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Pretty Little Liars: Aria's Addiction
by MTL ([email protected])

Aria Montgomery looked herself up and down in the mirror. She had always cared about her appearance, but tonight was special and she wanted to look her best for her girlfriend Spencer Hastings. As it had only been about a month since they finally confessed how they felt about each other thinking of Spencer as her girlfriend still made Aria smiled dreamily, and in this case wonder if she should really risk her new and exciting relationship with her very best friend for some perverted kink. But like every other time she had debated it she ultimately decided she had to go through with it, as the curiosity was killing her.

Turning around Aria stuck out her ass and then looked back over her shoulder so she could admire her own backside. She didn't have the biggest tits, but her ass was round and juicy without being too fat. Spencer, and even her other friends, had called it perfect, and weirdly she had always found that flattering. But it was more important than ever that Spencer found her butt perfect, or at least desirable, because tonight Aria was giving up her final cherry to her girlfriend, and if she was honest the one she had been most curious about losing, even if she hadn't been able to admit that up until recently.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door which startled Aria, that door immediately opening to reveal her girlfriend Spencer, who smiled softly and greeted her, "Hey."

"Hey." Aria replied.

Chuckling softly Spencer slipped into the room, close the door behind her and asked, "So, whatcha doin'?"

"Hey, don't judge me!" Aria huffed, turning her body away from the mirror and towards Spencer, "You always wait a few seconds after the courtesy knock. Always. Otherwise, something like this happens!"

"It's not that bad." Spencer soothed, "We're all subconscious about our bodies, and bend them in awkward positions to study them. And, and if I had your ass I wouldn't be able to stop staring at it. I mean, I can't stop staring at it now. I mean, I, erm, you're really pretty."

Seeing an opening Aria smirked, sauntered up to her girlfriend with more confidence than she actually felt and purred, "You like my ass?"

Spencer nodded, and then in an attempt to dig herself out of the hole she felt she dug for herself she started kissing Aria's ass, "It's amazing. And so you. God Aria, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and your ass is out of this world."

Aria smiled, grabbed Spencer's hands and slowly guided them to her butt, and then asked, "How about you fuck it?"

Spencer blinked a few times, and then mumbled, "What?"

"My ass. I want you to fuck it." Aria confessed.

For a few seconds Spencer just stared at her girlfriend, and then asked, "With my fingers or-"

"The strap-on." Aria admitted, "I want you to really pop my cherry."

"Wow." Spencer mumbled in disbelief.

"You don't have too." Aria quickly added, "It's just... you're always staring at it, and that kind of made me a little... curious, so-

"I'd love too!" Spencer blurted out.

"Really?" Aria asked nervously, "You want too?"

"Oh God yes! I've never wanted anything more." Spencer mumbled huskily, kissing Aria before she could put her foot in her mouth and screw herself out of this amazing opportunity.

Aria smiled into the kiss before becoming lost in it. That went better than she could have hoped for, even the best scenarios in her head involving her having to talk Spencer into doing it. Instead Spencer was kissing her more passionately, or at least more intensely, than she'd ever done before. She also only briefly moved her hand up was to cup Aria's cheek when she eventually moved in for the kiss before she move that hand down to greedily squeeze Aria's rear cheeks with both hands, instead of just the one that had instantly remained there.

This was one of the reasons that Aria thought Spencer might be into the idea of fucking her ass. On the few times they'd kissed in public it had been very PG, Spencer keeping her hands on Aria's waist during the usually brief lip lock. But Aria got the feeling that even then Spencer wanted to move her hand lower, and whenever they were alone together and making out or even having sex Spencer couldn't seem to keep her hands away from her butt. And then there was the aforementioned staring, which had started long before they got together and had been one of the reasons they'd confessed their feelings, but Spencer had become shameless, staring at it every chance she got. So Aria had taken her chances, and she was so, so glad it was paying off.

