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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 22
by MTL ([email protected])

It had been two weeks since Hanna's Mom had gone from making it seriously hard for her to have sex to having a starring role in her sex life and honestly Hanna couldn't remember ever being happier. She knew it wasn't normal and was wrong/gross, but that just made the sex hotter and her Mom was just so skilled at lesbian sex Hanna couldn't bear the thought of stopping this new and wonderful side to their relationship. Especially as they'd never felt closer or more connected, Hanna feeling like she was making up for all the grief she had given her mother every time she licked the older woman's pussy or took her strap-on up her butt, which was very, very frequently.

So frequently in fact that Emily had actually caught them, her Mom's strap-on dick deep inside Hanna's ass, and... she was surprisingly ok with it. Looking back they hadn't even tried to be careful, Hanna begging her Mom to fuck her whenever they did it, and Emily walked in on her mother ass fucking her in the middle of the kitchen table of all places. That morning Her Mom had constantly teased her, rubbing and playing with her body during their morning fun, and during their now traditional shared shower time all the way through the older woman dressing her. So when her mother came down wearing nothing but a strap-on dildo and bent Hanna over the kitchen counter the slutty teen didn't even hesitated to spread her cheeks.

By the time Emily came down her Mom was giving it to her good and hard, her nails digging into the little island in the middle of the kitchen while her own mother hammered her ass hole with every ounce of her strength. To this day Hanna still wasn't sure why Emily wasn't more surprised. Oh well, Hanna was just glad Ems hadn't taken it personally when her mother broke up with her while the older woman was sodomising another girl in front of her, and she was very, very glad that meant her Mom was now devoting her full-time to fucking her and not Emily. Of course she hadn't meant to steal her Mom away from Emily, it had just kind of worked out that way, which was for the best now that Emily apparently had a new secret girlfriend.

Speaking of girlfriends Hanna was about to see hers for the first time in almost two weeks. Sure, they had seen each other around school and exchanged the occasional phone call/text, but they hadn't really talked or more importantly had sex since Mona had basically forced her into her own mother's arms. And since it was Mona who had given her blessing for this Hanna didn't think it was too dreadful for her not to feel too bad about it. Again, she knew it was wrong, but she was just having too much fun to feel too bad about it.

Still, it wasn't with an entirely happy face she greeted Mona when she heard a gentle knock on her bedroom door, the little brunette opening it without an invitation and strolling in like she owned the place. And maybe she did, considering that along with her Mom this girl owned Hanna's fuck holes, Hanna briefly wondering whether she could actually own anything now she was a willing sub to two wonderfully dominant women before Mona spoke and pulled her out of her thoughts.

"Hello my little slut." Mona said softly and seductively as she leaned down for a kiss.

"Hey Mona... I mean Mistress M." Hanna smiled, happily accepting the kiss, which was unfortunately brief.

"So, how did it go. Did your Mom really fuck your ass?" Mona asked as she broke the kiss and sat down next to Hanna on the bed, doing a good job at sounding like she didn't already know the answer.

Hanna grinned a blissfully happy grin and then practically moaned as she recalled what her Mom had done to her when Mona had left them alone two weeks ago, "No Mistress M, she didn't fuck my ass. She destroyed it. Mmmmmm, and I loved every single second of it."

"You slut." Mona giggled.

"Oh, I so am." Hanna said proudly, "I'm my Mom's slut. I'm a mother fucking slut. I'm a mother fucker. Mmmmmm, I can't get enough of my Mommy's special love. No, seriously! We're doing it like bunnies. It's fucking heaven."

This was too easy, Mona thought, before smiling at her lover and asking, "Can you elaborate?"

"Sure." Hanna smiled, feeling like things were finally back to normal and they were just talking about boys/their love lifes like they used to do, only now it was so much better, "It's like... my Mom is obsessed with me. She won't leave me alone, but in a good way. Like, every morning I have to wake her up with a pussy licking, and if I didn't wake up first and do it like I'm supposed to she spanks my bare butt with a hairbrush. If I do it right she just uses her hand, oh, and I get three spankings a day no matter what, one in the morning, one when Mom gets back from work and one just before bed. It's hot, especially when she finds an excuse to really give my butt a whooping."

For a moment Hanna seemed lost in memories of being bent over her mother's knee, not that Mona blamed her given how hot the footage was, however ultimately the brunette prompted her girlfriend, "Soooo, what happens after your morning spanking?"

Hanna would have thought it should be obvious but to clarify she smiled wickedly and confessed, "Oh she totally wrecks my ass. Like, every single morning without fail. And every single time she gets back from work, and just before bed, and normally a couple times in between getting home and going to bed, before and after dinner if I'm lucky and I don't have homework, but unfortunately sometimes it feels like forever before that final fuck. I mean it's one thing when I'm at school, but when she's right there, helping me with my homework... I just want her to keep fucking me. Even if my butt is so sore and gaping Mom's biggest butt-plug barely fits I just want her to butt fuck me. I can't help it, it's like a drug and I'm addicted. I mean, don't get me wrong I love getting my pussy licked and fucked, and there's almost nothing I love more than eating pussy... but I fucking NEED to take it in the ass. It's my purpose in life, and my Mommy does such a good job of giving it to me."

Grinning wickedly Mona enquired, "Biggest butt-plug... as in your Mom has multiple butt-plugs to stuff your cute little ass with?"

"Uh-huh." Hanna nodded, a wicked idea for getting Mona in the mood crossing her mind which involved her getting off the bed, sticking her ass towards her girlfriend and then pulling down her pants and panties so she could show off the butt-plug which was currently buried in between her ass cheeks, "Mom thought that whenever my ass hole isn't gaping open or being fucked it should be plugged so my slutty butt hole is ready to be used at a moments notice. Mom doesn't like wasting time stretching me out when she could be bending me over and giving me a pounding."

"Sounds like a good idea." Mona said almost conversationally as she reached out and slid a finger around the edge of the butt-plug's handle, and then after a brief pause asked, "So, is face down Mommy's new favourite position for you?"

"Yeah, that or all fours. But she's constantly taking me in loads of positions." Hanna admitted.

After there was no follow-up Mona asked, "Like?"

"Oh, wellllll..." Hanna said, pausing a moment to try and remember them all before confessing, "Sometimes Mom fucks my ass face to face with my legs wrapped around her, other times my legs are on her shoulders and this morning I had to hold them up to my chest, but also kind of to the side so Mom could stare at my tits while she was pounding my back door. Other times Mom likes me to anally ride her cock cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, or laying on my front, a couple of times she even ass fucked me in the shower, fucking teasing me for what felt like an eternity before finally bending me over so I was gripping onto the tiles and sticking out my slutty little ass so that my own Mom could stuff it with strap-on cock."

"Sounds like fun." A familiar voice said.

"Jenna!" Hanna exclaimed as she quickly pulled up her pants and panties before glaring at the newcomer, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I invited her." Mona said coolly, smiling sweetly at Hanna as she shot her a look of disbelief, "And her."

"Hi Han." Emily said meekly as she shuffled into the room with a expensive looking camera.

"If you're wondering, your BFF is just here to take pictures, aren't you Em?" Mona beamed.

"Oh, ok." Hanna blushed.

Mona frowned, "Didn't you get my text?"

"Yes, but-" Hanna began.

"HANNA! Haven't I trained you better than this?" Ashley asked, casually strolling through the door just like Jenna moments before her, "One of your Mistresses promised you a treat, and you dare to act like a spoiled little brat about it?"

"But, but it's Jenna!" Hanna protested, "She hates me."

"It's fine Hanna." Emily said softly as she walked into the room, "You can... well, I'm not sure you can trust Jenna, but we can trust who she is with."

"Who's that?" Hanna frowned with disbelief, her mouth falling open and her eyes going wide as another blonde stepped into the room, "Alison?"

"Hello Hanna, did you miss me?" Alison smirked as she practically glided into the room.

"How, how is this possible?" Hanna asked after a few long seconds of staring with her mouth partially opened.

"Duh, I faked my death." Alison shrugged, "You of all people should know that Rosewood is a dangerous place, and it was safer if I just disappeared for a little while. But I'm back now, and what better way to celebrate than by gang banging your sweet ass?"

"You'd do that for me, wouldn't you Hanna?" Mona questioned in a bizarrely sweet tone.

"Don't pretend like you wouldn't enjoy it sweetie." Ashley said, appearing in the doorway, "We all know what kind of a lesbian slut you really are."

Part of Hanna wanted to ask questions. Like what exactly triggered Alison's decision to fake her death? Was it A? Had her friend been going through the same kind of things Hanna was going through? And when had Alison, Mona, Jenna and her Mom become friends? As far as she knew her mother had barely spoke to those teens, and Alison, Mona and Jenna all hated each other's guts. But the truth was talking about her relationship with her Mom had made Hanna all hot and horny, and seeing as she had embraced being a lesbian slut it felt like there was only one correct response to this indecent proposal.

