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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 21
by MTL ([email protected])

Spencer was in what had recently become a familiar position, naked and spooning her equally naked sister as her mind raced with memories of the forbidden and wonderful sex they'd had last night. Which was the only familiar thing about this entire scenario, Spencer momentarily concerned at the incredibly unfamiliar surroundings. Then the memories of last night flashed through her head which calmed her and she snuggled into Melissa's still sleeping form, hugging her property to her as she tried to get back to sleep. Then she heard a soft moan.

Even though she recognised the voice instantly Spencer was still curious exactly what was going on, so she lifted her head slightly and rested it on Melissa's shoulders gently as possible, not wanting to wake her sister as she watched a little show of mother/daughter forbidden affection. Not that she could see Aria straightaway, but Spencer guessed she was the reason why Ella was moaning, a glance downwards quickly confirming this which caused the youngest Hastings to smirk as she spoted the tell-tale lump in the bed sheets.

Clearly Aria had chosen to start her day off right with a healthy portion of her mother's cum and pussy juice, which was just how Spencer liked to start her day, albeit exchange mother for sister. She also liked getting her pussy licked by her sibling, ultimately followed by giving her big sister a nice hard butt fucking, with half a dozen sweetly sinful kisses in between, a quick glance at the clock telling Spencer that she had plenty of time to make this a normal morning for the Hastings sisters. More or less.

Of course that meant she had to wake Melissa up, Spencer choosing to do it pretty much the best way possible. That included slipping one hand upwards to gently cup one of Melissa's breasts while using the other hand to slide downwards to the soft flesh of her sister's sex. After a little bit of caressing with both hands Spencer began gently kissing Melissa's neck, the other brunette moaning softly as she was suddenly awoken by her younger sister making love to her.

Melissa went through much the same thing that Spencer did when she first woke up, albeit with the added bonus of physical pleasure. That was of course what she focused on first, Melissa easily recognising the touch and smiling with wicked delight. Then she opened her eyes and was momentarily surprised to see Ella Montgomery in front of her, her surrounding unfamiliar, and then she remembered last night and all its sinful detail and that wicked smile quickly returned, Melissa snuggling back into her sister's embrace and spreading her legs ever so slightly to give Spencer better access to her cunt.

For a few long seconds Melissa closed her eyes again and just focused on the lips and fingers caressing her body, the fact that they were the lips and fingers of her baby sister making her pulse quickening in a way it hadn't done with any other lover. Then Spencer pressed one pussy juice covered finger against her entrance and slowly pushed it into her, Melissa's eyes and mouth opening wide as her kid sister penetrated her.

At first there was no sound despite her mouth being open, then the guttural moan started slowly and then became so loud it drowned out Ella's sounds of pleasure. It was loudest when Spencer's finger was fully inside her, Melissa slightly quieting down as her little sister kept her finger as still as a statue for a full minute, then she became louder again as Spencer began officially finger fucking her. It was slow and it was gentle but it was exactly what Melissa wanted right now, the twenty-something brunette continuing to moan as her teen sibling fucked her while a short distance away a daughter was eating her own mother's pussy.

Sadly Melissa could only see shapes underneath the bed covers, the look of pure bliss Ella's face and a tiny little hand appearing from the sheets to cup the respected teacher's tits, Melissa guessing those sheets had been pulled down just enough so the Hastings sisters could see Ella's full round breasts while Aria was having her way with her Mom. Melissa certainly appreciated it, although she was kind of hoping any moment Spencer would turn her over onto her back so the two sisters could stare into each other's eyes as the younger one fucked the older one. Or for Spencer to bury her face in between her thighs, or sit on her face, or put them in a 69. Melissa was pretty sure one of those would be inevitable, but until then she was very much enjoying watching Ella squirm with delight.

When Ella woke up it was to find Aria suckling on her right breast, this act now so common the mature brunette recognised before she even opened her eyes. She had known that she should have been horrified to find such a thing, and there was part of her that still was, however Ella was too far gone. Too weak. Too lost in submission to her own daughter, Ella cupping her baby to her chest like she had done when Aria was actually an infant and, unlike when Aria was an infant, moaned in pleasure.

Aria had spent several minutes going back and forth between her full round tits, sliding her lips over every inch of them while of course concentrating on those rock hard nipples, before kissing up to her neck and then up even further to her lips. Then Aria had just looked at her for a few seconds, and the love and lust Ella had seen in her little girl's eyes had made her heart flutter. Then Aria kissed her, Ella happily returning it and eventually massaging her daughter's tongue with her own when the young brunette pushed that soft wet muscle into her very willing mouth.

Ella wasn't sure how long they'd kissed for, just that it started off sweet and gentle and then became increasingly rough and needy, Aria grinding her young firm little body into Ella's older and softer frame. Particularly certain parts of them rubbed together, Ella eventually feel so close to cumming that she could taste it. That was the moment Aria pulled away, Ella barely getting a chance to let out a soft whimper of disappointment before her baby girl started quickly kissing her way down her body, the teen not stopping until she was in between her thighs.

