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Author's note: This story takes place in the first half of Season 5.

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Pretty Little Liars: Alison Loves A Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Alison DiLaurentis had been pretty much on cloud nine ever since she tricked Aria Montgomery, one of her best friends, into giving up her anal cherry to her. Mostly because she was ass fucking Aria whenever she had the chance, her friend just as addicted to getting her ass hole destroyed as Ali was obsessed with destroying it. They had sleepovers back and forth, each one ending with Aria's ass hole gaping wide open. But their friends and families were starting to get suspicious, and there were at least three other asses which desperately needed to be fucked. Asses which desperately needed to be fucked by her, Alison unable to stand the idea of anyone getting to those sweet little virgin butt holes first.

So while it was almost physically painful Alison had ordered Aria to stay home and dildo her back hole thinking about her. When she'd given her that order Aria had given her the cutest little puppy dog eyes, Alison nearly breaking right then. But she remained strong. Sure, she bent Aria over in a toilet stall and slammed her little ass hole, but she had been going to do that anyway, and by the time she left Alison was confident that Aria would do as she was told like a good little bitch, leaving Alison to pop another anal cherry. Fortunately she had the perfect opportunity to do this tonight as it was Hanna Marin's weigh in.

Growing up Hanna was always a bit on the chubby side, not even the fat camp her father sent her to every summer enough to keep her weight down permanently, so eventually she had asked for Alison's help. They had tried a number of things, and the only thing which seemed to work was the weigh in. Partly because Alison made Hanna strip down to her underwear, to make sure the result was accurate as possible, and then she would slide her hands over Hanna's body, looking for fat. That and the constant verbal shaming throughout finally got through to Hanna. That and the spanking Hanna would receive afterwards.

Trying not to be too eager Alison waited a couple of seconds after she heard her doorbell, then casually walked to her front door and greeted her friend, "Hey Hanna, you're looking good... for you."

"Thanks Ali." Hanna blushed, lowering her head and stepping inside.

Normally Alison would then lead the way to her room, but this time she allowed Hanna to take the lead so she could enjoy looking at Hanna's juicy ass, even though it wasn't well accentuated by the loose skirt Hanna was wearing, the shy blonde clearly still the only one of Ali's friends reluctant to wear the tight fitting clothes Ali picked out, often returning them for a larger size even though Hanna's body was now as near perfection as it had ever been. In fact if anything she was officially curvy now instead of fat, and Alison was looking forward to enjoying those curves.

Once they reached her room Alison closed and locked the door, took her usual seat near to her bed and then prompted her friend, "Well then, get on with it."

"Yes Ali." Hanna nodded, scrambling to obey.

Hanna kicked off her heels and then obviously tried not to blush as she pulled her dress over her head, leaving her in just her underwear. She was probably hoping she would be allowed to leave them on, but Alison pushed her, "And the rest."

"Ali!" Hanna whined.

Remaining cool and calm Alison simply asked, "Do you remember what happened last time? And the time before that, and the time before that?"

Blushing bright red Hanna squeaked, "Yes."

"And didn't I tell you there was going to be an additional punishment next time, if it happened again. Which it did?" Alison questioned, and then when Hanna simply lowered her gaze Ali added, "Well then what are you waiting for? Strip. Give me a good look at that chubby little body of yours."

Lowering her head bashfully Hanna reached behind herself, unhooked her bra and cautiously pulled it off her, revealing those full C cup breasts Alison was secretly jealous of. Oh well, she would be enjoying them soon enough. For now she enjoyed watching Hanna slip out of her big panties, awkwardly shuffle over to where the scales were and bent over to pick them up, giving Alison an excellent view of that big butt she was about to abuse. She got another look when Hanna placed the scales in the centre of the room and then stood on them, Alison leaving her there for maybe a full minute before getting up and circling her pray, Alison taking a long time to lazily squeeze and examine her friend's body before saying anything else.

"You certainly don't look like you've lost any weight." Alison said almost conversationally as she squeezed one of Hanna's butt cheeks before finally looking down at the scales and then adding in her best disappointed tone, "And would you look at that, you've even put on a whole 5 pounds. Although probably it's all in this fat ass of yours, huh? Is that it? Do you like having a fat ass?"

