loud moans, groans, whimpers and cries Mrs Montgomery felt the exact same way.

Luckily Aria gave her the opportunity to get what she wanted, the younger brunette pushing Melissa's hands off her ass cheeks and pulling her up by her hair into the all fours position before growling, "Beg! Beg me to fuck you hard and make you cum!"

"You too, Mrs Montgomery." Spencer ordered her as she went straight to grabbing Ella's hair and pulling her up, thus forcing the other woman to let go of her butt cheeks to hold herself up in the doggie style position, "Beg to cum like a whore with a dick in your ass."

Wasting no time Melissa cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Mmmmmmmm fuck, ooooooohhhhhhh shit, harder! Make me cum! Please Aria, fuck my ass harder and make me cum. I need to cum soooooooo bad, ohhhhhhhh, please fuck me like you fuck your Mom and make me cum like a whore with a dick in my ass! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, I wanna cum like a whore with a dick in my ass! Please Aria, fuck me in the ass and make me cum! Ass fuck me, fuck me up the ass, oh fuck, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeee!"

Eventually joining in Ella practically wept, "Me too. Fuck me. Oh fuck me. Fuck my ass. Mmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhh, fuck my ass like a whore. Fuck my whore ass! Please Spencer, treat me like your personal anal whore. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, fuck me in the ass like the anal whore I am! Ass fuck me, ooooooooh, ass fuck me and make me cum! Make me cum like a whore with a dick in my ass! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit, ah fuck, please Spencer, make me cum like an anal whore with your big dick in my slutty dyke ass! Ooooooohhhhhhhh fuck!"

Both Ella and Melissa kept begging for as long as they could but they ended up saying the exact same thing or talking over each other which meant neither one of them was heard. Not that it really mattered, as soon as they started begging Aria and Spencer began increasing the pace of the butt fuckings they were dishing out until the sound of their thighs smacking into the older brunettes' butts were almost as loud as Ella's and Melissa's frantic begging, the latter sound inevitably turning into completely incoherent screams.

Melissa was impressed, this was exactly the kind of butt fucking she had been begging for, Aria showing she was every bit as good as Spencer when it came to pounding ass, and from the sounds of it Ella certainly wasn't complaining. Then Melissa began to cum, that first orgasm almost completely dissolving her brilliant mind. She was just about able to tell that Ella came at the exact same time that she did, and then she came a second time and Melissa became completely lost in the pleasure she was receiving.

The force of those orgasms caused first Melissa and then Ella to push their asses back against the relentless anal invaders, Aria retaliating by digging her nails into the older brunette's hips, increasing the speed of the sodomy and growling, "Take it! Take it! Take it, take it, take it, take it, TAKE IT! TAKE IT UP YOUR DYKE ASS! OHHHHHHH, TAKE IT IN YOUR SLUTTY SISTER LOVING ASS! OOOOOOH, TAKE IT GOOD AND HARD LIKE YOU DO FOR YOUR SISTER YOU NASTY LITTLE BITCH! MMMMMMM TAKE IT!"


With that the two teenagers became like mindless animals, relentlessly brutalising the butts in front of them for their own selfish pleasure. Over, and over, and over again Aria and Spencer drilled the ass holes belonging to Melissa and Ella respectively, all four women receiving multiple orgasms as a result of the brutal rectum wrecking being dished out and received. But of course all four inevitably ran out of steam, first Ella and then Melissa collapsing face down with Spencer's and Aria's grip on their hips the only reason their lower halfs stayed in the air, then finally the teens collapsed onto the bodies beneath them in a sweaty heap.

All four of them stayed like that for quite a while, barely conscious and gasping for breath, then Aria and Spencer slowly rolled off the older brunettes, their dildos exiting the well fucked butt holes of Melissa and Ella, followed by Aria weakly ordering, "Mom, Melissa... show us your asses."

Despite her entire body aching Ella moved as quickly as she could, positioning herself kneeling on the bed with her back facing Spencer and Aria before reaching behind her and spreading her cheeks, showing off her widely gaping butt hole. Feeling equally achy and tired Melissa let out a groan a frustration but copied the other bottom to show the tops what damage was done to her back hole, both submissive brunettes getting an incredible thrill out of displaying themselves this way.

The two tops definitely got a thrill as well, Spencer whistling before telling her friend, "Nice job Aria, that's some serious gaping."

"You too. Mom's butt hole doesn't look like it will ever close." Aria beamed happily, taking a few more moments to stare into the deepest depths of the submissive brunettes' bowels via their gaping butt holes before calling out, "Ok bitches, we get the picture. Now come suck our cocks clean."

