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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Emily Fields' fingertips trembled as she switched back and forth between the two previous text messages for what seemed like the millionth time. Taken out of context the last message didn't sound too bad. On the contrary, it was normally a message Emily found comforting.

She read it again.

I'll be right there.


I'll be right there. I'm coming. Be there shortly. All messages meaning she'd be soon joined by someone she trusted, and while this was still true Emily was dreading the arrival of the person she trusted because of that other text message she couldn't stop looking at.

Seemingly of their own accord Emily's trembling fingers moved, switching over so she could look at the dreaded message again.

Mama Marin has been so accommodating, hasn't she Em? Giving you everything you want? Isn't it time you return the favour, and gave her what she really wants? You'd better. Otherwise she might get something else.

- A

The thought of doing anything A said made Emily sick to her stomach, but she'd been terrorised by the bitch enough to know she didn't want to test her. Besides, this wasn't exactly something she felt comfortable talking about with her friends. And she definitely couldn't give them the full details. So she had to decide herself whether to go through with this or not. Luckily it was a decision she'd been contemplating for a while, and even though it was still unnerving just how much A new and that her choice was being more or less taken from her, at least this was something Emily had been leaning towards doing anyway. Not that made her any less nervous about it.

Just then she heard the sound of the front door to the Marin's home opening and someone hurrying up the stairs and towards her. Briefly the thought that she was alone and vulnerable past through Emily's mind, but she tried to ignore it in favour of striking a sexy pose.

Seconds later Ashley Marin entered her bedroom to find her young houseguest Emily Fields sitting on her bed completely naked. Her legs were crossed hiding her most intimate area, but she was lying back in a way which left her breasts on full display. The sight made for a delightful welcome home present, Ashley's eyes lingering on the teen's perky little tits for several long seconds before looking up at Emily's face, the girl slowly attempting yet not quite managing a sexy look which succeeded in being very cute.

"Hey." Emily said in a tone which again was cute rather than sexy, "You're home early."

"I think you know why..." Ashley purred softly in a tone which was effortlessly sexy, something she knew she would have to ruin by double-checking something, "Hanna-"

"Already left for her sleepover with Mona." Emily quickly interrupted, before smiling, "So, we have the house all to ourselves."

"Lucky us." Ashley murmured, casually closing her bedroom door before removing her earrings, slipping off her expensive shoes and then beginning to undo her dress.

As that dress slipped to the floor Emily bit her lip. Sometimes she felt guilty about having an affair with her best friend's Mom. A lot of the time actually, particularly when she and Hanna were hanging out which was unavoidable given they now shared a room. But as Mrs Marin stood there in her bra and panties, and slowly began stripping them off to reveal her incredible body, the guilt seemed worth it.

Ashley was thinking more or less the same thing as she crawled up and onto her own bed, advancing on her prey. This was wrong in so many ways, but God help her she couldn't stop this. Not when being with this younger girl made her feel more alive than she had in years.

Once she was by the girl's feet Ashley pressed her lips gently against one of them, then started kissing her way up Emily's right leg. The temptation to force those legs apart became increasingly intense, and almost overwhelming when she was hovering oh so close to Emily's most private areas. However Ashley restrained herself, instead continuing to kiss her way up the younger girl's body, deliberately travelling between Emily's tits so she could tease her teen lover before finally reaching the Latina's lips.

Emily welcomed Ashley's lips with her own, the two women's bodies melting together as they enjoyed the intimate embrace, Ashley thinking in that moment she couldn't be happier. She was almost immediately proven wrong.

"I, I wanna try that thing." Emily stammered after she broke the kiss.

"Thing?" Ashley questioned, not really following.

"Up the butt." Emily blushed, "I, I want you to fuck me up the butt."

Ashley was unable to hide the initial excitement which crossed her face, but she prepared herself for disappointment as she examined the nervousness on Emily's face.