Glancing over at the other two young brunettes Ella was surprised to see they were still sleeping, the teacher struggling to keep it that way as her own daughter began to eat her pussy. From that very first lick Ella was biting her lip, and then gritting her teeth, and then gripping onto the bed sheets as Aria effortlessly brought her back to the edge of orgasm just from a few well timed licks to her clit. At first Aria had started at the bottom of Ella's pussy and worked her way up the top, but eventually all she did was gently lap at that sensitive bundle of nerves until Ella found herself closing her eyes and becoming totally lost in the pleasure her daughter's wicked little mouth was giving her.

Being the first to wake-up Aria had gleefully watched the other three women sleep while scenes from the previous evening filled her head, but inevitably she couldn't keep her hands off her beloved Mommy. So, not wanting to disturb the Hastings sisters, Aria had chosen to wake her Mom as silently as possible and taking a long time enjoying the foreplay before slipping underneath the sheets to give her mother her morning pussy licking.

Confident it wouldn't be long before the others were awake Aria had chosen to quickly bring her mother to the edge of orgasm and keep her there, although it did take longer than expected. When Aria finally heard enough moans which definitely belong to Melissa she chose to reward her Mom for her patients by slamming her tongue as deep as it would go into the yummy treat in front of her, Aria making her Mommy cum almost on the spot.

All it took was a couple of extra hard tongue thrusts in and out of her Mom's cunt and boom, she had a mouthful of the most heavenly liquid imaginable. Not that her Mommy's regular pussy cream wasn't wonderful, because it totally was, but above all else it was her mother's cum that Aria craved above all other forms of food. Creating a tight seal against that cum leaking hole Aria wished she could live off this for the rest of her life, just drop to her knees and bury her face in her Mom's cunt whenever she was feeling slightly peckish.

Sadly that wasn't to be, but Aria could still make her precious Mommy cum for her several times and get a belly full of heaven in the process, the tiny teen happily doing just that but constantly switching between tongue fucking and girl cum swallowing until her own cunt burned with need for attention. That was when Aria reluctantly removed her mouth from her Mom's pussy, sliding up the older brunette's body and almost literally shoving her tongue down her mother's throat, feeding the woman who gave her life some of her own cum in the process.

Even though Ella didn't verbally confirm it with anything other than a loud scream it was no mystery to Melissa exactly what was happening. Fortunately she had a kind and caring Mistress who was only too happy to follow suit, Spencer first adding a second finger into her cunt and then increasing the speed of her thrusts until Melissa's body was trembling in the wonderful sensations of climax. And Spencer didn't stop there, oh no, she kept fucking Melissa with her fingers, caressing her boobs and tweaking her nipples, the younger sister making the older sister cum over and over and over.

Perhaps the best part was Spencer, kissing, sucking and biting at the soft flesh of her neck throughout this, even whispering sweet nothings into her ear which made the pleasure so much more intense, and so much more intimate. Then Spencer turned her over like she had wanted her too, Melissa soon finding herself flat on her back with her kid sister on top of her and passionately kissing her, the Hastings siblings' bodies remaining together as one fucked the other.

As Spencer added rubbing her thumb against her big sister's clit into the mix Melissa found herself once again wondering what their parents would think if they could see them now? What would all their parents' friend's think? What would they say? What would happen to their family name if this incestuous affair was ever discovered? Of course Melissa knew the answers to these questions, and that only heightened her sadistic mental pleasure of breaking such a taboo to go along with the physical pleasure of her little sister fingering her.

"Hey Spencer!" Aria suddenly called out loudly, causing the Hastings sisters to break their kiss and turn their heads towards her, at which point Aria added, "Join me when you're ready."

Given that Aria then shuffled up her mother's body and mounted the older woman's face it was pretty clear what she was suggesting, however Spencer was nice enough to give Melissa one more orgasm before she followed suit. She also gave Melissa the chance to suck her own cum off her little sister's fingers, Spencer briefly kissing her so that they could share that sweet flavour before finally Spencer lifted herself up, carefully positioned her pussy right above her sibling's face and then slowly lowered herself downwards.

Spencer had always found this position a little awkward. Not that she was exactly an expert when it came to sex, far from it, although from Melissa's and now Ella's reactions she wasn't terrible at it, and Ella was more experienced than all of them and... and Spencer's point was she had done this lot over the last week but that wasn't that much experience. So Spencer moved slowly and awkwardly, suddenly worried she would hurt Melissa if she wasn't careful. Apparently Melissa didn't share the same fears, grabbing Spencer's butt when she was close enough so that the younger sister found herself pulled onto the face of her older sister.

It probably wasn't good 'sub' behaviour but as Melissa's tongue started eagerly lapping at her cunt Spencer found she couldn't complain, only moan with pleasure. Glancing over at her fellow teen Spencer was relieved Aria was too wrapped up in feeling her mother's tongue against her twat, the smaller brunette just kneeling there with her eyes closed and a contented look on her face as she let her Mom work. Not that it really mattered, Spencer and Aria were two different tops with two different styles, but... oh who was Spencer kidding, other people's opinions matter to her. Especially that of her friends.