"O, ok." Hanna stammered, before a wide grin crossed her face, "That sounds awesome."

"We thought that you'd see it our way." Alison grinned, and then after a few long seconds she sighed and said, "Well then, strip. Take off all your clothes nice and slow. Get us in the mood to use your fuck holes."

"Oh, right." Hanna mumbled apologetically before slowly pulling off her things. She tried her best, but Hanna still felt awkward and uncoordinated when it came to this, and Mona's lessons felt like a long time ago after a week of just being constantly fucked by her mother who was just interested in getting her out of her clothes as quickly as possible. The other girls didn't seem impressed, but when she finished Hanna hopefully asked, "How was that?"

"I've seen better." Alison said nonchalantly as she sauntered over to Hanna's bed.

"Do, do you want me to take out my butt-plug too?" Hanna asked nervously.

"Of course not." Mona grinned, glancing at her teammates as she added, "We're all going to be using that hole soon enough. Might as well make it nice and easy to enter."

"It will be easier on you too Han." Ashley smiled softly at her daughter.

"Yeah it will." Alison smiled as she sat down on Hanna's bed and then added, "But before we get to the fucking, I think you deserve a good hard spanking for being such a naughty girl."

"Yes Ali." Hanna said, approaching her formerly dead friend.

"For tonight, call me Mistress A." Alison ordered, letting those words sink in and really enjoying all of the confusion and maybe a little fear on Hanna's face before she added, "And just so we're clear, it's Mistress J, Mistress Mom, and of course Mistress M, and that's only when we ask you to speak."

Relief flowing through her body Hanna beamed, "Oh, I get it... that's hot. I'm in."

"Good." Alison smirked, then after a pause she rolled her eyes and grumbled, "What are you waiting for Hanna? Get over my knee and give me that cute little ass!"

"Oh, sorry." Hanna apologised, scurrying to get herself into position.

"Don't be sorry, do as you're expected. God Hanna, haven't you learned by now a good little submissive bottom anticipates the needs of her tops?" Mona scolded Hanna before she returned her retention to Alison, "Make sure you beat her butt extra hard for her sloppiness."

"Don't worry, I will." Alison practically growled as she raised her hand as high as possible and then brought it down with all her might on Hanna's ass.

The strike was harder than Hanna was anticipating. After all, she hadn't seen Alison in what felt like a lifetime, so surely her former and maybe now current friend would take it easy on her? But no, Alison hit her with what had to be her full strength, causing Hanna to cry out loudly. Thankfully the blows that followed it were much easier to handle, Hanna even feeling the now familiar tingles of pleasure as Alison gave her a really thorough butt whooping.

Being bent over someone's knee and spanked like a disobedient child was shameful enough when it was just Hanna and her Mom or her girlfriend, but to be spanked by a girl she hadn't seen in years in front of her best friend, her Mom, her girlfriend and one of her enemies was humiliating beyond belief. Then there was the fact Alison DeLaurentis hadn't exactly been a great friend to her. In fact she had bullied her throughout their friendship, made her feel fat and unloved every year she knew her, and now she was being spanked by that manipulating bitch in front of a crowd, and she was getting off on it? God, she was a slut.

Alison was thinking the same thing, except instead of being horrified by what a perverted lesbian slut she had turned out to be like the blonde currently over her knee Alison very much loved what Hanna had become. What Mona, with a little help from Alison, had turned Hanna into. What they had done to Alison's former friends and their loved ones, the wicked blonde licking her lips at the thought. Little did they know they were all like ripening fruit, and it was definitely harvest time for Hanna Marin's sweet ass.

With that in mind Alison refocused on that sweet ass, covering every inch of those well rounded cheeks in strikes, making sure not to use her full strength as from the look in her eyes Jenna was looking forward to doing some serious damage. Which looked like it would be easy, Hanna's pale flesh already turning a cute pink colour under Alison's tender loving care, the dominating blonde promising herself one-day soon she would get Hanna Marin's juicy butt all to herself, then she would have some real fun with this little pain slut.

For now she would prove what she could do to Hanna's pretty little ass with just the palm of her hand. Prove what a butt wrecking top she could be, Alison making first the outside of Hanna's rear red, bruised and sore before she made the inside loose, gaping and just as sore. Most importantly Alison would prove she deserve to be the ringleader of this operation. That despite the things that Ashley, Jenna and particularly Mona had done she was the only one truly worthy of being called A, or Mistress A.

By the time her hand was stinging enough to make her consider stopping Alison felt she had done that. The question was, who was next to prove they belonged on the A - Team? Jenna? Alison was pretty sure the now formally blind girl would like that, but from the look in her eye Jenna wouldn't leave much for the rest of them. Not that Alison had, but still. Ashley? Oh, Alison would just love to watch Hanna get spanked by her Mommy live in person. But strategically she felt it would be best if Mona went next, if only to deny her the chance of escalating things and therefore undoing Alison's work.

So after who knows how long Alison asked, "Mona, you want a turn?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Mona grinned as she approached the bed.

Alison returned the grin with a fake looking one of her own, Mistress A clearly not happy that after all this time she had to share Hanna the first time she got her hands on her. Oh well, that wasn't Mona's problem, the brunette sitting down next to her teammate so that they could pass Hanna between them like the piece of meat she was, Mona smiling happily as she got her girlfriend back over her knee with her cute little butt facing upwards, the fact that it was already a dark pink not bothering Mona in the slightest. After all, it was going to get a whole lot more discoloured when she was finished with it.

Her dear Mistress/frienemy may have prevented her from causing the maximum amount of damage to Hanna's butt, however Mona still had a chance to do some damage. More importantly some noticeable damage. After all, how much more beaten could a bottom get after the third or fourth spanking? That was a question Mona was actually looking forward to finding out the answer too, but first she was going to lure Hanna and her teammates into a false sense of security by taking a minute or two to caress the blonde's already well beaten butt. Plus she just enjoyed squeezing those well rounded cheeks, Mona perhaps getting lost in it for a little while.

Lost enough that Jenna impatiently huffed, "Get on with it."

"Patients Jenna." Alison scolded her new 'friend', "Good things come to those who wait."

"It's ok." Mona reassured, grinning wickedly as she added, "Just watch and learn."

With that Mona brought her hand up high and slammed it as hard as she could down onto Hanna's ass. That juicy flesh jiggled and the sound of the impact of hand on butt and Hanna's squeal of pain echoed throughout the room. Those sounds continued echoing through the now mostly silent room, both sweet music to Mona's ears as her eyes stayed locked onto those jiggling cheeks as they slowly turned to a rosy red under her tender love and care, every strikes sending a tingle through Mona's body.

Mona couldn't wait much longer, she really wanted to fuck Hanna. Her mouth, her pussy, her ass, it didn't matter, Mona either wanted to penetrate her girlfriend's hot body or she wanted to shove her head in between her legs. Of course she wanted to see her teammates do the same thing, all of them using and abusing Hanna like the little whore they had secretly trained her to be. Not that it wasn't fun spanking this beautiful bottom, Mona loving every second of it and in some ways wishing it would never end. The problem was she knew it was going to end very soon, and from the look in their eyes her teammates already knew her turn was coming to an end and one of their turns was approaching.

"Ok Mona, that's enough. It's Ashley's turn now." Alison said firmly.

"But I barely even got started." Mona huffed angrily.

"Maybe, but you've been hogging that ass for weeks, spanking it AND fucking it more than anyone, even Ashley here." Alison pointed out, before sighing, "Would you rather spend all day spanking Hanna or get to the real fun?"

"This is real fun for me." Mona shrugged, "But I do have to admit, I'm jonesing to fuck Hanna's ass, so I'll let it go. This time."

Wanting to defuse the tension between the teens Ashley piped in, "I can definitely sympathise with jonesing for Hanna ass, so I'll promise to make it quick."

"Thank you Ashley, you're so accommodating." Ali beamed before grabbing Hanna's hairbrush, "Here, use this."

"Thanks Alison, this will definitely speed things up." Ashley smiled warmly, before grabbing Hanna and forcing her over her knee.

It was unnecessary as Hanna was already in the process of crawling over to her, but Ashley was looking to impress these blackmailing teens and passing Hanna around like a piece of meat definitely enhanced the little gang bang, or gang spanking, they had going on here. It definitely made Ashley feel like she was part of the in crowd, which wasn't always the case given she didn't have quite as much money or come from wealthy home as many of her neighbours did. Of course truth be told Ashley would much rather be part of this club than the type Victoria Hastings frequented.

