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Author's note: spoilers for Season 3, and possibly 4, although some stuff is made up/altered to fit the story.

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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 23
by MTL ([email protected])

Aria Montgomery and Spencer Hastings were trying and failing to hide their nervousness as they got closer and closer to their destination. They both had received their first A - text in a while, and although the last few texts they had received had ultimately helped them it had been in the most perverted way possible, and that didn't change the fact that whoever this person was they had been terrorising them for months before that. Aria especially tried to remain positive, but it was clear Spencer wasn't buying it.

"Do you think this is the place?" Aria asked as Spencer stopped the car.

"It's the right address." Spencer shrugged, taking the key out of the ignition and exiting the vehicle, Aria quickly following suit and both girls checked the A - message again.

I have a present for you my darlings. Come ALONE to 48th Street, building 4a. I look forward to watching you enjoy it.

- A

"Do, do you think we should go in?" Aria asked.

"What choice do we have?" Spencer said grimly, pushing the door open to the abandoned warehouse and walking inside.

Aria followed, and marvelled at the big, mostly empty space filled with boxes and equipment which looked like they hadn't been touched in years. And yet, within the darkness she could just make out a camera or two, which she guessed was a recent edition. Although truth be told she didn't dwell on that, given that there were two naked people in the centre of the room. Naked women, tied to some kind of table. They were both bent over it, with familiar writing on their right butt cheeks, Aria getting a feeling of dj vu as she saw the words 'Your Present' and an arrow pointing to some deliciously tight looking butt holes.

As Aria became lost in staring at those asses, something she was guilty of for a while, Spencer walked around to discover both women had hoods over their faces, "Who do you think they are?"

Spencer reached for one of the hoods but suddenly the room was filled with light and a distorted voice came over the speaker system, "Do not remove the hoods."

Spencer jumped back and then Aria dryly murmured, "Looks like we won't be finding out."

Ignoring her friend Spencer screamed out, "Where are you? Show yourself!"

There was a pause and then the same distorted voice spoke again, "Start ass fucking those sluts, and we will."

"We?" Aria murmured.

"We're not going to do that. That would be rape." Spencer argued, causing her friend to blush.

There was another pause and then a distorted voice spoke again, although it sounded somehow slightly different this time, "Sluts, wiggle your asses. Prove how badly you want to be butt fucked by Aria Montgomery and Spencer Hastings."

Without hesitation the two women started wiggling their beautiful looking butts, causing Aria to lick her lips and inched towards the strap-ons which were on a box near to her, causing Spencer to scold her, "Really Aria? Just like that?"

"What choice do we have?" Aria argued softly, "A has stuff on both of us which would ruin our lives. She, he, it, they, whatever has us right where she, it, he, they want us and he, she, it, they know it. Besides, look at these fuck-able little asses. Do you really want to resist them?"

"No." Spencer grumbled.

"Then let's just enjoy this while we can, and we'll handle whatever comes next." Aria said, tossing one of the strap-ons to Spencer and then stepping into the other.

Soon the brunettes were tightening the straps around their waists and then coating the toys in the lubricant that was also provided. They then walked over nearly at the same time and started fondling those wonderful little butts, taking great delight in squeezing the cheeks and pulling them apart to get a better look at the tight holes in between the cheeks. Since Aria's girl, the paler of the two, had a dripping wet pussy and was still trying to wiggle her ass Aria felt very little guilt as she pressed the head of her strap-on against the other girl's back hole and slowly but firmly pushed forward, both herself and the stranger moaning with pleasure at the anal penetration.

Spencer took the time to slip a finger into the slightly darker skinned girl at the same time Aria entered her with her strap-on, and she moaned too at the feeling of tightness around her finger. The girl on the receiving end moaned as well, she and the other bound girl continuing to do the same, prompting Spencer to ask, "Do they sound familiar to you?"

"Huh!" Aria moaned, lost in watching her dildo disappearing into the tight butt hole in front of her, "What?"

"These girls, do they sound familiar to you?" Spencer asked firmly.

"I guess." Aria moaned.

"Do you think we know them?" Spencer asked nervously.

"Probably." Aria admitted, "But we can't do anything about that right now. We, we need to do as A says."

