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Authors' Note: this is a sequel to How To Seduce Your Daughter.

Pretty Little Liars: How To Dominate Your Daughter (Anal, FF, Inc, Oral, Rim, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

Ashley Marin was not having a good day. Or a good week, or month, or even year. In fact good was a distant memory and all she seemed to have left was days which didn't totally suck, a.k.a. days in which she wasn't harassed at work, didn't have to talk to her ex-husband or any member of his new 'perfect' family, there wasn't another mysterious dead body popping up and most importantly to Ashley her daughter wasn't being arrested or obviously lying to her about whatever mysterious and quite possibly dangerous things were going on in her life.

Because of this she had learned to appreciate the few good moments she still got to enjoy. Like the few and far between moments she and her daughter finally connected, the blind dates which weren't total disasters, and best of all being able to relax with a nice bottle of wine and a good friend or two.

Ashley was blessed have a number of close friends but she was closest to including Ella Montgomery, a charming and intelligent woman she could talk to for hours. It also didn't hurt that Ella's daughter Aria was one of the most beautiful girls Ashley had ever seen, something which the redhead would have never imagined herself admitting to her friend until recently. She also never imagined Aria would have greeted her at the door in such a tight fitting outfit, the teen holding the door open, closing at behind Ashley and then taking her jacket before leading her to Ella. The teen even curtsied, giving Ashley the opportunity to stare at Aria's perky little boobs through her tight see-through top, the redhead almost licking her lips at the sight only to do just that seconds later when Aria turned around, showing off a short little red skirt which left little to the imagination.

While every ounce of Aria's body was gorgeous the teen's ass was a work of art. So round and full yet tight and firm, the definition of a perfect bubble butt. There was only one bottom Ashley had ever seen which she thought was more fuck-able, unfortunately that bottom was even more off-limits to Ashley then Aria's beautiful backside.

It could be Ashley's imagination but it almost seemed like Aria was giving her the chance to enjoy the view, the teen walking slowly and almost seeming to add an extra sway to her hips. Not that Ashley spent much time thinking about it, not when Aria's beautiful body was momentarily taking her mind off her woes. Then, far too quickly for her liking, Ashley found herself being led into the living room where Aria stopped, turned round and smiled at her "My Mom will be down in a minute."

Ashley nodded silently, a long silence falling over herself and the teen. Briefly Ashley considered asking Aria about Hanna. If she was ok, if she was in any trouble, if she was keeping things from her. But Aria would no doubt just lie to her like she and the rest of her daughter's friends always did so Ashley decided to save her breath, especially as it wasn't long before she heard footsteps on the stairs.

Seconds later Ella appeared with a welcoming smile on her face, while Ashley greeted her friend with a loud sigh and an almost desperate cry of, "Did you hear? Hanna was arrested! Again!"

"I know, I'm so sorry." Ella said softly before turning to her daughter and ordering, "Aria, go bring the wine and the glasses I left out on the kitchen table."

"Yes Mom." Aria nodded, not waiting for Ashley to sit down on the chair before quickly retrieving the items. Then without interrupting the conversation, which was already underway between the two older women Aria offered the glasses to her Mom and Ashley who took them and then allowed her to very carefully pour the wine, making sure not to spill a drop.

For the next forty-five minutes Ashley vented her frustrations, starting with Hanna's latest arrest in the lesbian bar known as the Rosebud, which led into the discussion on Hanna's sexuality and how Ashley wasn't sure whether she could believe anything her daughter told her on the subject considering how much she lied to her, which led to talk of how much trouble she had got into lately in general.

About a month ago these types of conversations weren't so one-sided, Ella taking her turn to talk about Aria although with slightly more emphasis on concern for the teen's well-being than frustration over her behaviour, although the latter thing was very much an issue thanks to Aria's inappropriate relationship with her now ex-teacher. Yet here they were now, Aria standing a few feet away with the wine bottle in hand, ready to carefully pour a fresh glass for the older women at a moments notice like she was trying to earn a little extra money for some new shoes or some extra expensive fashion accessory. However apparently this was just what Aria had become, her mother's obedient slave.

This thought which had been echoing in Ashley's mind for about a week now resurfaced like never before when Aria poured Ella her third glass of wine, leading her to accidentally exclaim, "Why can't Hanna be more like Aria?"

