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Author's note: spoilers for Season 3, and possibly 4, although some stuff is made up/altered to fit the story.

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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 20
by MTL ([email protected])

Emily was curled up on her bed doing her homework. Or at least she was trying to do it. In reality she was kind of just staring at equations which all just seemed to melt into one big mess. The problem was she had been spoiled lately, Ashley fucking her to at least one orgasm before sending her to do her homework. Of course that was for a reward for being so good and more importantly as a punishment for Hanna, Ashley now going out of her way to make sure her daughter did hear them, which was weird and made Emily feel guilty for doing that to her friend, but over the past few weeks she had just become a slave to her body.

On the bright side perhaps this was the wake-up call she needed. She was turning into such a slut she couldn't concentrate on anything but sex. What did that say about her? What did it say about her future? She needed to get a grip and concentrate on her work before she ended up being a professional prostitute or porn star. Then again, would it really be so bad having sex for a living? Yes! Yes it would. She could do so much more with her life, she had to remember that. No matter how horny she was she had to remember that this boring work was important.

It was just because she was a teenager. All these hormones running through her body, they were messing with her mind. Things will be better when she was a proper 'grown-up' and able to go without thinking about sex every six seconds. Moving away to college would also help, get her out of the clutches of her constantly horny older lover, whose lingering glance at her ass upon returning home hadn't exactly helped her state of mind. Then again if that older lover would just come and interrupt her she wouldn't be... interrupting all night long, just long enough to give her an orgasm or three and then insist she finished her homework. Although any interruption of any kind sounded good about now.

Of course you should be careful what you wish for.

Suddenly the door open to reveal a figure in a bright red coat. For some reason that was the first thing Emily noticed, quickly followed by the fact that whoever it was wore an equally red hoddie with long blonde hair poking out of it, their head down so she couldn't quite see their face.

For a few seconds Emily was frozen to the spot, then she jumped off her bed, took a couple of steps back and asked as calm as possible, "Who, who are you?"

There was a long pause, and then a familiar voice calmly said, "It's a secret... and the thing about secrets, is they can kill you, or make you stronger. In my case, both."

Emily blinked a few times in disbelief and then murmured, "Alison?"

Lifting her head up Alison smiled, "Hello Emily, did you miss me?"

Staring dumbfounded Emily mumbled, "Alison, you're... you're alive?"

"Duh." Alison smiled, although it was bigger and softer than she intended, "What's wrong Emily, don't believe your eyes?"

"I, I... I don't know. So much has happened." Emily admitted. "How... how is this possible?"

"Magic." Alison said as seriously as possible, and then after a few seconds cracked up, "I'm sorry, you should see the look on your face. Emily, sweetie, there's no such thing as magic. No matter what you think you see, the rabbit is inside the hat the whole time."

Finally getting over her shock Emily glared, "So, so that's what all of this is? Just a trick? Another lie? Another one of your games?"

Alison let Emily get that out of her system then she calmly said, "Someone tried to kill me Ems. Someone nearly succeeded."

Her rage forgotten Emily softly gasped, "What?"

With a deep sigh Alison pulled back her hair just enough to uncover the scar on the back of her head and then briefly turned her back to Emily so she could show it to her, "Someone hit me from behind. If they were a little stronger, or if a friend of mine hadn't pulled me out of that shallow grave fast enough, I'd be dead for sure."

"Oh my God." Emily mumbled, because what else could she say?

Of course that was totally inadequate, and Emily was going to make up for it but before she could Alison had already covered up the imperfection and started talking again, "I'm still not totally sure who did it, but I've been able to narrow it down. Clearing Spencer and her sister was the hard part, and Aria is more twisted and fucked up than I gave her credit for, but she's clean too. And Hanna, ha, we both know she doesn't have the stones to take me out. Not now, not ever."

There was a brief pause and then Emily asked, "What about me?"

"What about you?" Alison smiled, taking a step forward, "Do you actually think I'd even consider it could be you? Emily... you're the nicest, sweetest, most... good person I've ever met. Of all the secrets and lies and hidden truths in my life I have never once doubted you could never hurt me."