Despite her promise to be quick Ashley couldn't help take a minute or two to admire the perfection that was her daughter's ass. Hanna's cheeks were so round and full, that pale little butt turning a different colour so easily. It was already red thanks to the tender loving care Alison and Mona had shown it, Hanna whimpering in anticipation of receiving the same kind of treatment from her mother, and yet the little slut's pussy was soaking against her thighs clearly telling Ashley that she couldn't wait. That Hanna was just as inpatient as the rest for Ashley to fulfil her promise, the oldest woman in the room making sure that the younger girls weren't waiting long.

There were a few lingering squeezes to Hanna's rump, but a glance from Alison quickly had Ashley lifting her daughter's hairbrush high above her head and then bringing it down on her baby girl's butt, causing Hanna to let out the most wonderful little squeal of pain and pleasure. Over and over again as she repeated this process, the sound of the back of the brush connecting with Hanna's ass echoing throughout the room as Ashley used her little girl's property against her.

As Ashley had spanked her almost as much as Mona it wasn't long before that already beaten red flesh became an even darker shade with certain parts bruising so wonderfully, the mature woman practically salivating over her teen daughter's well-beaten butt as a group of teens did the same. Although Ashley was only vaguely aware of them watching intently at the corner of her eye, as she was too busy watching this well rounded cheeks jiggle with the force of the impact, the Mom imagining them doing the same things once she got her strap-on inside Hanna's perfect ass again. And no matter how this thing played out, Ashley would violate her daughter's ass hole again tonight, and no one would stop her, because no matter what these teens said/did Ashley owned that hole. Yes, Ashley was addicted to her daughter's ass, and no one would deny her what was rightfully hers.

"Ashley! ASHLEY!" Jenna yelled, brandishing a cane, "It's my turn now."

Seeing that cane made Ashley a little reluctant to hand Hanna over to the sweet girl's schoolmate, but she felt like she had no choice so she faked a smile and said, "Honey, crawl over to Jenna."

"No, Hanna you lean over the edge of the bed. Ashley, would you be a dear and hold your daughter down so she doesn't squirm away?" Jenna grinned, loving the idea of Hanna's Mom helping her to beat Hanna's butt.

Again Ashley was hesitant but faked a smile, "Sure."

Moments later the Marins were in position and Jenna was stretching her arms, making sure she was nice and limber for this and help build anticipation. Of course she had been anticipating this for years, but she wanted Hanna to suffer the indignity of knowing what was coming and having to wait for it with her bright red ass stuck out for all to see. It may have been an incredibly erotic picture as far as Jenna was concerned, and considering her teammates didn't complain she felt confident they all felt the same way. Not that she spent too long stretching/letting Hanna anticipate what was next.

With a swish and a crack Jenna brought the cane down upon Hanna's vulnerable little ass, the bitch squealing in pain and instinctively trying to crawl away but her mother held her firmly in place. Jenna took a second to enjoy that fact, then she brought the cane down again, and again, and again, until the room was filled with the sound of the cane shooting through the air and onto Hanna's butt and then the deafening squeals of the poor girl getting her ass caned.

Jenna had dreamed for so long of doing this to another girl, however she had never had the opportunity to use until now so her blows were far from professional. She even missed a few times in all the excitement, however most of them landed on that formally full of flesh, the dark red becoming almost an indescribable colour as lines started appearing all over Hanna's ass like a toddler had gone to town with a box of crayons and a toy zebra. It was so obscene and Hanna squealed so loudly that Jenna actually felt a little bit of remorse over what she was doing.

Throughout the caning she reminded herself that Hanna was one of the reasons she had been blinded for years, although that rang false as Alison had been the one to actually do it and Jenna had forgiven her for the sake of a mutually beneficial alliance. Well, she hadn't forgiven her but she was taking orders from her. And had allowed Alison, and Mona, to butt fuck her in the name of proving her loyalty. So this should be her reward, right? Finally getting some revenge on one of her rivals and giving her a little humiliation for once. But yet, it wasn't as fun as she thought it would be, and although it probably helped the other members of the A team to respect her as a top Jenna found herself ending things sooner than she planned in the name of doing something more pleasant.

"Ok, cunt munching time." Jenna said, throwing away the cane and pulling down her skirt and panties, "Hanna, get over here and lick me! Oh yeah, I want you to lick my cunt until I cum in your sweet little mouth. Mmmmmmmm, don't be shy. Spanking your ass was all the foreplay I needed, so you can go straight to the tongue fucking."

Hanna whimpered pathetically but as soon as she was released she started doing as she was told. She did it slowly, Jenna soon moaning joyfully as Hanna buried her pretty face in between her legs and started lapping away at her cunt. Instinctively Jenna closed her eyes, but she had been robbed of her vision long enough and she certainly wasn't going to miss out on the sight of a pretty little blonde slut tonguing her twat, especially when the blonde in question was Hanna Marin. Oh how Jenna had dreamt of getting Hanna in this position, and now she actually had this bitch exactly where she wanted her she intended to enjoy it.

Jenna's idea of enjoying it was not with the gentle tongue lapping she was currently getting, but as much as she wanted that soft muscle inside her having it caress the lips of her cunt was incredibly thrilling, so much so she actually couldn't form a coherent sentence for a couple of minutes. Then when she felt like she could Hanna started lingering on her clit, something Jenna found wonderfully distracting, especially when the other girl took her love button into her mouth and started gently sucking on it. Still, she eventually found her voice.

"Mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, eat me bitch! Fucking eat my pussy!" Jenna yelled as she dug her nails into Hanna's scalp, "Get your fucking tongue inside my cunt and fuck me! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, fuck me like a dyke slut! No, mmmmmmmmmmm, you're the dyke slut! You're my fucking dyke slut, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, our little lezzie whore, ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you're our little fuck toy Hanna, mmmmmmmmmmm, here to please us in any way we want. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, now tongue fuck me you bitch, fuck me, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Whether out of some bizarre payback for beating her butt so hard or out of some genuine attempt to please her Hanna kept up her infuriating gentle lapping for quite a while before finally giving Jenna what she was asking for. However when she did give it Hanna pushed her tongue into the brunette's cunt with what had to be every ounce of force she could muster, that hard tongue thrust alone enough to make Jenna cum. Well, technically that and a lot of build-up what with the long spanking session and the weeks of anticipating this moment, but Jenna was still impressed about how quickly Hanna made her reach orgasm.

To Jenna's delight it seemed at her new little pussy pleaser enjoyed it almost as much as she did, Hanna creating a tight seal around her cunt so she could swallow as much as she could, which might have just been every drop. Grinding against her pretty face Jenna made sure that Hanna wasn't so lucky during the second time, although again the blonde was impressive, not just because of the way she continued to desperately gulp down girl cum even as it spread onto her face but the way that she mercilessly tongue fucked Jenna in between orgasms, her new friends and her new slut allowing her to have as many climaxes as she wanted, which was a lot.

As she thought that she pushed Hanna away from her and towards the now naked Mona who eagerly took the slut, Jenna sighing contentedly as they passed Hanna around, "You trained her well."

"As if there was any doubt I would." Mona laughed softly as she pushed Hanna's face into her cunt, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, baby you know what to do. Who's my good little rug muncher? You are, ooooooooooh yeeeeeeeesssssss, yes you are."

Mona smiled with blissful happiness as she continued laughing and encouraging Hanna with gentle strokes to her hair and encouraging words. Since puberty she had thought that this was where Hanna Marin belonged, on her knees eating pussy. Specifically her pussy, all seeming right with the world now that Hanna's face was in between her thighs and her tongue was lapping away at her cunt, part of Mona feeling like she could happily stand here all night long and just feel this gentle tongue lapping away at her pussy. Of course she knew how impatient her friends were, and this build-up was necessary, so it wasn't long before she was encouraging Hanna to make her cum.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, that's a good girl. That's a very good girl. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, but now I want more. Now I want your tongue inside me. Oh yes, come on Hanna, stick your tongue OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!" Mona cried out extra loudly and grinned at her friends, "That's it bitch, tongue fuck your Mistress! Mmmmmmmmm, you know who really owns you, don't you Hanna? That's right, we all do, but I'm your favourite, aren't I? Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, you love my cunt best of all because you're my girlfriend. That makes you more mine than any of these other bitches."

From the looks on their faces it was clear the others disagreed, especially Ali who might have been saying something. However she didn't repeat it so obviously it wasn't important, not that Mona would necessarily have listened even if Mistress A tried to force the issue, because she was lost in the pleasure of having Hanna's talented tongue deep inside her and touching all of her most sensitive places. Oh yes, Hanna was tongue fucking her so good, Mona happily bragging about that fact even though she wasn't exactly sure what she was saying.