"Are you sure?" Ashley asked, kind of wishing she'd had just accepted the offer, "Because like I said before, I don't want you to do anything simply for my benefit."

That was more or less exactly what Emily was doing, but she wasn't entirely lying when she replied, "You wouldn't be. I've, I've been thinking about it, a lot, and... I'd kind of like to try it. I mean, I still want to save taking a toy in my pussy for someone I love, no offence, and I trust you to be gentle and stop if I don't like it. And you being the one to take my anal cherry... really... it's-"

"I know." Ashley practically growled, briefly pressing her lips to Emily's before adding, "Wait right here."

With that Ashley got off the bed with uncharacteristic speed, getting her eagerness under control as she retrieved a nice medium sized strap on dildo and slowly strapped it around her waist.

Emily practically trembled when she saw the size of the toy and almost immediately asked for something a little smaller, but she did trust her older lover, and asking for a smaller size might risk upsetting A. So Emily remained silent and watched as the other woman slowly crawled back up her body until they were face to face again.

"You seem tense. Here, let me help you relax." Ashley smiled, gently pressing her lips against Emily's and then guiding her lips down to her neck.

Emily let out a relieved sigh as she found herself in familiar territory, the feeling of the older woman's lips sliding over her soft skin extremely relaxing to the teen. The feeling of Mrs Marin's lips closing around her right nipple was less relaxing, as were the gentle licks and sucks that followed. However the pleasure she received from those things did a good job of taking Emily's mind off what would come later.

Mrs Marin... Ashley, Emily reminded herself, had proven to be very good with her mouth. As if Emily needed reminding the older woman gently went back and forth between Emily's boobs, seemingly pressing her lips on every bit of soft flesh while of course concentrating on Emily's nipple, Ashley doing this over and over again until Emily thought she would go insane. Then those skilful lips travel downwards, Emily shuddering in anticipation as her secret lover reached her core.

There was a long moment when Ashley paused right in front of Emily's pussy lips. That moment seemed to last only a second and yet an eternity at the same time, Emily's mind a muddle as her best friend's Mom's tongue shot out and slid up the full length of her needy cunt.

Emily's back arched from the first lick but after that she relaxed down onto the bed. The thought of the cock that would soon stretch her butt, the fear of getting caught having sex with her best friend's Mom, whatever was going on with Jenna and Garrett and Melissa and whoever else, the sheer terror of her tormentor A, everything just melted away, Emily surrendering to the pure joy that was the female tongue massaging her womanhood.

Knowing just how much this relaxed her younger lover Ashley settle down to give Emily a long if ultimately unsatisfying pussy licking. Of course it was only unsatisfying because Ashley wanted it to be. It might have been awhile since she'd had a regular female lover but Ashley could never forget how to eat pussy. Everything had come flooding back during her first time with Emily, and since then the older woman had got to know the young lesbian's cunt very intimately.

Ashley knew where all of Emily's most sensitive spots were, just how the girl liked to be licked, etc. However on this occasion she kept her tongue work extremely slow and teasing, Ashley inwardly smiling as the younger girl gradually began moaning with increasing annoyance. Even when Ashley pushed her tongue inside Emily and began fucking her with it she was very careful to keep the thrusts slow and steady, making Emily horny while making sure she never even got close to cumming.

When she figured she had Emily horny enough Ashley pulled her face up and ordered softly, "Roll over. I want you on your hands and knees so I can eat your pussy from behind."

There was little doubt that wasn't all Ashley wanted to do, and Emily clearly knew that, but thanks to her teasing tongue work Ashley had the dark haired girl complying pretty quickly, the older woman letting out a soft inaudible sound as she was presented with the Latina's luscious ass.