As she spoke Alison got closer and closer to Emily, eventually stepping into the other girl's personal space and cautiously leaning in for a kiss, a kiss Emily quickly broke with a gasp of, "Alison? What-"

"I used to practice in front of the mirror." Alison quickly interrupted, "I used to practice in front of the mirror what I was going to say to you. What I was going to do. With everyone else I just planned it out in my head. But with you, it was always different. Because you were special. You were my favourite Em, and you still are. You always will be."

"Alison-" Emily tried again.

"You have no idea how many times I've imagined this." Alison interrupted again, "Imagined what I would say to you. What I'd do. Even how I would make my entrance. It seems super lame now, but I spent so many hours imagining making a grand entrance. Balloons, streamers, fireworks, the whole 9 yards. Anything that would impress you, and even more importantly stroke my own ego. I also imagined being the hero. Swooping in to save you from all the monsters just out of sight. But then I realised, I'm not the hero of this story, and what comes later doesn't matter. And a grand entrance certainly isn't going to make a difference if I'm not brave enough to tell you my secret. Although I have to admit, I'm kind of curious... can you guess what it is? I mean, if you think about it, really think about it, it should be obvious."

Emily just stared back in response.

"What? You're not even going to guess? Boo, no fun." Alison grumbled before forcing herself to look into Emily's eyes and earnestly tell her, "I love you Em. I'm in love with you. I've been in love with you as long as I can remember, and it used to scare the crap out of me but I've changed. I'm different now. I'm bigger, better and braver than ever, and most importantly of all I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making you think your feelings were one-sided, that those kisses were just for practice, and that you should be ashamed of who you are for a single second of your existence. You're perfect Em, you're just... perfect."

Alison reached out to gently embrace Emily, who tensed up and then pulled her head back when Ali tried again, before she mumbled, "Alison, I... I... I don't know what you want me to say."

"I don't want you to say anything." Alison said simply before a crooked smile crossed her face, "I want you to take off your clothes."

Blushing furiously Emily mumbled, "Ali!"

"Oh don't act so shocked. I know all about what you and Hanna's Mom have been doing, you dirty girl. I also know you've been having wet dreams about me even after all this time. In fact, I was standing right here, watching over you while you slept, when you moaned my name in your sleep." Alison confessed, as always twisting the truth to her advantage, "That's kind of twisted if you think about it, but I think it's sweet, and trust me honey, out of all our friends you're the least twisted."

There was another brief silence then Emily frowned, "You watch me sleep?"

"And a whole lot more." Alison admitted with a smile, quickly adding when Emily gave her a look, "Oh don't be like that Ems. I told you, someone tried to kill me and they've been after me ever since. Recently they've been going after my friends to get to me, and I've taken certain... measures to ensure your safety. Like taking care of Ian before he could kill Spencer, and tracking you out of that barn, and yes, protecting you while you sleep. So how about some fucking gratitude?"

Realising Alison had a point, even if she was making it poorly, Emily conceded, "I'm sorry, I just... I don't know what to think. Things have got so crazy around here, and confusing, and complicated, and... and..."

Beyond tired of all this yammering Alison slowly undid the buttons to her raincoat and shimmied out of it before pulling her shirt over her head. The second thing finally got Emily's attention, the brunette trailing off and then just stood there with her mouth wide open as Alison kicked off her designer shoes, stepped out of them and then slowly undid and then wriggled out of her pants.

Once she was standing in her underwear Alison said, "See, I'm tired of confusing and complicated. I think we need to simplify things a little. For example, did you love me, Ems?"

If the question had been 'do you love me' Emily wouldn't have been sure, but as Alison used the past tense Emily could only answer with a soft, "Yes."

Slowly removing her bra Alison asked, "Did you want me?"

Again Emily could only reply, "Yes."

Gripping onto her panties Alison softly asked, "Do you want me? Do you want to fuck me right here, right now?"

Emily gulped softly and then truthfully replied, "Yes."

Alison pushed her panties down and waited until they hit the floor, then asked, "Then what are you waiting for?"

Emily just stood there staring for ages, Alison choosing to believe that the other girl was just stunned by her beauty but it was probably a mixture of that and disbelief at what she was seeing. Perhaps even worried that Alison wasn't the same girl she had fallen in love with, the blonde opening her mouth to insist that wasn't the case when Emily finally dived forward and gave her the kind of wanton, needy kiss that Alison had been dreaming of receiving from Emily for so very long.

