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Pretty Little Liars: Ella The Educator (Anal, DP, FF, Oral, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

Sticking her head outside her room Ella Montgomery looked both ways down the corridor. It was quiet, unsurprisingly; the small town hotel was seldom bustling and in any case it was an hour the sensible business traveller would have finished their meal and retired to their room and several hours before their less sensible brethren would return, drunk and incapable.

Satisfied that there was no-one around to see her she stepped out into the corridor. If there had been anyone she knew they'd have done a double take, if they'd even recognised it was her, as instead of Ella Montgomery, mother and wife, (even if an estranged one) was Ella Montgomery, hot Milf - with the emphasis on the ilf. Her lips were a deep pinky-red, the colours shaping them sensually like they were an open invitation and her hair was free flowing, curving round her shoulders and neck. At school she dressed conservatively, but even at home she wouldn't have worn a pairs of jeans so tight that you could both make out the curve of her buttocks and the crack of her pussy (with no underwear breaking the line of either). And her top was low and daring, the look of a hooker rather than a teacher.

She glanced in the bag over her shoulder, everything was there - a bottle of cheap wine, a camera and a collection of sex toys. She smiled to herself, tonight was the night she showed Em how to fuck a woman. She had been wanting to take the cute teen into her bed ever since Aria had mentioned that her friend had come out, but she could hardly proposition her in class. However, a swimming coach with an unavoidable family commitment and a major out of state swimming competition which would mean an overnight stay had given Ella the chance to make a move; and win some points with the Principal into the bargain.

It was a shame that the school's other top swimmer, Paige McCullers, was also along for the meet or else Ella would have made her move as soon as they were out of Rosewood. But with Paige around Ella had bided her time during the long car ride, the swimming competition (even as she admired from afar Emily's sleek swimsuit clad body) and dinner in the hotel restaurant.

But now Paige would be in her own room, studying or watching TV, and Ella was slinking towards Emily's room determined to score herself an eat of some teen cunt. Some wine, a winning smile and a maturity to be savoured, would she was sure, be enough to get the inexperienced Emily naked and banging away at Ella's hole.

* * *

"Mmnnn," Emily Fields tongue slid into Paige McCuller's mouth. For a moment it was still as Paige paused, the lesbian virgin unsure how to react, then gingerly she pressed back, a natural instinct taking over and telling her what to do. God, it felt good, though Paige, she'd been wondering for so long how it would feel to kiss another girl and now she knew, it felt good. Emily was pressing harder, her lips making little sucking sounds as they clamped onto Paige's and moving up and down as if the other teen was trying to talk, but couldn't get any words out. Paige tried to match her, pressing and pushing her own lips forward, doing as Emily did, trying to engulf the other's mouth in her own like it was a never ending battle for supremacy. It seemed to work, Emily's tongue shot further forward and moved faster, probing into Paige's mouth.

She knew Emily was more experienced, the other girl - her girlfriend? - had at least made out with her ex, and had even gone as far as to feel some booby and rub together, even if Emily had admitted the scissoring had been with them both fully clothed.

"Let's take off our tops," Emily pulled back from Paige. She looked nervous, as nervous as Paige felt.

Paige and Emily had both watched a couple of movies as they prepared for this night. In the lesbian porn it seemed so easy, the women so comfortable and excited, but now Paige was sitting on the bed in Em's hotel room she felt scared and self-conscious. The fluttering in her stomach was nearer nausea than orgasm, less butterflies than a flock of birds battering about. She forced the fear down, this night had been so long in coming, that she wasn't going to let it beat her. She was sure the smile on her face was weak and insipid, but at least it was a smile, "Okay," she said and removed her top.

Emily's was off as well, her hands automatically reaching up to cover her breasts until she remembered where she was and leaned in to kiss Paige again. Paige moved forward to meet her, their lips colliding and their mouths opening. They began to make out, their bodies slowly moving together and their hands coming up from the bed towards each other.

Emily's hand was creeping up her waist and then higher, moving across so that it was fondling Paige's firm tit. "MMMnnn, yeahhh," Paige gave a moany whinny, before replacing her mouth where it belonged - on Emily's. Her own hand went up Em's stomach, rubbing at the tummy toned by years of swimming, pausing just before she got to the titties. She was enjoying the way that Em was rubbing and squeezing her own titty, though nervous about how to do it. The pause wasn't long - it was just like being on the high board - you just needed to dive in. Her hand slipped to Emily's tit and she began to caress it. It wasn't as terrifying as she feared, it never was, Emily seemed content for her to rub and massage it, tweaking at the nipple with her fingers, and Emily's hand felt right on hers, like the palm was specially moulded to fit teenage tit.

They carried on like that for a few more moments, tongues intertwined, hands on and around titties. Paige knew it was time to move to the next step, though, or they'd still be lesbian virgins at dawn, albeit at least ones who'd groped some titty. She gently broke away from Emily, "I'm going to take off my bottoms." She pulled down the tracksuit revealing her freshly shaven pussy. She so wanted Emily to touch her down their, but her girlfriend looked so scared that Emily didn't think that she could go straight for it. She settled herself against the bed's board and said, "Let me touch myself; you watch."

Emily's breath quickened as Paige started to slide a finger round her pussy. It was a nice feeling, it always was, but she was sure it would be even nicer when the finger touching her quim lips was Emily's. Daringly, she probed the finger in, giving a little gasp of enjoyment. Beside her Emily gave a giggly sigh, "Let me get mine off as well," said the brown skinned hottie and removed her own bottoms.

Paige could see that Em's pussy had also had a swimmer's haircut, the smooth skin glinting in the light. Emily's fingers moved down to touch the hole, sliding over her wet cunt. The sight made Paige hotter and she began to push her own finger deeper, moaning and giggling as the digit went in. "Ooohh, oooohhh."

The two of them giggled and shivered as they sat, legs spread, playing with their pussies beside each other, making the teenage twats wetter and wetter, unaware that they were no longer alone.

Just a few feet away from them stood Ella who was staring at them almost as intensely as they were staring at each other, the Milf second-guessing the decision she had made a few moments ago. Or more accurately decisions...

Naturally she had intended to knock, had even raised her hand and clenched her fist when she reached the door, but since her goal was seduction Ella reasoned she couldn't pass up the chance to 'accidentally' catch Emily in a state of undress. So slowly and carefully she had tried the handle, Ella smiling as the door opened with ease, Emily making this almost too easy for her. That was her first, perhaps, incorrect decision.

Her second, far more noteworthy decision, came after she discovered the two teens fingering themselves, Ella so shocked that she almost made an embarrassing sound, slammed the door and ran before they could see her. Maybe in another universe she made that decision, the adult decision, the correct decision. But God help her it had been so long, and she thought she had been horny before but it was nothing compared to what she was feeling after seeing these two beautiful girls masturbate. Then they started kissing and Ella almost immediately made the unadvisable decision of going through with her original plan, with some notable adjustments.

After letting the younger girls enjoy their little make out session for a couple of long minutes Ella exclaimed in a surprise tone as if she'd just opened the door, "Girls, what are you doing?"

Letting out a high-pitched squeak of terror the two teens quickly pulled away from each other, Paige diving underneath the sheets while Emily settles for covering her body with her hands. It was actually kind of adorable.

"Mrs Montgomery, I... we, we weren't..." Emily stammered before gulping, "Please don't tell."

Ella frowned as she closed and locked the door to give them some privacy, "Emily..."

"Please?" Paige interrupted, "I haven't told my parents yet. And, and I don't think I'm ready too."