"I'm..." Hanna nervously stammered.

"You're what? You got something to say now?" Alison mocked, "Spit it out Hefty!"

"I'm sorry Alison." Hanna whimpered.

"You will be." Alison promised, "Because you know what happens now, don't you Han?"

"Yes." Hanna softly replied.

"Well then let's get this over with." Alison said, marching over to the bed, sitting down on it and then patting her knee, "Bend over bitch. It's time for you to get your fat ass spanked."

Hanna bit her lip in this cute little way like she was going to argue, Alison almost considering opening her mouth to order her to hurry up, but sure enough after only a few seconds Hanna scurried over and with practised ease positioned herself over Alison's lap with that big butt of hers in perfect position for a nice hard spanking. Which Alison was going to give her, but first she was going to enjoy her prize, licking her lips as she slid her hand over that big booty, thinking the same thing she had for weeks and continue to think through out the spanking, that these butt cheeks would feel so good against her thighs when she butt fucked her friend.

"I'm doing this because I love you, you know?" Alison said softly just before she finally lifted her hand up.

"I know. Thank you Ali." Hanna said softly, "I love you too."

Pretty much a second later Hanna was crying out as Alison delivered the first strike to her ass. It was quick and hard, as were the next half dozen or so blows, in the middle of it Alison using both hands so it was like she was playing the bongos on that big booty. Then Hanna tried to squirm off her lap, forcing Alison to press one hand down on the other blonde's lower back to hold her in place, and then when Hanna continue to squirm she got cross with her.

"Hanna! Stop making such a fuss!" Alison scolded.

"I'm sorry Ali!" Hanna whimpered, "It's just... it hurts."

Alison sighed, considered telling her friend something like 'that's the point' and beating her ass even harder. But she needed Hanna to enjoyed this, and Alison knew from previous experience it didn't take much to get the other blonde to enjoy this kind of thing. Hanna might be the biggest born bottom Alison had ever met, and although what she was going to do to her tonight might seem perverted and wrong it would simply allow Hanna to embrace the lesbian sub she was always meant to be. And for that, Ali needed to be gentle. At least for a little while. Luckily there was a way to do that which Alison would really, really enjoy.

Hanna kept squirming throughout the spanking, even when Alison eased up a little for a bit there. She tried to stop herself from squirming, she really did, but it wasn't just pain making it impossible for her to stay still. There was pleasure too. Humiliating, degrading pleasure, which Hanna hated herself for feeling, but she just couldn't help it. There was just something about completely being under Alison's control which really got to her. There was also something about being punished like a naughty child which also bizarrely appealed to her for some reason that she couldn't quite explain.

Most of all Alison didn't just start dishing out softer spanks. No, Alison also went back to groping her fat ass, and while Hanna understood the point of it was to make her feel like a big fat disgusting pig being gleefully examined by a farmer it also felt like Alison wanted her or something, and Hanna like to flatter herself with that delusion. In reality Alison was too far out of her league, but the idea of being this girl's plaything was incredibly hot. In fact it was a fantasy which never failed to get Hanna off when she was alone at night in bed. So in many ways she enjoyed moments like this, moments in between spanks where Ali would caress her butt.

Hanna knew it was wrong to be enjoying this on any level, but she just couldn't help it. Alison was so hot. Hanna could have been the straightest girl in the world and still found Alison DiLaurentis attractive. Not that she was the straightest girl in the world. Then again it was impossible to be that when all her friends were so hot, and she had been practising kissing all of them, especially Ali, since before puberty, beginning with gentle pecks and eventually evolving into long make out sessions each time they had a sleepover, or went shopping, or just hanging out. Oh how Hanna would always hope Ali would pick her as a kissing partner each time that happened. Not that she minded kissing the other girls, it was just always special with Alison.

As if sensing Hanna was daydreaming, about kissing her no less, Alison increased the force of her strikes, making Hanna squeal in pain. She then squealed even louder when Alison stopped caressing her ass in between blows and just spent the next few minutes delivering a merciless spanking, the type which made Hanna openly weep as her juicy cheeks jiggled and turned bright red under the force of the impact. And yet even as she was no longer able to stop herself from squirming Hanna still found herself enjoying it, the humiliated blonde hoping that Alison wouldn't notice just how much she was enjoying it.