The kiss itself was nowhere near as long as Alison wanted it to be, however before she could even start complaining Emily started to take off her clothes. She did it with absolutely no grace and it was a tiny bit disappointing as Alison had been so looking forward to unwrapping her present, but there would be plenty of time for that. For now Alison was too excited to complain, her eyes devouring every new piece of skin exposed to her until Emily was standing in front of her just as naked as she was.

For a moment the two girls looked at each other, and then they were kissing frantically and strategically moving towards the bed. Or more accurately Alison was moving them while Emily seemed too lost in the lip lock to notice given the way she broke it with a surprise yelp when Alison fell backwards onto the soft mattress while pulling Emily on top of her. Although to Alison's delight Emily soon got over that surprise and kissed her again, this time both the two teens becoming completely lost in the passionate kiss.

At least until Alison broke it and tugged Emily downwards, "Please Em, mmmmmm, I've been waiting for this forever, and I can't wait anymore. I need your mouth. I need you to fuck me. I... I need you to show me just how much you love Beyonce."

Recognising the reference Emily smiled at Alison who was grinning at her cheekily, and then playfully smacked her friend's arm before beginning to kiss her way down the blonde's body. Seconds later she was sliding her lips up Alison's right boob and then taking her 'dead' friend's nipple into her mouth and sucking on it. As soon as her lips wrapped around that nipple Alison let out a soft moan which turned into a much louder one when Emily applied suction which caused an enormous thrill to run through the brunette's body.

She had been telling the truth! Alison had been telling the truth about 'loving Beyonce', that phrase no longer synonymous with Alison teasing her for liking girls but a reminder that they both loved girls and each other. Of course Emily wasn't sure she still loved Alison, and for that matter this wasn't conclusive proof that the other girl wasn't just manipulating her again. However Emily was a optimist at heart, and hey, if she wanted conclusive proof that Alison liked girls it wasn't like the blonde wasn't giving her the perfect chance to test her.

Plus after only a little bit of sucking Alison's nipple started to harden, and not only was it the same story with the other nipple but when Emily started going back and forth between them those nipples became as hard as rocks. Hard, yummy little rocks which she couldn't get enough of sucking, Emily moving her hands up so she could cup the appropriate boob into her mouth while playing with the other one. If this natural reaction didn't prove Alison was genuine Emily wasn't sure what would.

Of course Ali being Ali she wasn't satisfied with that, "Lower Ems. Mmmmmmm, lower. Get that fucking dyke mouth on my cunt you little bitch! Mmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh Gooodddddd, I'm sorry Em, I'm just so horny. Ooooooooh I need you Em, I need your sweet little mouth on my cunt. Mmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhh, and that Beyonce loving tongue in my twat, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, fuck me with your tongue, oh, oh, lick me dyke, oh please, oh Emily, oh my Gooooooooooddddddddddd!"

Quickly complying with her friends wishes Emily had moved between Alison's legs to find her conclusive proof, namely Alison's pretty little pussy dripping wet and ready for her tongue. And after briefly pausing to savour that heavenly scent Emily lent forward, stuck out her tongue and fulfilled her first-ever fantasy and the one which had been the most constant. She then let out a long moan as her taste buds were set on fire with the juice which was pure Alison DeLaurentis, the taste and the overwhelming sensation of getting what she always wanted turning Emily into a mindless pussy licker who for the next few minutes just relentlessly lapped at the yummy treat in front of her with long, gentle strokes of her tongue.

Alison loved getting what she wanted. It was the sweetest of victories, and oh was this sweet. Emily's tongue felt so good caressing her pussy lips, just like Alison knew they would. And ok, even a complete virgin could technically make her feel good from licking her pussy, as long as they were hot, but there was just something about Emily which drove Alison wild. She didn't know what it was, if she did she might try and eliminate it as it was an unfortunate weakness, but then again this was one which Alison rather enjoyed. Not to mention a mystery she liked remaining unsolved.