"They're kind of homophobic. Or at least Paige is worried that they might be." Emily chimed in.

"Mostly my Dad." Paige admitted, "But I'm really not sure how either will take it, or any of my friends for that matter, and I've just not ready for that. Please don't tell them."

"We were only going to fool around a little, I swear." Emily added, "We... we were just going to kiss and touch ourselves while watching each other. That's it."

Finally getting a chance to speak Ella began slowly approaching after she murmured, "Well, that would be a waste."

Both teens frowned in confusion as Emily mumbled, "What?"

"You don't have to worry." Ella said, sitting down on the bed and then adding dryly, "I won't tell anyone about this. But in the future, you might want to think about locking the door."

"I thought I did." Paige grumbled.

"Thank you." Emily quickly added, "This... this is all still pretty new to us."

"I can see that." Ella said softly, waiting a beat before adding, "Maybe I can help. I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing."

Those words hung in the air as the young girls took a few seconds to process what they had just heard, ultimately Paige softly exclaiming, "You're... you're a lesbian?"

"Bisexual, sweetie." Ella explained with a soft smile, "Honestly I've always preferred women, but I wanted a family and Byron was good at making me laugh, so... but I shouldn't bore you with my love life. I'd much rather talk about you two, if that's ok. Like I said, maybe I can help. If you'll let me."

For a moment the two girls looked at each other nervously, then Emily asked, "What... what did you have in mind?"

Ella smiled softly, and hopefully disarmingly, and then asked, "Can I get either of you a drink?"

Without allowing Emily and Paige much of a chance to reply Ella stood up and put her bag down on the floor. It might have been easier to take out the wine if she could have simply placed the bag on the bed, but she hadn't wanted to clutter the mattress. More importantly this allowed her the chance to bend over, Ella making sure the younger girls got the best possible look at her butt in those super tight jeans, the nearby mirror letting the respected teacher knows that the two students couldn't take their eyes off her ass. To ensure that didn't change Ella made sure to wiggle her hips as she made her way over to the chest of drawers, again the simple and rather obvious technique working to perfection as the teens almost literally drooled at the sight of her behind.

Letting them admire the view for a little longer Ella slowly open the wine, filled up three of the available classes and then returned to the bed while murmuring, "So Paige, I know about Emily, but do you consider yourself to be gay or bisexual?"

When Ella finished her question there was a pause as she handed two of the classes to the two girls. Ella was sure that Emily, and probably Paige, would have refused normally but both seemed grateful to have something to take the edge off, especially Paige. So she wasn't at all surprised when, without hesitation, Emily took a big swig of the wine while Paige practically finished hers in one gulp.

There was then another pause, Paige pushing herself to say something she had only really said one other time before, "I'm... I'm gay."

Ella made a humming noise and took a sip of her own wine, immediately wishing money wasn't so tight right now and she can afford something half as good as the stuff Veronica Hastings always served. Or Ashley Marin for that matter. Then she focused on what was important, "Interesting... I don't suppose either of you is sure whether you're a top or a bottom yet?"

Both girls blushed, shook their heads and unnecessarily mumbled, "No."

Smiling softly Ella lent forward and placed a hand on one of Emily's, "Don't worry, that's normal."

Emily looked first at the hand, then at Ella's cleavage, Paige's eyes going straight to the firm tits and staring at them for a few seconds before she mumbled, "What are you?"

"Oh, I'm a pure bottom." Ella said proudly, then dreamily adding, "I love being fucked, and bossed around in bed, mmmmmm and eating pussy. Oh God, I love eating pussy. It's my second favourite thing."

For a moment Ella became lost in pleasant memories, and although it was deliberate she became more lost than she intended, genuinely being shocked awake when Paige asked, "What's your favourite?"

"Huh... oh, being fucked up the ass. Or DP'ed. I count it as a tie between those two because for me a DP is just a variation, as long as there's a cock in my back hole I cum like a rocket." Ella explained casually, "But let's save talk about the advance class for later. For now let's go back to eating pussy. Being girls we all know what we like, so unlike men we're all at least decent rug munchers right off the bat. But there's a big difference between a seasoned muff diver and a pussy licking virgin, apart from the force of the orgasms of course. That being an experienced cunt lapper will know exactly how and when to lick you, her tongue not nervous or sloppy, her technique flawlessly sending you to orgasm whenever you want. Now, I could instruct one of you in going down on the other, or I could... demonstrate first. Which would you prefer?"

As she talked Ella slowly put her drink down and slowly advanced on Emily, the entire time making sure to keep her tone gentle, calming, and most of all seductive. Given the look on the younger girls' faces she succeeded, both of them looking increasingly hungry at her until Emily whispered, "De... de, demonstrate on me, please?"

Ella smiled, "Okay."

With that Ella leaned forward to give Emily a soft but overwhelming kiss, the teen letting out a soft moan as the experienced woman's lips pressed against her own. Out of instinct more than anything else Emily wrapped her arms around Ella's neck, prompting the older woman to wrap her arms around the teenager's back and deepening the kiss, the two women's tongues battling for dominance inside their mouths for several long minutes. It was a battle Emily was happy to lose, Ella toying with her tongue nearly the whole time before beating it. If that was the thing. Emily wasn't sure if it was, she was just so overwhelmed.

Emily continue to feel overwhelmed as Ella kissed her way down to her neck, the brown skinned teen moaning happily as the older woman reduced to a puddle of coo just from a few well time touches to her body and a few well-placed kisses to her neck. Then Ella moved on to her tits, cupping one into her mouth so she could lick and suck on it while she used her other hand to play with the other nipple. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth Ella went between her nipples, circling them with her tongue, suckling on them with her lips and tweaking them with her fingers. Over and over Ella did this for what felt like an eternity before finally she started moving lower.

From the first kiss to her stomach Emily was trembling with anticipation, Ella only giving her a few more kisses before she settled in between her legs and smelt her pussy the way the Hastings family savoured their wine. Then Ella turned her head and said, "I hope you're paying attention."

Following her gaze Emily blushed. She had forgotten all about her... friend? Girlfriend? Fuck buddy? They should really talk about that, but regardless of what she was to her Emily shouldn't be forgetting about Paige, not when she was prepared to have sex with her only a few minutes ago. But Emily did forget about Paige, not once but twice. To be fair the second time she forgot her own name, and everything else she previously knew, as the whole world dissolved around her.

All that was left for Emily was something soft and wet sliding against her body. More specifically a part of her body which had never been touched before, but it was welcoming the thing which was touching it now. The... the tongue which was touching her and making her feel oh so good. The other woman's tongue which was licking her pussy and erasing whatever tiny doubt that was left in her mind that she was gay. The older woman's tongue that was taking her virginity and making her first time feel amazing. The tongue belonging to one of her best friends' Moms that was now fucking her, that fact only turning Emily on more as she felt her body rush embarrassingly quickly towards her first non-self-induced orgasm.

While she obviously had some favourite places Ella loved every part of a woman's body and adored sliding her mouth all over it. She had planned to spend a long time worshipping this perfect swimmer's body, savour every moment of the foreplay before then giving the young girl a long, drawn-out rug munching. However adding Paige into the equation changed things, and while in some ways it was a very good thing Ella was somewhat disappointed she wouldn't have the chance to give Emily the attention she deserved.