Trying and failing not to smile wickedly Ella pointed out, "She could be."

Blushing slightly Ashley lowered her gaze and murmured, "I told you, I can't."

"You mean won't." Ella said, then after a brief pause added, "I've seen the way she looks at other girls. There's no way she's 100% straight, and I think we both agree she could use a little discipline in her life."

"I know." Ashley agreed before reconfirming her previous stance, "But... if I start it I don't think I'll be able to stop, and I can't risk losing her."

Ella thought for a long minute. Normally this was the part she would try and reconfirm her confidence in her friend but tell her she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to and then the subject was quickly dropped. Instead Ella chose to do something different.

"Aria, turn around and bend over." Ella ordered, inwardly beaming with pride as Aria not only did as she was told but positioned herself so she was pushing her ass pretty much directly in Ashley's face, a clear sign the teen had a rough idea what was about to happen and was willing to do it and whatever her owner wanted. Ella took a moment to enjoy that fact, then she ordered, "Good, now pull your skirt up and spread your cheeks."

As usual Aria did as she was told without hesitation, Ashley's mouth falling open as she was presented with Aria's plugged butt hole.

"I haven't allowed Aria's ass hole to fully close since she became my bitch." Ella explained almost casually after a few moments of allowing Ashley to enjoy the sight. Then Ella slowly reached out and pulled the butt plug from her daughter's back hole, leaving her favourite fuck hole gaping open just enough so Ashley could see into Aria's bowels. Ella then continued, "Most of the time I still stretch her out with some fingers first, maybe even rim her a little, but no matter what I do this is the tightest hole I've ever had the pleasure of fucking. It's why I constantly keep her plugged, because if I just bent her over and started pounding this little hole she'd probably squeal in pain. And I do love having the option of bending Aria over and pounding her tightest hole whenever I want. Can you imagine that Ashley? Can you imagine being able to butt fuck Hanna whenever you want? Pound her little ass hole until it's gaping twice as wide as this? Take that perfect ass of hers and make it yours? Make her yours? Make that rebellious teen your submissive little fuck-toy? Isn't the possibility of that, of having what you really want, worth the risk?"

After staring longingly for a few moments Ashley licked her lips and asked, "What was the name of that website again?"

* * *

"Sit down," Ashley looked in the mirror and frowned. "Sit down," she repeated again, that was closer - sterner, more controlling, terse and too the point. "Sit down... Sit down... Sit down" she repeated it again and again, each time the words coming out sharper and more dominantly, until they brooked no argument. "Sit down," she said it one last time, satisfied that they were as the website instructed.

She had spent the afternoon on the site that Ella had pointed to. She had quickly decided that the approach Ella had taken to seduce her daughter wouldn't work as well for Hanna, Aria was a romantic, sensitive and poetic, she was one for visual stimulation and sexual seduction. That wasn't Hanna, Hanna had many good points, but she was willful and rebellious - she was a wild stallion to Aria's Black Beauty, she needed to be tamed, to be made to submit. And then dominated.

Luckily the site had a set of instructions for that scenario as well.

The door opened and in walked Hanna, fresh from school.

"Sit down," Hanna had no time to react as her Mom barked out the order. Ashley was pleased to see her daughter scuttling to a seat, still holding her school bag in one hand. Ashley walked, or rather stalked over to the sofa, a few feet from where the teen was and sat down, fixing her daughter with a firm stare, "We need to talk about your behaviour."

If Hanna had been stunned by her Mom into sitting down she quickly recovered her poise. She gave what was her most charming and apologetic smile, "It wasn't my fault, Mom, sorry. You see what happened..."

"Shut up Hanna," the hardness of the words cut through the air like a guillotine blade and from the look on Hanna's face she felt like she was the one who had got the chop. Her mouth remained open, cut-off in mid-flow, then she closed it rather than look like a gold-fish, opened it again to say something, thought the better of it and closed it again. Ashley paused for a moment, remembering the instructions to give Hanna few moments to digest being cut off, but not enough time to decide the best way out of her predicament was to throw a tantrum or stand up and flounce away in a sulk. "Last night was the final straw. Getting arrested at a bar... a lesbian bar... for lesbian sluts."

