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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])


It had been... not a joke, because there was nothing funny about it. Not to Mona. But... she'd never intended to go this far.

She'd been so very, very angry. Pure rage had consumed every fibre of her being until she could only think of one thing.


Considering what she went through, what everyone went through at the hands of Alison, who could blame her? And shouldn't that make her the hero? Giving the Evil Queen a taste of her own medicine, making her suffer like she'd made so many others suffer.

Of course Mona couldn't use her words or try doing anything to Ali's face, because really, who would have taken her seriously back then? But A, A could finally give the mighty Alison what she deserved.

Then suddenly things got... complicated.

Even Mona's alter ego had been scared, so Mona had retired her and kept her mouth shut.

And things had gotten so, so good. For the first time in her life Mona was happy. She was popular. She was pretty. She was BFFs with Hanna and together they ruled over Rosewood with a fabulously accessorised iron fist.

Then things got complicated again. Or in a way, really simple. Or at least it would be if it wasn't for one teeny tiny problem.

She was in love with Hanna.

Not friendship love, not hero worship love, and not some silly little girl crush which could be mistaken for love. Full-blown, head over heels, true love.

Mona had tried to deny it for so long but Mistress A knew. Mistress A knew everything. And now, all Mona could do was hope her Mistress's plan would succeed. Well, actually, that wasn't all Mona could do.

Suddenly Hanna stirred ever so slightly in her sleep. This immediately awoke Mona from her thoughts, the brunette ready to greet her friend with a happy smile for what seemed like the gazillionth time, but yet again Hanna proved herself to be like the heaviest sleeper ever. When Mona had been texting that had been a good thing, and the little brunette greatly enjoyed staring at the beautiful sight of her sleeping lover while her mind wandered. But Mona was horny and her window of opportunity to have more fun with Hanna before they had to go to school was rapidly closing.

Deciding she'd waited long enough Mona lent forward and gently pressed her lips to Hanna's. Of course that wasn't enough to wake the blonde up, nor was the gentle kisses on her cheek and down her neck to her chest, but Mona was confident that the next thing she did would get Hanna's attention sooner or later.

The next thing was to of course kiss her way down Hanna's neck, travel over the other girl's soft skin until she reached her right boob, make her way up it and then finally take her nipple into her mouth.

Mona made sure to keep things soft and gentle as while she wanted Hanna to wake up she wanted it to be slowly and sensuously, not sudden and scarily. At least not this time around. Which was why she was also careful to only apply gentle suction to Hanna's nipple, and after a few moments of that very slowly and gently move her lips down one full little mountain of flesh and up the other to take Hanna's left nipple into her mouth and give it the same treatment she'd given the right.

Over and over again Mona did this, gradually adding her tongue into the mix by sliding it around and flicking each nipple, and after that beginning to use her hand to make sure whichever tit her mouth wasn't working on wasn't completely neglected. All this of course had Hanna moaning softly, yet seemingly not awaking from her slumber.

It kind of made Mona wonder what else she could get away with while Hanna slept. Although it was also a little frustrating that her plan of waking Hanna this way was taking so long. On the other hand Mona was kind of in heaven right now.

Hanna had amazing boobs. Round and full. Not too big, not too small, just... perfect. Yet, to Mona, perfect didn't quite do justice to Hanna's boobs. They were so much better than perfect. They were... the most perfect boobs in the long proud history of boobs.

If Mona added up all the time she'd spent staring at them it would probably be days or something. Luckily Hanna never seem to notice, and Mona felt she had become pretty good at masking her wants and desires.

Just then Mona heard Hanna let out a loud moan and looked up just in time to see the blonde's eyelids fluttering open.

The sight and more importantly the feelings she woke up to made Hanna smile widely and moan, "Morning."

"Morning." Mona murmured softly, pausing to roughly swirl her tongue around Hanna's nipple and suck it harder than ever before and then lifting her head back up to add, "Do you want me to stop?"