The exact words didn't really matter, what mattered was the message that Hanna was hers. Hanna Marin was Mona Vanderwaal's personal muff muncher. The girl designed to eat her pussy and satisfy any other need she had. The natural sub Mona had personally trained into the perfect little fuck toy, Mona happily enjoying the benefits of that training as Hanna's tongue hammered her cunt, eventually curling upwards to hit her G-spot and trigger a wonderful climax.

That climax was followed by another and another and another, Mona practically drowning Hanna in cream as she grabbed the side of her head and started grinding her love box against that pretty little face she so adored. Of course Hanna desperately swallowed every drop that she could like the well-trained cum slut she was, but Mona was looking to mark her territory, and knew how to use just enough force to do it without suffocating her personal dyke whore. She even left herself enough energy to grin wickedly at the competition, Hanna's Mom clearly itching to take over as she stripped off her clothes and shuffled forwards.

Ashley was feeling incredibly horny from spanking her daughter, and watching others beat the slut's little bottom, and from watching Hanna eat pussy like it was her job, so of course she wanted some of the sweet relief which her little girl's mouth could provide. However she also loved the view of Mona squirting onto Hanna's pretty little face, and she would have been quite content with just a better look at her daughter munching Mona's muffin. Not that she was going to complain when Mona pulled Hanna from between her legs and pushed her towards Ashley who caught her cum coated daughter and cradled her head gently.

"Ready for your turn with your daughter's talented little tongue Ashley?" Mona panted with a cheeky smile on her face.

Returning the smile Ashley replied, "Oh yes."

With that she gently but firmly turned Hanna's head towards her and shoved her in between her legs, Ashley letting out a long moan as her baby girl immediately started licking her pussy like a good sub daughter should. Closing her eyes Ashley took a second just to enjoy the wonderful feeling of her own daughter beginning to eat her cunt, something she hadn't seriously thought she would ever receive, then she opened her eyes again and grinned at her new friends, focusing mainly on Mona.

"Mmmmmmmm, that's it, good girl, lick Mommy's pussy just like that, oooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, that's Mommy's good little girl." Ashley moaned, "You love Mommy's cunt, don't you sweetie? Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's your favourite. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes, of all the cunts you eat on a daily basis, and there are a lot because you're a filthy little lesbian slut, you love Mommy's the best, don't you you perverted little whore? Oooooooooooh yes, show my new friends how much you love it by tongue fucking me good! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yes, fuck me with your little tongue, shove it inside me OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!"

Hanna was quick to obey, shoving her tongue as deep into her Mom's cunt as soon as she got permission, Ashley rewarding her for this by giving her slut daughter a fresh batch of pussy cream which Hanna noisily gulped down before resuming the enthusiastic mother fucking. Ashley smiled to herself. Oh yes, Hanna was such a good little mother fucker, screwing the woman who gave her life however that woman wanted it, Ashley finding there was nothing too dirty or depraved for Hanna, her baby girl proving to be the nastiest slut in Rosewood, if not the entire world.

Thoughts of Hanna's sluttiness, combined with all the previous build-up and the sheer joy of having her own daughter tongue fucking her cunt caused Ashley to cum hard and quickly, the oldest woman in the room grabbing tightly to Hanna's head to make sure it didn't go anywhere as she practically drowned her beloved daughter in her girl cum. Not that Hanna complained, the gorgeous blonde teen once again proving her love for pussy, even or perhaps especially her Mom's pussy, as she frantically swallowed as much of her mother's cum as she could while working hard to push her to another orgasm the second Ashley was over her first.

Hanna had spent a lot of time eating pussy over the last few weeks, and lately she of course had been dining exclusively on her mother's twat, all that practice paying off now as she squeezed orgasm after orgasm out of her own Mom. During each of those climaxes she swallowed as much as she could, but once again the majority of the girl cum ended up on her face. Although to be fair she loves getting drenched in cum, her Mom's cream mixing with Jenna's and Mona's as the girls in question plus Emily and Ali watched Hanna eat her mother's pussy like it was her job. And even though she knew she should be ashamed, Hanna loved acting like such a shameless lesbian slut in front of them.

"Hey Hefty, stop gobbling your Mommy's cunt and come gobble mine." Alison ordered loud enough to be heard over Ashley's cries of pleasure, "It's my turn with your whore mouth, and as this is going to be my first time sampling it I want long, drawn-out pussy licking before you stick your tongue up my pussy."

Even though she was reluctant to pull away from her Mom's pussy Hanna's training pretty much forced her to obey, although she looked up at her mother for approval. That didn't really help as the expression on her Mom's face was kind of hard to read, but knowing that Ali would probably throw a hissy fit and/or spank her if she didn't comply Hanna slowly did as she was told after taking a moment to admire the other blonde teen in all her naked glory. Her ass was still aching after what Jenna had done to it, and not in the good way it did after Mona or her Mom had butt banged her, Hanna willing to do just about anything to avoid getting her bright red rear beaten again, at least until she'd recovered.

Of course Hanna was a bit of a slut for a gentle spanking, but Jenna had definitely crossed a line and given it to her harder than she ever wanted it, even if the formerly blind girl did then immediately make it up to her by feeding her some yummy pussy. And as for her current situation, while it wasn't quite as nasty as eating out her own mother in front of four other teens it was still thrilling to find herself between the legs of the former and perhaps future Queen bee, Hanna instantly loving the flavour of her old friend as she pushed her face as deep as it would go into Alison's cunt.

As requested Hanna avoided the temptation to just shove her tongue right inside Ali's pussy in favour of worshipping the lips with long, drawn-out licks before as gently as possible wrapping her lips around Alison's entrance so the majority of the other girl's cream flowed directly into her mouth and down her throat, Hanna moaning happily as she tasted her fifth ever cunt. It wasn't her favourite, not by a long shot, but she loved it instantly and showed the same amount of enthusiasm for it as she had for the other pussies as Alison provided her usual commentary, for now not letting one of the others even get a word in.

"Mmmmmmmmm oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, eat me Hefty!" Alison moaned in delight, "Eat my cunt with the same enthusiasm that you used to stuff your face with all that food you chubby little bitch! Mmmmmmmmm, you remember, don't you Han? Of course you do, it wasn't that long ago you were practically twice my weight, and now look at you, toned and sexy, the perfect little lesbian plaything. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, and make no mistake, I'm going to play with you Hefty. All that work you did getting into shape, and it's going to be me and my friends who really reap the rewards."

Alison at least got a positive reaction out of that one from her fellow teammates before she continued to belittle the girl giving her some excellent head, as she should. After all, Alison had watched Hanna enthusiastically munch carpet on screen and right in front of her eyes so the little sub would have been punished if she hadn't given it her all. The fact that this was her fourth pussy in a row wasn't relevant, Hanna was clearly meant to be a dyke whore, therefore pleasing multiple women one after the other should be like breathing for her, and indeed that proved to be the case, Alison finding it hard to stand as Hanna continued to dish out incredibly skilled licks.

Not that it was all down to Hanna's tongue work, as all around the rest of the A Team was strapping on big dildos, reminding Alison that they were seconds away from sharing Hanna's fuck holes and officially making her their team's personal lezzie whore. Oh Alison could barely wait, because as much as she loved getting head what she really lived for was pounding another girl into submission. First though, she was definitely going to finish enjoying Hanna's mouth.

With that in mind Alison momentarily altered the insults in favour of ordering, "Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue Hefty, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Clearly eager to get fucked herself, or eager for Alison's cum, or most likely both Hanna immediately rammed her tongue inside the leader of the A Team the second she was given permission. Then Hanna really showed off what her Mom and Mona had taught her, Alison struggling to remain standing as she was tongue fucked to heaven. Of course no matter how weak her knees got from Hanna's skilled tongue work Alison couldn't afford to even let her knees buckle a little bit, not with the rest of her team glaring at her and Emily obediently taking pictures to immortalise this wonderful night.

If she fell Alison might find herself taking Hanna's place, and she would not allow that to happen. So even as Hanna curled her tongue upwards, making the one true A cum ridiculously hard into her mouth, Alison remained standing, even shooting Emily a smile and a wink as she enjoyed her girlfriend's best friend's mouth and tongue. However once she'd had roughly the same amount of Hanna tongue induced climaxes as her teammates she pushed the other blonde away, partly to stop herself from collapsing but mostly because it was time for Hanna Marin to take it in all of her holes.

"Hanna..." Alison said hoarsely, taking a moment to get her breath back before glaring at Mona who was smirking at her from Hanna's bed, then she turned her attention back to the blonde, "Hanna, go and ride Mona's cock with your slutty little cunt. It will make a nice little warm up before we start DP'ing you."