To be fair Emily didn't seem to be complaining. Exactly the opposite in fact. Sure, there weren't many coherent words out of her mouth, and certainly nothing that could be called a sentence, but it was all clearly positive stuff. Besides, in between those words Emily was moaning, groaning, whimpering and even crying out in pure pleasure. And her hips were jutting out into Ella's tongue as she hungrily lapped away at the teen twat. And, perhaps most importantly of all, Emily was juicing up like crazy, her cunt cream coating Ella's tongue leaving her hungry for more.

Luckily more was exactly what Ella needed if she was going to have the time and energy for what she was now planning, the Milf soon wrapping her upstairs lips around Emily's downstairs lips, creating a seal so that the teenaged pussy juices flow directly from that young hole into her belly. Sure, Ella needed to pause to swallow now and then so her mouth wouldn't overflow, but neither she or Emily minded, especially as the teen finally started making sense, "More! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh more, ooooooohhhhhh, yes, eat me, mmmmmmmm, fuck me, oh, give me more of your tongue, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk, make me cum!"

Always happy to please her lovers Ella shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Emily's virgin pussy, the older brunette only getting to thrust her tongue in and out a few times before her daughter's friend came in her mouth. As a veteran muff diver Ella was just about able to swallow that first orgasm but then Emily practically drowned her with her second and third climaxes, Ella's face becoming covered in girl cum as she gulped down as much as she could of the younger girl's screaming orgasm.

Licking her lips the Milf lifted her head and looked at Paige. The toned teen was sitting on her knees, the thighs parted enough that she could slide a finger down to her pussy. Her mouth was open and she was breathing heavily, a red flush on her cheek. The blush got even deeper as she met Ella's gaze and her hand came up from between her legs to rest on the top of her thigh. Ella smiled and sat up, "Did you think it was sexy to watch me lick Emily?"

"Y...Yes... yes..." Paige's voice seemed nervous, but after a second's pause to clear her throat she continued, "Yes, it was the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

"Do you want your pussy licked now?" Ella said.

For a second she thought Paige was going to say 'no' as the teen froze in place like she was a rabbit caught in the headlights. Ella ran her tongue seductively over her lips, making her smile wanton. Paige visibly shivered, casting a look at Emily. Her friend gave her a small, encouraging nod. Paige looked back at Ella, "Yes, please lick my cunt."

Ella smiled, "The two of you won't learn anything if I do it all. I've shown Emily how to do it, now it's her turn to lick you."

"Okay," said Paige. She lay back spreading her legs.

Ella looked at Emily, it was the brown skinned swimmer's turn to look anxious, her pretty face a picture of petrifaction. Ella smiled, as a teacher she knew when to offer encouragement and support, "Give it a go, Emily, I'll be right beside you."

"What if I don't make her cum?" asked Em anxiously.

"I'm sure you will, but I'll finish her off if you don't," Ella said, though looking at the Paige sexy shaven slot, she decided she would be having a munch even if Emily brought her friend to orgasm heaven.

"Okay then," said Em. She lay down between Paige's legs. A strand of hair fell down across her face as she lowered her head, Ella wiped it away and positioned herself so that she could look down.

Em seemed to be deciding what to do as she just hovered with her mouth above Paige waiting. The other teen was quivering, whether through fear or anticipation. Ella waited patiently. After a few moments Em's mouth went down and she pecked a kiss at the pussy lips with her mouth. It was hardly a touch, but even so Paige reacted, letting out a moan. That was good, Ella smiled, the young swimmer must be so highly strung that even the lightest touch was having an impact. However, if Emily wanted to learn how to give satisfaction she needed to do more. Ella patted the teen's naked back encouragingly, "Open your mouth next time."

Em did as she was told her lips opening as she came down again on Paige. Ella watched as they enfolded Paige's labia, squeezing the thin flesh between Em's lips. "Use a little tongue," the Milf instructed. Paige gave a giggle suggesting that Emily had followed the instructions, perhaps too literally as a little was all that was happening. "A bit more, Emily," Ella said, her hand moved over Em's back, massaging it and keeping the young woman relaxed, "You want to use enough that she can feel it."

"Oh, oh," Paige tittered as Em's tongue moved out further and licked around her lips. Ella felt her own pussy heat as she watched Emily's tongue move around the outside of the pussy, sweeping round and round the lips, making them quiver and shake as her tongue touched them. The Milf felt a sudden surge of pride in the teen as without being told Emily's tongue switched from licking round the outside to sliding over the lips, teasing at the hole between them. Paige moaned again.

"Normally I'd say to one of you to use your hand, but as it's your first time I'll do it," said Ella. She reached down with her spare hand and slid her fingers in a V round Paige's cunt. Emily lifted her head a little and Ella spread open the pussy, "That should help you go in. Remember to use a lot of tongue."

Emily's face lowered again and her tongue went out. Ella was gratified to see it was moving from teasing the exterior to tasting the interior, moving slowly in and out of Paige's pussy, licking at the wrinkled pink flesh. Some cum was starting to form, oozing down from the walls where it secreted. For a second Emily stopped licking as she tasted it, frowning as she encountered a new flavour that she'd never known before. But the pause was momentary and Emily carried on exploring Paige's cunt with her tongue. The other swimmer moaned as Em's tongue went around.

"Okay, now move up - there find the clit... yes, that's it. Give that a lick, show Paige what your tongue can do," Ella instructed, watching as Em's tongue moved from the hole to the labia and the clit hidden under the flaps. The teen began to lick slowly, thinking about every stroke, about where to place it and how hard it would be. Ella remembered being that nervous herself the first time she'd eaten pussy - an older woman who lived nearby - it was embarrassing to think how many years and hairstyles ago it had been. But she had learnt and now she wanted to pass on her experience. "Relax Emily, it's not like keyhole surgery, you don't need to be so deliberate, go a little faster, hit it."

Ella continued to massage Emily's back, calming the teen. Emily began to speed up; it couldn't be said she was moving fast, but she was moving faster. And Paige seemed to appreciate it, cute little grunts coming from her mouth as one hand gripped at her tit and another hovered just above the cunt, ready to step in if Emily stopped. Ella prided herself as teacher she was fair, whilst Paige might be enjoying it she wasn't getting the full treatment, not like Emily had got. Not that Emily was doing bad, not for the first time, she was starting to lick more enthusiastically and her accuracy was improving, but it was time Ella stepped in. Plus she did want a taste of Paige's sweet little cunt now she'd seen it.

"Emily, you can stop now. That was really good, but watch me," Ella said. Em got up, a queer little smile on her face.

Ella gave her an encouraging smile, to show she had done well, and then replaced her between Paige's legs. She slid her fingers up and pulled apart the lips, making Paige quiver, especially as she started to use a finger to rub at the teen's clit as she brought her tongue into her teen. The pussy was soaking with cum, Emily had prepped Paige well, Ella's tongue shot in, probing and exploring, swirling round the wet hole, pressing at the flesh. Her finger moved at the cunt in partnership. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," Paige moaned and gasped, her body twisting.

There was no need to tease, not with Em having done that, so Ella quickly began to slurp and lick as quick as she was able, pounding her tongue into the teen fuckhole. Each sweep made Paige gasp and squeal, her body shivering as the pleasure flowed through it. Quick, fast, hard Ella hit the cunt, as her digit pounded at the clit. Paige gasped louder, "Ooohhh, ohhhh, ohhh." Ella briefly rested her tongue and concentrated on using her finger, pressing and probing at the bud, whilst using her thumb and ring finger to keep the teen's hole open. "Ooohhhh, oooohhhh," Paige's groans were louder.