Unfortunately this would not be one of the days Ali didn't notice, the other girl eventually sighing with a mixture of disgust and disbelief, "You're getting wet again Hefty."

"I'm sorry Alison." Hanna whimpered pathetically, "Do, do you want me to get the paddle?"

Alison smirked, and began caressing Hanna's big butt again, "No Hefty, that hasn't been working either. In fact, I think it just makes you wetter, so clearly we need to try a new type of punishment... get on your bed. On your hands and knees."

Hanna quickly obeyed, whimpering from the soreness in her ass, the incredible humiliation she felt from being in this position and being once again outed as a pervert, and most of all just whimpering because she was horny. Oh she hoped Alison would let her leave soon so she could finger her needy cunt, like Hanna often did after these kinds of visits. And as much as Hanna tried to finger herself to thoughts of men, or even women she didn't know, she couldn't help thinking about Alison, even the thought of her best friend spanking her often enough to get her off without having to imagine any more absurd things like being allowed to lick Alison's pussy or being fingered by the far more beautiful blonde.

Despite herself Hanna couldn't help but think about those absurd fantasies as she was left to her own devices for quite a while. Several minutes in fact, so much time in passing that Hanna timidly looked over her shoulder to see if her friend had left. Instead she found to her surprise Alison just staring at her ass with this weird look on her face. It almost looked like lust, but that had to be impossible, right? Then just as Hanna began wondering whether there was a chance her fantasies could come true Alison snapped out of her trance and looked angrily at the girl now staring at her like an idiot.

"Face forward!" Alison growled, "Don't look back unless I give you permission."

"Sorry Ali." Hanna mumbled, immediately doing as she was told and facing forward.

There was another long pause, but during this one Hanna was very aware of movement behind her and some weird sounds. Without turning her head she was just about able to see an item of clothing hit the floor, which totally confused her. Was Alison actually taking off her clothes? Where they going to have sex? That didn't seem like much of a punishment. No, Hanna's imagination was just running away with her. Ali was probably changing into something a little more skimpy so she could get all sweaty and gross while beating Hanna's fat ass. And as that was the most likely explanation Hanna flinched when she sensed a dip in the bed, Alison obviously kneeling behind her.

Then Hanna felt something poke her butt and frowned, "Ali, what the-"

"Hanna, do you trust me?" Alison asked.

"Of course." Hanna replied without hesitation.

Alison grinned wickedly, "And you'd do anything for me?"

"I, I guess." Hanna replied nervously, "What is this about?"

"It's really simple." Alison said as she reached out and gently began caressing Hanna's big butt again, "We've tried everything to help you lose weight, and while we've had some success you obviously just can't stop stuffing your face as you're still a little... hefty."

Lowering her head Hanna whimpered, "Sorry Ali."

"Do you want to whimper and make excuses, or do you want to be thin?" Alison huffed.

"I want to be thin." Hanna whimpered.

"Then I think we're going to have to resort to extreme measures." Alison said, lying through her teeth as she added, "I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. I'm going to have to inflict the ultimate humiliation on you if we're going to have any hope of containing your weight gain. And you do know what the ultimate humiliation is, don't you Hanna?"

"No." Hanna said in a small voice, feeling stupid.

"Why, getting fucked in the ass of course." Alison giggled.

"Ewww, Ali!" Hanna exclaimed.

"How else am I supposed to keep you from gaining weight?" Alison questioned, "Trust me Han, one little ass fucking and you'll never look at another cake again. Well, not without your ass hole quivering with fear. Unless of course you're a complete and total slut who actually likes back door, then there's just no helping you."

Hanna thought about this one hard. She had always thought anal was gross, and as she hated her fat ass she didn't want a guy going near it. But, it would be different with Alison, because while it wouldn't be the tender lesbian love, or the hardcore lesbian BDSM, she always dreamt of having with her best friend she would still be having sex with the hottest girl in school, if not in the entire town, so it was hard to pass that up. Besides, she really did need a way to become thin and beautiful, and Alison was right, if this didn't force her to get skinny and stay that way nothing would.

So after a long pause Hanna whimpered, "Ok Ali... butt fuck me."