Biting her lip nervously Hanna did as she was told, slowly crawling over so that she was kneeling over Mona's dildo and then when she was in the correct position she grabbed hold of the base of the strap-on so she could easily line the tip up with her entrance. Then while holding the dick steady she forced herself downwards, Hanna moaning loudly in pleasure as the bulbous head of the dildo slipped inside her wet and very ready love hole. This had Mona smiling widely and a series of giggles to echo throughout the room.

Wanting to please everyone, but especially Mona, Hanna eagerly lowered herself further down on the dick, holding that wonderful piece of rubber for the first few inches and letting go when it was firmly entrenched inside her cunt. Then she dropped herself down the rest of the way, letting out a long cry which turned into a moan as not only did that dildo rocket up her front passage but it rubbed against the butt-plug stuffed up her back passage which was a wonderful taste of things to come.

In her most horny of moments Hanna had wondered what it would be like to be double penetrated, and in a way she now kind of knew now that there was a sex toy stuffing both her pussy and ass at the same time. However as wonderfully slutty as that made her feel she wanted something bigger in her butt. Something which would really stretch out her now constantly horny ass and more importantly someone to pound it hard and deep and leave it gaping. And she had no problem begging for it like the anal whore she was.

"Please, somebody, fuck my ass. I need my ass to be fucked. Mmmmmm, I need someone to fuck my ass like the slutty fuck hole it is!" Hanna pleaded, looking at each of the watching tops in turn, "Please Alison... Jenna... Mom... somebody, anybody, fuck my slutty little ass while my whore cunt is taking Mona's big cock. Mmmmmm, I love getting my pussy fucked, especially when there's a nice big butt-plug inside it, but I want another cock. I want to be double fucked! Oooooooooh yessssssss, I wanna be DP'ed like a total slut!"

"You want it, prove it." Alison challenged, "Shut your stupid mouth and start bouncing on Mona's cock, then maybe one of us will take pity on you and give you the ass fucking you so desperately need."

Eagerly obeying Hanna began bouncing up and down on Mona's big cock, moaning happily as she first established a slow and steady rhythm and then began slowly increasing the pace. Part of her wanted to keep increasing it until she basically fucked herself to climax, and given how horny she was it really wouldn't take much. However while this was kind of double penetration she was sure it wouldn't compare to the real thing, and even if it was only half as good as she was currently imagining Hanna still wanted to be sandwiched in between her girlfriend and her Mom. So even though it was hard she resisted the urge to make herself cum, even though she was given plenty of time to do so. Too much time for her liking, but eventually Ali took pity on her.

"Ok slut, cut that out. We don't want you cumming already. Not before we've gotten another cock into you." Alison said with a grin, waiting until Hanna had stopped before turning to her little army, "So, who wants to be the first to butt fuck this bitch?"

"I do." Jenna said, stepping forward and stroking a little extra lube into her strap-on, "Let me go first and I swear to you that you won't have to exert any energy getting your cock up that ass because it will be like shoving a hot dog down a fucking corridor!"

Alison smirked at the hopeful look on Jenna's face, and the whimper Hanna let out, before she murmured in mock sympathy, "Oh, sorry Jen, but that was rhetorical. The decision is mine, as it should be, and since you have proven you have no intention of stretching out our ass slut I'm going to give someone else a shot. After all, we want to be able to use her later, don't we?"

Ignoring the question Jenna swore, "You want gentle? I can be gentle. Just stand back and give me the shot."

"Sorry, I'm going to have to pass." Alison shrugged, and then added as Jenna glared at her, "If it's any consolation I don't trust myself to be gentle either... so that just leaves us with Hefty's loving Mommy. Mmmmmm, what do you say Ashley, ready to butt fuck your daughter?"

Being asked such questions was kind of weird, but Ashley truthfully replied, "Oh God yes."

"Then do it." Alison said, literally holding her hand back and offering Ashley her prize, "Butt fuck Hefty. Ass fuck your own daughter you perverted bitch."

Ignoring Alison Ashley quickly got on the bed behind Hanna, pulled the butt-plug out and pressed the strap-on against Hanna's open back hole. She then briefly savoured the moment before forcefully pushing forwards, easily anally penetrating her daughter who simply moaned like the well trained anal whore she was at the back door invasion. Hanna's hole and back passage still needed to stretch a little, and her moans weren't 100% pleasurable, Hanna squirming as she obviously forced herself to relax so she could accommodate the huge dong invading her bottom, but overall following the penetration it was smooth sailing up her daughter's ass.

Ashley had never experienced a DP herself but a few more adventurous girlfriends had described the experience to her in detail and while being on the receiving end had never appealed she had always wanted to dish one out. Which perhaps was the biggest upside to having to share her baby girl, at least give her a chance to be a piece of bread in an all-girl sandwich, and Hanna did make such a wonderful piece of meat. Plus as she had rightfully guessed Hanna clearly loved getting both her holes stuffed at the same time, further proving she was a natural sub.

Over the past two weeks of passionate incest Ashley had come to the conclusion that Hanna had literally been made for her. Or perhaps she had made her for her. Because it wasn't just that the girl was naturally submissive or willing and eager to do whatever depraved thing Ashley could think of, no, everything with Hanna was just so much more passionate and perfect than with anyone else, just a little training all it taking to make her daughter her perfect bitch. It felt like maybe when carrying Hanna in her womb she had literally programmed her to ripen into the perfect little fuck toy, Ashley's pussy giving her a present she was now frequently unwrapping 16 years later and gleefully enjoying. Or perhaps some higher being had created Hanna as the answer to Ashley's prayers.

Whatever the explanation Ashley knew no matter what these blackmailing teens said or did Hanna was hers and always would be, the mature redhead setting out to silently state her claim of ownership over her little girl by fucking that perfect ass of hers. In doing so she was able to impale Hanna on the dildo stuffing her pussy, thus providing an extra thrill to this fucking Ashley had never experienced before. However in the end while it was a unique situation which certainly added an extra kick to this Ashley's focus remained the fuck-able little hole between her daughter's ass cheeks, Ashley showing off what years of practice had taught her by effortlessly stretching out her baby girl's back passage with her big fake cock.

Mona smirked wickedly as Ashley began to show off, for now resisting the urge to show what she could do. There would be plenty of time for that, but right now she didn't want to take away from the passionate display of mother on daughter affection, Ashley Marin making it perfectly clear exactly what her little girl was to her. And while Ashley had her eyes glued to where her dick was pumping in and out of Hanna's butt hole Jenna was busy watching with a look of lust and disbelief while Emily continued taking pictures.

Most of them were far away, making sure to get both mother, daughter and Mona in the shot and frequently the looks on each of their faces. Of course there were several close-ups, most from zooming in but there were a few occasions where Emily got right up close, probably using her camera as an excuse to get extra close-up look at where Hanna's back hole was stretching for her own mother's strap-on, not that Mona could blame her.

Of course throughout this Alison continued spreading Hanna's ass cheeks, the sadistic leader of the team posing joyfully for every picture she was included in while naturally focusing most of her attention on her friend being sodomised. Which was hardly surprising given how much Ali had always loved getting a close-up look at the action without necessarily being involved, but still Mona was surprised how long she allowed Ashley to slowly ass fuck her daughter even past the point anyone in the room wanted it that way.

"Harder Ashley! Harder!" Alison ordered, "Mmmmmmm, show us all just how much you love your precious daughter's ass by pounding it hard and deep. Come on, pound that slutty ass! We all know what an anal whore Hefty is, so there's no need to be this gentle, especially after spending so much time stretching out that fuck-able little bottom, so go ahead and slam fuck it. Prove to us just how much Ashley Marin loves to butt fuck her baby girl. Prove to us Ashley Marin loves Hanna Marin's ass. Prove to us your worthy of continuing to top your daughter by butt pounding her with every fucking ounce of your strength!"

For the fun of it Mona added, "Yeah, pound that hot slut! Pound her butt hard and deep and make her cum!"

Jenna chimed in simply with, "Pound her hard!"

Not needing to be told twice Ashley swiftly picked up the pace of the pooper pumping until she was slamming her daughter's shit hole with what had to be every ounce of her strength, Hanna nearly deafening Mona as she screamed into her ears. For a moment Mona thought about thrusting upwards, and then she decided against it as she wanted to save her strength, and clearly she would need it for this, Ashley relentlessly impaling Hanna on Mona's dildo with every bowel wrecking thrust, mother and daughter clearly lost in their latest round of ultra-forbidden sex.

Alison was really quite impressed. She had seen Ashley in action countless times on screen, but to actually physically watch it... the Mom brutally sodomising her own daughter, was quite a sight to behold. If she hadn't been moments away from joining the fun Alison would have happily slipped a couple of fingers into her cunt and fucked herself to climax. As it was she allowed Ashley to have her fun, the mother clearly having it as she stretched Hanna out to the point where she could take this kind of anal assault and receive nothing but pure pleasure because of it, guaranteeing Alison could do whatever she liked with Hanna's slutty little bottom.