For a second Spencer looked like she was going to argue, then she went right back to the anal fingering. Aria was grateful for that, because she was pretty sure Spencer was right and it made her feel incredibly guilty about this. Perhaps even more than when she had done this exact thing to her Mom. At least then it had been the person she had secretly wanted above all others. Now she was just doing this because she was a puppet on a string, and a slave to her own desires. And as she slipped more of her strap-on into the other girl's butt and she heard more of the moans coming from the girl in front of her the more Aria was sure of the horrible truth of who she was anally invading.

Spencer would really like to tell herself she thought of a way out of this mess, or even that she did everything she could not to force anal on a maybe willing, maybe not willing participant, who had the beautifully tanned skin of one of her best friends, namely Emily Fields. But the truth was she was just as horny as Aria and soon found herself slipping a second finger into the other girl's ass, sliding up and down and side to side as well as in and out so she could stretch the hole and prepare it for her strap-on.

When she did finally replace her fingers with the dildo Aria had already completed the penetration and was anally pumping the girl who sounded a lot like Hanna Marin, Spencer barely hesitating as she penetrated an ass which could easily become this well-toned thanks to swimming. Spencer wasn't sure what was better, butt fucking her best friend, or butt fucking a stranger. Probably the latter, but under the circumstances it wasn't by much, and knowing A it just made so much sense for the women bent over in front of them to be Emily and Hanna.

At least Spencer could take comfort in the fact that the Emily look-a-like took all of her dildo up her ass without a hint of any pain, the other girl moaning like a shameless anal whore. Like her sister Melissa, who Spencer had relentlessly ass fucked over the past few weeks to the point where it barely took any preparation to make her sibling love it. Aria's Mom was the same, the two brunettes having shared their sluts on multiple occasions by now, and each time Ella and Melissa were just as receptive as the anal sluts now in front of them, despite herself Spencer becoming lost in the pleasure of sodomising another girl for several minutes.

Then there was a loud creek as the door opened and a figure dressed in all black walked out, their face hidden by a hoodie. Immediately Spencer and Aria stopped, only for a distorted voice to tell them, "Keep going."

Nervously Spencer and Aria looked at each other, then did as they were told. They didn't go nearly as hard as before though, both of them keeping their eyes on the newcomer. A few minutes after that the door opened again and another figure in black came out to stand beside the first one, which again made a lot of sense. Given everything A had done it made sense there was more than one of them. That didn't make it any less worrying though, and Spencer and Aria could no longer keep up the butt fuckings when two more figures in black came out, making a total of four hooded figures just staring at them.

After a few minutes the figure who had first walked in removed their hood, causing Aria to gasp, "Mona!"

"Oh don't be so surprised." Mona gently scolded, "I was the obvious guess, and yet somehow you never suspected the girl you mercilessly bullied would want some revenge."

"We never bullied you." Spencer butted in.

"Didn't you?" Mona raised an eyebrow, then after a brief pause added, "Ignoring me, calling me loser Mona, whatever else Allison told you to say or do, it's very the least bullying by association, don't you think?"

After another pause Spencer reluctantly admitted, "Ok, I see your point, and we shouldn't have let Ali turn you into an outcast, but that's no excuse for killing her."

"Do I look dead to you Spence?" Alison asked as she removed her hood, revealing herself to be standing right next to Mona.

"ALISON!" Aria and Spencer exclaimed, stumbling backwards with their dildo sliding out of the vulnerable asses in front of them.

Her eyes growing cold Alison ordered, "Get those dicks back in those butts... NOW!"

Spencer and Aria scrambled to do as they were told, burying the entire lengths of their strap-ons through those loosened butt holes and then as deep as they would go into those butts, then Spencer asked, "Ali... how is this possible?"

"It's actually not that complicated sweetie." Alison shrugged, "Like a lot of girls, I started dating the wrong boy, then when I discovered what a creep he was I almost paid the price for it. Luckily for me, he wasn't the only one obsessed with me."

Alison tried to wrap her arm around Mona, but the smaller girl shrugged it off, "I'm not obsessed, I was just following you to see if you discovered the little present I left for you in your room. Then I saw that guy whack you over the head and bury you."

"But you could've just walked away. Or assumed I was dead." Alison pointed out.

"Please, you need way more force to land a killing blow. It was so obvious he just wanted you to suffer, and while I wanted the same thing, turns out I didn't actually want to kill anyone. Although I thought about it."

"Mona also helped me hide out in Rosewood, right under Ezra's nose."

"Ezra!" Aria exclaimed.