Ella mouth moved up and down the lips playing at the wet cunt walls, then just as she felt Paige's body shudder she slammed her tongue out again, slurping at the cunt, sliding it around, pressing at the flesh and licking in the juice. It tasted lovely, different from Emily's, but just as tasty. Harder and harder she licked and fingered, using tongue and finger in conjunction to make Paige scream and squeal, the teen thrashing on the bed as she orgasmed.

Once she had carefully brought Paige down from her high, and swallowed the majority of the other brunette's cum, Ella pulled away, turned to the watching teen and said, "Ok Emily, now get on top of Paige in the 69 position. I want to see what you two girls have learnt."

For the briefest of moments Paige considered complaining. After all that orgasm was the most powerful she'd ever had and she honestly wasn't sure she could even walk again, let alone continue having sex. But then she saw the look of lust on Emily's face, her sort of maybe girlfriend quickly approaching, and somehow her body no longer felt numb, in fact it had never felt so buzzed.

It appeared Emily was the same way as the normally kind of shy girl got into the requested position with absolutely no hesitance. Well, she slowed down right at the end, but Paige was pretty sure that had more to do with not wanting to miss her 'target' and/or hurt her. Honestly Paige wasn't really worried about the latter but she could appreciate the former, so in her newfound eagerness she decided to help, namely by reaching up, grabbing onto Emily's butt and shoving her down onto her face.

As that wet hole approached Paige stuck out her tongue, hoping to try and impale Emily once she landed. Unfortunately her positioning was slightly off as while Emily's cunt connected with her mouth her tongue missed the entrance to that soft love tunnel and ended up sliding over the other brunette's pussy lips. Not that Emily was complaining, the beautiful brown skinned teen gasping at the sudden help received but then quickly moaning in pleasure.

The fact that Paige had unintentionally touched Emily's clit probably had something to do with that, and while Paige was momentarily annoyed by her failure she comforted herself with the thought the end result was pretty much the same. She had helped Emily and gave her pleasure, that was what was important. And she was in perfect position to make up for her mistake, Paige beginning to relentlessly lick Emily's clit in a way which got even more moans of pleasure from the other girl.

Emily paused for a few seconds, first out of shock at Paige's helpful action, and then out of wonderful pleasure as her sort of girlfriend started attacking that little bundle of nerves which could bring her so much joy, the other brunette's licks enough to make her close her eyes and become lost in selfish pleasure. Then she slowly opened her eyes again and noticed Ella watching her, Emily immediately blushing at her moment of selfishness.

Wanting to make it up to Paige, and to impress Ella, Emily quickly lowered her head and started lapping at the other teenager's pussy, at first licking from top to bottom and then back again, and then after about a minute of that she switched to just licking Paige's clit. Then she wrapped her lips around that sensitive bundle of nerves and began sucking on it, gently at first, but then with increasing suction the louder Paige moaned, groaned, whimpered and cried in pleasure, Emily smiling happily at the positive feedback.

Ever the competitor Paige retaliated by slamming her tongue into Emily's cunt as far as it could go and beginning to fuck her with it, the other girl clearly trying to remember everything Ella had taught her about eating pussy. Emily tried to do the same as she switched to tongue fucking and then back again, the teen lovers swallowing as much each other's juices as they could while they struggled to everything Ella had shown them and hopefully impress the experienced older woman.

Considering how hard they both came in each other's mouth Emily felt like they didn't do too badly, especially considering it was their first time in a 69 and only her second time eating pussy. Of course when she actually came Emily wasn't too worried about it, or anything really, the pleasure so overwhelming that for a few blissful moments nothing else in the world mattered. Nothing else except fucking Paige, although that only seemed to help them become more lost in the heaven which was lesbian sex.

Ella looked down on Emily and Paige, a smile crossing her face as she watched the two teens come up for air, the juice glistening on their lips and over their chins showing how well they'd pleasured each other. There was no doubt the two of them were quick learners, for the first time it had looked most impressive and Ella had been content to let them get on with it with a minimum of supervision.. "How were we?" asked Paige. She and Emily were looking at their teacher, nervous like they were awaiting her marks.

"How do you think you were?" Ella smiled, her gaze moving down the girl's bodies to focus on their wet slots.

The two swimmers looked at each and blushed, "I think we did okay, I guess," said Emily, "What do you think Paige."

"I enjoyed it, so does that mean we did good?"

"If you enjoyed it that's the most important thing," smiled Ella, "perhaps next time you might want to use your fingers in conjunction a bit more. And I find that sometimes it's nice to slide your hand on your partners ass as you're licking her slit to play with her butt."

"Do we need to take notes?" asked Paige cheekily.

"Only if there is going to be an exam later," Ella smiled back at the two teenagers, gratified that they grinned back. She reached into her bag and pulled out a couple of dildos, "Watching you has made me hot, now it's my turn to play and your turn to look."

She sat against the bedrest and spread her legs, showing the two teen's her pink pussy. They looked at in entranced as she pulled the dildos next to her and holding them both in her hands placed the first in her mouth and seductively sucked at it until it was nice and wet. When she was satisfied it was soaked she dropped it lightly on the bed and took the other one in her mouth, working it gently in and out so that it was soaked with her spit. She pulled it out and showed it to the teens, "See, that's lubricated. I'm not as tight as you two, but even so this is a big boy to get in my cunt."

As the two teen's watched she used her spare hand to pull apart her twat lips and slide the toy in. her pussy was already soaking and that combined with her spit meant she was able to quickly drive the toy in hard and deep, pounding away at her hole. She gasped in pleasure as she found her spot and concentrated on that, her spare hand stroking at her titty, making the nipples spring erect. In front of her Emily and Paige were quivering in excitement as they watched, their nubile naked bodies literally shaking with lust. "Oooohhh, that's so good," Ella let out a moan of excitement and Paige and Emily's eyes struggled to remain in their heads. Ella pushed the dildo deeper, "Uuurrhhh, urrrhhh, oh yes."

"Fuck," murmured Paige quietly, "That's so hot."

Her friend nodded, unable to find any words, but her expression showing her agreement. Ella smiled and pulled the toy out, normally, if she was alone she'd have masturbated until she came again and again. But tonight, with company that would be a waste. She moved onto her hands and knees, crawling the couple of feet separating her from the teens and lifting up the dildo that had been in her pussy licked away at the juice, "MMmnnn, pussy juice. Do you want a taste, Paige?"

The teen nodded and opened her mouth. Ella slid the toy in, working in gently back and forth as the teen slobbered at it, her enthusiastic slurps almost as loud as Emily's fevered breathing beside her. Ella pushed the spare dildo towards the brown skinned swimmer, but she either didn't notice or didn't want to use it yet as she just continued to watch her teacher feed her friend the dildo.

"Taste nice?" Ella pulled the toy from Paige's mouth and the teenager nodded enthusiastically. Ella looked at the dildo, it was wet but the liquid was all saliva and none was cum. She smiled, "If we're going to give Emily a taste it looks like we need to sweeten this up again." Paige and Emily both nodded, evidently expecting Ella to lean back and masturbate herself again, but Ella had other ideas. She reached down for Paige's cunt and putting her fingers on it opened the surprised teen's hole. She smiled, "Will you do the honours? I'll work the toy for you."

"Y...y... yes, okay," said Paige. She gasped in pleasure as Ella pushed the toy in, working it up and down the teen's slick slot.

"How's that?" asked Ella, she increased her speed, thrusting the toy in deeper and harder, each time slightly adjusting the angle as she explored for the best place to concentrate on.

"Oooohhh," Paige quivered and shook, leaning back on her hands and opening her mouth to exhale, "Ooohhh, that's right. Uuuurhhh....ooohhhhh."