What felt like hours later just as Alison was going to enquire if she was ever going to run out of steam Ashley pulled out of her daughter's butt without warning and then took a moment to admire the gaping crater she had left behind before asking, "So, does someone else want a turn now?"

Alison smirked. She suspected Ashley had a tiny bit more in the tank but wanted to save it so she could end looking strong, thus making Alison like her even more. Not that she would tell her that, "Me! Now her loving Mommy has stretched out her big fat ass I'm going to fuck Hefty like the little bitch she is!"

With that Alison moved forward and kneel down behind Hanna, taking the place of Ashley who helpfully moved away and watched as the dominant blonde prepared to shove her dick in the submissive blonde's butt, that submissive blonde whimpering when the dominant one pressed the dildo against her gaping back hole, "I always knew you were going to be a slut Hefty, and now you're going to be my anal slut! Mmmmmmm, your Mommy loosened you up and now I'm going to fuck your fat ass like it's never been fucked before!"

Once those words were out of her mouth Alison rammed forwards, forcing almost the entire dildo into Hanna's 'fat ass' and making the other blonde cry out in pleasure. There were a couple more cries as Alison delivered a couple more hard thrusts to fully bury the strap-on in Hanna's butt and then without a moment's pause she began thrusting in and out at a forceful pace, officially beginning to butt fuck her former and now current minion, pathetic little Hefty Hanna's cries quickly turning to moans as that big, fat, slutty ass almost immediately got used to being roughly pounded.

Of course Hefty wasn't so hefty anymore, Mona having done a fabulous job at turning Hanna from a chubby kid with no taste in clothes to a stunning beauty with adequate fashion sense. Of course to Alison she would always be Hefty Hanna, partly out of habit but also partly because it was an excellent way to keep the other blonde in her place. Also while it wasn't technically fat Hanna did have a wonderfully well rounded bottom which had just the right amount of jiggle against her thighs as Alison relentlessly fucked her new bitch up the butt.

Hanna's butt hole was somehow still a snug fit even after the pounding her mother had given it, that and the luscious cheeks meaning that Mona was right, Hanna had been made to be butt fucked. Alison had thought as much when seeing recent footage of Hanna, especially when seeing her old friend being sodomised, but seeing it and experiencing it for herself were two very different things, Alison knowing that with the exception of Emily this was going to be her favourite ass to fuck, and oh was she going to have a lot of fun fucking it.

For a while Alison became totally lost in fucking that perfect butt, then she noticed Ashley just standing around and grinned, "Don't just stand there gawking at your daughter getting DP'ed Ashley. Make yourself useful and feed this slut her own fat ass. Mmmmmmm, Hefty has been such a good little slut for us so far it's about time we rewarded her by filling up all her slutty dyke holes with girl cock. Don't you agree Mona?"

"Ohhhhhh yeah, let's make Hanna air-tight!" Mona agreed enthusiastically, "Come on Ashley, stuff your ass flavoured girl cock down Hanna's throat so we can fuck all her slutty dyke fuck holes at the same time! Mmmmmmmm, that will be so hot, and it will make Hanna cum sooooooo hard!"

Not needing to be told twice Ashley walked around and then kneeled on the bed in front of her daughter's head, Hanna eagerly lifting it and staring at her mother's cock with big, hungry eyes. She even opened up her mouth as wide as possible when Ashley was almost in position, providing a oh so tempting target for the redhead who happily pushed that ass flavoured dildo into her baby girl's mouth and watched gleefully as her own daughter began to give her a long drawn-out blow job.

It started with Hanna closing her mouth around the head of the dildo and moaning happily, Ashley knowing for a fact that the moan had just as much to do with Hanna tasting her own ass as it did the fact that the blonde's slutty little butt was again being fucked, this time by a girl they had both thought was dead. For a moment Ashley spared the other blonde a glance, still unable to believe that Alison DeLaurentis was alive and that she was now passionately butt fucking Hanna. Or helping to DP her... or making her air tight as she had called it, Ashley overwhelmingly turned on to be a part of violating each of her daughter's slutty little fuck holes.

Then Hanna began to loudly suck the taste of the deepest part of her bowels off her Mom's cock, Ashley once again concentrating on the pretty blonde head in between her legs as she began moving up and down her shaft. To help her baby girl she reached down and grabbed a handful of that pretty blonde hair and began to gently push forward, of course watching carefully to make sure she wasn't giving her daughter too much but of course her little girl was able to deep throat every inch of that cock with ease.

Once every inch was buried in her baby girl's gullet Ashley allowed about a minute for Hanna to thoroughly clean every last drop of butt cream off of that toy, and then she began to slowly pump her hips, literally fucking her own daughter's pretty little mouth. Hanna gagged and choked from being face fucked, but she didn't complain and Ashley was convinced it wasn't too much for her, even as she began fucking her daughter's throat like a whore's cunt, a.k.a. just like Alison was fucking Hanna's ass.

Hanna was used to being torturously teased during sex, her body stimulated to the edge of orgasm and then kept their for like an eternity until she was finally allowed to cum. Normally she was only allowed that once she had begged a sufficient amount, Mona and her Mom forcing her to say the filthiest things to get what she wanted. There was still plenty of dirty talk going around, adding to the wonderfully perverted sensation of being taken in three holes at the same time, but this time round it felt like Hanna was cumming nearly non-stop and all she had to do was lie there and get fucked.

It wasn't always like that, in the beginning there was the normal dull ache of having her holes stretched out, Hanna squirming as particularly her bottom struggled to accommodate the long thick piece of rubber which was bigger than anything that back passage was designed for. Then her slutty body had quickly relaxed and she accepted her role as a receptacle for these women's strap-on dildos, Hanna moaning in pure pleasure as her front hole was impaled thanks to the thrusting her back hole was taking.

At first it had felt incredibly weird to feel two cocks inside her at once, then sliding against each other in between the wall which separated her pussy and ass, something Hanna could have never imagined when she had been fantasising about taking it in both holes. Then when she got used to it Hanna quickly decided it was the best feeling ever, even better than just getting her ass fucked, and she didn't think anything could be better than getting her ass fucked, the overwhelming sensations and the way these women were treating her soon making her cum.

Instead of being punished for cumming so quickly and easily the other women around her had laughed and cheered her own mother to fuck her ass harder, and now she was choking on her Mommy's big cock and taking it in all three of her holes like a total slut. Being made air tight. And just when she didn't think it could possibly get any better Mona started giving the odd thrust up into her cunt, triggering even harder orgasms, Hanna squealing around her Mom's dildo as she began thrusting herself back and forth, impaling herself on those big fake cocks like the little lesbian whore she had been turned into.

"That's it Hefty, choke on your Mom's cock! Choke on your Mom's cock while I'm fucking your big fat ass!" Ali taunted so loudly and frequently no one else could get a word in, "Yeahhhhhhhh, you bitch, take it in all three of your slutty fuck holes you dyke bitch! Mmmmmmmmm, you like being an air tight whore, don't you? Don't you? Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh, give me that ass while your girlfriend takes your whore cunt and your Mom takes your cunt mouth. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssss, give us your holes, give us your fuck holes and embrace the complete lesbian hooker that you are!"

As Alison continued to talk trash Mona giggled and concentrated on giving some well-timed thrusts into Hanna's cunt. Of course she wanted to just use every ounce of strength she possessed to fuck her girlfriend into a complete mess, but she desperately wanted to save her strength for the end where she would finally get her shot at Hanna's ass. From the looks of it by then Hanna's ass would be loose, open and as stimulated as could be, meaning it would be easy for Mona to go straight into hard rectum wrecking mode and make the pretty blonde sub cum harder than anyone else had all night long.

That way Mona would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Hanna was hers and hers alone. Sure Ali could claim she would have never got a shot at this perfect girl if she hadn't intervened with Mona's original plan, but she didn't love Hanna like Mona loved her. As for Mrs Marin, she may have been allowed a couple of weeks to make sure Hanna was well and truly submissive to her Mommy, but Mona couldn't wait to show both mother and daughter who this perfect bitch truly belonged too.

Technically Jenna was also in the picture, but she wasn't a true top like the rest and more importantly she didn't give a flying fuck about Hanna. She just wanted to take years of frustration out on Hanna's ass, Mona at least partly getting off on seeing the frustration on Jenna's pretty face as she was forced to wait to finally have her revenge. Or start having it as the case maybe. And Mona had to admit, Alison was being totally unfair by hogging the perfection which was Hanna's butt, however as long as she was at least involved in the fun Mona didn't particularly care how Jenna felt.

Obviously Jenna cared, "Come on Ali, it's my turn with that ass!"