"Yes Aria, Ezra." Alison said, "He isn't the man you think he is. He targeted first me, then you, because he has a thing for under aged girls. I'll show you the inside of his computer if you don't believe me. He's got some scary stuff in there. Well, I'll show you the copy I made. The original should be in the hands of the police right now, and along with enough evidence for even those incompetent morons to toss his ass in jail and throw away the key."

"He's also the one who ran over Hanna. FYI." Mona chimed in, "I would never hurt her like that."

"Mona was just trying to scare you. Make you the victims for a bit." Alison explained, "She was never going to really hurt you. Or the physical stuff, that was Ezra, and we've been running around trying to give you a helping hand. Help you achieve your true potential, and you two passed with flying colours."

"What, what about Emily and Hanna?" Spencer butted in.

"Oh, they're happy where they are." Alison grinned, stepping forward and pulling off the hoods, revealing Spencer's strap-on was deep inside Emily's ass while Aria's dildo was buried in Hanna's butt. Which again caused Spencer and Aria to comically gasp, but before they could do anything rash Alison firmly said, "Don't you dare remove those dildos. Ems and Hefty have been looking forward to this ever since we promised them that you two would fuck their slutty little asses, isn't that right girls?"

As Emily and Hanna had ball-gags in their mouths, placed there to prevent them from spoiling the surprise, they could only nod their heads and make enthusiastic sounds at first. Then Mona stepped forward and undid the straps to Hanna's ball-gag and then pulling away from her mouth, the blonde not even pausing to loosen her aching jaw before pleading, "Please don't take your dick out of me Mistress Aria. Mmmmmmmmm, it feels so good in my ass."

"Mine too." Emily chimed in once Mona had removed her ball-gag, "I love it up the ass, and you were fucking me so good Mistress Spencer. Please don't stop. Never stop fucking our asses."

Alison took a few moments to savour the looks of confusion, shock, horror and lust on the faces of Spencer and Aria, then she explained, "Originally Mona was just going to torture us all from a distance, but when she saved me and confessed what she was doing I convinced her to adjust her plan to get what she really wanted."

"And that was Hanna." Mona confessed, stroking the face of the girl she loved, pleased to find Hanna lent into the touch, "For me, it was always Hanna. She was always the one, and now not only do I get her but I get the truest version of her, the anal loving lesbian slut she truly was on the inside."

"And I get the same with Emily, who I'm just as crazy about." Alison said, ruffling the hair of her beloved, "So we were hardest on them. Mentally broke them down until they were ready to be trained."

"And we had a lot of fun doing it." Mona grinned.

"Along the way we recruited Jenna." Alison said, sensing her ally's impatience, "Partly as a way to say sorry for the whole blinding thing, but she was also useful in taking down Ezra."

"We also recruited Hanna's Mom." Mona confessed, the fourth member of the group removing her hood shortly after the third, "But that was mostly because we really loved watching her butt fuck her daughter."

"Incest is hot." Alison nodded with glee, "That's why we made you too hook up with your family members, and since we already planned on having a Mom top a daughter I thought it would be hot to have a daughter topping her Mom. Besides, I knew Aria was lusting over her Mom already, so I figured that was the easiest way to play it. Truth be told I would have totally settled for the other way round, but I felt I should give one of you a chance to be a top."

"But you left it up to me and Melissa to decide?" Spencer asked bitterly.

"What can I say? Sibling rivalry is hot." Alison grinned, "But if it makes you feel any better Spencer, I totally bet on you, if only so we could end up here, with two of you buried inside the other two's asses, my favourite little dolls in the positions I put them in, fucking each other for my amusement."

Seeing the anger in particular on Spencer's face Mona was quick to add, "But if you don't want to be dolls anymore, all you have to do is join us. Join us on the A - Team and together we'll run this town, and perhaps more importantly have Emily, Hanna, Melissa and Ella as our fuck toys to use however we please."

"Either that, or you can join your precious friends and be our lezzie sluts." Jenna softly threatened, unable to hold back any longer.

"We'll give you a day or so to think about it, but yeah." Mona said, annoyed that Jenna admitted that was their end game.

"We know at least one of you has thought about what it would be like to take a strap-on up your ass." Alison said, winking at Spencer who blushed, then the wicked blonde added, "But for now, we want to watch you ram our sluts' asses until they cum."