Spencer hadn't been shamelessly groping and staring at Aria's ass. In fact, her life had become filled with never-ending shame, but she just couldn't help it. Aria just had the best butt ever, and Spencer was a horny teenager, and it wasn't like she was the only one who stared. Everyone did. No, that wasn't an exaggeration. Literally everyone, over the age of like 13 or whatever, at least lingered their gaze longingly at Aria's ass, which was something Spencer knew for a fact because she'd become hyper aware of the effect that Aria had on other people ever since she realised she was in love with her best friend. For a while it made her jealous, and it still kind of did, but now she just pitted them, because she actually got to touch that perfect bubble butt and they didn't.

The idea of actually fulfilling her most perverted fantasy and actually getting to fuck that perfect bubble butt was practically making Spencer cream her panties. The now frantic make out session, and the butt groping, wasn't helping,it but because she was about to actually take Aria's anal virginity they were going to need a lot of preparation. It was the least Spencer could do if Aria was going to give her such an amazing gift, one she was pretty sure everyone in Rosewood would kill for. So Spencer 'suffered' through kissing the girl she loved for several minutes standing up, and then even more when she laid Aria down on the bed.

Then after what felt like an eternity Spencer broke the kiss and growled, "Get naked!"

For a moment Aria stared lustfully at her, before she quickly blinked herself awake and then practically tore off her own clothes. Spencer watched this with amusement and lust, although it was more the latter as more of Aria's sexy body was revealed to her. Then she rewarded the hopeful look Aria gave her once she was in her 'birthday suit' with a gentle kiss before getting off the bed and slowly taking off her clothes. It wasn't a striptease per se, but it clearly teased her impatient girlfriend, which in turn made Spencer smiled. Although not as much as when she retrieved the strap-on dildo she had used to officially take Aria's virginity and slowly attach it to herself.

She then pulled out some lubricant, liberally smeared it onto her newly acquired cock and then softly ordered, "Bend over."

To Spencer's delight Aria immediately turned over onto her stomach and stuck her ass in the air, Spencer's initial smile at Aria's eagerness quickly being replaced by dumbfounded lust by the most beautiful thing in the world. Just when Spencer didn't think she could embarrass herself any more Aria wiggled her sexy ass, making the taller of the two brunettes feel like she was going to cum on the spot. Because seriously, how the hell can a girl this tiny have such a big round ass? It was fucking jiggling like a bowl of jelly just from Aria shaking her booty, the sight reminding Spencer of rap videos where black girls showed off their big bottoms. Aria's wasn't quite that big, but somehow it was just as jiggly, creating a lava lamp effect that Spencer just couldn't look away from.

"Spencer..." Aria asked nervously, "Could... could you do me another favour?"

"Anything." Spencer promised as she frantically blinked to try and snap herself out of her daze.

"Before you fuck my ass... could you lick it?" Aria asked, trying and failing to sound innocent, "I want to know what that's like."

There was a pause which made Aria nervous, then Spencer mumbled, "Oh God yes."

Aria then gasped as Spencer jumped onto the bed and literally buried her face in between the tiny teen's big juicy butt cheeks. She then giggled as Spencer then rubbed her face against those cheeks like she was motor-boating a girl who big boobs. Which to Aria's surprise actually felt kind of nice. But not as much as Spencer's tongue sliding over her puckered rosebud, Aria moaning softly as she officially started to receive her first ever rim job. Her best friend and girlfriend Spencer Hastings was now literally licking her ass hole, preparing them both for something arguably more nasty, and Aria couldn't be happier about it.

Folding her arms and front of her and then laying her head down upon them Aria continued to softly moan, coo, and even whimper happily as for what felt like the next hour Spencer passionately licked her butt hole. Then after who knows how long of steady ass licking Spencer pulled back and then just as Aria was about to complain her girlfriend spat on her ass hole and then started to rub that saliva in with her tongue. Spencer then repeated this process a few times before literally trying to push her tongue into Aria's tight little butt hole, and when she failed she tried using a finger, Aria crying out loudly and surprise as her virgin back door was entered for the first time.