"Just a second." Alison smiled wickedly, before putting the last ounce of strength she had been saving into pounding Hanna's butt.

Wanting to add to this final Alison induced orgasm Mona bided her time and then delivered a hard series of thrusts into Hanna's cunt, her movements more than Ali's being the thing which sent the submissive blonde over the edge. The dominant blonde clearly knew that, Ali glaring down at her with a look which would have once terrified Mona. Now she just grinned up at her rival and continued thrusting, the two members of team A making sure Hanna's climax was as powerful as possible before Alison finally pulled out and moved aside so Jenna could take her place.

"Ok Jenna, you're up." Alison faked a smile at her current ally, "Let's see what you can do."

Rolling her eyes at Ali's lack of enthusiasm Mona called out, "Yeah, give it to her good Jenna. Gaped that whore hole more than it already is. Put Hanna in her place."

"Oh yes, destroy Hanna's butt!" Ashley agreed as she pulled her well cleaned cock from Hanna's mouth and began moving away, "Destroy my baby girl's butt hole! Give that no good anal whore the ass pounding she deserves. Show what a butt busting top you are, and what a dick taking fuck hole Hanna is!"

While the girls continued encouraging her Jenna silently lined up her strap-on with Hanna's gaping ass hole and then slammed forwards with all her might, shoving nearly every inch of her dildo up the other girl's butt in one hard thrust. The next thrust completed the process, Jenna finally pausing a second to smile and savour the moment, loving the fact that following each thrust Hanna cried out and then moaned like the good little anal whore she had been turned into.

To Jenna's delight Hanna continued to cry out and moan in pure pleasure as the brunette started pumping the blonde's butt, the formally blind girl initially spreading the other girl's ass cheeks so she could get a good look at her cock stretching Hanna's back hole, a sight Jenna was beyond grateful she got to experience, but inevitably she moved her hands to Hanna's hips so she could give the other teen a real anal pounding. Which of course Hanna welcomed, the pretty little bitch squealing with joy for the bowel wrecking Jenna delighted in giving her.

Spanking this bitch had been one thing, and having her give her head was great, but this had been what Jenna had been looking forward to the most, because there was nothing like fucking another girl's ass to make Jenna feel superior. She had suffered the indignity of being butt fucked by Mona and Alison, and although she had taken pleasure in it, and everything else they'd made her do, she had been looking forward to really 'topping' the four little bitches which used to be Ali's BFFs, and Hanna was a great place to start. After all, sex was so much better when the other person was into it, and Hanna really seem to love getting her slutty little ass fucked good and hard.

Jenna certainly loved being the one to fuck it, the formally blind brunette becoming lost in the glorious sight of Hanna's well rounded butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs and the big dildo strapped around her waist disappearing and reappearing into that once tiny hole in between those meaty cheeks which was never meant to be violated in such a way. It was glorious beyond words and Jenna didn't want to look away or even blink because it would mean missing even half a second of this heavenly sight.

Ali knew she had hogged Hanna's butt hole and while she thought it was unfair for anyone to blame her considering how long she had waited to ass fuck the other blonde she thought she would do Jenna a favour and let her pretty much have Hanna all to herself for a little while. Besides, she kind of needed a brief sit down so she would have the energy for what she planned to do next. Plus it was fun just watching the look of joy on each girls' face, and the obscene sight of two teens joyfully DP'ing a third, while yet another two and a Milf watched on with shameless lust.

Of course the two girls who were just watching had pretty much become forgotten, but that was by design because Alison didn't want anyone touching Emily. Especially now that the girl was exclusively hers, which clearly showed that Emily was special and Hanna was a little whore who was now fair game to anyone on Team A. Meanwhile Ashley knew her place and as for Alison, well she would be back in the fun soon enough. In fact, there really was no need to wait, because now she'd had a little rest Alison could at least offer some verbal encouragement.

"Harder Jenna! Really pound that fat ass!" Alison heckled, "Oh come on, you're not even trying. And speaking of not trying, do something Mona! Don't you both realise by now that Han is a total whore? That she's just a slutty fuck hole on legs? That she was put on this earth to be an orifice for our pleasure? You do? Well start acting like it and fuck the bitch!"

Alison kept talking for a little while but ultimately she was tired of sitting on the side-lines, and stood up and walked around until she was hovering over Hanna's constantly open mouth. Hanna had been constantly making increasingly loud noise ever since Jenna had started fucking her up the ass so really Ali was doing everyone a favour by shutting the noisy teen up by shoving her ass flavoured cock into the other blonde's open mouth, naturally Hanna welcoming the invasion with a soft moan before beginning to greedily suck the taste of her own ass off that cock.

"Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, suck it cock sucker." Alison taunted, grabbing a firm hold of the back of Hanna's head, "Suck it like the cock sucking slut you are! Ohhhhhhh fuck, suck it like the total slut you are! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh shit, Hefty, I always knew you'd make a great cock sucker, and now here you are, gobbling my cock like it was candy you greedy bitch. Yeahhhhh, that's right, get every drop you perverted whore! Suck every drop of your own ass juices off my cock while Mona and Jenna pound your other slutty fuck holes! Mmmmmm, you're going to make an excellent bitch."

Again Alison kept talking for quite a while although she didn't give Hanna much of a chance to suck the cock, at least not under her own power. Sure, she gave her about a minute to savour the taste of the deepest part of her bowels, Hanna thoroughly cleaning that taste off of the head of the cock and even beginning to bob up and down on the shaft before Alison tightened her grip on the back of Hanna's head and began fucking the other blonde's pretty little mouth, Alison refusing to stop until Hanna was deep throating every inch of her strap-on dildo.

Like when Alison had been the one pounding Hanna's ass Mona was biding her time, watching with glee as Hanna choked on Ali's cock while Jenna rammed her rectum from behind. Because again, Mona wanted to save her strength for her turn with her best friend's butt hole, and watching Hanna getting made airtight was extremely distracting. Well, technically Mona was a part of it, but right now it seemed very much like Alison and Jenna was running the show, especially Jenna.

Of course Mistress A was in charge as always, seemingly everyone in Rosewood one of Ali's precious dolls. As long as she got Hanna as her girlfriend/future wife Mona didn't mind so much, although the thought did irritate her slightly. Which was why it was so fascinating that even Alison had to acknowledge that right now Jenna was taking at least a little of the focus away from her. After all Jenna was the one making Hanna screaming orgasmic bliss around Alison's cock, the now savage rectum wrecking the formally blind girl was dishing out making the focus of their little gang bang clench around Mona's cock and cover it with her cunt cream and cum.

It didn't escape Mona's noticed that she was technically left irrelevant because of this, just one step up from the gawking Mrs Marin and Emily thanks to the unmoving dildo strapped around her waist/stuffing Hanna's creaming cunt. And ultimately as much as she liked to watch Mona had stepped out of the shadows so she could finally get what she really wanted, and what she really wanted was Hanna. And sure, it wasn't her favourite Hanna honey hole, but the blonde's cunt welcomed her when she finally got back in the game.

Pretty much instantly Mona was making Hanna cum for her again. And again, and again, and again, Mona slowing down after the initial hard thrusting as she didn't want to make Hanna cum too much because she really didn't want to knock the poor girl unconscious and rob herself of the chance to get at that sweet butt hole she craved so much. Luckily for her Ali seemed determined to keep Hanna awake, what with the rough face fucking and all that verbal abuse.

"Take it! Take it you bitch!" Alison repeated over and over as she became lost in the serious face fucking, "Take it! Take it you fat little pig! Take it! Yeahhhhhhh take it, take it you ATM skank! Take every single inch of my cock down your throat like the little slut you are! Take it take it take it take it TAKE IT!"

Suddenly a clearly exhausted Jenna pulled out, and murmured, "Hey Mona, ready for your turn?"

"Oh hell yes." Mona grinned, awkwardly yanking her dildo out of Hanna's cunt before reluctantly asking, "If that's ok with you, Ali?"

Alison shrugged and pulled her dildo from Hanna's mouth, "She's all yours. For now."

Mona was so excited she couldn't get out from underneath Hanna fast enough. She hadn't been this eager to fuck Hanna's sexy ass since she popped her anal cherry, and although this wouldn't be as magical as that perfect night it was still going to be pretty sweet showing the rest of her friends who really owned Hanna's ass. Although as eager as she was Mona couldn't help pausing when she came to kneel behind the beautiful blonde and admire just how widely gaping Hanna's butt hole was. She even moved aside for a second so that Ashley could snap a shot, Mona knowing the momentary sacrifice would be worth it for being able to see that gape again.