Alison just couldn't help chuckling delight, Hanna obviously too dumb to think anything of it, further proving Alison should have done this a long time ago. Oh well, she would make up for lost time now, Alison leaning down so her body was pressed against Hanna's so she could whisper into her friend's ear, "Good girl. Now just relax, okay? I know a way I can make this as easy on you as possible."

"Thanks Ali." Hanna murmured softly, before letting out a tiny gasp as Alison began slowly kissing her way down her spine.

In what felt like no time at all Alison reached her destination, and after taking a second or two just to admire her prize she began peppering kisses all over that big, gorgeous rear. For all her jokes at Hanna's expense Ali actually liked her friend's juicy rump, and fully intended to make sure Hanna kept her curvy figure when she became her personal ass whore. Of course as much as Alison loved that curvy ass her main target was in between those meaty cheeks, and inevitably she used both hands to pall them apart so she could expose Hanna's tight looking ass hole. Ali was almost 100% sure it was virgin, and while she was going to enslave Hanna's fat ass either way it would be more special if her best buddy was a back door virgin. And it would certainly help cement their new relationship as Mistress and butt slut respectively.

Alison wanted to shove her tongue, or possibly a finger, into that cute little hole and find out. Instead she started off slow, leaning forward and gently licking up and down Hanna's ass crack before concentrating on lapping away at her ass hole. Predictably Hanna didn't complain or point out this wasn't normal behaviour, the poor dumb blonde just moaning in pleasure and pushing her ass back against Alison's eager tongue, which of course only made the intelligent blonde lick that little hole more enthusiastically, Ali becoming completely lost in giving her friend a long drawn-out rim job.

Eventually Alison tried to do what she wanted to do from the beginning and literally shoved her tongue up Hanna's ass, and the resistance she felt literally caused her to whimper in delight as it seemed to further prove Hanna's ass cherry was intact. Further testing this theory Alison pulled away from Hanna's butt, briefly sucked her index finger and then forcefully pushed it into Hanna's bottom. Despite everything Hanna cried out in surprise, and a little pain, thankfully masking Alison's cry of pleasure, Ali then whimpering as she enjoyed the tightness around her finger, before she straight up asked the question she'd wanted to ask since the night started.

"Han, are you an anal virgin?" Alison asked breathlessly.

"Ye, yes." Hanna admitted nervously, "Caleb wanted to do it, but I thought it would be gross."

"Good." Alison purred with delight, quickly adding, "I mean, this only works if you hate it."

"I know." Hanna said solemnly, then after a beat, "But maybe after this I could let Caleb fuck me there? I mean, maybe I could let him do it as a punishment?"

"Maybe." Alison said, absolutely hating that idea but not wanting to admit that just yet, "For now just concentrate on relaxing. I'm about to use a dildo in a minute, but not before I. Make sure you're relaxed as possible."

The idiot blonde whimpered in acknowledgement and then bizarrely moaned, "Thanks Ali."

Alison struggled not to laugh, but then it was easy to forget just how ridiculously easy Hanna was making this for her when her full attention was on the tightness of her friend's ass, Ali moaning softly as she began pumping her finger in and out of Hanna's ass hole. She also pushed it up and down as well as side to side, expanding the hole in any way possible. Naturally that included adding a second finger, Alison especially spending a lot of time fingering Hanna's butt after that second finger was inserted, even just using one hand to coat her strap-on in lubricant, even though was incredibly awkward.

Then came the moment Alison had been waiting her whole life for, the dominant blonde licking her lips as she pulled the fingers from the submissive blonde's butt and told her, "This is it Han. Now remember, stay nice and relaxed for me. Yes, that's it. Mmmmmmmmmm, give me your anal cherry!"

Before she could saying anything else and give the game away Alison used one hand to grab one of Hanna's meaty ass cheeks and pull it out of the way, giving her better access to her prize. She then used her other hand to guide the tip of her strap-on against her friend's virgin back door and then began forcing that little puckered hole open. Hanna gasped and tensed for a moment, but before Alison could scold her Hanna relaxed, allowing Ali to continue the stretching until the other girl's virgin ass hole opened wide enough to allow the head of the dildo to slide through that tight anal ring and into Hanna's butt, meaning that Alison had officially taken another of her best friends' anal cherries.