Part of the reason it felt so good was because Emily had plenty of practice, and unlike the rest of her little friends Alison hadn't even needed to manipulate her into it. No, Emily had become an eager pussy licker by choice, or it was written into her DNA or whatever, either way Alison found it incredibly hot. It made her incredibly hot, that information adding an extra kick to the very skilled cunt lapping Emily was now dishing out and Alison was so very eagerly taking.

Of course it really hadn't taken much to push the rest of her friends into lesbianism, which proved just what kind of dykes Alison seemed to attract. Or there was just something in the town's water supply which turned every girl at least a little gay. Or that she was just so hot her very presence could turn girls queer, or on the brink of being it. Alison liked the last option the best, but she didn't really dwell on it when she finally had her favourite girl in between her legs and eagerly licking her pussy.

Normally Alison didn't like being gently licked for very long as having another girl worshipping her body got her real worked up extremely fast and this was no exception as far as getting worked up quickly, but she had waited so long for this she was willing to keep her mouth shut and just enjoy it. Besides, watching Emily work just hadn't done justice to how much of a eager/skilled rug muncher Emily Fields really was.

Once Emily had somewhat got over the fact that she was actually in between the legs of Alison DeLaurentis and licking her first love's pussy she was left with a interesting dilemma. She so desperately wanted to impress Alison with the pussy eating skills she had perfected over the years by going down on Maya, Paige, Ashley and most recently Hanna. But how best to do that? Speed things up and make her cum hard in record time? Or keep things slow and gentle until Alison was begging Emily to make her cum?

After a lot of careful debate, which involved a lot of slow and gentle cunt licking while she thought about it, Emily chose the second option, which if she was honest with herself wasn't a entirely selfless choice. Although it was not one she thought she could help, after all could anyone blame her for wanting to savour getting the one girl she wanted above all others? Allow this wildest wet dream come true to last as long as possible? To be able to get as much of this girl cream into her belly as possible given it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted?

Emily figured the answers to all of those questions would be no so she continued the gentle assault, while trying to have it both ways and impress Alison with what she could do while still holding back. That involved sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise around Alison's pussy lips, lingering on her clit and entrance, and perhaps most importantly of all wrapping her upstairs lips around Alison's downstairs lips so she could literally suck the yummy girl cream right out of her now formally dead best friend.

That last thing had Alison lifting her hips off the bed and moaning loudly, Emily smiling around the yummy treat she was dining on at this positive feedback. She received more feedback as Alison went from clutching the bed sheets to reaching down with one hand to clutch her long dark hair and push her face deeper into her cunt, something Emily had no problem whatsoever with. She also had no problem with the next thing, as although it made her blush a little it was so extremely hot to hear Alison DeLaurentis begging for her.

"Mmmmmmmmm more! Eat me! Eat my pussy you fucking dyke!" Alison yelled, silently reminding herself she still had to restrict what she said, "Get that tongue inside me and fuck me like the lesbo slut you are! Oooooooooh Ems, you're such an amazing Beyonce lover. I so wish I'd have got over my stupid fear of loving her so much sooner, then we could have been lezzing out years ago. Mmmmmmm, but you would have totally turned me out if I had just been brave enough to give you my pussy back when we were practice kissing, mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh fuck, but we can make up for lost time right now by you fucking me soooooooo gooooooodddddddd! Fuck me Ems, fuck me with your tongue. Tongue fuck me like a lesbian slut! Stick your tongue inside me Em, please stick your tongue inside my pussy. Please? Oh please, oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Once she normally ask for something Alison was used to getting it. That was certainly true of Emily, but this time round when Alison asked for a tongue fucking the brunette pressed her tongue to the blonde's entrance and kept it there for a few long seconds, which both impressed and frustrated Alison. However before she could really get annoyed Emily slowly pushed her tongue into her, Alison becoming speechless at the gentle penetration. She couldn't really speak either once Emily's tongue was as deep inside her pussy as it could go or when the other girl began to tongue fuck her, Alison only able to scream joyfully as once again she got exactly what she wanted.

There was one other thing Alison could do, not counting squirming in pleasure from feeling Emily's soft tongue inside her of course, that being tightening her grip on the dark haired girl's head and shoving that pretty little face as deep as it could go into her cunt. She also lifted her hips up and grinded onto that face which she so adored, Alison counting this as one thing as it was designed to push her towards the orgasm it increasingly felt like she needed. As in burning need which felt like it was melting her from the inside.