Of course Hanna would be lucky if her butt hole was allowed to fully close for even half a second as Mona and the rest of the A Team planned on giving this perfect bubble butt relentless rectum wreckings for the rest of their very happy lives together. The thought paused Mona to grin wickedly as she lined up her dildo with Hanna's gaping bitch hole and after a half-hearted attempt to tease it by sliding the tip of her cock around the outside Mona slammed in with full force, burying every inch of her strap-on in Hanna's ass in practically the blink of an eye, making her beloved girlfriend let out a deafening cry.

Hanna continued crying, screaming and squealing as Mona immediately started ramming her rectum with every ounce of her strength, jack-hammering that dildo through Hanna's bowels at lightning speed. Being the massive anal whore that she was Hanna was crying, squealing and screaming in pure pleasure, her natural sluttiness combined with the fact that this was the fourth cock in her ass during this gang bang meaning that she seemed to be on the edge of orgasm in a matter of seconds, Mona using every trick she knew to make that happen, including smacking Hanna's butt and pulling on her blonde hair as if it were reigns.

Just as Hanna was about to cum yet again Alison called out, "Hey Mona, how's about we end this with a bang and see if we can share Hanna's ass?"

Inwardly Mona fumed with rage. Of all the things Alison had done to her, the name-calling, the social exile, making her call her Mistress A, etc this was the absolute worst. This was robbing her of the chance to show that while Alison might be team leader, she was the true owner of Hanna's ass. But what could she do? Just keep fucking Hanna's ass? Please, Alison would probably ruin her life if she was that disobedient. Besides she couldn't just resist the chance to double fuck Hanna's ass, not when it would be the first time Hanna had received such an abuse, Mona shuddering at the thought of being left out both the equation and knowing that if she just made Hanna cum once it would be Jenna and Ali taking Hanna's double anal cherry.

So she stopped in her tracks, and after Hanna had let out a particularly loud cry of frustration, Mona turned to her rival and faked a smile, "I'd love too. But since Hanna is my bitch first and foremost, I insist on going second. You know, so I can officially take her double anal cherry. I'd be happy to do the same for you when it's Emily's turn to be double ass fucked."

Alison thought about denying her friend/rival, but Mona had proven herself a great ally to have, so she thought she would give her this one thing, "Ok Mona, have it your way."

Grinning in victory Mona quickly pulled out and moved aside, Alison taking her place just as quickly and slamming her dick up Hanna's butt even harder than Mona had. And then, unable to resist, she gave it a few hard thrusts, just enough to get her back on track towards orgasm, before beginning to move her hips up and down and side to side, stretching Hanna's back hole for the extreme abuse to come. After maybe a minute of that Mona swung a leg over Hanna and then dropped into the crouching position, her dildo poking at where Alison's dildo was already obscenely stretching that cute little rear hole.

"Ok, you ready Han?" Mona grinned, Hanna probably replying yes although it was hard to tell before Mona added, "Good, because me and Ali are about to destroy your ass hole once and for all!"

With that Mona slammed down, popping Hanna's double anal cherry in only a second or two. Alison might have dragged it out a bit more, but she could hardly complain about the results, Hanna's butt hole looking gorgeous stretching for two cocks and Han let out the cutest little scream as her back door was torn apart like never before. Hanna kept screaming and her ass kept stretching as Mona fed inch after inch of dildo down her girlfriend's shit chute, Alison laughing cruelly as she and the rest of the A Team provided running commentary on what must be the most wonderful/humiliating experience of Hanna's entire life.

"Oh my God, what a whore! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss Hanna, you're a total anal whore!" Alison laughed with delight, "Ooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeesssssss, take it! Take our cocks you little bitch, mmmmmmmmmm fuck!"

"Yeah, take them!" Mona agreed gleefully, "Oh Hanna, I'm so proud of you. You're taking our cocks up your ass like the total anal whore you are."

"I'm proud of you too sweetie." Ashley chimed in, "You're taking those cocks so well, like a good little sub should. Keep it up honey. I want you to take every inch of those cocks up your slutty little ass. Please two of your Mistresses at the same time by taking two big strap-on cocks in your bitch hole like the good little sub you were always meant to be."

"Yeah, take it bitch!" Jenna grinned wickedly, "Take those cocks up your big fat butt! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, there's a good slut. Feel every inch of those big dildos! Except them inside you as Mona and Ali gape you like never before and officially turn you into our walking fuck hole!"

When Mona had over half of her dick entrenched in Hanna's rectum she began thrusting in and out, pulling Alison's cock with her. That was unacceptable. Ali wasn't a follower, she was a leader, something she proved as she started fucking Hanna's ass. At first her thrusts were at different times to Mona's, thus providing Hanna with at least some relief as the deepest part of her bowels only had to take one dick at a time. However once they really got going they sinked up until they were pushing both dildos in at the same time, eventually achieving full double anal penetration, all of Team A but especially Mona and Alison whooping with delight at utterly destroying Hanna's butt.

Pretty much the first second they achieved full penetration Hanna started cumming, the poor blonde's cum squirting from her cunt harder than ever before, her screams painfully loud and her body shook like she was possessed. Which of course made Alison and Mona cackle with delight and ram their dildos harder into their little butt slut, Ali having absolutely no doubt that Mona was loving it as much as she was. Hanna was a close second, although it had to be degrading to be used like this and while she was obviously cumming harder Ali doubted that ecstasy could compare with the wonderful sensations she was feeling.

Third place was everybody else, even though Jenna was the only one still providing commentary, "Fuck her! Fucking fuck her! Fuck the bitch! Pound her fucking butt hole! Ooooooohhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhh, pound that slutty little butt hole and make sure it never ever closes again, Hanna Marin forever just an anally gaped dyke whore!"

Emily couldn't believe Hanna was taking two dildos up her ass at the same time. It was the most obscene thing she'd ever witnessed, but like a train wreck she couldn't look away, and not just because Alison had told her to take pictures. Although that did give her the proper motivation to get the full enjoyment out of this, getting up close she could take shots of Hanna's ass hole stretching for those fake cocks, and underneath them Hanna's cunt pretty much constantly squirting cum. She also got close-ups on the blissed out faces of Hanna, Alison and Mona, all three teens looking like they were having the time of their lives as they seem to work to together completely wreck Hanna's rectum.

That was until Hanna no longer had the strength to hold herself up, let alone thrust herself backwards, the poor blonde collapsing face down on the bed. Or perhaps she just couldn't take anymore orgasms. Either way Alison and Mona continued double pounding her butt for a few long moments, then they pulled out simultaneously, leaving the widest gape Emily had ever seen. It made her own butt hole clench with fear and yet tingle with excitement at the thought that she may soon suffer the same fate. Considering how many times Hanna came Emily couldn't help think whatever pain and humiliation would be worth as Emily continued staring deep into her friend's bowels by the gaping crater which used to be Hanna's ass hole.

"Gather around girls." Alison suddenly said, awaking Emily from her thoughts as her girlfriend quickly added, "Not you Ems. I want you to take a picture of us all standing triumphant next to Hanna's gaped hole."

With trembling fingers Emily did as she was told, at least once Alison, Mona, Ashley and Jenna were all standing at the edge of the bed, two on either side of Hanna who had been dragged so her exhausted body was half hanging off the bed, meaning her abused butt was on perfect display. Under Alison's guidance Emily took half a dozen other shots, the ones in which she did a close up on her friend's ruined butt hole particularly making her blush, especially when one of the other girls spread Hanna's cheeks and smiled like Hanna was some kind of trophy, although Emily had been pretty crimson throughout the gang bang.

After who knows how many photos Alison finally took the camera from Emily and looked back through the images her girlfriend had taken, a smile crossing the blonde's face as she said, "Good work Emily, but now I have another job for you. Hanna seems to be unconscious so she can't clean up the mess. That leaves you on ATM duty. But that's not a problem is it, because you love the taste of ass. Especially Hanna's dyke ass."

"Yes Ali." Emily replied meekly as she blushed and fell to her knees.

Even though admitting it made her blush it was true. Emily loved the taste of girl butt, and Hanna had a yummy little bottom which she had tasted a couple of times before she became the exclusive property of Alison DiLaurentis. So eagerly she wrapped her lips around Alison's cock and once again tasted Hanna's butt, Jenna and Mona quickly gathering around so Emily could go back and forth between those three cocks in a way which kind of felt weird given her sexual preference. Of course she would do anything to please Alison, especially if it meant sucking the taste of Hanna's ass off something.

As Emily started deep throating her dildo Jenna said, "Well, it seems like these two sluts are now completely broken in."

"What... what about the other two?" Ashley asked with equal amounts of nervousness and excitement.

"You mean other four?" Mona grinned, "Don't worry, Ali has a plan."

Alison just smiled, first at her friends, then at her beloved girlfriend as she moved back to worshipping her now well cleaned cock.


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