"I'm guessing that's the spot," smiled Ella and continued to pound the toy down the hole, watching as Paige shuddered and gasped, her skin gradually getting warmer and redder as she was driven to fruition.

Beside her Emily was watching open mouth, her finger stroking at her own cunt. Suddenly she seemed to see the spare dildo that was sitting just inches from her and she picked it up. Ella briefly took her eyes from the teen in front of her, "Lick it, make it wet. You'll love it."

Emily nodded and slid the toy in her mouth, sucking at it as she watched her friend gasp and groan in front of her. It was such a turn on that it made Em even wetter down below, and she thought that she probably didn't need to lubricate the toy any more, still she carried on for a few more moments not wishing to contradict her older teacher. Ella seemed to be concentrating on Paige again though, so Emily pulled it out and slid the toy into her cunt. Mrs Montgomery had been right, it felt great, whether it was the attention the pussy had already received, the sight of an orgasming and naked Paige in front of her or the spit covering the toy, or all combined, the toy sped joyfully up her slicked cunt. It pounded into her spot, sending waves of intensity flowing through her and she gasped in pleasure. Harder and harder she thrust into herself, trying to match the pace of Ella, slamming the toy into herself.

"Aaaaarrrghhh, fuuuuccckkk!" Paige squealed in enjoyment.

"Ooooohhhh, yesssss, aarrrrrrghhh," Em's cries were equally as loud and passionate.

Feeling overwhelmed by pleasure Emily closed her eyes so she could concentrate on her own selfish pleasure. Ironically a side-effect of this was she felt like she was better in tune with what Paige was feeling, the other girl's cries matching her own as their young pussies were slammed to heaven, in Emily's case by her own hand while Paige got the benefit of Ella's experience. Despite the pleasure she was feeling that fact left Emily a little jealous, although that didn't last long.

"Would you like some help?" Ella offered, her voice causing Emily's eyes to shoot open and see a very satisfied looking Paige panting a few feet away from her while their teacher hovered over her.

Nodding and smiling eagerly Emily replied, "Ohhhhhh yessssss, mmmmmmmm, please fuck me."

Emily was pretty sure she said some other things, she just had no idea what they were. Probably nothing coherent considering how much she was moaning, groaning, whimpering, crying and screaming in wonderful joy, Ella again showing off her skill as she took over sliding the dildo in and out of Emily's cunt and immediately made it ten times better. Of course it helped that she got to see Paige gently beginning to fuck herself with the toy Ella had left in her pussy along with the mature woman hovering over her staring at her lustfully.

Until today Mrs Montgomery had always been the model of professionalism with her, Emily only ever imagining a few times that she could be anything else and even then she couldn't go through with those particular fantasies because it had seen so naughty and unrealistic. Now she was being fucked by Ella Montgomery, her teacher, her friend's Mom, the woman charged with looking after them on this trip, it overwhelmed Emily, her mind feeling like it was exploding from wicked desire. Or perhaps that was just the orgasm crashing through her body, the intensity of the sensations so strong Emily didn't even realise what it was until after it was almost over.

Ella made sure Emily got a chance to ride out her orgasm before she started bringing the younger girl down from her high, the respected teacher only briefly considering giving her student multiple orgasms before deciding on only one. Sure, it would be easy to do it but she didn't want to wear Emily out, not when she was really, really hoping to get fucked hard by the two teens.

That was why she gave them both time to recuperate and more importantly refuelled their desire, first by making a show of sharing Emily's cum with Paige, Ella sliding her tongue along the shaft of the toy she had just pulled from one brunette teen's cunt and then sliding it into the other brunette teen's mouth. Then, after waiting a few minutes for Paige to thoroughly clean the dildo, Ella moved away slightly, flipped over onto her stomach, lifted herself up onto all fours and then wiggled her ass at her students.

"Did I mention I love anal?" Ella teased as she reached back to press the toy cock against her ass hole.

She also briefly used one hand to spread one of her butt cheeks to make the anal penetration easier on herself, the fact that she had spent most of the day with a butt plug firmly planted up her ass also helping. Then there was the little detail that Ella had always considered herself an anal whore, a fact which was probably very clear to the two younger brunettes as they watched their chaperone slid every inch of the fake cock into her butt while moaning in almost pure pleasure.

Truthfully the mild stretching sensation only turned Ella on more and she doubted the teens noticed the difference, especially as whatever discomfort there had been was quickly forgotten when she started officially anally masturbating, Ella moaning in pure pleasure as she gripped the bedding with one hand while she used the other to gently pump her own ass hole.

As her rear tunnel relaxed and once again got used to being a fuck passage the temptation to pick up the pace almost became too much to bear, Ella knowing it wouldn't take much to make her slutty ass cum. However as much as she hadn't wanted to wear out the two teens she really didn't want to do the same to herself. Besides, as good as this felt it was nothing compared to being ass fucked by another person, and from the looks of it Emily and Paige when now ready and willing to do just that. First though Ella had another hole aching to be filled.

She rolled onto her back and gave the girls a slutty smile as she reached down to stroke her pussy, "I think you've got the basics now," she purred, "The tongue can be used to great effect, as can dildos - in all holes." The teens looked at each other, slow sexy smiles crossing both their faces as they thought about what they had learnt and what they'd be doing with the learning. Ella slid her fingers harder over her cunt, spreading the wet hole as she stretched open her legs. Emily and Paige were more than adequate, but that didn't mean that there weren't further lessons to go. She gave out a small moan and giggle, drawing their attention from each other back to her. "So who wants to fuck me properly? Emily? Paige?"

"Fuck you properly?" Emily's eyes widened in lust and surprise, "How?"

"In my bag there's a strap-on," Ella replied, though actually she had several in there. She watched as the two teens scurried over to her bag and pulled them out. They stared in shock at the dicks dangling from straps or attached to panties; they were ribbed or straight, black, blue and pink, some designed to pleasure both users, others more the recipient, all much bigger than the average real life member. Ella smiled, "So who's first?"

The two teens looked at each other, before Paige picked up one of the strap-ons attached to a pair of leather panties. "Me," she said and started to pull them on.

"Come on then, come to teacher," Ella opened her legs wider, showing the swimmer her juicy cunt. She was slightly surprised it was Paige taking the lead, she had always seemed a little less assured than Emily (and Emily wasn't always Miss Confident either); it seemed that loosing her lesbian cherry was bringing out the top in the young, sexy slut. And from the hungry look that Emily was giving her, as she stood next to the bed, brushing lightly at her cunt, the brown skinned cutie wasn't planning on volunteering to join Ella in bottoming either.

Paige took the toy in one hand, "Do I just put it in?"

"Yes," giggled Ella, "I'm wet enough."

Slowly Paige entered her, gingerly pushing the toy into the hole as if frightened it might break. Ella moaned and pushed herself forward so that she was impaling herself on the dong. It made Paige slow down and pull back. Ella smiled and continued to rock her body, working her cunt on the few inches of the toy that was in her. "Come on, fuck me," she drawled, licking her lips and cupping her titties. After a few seconds Paige started to move again, slow and gradual, almost delicate. Ella worked with her, slowly encouraging the teen to go deeper, her eyes inviting the young swimmer down as her slit slid up the hard rubber. "Yeah, Paige, push it deeper, push it further."

"It's so big," said Paige, "Are you alright?"