Soon Alison felt more desperate too cum then she could ever remember being which made her whimper and try to push and grind even harder while begging to be allowed to cum. However it seemed she could barely form coherent words, and certainly not full sentences, and when she could force out a word it was just 'please' or 'more' in a really whiny/pathetic sounding tone Alison didn't even recognise. Eventually she just stuck to whimpering, partly because it felt like all she could do and partly because she was hoping Emily would take pity on her.

It took a surprisingly long time to finally take pity on her considering she knew how much this girl adored her but it was totally worth the wait, Alison letting out a scream which had to be heard throughout Rosewood as she came in Emily's pretty little mouth. Then she was cumming on her pretty little face and practically drowning Emily in her cream, Alison bucking and grinding wildly as her favourite girl in the whole wide world tongue fucked her to multiple orgasms, each one feeling more powerful than the last.

Emily hadn't meant to torture Alison. She had never and would never want to do that, and didn't even realise she was until Alison let out a particularly loud whimper which almost sounded painful. There was definitely enough frustration in that to wake Emily up from her lust fuelled haze, the brunette blinking a few times as she slowly realised what she had been doing to the blonde was borderline abusive. Then she quickly kicked her tongue into overdrive, thrusting it up to bash against Ali's G-spot and almost instantly trigger a orgasm.

Almost immediately Emily lost her mind again as she was overwhelmed by the most heavenly taste ever. She didn't think anything could be better than Alison's regular cunt cream, although she should have known from Maya, Paige, Ashley and Hanna that pussy juice was good, but girl cum was better. Not that she really dwelled on such thoughts when she was busy swallowing the wonderful liquid gushing into her mouth, Emily become increasingly frantic to gulp as fast as she could because some of that heavenly cream was escaping her lips and covering her face.

Given that after a brief pause to enjoy her climax Alison started to grind onto her face like never before it was inevitable that a lot of yummy girl juice would escape her mouth, however Emily worked tirelessly to make sure the lion share ended up sliding down her throat. She also worked tirelessly to ensure Alison cum again, and again, and again, Emily plunging her tongue as deep as it would go into the other girl the second the blonde's latest orgasm was over and slamming that soft muscle in and out until Ali was cumming for her again.

When her mouth inevitably got tired Emily replaced it with first one and then two of her fingers, ramming them deep inside Alison while her tired tongue generally lapped Ali's clit. Then of course she would return her mouth to Alison's cunt whenever the blonde was about to cum again, Emily repeating this process until a sharp tug to her hair forced her to reluctantly move up the other girl's body. The fact that she was pulled into a passionate kiss with Alison tasting herself on her lips and tongue somewhat made up for it, but only partly.

The other part was when Alison broke the kiss and smiled widely at her, "Ems... that was amazing!"

Emily blushed, "It was nothing."

"No, you're the best pussy eater I've ever had." Alison insisted, before grinning, "And trust me I have had some great ones."

"Like?" Emily questioned.

"You wouldn't know them." Alison said, sort of truthfully, "But enough about me, talk about your reward."

"Ok." Emily beamed as Alison got off the bed, walked directly to the draw she kept her sex toys in and pulled out one of her biggest strap-ons.

"You're a naughty girl Ems." Alison grinned, toying with the toy in her hands, "I've been watching you taking it up the butt like a little slut, letting Hanna's Mom shove big toys just like this one up your butt and fuck you back there until your gaping. Mmmmmm, it's so nasty, so dirty, so hot. Will you let me do that to you Ems? Will you let me butt fuck you like a little anal slut? Will you let me reward you for licking my pussy sooooooo gooooodddddddd by letting me strap on this big cock and fuck you up the ass?"

"Yes." Emily said softly, adding mostly because she was lost in her lust and aching to cum, "I'll let you fuck my ass. I'll let you do anything you want to me, just please, make me cum."

"Oh, I'll make you cum. I'll fuck you up the butt and make you cum like the little butt slut you are." Alison promised as she stepped into the harness, slowly pulled it up her thighs and then secured it around her waist, before grabbing a tube of anal lubricant and tossing it to Emily after squirting some on her hand for the toy, "But first, you're going to lube yourself up for me. Get that little butt hole nice and ready for my dick. Come on Em, flip over and show me that ass that I'm about to fuck. Mmmmmm, finger it open so my girl cock slides easily into that pretty little lesbian ass hole of yours!"