Spencer was distracted from her relief at Aria not seeing Melissa's non-submissive behaviour by a lingering lick to her clit, her big sister then taking that small bundle of nerves into her mouth and gently sucking on it. That wonderful distraction had Spencer shooting her head back and letting out a long moan, the younger Hastings closing her eyes and becoming just as lost in the pleasure as Aria. It was blissful, and wonderfully relaxing, Spencer wishing she could just stay like this forever.

Then something interrupted her again, this time being Aria moaning, "Yeahhhhh Mom, eat my cunt. Mmmmmm, lick my naughty little love box you dirty little Mommy. Ooooooooh, no one licks my pussy like my Mommy. Mmmmmm, she's so good, ohhhhhhhh, the perfect little cunt licker!"

While Spencer loved dirty talk as much as the next sister fucking pervert, first thing in the morning she preferred making love to Melissa, and she was definitely only for that now so she kept quiet, at least at first. Then, obviously assuming Spencer wanted her to pick up the pace, Melissa pushed her tongue inside her and started thrusting it in and out of her at a pace which soon changed Spencer's mind.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeessssssss, fuck me Melissa! Fuck me with your tongue!" Spencer cried out, her gentle love making mood now forgotten, "Tongue fuck me like the dyke slut you are! Mmmmmm yeeeeeeeesssssss, fuck me Melissa, fuck your little sister you slut, fuck her with your tongue, ohhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Fuck me, oooooooooh yessssssss!"

Aria's eyes snapped open at hearing this and she turned her head to stare at Spencer. The irrational jealousy burned her like red hot fire, Aria knowing she could easily order her Mom to give her the same treatment but that won't stop Spencer being the first to get a tongue inside her. Well, at least the first out of the two tops. Not that her mother's increasingly passionate licking wasn't wonderful, because it so was, but Aria wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be tongue fucked by her own mother, and she knew exactly how to get it.

"You too Mom!" Aria demanded, not caring that she was giving away who was the first to be tongue fucked, "Stick your bitch tongue in your daughter-Mistress's cunt. Mmmmmm, I want you to fuck me like I just fucked you, ohhhhhhh your tongue sliding into your own daughter, oooooooh, my Mommy fucking my little pussy, mmmmmm, fucking me sooooooooo goooooooooddddddddd with her slutty little sub tongue, my Mommy fucking me like a slut by OOOOOOHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!"

From the way that she timidly slid her tongue to the entrance of her cunt and hesitated Aria guessed that her Mom wasn't sure if she was supposed to wait until Aria was finished or obey as soon as she was able. As Aria shown no signs of stopping her Mom eventually chose to go for it, rendering the younger Montgomery speechless as the much older one not only pushed her tongue inside her as far as it would go but immediately began fucking her with it, her Mom using an ever-increasing rhythm which soon had Aria nearing the edge of orgasm.

Without needing to be told her mother then slid down slightly, giving Aria the chance to enjoy her Mom tongue fucking her for a while before the inevitable gratification of a climax. While she enjoyed the heaven that was having her Mom so passionately munching her muffin Aria considered whether or not she should punish the woman who gave her life for her recent actions. On the one hand she hesitated to obey her and interrupted her flow of speech. On the other hand moments later she had correctly anticipated her desires and followed up with some truly phenomenal tongue work.

Despite going back and forth for who knows how many wonderfully long minutes Aria didn't reach a conclusion, mostly because she was so skilfully distracted by her mother's tongue and mouth, the latter glued to her cunt the whole time the former was passionately pounding her pussy. Inevitably that pounding caught up with Aria and she came in her Mom's mouth, the force of the climax working in her mother's favour as Aria forgot about her little debate and concentrated on tweaking her own nipples and giving her greedy Mommy all the cum she could swallow.

Given that Aria started grinding down on top of her Ella was unfortunately unable to get every drop, but the majority of her daughter's cum ended up in her belly, the respected teacher working tirelessly to swallow as much as she could. And at least the cum and pussy juices which did escape Ella's hungry mouth ended up covering her face, marking her as her daughter's bitch. That's what Aria had told her to think and now she was finally broken Ella couldn't even escape the thought if she wanted too, and she no longer did.

Ella loved being marked by her daughter, at least in this way, but she loved swallowing her baby girl's cream even more which was why once Aria stopped cumming she immediately went back to tongue fucking her little girl until she came in her mouth again, Ella trying even harder than before to get every drop. Again she failed, Ella becoming a little frustrated as she tried over and over again without success, although she did end up with a lot of delicious girl cum on her face and in her belly.

Alongside her Ella knew that their guests were going through much the same thing, Spencer about as incoherent as Aria except sometimes simple phrases like "Yes, make me cum again" or something along those lines. Plus the volume, the pitch, the sheer joy behind the screams both teens were letting out would be enough to know that they were creaming on the faces of their sister and mother respectively, Ella silently admitting to herself there was an incredible thrilled to committing such unspeakable act right next to where an act just like it was taking place. It wasn't enough of a thrill to make her cum, Ella's pussy once again burning with desire after eating out her daughter for so long, but she was convinced her pleasure would come.

Sure enough Aria and Spencer simultaneously pulled away from the faces of Ella and Melissa, the older brunettes initially sorry to see them go until they were mounted by the teens, Aria sticking her tongue down Ella's throat while Melissa receive the same treatment from Spencer. Or at least it sounded like she did, Ella was obviously busy feeding her daughter the remnants of her cum, and moaning into her little girl's mouth as Aria rubbed her young, tight little body against her older and softer frame again.