Wasting little time Ashley spread Emily's ass cheeks and thrust her tongue back inside the teen's twat, this time making sure to touch all the right places to make sure her lover was nice and relaxed for what would come next. Of course as Emily moaned, and humped back against her tongue, and trembled in that way which told Ashley the younger girl's orgasm wasn't far away it became increasingly tempting just to keep up the tongue fucking and let the sweet taste of girl cum fill her mouth. However Ashley resisted that temptation, pulling away in plenty of time to gently kiss all over Emily's ass cheeks, thrusting a couple of fingers into the Latina's cunt when the dark haired girl had appropriately calmed down.

"I just love you in this position Emily." Ashley said huskily, "You look so sexy. So fuck-able."

With those words of encouragement Ashley spat onto Emily's butt hole and then slid her tongue over that little hole eagerly. It wasn't the first time she'd given Emily a rim job. In fact she'd given Emily plenty in the hopes of easing her young lover into the idea of taking a dildo in her butt. Apparently it had worked, which made Ashley very proud of herself.

Ashley's previous female lovers had told her on numerous occasions she was good with her tongue. Sometimes literally, sometimes by moaning in delight as she used it on them. Emily had used the former but at the moment was going with the latter, the teen's moaning becoming louder as Ashley spat onto Emily's ass hole again and then pressed her lips against it for a little light sucking. Then she pushed against that puckered rosebud with her tongue, using enough force that she was able to enter Emily's tightest hole.

Of course Ashley didn't get very far at first, but the sheer delight of having her tongue in Emily's butt was intoxicating and again made the teen moan loudly.

Establishing a rhythm Ashley began tongue fucking Emily's ass for a short while, resting the weight of her upper body on one hand as she used the other to slide a couple of fingers across Emily's pussy lips. The girl was unsurprisingly dripping wet, becoming even more so as Ashley teased those sensitive lips, eventually pushing two fingers inside Emily with ease. She fucked Emily in both her holes like that for a little while, her tongue and fingers working tirelessly to bring her lover pleasure, but not too much pleasure. At least before the main event, so to speak.

Then, seemingly at random, Ashley pulled back, spat on Emily's butt hole again and quickly pushed her well lubricated index finger into the teen's virgin hole. It was exquisitely tight, Ashley pausing once the finger was all the way in to savour the tightness and anticipate what was to come.

Emily was also very mindful what was to come, but she did her best to dwell on exactly what Ashley was doing now instead. That was kind of easy yet difficult at the same time when Ashley's finger pushed its way into her butt, at first Emily only able to concentrate on the initial pain and weird sensation that followed, then she couldn't stop thinking about how it was only going to get worse. Then... it kind of got better.

Ashley had slipped a finger into Emily's ass before while she was eating her pussy but Emily had been so distracted by the redhead's magical tongue she barely noticed the finger. Now her whole world seemed to revolve around that finger, that initial pain and following weird sensation disappearing rather suddenly and being replaced by pleasure.

Before she knew it Emily was moaning softly, something which seemed to greatly please Ashley, "That's it Sweetie. Just concentrate on relaxing. Soon it's going to start feeling really good."

It already felt really good, but to Emily's surprise it gradually got even better. By the time Ashley was twirling and curling her finger inside Emily's butt the young lesbian was not only moaning loudly but pushing herself back against the invading digit, for the first time in her life Emily really looking forward to getting her ass fucked.

Even the addition of Ashley's middle finger didn't change Emily's mind. In fact it didn't even seem to hurt, Emily way too distracted by the pleasure she was feeling.

Unfortunately all Emily's anxiety seemed to return when Ashley asked, "Are you ready Honey?"

Biting her lip Emily thought about this for a second. Ashley's fingers had been working tirelessly to loosen her butt, so physically she was probably as ready as she was going to be. Mentally... well, it was probably best to just get on with it and hope the older woman could make taking a strap on dildo up her butt half as pleasurable as taking two fingers.

So Emily nodded softly and murmured, "Fuck me. Fuck my butt."

"With pleasure." Ashley murmured, removing her fingers from Emily's ass hole, quickly pushing the strap on against the teen's virgin hole and softly cooing, "Remember Sweetie, relax."