Naturally Emily rushed to comply, flipping over onto her front and then lifting her ass into the air before reaching back with the couple of fingers she had just coated in lube. She then briefly rubbed her ass hole with those lube covered fingers before pushing one then two digits inside that regularly fucked butt, her well prepared for this ass accepting the invasion with these.

Alison really enjoyed the show but it wasn't long before she was crawling onto the bed while still stroking lubricant into her strap-on and then called out, "Ok, that should be enough for a butt slut like you. Now spread your cheeks and show me my new favourite fuck hole."

Like the obedient little toy she was Emily pressed her face to the bed sheets, reached back and spread her ass cheeks, leaving Alison with perhaps the most enticing view she'd ever seen. Licking her lips the blonde both savoured the sight and the moment, the latter of which she had been working towards for what felt like her entire life. Then she pressed the tip of her strap-on against Emily's cute little butt hole, Alison unable to resist teasing the other teen briefly before she rammed forwards, anally penetrating the girl she couldn't get out of her head.

The power Alison felt from butt fucking other girls was like no other, especially when she was making them cum from it or during the initial penetration. Watching another girl's ass hole stretch open and close around her cock, oh there was nothing else quite like that, until now Alison thinking it couldn't possibly get better. But like with the pussy licking it was just indescribably better with the one person in this world she might actually care about, Alison absolutely loving the fact that she was forcing herself into Emily Fields most private of holes, the blonde violating that most private orifice for her own selfish pleasure.

Perhaps the best part was that not only did Emily offer up her ass hole on a silver platter, but offered up a soft cry of pain as she continued to spread her cheeks even as Alison continued pushing inch after inch of dildo up the brunette's butt, the blonde refusing to stop until every inch of her dick was deep inside the other girl's rectum. Even then Alison only gave her fuck toy a couple of seconds for Emily to get used to the full length of the strap-on stuffing her back passage before she began pumping her back hole with force, officially beginning to sodomise this annoyingly perfect girl.

Not that Alison didn't show some mercy, because she did. At first it was only a few inches she was pushing in and out of Emily's ass hole, and after that she began pulling almost the entire dick out of the brunette's butt and then she repeated the process in long steady strokes, all these thrusts being as gentle as possible until the moans, groans, whimpers and cries out of Emily's mouth were of pure pleasure. Then, and only then, did the real fun begin. And of course throughout this process Alison was staring at where her dildo was pumping Emily's butt hole, her 'favourite' continuing to obediently display herself even as Alison really started having her fun.

Even though she was face down, ass up Emily's moans, groans, whimpers and cries were deafening. At least they seemed that way to Emily, which made her blush a little. On the one hand considering all the things she had done over the past few weeks it seemed ridiculous to be embarrassed. On the other hand Hanna and/or Ashley could still walk in any minute, and she was currently being fucked up the ass by her formally dead best friend, the latter of which was definitely a bit overwhelming.

Yet despite her reservations and overwhelming embarrassment, and whatever else Emily was feeling, it was all drowned out by pleasure as Alison effortlessly stretched out her ass and turned it into an eager fuck hole. Which sealed the deal, either Alison had been a raging homosexual before she went missing or had become one in her absence. Ok, there was still the bi option, but Emily still didn't like to think of Alison with men, and she wasn't exactly focused on labels right now. Not when Alison DeLaurentis was fucking her in the ass, and doing such a good job of it.

Perhaps it was a little rougher than Emily was used to for the beginning of a butt fucking, and Alison had certainly been eager to penetrate her, but luckily 'Ashley's training' had helped Emily get used to relaxing her butt to accept large invasions. Also Ashley had probably loosened her ass with all the new non-stop sodomy, Emily a little worried that she got much looser no one would want to butt fuck her anymore. She didn't like to imagine that, because all this anal attention was awaiting something inside her.

Emily could have never imagined how much she would love being butt fucked. It was just so nasty and wrong that she thought for sure she would hate it, but inevitably that only added to the appeal, Emily feeling like a total slut as Alison effortlessly pushed her closer and closer to orgasm with only a mildly rough ass fucking. Of course once she was feeling nothing but pure pleasure from the butt fucking Emily wanted more, and although it made her blush a little again she was willing to do it.