For a few long minutes the teens kissed their older lovers, then Spencer broke away and asked, "Hey Aria, fancy sharing our bitches again?"

Breaking the kiss with her Mom Aria looked at Spencer, smiled and asked, "What did you have in mind?"

"How about we get our strap-ons and DP them? You know, one cock in the front hole, one in the back hole." Spencer explained.

"Ooooooh, that does sound like fun." Aria beamed, "But we should definitely spank them first. We probably won't have the energy otherwise."

"Couldn't we just skip straight to the fucking? Melissa has been so good." Spencer said, ruffling her older sister's hair.

"Then you can go easy on her... or I could. Yes, why don't we spank each other's bitch. That would be so great." Aria exclaimed excitedly, already getting up and pushing herself to the edge of the bed, then when her friend gave her a look she said, "Come on Spence, we need to make sure they stay in line."

"Ok, fine." Spencer grumbled, positioning herself next to Aria, "But remember, be gentle. Not too long, I want some ass."

"Agreed." Aria beamed, before turning to look behind her, "Mom, you come and bend over Spencer's knee. Melissa you bend over mine."

The two older brunettes didn't hesitate and soon Aria and Spencer had their friend's sister and their friend's Mom over their knees, each teen reaching down to caress the beautiful ass which was presented to them. As they lazily groped those butts Aria and Spencer both thought back to the previous evening how much fun they had butt fucking the older women. Sure, the initial pussy eatings they had received had also been phenomenal, but with those asses in front of them right now they couldn't help but remember fucking them, Aria and Spencer sodomising someone who wasn't their own bitch for the first time ever.

It had been a wild night, and while this admittedly fun morning paled in comparison so far it was about to get a lot more twisted, Aria and Spencer simultaneously raising their hands, flashing each other a grin and then bringing those hands down on the two spank-able asses in front of them, their grins getting wider as Melissa and Ella cried out from those initially hard blows.

As they had already agreed on a gentle spanking those initial spanks were nothing but a gentle reminder to their sluts what would happen if they didn't obey. It was also partly because they were sleepy/dazed from just waking up/just cumming in a family members mouth. So the following strikes were a lot more gentle, Aria and Spencer giving Melissa and Ella plenty of time between each blow to rest, using that time to squeeze, pinch and caress the soft yet firm flesh of the older brunettes' butts.

Despite their gentle tactics the asses in front of them slowly began to change colour over time, first turning a cute pink colour and then an adorable light red. It made both teens want to deliver harder blows, make those butts a red bruised mess, if only to watch as those cheeks jiggled with the force of every firm strike. However the desire to sandwich the older brunettes in between them was far greater so they stuck to the agreed routine, Aria only increasing the frequency of her strikes to Melissa's butt when Spencer did the same to her Mom's.

This whole time Melissa and Ella squirmed on the laps of the teens and cried out in pain. It was louder at the beginning and at the end, but every blow was hard enough to squeeze some kind of sound out of them, even if they were moaning and whimpering with delight in between each strike as their butts were fondled by the dominant younger girls.

While the butt groping itself wasn't that pleasurable it soothed the pain of the spanks, and more importantly reminded Ella and Melissa of the intense ecstasy they had received through anal sex, both their minds wandering off into some truly wonderful memories. And they were no longer being butt fucked by just their own child and little sister respectively, no, they were remembering the anal poundings they had taken from their daughter's friend and their sister's friend respectively, Melissa and Ella delighting in remembering that their ass holes had been borrowed like they were a tube of lipstick or something.

It was even more perverted for Ella because she knew Spencer's mother Veronica. They weren't the best of friends but they had socialised on occasion, Ella being a guest at a few expensive dinners and even sharing a coffee with the woman. How could she possibly face her now the other woman's youngest daughter had ass fucked her while her oldest daughter was butt fucked by Ella's only daughter? How could she look her in the eye after tasting the pussies of both Veronica's children? How could she even be in the same room after she had been spanked like a naughty child by her friend's youngest offspring?

Melissa was thinking something along those lines, but while it would be horrifying for Ella if Veronica ever learned what had happened in this apartment it would be so much worse for anyone named Hastings. However while Ella worried about it Melissa revelled in the idea. She would never want it to happen of course, but the very idea of it was enough to make her pussy wet when she wasn't even being touched, and now she was being spanked by her sister's little friend Melissa found herself shamelessly humping Aria's leg as the strikes became increasingly frequent.

"Wow Spence, we better DP Melissa right now. It doesn't look like she can wait much longer." Aria giggled.

"That suits me just fine." Spencer replied, giving Ella one last extra hard blow before asking, "Any preference in which hole you get to fuck?"

"I don't mind." Aria shrugged, "You?"

"Well..." Spencer said thoughtfully, "Melissa's pussy is great and all, but I definitely prefer her butt hole. Nothing makes me feel more in charge of my big sister than butt fucking her, you know?"