"Oh my God Aria, you're so tight!" Spencer gasped in amazement, murmuring mostly to herself, "So tight."

"Thanks." Aria said awkwardly, feeling even more like a total dork as she added, "I'm glad you like it. I mean, I hope you like it. I mean, oooooooooooh Goooooooodddddddddd!"

Thankfully before Aria could make to much of a fool of herself Spencer started to pump her finger in and out of her butt hole, instantly causing her to forget whatever else she was going to say and just moaning in pleasure. She had thought that getting anally fingered would hurt at first, at least without Spencer tonguing her pussy to keep her distracted, but it didn't. It felt wonderful right from the start, which was very, very encouraging. Okay, it wasn't quite as good as when Spencer had done this in the past while tongue fucking her pussy, but in a way it was even more intense because this was literally preparing her to officially lose her anal cherry.

In a way she had when Spencer had pushed her finger inside her ass, but like with her pussy before it Aria didn't want that to be any doubt who was her first, and at least for her feeling that strap-on inside her had truly felt like her first time. Likewise the fingering was really, really nice, especially when Spencer added a second finger so she could really stretch that virgin hole, but to Aria it all felt like preparation for the main event of the evening. And as much as she tried to be patient ultimately Aria just couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck me! Oh fuck me, please Spencer, mmmmmmmmm, fuck!" Aria moaned, thinking of anything she could to entice her lover, "Fuck my virgin ass. Please Spence, I want it so bad. I want you to take my anal cherry. Ooooooooh yesssssssss, I've given you all my other cherries, now I want you to take this one. Please? Please Spencer, fuck my virgin ass. Pop my-"

"All you had to do was ask." Spencer quipped, pulling her fingers out of her girlfriend's ass and softly murmuring, "I love you Aria."

Looking back over her shoulder Aria smiled, "I love you too Spencer."

Biting her lip in hesitation Spencer stared at her prize for a few long seconds before softly ordering, "Now spread your cheeks. Show me that pretty little virgin butt hole you want me to stretch."

Spencer almost came from watching Aria slowly reach back and spread her cute little ass cheeks. Okay, maybe not literally, but it felt like it as this was sweet little Aria Montgomery offering Spencer her virgin ass hole, the brainy brunette having no choice but to stay lustfully for a few long seconds before grabbing the head of her strap-on and pressing it against her target. She then paused to savour the moment before pushing forward as slowly as possible, Spencer determined to enjoy every single moment of taking Aria's anal virginity. Which was why she paused again once Aria's anal ring stretched wide enough to allow the head of her dildo to slip inside her girlfriend's ass, meaning she had officially popped Aria's butt cherry.

Another reason she stopped was because Aria let out the cutest little cry of pain, and as cute as Spencer found it she obviously didn't want to give the girl she loved any more pain than necessary. Which was why when she did eventually start pushing forwards Spencer made sure to go nice and slow. That and again she was savouring the moment, and the sight of Aria's most private hole stretched obscenely wide for the strap-on that was slowly sliding into it, Aria continuing to spread her cheeks the entire time to give Spencer the best possible look at that perverted sight which practically made her drool.

In what felt like hours, and seconds at the same time, Spencer's thighs came to rest against Aria's butt cheeks, meaning that every inch of that dildo was inside the rectum of tiny little Aria Montgomery. And not once had Aria cried out in pain, at least not during her butt stuffing. No, she whimpered, groaned and once or twice even grunted, but she never asked Spencer to stop or slow down. That made Spencer feel proud of herself, but as she was amazed that she had actually anally stuffed Aria Montgomery's incredible ass with strap-on dildo, and her girlfriend had seemed to enjoy it almost as much as she had, those previously mentioned cute sounds out of Aria's pretty much of pleasure.