The thought made her smile wickedly with evil delight. She had tricked both Aria Montgomery and Hanna Marin into giving up their anal cherries to her, Alison popping those little cherries and turning her best buddies into her personal butt sluts. Or at least Aria was her personal butt slut. Hanna still needed training, and completely filling for that matter, the other blonde having the audacity to cry out and try and pull away from her, Alison's dick almost popping out of that butt as she was forced to use both hands to hold Hanna tightly in place and then give her backside a firm little spanking.

"Bad girl!" Alison scolded, "Relax and stay still. Give me that big fat ass of yours!"

Whimpering pathetically Hanna let out a muffled apology as she pushed her face into the bed sheets and relaxed, once again giving Alison her ass. Which almost disappointed Alison as again she really, really loved to spank Hanna, and she was sure she could get the other blonde's butt cheeks a darker shade of red than they currently were. However she had been desperate to fuck this big bubble butt for years, and now she finally had it she would not deny herself the joy of sliding inch after inch of dildo into it, which was exactly what Alison did, the HBIC of Rosewood giving one long slow thrust, not stopping until her thighs were against Hanna's butt cheeks, announcing she had buried every inch of her cock in the other blonde's bowels.

Alison then closed her eyes and gritted her teeth to prevent herself from saying something that might let on just how much she was getting off on this. Once she was sure she was in complete control Alison opened her eyes again, grinned wickedly and began pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning to butt fuck her best friend. Oh yes, she was officially giving one of her best friends her first ever butt fucking, just like she had butt fucked her other best friend and like she would butt fuck her other two best friends, Alison smiling at the hypnotic sight of her cock pumping in and out of Hanna's butt hole as she thought about how she was halfway to making her best friends her butt sluts.

Hanna had been blushing throughout this experience, but never more than when she looked back to see Alison's grinning face. Her best friend seem fascinated by the way her butt hole was stretching for that strap-on, Ali even pulling apart Hanna's cheeks with both hands so she could get the best possible look of the obscene stretching. Which again made Hanna whimper, the formerly chubby blonde never feeling more embarrassed or humiliated then in that moment, and not only was she spanked on a regular basis and had to put up with Ali's cutting remarks but a few minutes ago she had been robbed of her anal cherry, and Hanna had thought nothing could be more humiliating than that.

To be fair the pain wasn't quite as bad as she was expecting, but it felt weird and gross to have something entering that hole. Then to her surprise her rectum started to relax to the point where she was merely experiencing mild discomfort with a few disconcerting sensations of pleasure mixed in. Then, in the matter of a few well timed thrusts, Hanna's ass accepted its fate, and from then on she felt nothing but pleasure. Pleasure that became stronger and stronger until Hanna wanted to burst into tears, but the attempt was drowned out by the moans, groans, whimpers and cries of ecstasy falling out of her mouth.

Of course Hanna was crying on the inside. And why wouldn't she be? She was, what had Alison said? Oh yeah, a complete and total slut who actually liked back door. There was no helping her. She was nothing but a big fat disgusting pig. An ass whore. The type of big fat slut who actually liked it up the ass. Oh, how she liked it up the ass, Hanna whimpering pathetically as she was forced to admit to herself, nothing had ever felt so good in her life than feeling a cock pumping her fat ass. And not just any cock, but a strap-on cock. One strapped round the waist of her best friend Alison DiLaurentis, who could no doubt tell just how much Hanna was liking, no, loving having the ultimate humiliation inflicted upon her.

Proving that Alison cruelly laughed and asked, "You're not enjoying this, are you Han?"

"N, no." Hanna whimpered as convincingly as she could.

"Well, just in case we better amp up the humiliation." Alison said knowingly, "I mean, the last thing we want is for you to enjoy this, right Hefty?"