"Oh believe me, I know." Aria beamed, licking her lips as she spared her mother a glance, "And I'm definitely fine with taking Melissa's pussy if I can have my Mom's ass when the time comes."

"No problem." Spencer smiled, before turning her attention to the submissive brunettes, "Ok bitches, get off our laps, get our harnesses and help us strap them on."

Aria smiled as she watched Melissa and her Mom scrambled to do with Spencer said, not that it was that hard. The dildos were still on the nightstand where she and Spencer had tossed them after they were done pounding bitch ass, no doubt out of instinct Melissa crawling over to her little sister and helping her get into the harness while her Mom helped Aria do the same. When the toy was firmly strapped around her waist Aria pressed her cock against her mother's mouth, her Mom submissively parting her lips and beginning to lubricate the dildo which hadn't been washed, the oldest brunette in the room tasting the remnants of her own and Melissa's butt cream and saliva. It was probably mostly dried saliva, but that didn't change the fact that Aria had used this dildo to pound the two older women's ass holes, Aria mindful of that throughout the blow job she was receiving.

Spencer was tempted to do the same, but since she would be fucking her beloved big sister's butt she decided to take another, perhaps more effective method, "Melissa, don't just kneel there looking stupid, go get some lube so it's nice and easy for me to fuck your tight little ass!"

"Yes Spencer, I'm sorry Spencer." Melissa mumbled submissively, lowering her head as she crawled back to the nightstand, retrieved a bottle of anal lube and then crawled back so she could presented to her kid sister.

"No Melissa, I want you to lube me up." Spencer grinned, Melissa not hesitating to pour some of liquid onto her hand and then start stroking it into the strap-on as if it was real, "Yes, that's it, jack off my cock. Get it nice and ready for your tight little ass. Mmmmmm, and imagine how it's going to feel. Imagine how this long, thick cock of mine is going to feel pushing its way through your tight little ass hole and deep inside your rectum, your shit pipe stretching for this dick at the same time your cunt, me and Aria sharing you like never before."

Spencer's words clearly had an effect on her sister, Melissa looking at this nervous and excited as she rapidly stroked that big dick, the shaft shining with lubricant after only a minute. These words also why having an effect on Aria and her Mom, the latter sucking the cock hard and taking it deeper into her mouth while the former started to lazily pump her Mommy's mouth, the brunettes working together to make sure that dick was thoroughly lubricated. That involved the head of the dildo slowly going down the older woman's throat, Aria allowing her Mom to get used to it before she began to really face fuck her mother.

Giving Aria a few minutes to have her fun, and for Melissa to make extra sure her dildo was nice and wet, Spencer enjoyed the display of daughter dominance, but inevitably she called out, "Are you ready?"

Pulling out of her Mom's throat and leaving the older woman gasping Aria turned to her friend and shrugged, "Sure, just give me a second."

For a moment Spencer looked apprehensive, then she quickly got it as Aria shifted back so she was in the centre of the bed while lying on her back, the young Hastings turning to her older sibling and commanding, "Ok Melissa, go ride Aria and I will come and join you in a second."

Not needing to be told twice Melissa eagerly crawled her way up the bed, Aria impressed by the way the older brunette crawled up her body in this really sultry way which was no doubt a turn on for all for women. It was certainly a turn on for Aria, although not as much as watching the other girl reached down to grab the dildo, lining it up with her pussy and then slowly pushed downwards, Melissa crying out with joy as she penetrated herself with Aria's strap-on. Melissa then took a moment to enjoy the sensations she must be feeling, then she started slowly lowering herself again, not stopping until every inch was inside her cunt.

Melissa then looked unsure for a moment, the submissive little bottom clearly wondering whether or not she should start bouncing up and down. Since Spencer had told her to do just that Aria didn't think there should have been any hesitation, the smaller brunette frowning and opening her mouth to scold the slightly bigger brunette. However before she could get the words out Melissa lifted herself up, dropped herself down and then repeated the process, the twenty-something girl moaning happily as she began to ride Aria's strap-on at a slow but steady rhythm.

Spencer watched her big sister ride Aria's dick for a few minutes then she moved into position behind her while calling out, "Ok, that was good. Now stay still Melissa so I can get inside your butt hole at the same time Aria is inside your pussy."

"Ohhhhhhh God yes, mmmmmmmm DP me Spence! Stuff both of my holes at the same time!" Melissa moaned unnecessarily, clearly horny and eager for what was about to happen.

Spencer didn't need to be a genius to know that Melissa was looking forward to this, and she certainly didn't need further clarification, but it was nice to hear it. Of course she wasn't interested in engaging in conversation when her big sister's tight little bottom was ready and waiting for her to penetrate it, Spencer literally licking her lips as she took hold of the dildo and guided it to the inviting little target in front of her.

Not needing to be asked Melissa reached back and pulled her cheeks apart to make sure that Spencer got all the access she could possibly want to that tight little anal ring, although Spencer had filled that hole so many times she could probably find it blindfolded. Ignoring the mildly amusing idea Spencer savoured the moment just before the penetration and just after it with a brief pause, although the moment she liked best was easily when she pushed forward and once again penetrated Melissa's butt.