Although was nothing compared to the moan Aria let out as she pleaded, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh Spencer, ah fuck!"

Unable to resist Aria at the best of times Spencer had no choice but to comply when she was consumed with anal lust for her girlfriend's perfect ass. Not that Spencer could ever imagine herself ever not wanting to ass fuck Aria, or at least make her feel good, but that wasn't a thought she continued for long. Not when she pulled her hips back, slowly causing inch after inch of dildo to slip from Aria's ass hole, and then pushed her hips forward again and buried every inch of strap-on back into Aria's butt, poor Spencer becoming mindless as she became consumed by the twisted sight before her and the fact that she was officially butt fucking Aria Montgomery for the first time.

Aria was just as consumed with her first ever butt fucking, except her brain was working a mile a minute. After all, she had been curious about butt sex for a long time, even before she realised just how many people stared at her ass, but in her wildest dream she couldn't have imagined loving anal sex this much. She even loved the part when her anal cherry had been officially taken because it made her feel like such a slut. Which was a feeling she adored, and continued to feel as her rectum slowly filled up with inch after inch of dildo until Spencer had no more inches to give her, and yet Aria wanted it. Aria had wanted more dick up her ass, and she knew then she would do anything to get it.

Something else Aria would have done anything to get was butt fucked. It hadn't been enough for her, just lying there face down with an ass full of strap-on. She had needed Spencer to fuck her. As a horny teenager Aria always wanted her girlfriend to fuck her, but had she needed it. She needed Spencer to fuck her up the butt, and now she was officially getting sodomised for the first time Aria needed it even more. Hell, in those wonderful moments Aria couldn't tell the difference between oxygen and dick in her ass, as they both felt vital to her survival, which was what gave Aria her epiphany.

She was an anal slut. Not a girl who did anal only to please her lover, or just on special occasions, or for money, or God forbid a one time thing. No, she was the real deal. Maybe more so than any other woman on the planet, because during her research Aria had found a few porn stars who claimed to prefer anal over normal sex, but for her this was normal sex. She now understood that her back hole was always meant to be her main fuck hole, and she could not and would not go back to the dark times where she didn't know the joys of butt sex. In fact, she would do everything in her power to make sure she got ass fucked on a daily basis, and as much as she loved Spencer if she wasn't willing to give her what she needed then Aria was going to have to dump her.

Luckily that didn't seem to be necessary as from her current position Aria could just about look over her shoulder at were Spencer was staring with obvious lust as the smaller brunette's butt hole did what it was created to do and took dick, Aria continuing to spread her cheeks so that Spencer could have the best possible look at what seemed to fascinate her so much. It also probably helped that Aria just couldn't stop moaning in pleasure, something Spencer had confessed, and proven, to adore. And then there was the eagerness in which Spencer fucked her ass, and how much attention she had given her butt in the past, so Aria hoped she and Spencer would get to further explore this new twisted part of her life.

Wanting to savour the moment that she had found her purpose in life Aria resisted the urge to beg for more for an agonisingly long time. Like, literally agony, the likes of which she had worried about feeling during the anal penetration. But no, Aria was such an anal slut the way she felt during the beginning of butt sex was only discomfort, which quickly became forgotten after her first ever ass fucking officially got underway, Spencer's slow and steady thrusts allowing her rectum to relax quickly and easily and accept it was always meant to be a fuck passage. But then the need to cum became painful, and ultimately Aria just couldn't take it anymore.