For a moment Ashley though the website instructions weren't working as Hanna's mouth opened as if she was about to contradict her Mom. But no words came out, instead she shut it and scowled. Ashley breathed an internalised sigh of relief and carried on, "I've tried talking to you, I've tried being a friend, but you don't seem to listen, so now I need to be a Mom and treat you like what you are, a naughty girl."

There was no response, just a deeper frown and a cross folding of arms. Ashley carried on, "I've tried grounding you..." Hanna gave a snort in response. "I've tried taking your phone..." Again there was a sound of derision from Hanna, though she cast a quick nervous glance at her bag where her mobile was sitting. If Ashley had been wanting to teach Hanna a lesson that would have told her that loosing her phone was a bigger punishment that Hanna had let on. But Ashley's aim was no longer punish her daughter for her misdemeanours, it was to make Hanna like Aria... only by controlling her and treating her like a slut could Ashley be sure that Hanna wouldn't end up a delinquent frequenting lesbian bars. It was for her own good... and it might be a little enjoyable for Ashley, she admitted to herself, but that was secondary. "Taking your phone didn't work."

Hanna's scowl remained in place, but she seemed to relax a little. A posture that didn't remain long as Ashley continued, "So I've decided that the only way you're going to learn your lesson is the old-fashioned way, a spanking."

For a second Hanna remained silent, her face changing expressions as she moved from angry scowl through shocked stupefaction to outright denial, "Spanking? No way..."

The guide had said, that not surprisingly, that Hanna would resist at first. It just said to be firm and hold to the position that a spanking would be happening. Ashley fixed her daughter with a uncompromising glare, "It is not a debate."

"I'm also not five," said Hanna so rebelliously, that if Ashley hadn't seen the results with Aria she would have said the guide was just a con for the gullible. The teen started to stand up.

"Sit down," Ashley repeated sternly. For a moment Hanna remained half-sitting, half standing, but with her Mom looking sternly at her she dropped back to the seat, albeit with ill-grace. Ashley waited for a second, "I am going to smack you Hanna, I'm not going to discuss that, the only question is how many times and whether it is with the palm of my hand or whether we go upstairs and I spank you with the back of a hairbrush."

Hanna scowled, but didn't say anything. Ashley gave her daughter a few moments to contemplate before she tersely asked, "Hand or hairbrush?"

"..." there was silence for a moment as Hanna opened her mouth and thought the better of whatever she was going to say, swallowing the words unsaid. She gave a scowl, "Hand."

"Come here, over my knees."

Hanna reluctantly did as she was commanded, balancing herself over her Mom's knee so that her fingers and toes were just touching the floor. For a moment Ashley savoured the shape of her daughter's butt, even encased in jeans it was round and sexy, quivering enticingly as Hanna dangled over her. But she couldn't take too long in case Hanna wondered why her Mom was spending more time examining her ass than smacking it. She raised her hand and for the first time since Hanna had been a toddler brought it down on her daughter's cheeks.

"Oooww," squeaked Hanna. It wasn't a hard smack, barely more than a tap, so it was either the shock that her Mom had carried through with her threat or more likely typical Hanna over-acting. It didn't matter what was the reason, Ashley was not going to be deterred. She brought her hand up again and then down. The slap disproportionately loud for the amount of strength behind it, like a gunshot. Hanna squirmed and squealed, "Ooowww!". It was longer and more drawn out than her first squeal, confirming Ashley's belief that it wasn't pain that was making the teen shriek but being a drama queen.

Ashley smiled as she brought down her palm the third time. This time it was hard enough for Hanna to tense in shock and give a proper squeak of pain. "That hurt!" the teen squealed.

"It's supposed to," replied Ashley sternly and smacked Hanna's bottom again and again. Apart from that one spank most of the blows weren't hard, whilst she had no problems with bruising Hanna's cheeks she didn't want to hurt her own hand. That didn't stop Hanna squirming and squealing and struggling as her Mom's hand came down in a series of spanks. With each one Hanna would give a shriek and stretch and shiver like she was trying to get up but never quiet managing to find her feet before her Mom's palm was again slapping across her cheeks.

Ashley continued the spanking for a full two minutes, before letting Hanna up, "Now, let that be a lesson or next time I'm not going to be so gentle."

"Yes Mom," said Hanna, looking at the floor, but with just a slight hint of teenage rebelliousness in her voice.