Under the circumstances Emily found that incredibly difficult but she did her best, gritting her teeth as she felt her back hole gradually expand wider than it had ever done before, a cry escaping her lips when the head of the toy finally pushed it's way past the tight ring of flesh and into her virgin ass hole. Formally virgin, Emily thought with a blush, the sharp pain she felt almost dwarfed by the thought that she had just lost her anal virginity to her best friend's Mom.

"Emily, are you ok?" Ashley asked worriedly.

Forcing a smile on her face Emily looked back and said, "Yes... I'm fine. Just please, go slowly."

To Emily's relief Ashley obliged, ever so slowly pushing an inch or two of dildo into her previously unviolated rectum then stopping to give Emily a chance to recover before pushing another inch or two inside. Using this technique Ashley was able to get over half the strap on inside Emily's butt. Then she began the ass fucking with gentle thrusts, continuing to push a couple of extra inches into Emily's ass at random while stimulating her back passage.

It wasn't long before Emily found herself moaning in pleasure, the teen a little embarrassed about just how quickly the pain turned pleasurable. To be fair there was still a dull ache, and every additional inch sent new shockwaves of pain through Emily's body, however Ashley skilfully manipulated her rectum into relaxing for her meaning the experience was not half as painful as Emily had feared it would be.

Soon Emily was blushing again as her best friend's Mom's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing every inch of the dildo was buried up her butt. However while Emily could almost sense the older woman smiling in triumph Ashley said nothing and continued gently sodomising the teen, thoughs steady thrusts melting away the pain once again and without any more pain to replace it Emily was quickly left with nothing but pure pleasure.

Thoughs steady thrusts gently increased to a slightly faster and harder pace which had Emily moaning loudly even as she buried her face into the bed sheets, embarrassed at the realisation she must be a total anal slut. Why else would anal sex feel so good so quickly?

Ashley smiled warmly as she watched Emily press her face into the bed sheets as she found it so endearing. In many ways the once shy Emily was turning into a confident young woman, and Ashley's heart swelled with pride whenever she saw that in action. However there were moments when Emily reverted back to her old shy self, and Ashley couldn't help find that kind of cute. She experienced plenty of the latter moments from having sex with the younger girl, Emily always so unsure of herself whenever they played out of her usual comfort zones. That was why Ashley was surprised Emily had agreed to be butt fucked, or at least had agreed so soon. Although it had been a very welcome surprise.

In truth Ashley had been preparing for this moment since after her first tine with Emily. She had spent many hours tonguing Emily's cute little butt hole, gently fingering that wonderfully tight orifice, and even talked the still rather sexually inexperienced girl into licking and fingering her ass hole, all in the hopes to convince Emily to try a little anal.

During her past flings with other women Ashley had always been the dominant one. The top. The Dom. The fucker. The one in control. She had definitely preferred it that way, and mostly following her own curiosities had found herself ass fucking her best friend on an almost daily basis. Butt fucking another woman was perhaps Ashley's favourite form of pleasure, maybe second only to having her pussy licked by an eager to please little queer girl. She had given up on these pleasures to have a family, and while Hanna was the most important thing in her life she missed her pre-married sex life dearly.

That was why she hadn't put a stop to this affair and wouldn't anytime soon. Ashley couldn't see herself loving this girl, and she knew having sex with her was wrong on so many levels, probably even the worst thing she'd ever done, but she couldn't go back to the way things were before where she didn't have Emily's talented little mouth pleasuring her at least twice a day. And if Emily was going to start taking it up the butt for her on a regular basis Ashley just might have to make arrangements to ensure the younger girl remained her personal sex slave for at least the next couple of years, only letting her go when she found a new young and innocent lesbian to corrupt.

Ashley blushed a little at her lustful thoughts, then heard Emily softly beg, "Fuck me. Fuck my butt. Fuck it hard. Harder! Oh God."