"Harder Spence! Ooooooooooh God, please Spencer fuck me harder!" Aria whimpered, trying to think what Spencer might like to hear, "Fuck my sluttty little ass harder! Oh my God, this feels so good! Soooooooo gooooooodddddddd, mmmmmmmm fuck! Oh Spencer, fuck my virgin ass! Ooooooooooh yes, slam fuck my tight little virgin ass hole! Destroy that little hole and make me cum! Oh Spence, mmmmmmmmm, you're going to make me cum baby. You're going to make me cum without touching my pussy! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, I can feel it. Just a little more, please. I need it so bad. Please fuck me harder! Please? I swear, I can take it, mmmmmmmm, and I'll tell you if I can't, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, come on babe, do it! Fuck me, fuck my ass, ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, ohhhhhhhhh shit Spencer, just do it! Please! I'll do anything! I'll do anything you want, just fuck me! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I JUST, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, POUND MY BUTT! YES! HARDER HARDER HARDER OOOOOOOOOH FUCK! PLEASE RAM MY DYKE ASS! AH FUCK! YES FUCK ME HARD, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Even as Aria became hysterical Spencer continued to ass fuck her at an agonisingly slow pace, Aria literally weeping by the time Spencer finally started increasing the pace. Of course then Aria was weeping with joy, not to mention crying out and screaming her head off. Briefly she prayed that her Dad and brother wouldn't come back to find her screaming like this, because with everything else going on they would no doubt rush to her room to see if she was getting murdered, and she really didn't want them to see her like this. And yet the idea of such a humiliation only turned her on even more. Fuck, she really was a perverted slut.

Fortunately Aria didn't have to dwell on just how perverted she was for very long, as Spencer gradually increased the pace until the sound of her thighs smacking off Aria's butt cheeks were almost as loud as Aria's screams and once again the only thing the tiny brunette knew was ecstasy. At least that was what she thought it was, then Aria's understanding of ecstasy was redefined as she experienced her first anally induced orgasm. An orgasm which put everything else she had ever experienced to shame, which was saying a lot considering how hard Spencer had made her cum previously as they explored each other's bodies.

It was kind of like a car salesman continuing to talk after his customer already agreed to buy an expensive sports car. Aria's body screaming at her that she was an anal slut and should be doing this all the time, and she just couldn't agree loudly enough. Briefly she worried that as amazing as this was Spencer wouldn't be enough for her and that the only way she could have ever know this type of satisfaction again was to join the army and then let everyone in it relentlessly fuck her ass. Then an extra hard climax made it impossible for Aria to think coherently, and all she could do was scream and cum.

There was something else that she was doing, although Spencer wasn't sure Aria was aware of it. Namely slam herself back against Spencer's thrusts, Aria having abandoned spreading her cheeks sometime after Spencer increased the pace in favour of pushing herself up onto all fours and then thrusting back in time with each thrust and thus making the butt pounding even harder. Not that Spencer really minded. After all it was Aria's pleasure which really mattered here, and it was so fucking sexy to see her girlfriend so consumed by her anal lust. But the tiny girl was surprisingly strong and almost knocked the bigger girl off balance.

However Spencer refused to let that happen. She refused to be denied the joy of fucking Aria Montgomery's perfect ass. In fact, Spencer refused to be denied Aria's ass ever again. Which was a little rapey, but Spencer didn't think it would come to that, given how Aria's cum was literally squirting out of her and, at least as far as she knew, neither of them had lain a finger on Aria's pussy. And again, Aria was frantically thrusting back against her while screaming with pure joy.

Still, just to make sure, Spencer did everything in her power to make sure that Aria came as hard and as frequently as possible. Which was both extremely easy and extremely difficult, because Spencer put pretty much every ounce of energy she had into giving Aria the most brutal rectum wrecking she was able to dish out, but doing that obviously took a lot out of her, and even with her being the most athletic of her friends, minus Emily, it wasn't long before she felt overwhelmingly exhausted. Then there was the fact that she was desperately trying to hold back her own orgasm because Spencer was afraid it would at best distract her, and at worst cause her to stop completely, which was an unbearable thought right now.