"Now go do your homework," said Ashley. She smiled as she watched Hanna pick up her bag and head upstairs. It had gone well, Hanna submitting as the guide had said she would. The guide hadn't said that Ashley's pussy would feel so aroused and horny; the Milf touched it through her pants and then drew her finger back. No, not yet, soon Hanna would be the one who dealt with her Mom's desires.

* * *

Well over twenty-four hours later Hanna was standing outside her home, her hand on her front door and her bottom lip between her teeth. She couldn't remember hesitating to enter her home like this before, but then again up until now she'd never been in a situation quite this weird. Sure, she'd avoided her Mom before, but not like this. Not to this extent. Hell, she'd even considered sleeping over at one of her friends, but she figured that would only make things worse. So at close to midnight Hanna had finally made her way home from Emily's, figuring that since her Mom had to worked tomorrow she should be already tucked up in bed sound asleep. She wasn't.

"What time do you call this?" Ashley snapped the second Hanna opened the door.

"I think it's called twelve o'clock?" Hanna said cheekily, quickly regretting that automatic response when the look on her mother's face became even more cold and angry.

"Hanna, you know what I mean." Ashley snapped, "Considering everything that's happened you shouldn't be wandering around at this time, and it's a school night, and you didn't call to let me know what you were doing or where you were. You didn't even return my calls!"

"Well did you stop to think that maybe there's a reason for that? Like maybe I don't want to talk to you after what you did yesterday?" Hanna snapped back.

"What I did yesterday was try and teach you a lesson. Try and get it through your head that this type of behaviour isn't appropriate. Apparently it didn't sink in, so I'm going to have to be harder on you from now on." Ashley said, quickly adding before Hanna could complain, "From now on you will have a strictly enforced curfew. I expect you home promptly at three-thirty unless there is a school event and you will ask my permission to do anything or go anywhere until further notice. You will regularly inform me of where you are every other hour, and I will check that you are telling the truth whenever I feel it necessary. If your behaviour improves I will become more lenient again, but until you do you will follow these rules, and failure to do so will result in a bare bottom spanking."

Throughout this little speech Hanna had been fuming with rage but the last words caused her cheeks to flush with horror, shock and disgust, "You... you can't be serious..."

"I'm afraid I am." Ashley said sternly, before softening somewhat, "And I know you won't believe me now, but I'm doing this for your own good. Because you can't continue on like this Hanna. You just can't... now, I still need to punish you for your behaviour today, but just this once I will let you leave your underwear on provided you do not complain and take your spanking like a good girl."

Hanna opened her mouth to protest. To say something. Anything. But her mind was a total blank, and all she could see was her Mom staring at her expectantly, and since she didn't want to have to go through the humiliation of being half naked in front of her mother she ultimately closed her mouth, lowered her head and mumbled, "Whatever."

Smiling softly Ashley said, "Good, now go to my room."

Without really acknowledging the command Hanna obeyed, her Mom stepping aside so she could go first up the stairs which Hanna thought nothing of. Perhaps if she wasn't lost in her own thoughts she would have noticed that thanks to the way they walked up the stairs her butt was eyelevel with her Mom and the redhead couldn't take her eyes off those wiggling globes, but as it was Hanna was too preoccupied with trying to think of something she could say or do which would put a stop to this crazy situation.

Normally Hanna wasn't a think first kind of girl but the pain and humiliation she'd been through yesterday had haunted her all day long and while every fibre of her being was aching to protest she couldn't bear the thought of making this worse. Still once they reached the older woman's room Hanna turned to her Mom, mouth open, desperately hoping she could find the words to stop this madness.

Before she could say a word Hanna was firmly cut off, "Take off your pants and then bend over my knee."

For a few seconds Hanna just stood there, mouth still open, staring at her Mom as the older woman slowly sat down on the bed, looking at her expectantly nearly the entire time. Hanna's expression turned from horror, to fear, to pleading but her mother's face remained stern and uncompromising throughout. So, still trying to think of a way out, Hanna lowered her head, slowly stepped out of her designer heels, pulled down her pants and then bent over her Mom's knee.

Almost immediately her Mom's hand came crashing down on her flesh, loud enough for the sound to be audible, Hanna's cheeks to jiggle slightly and the blonde to let out a sharp cry. This process was repeated over and over again, the blows oh so slowly becoming harder which made the sound of strikes louder, Hanna's butt cheeks to jiggle more and her cries to become louder and more pitiful. The last one was kind of deliberate, at least for a little while, Hanna hoping that eventually her Mom would take pity on her if she cried out loud enough. She didn't, but that didn't stop Hanna from trying.