"You want me to fuck you harder Emily?" Ashley questioned as if the younger girl wasn't being clear, "You want me to fuck your tight little ass harder?"

"Yes, yes, ooooooohhhhhh yesssssss!" Emily moaned, "It feels soooooooo good. Better than I could have ever imagined. Please butt fuck me. Butt fuck me hard!"

"And what are you going to do for me if I butt fuck you hard?" Ashley pushed.

"Anything." Emily said, almost delirious, "I'll do anything. Please just fuck me!"

Ashley gave Emily's ass a couple of deep, hard thrusts, making her young moan loudly before softly murmuring, "Will you let me fuck this ass again?"

"Yes!" Emily quickly replied.

"Will you let me fuck it whenever I want?" Ashley pushed.

"Yes!" Emily replied without thinking, slightly regretting it as the words sunk in.

"Will you let me shove whatever I want up your tight little ass?" Ashley pushed further.

This time there was a pause as Emily thought about it, although it wasn't a long pause as Emily quickly reasoned Ashley wouldn't try shoving anything up her ass which wouldn't be doable and ultimately pleasurable. The pause however did seem to worry Ashley who slightly but noticeably increased the pace of the ass fucking.

"Ahhhh, ohhhhh yessssss!" Emily finally moaned.

Ashley wasn't sure whether that was a response to her question or not but she was too lost in the moment to care, "Will you be my anal slut?"

"Yes, yesssssss, yeeeessssssss!" Emily cried out, so overwhelmed by pleasure she felt compelled to add, "I'll be your anal slut! Ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwdddddd, I'll let you fuck my ass whenever you want, mmmmmmmmm, shove whatever you want up my tight little ass, ooooooh Gooooooooodddddd fuck my ass hole, fuck me, fuckkkkkkk oooooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkk!"

Emily's words dissolved into incoherent cries of pleasure as Ashley began fucking her ass hard and deep. Unlike before there was very little build up, the steady thrusts rapidly increasing until the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoed throughout the room along with the sound of Emily's cries.

If taking a dildo in her ass always felt this good Emily would happily let Ashley shove whatever she wanted up her ass. In fact Emily might just have to go looking for other anal toys herself, experiment with what she could put back there, how wide her hole would stretch, how deep she could take a toy, etc.

It also made her more curious than ever before about officially losing her front door cherry, Emily wishing desperately she had just given it to Maya or even Paige when she had the chance because she knew she wouldn't give it to Mrs Marin. After all while they did care for each other what they had clearly wasn't love. It wasn't even close and they both knew it. That was the main reason Emily had found herself falling into an affair with the older woman, because there was no chance her heart would get broken again by another girl who moved away or was too ashamed of who she really was to commit. That, and this was so unlike her. Having sex with one of her friend's Moms, having it be all about quenching lustful desires, it was the most daring thing Emily had ever done and because of it she just couldn't stop doing it.

To horny to even blush at that last thought Emily let out an extra loud scream and started pushing herself back rapidly against the older woman's thrusts as her orgasm rapidly approached. Mrs Marron seemed in no mood to deny her, intensely pounding Emily's pooper until the young Latina felt herself going over the edge of an orgasm which was easily just as intense as the ones she had received from having her pussy eaten. It was however intense to a whole different way, Emily actually feeling her climax originating deep within her rectum and the knock-on effect having her cum squirt from her pussy. And just when Emily didn't think it could get better she came again, and again, and again.

As far as Ashley was concerned it had been decided. Emily was going to make her ass hole available for fucking at all times, the lesbian's back hole now only ever allowed to be gaping or filled with dildo.

Of course Ashley wanted Emily to constantly beg to have her ass fucked, not blush and have to be talked into bending over anytime Ashley was feeling like pounding a tight little butt hole. That was why Ashley was so determined to turn Emily into an anal slut, the older woman deciding failure was not an option as she relentlessly pounded her young lover's butt over and over and over again. She used every ounce of strength she had, pushed herself beyond what she thought she would have been capable of, sweat covering both women's bodies as they both became lost in the deep hard butt fucking.