"Yes Ali." Hanna moaned, then to try and cover her moan she stammered, "I, I, I don't, ohhhhhhhhhh, I don't want to enjoy this, I, oh, it's just that, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCK, OOOOOOOOOOH GOD, that feels so good, OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

After that Hanna desperately tried to stay quiet as Alison increased the pace of the butt banging, but it was extremely difficult. Everything just felt so wonderful, Hanna even loving the feeling of Alison's thighs smacking into her meaty ass cheeks so hard it felt like she was getting spanked, the sound of toned flesh meeting not so toned flesh echoing throughout the room. It was humiliating, but Hanna loved it, perhaps the best/worst part being how much her meaty cheeks were jiggling with every thrust. They had been during the initial butt pumping, but now her ass was wobbling like a bowl of jelly, causing Alison to laugh cruelly, smack her ass and tease her about it.

"Look at this ass! Look at this big fat dyke ass! Fuck Hefty, your fat ass is so jiggly! Mmmmmmmm, it feels like I'm humping a waterbed." Alison laughed, "Ooooooooh fuck, at least your ass hole is tight, so if this doesn't work while you'll never be skinny, you won't be totally useless. Yeahhhhhhhh, I'm sure you'll make a lovely anal whore. And not like a classy hooker, but a $2 ass whore who gets regularly anally gang banged by black guys, because they'll be the only ones who want an ass this fat and slutty! Fuck Hanna, are you really going to cum from this? God, you're disgusting. Ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, Hanna Marin is just a big, fat, dumb anal whore who's going to end up taking it in her fat ass for 2 bucks a pop."

Hanna had never felt so fat, even when she was in fat camp, tears of humiliation flowing down her face as she promised herself she would get to the gym and work off those pesky pounds. Ironically instead of detracting from the pleasure the humiliation of her jiggly ass and Ali's cutting words only made the pleasure that much more overwhelming, Hanna feeling horrified that she was actually getting off on such abuse, which only added to her humiliation and her pleasure, the cycle repeating until she was on the edge of orgasm, only for Alison to slow down at the last possible second.

Over and over again Alison ass fucked Hanna to the edge of orgasm, until the poor humiliated blonde no longer cared what got her off. She would literally do anything to cum. Little did she know Alison would demand everything, and to do it she would actually stop the butt fucking entirely and then after leaving Hanna to openly weep for a few minutes Alison would lean down, so their bodies were almost pressed together, roughly grabbed her hair and pulled back on it so hard that Hanna was forced to move her head back so far that Alison could growl directly into her ear.

"You're a whore Hanna, a big fat anal whore." Ali growled coldly, laying on the humiliation thick, "All my hard work trying to help you is all for nothing, because there is no helping you. You are just born to be a disgusting slut with a big fat ass. Which means you've wasted my time you perverted little bitch!"

Hanna cried loudly in shame for a few seconds, then whimpered, "I'm sorry Ali."

"That's okay Han, because I know how you can make it up to me." Alison purred wickedly, switching so that her voice was as sweet and loving as possible, "But only if you can keep a secret. Can you Hanna? Don't just nod your head like an idiot, say it. Say you can keep a secret!"

"Yes Ali, I can keep a secret." Hanna squeaked nervously.

"Good." Alison said softly, loosening her grip on Hanna's hair and then leaning down further so their bodies were pressed together, her hard nipples digging into her friend's back and eventually even nuzzling her ear, "I have a thing for dyke asses. I love to lick them, I love to smack them, and most of all, I love to fuck them. And while yours is a little chubby I actually kind of like the way your fat ass jiggles against my thighs while I fuck it, so to save you from becoming a $2 anal whore I'm willing to let you become my ass slave. Then we can mutually deal with our anal needs, and no one needs to know what kind of disgusting pervert you are. Best of all, you can stuff your face all you want as long as all your weight goes to this big booty, because I'm loving having a little cushing for the pushing."

There was a brief pause and then Hanna softly asked in disbelief, "Would, would we have sex?"

"Of course silly." Alison giggled, "I'll be mostly fucking you up the ass, but if you really, really good, I'll let you eat my pussy. See, I'm not offering to be your girlfriend Han. I would never lower myself like that. But I'll let you be my secret dyke bitch and make you cum harder than you could ever imagine, when I want to, as long as you understand what's what and don't push your luck."

Hanna gulped, and softly asked, "What do I have to do?"