Melissa cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and then moaned as her ass hole got used to once again being invaded, Spencer grinning down at the now familiar sight of her older sister's back hole stretching for her cock. Then after several long seconds of just enjoying that sight Spencer slowly pushed a few more inches of dildo into Melissa's rectum, and then a few more, and then a few more, and so on. Soon she was taking her hand off of her cock and using both hands to grip firmly to her sibling's waist so she could stuff the last few inches of her cock up Melissa's ass, Spencer again briefly pausing to savour the moment before she officially started sodomising her sister.

Fucking her ass at the same time Aria was stuffing her cunt. Oh yes, they were now officially DP'ing her stuck up big sister. Spencer and her best friend in the whole wide world was showing Melissa who's boss. And it sure as hell wasn't the twenty-something brunette who their parents treated like their favourite. No, it was Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery, the two tops who were now stuffing the wonderfully tight fuck holes of the high and mighty Melissa Hastings full of strap-on cock and fucking her good and proper. Well, Spence was fucking her good and proper, Aria was kind of just lying there, but considering they were just getting started Spencer wouldn't want it any other way.

Melissa would have maybe liked Aria to put some effort into this, but just looking into the face of her sister's best friend as her sister fucked her up the ass would have been a hell of an addition to the overwhelming pervasiveness of being sodomised by her younger sibling. As it was there were a couple of additional things Melissa hadn't anticipated. Firstly, with every thrust Spencer was pushing her down on Aria's dildo, her body naturally going up when Spencer pulled out, meaning that her baby sister was technically fucking both her holes and pretty much using Aria as a human dildo to do it. Secondly the dildos rubbing against each other through the wall of flesh in between her front passage and back passage.

Both those things were causing her incredible pleasure, but it was particularly the second thing which was driving her crazy. After all, Melissa like to believe she had a good grasp of the human anatomy, but she'd never consider just how thin the wall was between her pussy and ass, and how amazingly good it would feel to have two cocks rubbing each other through that wall. If she had known sooner she would have been much more slutty in high school and college. Hell, she would have arranged daily gang bangs just so she could know the joy of taking two cocks inside her at the same time. Then again her first time enjoying this sensation wouldn't have been so good, because surely nothing could beat a DP from her sister's best friend and her own sister.

Sure, Melissa thought that about just Spencer taking her ass, but this was all the goodness of that combined with a cock in her cunt. Unfortunately it had the same downsides, Spencer butt fucking her slowly and gently at first to help loosen her up and then refusing to increase the speed until Melissa begged for it. At least on this occasion Melissa felt like she could do with the time as this was a very unique sensation to get used to, but inevitably she wanted and craved more. Luckily for her there was an easy way to get it.

"Fuck me Spencer! Ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, please fuck me hard!" Melissa begged shamelessly, "Fuck my ass! Fuck your big sister's ass while your friend fucks my cunt, ohhhhhhhh fuck! Make me cum! Ooooooooh, fuck my dyke holes and make me cum! Make me cum, make me cum, ohhhhhhhh make me cum, MAKE ME CUM, OH PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Spencer grinned.

With that Spencer increased the pace of her thrusts, Melissa's eyelids fluttering as she thought for sure she was going to cum just from a slightly harder fucking. Then Spencer built up the pace even more, gradually increasing until the little sister was ass fucking the big sister with every ounce of her strength, both Spencer and Aria providing verbal encouragement while Melissa started thrusting herself back at Spencer and pushing herself down on Aria. Shortly after that last thing she came, Melissa crying out in relief as she saw stars in her eyes and her whole body shook with bliss.

After Melissa had clearly enjoyed an orgasms or five Aria started giving random thrusts into the older brunette's cunt. Just one or two first, mostly when she was pretty sure Melissa was getting ready to cum again, although Aria had only spent one night with Melissa and therefore didn't know a tell-tale signs that she was about to cum as well as her Mom's signs. As a result she got it wrong quite a few times, to the point that she eventually became frustrated, and seeing as she wanted to join the party 'for real' Aria decided she could spare a bit of energy and started relentlessly pounding up into Melissa's pussy.

At first Aria timed her thrusts to coincide with Spencer's, so both dildos would leave Melissa feeling incredibly empty and incredibly full, then she pushed in every time Spencer pulled out and vice versa, ensuring there was always one cock buried to the hilt inside the elder Hastings sister. The latter was only possible after Melissa took it upon herself to start bouncing up and down like a wild animal, desperately trying to impale herself on those dildos like a shameless slut. It was hot, but Melissa was clearly getting greedy and Spencer should definitely punish her for taking matters into her own hands. In fact, why wait?

"Spencer, I think that's enough." Aria said firmly to get her friends attention, then when Melissa let out a guttural cry of disappointment added, "See, your bitch is getting greedy. Besides, while your sister's cunt is nice I'm jonesing for a bit of my Mom's sweet ass."

"I suppose it's her turn." Spencer smirked, looking over to her watching teacher. Then with one extra hard thrust which pushed Melissa over the edge of what at least had to be orgasm number ten Spencer pulled out of her sister's ass, took a moment to admire the gaping crater left in her wake and then collapsed down onto the bed beside Aria and called out, "Melissa, you know what to do next. And be quick about it, you've already embarrassed me enough by acting like such a greedy slut."