Again perhaps proving herself the biggest slut, or at least the most obedient, Ella immediately let go of her cheeks, turned around and crawled between Spencer's legs, her butt aching even more with every tiny movement. As she got closer and closer to that butt flavoured dildo her mouth started to water, Ella blushing as she realised just how eager she was to taste her own ass.

Then, just as Ella was about to wrap her lips around the strap-on, Spencer called out, "Wait! I want Melissa to taste your Mom's ass on my cock. Is that ok Aria?"

Grinning happily Aria said, "Sure, I love that idea. Mom, that means you get over here and suck my dick! Come on, mmmmmmm yeah, get that dick in your whore mouth and taste Spencer's sister's ass. Mmmmmm yes, that's it, suck Melissa's slutty ass off my cock like the obedient little bitch you are. Do a really good job and I'll butt fuck you afterwards. Oh yeah, stretch your gaping ass even wider by slam fucking your slutty ass hole just the way you like it. All you have to do is take every inch of my cock down your throat, just the way I taught you."

Ella hated being denied her own ass cream but she loved obeying Aria, so she quickly crawled over to her daughter and swallowed the head of her cock. There may have been a slight hesitation just before she wrapped her lips around the tip, after all this was the first ass she was tasting which wasn't her own or her own daughter's, but after all that time of going ass to mouth it was perhaps inevitable that Ella would love the taste of Melissa's ass. Especially the ass cream which was on the tip as that part of the dildo had hammered the deepest part of Melissa's bowels, Ella moaning happily when she first began sucking that strap-on and continued to moan around it as she quickly began dishing out a very thorough blow job.

Meanwhile Melissa was slower to respond, which on the bright side given the chance to watch as the mature/older woman and respected teacher Ella Montgomery began sucking her daughter's cock. Of course eventually Melissa concentrated on her little sister's cock, the twenty-something brunette following Ella's led and wrapping her lips around the tip and then moaning happily as she tasted the part of Spencer's dick which had touched the deepest depths of Ella's rectum. Then she slowly took the rest of the toy into her mouth and down her throat, Melissa and Ella showing off their training by deep throating the entire lengths of those cocks with speed and enthusiasm, both older brunettes barely even choking as they performed their duties as submissive bottoms.

Spencer was grateful she had no such duties, the younger of the two Hastings sisters happily watching her elder sibling first gorge herself on the taste of Mrs Montgomery's butt, then just settle in for a deep passionate BJ, Melissa looking up at her now and again for approval which Spencer was happy to give her. She chose to dish out her approval in the form of patting Melissa's head like a puppy, or stroking her long silky hair, or just giving her the occasional warm smile to let her know she was appreciated.

Aria on the other hand chose verbal abuse, Spencer appalled by some of the things her best friend was saying to her own mother. True Spencer got caught up in the heat of the moment and said some pretty appalling stuff too, but Aria wasn't about to cum and this was so unlike her. Then again Mrs Montgomery seemed to be enjoying it, and Spencer had to admit that while she was sexually exhausted there was still an intensity in the air she had never experienced outside previous kinky sex sessions with Melissa.

"Yes Mom, that's it, that's exactly what I want, every inch of my cock down your throat! Mmmmm yeah, take it you fucking cock sucker!" Aria ordered excitedly, digging her fingernails into the older brunette's scalp while guiding her up and down the fake cock, "Take every single inch down your throat like the cock sucking slut you are! Mmmmmmm, that's soooooooo hot, mmmmmmmm, I love watching my Mommy suck my cock like a good little submissive slut. Oh fuck Mommy, you're turning me on so much. Mmmmmmm, you must really want me to butt fuck you again."

At those last words her Mom's eyes lit up, causing Aria to grin happily. She loved seeing confirmation that her Mom loved this, and while she knew she was getting carried away and was a little worried what Spencer would think of her Aria just couldn't help it. Of course she and her mother would need a drink and a little rest before they could engage in more fun, but she found promising her Mom more butt sex was a great motivation at this point, and it wasn't a lie because sooner or later she would be screwing her mother's juicy backside again.

Just the thought of it had Aria pausing her verbal abuse, the teen licking her lips as she imagined her Mom's butt hole stretching for her strap-on. Not that she hadn't enjoyed Melissa's butt, because she had, a lot, but she had learned nothing could compare to her mother's sweet ass. Still, she was grateful to Spencer for teaching her that, Aria smiling happily at her friend who was now looking at her with an unreadable expression on her face.

"I think we're going to have a lot of fun together from now on, don't you Spence?" Aria asked.

Spencer smiled cautiously, "Oh definitely. I can't wait."


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