Ironically when she couldn't hold back any more, and the constant bashing of the other end of the dildo against her clit and the sheer perverted joy of taking Aria's anal virginity caught up with her and caused her to cum, it actually made her butt fuck Aria even harder than before. Of course there was a downside, namely that as fun as it was to become mindless animals intent on destroying Aria's ass hole it took every ounce of energy the brunette had to keep that going for a few glorious minutes before they both collapsed down onto the bed sheets in an exhausted heap.

They then lay there for a few long minutes desperately trying to get their breath back before Spencer rolled over onto her back, yanking the dildo out of Aria's ass in the process with a obscene sound and groaned, "God, that was amazing!"

Aria tried to agree, but all she could do was groan into the bed sheets. Then after who knows how long of laying there she got off the bed and somehow stumbled on legs which felt like they were made of jelly over to her full length mirror. She then turned her back to it, reached round, spread her cheeks and then looked over her shoulder before gasping loudly. Her ass hole had still felt stretched open, and now horribly empty, but she had no idea just how obscenely gaped it would be. Fuck, she could even look inside her own rectum! Why was that so hot? God, she was such a slut. Luckily from the expression on her girlfriend's face it looked like she wasn't the only one who found perverted pleasure in this.

"Wow Spence, look at my butt hole! It's totally wrecked!" Aria said as she turned around and shamelessly showed Spencer her handiwork.

"Sorry." Spencer mumbled, unable to take her eyes off Aria's gaping ass hole.

"Don't be. I love it." Aria grinned, giving Spencer a few more seconds to admire her gape before turning around and crawling onto the bed and up the other brunette's body, "It's so dirty. It makes me feel like such a anal slut. And now I want to do something even more dirty."

"Wha, what?" Spencer asked, her eyes going wide as Aria continued grinning while lowering her head, "What are you doing! Oh fuck, that's so nasty! That's so dirty. Oh don't stop, suck it Aria! Suck your slutty little ass off my dick!"

This had been always been part of Aria's little obsession, but it was the one part of her fantasy she thought she'd never do. After all, ass to mouth might be hot in fantasy land, but in reality surely it would be super gross, right? Wrong. Aria had been so very, very wrong. Instead of tasting foul her own ass cream tasted like the sweetest candy she'd ever had, Aria moaning loudly the second her lips wrapped around the head of the dildo and her eyelids fluttered. She then closed her eyes and shamelessly sucked every drop of her butt juice off the head of the cock before beginning to work her mouth downwards.

Quickly Aria learned the sweetest butt candy came from the top, or closest to it. Or another words the deeper the dildo had gone into her rectum the tastier it was to her, yet another sign that she was a perverted anal slut who was born to be an ATM loving bottom. She further prove that by giving Spencer's dick a long drawn-out blow job, her previous tiredness forgotten as she bobbed her head up and down on the shaft, eventually sliding inch after inch down her throat. Before when she practised sucking Spencer's strap-on she'd never been able to deep throat the entire length, but with the added incentive she not only finally achieved that goal but was able to leave the dildo stuffing her windpipe for a few long seconds as she frantically sucked. She choked and gagged violently, but that was a small price to pay for sucking up all of her ass cream.

Aria then continued the BJ, partly to make extra sure she got every drop of her anal juice, but mostly because it had never been more important to please Spencer. Oh yes, Aria wanted to keep her top happy so she would ass fuck her again. And again, and again, and again, Aria now desperately wanting to devote her life to her new addiction and become the world's biggest butt slut. Ideally she would become Spencer's butt slut, but if Spencer couldn't satisfy her anal needs it would be a deal-breaker, and she would have to go somewhere else for her fix. Luckily from just the look in Spencer's eyes right now it didn't seem like it would come to that. Plus when the blow job was finally over Spencer pulled her up into a passionate kiss, regardless of the fact that Aria's lips, mouth and tongue must have tasted like ass.

"New rule." Spencer said when the kiss was finally broke in, adding cheekily, "You're not allowed to go a single day without at least one ass fucking."

"One?" Aria looked disappointed, which wasn't really something she had to fake, "I was thinking at least three."


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