"God no!" Hanna moaned, a few long moments ticking by as Mona's mouth and tongue worked overtime on her tits before the blonde cried out as she felt teeth roughly clamping down on her sensitive bud, "Ohhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh fuck, but, oh Gawwwwwd, you could, you know, mmmmmm, go lower."

"Lower?" Mona questioned, playing dumb for a brief moment as she lingered on Hanna's magnificent boobs, then she pressed her lips right below those little mountains of flesh, "You mean like this?"

"Yessssss!" Hanna groaned, then when Mona continued kissing the same spot quickly added, "Lower! Lower, lower, lower, lower... lower... oh my God, mmmmmm, please lower! Oh fuck, not that low!"

Mona smiled. With the initial plea of 'lower' she had slid her lips further down Hanna's flat stomach until she was covering the area just above her friend's womanhood in long, drawn out kisses. Then when Hanna again begged her to go lower Mona went lower, past the blonde's needy cunt and to the other teen's inner thighs. That really had Hanna moaning and writhing, although this time in frustration.

Getting a twisted little thrill out of Hanna's frustration Mona lingered on the other girl's inner thighs, slowly kissing up and down each one, paying close attention to the area around her friend's pussy without ever actually touching any part of it. That especially had Hanna begging for mercy, Mona declining to give it to her for several long minutes. Then she moved her mouth so that it was hovering over the scrumptious treat before her, breathed in it's sweet smell, and then looked up at the other girl.

Hanna just stared back at her for a few seconds, then she whimpered, "Mona... please..."

"Please what?" Mona smirked.

"Lick me!" Hanna whined, "Please lick my pussy. Please? I want you to eat my pussy sooooo bad! I want to feel your tongue in my pussy again. Please? I'll do anything!"

"Anything huh?" Mona enquired with a wicked grin on her face, "You willing to return the favour?"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes I'll return the favour if you lick me first." Hanna quickly promised.

"Oh, I didn't mean after I'm done with you sweetie." Mona said, quickly turning her body 180ø so that her pussy was hovering over Hanna's face.

Hanna had never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, or whatever other clich‚d phrase, but this she got right away and without another word she grabbed onto Mona's hips and pushed her friend downwards onto her face. Or perhaps more accurately, onto her mouth.

Considering just how boy crazy Hanna had always been Mona had thought the blonde would be hesitant to eat pussy. She'd never been more happy to be wrong, Hanna going down on her with surprising eagerness last night and now there wasn't even any slow, curious lapping. In fact Hanna started licking her pussy so frantically right from the start that Mona almost asked her to slow down so she could savour the moment. Almost. But it felt way too good, and Mona was far more preoccupied with burying her own face in her bestie's cunt.

Mistress A had a delicious little pussy which Mona felt honoured to snack on but it and any other pussy Mona had ever tasted was a distant second to the heavenly treat in between Hanna Merin's thighs.

If Hanna's boobs were the most perfect boobs in the long proud history of boobs then Hanna's pussy was the most perfect pussy in the long proud history of pussies, because it was so beyond perfect. So tight, so hot, so wet, so... delicious. Beyond delicious. Like Mona had found the ambrosia of the Gods. Something she could imagine herself drinking as her only form of sustenance and remaining blissfully content.

Speaking of which, wasn't breakfast supposed to be the most important meal of the day? If so Mona had the best breakfast ever, her mouth creating a seal around Hanna's girl juice dripping hole and swallowing down every precious drop until the flow dramatically increased, resulting in a large portion covering Mona's face.

During this Mona tried desperately to ignore what Hanna was doing, but that became impossible when the blonde switched from licking her pussy to fucking it, that soft little tongue entering the brunette's love passage and driving her wild.

Quickly deciding that retaliation was her only option Mona slammed her tongue inside Hanna's welcoming cunt and began eagerly fucking it, still doing her best to swallow as much of the ambrosia that was the blonde's honey as she could but luckily there was so much of it at this point that a healthy portion was flying pretty much directly down her throat.