"Don't worry, I'll tell you if I'm not... and I'll scream when I am," Ella responded. The teen pushed the dildo a little deeper, rocking back and then pushing forward. With each thrust she seemed to be growing in confidence, sliding the toy further into the Milf's hole and looking like she meant it. The Milf timed her own movements with Paige's, sliding up the toy to meet her and down as the teen pulled back. Soon the toy was slick with her juices and sliding deep into her cunt.

It was good, but it could be better; she believed a teacher should challenge her students, not let them be content with being average - though she realised that many teachers might have a different view and were content to let their pupils excel in mediocrity. "Go harder, Paige, I'm not some delicate flower. Fuck me like you mean it."

"You sure, I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't, you'll pleasure me to heights beyond measure. Now go harder, fuck me like I'm a whore."

Paige carried on slowly rocking forward and back and for a moment or two Ella though her instructions had made no difference, but just as she was about to say something she noticed that she was starting to get out of time with Paige. The Milf sped up her own rocking and she upped the pace Paige did as well, her thrusts more violent and deep, ramming more vigorously at the hole. The Milf felt the toy scrape at her special spots and she gave a groan of pleasure, "That's it Paige. Go as fast as you can, give it me harder."

"Yes, yes I will," said Paige as she really started to let go, pounding her teacher's cunt passionately, slamming the stiff dong down the wet tunnel, hammering it deep into the hole.

Each thrust made Ella shudder with ecstasy as her pussy walls stretched and smothered the toy, oiling it in her cum, making it welcome into her body. She gasped and arched her back, gripping and cupping her bouncing tits as she shook, "Ooohhh yessss, ohhhhh yesss, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it."

"Yes, yes, yes," Paige nodded, getting carried away in the excitement, her expression displaying an intense and concentrated excitement as she slammed the toy down. Sweat slid down her skin, over her toned stomach and between her muscular thighs, her tits - hard and firm from constant exercise - rocked and jiggled, shaking like hills in an earthquake. Ella's titties, larger, less firm, swung and bounced, jumping and juddering as she writhed and rolled under the pounding. The Milf gripped the bed, feeling the orgasmic pleasure rise up in her.

"Yesssss, aaaaarrggghhh, yessssss, " she shrieked as she came, her cunt exploding like it was a mirror shattering, shards of pleasure flying through her like razor sharp glass. "Aaaaarrrrghhh, fuuuuucckkk, aaaarggghhhh!"

Paige pulled out, the cock dripping with Ella's wetness, "Are you alright? Was I okay?"

"Mmmmmm, so much better than okay." Ella moaned.

"Really?" Paige beamed.

"Really." Ella confirmed, partly because it was always good to positively reinforce her students/lovers, but mostly because it was true.

Clearly wanting to follow her friend's example Emily interrupted the exchange with, "My turn."

The tone was surprisingly forceful by Emily's standards and Ella wondered if Paige quickly stumbled out of the way because she was startled by her fellow teen or whether she was just being polite. Ella was certainly startled, although all she needed was to take one look at Emily to see that any forcefulness was born from nervousness rather than any jealousy or sudden confidence. As a result Ella found it more cute than anything, especially as Emily bit her lip while getting into position.

Emily continued looking cute as she lined up the head of the dildo with Ella's eager love hole and, after rubbing her downstairs lips for a few seconds to make sure the tip was nice and wet, pushed her way inside. Sadly she only pushed a few inches inside before stopping and allowing Ella some unnecessary time to relax before continuing, Ella moaning in mostly frustration as Emily slowly filled her pussy up with fake cock and then began to gently fuck her.

"Ooooooooh, more, mmmmmmm, harder! Fuck me like a slut!" Ella demanded after about a minute of gentle fucking, "I already told Paige I'm not some delicate flower, oooooohhhhhhh mmmmmmmm, and she loosened me up sooooooo good that you don't have to hold back."

"I know." Emily said, surprisingly cheekily, "I, I just like hearing you beg."

Naturally the teen blushed and looked away, but that didn't stop Ella from being impressed. If Emily could gain a little more confidence she would be a real heart-breaking top with bottoms lining up to give her their fuck holes. Ella wasn't sure before, but now she could see this girl's potential. Paige too. They just needed a little guidance. Someone to advise them. Be there for them. And perhaps most of all give them positive reinforcement.

"Oh you do, do you?" Ella smiled after spending a few seconds just staring at the teen, "Well as a slutty little cock whore, I'm happy to oblige. Mmmmmm, fuck me Ems, please fuck me like the little cock whore I am. Oooooooooh, I'm a whore for your cock Emily. Yours and Paige's. It doesn't really matter if it is real or fake, just that it's big and hard and fills me sooooooo gooooooddddddd! Mmmmmmm, yes, oh God yesssssss, fuck my whore pussy with your big hard girl cock Emily. Fuck me like a lesbian slut. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, make me your lesbian slut Ems. Please fuck me and make me a filthy dyke bitch for you and Paige to use whenever you want!"

Even when she had blushed and looked away Emily kept fucking her which only further impressed Ella. Now as Ella completely cut loose with the dirty talk Emily continued to blush but she quickly went from looking away to staring lustfully into the older woman's eyes. Better yet her thrusts, while sloppy and occasionally not as effective as they could be, became increasingly hard, Emily's enthusiasm making up for any sloppiness and the look on her face going from cute to downright sexy as her confidence seemed to grow with every thrust.

Emily certainly felt that way. In fact it got to the point it almost scared her because she wasn't used to feeling so sure of herself. Then again perhaps confidence was the wrong word as she was still very aware she could do better, Emily carefully listening out for any constructive criticism from the older woman, although unfortunately she only got a couple before Ella seem to become completely lost in the pleasure.

It made Emily feel really proud to be able to do that to her experienced teacher, but pride didn't exactly describe what she was feeling either. Or maybe she was feeling a certain level of pride and confidence, but most of all she was feeling... dominant. The word made her blush as it was something she could never imagine herself being before, but as she continued to almost brutally pound Ella's pussy it seemed like the most accurate word to describe what she was feeling. And oh, how Emily liked that feeling.

Of course another word to describe what she was feeling was pleasure, and if she could use two words it would be overwhelming pleasure, the base of the dildo bashing into her clit and driving her closer to orgasm with every thrust. Also the confidence, the pride and most of all the domination combined together to be almost better than the clit stimulation, Emily feeling overcome with the sheer pleasure of fucking another woman in this way, Ella never looking more beautiful to her then writhing beneath her taking her 'big hard girl cock' inside her. Which was really saying something because Ella Montgomery was the definition of stunning.

Ella somehow became even more beautiful as she came on Emily's big hard girl cock, the older woman's orgasm triggering the teen's so that they became lost in what they were experiencing. Yet instead of immediately stopping like Emily would have expected herself to do she fucked Ella's cunt even harder, the younger brunette becoming lost to some primal need to fuck the other woman, Emily never more sure she was a lesbian and a top at that given how she enthusiastically fucked Ella to orgasm after orgasm.

"OOOhhh, arrrrrrggghhhh" Ella gasped in pleasure, then to the teen's surprise she pushed upwards, moaning. "Stop."

Emily pulled out, looking at Paige, who seemed equally nonplussed by the turn of events. She turned back to the panting Ella "Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you? I wasn't going to hard was I, I thought you liked it?"

For a second Ella looked confused and then guilty as she realised how her reaction had looked to the teen. She shook her head, blushing slightly, "No, no, not at all. You were great Emily, that was a fantastic fucking; you saw me cum." Her cheeks reddened even more, "I didn't want you to stop for long, just enough for me to turn on my front."