Aria was amused that Melissa actually seem to blush as she pushed herself off of the dildo in her cunt, crawl down in between Spencer's legs and took the head of the dildo which had just been pummelling the deepest depths of her butt into her mouth. Ironically she then acted like a greedy slut, barely pausing to moan at the joy of her own flavour before she started easily bobbing up and down on the shaft, soon stuffing every inch into her throat for a thorough cleaning.

Not to be outdone Aria clicked her fingers, pointed at her dick and told her mother, "Don't you embarrass me either Mom, get over here and suck my dick. Mmmmmm, clean it of Melissa's yummy girl cum, and get it nice and ready for your slutty little dyke butt."

Thankfully the eldest Montgomery didn't need to be told twice. In fact from the look in her eye she had been waiting for that exact order, practically jumping directly between Aria's thighs and taking the head of that cum coated strap-on into her mouth. Like Melissa before her she barely paused a moment to savour the flavour before she started slowly lowering her mouth on the cock, the only difference being that she didn't bother coming up again until her lips were touching the base and every inch of the dildo was in her mouth/down her throat. Then and only then did Ella Montgomery start sliding her lips up and down, although she thoroughly sucked the toy cock throughout so Aria wouldn't be punishing her for once. Or at least she wouldn't use 'not giving me a proper blow job' as an excuse.

For a while all four brunettes clearly enjoyed the cock sucking, then Spencer pushed her sister away and addressed her teacher, "That should be ready now, why don't you take a seat Mrs Montgomery?"

Aria smiled as her bitch looked up at her for approval, and then said, "Go ahead Mom, it's high time you knew the joy of being DP'ed."

With that the respected teacher scrambled up to impale her cunt on one of her female student's strap-on cock while her daughter watched with glee, Aria allowing her Mom to fully penetrate herself and to ride Spencer's cock for a few minutes before she got up onto her knees and positioned herself behind the woman who had given her life. In some ways it had been agony waiting, but her Mom deserved some time to get used to a cock in her cunt, especially as that hole had been completely ignored last night in favour of the Milf's mouth and ass. Besides, it wasn't like Aria didn't enjoy watching her mother ride that cock, but she had to go through major withdrawals of not being in the action.

Quickly making up for that Aria spread one of her mother's butt cheeks with one hand and used the other hand to ram her strap-on cock into her Mom's butt hole. In her defence she knew that after almost an entire night of non-stop anal sex her Mom's ass had to be still loose and ready to be fucked, and sure enough the dildo not only slipped into that luscious bottom with ease but slid in all the way to the base like a hot knife through butter. Sure, her mother squealed and cried throughout the penetration, but it was mostly from pleasure, and Aria knew that her submissive little Mom bitch got off on having a little pain with her pleasure.

Knowing her place the oldest brunette had stopped bouncing the second Aria had put her hand on her cheeks and didn't utter a word of protest as her daughter slowly penetrated and then began to fuck her ass. Slowly at first, partly for Aria's pleasure and partly for her Mom's comfort in more or less equal measure. It also allowed Aria to move her hands from where they had gripped onto her mother's waist halfway through the anal penetration to her Mom's well-rounded ass cheeks and spread them wide apart, exposing not only the wonderfully familiar sight of her own mother's ass hole stretching for her cock but beneath it her Mommy's cunt ever so slightly bouncing up and down on Spencer's cock with every thrust Aria gave her.

It was a captivating sight, one Aria was completely lost in for who knows how long until Spencer called out, "Melissa, bend over and spread your cheeks. Show me how well I gaped your slut ass!"

Glancing in the direction that she last saw the older Hastings sibling Aria smirked as she watched Melissa scramble to get up from her side to the all fours position with her ass facing the other women, then she pressed her face to the bed sheets and exposed her thoroughly gaped ass hole. Aria wasn't sure whether this was just Spencer getting herself a nice view as she lay there, or at least an alternative nice view as some part of her had to be enjoying the look on the Montgomerys faces as Aria pumped her mother's butt, or whether Spencer was challenging her. Knowing her friend's competitive nature Aria wouldn't be surprised if it was both, and if that's the case she felt she was more than up for the challenge. After all she had plenty of experience fucking her Mom's ass.

"You think your bitch's butt is gaping Spencer, just you wait. I'm going to destroy my mother's ass!" Aria boasted.

"If you do it's only because I loosened her ass for you. Face it Aria, I'm definitely the better top." Spencer said, keeping her tone playful to make it clear to her friend she was only teasing her.

Although Aria didn't seem to get the message, "Oh yeah, just you wait, I'm going to gape this ass sooooooooo goooooodddddd mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, then we'll see who's the better top!"

"Oh yes sweetie, gape my ass! Gape my ass sooooooooo gooooooooodddddddd ooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!" Ella chimed in, "Ohhhhhhhh, fuck Mommy hard! DP her like the total whore she is, mmmmmmmm, pound me, pound my dyke ass, ooooooooh, slam my gay butt, ohhhhhhhh Aria! ARIA! ARIIIIIIIAAAAAAAA!"