"It's real simple." Ali grinned, realising she had her prize on the line and just needed to reel her in, "You bend over whenever I want. In public we'll still pretend we're friends, but in reality you'll be nothing but ass to me. And that's what I'll see when I look at you. Just a pair of juicy cheeks and a tight little fuck hole between them, just waiting to be used. And I'll use you all the time, especially to begin with, and it doesn't matter how sore your ass becomes, you will not deny me because your ass will be mine. It will be my fucking property! You will be my fucking property! Which means dumping Caleb and not even looking at another boy, or girl, unless I say so. That way you can concentrate on being my full-time anal fuck toy. Oh, and of course you can't tell the girls. I don't want them, or anyone else to know I'm banging your butt. So how about it Han, do you want to be my personal ass whore, or an anal hooker bending over for 2 bucks a pop?"

There was a brief silence and then Hanna whimpered, "Oh Ali, I wanna be yours. That's what I want, that's what I've always wanted! I, I... I wanna be your anal whore and bend over whenever you want. I, oh fuck, I'll be your bitch. Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, your butt slut, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, your ass slave, ooooooooooooooh God, I'll, I'll be whatever you want me to be, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, JUST MAKE ME CUM! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT, MAKE ME CUM MAKE ME CUM MAKE ME CUM AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Hanna tried to keep it up, but as soon as she heard what she wanted Alison straightened up and restarted the ass fucking, quickly picking up the pace until Hanna was on the edge of orgasm again and all she could get out of her mouth was a few swear words and incoherent screams. Apparently it was enough though, because while Ali let out that familiar cruel giggle of hers, convincing Hanna that she was about to be further teased, instead Alison started pounding her ass even harder, making her cum instantly.

Maybe it was all the build-up, maybe it was because her ultimate fantasy had come true and she was actually having sex with Alison DiLaurentis and had even just become her sex slave, or maybe she was just a total anal whore, Hanna didn't know and she didn't care. All she knew was she came so hard she thought she pissed herself, only to realise she had squirted. She didn't even know that was a real thing, but apparently it was because she did it over and over again, Hanna desperately trying to declare her undying love for Alison DiLaurentis as her wonderful best friend pounded her 'big fat' ass to explosive climax after explosive climax until her mind literally felt like it melted and she just couldn't even think anymore.

Alison meanwhile was so caught up in the wonderful feeling of Hanna's butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs that she didn't even notice her BFF's first few orgasms. It was only when she was rushing towards a climax and focusing all her attention on holding it back so she could continue this wonderful ass fucking for a bit longer that she realised what kind of state Hanna was in. Then Alison smiled wickedly, the realisation that Hanna was cumming for her hard and frequently somewhat ironically pushing her over the edge of a wonderful orgasm of her own.

When they started going through puberty and Alison was educating herself about sex she thought Hanna would have to do all sorts of nasty things to try and keep a man, which definitely included anal. At the time Alison hadn't understood why the thought of Hanna letting a man's dick into her bottom made her jealous, but now she knew the truth. It was because Hanna's ass was hers. Hanna had no right to offer Caleb or anybody else this big, fat wonderful ass because Alison had subconsciously picked Hanna to be her bitch in kindergarten, and now finally Alison was taking what was rightfully hers.

Wanting to make sure even ditzy Hanna Marin understood who her ass belong too Alison dug her nails into her friend's hips and went berserk, relentlessly pounding Hanna's ass like a woman possessed. She became like a wild animal using its submissive mate for its pleasure, marking her territory in the most primal way possible, and in doing so hopefully making Hanna cum so many times she would never even think about letting anyone else near her anal honeypot. Would always know that belonged to Alison. That Hanna Marin's butt hole was the exclusive property of Alison DiLaurentis, hers to use whenever she wanted.

It was her personal fuck hole. Hanna Marin's butt hole was Alison DiLaurentis's personal fuck hole, just like the butt holes of her already conquered bitch Aria Montgomery and her soon-to-be conquests Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields, Alison smiling dreamily as she imagined all four of her best friends bent over in front of her with their bare butts on display for her like clothes in her wardrobe, her girls patiently waiting for her to decide who she wanted to anally abuse. Or more accurately, who she wanted to anally abuse first, Alison picturing herself butt banging her friends one at a time until they were lined up again for her, this times spreading their cheeks to display their gaping butt holes.