Aria and Spencer just stared dumbfounded at Alison, before returning their attention to Ashley who with a calming breath said as boldly as she could, "Do as Mistress A says girls. Alison DiLaurentis is in charge here, and unless you want it to be your asses stretched I suggest you start pounding some butt. It's not like Hanna doesn't want it, isn't that right sweetie?"

"Yes Mistress Mom." Hanna quickly replied, before turning her head back to look at Aria, "I want it! I want it soooooooooo bad. Mmmmmmmm, please Mistress Aria, pound my butt! Pound my big fat slutty butt as hard as you can!"

"Me too!" Emily chimed in, also looking back at the friend which was anally impaling her, "I want my butt fucked. I love it. We both do. Please Mistress Spencer, Mistress Aria, fuck our slutty little asses and make us cum like the anal sluts we are!"

Aria and Spencer looked at each other for a long moment, neither completely sure what they should do or what the other was going to do. Then out of pure coincidence they simultaneously looked down at Hanna and Emily respectively, grab their friends' waists and slowly pulled their cocks almost all of the way out of their friends' butts. Just when the A - Team were beginning to look concerned and/or upset they slammed their hips forwards, driving those dildos as deep as they could go into Emily and Hanna and making their friends cry out in pleasure, and then beg for more.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss fuck me! Fuck my ass!" Hanna pleaded, "Please Mistress fuck my ass hard! Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddddd, slam my butt! Make me gape! Oh Mistress Aria, please ram my ass! Destroy it! Fuck me! Fuck, ooooooooooooooh, fuck my ass, ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

"Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssssssss, pound us! Pound our asses hard and deep!" Emily pleaded, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck our butts good and hard! Please Mistress Spencer, Mistress Aria, fuck our slutty butts! Fuck our butts, butt fuck us, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me and Hanna up the butt, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

Obliging their friends Spencer and Aria settled into a rough pace, fucking those clearly slutty asses harder than ever before, the two brunettes eventually picking up the pace even more until the only sounds echoing throughout the room were the slapping sounds of their thighs crashing against their best friends' butt cheeks and incoherent squeals, cries and screams of pleasure from Emily and Hanna. For a wonderful moment Aria and Spencer became completely lost in butt fucking their friends, the only thing in Aria's world being Hanna's juicy butt jiggling against her thighs while Spencer was equally consumed by Emily's well-toned ass. Then the four women around them started providing commentary.

"Fuck those sluts!" Alison giggled, "Pound them deep. Pound their dyke butts! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, slam those butt hole so hard and deep they're ruined! Mmmmmmmmm, ruin those holes!"

"Oh yes, ruin those holes!" Mona clapped excitedly, "Pound them deep and hard! Stretched those holes wider and deeper than ever before. If that's even possible and-"

"Make them cum." Ashley chimed in, "Oh yes, destroy those sexy little butt holes and make our slutty bottoms cum like the anal whores they are!"

"Yeahhhhhh, and gape them!" Jenna practically growled, "Make them gape. Tear those ass holes wide open and treat them like the fuck holes they are!"

For a moment Spencer and Aria were put off their strokes, looking around them and blushing at the women responsible for them anally abusing their friends and family. Although technically speaking they were both more than partly to blame, and even though it was probably morally wrong Aria and Spencer did as the A - Team said and butt fucked Hanna and Emily to orgasm, not even stopping when the four women surrounding them started stripping off their clothes, retrieving some menacing looking strap-ons, slipping into them and stroking them as if they were real.

At least by the time Emily and Hanna went over the edge of their orgasms the A - Team had finally stopped yapping, and while the intense stares they were giving them were no less threatening it allowed Spencer and Aria to truly enjoy this ultra-perverted, the constant bashing on their clits and the sheer mental pleasure of butt banging their best friends in front of four other women causing them to have powerful climaxes of their own. Nowhere near as powerful as the ones Hanna and Emily were having, Aria and Spencer both proud of the fact they made their friends tremble and squirt their cum out of their pussies, just like the brunettes regular bitches.

Competitive as always Spencer refused to be outdone by Aria, so not only did she force herself to keep going until Aria stopped sodomising Hanna but she gave Emily one more orgasm before finally slowing down and coming to a stop. By that point it felt like she had been fucking Emily's butt for hours, both their bodies and those belonging to Aria and Hanna dripping with sweat and all four were panting and gasping for breath. Which was a little worrying, Spencer suddenly realising she and her friends were exhausted in a room with the women who had been psychologically torturing them for months.