Ashley was in tremendous shape for a woman her age. That was no accident, she kept a strict diet, visited the gym regularly and relaxed by taking long jogs around her neighbourhood. Her recent 'workouts' with Emily had also done a lot to increase her stamina, but all too soon her energy seemed to be running on low.

Trying to convince herself to keep going Ashley tried to imagine all the fun she was going to have with Emily as her personal anal slut, making the girl bend over all around her home, perhaps even in more public places, the whole time bragging to her friends about her new lover. Perhaps next time Pam Fields was in town Ashley would brag to her, being sure not to mention any names but silently pleasing herself that she was letting the other woman know how much fun she was having fucking her daughter.

That thought brought forth Ashley's most forbidden fantasy, and no matter how much she tried to push it away it came over her like an unstoppable force. Then suddenly before her it wasn't Emily bent over in front of her. It was her own daughter Hanna. Oh how the thought filled Ashley with shame, but... her daughter had such a perfect little bubble butt. Perhaps even more beautiful than Emily's spectacular rump, Ashley then suddenly imagining both the young women in her care bending over for her and begging to be her anal sluts, giving up their butts whenever she wanted, their perfect bottoms all hers, their ass holes always either gaping or filled with one of her dildos.

This final thought had Ashley initially redoubling her efforts to pound Emily's pooper like never before, the extra strong orgasm that quickly shook her body coinciding with what sounded like a thoroughly spectacular orgasm for Emily. Unfortunately her orgasm drained Ashley of the last of her strength, the older woman forced to make the choice between collapsing or stopping immediately. Ashley chose the latter, immediately pulling her toy from Emily's butt and then surveying the damage she had caused. What Ashley saw filled her with sadistic pride.

Emily's now very much formerly virgin ass hole remained widely stretched open, Ashley gently spreading the exhausted girl's ass cheeks so she could get an even better look deep into Emily's bowels through her gaping butt hole. Too horny to feel guilty Ashley continued staring at Emily's gaping ass hole for a few long seconds before finally letting go of those cheeks and moving round to where the tired Latina could see her.

"Are you hungry Sweetie?" Ashley asked innocently.

There was a pause and then Emily nodded.

"Me too. I'll go make something for us in the second... but first, how about a little appetiser?" Ashley asked, feigning innocence again even as she glanced down to her toy. When Emily just stared at her blankly Ashley decided to elaborate, "Emily, I want you to suck it clean."

Emily had understood what Ashley wanted from her, she just wasn't sure if she could do it. What Ashley was asking was so gross, so perverted, so nasty, and... it honestly kind of turned her on. It shouldn't but it did. Of course after what they had just done what was one more debasement?

So to her surprise Emily found herself crawling over to Mrs Marin, closing her eyes and taking the older woman's dildo into her mouth. She tried not to think about where it had been but the moment the peculiar flavour hit her taste buds all Emily could think about was how the fake cock had just been up her butt. Then a few seconds later all she could think was how she actually kind of liked the taste.

Emily had never wanted to be some virginal prude, but she'd never really ever seen herself as a slut either. She just didn't think she had it in her. But now she was sucking on a strap on which had just been inside her butt. She was tasting the deepest part of her rectum on the head of this toy cock, and rather than being disgusted and telling Ashley she couldn't do this Emily began bobbing her head up and down on it, taking inch after inch into her mouth.

Ashley wasn't forcing her, and if she had said no Emily was sure the older woman would respect her wishes. But instead Emily was acting like a little slut, actually enjoying sucking the taste of her own ass off a strap on cock, and before that she had cum amazingly hard from being fucked in the ass. So maybe Emily was a slut. Maybe deep down she was a lesbian slut this entire time and she didn't know it. And maybe, maybe she should experiment to find out.


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