Of course Mona was after an even sweeter flavour and it didn't take her long to get it, the brunette relentlessly tongue fucking the blonde until finally the other girl came in her mouth.

This drove both girls berserk, their mouths and tongues seemingly going into business for themselves as they frantically tried to fuck each other's sweet tasting girl cum out of the other's love hole.

Lord knows Mona was so lost in the ecstasy she was feeling it was only her previous 'training' which allowed her to keep going, not that it felt like she was really in control of her mouth and tongue. Not that she really cared given the way she felt, and the liquid heaven that was flowing down her throat right now, making her orgasms even more intense.

Half a dozen orgasms later Mona heard the faint sound of her alarm. She tried to ignore it at first but it knocked her off her game, and besides she didn't want to get caught by her parents, so after swallowing down one more batch of heavenly Hanna cum, and allowing the blonde to tongue fuck her to one more climax, Mona lifted her exhausted body up, turned around again, reached over to turn off the alarm and then finally collapsed down on top of her bestie.

The two girls lay like that for a little while then Mona moved herself up ever so slightly so she could kiss Hanna again. To her delight Hanna didn't hesitate to kiss back, the two friends becoming lost in a passionate make out session in which they shared the sweet taste of each other's cum and cunt cream.

Tasting herself on the other girl's lips and tongue reinvigorated Mona to the point where she began gently grinding herself against the warm body underneath her own.

Hanna quickly followed suit and the two girls began humping each other like horny jackrabbits.

Their tits, and more importantly their nipples, rubbed against each other, creating oh so wonderful friction. Not that compared to the sensation of their pussies rubbing together, however with those two things combined together and with the fact that they were still very much on a high from their passionate 69 session meant that it wasn't long before Hanna and Mona were cumming again. Not as hard as when they were cumming in each other's mouths, but still pretty hard.

In all this excitement Mona found it increasingly difficult not to reach under her bed, pull out her collection of toys and shove each and every one of them inside Hanna's fuck hole. No, scratch that, she wanted to shove each and every one of them inside ALL of Hanna's fuck holes. But as much as it pained her Mona had to restrain herself.

She had her orders. Very strict orders which she didn't dare to disobey, no matter how much she wanted too.

On the bright side, it wasn't like she wouldn't have her opportunity if everything went according to plan.

Speaking of which Mona pushed both herself and Hanna to a couple more climaxes, licking her own cum and pussy cream off the blonde's face and encouraging her BFF to do the same to keep their strength up, then she collapsed back down on top of the other girl. Hanna seemed a little disappointed but at the same time grateful for the rest, the two friends softly breathing heavily for several long moments. Then Mona lifted her head up and smiled, "That was fun."

"Uh-huh." Hanna agreed with a dreamy grin, lifting her head up to place a soft but demanding kiss on Mona's lips. Mona let her for a few seconds, then pulled away.

"So, what do you think? Should this, maybe, like... erm, should this become like... a regular thing?" Mona questioned, trying to sound like this was a spontaneous thought which she was unsure of, even though when Hanna looked hesitant the next words out of the brunette's mouth seemed to sound very rehearsed, "I mean, we're both straight, right? So it doesn't really count as you cheating on Caleb or whatever. It's like, just a bit of fun. It doesn't have to mean anything."

There was a pause which seemed to last a lifetime to both girls.

Regular sex with a hot girl. If she'd been a single guy Hanna would have probably said yes in a heartbeat. But she wasn't, and while girl on girl had never bothered her, and she was apparently really, really into it, she wasn't single.

On the other hand Hanna wasn't sure she could go from an amazing night, and an amazing morning, of lesbian sex to quitting cold turkey, and she'd already promised Mona they could do this again, so even though she knew it was wrong Hanna found herself biting her lip and then softly whispering, "Ok, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, especially Caleb."

"Oh, don't worry sweetie." Mona grinned, subtly avoiding answering the question, "You can trust me."


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