After a while though Hanna wasn't faking, or more accurately wasn't ever exaggerating the pain she was in, because fuck, this was even worse than yesterday. And being forced to lay there in her panties like this was beyond horrifying. And yet... it, it was bad. It was all so very, very bad.

Throughout this ordeal Hanna continued trying to think of a way out, something she could say or do which would make her Mom stop but she couldn't. She just couldn't. She wasn't smart like Spencer, or Emily, or Lucas, or just about everyone else she knew. Even Aria liked to read things other than Cosmo, so if she was going through what Hanna was she could probably get out of it. Not Hanna though, and it frustrated and angered her almost as much as having to submit to such a degrading experience.

Eventually Hanna couldn't take it anymore, "Owww, owww, owww stop, please stop! That's enough! Please, it hurts!"

"It's supposed to hurt sweetie." Ashley said, somewhat sympathetically, "And I told you, no complaining. Since you couldn't follow such a simple rule I'm afraid you're going to have to remove your panties."

"No, please." Hanna whined, tears threatening to fall from her eyes, "I'll, I'll be good... I swear..."

"I'm sorry honey, but you had your chance." Ashley said softly.

"But Mom!" Hanna almost yelled.

"Hanna, if you say one more word I will spank you for the next hour!" Ashley snapped angrily, waiting a few seconds before almost as angrily ordering, "Now pull down your panties!"

What Ashley had meant by that of course was for Hanna to stand up, pull down her panties and take them off. Instead after a few long seconds of sniffling Hanna reached back with one hand and pushed her underwear down to just above her knees and then left it there, the blonde once again going limp in anticipation of what was to come. Technically Ashley should have probably corrected the mistake, told the girl to remove her panties completely, but they looked really cute where they were. Besides, Ashley was momentarily dumbstruck by the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen.

Ashley had always been a butt girl and it had not escaped her attention that Hanna had a cute little behind, however it was not until getting a look at the bare flesh of those cheeks had Ashley realised just what a beautiful bottom it truly was. Now Ashley could see Hanna's pussy glistening with more than a little wetness and above it the tiniest little puckered rosebud Ashley had ever seen, particularly the latter looking so touchable, lick-able and most of all fuck-able that it was a struggle for the redhead not to literally drool. It was also a struggle not to pull apart those round little cheeks and get a better look at particularly that puckered little dot which look too tiny to ever open, but with every ounce of willpower she had Ashley was able to restrain herself and restart the spanking.

By this point Hanna's nicely rounded cheeks had already been turning a pretty shade of pink, and now there was no obstruction whatsoever Ashley was getting a really good look at her handiwork. She got to see those cheeks jiggling ever so slightly with every blow, every inch of that cute butt slowly becoming a darker pink as Ashley really started giving it to her daughter who squirmed on her lap and cried pathetically. Hanna even begged for mercy a few times, and worse demanded it, but Ashley ignored every word, not because she was heartless but because she knew this was what was best for both of them.

With that in mind Ashley continued beating Hanna's butt until it was a rosy red and their home was filled with the blonde's loud cries and whimpers, in the end Ashley stopping mostly because she was becoming so aroused she feared she would jump her daughter if they continued for too much longer.

So without warning Ashley stopped spanking Hanna and as the last blow was still echoing throughout the room asked, "Are you going to be a good girl now Hanna?"

"Yes Mom." Hanna quickly whimpered.

"Good, now go to bed. You've got school tomorrow." Ashley unnecessarily reminded the girl, swatting Hanna on her sore butt as she scurried out of the older woman's room. To Ashley's delight Hanna didn't get around to pulling up her panties until she was almost out the door, however she was less pleased that her little girl forgot her pants. On the other hand, it did give her an idea...

* * *

"What are these?" snapped Ashley as her daughter came down for breakfast.

Hanna paused, looking at what her Mom was brandishing, it was a pair of pants, her pants, the pants she had been wearing yesterday and had dumbly left on the floor. She looked at the floor, briefly wondering what to say - however she replied she was sure to get the same punishment. She looked up and gave a small rebellious shrug, "They're mine."