Ella had always thought she'd love getting DP'ed. It had been a naughty fantasy of hers for a very, very long time, and to actually have the cocks inside her being strap-on dildos attached to two teens she taught in her school was wilder than any fantasy she'd ever allowed herself to have. That the teen pounding her ass was her own daughter was something she could have never imagined herself liking, but now she was actually experiencing it Ella was loving it. Of course after being relentlessly butt fucked for the past few weeks, and having enjoyed a cock in her cunt long before that, she had no doubt she would enjoy getting fucked in both holes regardless of who was behind them, but the fact that it was her daughter and her daughter's best friend double fucking her enhanced the experience to pure ecstasy.

It had been that way more or less right from the get go, Ella's fuck holes quickly relaxing and accepting their fate. Maybe she was still horny from everything that came before, or watching Melissa go through this same experience, or who exactly was fucking her, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was ready to cum in record time, and after Aria's and Spencer's little disagreement Aria started using the force necessary to make her cum, Ella in turn answering every thrust with one of her own just like Melissa before her.

Briefly Ella wondered why Aria was taking such offence to Spencer's obviously playful words. In fact, from their very first time together it was like Aria wasn't herself. At first Ella had worried her baby girl was on something, but by her own admission Aria was simply trying to act like her dominant form a friend Alison DeLaurentis in order to be the top she wanted to be. And as long as that resulted in deep anal poundings like this one Ella was happy with that, especially if there was another dildo inside her cunt at the time, those two dildos rubbing against each other through the thin wall beside her in such an unexpected and wonderful way.

Then Ella came, and all of a sudden her daughter's behaviour didn't really worry her. In fact nothing worried her, Ella becoming lost in a sea of bliss as the most intense series of orgasms began rocking her body and she began screaming in Spencer's pretty face. In response Spencer only smirked at her, something that intensified the pleasure. Then again just looking down to see one of her female students and knowing she was technically fucking her at the same time as her daughter, even if her offspring was doing most of the work, was enough to intensify the pleasure, and in this case it was enough to melt Ella's mind until the whole world became nothing but pleasure.

Every thrust Aria gave Ella's ass not only pushed the Milf down onto Spencer's cock but onto her clit via the harness, so in a way her friend was fucking her at the same time Aria was ass fucking her Mom. Which was kind of weird, but extremely hot, and when Aria really got going Spencer found herself pushed over the edge of a few orgasms herself. Not nearly as many as Mrs Montgomery, but if the last few hours had proven anything her teacher was a massive slut for a cock up her ass and Spencer could push through a lot of these clitoral orgasms. Especially because they weren't as satisfying as usual.

Spencer desperately wanted to thrust up into Aria's Mom to intensify her own pleasure, especially as lying there passively meant that the clitoral orgasms weren't nearly as satisfying as the one she had while pounding Melissa or Mrs Montgomery, but she didn't want to upset her friend or prolong their argument so she forced her hips to remain still. Her hands meanwhile slipped up in between Mrs Montgomery's sweaty body and her own to start fondling the older woman's boobs. Boobs Spencer hadn't paid nearly enough attention too, considering they were on the large side, the teen and the teacher clearly getting off at this added stimulation.

Unfortunately only a few orgasms later a clearly exhausted Aria collapsed down next to Spencer, and after gasping for breath for a few seconds called out, "Mom, come and suck my cock clean!"

Ella let out a whimper of disappointment as that cock left her rectum, but didn't hesitate to pull herself off of Spencer's dildo and then shuffle herself down to take Aria's ass flavoured dick into her mouth. Not needing to be told Melissa pounced on Spencer's dick, and as she'd had time to recover she initially showed more enthusiasm than the other submissive brunette, although Ella noticed this before Aria did and adjusted her technique accordingly. As a result Melissa and Ella was soon moving their heads up and down the entire lengths of those cocks, occasionally glancing up at their tops for approval.

Spencer showed her bitch some, before turning to her friend, "I'm sorry if I made you mad."

Feeling a little embarrassed Aria turned to Spencer and tried to explain herself, "No, no, I'm sorry Spence. I totally overreacted. It's just, sometimes topping Mom gets me a little carried away, you know?"

"I know." Spencer smiled, before turning her attention to the bottoms, "Ok sluts, I think that's clean enough, why don't you show us those gaping butt holes?"

Even though it was phrased as a question Spencer made sure to give Melissa and Mrs Montgomery a look to make sure they knew it wasn't a suggestion. Of course she cursed herself for stepping on Aria's toes, but a quick glance at her friend told her the small brunette didn't mind. If the situation was reversed Spencer certainly wouldn't, not when they got to see respected teacher Ella Montgomery and the Hastings household favourite daughter Melissa Hastings kneeling in front of them with their backs turned, pulling apart their ass cheeks to reveal widely open rear holes leading to seemingly never-ending dark tunnels.

"Wow, those look like too well fucked butt sluts." Spencer boasted, before looking at her friend, "What do you think Aria? Should we do this again?"

"Definitely." Aria grinned with a beaming smile, "But first, let me get my camera. I've got to take a picture of this."

* * *

Later from the comfort of her lair Alison DeLaurentis watched the footage with a tear of pride in her eye, the entire time but especially at the end as she thought to herself, that's my girls.


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