"Your front?" Emily eyes widened as she watched the Milf turn over and bring her hands down her buttocks. Ella began to spread them apart, showing the two teens her puckered, back hole. Emily gaped at it, her mouth opening like she was a goldfish, "You mean... you want me too..." she trailed off, stunned.

"Fuck my ass," Ella tittered as she completed the sentence, "Yes."

"Won't it be tight?" asked Paige, asking the question Em would have asked if she wasn't still speechless.

"Yes," Ella giggled a little more, "but you saw me loosen it. I'm sure Emily can stick it, can't you?"

The teen nodded, suddenly feeling more confident, "I can give it a go."

"And that cock is nice and wet with my juice, that will make it go in easier," said Ella.

Emily nodded and moved back over the Milf, "I'm ready."

"Okay take it in one hand and guide it my asshole," Ella instructed the teen, still holding her ass cheeks apart. Emily did as she was told, hovering over the back hole, the tip tickling at the tense flesh. Ella giggled in anticipation. "Now take it and push it in. It'll seem stiff, but don't worry my ass will open out."

Taking the dildo Emily pressed it down. Her friend's Mom was right, her asshole was tight and taut, probably not as much as if she hadn't anally masturbated a short while before, but still it was like pushing against a sticky door, which was only slowly creaking open. Ella didn't seem to mind, moaning in pleasure and lifting her buttock slightly to help the young woman in, "Okay Emily that's it. If it gets too stuck pull it back an inch or two and then push it down, it's just like turning a screw - you don't need to do it all in one turn. Yeah that's good, you're doing well, this is feeling great."

"How far should I push it?" asked Emily nervously.

"All the way," giggled Ella, "All the way in. Don't worry I can take it."

"Okay," said Emily. The dildo was so far in her teacher's butt she wasn't holding it any more, her hands instead place either side of the Milf's body as she used her midriff to thrust the toy in. She was grateful for all the squats, sit-ups and press-ups she'd done; her coaches had told her that they would help her swimming and they'd been right - they never mentioned that they'd also help her fucking. She moved up and down, slowly at first, gradually pushing the toy deeper, forcing the walls aside and drilling down the tunnel. But as the toy got further in she found herself automatically going faster, whether that was her to trying to keep up with Ella's upward humps or whether the Milf's butt was rising and falling trying to keep pace with an increasingly fast Em the teen wasn't sure. Either way it was pretty hot, the haft of the toy rubbing at her as she slammed it deep down Ella, the older woman writhing and bouncing against her, her pale skin a counterpoint to Emily's darker hue.

"Oooohhh, yeeeahhh, that's good Emily, fuck it harder, fuck it," moaned Ella, her body was bending, her back arching as she moved in unison, lifting her hips and cheeks in time with Emily's thrusts. "Fuck it, fuck my ass."

Emily went faster, pounding down into the hole. She glanced at her friend, Paige was sitting, bedazzled, her finger sliding over her wet cunt and titties as she watched the other swimmer butt-bang their teacher. She saw Emily looking at her and nodded in encouragement, "Fuck her, Em, fuck her."

"Yessss, yessss, fuck me," squealed Ella. Her hands rent and ripped at the sheeting, pulling and tearing it like she was out of control. Her face contorted and twisted like she was an inmate in a madhouse, her eyes bulging and her teeth gritting as the orgasm hit her, the mouth suddenly opening to let out a shriek of pure orgasmic joy, "Fuuuccckk, aaaaaargggghhhh, fuuuuucckkk!"

Emily had never given anyone so much pleasure as she was giving Ella, pumping the big dildo down the woman's ass. She continued on, trying to give Ella as much as she could, moving quicker and harder, thrusting in with a violent, vigour, brutally opening the hole wider and wider, slamming the toy deep down into the bowels. And with each thrust Ella screamed and gasp and shuddered, blown away by the orgasms. "Aaaarrrghh, fuuucckkkkk, aaaaarggghhh." Emily pounded harder, feeling every muscle in her back and thighs and arms strain as she went up and down. Harder, harder, down, down, giving it everything she had.

The teen was soaking, sweat as well as cunt juice. She continued on, regulating her breathing as if she was in a race, keep her exertion under control even as she pushed herself to her limits. "Ohhh my fuccckiinngg God. Fuck this is the best butt-fuck ever," Ella screamed and shuddered, "Fuck, give it me, give it me." Emily thrust down, ignoring the ache in her arms and the soreness in her back, ignoring the sweat covering her face and the panting as her lungs work overdrive. All that mattered was fucking Ella, fucking the Milf to oblivion and beyond. Ella shook again, screaming, "AAAarrrrghh my assss! Yeeesssss, fucckkkkk! I'm cumming! I'm cummmmmiiiinnnngggg ooooooohhhhhh fuccccckkkkkk!"

Making the more experienced woman cum through anal sex filled Emily with perverted pride. She had thought nothing could make her feel more dominant and confident than pounding Ella's pussy, but ass fucking the older woman made her feel as if she was being possessed by Alison or something. Thinking of her dead best friend, the first person she had ever had feelings for, momentarily made Emily feel sad and guilty, but there was no other way she could describe it. Ali was the very embodiment of confident and dominance, seemingly ruling all of those around her with an iron fist, Emily remembering wishing she could have a tenth of that confidence. Now it felt like for that brief moment she was at least half as confident and as dominant as Alison had been, Emily wishing she could butt fuck one of her best friends' Moms forever so she could feel like this all the time.

Unfortunately that just wasn't possible as even with her physical training Emily had her limits. And it wasn't just that all her joints began to ache or that she felt like she was drowning in sweat, it was that the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising her teacher made her cum again and again until finally she had to stop. She almost literally cried when doing it, but Emily forced herself to stop, making sure to give one last powerful thrust so that her dildo ended up completely buried in Ella's bowels so she could enjoy the feeling of her hips against the older woman's ass cheeks while she gasped for breath and tried not to collapse.

After allowing both women a few long seconds of recovery Paige asked hopefully, "Mrs Montgomery... can I have a turn? Please? You could lay on your back, or we could wait a while if you want, but... I really, really wanna butt fuck you."

Ella, who had pressed her face down against the bed sheets for a little rest, looked up at Paige and smiled warmly, "Oh, I'd definitely be up for that. I told you both I'm an anal slut, and I meant it. But the only thing better than a dick in my ass is a a dick in my ass and one in my pussy at the same time, and right now I'm jonesing to be double stuffed. How does that sound girls?"

Paige's eyes lit up and she grinned, "As long as I get your ass, I'm good."

"Me too." Emily said, not sounding as enthusiastic as Paige, but that was only because she was tired.

Emily thought about doing or saying something else to try and show how she really felt about continuing, but then she got caught up in pulling her big strap-on out of Ella's ass. Perhaps it shouldn't have had so much of an effect on her, after all she had been staring at that cock thrusting in and out of Ella's butt for who knows how long now, but somewhere along the way she had forgotten just how long and fat the dildo was, Emily's mouth falling open slightly as she watched a seemingly endlessly long dick being pulled from her teacher's ass hole. Her mouth then went wider as the dildo was finally removed with an audible pop, leaving behind a gaping crater in its wake where before there had been a tiny rosebud.

"Oh my God!" Emily exclaimed, guilt filling her as she saw just how much damage she had done to Ella's ass hole, "I'm so sorry."

"Mmmmm, don't be." Ella moaned, reaching back to spread her cheeks to emphasise her gape, "I just love it when my butt hole is all loose and open. It makes me feel like such an anal slut."