"Harder! Mmmmmmm, please harder. Oh Ali, fuck me harder!" Emily moaned, "Fuck my ass harder! Oooooooooh, ass fuck me hard! Ohhhhhhh, pound me, pound my butt, oh Ali, oooooooohhhhhhhh Alllllliiiiii pleaseeeeeeeee fuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeee! Fuck me harder!"

"Oh Ems!" Alison grinned wickedly, finally pushing Emily's hands away from her ass cheeks so she could give those rounded globes a playful smack, "You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear you say that."

Then to Emily's surprise without another word Alison began slowly increasing the pace of the butt fucking, just increasing it enough to make her moan joyfully and then when her formally dead friend's thighs began crashing into her butt cheeks enough to make them jiggle and the sound echo throughout the room Emily turned into a screaming wreck, desperately clawing at the bed sheets under the hard anal assault.

Of course Emily wasn't surprised with her reaction to the rough butt pounding, or that Alison could effortlessly dishing it out. After all she had received plenty of butt fucking from Ashley, and Alison seemed to be good at everything which as she had proven throughout this night she seemed practically inexpert at everything she tried, even if this was surpassing Emily's lofty expectations. No, those things weren't surprising, but the fact that she received them so quickly was.

After all Alison loved to tease and in all of Emily's fantasies about the former queen bee of Rosewood pushed her to her limits, making her desperately beg for hours for the privilege of being allowed to cum before finally receiving it. Then again Alison wasn't making her cum just yet, and although she gave her a hard ass pounding without too much prompting it now seemed like Alison was just biding her time until Emily was desperate to cum, the brunette soon finding herself on the edge of orgasm with the blonde effortlessly keeping her there for what felt like an eternity.

When she was sure Emily was delirious with pleasure Alison almost casually mentioned, "Mmmmmm, you know something Ems, it really killed me to watch Hanna's Mom pop your little anal cherry. I was so jealous watching her pump your virgin ass that I wasted most of that precious moment plotting my revenge on her. Mmmmmmm, but ultimately a friend of mine reminded me it was for the best, because if I had been the one to take your anal virginity I couldn't guarantee I'd be as gentle and caring as she was. Ooooooooh, and now this ass is nice and stretched out so I can pound it hard and deep whenever I want. Ohhhhhhhhh, and I'm going too. Mmmmmmmm, I'm going to bend you over and drill your slutty little bitch hole whenever and wherever I fucking want from now on because you're my bitch and I own your fucking ass hole! I own you! Not Maya, not Paige, not Hanna's Mom and definitely not that total bottom Hanna, me! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuck, you belong to me! You're mine! What are you?"

Emily didn't hesitate, "I'm yours! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch and you own my ass hole!"

"Good, now keep telling me!" Alison demanded, "Keep telling me exactly what you are and I'll make you cum!"

Hearing those magic words Emily began to shamelessly moan, "I'm yours! I'm your bitch! I'm your little bitch and you own my little ass hole! Oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, my butt hole is yours to use whenever you want! Mmmmmmmm, I'll bend over wherever you want! Oh Ali! I'm yours Ali! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh Ali! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I AM YOUR BITCH! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK I AM ALISON DELAURENTIS' BITCH! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD ALI I'M YOURS! ALL YOURS! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY FUCKINGGGGGGGG GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

Emily continued to confess the words which in her heart she knew was true until Alison finally pushed her over the edge and she became completely incoherent. She tried to keep talking but the pleasure was just so amazing, each of the following climaxes only strengthened by the thought that she had meant every word she just said. She had fallen in love with Alison DeLaurentis a long time ago, for better or for worse given this girl her heart and ever since then Alison had owned her and they both knew it, Emily even smiling at the thought as her mind melted from pleasure.

Those wonderful words drove Alison to fuck Emily's ass harder and deeper than any orifice she had ever fucked before, and that was really saying something, the blonde almost feeling like she had supernatural strength as she joyfully sodomised the girl she loved. And she did love Emily, as much as a high functioning sociopath could love, this being a perfect example of her dysfunction as she was brutally ramming the rectum of the girl she most cared about for her own selfish pleasure.