Of course those thoughts lead to a devastating series of orgasms, Ali cumming almost as hard and as frequently as Hanna, one of those orgasms even knocking her off balance, so she and her friend collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed sheets beneath them. Not at all bothered by those terms of events Alison simply continued pumping Hanna's big bottom from that position, and while she didn't have the strength or the momentum to butt fuck Hanna quite as hard as before she still gave quite the rectum wrecking before her stamina finally gave out, and she collapsed down onto her friend, making sure every inch of the dildo was buried in Hanna's big butt.

Then then after a brief rest Alison rolled over so they were on their side and growled in Hanna's ear, "Who's my ass whore?"

"Me! I'm your ass whore!" Hanna groaned, a dreamy smile crossing her face as she added, "Oh Ali, I'll be anything you want me to be if you make me cum like that."

"Oh Hanna, I am so done doing things for you." Alison laughed cruelly before further explaining, "After all I've done to try and help you, you just end up being a dirty little ass whore. So I'll keep you off the streets, and make you cum, but that'll be just a side-effect of me taking what I want out of your fat ass, and you'll love every moment of it, because you're nothing but an anal loving bottom. Now, shut the fuck up and show me how well I've gaped your whore hole. Hurry up Hefty, I want you on your knees in front of me, sticking that fat ass in my face and spreading your cheeks. Ooooooooooh yeah, what a lovely gape."

Like the obedient little bitch she was Hanna obeyed as quickly as she could, awkwardly pulling herself off Ali's dildo before getting up on her knees and bending over in front of the other blonde. Whether intentional or not, and Alison suspect it was a happy accident simply due to how tired the other blonde was, Hanna reached back slowly and gradually pulled apart her meaty cheeks, making the reveal of her thoroughly gaped butt hole that much more sexy. Not that Hanna needed to spread her cheeks for Alison to see it, as even without her friend pulling apart her juicy cheeks as the poor ass hole was stretch so wide Ali could have probably seen that gape from space.

After a few minutes of just admiring that lovely gape Alison quickly grabbed her phone and took a half a dozen pictures of her handiwork without Hanna's knowledge, and then ordered her friend turned ass whore, "Now clean-up your mess. And since I know subtlety goes over your head, I want you to turn around, wrap your pretty lips around my cock and suck it clean of your butt cream."

"Ewww." Hanna grimaced, turning around and looking pleadingly at her friend, "No, please no, I can't possibly-"

"Now!" Alison pushed sternly.

There was a brief pause as the two blondes stared at each other, then unsurprisingly Hanna whimpered and lowered her head. She'd never won a battle of wills with Alison before, and she certainly wasn't going to now or at any point in the future now she was Alison's butt slut, and as Alison's butt slut Hanna was going to have to get used to the taste of her own rectum as Alison plan to make her go ass to mouth a lot. And by a lot, Alison meant every time they had anal sex. Unless Aria was there and she decided to shove it in her mouth instead. That could be fun. Although unsurprisingly it didn't look like it would be difficult turning Hanna into an ATM slut, the slutty little bottom moaning happily the second she wrapped her lips around the head of the dildo.

Immediately after that Hanna began eagerly sucking, slurping and bobbing while Alison giggled and taunted, "That's it Hanna, suck it! Suck my cock clean of all your naughty little anal cream you perverted little slut! Damn Han, you're a natural. Not that it should be surprising, as we've established just what kind of girl you are, and yet... wow, you're a total slut! But that's good, mmmmmmmmm, because it just means we're going to have a lot of fun together. Oh yes, now we've discovered your true nature, we can revel in the roles of top and bottom, and make sure your fat ass gets the type of daily fucks it deserves."

These words unsurprisingly inspired Hanna to give her an even more thorough blow job, even taking far more down her throat than Aria had during her first time. She didn't quite take all of it, like Aria had recently, but there would be plenty of time for that. In fact Hanna almost exceeded on her third attempt, after Alison had taken her ass for the third time that night. After that they were too tired to continue, but by that point it was clear that Hanna was completely housebroken and pretty much fully trained, which made Alison wonder, would Spencer and Emily be more of a challenge than Aria and Hanna? She was looking forward to finding out, although with such great pieces of ass as Aria Montgomery and Hanna Marin at her disposal it might be a while before she got around to completing her collection.


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