There was a long pause and then Alison walked around behind them and ordered, "Pull out. Let's see what damage you've done to those slutty asses."

Again Spencer and Aria briefly looked at each other, and then simultaneously began to pull out. Spencer might have laughed at how unintentionally in sync they were if it wasn't for the amazing sight of inch after inch of dildo sliding out of Emily's ass hole. Glancing over at her friend it seemed Aria was equally captivated by the sight of her sliding her strap-on out of Hanna's butt hole, which was unsurprising considering she hadn't exactly said much once the hard butt pounding had got underway, something Spencer was just as guilty of, although again ironically she and Aria both gasped slightly when their toys left their friends bottoms, leaving behind them two widely gaping butt holes.

"Very nice." Mona said as she and the rest of her team joined Alison, all four taking pictures on their phones as Mona added, "Spread your cheeks sluts! Show us just how well your friends gaped your asses."

In an instant Hanna grabbed hold of her butt cheeks and slowly began to pull them apart. Emily did the same, although she was more slow about it, giving her audience more time to enjoy the show, Spencer immediately wanting seconds despite how tired she was. Or maybe a piece of Hanna's sexy looking butt. Wow, how had she never noticed what fuck-able asses her friends had? Sure, she felt guilty about thinking that, but it didn't make it any less true, Spencer opening her mouth to ask if Emily or Hanna were up for anally riding her strap-on, as long as that was okay with their owners, when surprisingly she was given exactly what she wanted. More or less.

"Spencer, get down on your back." Alison ordered, smiling brightly at her friend, "I want to give you a special treat."

Nervous at the sound of that Spencer frowned, "What?"

"I want you to be the first person I share Emily with." Ali explained.

"Oh, you mean like a DP?" Spencer asked.

"That's right Spence." Mona grinned, "You and Ali are going to DP Emily, and me and Aria are going to DP Han."

"Call it a preview of what fun you can expect on the A - Team." Alison grinned.

"Unless of course, you'd rather leave now?" Jenna said with a knowing smirk.

This time Spencer and Aria didn't look at each other, they just immediately got down on the ground behind them and patiently waited. They hadn't noticed before but it seemed that the A - Team had been thoughtful enough to put carpet down behind them so they weren't resting on the dirty floor, although Spencer probably wouldn't have cared given shortly after she laid down Emily obediently got on top of her in the reverse cowgirl position while Hanna did the same with Aria. Spencer and Aria then held their dildos as Emily and Hanna spread their cheeks and slowly drop down on those toys, moaning in pleasure as every single inch of those strap-on slid back up their butts.

Wasting no time Alison kneeled down in front of Emily and said, "Ems has been waiting a long time for this, haven't you sweetie?"

"Yes Mistress A." Emily whimpered, "I've been waiting for this for so long. Please DP me. DP your slut."

"Shhhhhhh, don't worry babe, I'll give you what you need." Alison said, slowly pressing her dildo against Emily's pussy and then sliding into her like a hot knife through butter.

For a second all eyes were on Alison as she established a steady rhythm, then Mona asked, "Hanna do you want this cock in your pussy?"

"YES! Please Mistress Mona, fuck me!" Hanna cried out without hesitation.

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't." Mona bluffed, "Why don't you put on a little show for me first? Bounce your slutty ass up and down your friend's cock, let me see those big titties bounce and keep your legs apart so I can see just how needy your pussy is."

Aria expected Hanna to whine and complain, maybe even become angry and threatening her friend, but instead she obediently started anally riding her strap-on while keeping her legs apart. It was much easier a few minutes later when she reached back with her hands on the carpet and then slid her legs out from under her body so both feet while on the carpet, Hanna then beginning to jack-hammer her ass hole up and down the shaft, Aria just about able to see a look of pleasure on her friend's face while the A - Team watched lustfully. Which was impressive, given that Hanna was competing with Alison and Spencer DP'ing Emily, the difference being they were going slowly while Hanna was really abusing her slutty ass hole.

After a few minutes of this Mona kneeled down in front of her girlfriend and softly said, "Okay, you've convinced me."

It was hard to see what was happening, but by angling her head slightly Aria was pretty sure that Hanna was smiling widely as Mona was silently sliding her strap-on into her cunt. As that cunt, and the one belonging to Emily, was filled with cum and pussy juice it was hardly surprising that entry was easy, Hanna and Emily moaning, gasping and crying out with pleasure as their pussies were penetrated and then gently fucked. Too gently as far as the two women still watching were concerned.