The fact that Emily was now constantly cumming was a pleasant if somewhat irrelevant by-product of the butt fucking, Alison as relieved as she could be that Hanna's Mom had turned Emily into such an anal slut. If she hadn't Alison knew she would still use Emily as her anal fuck toy because there was really no better way to prove herself as a superior female over her little playthings, it just so happened this way Emily would love it almost as much as she would.

Briefly Alison found herself considering what would happen when she confronted her other playthings. Would Aria's Mom and Spencer's sister be good enough for her, or would the temptation to butt fuck all four of her little minions be too great. After all, she resisted the urge to ass fuck Mona, who was just as full of herself as Spencer was, but Aria did have a better butt than almost anybody Alison knew. Then again Aria's Mom's ass was big and juicy, and Hanna's slutty ass was virtually perfect, and if push came to shove Alison could be more than satisfied with just fucking/spanking Emily's ass for the rest of her days.

Alison wasn't really one for monogamy, but the idea of just having Emily wasn't so bad if she could keep this perfect girl all to herself, that idea actually pushing her over the edge of her own orgasm. After that the floodgates were open and all Alison could do was push herself through a couple of climaxes while continuing the rectum wrecking pace. Well, she could have stopped and kept her air of superiority fully intact, but at that moment it was much more important for her to make herself cum, Alison once again mildly happy that she also made Emily cum in the process but as always it was her own pleasure which truly mattered.

So Alison brutally sodomised the girl she loved until it didn't feel like she had an ounce of energy left, then she collapsed down on Emily's back and in turn the two of them collapsed down onto the bed sheets. Even then Alison pumped the softly moaning Emily, the blonde not wanting to give up fucking the brunette's ass, but even those gentle thrusts felt like they physically hurt so reluctantly Alison stopped. Then she just laid there for awhile before nuzzling Emily's neck, almost immediately hating herself for her momentary sign of genuine affection before she rolled onto her side and slapped the other girl's dildo stuffed butt.

"Are you my good little bitch Ems?" Alison asked almost casually, and after Emily weakly nodded/whimpered in response Alison added, "Then show me that gape! Mmmmmm, I want to see just how well fucked your slutty little back door is."

Again Emily whimpered and did as she was told, Alison watching gleefully as her new lover used energy she probably really didn't have to pull herself slowly off the dildo, softly crying out with every inch that left her rectum and gasping when it finally came out with a pop. That would be enough because Alison could very clearly see Emily's butt hole looking all cute and open, but the submissive brunette took it one step further by crawling up so that she could point her ass at the dominant blonde and then spread her ass cheeks, giving Alison the greatest view possible of her friend's/new bitch's gaping back hole.

Loving the perverted fact that she was able to see deep into Emily's bowels thanks to that well fucked hole Alison stared at her handiwork for quite a while before ordering, "Now clean my dick with your mouth like the ATM whore I know you are. Come on Ems, suck it for me. I know this is the only type of dick you actually like, so why don't you just go ahead and enjoy it. Enjoy that butt flavoured strap-on you perverted little slut! Mmmmmm, yeah that's it, suck it like a good little ass to mouth loving bitch!"

Even though she wanted to say more, a lot more, Alison bit her lip from allowing her mouth to run away with her. She had already said way too much, but luckily for her Emily seemed too tired/still two horny to be offended by her words or pick up on anything she hadn't not to say before. No, Emily just turned around, closed her eyes and obediently wrapped her lips around the head of the strap-on, even letting out a little moan as the flavour of her own ass hit her taste buds.

After savouring the flavour for a few moments Emily began to noisily suck the part of the dildo which had pummelled the deepest depths of her bowels, all the while opening her eyes to look up at Alison for approval. Alison was happy to give it to her, smiling warmly and reaching down to pat Emily's head like the little pet she was, the brunette beaming around the toy in her mouth and then beginning to bob her head on it, taking inch after inch down her gullet until she was deep throating the entire length.

Oh it was so good to have Emily like this without having to go through all the hassle of training her, Alison smiling as she looked forward to all the fun they would now have with each other, and of course looking forward to meeting her other fully trained pets.


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