"That's because you are an anal slut." Paige said boldly, quickly moving around and then whistling as she saw just how widely the older brunette's butt hole was gaping, "Wow, that's impressive. But I bet I could make it wider though."

"Mmmmm, please do." Ella moaned without thinking, Paige taking advantage of both her words and her positioning to slam every inch of her dildo deep into her loosened ass, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCKKKKK, I, mmmmmmm, I meant after I'd sucked Emily's cock clean and stuffed it in my cunt."

"You were going to suck my cock clean!" Emily exclaimed.

"She still is." Paige said, adding when Emily looked at her in surprise, "Don't you get it yet Em? She's a slut and loves to be treated as such."

"Ohhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, treat me like a slut." Ella moaned as Paige started to lazily butt fuck her to prove her point, "I'm a slut, mmmmmmm, please treat me like one."

"See? This is what she wants!" Paige pointed out before grabbing her teacher's hair and yanking on it so that Ella would be forced to open her mouth, "Come on Ems, stop treating her like our teacher and start treating her like the walking fuck hole she is! Shove your dick in her mouth and fuck it until it's clean! Make Mrs Montgomery your ass to mouth whore while I fuck her slutty little butt hole! She wants to be double stuffed so bad, let's give it to her and make her our dirty little spit roast pig!"

"Oooooohhhhhh Gooooodddd yeeeeeessssssss, fuck me!" Ella cried out, feeling completely out of control and loving it, "Fuck my ass, fuck my mouth, mmmmmmm, double fuck me like a total whore! Mmmmmm, make me your dirty little fuck pig! Spit roast me! Take me in both ends like a slutty whore bitch!"

For a few moments Emily just knelt there in disbelief, then almost overwhelmed by her hormones again she moved around to where she could press her dildo against Ella's face. The respected teacher didn't even hesitate to swallow the head of that fake dick, Ella moaning loudly as she tasted the deepest part of her bowels. She then slowly and lovingly cleaned the head while Paige continued butt fucking her from behind, eventually beginning to bob her head up and down on the first few inches of that shaft, officially beginning the blow job. Or should that be, officially beginning the spit roasting.

Either way after a few minutes Paige called out, "Fuck her Emily! Fuck her mouth while I fuck her ass hole."

"Yessssss, please Emily, mmmmmm, do it." Ella moaned, briefly taking the dildo out of her mouth to do so, "Mmmmmm fuck my mouth like you fucked my ass hole! Ooooooooh, use my mouth like a whore's cunt! Ohhhhhhhh fuck me!"

The horny Milf then immediately swallowed Emily's shaft again, this time stuffing half of it into her mouth and maybe down her throat while greedily suckling at it with twice the amount of enthusiasm. Emily just stared at the obscene sight and Paige thought she was going to have to prompt the other teen again, but to her delight her fellow swimmer stepped up by grabbing hold of Ella's hair gently began pumping her hips back and forth. Unsurprisingly Emily never got violent with this, not even when the slutty older woman forced every inch of the dildo down her throat, but it was a hell of a turn on for Paige to watch me can mild Emily Fields throat fucking her respected teacher Ella Montgomery. And Paige was already plenty turned on.

So much so she almost didn't hear Emily when she softly said, "Do you, maybe, want to... you know, try to DP her now?"

"Fuck yes!" Paige grinned, pulling her strap-on out of Ella's ass.

Then, while Paige was enjoying the sight of Ella's gaping ass hole, Emily laid down on the mattress and the older brunette eagerly got on top of her, Ella sliding her juicy cunt down Emily's thick pole and bouncing herself to a quick mini orgasm in the time it took for Paige to come to her senses and position herself behind her.

"Slow down bitch, give me a chance to get back in that whore ass!" Paige ordered, Ella quickly stopping and Paige shoving every inch of her cock back into her teacher's loosened ass just as quickly, "Oh yeah, take it, take it like a bitch!"

"I'm taking it, I'm taking it." Ella moaned joyfully, "I'm taking like a bitch! I'm taking it like a slutty anal bitch who can't get enough of it up her ass! Mmmmmm, fuck me Paige, fuck my ass, ooooooooh, wreck it good, mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, fuck my pussy Emily, aaaaaahhhhhhh, both of you fuck me like a whore, ooooohhhhhhh fucccccccckkkkkkkk!"

More than happy to obey her teacher's wishes Paige began pounding away at Ella's pooper, butt fucking her teacher hard and deep right from the get go. Ella's anal walls were slippery and loose and yet still tight enough to cause some heavenly friction on Paige's dildo. It was more than enough to send Paige rushing towards orgasm already, while the respected teacher was screaming like a total whore, begging both of her students to slam her slutty fuck holes and make her their bitch.

It was a delightful thought, although it wasn't long before Paige lost track of whatever it was Ella was saying due to the beautiful sight of her strap-on cock pounding in and out of her teacher's ass hole. Her cock. In that moment Paige truly felt like she had a cock and slamming it in and out of another woman's ass hole was the most sexiest thing in the world. Not that she'd really want to have a cock because she'd probably cum way too soon and go limp, Paige having enough trouble holding off her orgasm as it was so she could enjoy the sight and feeling of abusing that beautiful back hole. And the cheeks! Those gloriously round motherly ass cheeks which jiggled so wonderfully against her thighs.

Ella also enjoyed the feeling of Paige's well-toned thighs ramming into her luscious bottom so hard it felt like she was being spanked, the mature brunette swearing that her cheeks would be at least pink after this enthusiastic butt fucking. It would almost guarantee she would be sore for hours, maybe even days later, her constantly aching bottom a constant reminder of how she seduced two teenagers into fucking her. Oh how she would love that.

Of course thoughts of the future were fleeting when Ella's present was so wonderful, Paige effortlessly butt pounding her to amazing orgasm after amazing orgasm while an exhausted Emily played with her tits and occasionally thrust upwards into her cunt to intensify the pleasure. Then, just as Paige seem to be waning, Emily got a second wind and began thrusting upwards into the older brunette more forcefully, causing Ella to feel like she literally lost her mind as a series of multiple orgasms rocked her body which was easily as powerful as any she'd ever known.

It was possible she collapsed a few seconds later, or a few hours, or somewhere in between, Ella honestly wasn't sure. All she truly knew was that all three of them ended up lying together in a sweaty heap, three of them perfectly sandwiched with those dildos completely buried in Ella's fuck holes. Then Paige was pulling out and rolling Ella off of Emily, the oldest brunette amongst them whimpering as her two slutty holes felt incredibly empty, especially her gaping butt hole.

Then she heard Paige hoarsely order, "Suck our dicks bitch!"

Despite her exhaustion Ella eagerly complied, the chance of tasting her pussy and ass hole enough to fill her with adrenaline again if not energy. Soon Emily's dildo was in her mouth, then Paige's, Ella going back and forth between them like a total cock whore hungry for her fix. It didn't take long for Ella to clean every drop of her pussy and ass juice off those dildos, but the horny Milf continued stuffing every inch of those toy cocks down her throat, Ella completely lost in her own slutty-ness.

That was until Paige ordered, "Show us that gape. I wanna see how well I stretched your ass."

Ella doesn't hesitate, although she moved a little slowly, her entire body aching and she turned around and spread her ass cheeks, showing her students the widely gaping butt hole they had done such a good job in destroying. She even looked over her shoulder and smiled, "Mmmmm, thank you for gaping my ass. And for fucking me. Mmmmm, thank you girls for fucking your teacher like the slut she is."

"And thank you for... the education." Emily grinned cheekily.


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