"Hurry up Ali." Jenna barked impatiently, "I've been waiting a long time to get my hands on that slut's ass, and if you make me wait much longer I swear I'll ruin that fuck hole forever."

"Relax Jenna, I just want to make sure we do this right, and we ALL get a chance to enjoy this." Alison said.

"I'm eager for a turn too." Ashley piped up, blushing as she added, "Please be quick Mona, I'm desperate for some Hanna ass."

"Don't worry Ashley, I'm almost ready for you to join." Mona beamed, "But first, me and Ali are going to have our fun."

With that Mona lent forward to kiss Hanna, the blonde welcoming the lip lock as the brunette slid one hand around Hanna's back to help support her weight and used the other to cup one of her full breasts. Wanting to be included Aria reached up to grab the other boob, the feeling of that well rounded globe reinvigorating her. It also helped that with every thrust into the blonde slut Mona was pushing Hanna's butt firmly down on Aria's lap, which in turn caused the stimulator to rub against her clit. Hanna's soft moans, groans, whimpers and cries into Mona's mouth also helped, as did Emily's much louder sounds as she was DP'ed without the distraction of kissing and groping.

Around about the time Alison followed suit and started kissing Emily and squeezing her full rack Aria was feeling re-energised enough to begin thrusting upwards into Hanna's butt, the first thrust hard enough for her blonde friend to break the kiss and cry out. Instead of being annoyed Mona grinned wickedly and started fucking Hanna's cunt a little harder, which in turn encouraged Aria to thrust up into Hanna's ass over and over again, eventually settling into a steady rhythm which had Hanna begging for more.

"Fuck me! Oooooooooooh fuck my ass, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck my cunt, mmmmmmmmmm, double stuff me!" Hanna squealed happily, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, double stuff my sluttty holes, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddddd, pound my dyke fuck holes, yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, Mistress M, Mistress Aria, FUCK ME HARD! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Not to be outdone Spencer started sodomising Emily again, starting the slow and steady thrusts right from the get go which had Emily whimpering into Alison's mouth, not breaking the kiss until Spencer gave her friend's butt a nice hard thrust. It wasn't long until Spencer thought she was ready for that, and given the cry of pleasure her friend let out the brainy brunette was convinced she was right, Emily only confirming it actually increased the pace so she was fucking the wonderful little ass in front of her as hard as she could, while in the name of also not being outdone Alison did the same with Emily's pussy.

Which in turn made Emily scream, "God yes, fuck me! Fuck my holes! Fuck my slutty little dyke holes, oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK! Double fuck me hard, ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddddd yessssssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmm, that feel sooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooddddddddddddd aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me! Fuck my pussy Mistress A, pound my ass Mistress Spencer, oooooooooooooooh FUCK! FUCK! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Spencer wasn't sure if it was because they were still stimulated from the earlier simultaneous butt fuck they had taken, or whether the DP was just that effective, at least on them, but it wasn't long before Emily and Hanna were cumming again. And honestly, Spencer didn't really care why it seemed to be so easy. She became just totally lost in trying to destroy her friend's butt hole, Spencer and Aria again treating Emily and Hanna like their anal whores while Alison and Mona did most of the work this time, pounding those pussies with what had to be every ounce of their strength, making sure all six girls came over and over and over again.

Who knows how many minutes, or orgasms, later Alison grabbed a firm hold of Emily, pulled her off Spencer's cock and then collapsed down onto her back with Emily's pussy impaled on her strap-on. Before Spencer could work up the energy to get up and continue the DP Jenna quickly took the place she wanted to and slammed her strap-on hard and deep into Emily's back hole. As that back hole and the back passage it led to were gaping and loose thanks to Spencer's energetic pounding Emily cried out in pure pleasure as she was roughly violated and then double fucked again, this time by two of her owners.

Turning her head Spencer saw that a short distance away the process was being repeated with Hanna, except maybe Mona was a little more gentle with her when switching positions, and Mrs Marin was definitely more gentle with her daughter then Jenna had been with Emily, the older woman slowly sliding her strap-on through Hanna's gaping butt hole and deep into her baby girl's bowels. The initial thrusts were more gentle to, but it wasn't long before Hanna's Mom was brutalising her butt just as hard as Jenna was slamming Emily's ass, Spencer and Aria again slowly feeling their strength returning as they watched their friends getting double teamed.

"Hey Spencer, Aria... you wanna make these sluts air tight?" Alison suddenly called out.

Even though it was kind of phrased as a question the grin on her face, and the grins on the faces of Mona, Jenna and Mrs Marin told Aria and Spencer that those words were anything but a friendly suggestion. However rather than be worried about that they were eager to comply, especially Aria who practically jumped up and shoved her ass cream coated dildo directly into Hanna's open mouth. To be fair Hanna seem to be even more eager to wrap her lips around that strap-on, the blonde who was now getting it in all her holes moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of her butt while getting her pussy and ass stuffed at the same time.

Glancing over at her two other best friends Aria saw that Spencer did the same with Emily, the only difference being that Spencer may be moved a little more slowly. However Emily certainly was just as enthusiastic about going ass to mouth as Hanna, the first of their group to come out as a lesbian taking a cock deep into her mouth. It was a man made cock, but still, it was a sight to behold. She even let out a long moan as she began to greedily suck Spencer's butt flavoured cock. Maybe even louder than Hanna.

Turning her attention back to her cock sucker Aria was surprised to find Hanna was bobbing her head up and down over half the dildo. Cautiously she moved forward slightly, trying to make it easier for Hanna to take the rest of the strap-on down her throat. Assuming she been trained to do that of course, Aria pleased to see she had assumed right, Spencer soon after was making the same assumption and being rewarded in the same way, namely having their two best friends deep throat every inch of their cocks and then continuing the blow jobs for several minutes while Team A pounded their front and back holes. Making them air tight, Hanna and Emily taking it in all three of their fuck holes like the total sluts they had clearly become.

"Sluts, spit out those dildos!" Alison abruptly ordered, then when Emily and Hanna did as they were told she told Spencer and Aria, "You two, get dressed and get out."

"Really, just like that?" Spencer frowned.

"Really." Jenna chimed in.

"You're not part of the team." Ashley reminded them, ending with a smile, "Yet."

"So where do I sign?" Aria asked, "Seriously, what do I have to do to join your team? Because I'd do just about anything for another shot at Hanna. Or for a chance with Emily."

"Me too." Spencer added, she and Aria almost literally salivating over the thought of fucking their friends, and the sight of the other hot teens getting DP'ed.

"Well, share your fuck toys for starters." Jenna grinned.

"Done." Aria and Spencer quickly agreed simultaneously.

"Now Jenna, remember who runs this show." Alison scolded menacingly, before turning her attention back to Spencer and Aria, "I... we appreciate the enthusiasm, but I don't want you to leave here officially a member and second-guess it. Better that you have some time to think."

"We don't need it." Aria insisted, "We won't second-guess it, I swear."

"Spencer already is." Mona pointed out.

As Aria gave her a betrayed expression, Spencer returned it with an apologetic one, and quickly said, "I'm sorry, it's just... this is a lot to deal with. And I want to stay! I really, really want to stay, but I think Ali is right."

"Get used to saying that Spence." Ali quipped, adding much to her team's annoyance, "I'm always right."

There was a moment of silence and then Aria asked, "Can't we at least stay and watch? Or just me if Spencer isn't up for it."

Mona shook her head, "You need to earn that privilege."

Alison smirked, "Cheer up girls. It's just 24 hours. Then one or both of you can return here to give us your decision. Just make sure to bring your bitches with you. We have plans for them."

"Until then, kisses." Mona chimed in, blowing them a kiss before she and Alison flipped the bodies on top of them over and started pounding into Emily and Hanna again.

For a few seconds Aria just stared longingly at the two all girl sandwiches, then Spencer lightly pulled her back, encouraging her to do as they were told. Reluctantly she joined Spencer in collecting her clothes, constantly glancing over at where the others were having all the fun, and then flat-out staring at them as she slowly got dressed, suddenly feeling raring to go despite her exhaustion. Aria could tell that Spencer felt the same way, both brunettes lingering by the door as the A - Team stood up, positioning themselves in a line and ordered their bitches to start cleaning their cocks, Emily and Hanna eagerly moving from one dildo to another to sample the flavours while their owners looked at Spencer and Aria expectedly. Aria and Spencer wordlessly left after that, and while she couldn't speak for her friend Aria definitely knew she would be back as soon as possible, with her slut Mom ready to become a gang banged lesbian whore.


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