"I know and they were left on my floor," said Ashley curtly. Then she sighed and said in a softer voice, "I'm doing all this for your own good, this attitude of yours can't continue."

Hanna said nothing. She remained totally unconvinced that her Mom was doing it for her own good, and more because her Mom seemed to be getting some perverse pleasure in punishing her. That wasn't the worse thing though, not that her Mom was getting sexual enjoyment from having her daughter over her knee, no - the worse thing was that Hanna was starting to find it a turn-on. Being spanked was painful and it was humiliating, but Hanna was finding that she secretly liked these things. She was sure that she hadn't consciously left the pants on the floor, but she did wonder if her sub-conscious had as an excuse to get her spanked again. It worried her and she tried to force down her concerns with an outward display of cockiness, standing with one hand on her waist and other dangling beside her, her head half-turned and a scowl on her face.

Her Mom's face hardened again, "You know you need to be punished?"

"Yes," said Hanna, that she knew was a given, "You going to make me late for school?"

"You'd like that, you little slut," said Ashley, then she smiled and shook her head, "but no you're going to go to school and do your homework and have your dinner. Then at eight on the dot your are going to come into my room and I will spank your butt for your untidiness. And, as you seem to not think you need to wear pants you can come in without them, with just a bra."

Hanna's scowl deepened, part of her wanted to just say 'no' and refuse, to report her Mom to Social Services. Part of her wanted to submit, to do so gracefully and to savour the punishment. The compromise was to accept, but surlily "Fine!" she snapped, "though if you wanted me to pick up the pants you should have said."

Her Mom raised her eyebrows, "You are just making it worse for yourself."

* * *

Ashley pulled up her own pants and buttoned them, the thought of spanking a nearly naked Hanna had been such a turn-on she had just had to do it. She looked at the dildo sitting on the bed, for a moment thinking about leaving it there so that Hanna could imagine what her Mom had been doing just prior to her arrival. But that wasn't in the instructions and having got so far it would be dangerous to slip up now. She gave the toy a brief wipe with a cloth and placed it back in the bedside cabinet. She went over to her vanity desk and sat down, waiting for Hanna to arrive.

The rebellious teen was a minute late, opening the door, scowling and standing with her arms crossed over her titties, "I'm here."

Ashley looked at her, it was hard to keep her expression stern and not lick her lips with delight as she took in Hanna's nearly naked body; the smooth, shaven slit, her stomach toned and firm, her hips sensual and womanly; her midriff, her thighs, her calves, only her tits covered by a small white bra. She forced herself to out of her reverie and instructed her daughter, "Come here, get over my knee."

There was no reply from Hanna, but she did as she was told. Ashley looked down at the butt-cheeks, sexy, round, firm, and at the moment, pale and flawless - though they wouldn't be for long. She wondered what the cheeks would look like when spread and with a dildo pushing up the teen's hole - she smiled at the thought she would know in a few days, but for today it was further spanking. She reached for the hairbrush, "I've tried being reasonable with you, but you remain deliberately willful. Harder measures are needed."

"L.. Like what?" asked Hanna. There was a small quaver in her voice.

"A severe thrashing with back of my brush," replied her Mom.

"A brush... no... that's not fair... I'll pick my pants up in future," whined Hanna.

"You've disappointed me too many times in the past for me to believe you now," said Ashley.

"Please... no.... aaiiiiieeee," Hanna screamed and struggled as her Mom brought down the brush with all her force. A red mark appeared on the teen's cheeks, like a flush of embarrassment. Ashley smiled as Hanna struggled and shook, trying to get up, but held down by her Mom's hand on her back, "Please Mom. I'll be good."

"Hanna, please don't lie. We both know unless you're punished you'll be out misbehaving by tomorrow. It's for your own good," Ashley brought the hairbrush down again. It sounded like a gunshot ricocheting through the room and Hanna reacted like she'd been shot, screaming loudly and rocking. Ashley held her down and thrashed the teen's butt again. The plastic back of the brush landed squarely on the teen's butt, laying across the crack and leaving a brutally red mark on each cheek.

The Milf raised and brought down her brush again, aiming her blows across the cheeks in a pattern. With each blow two things happened; Hanna would let out a loud high pitched shriek and Ashley would feel her pussy getting further aroused. It felt so good to have her naked daughter spread over her knees, the teen's body just inches from the wet hole, but oblivious to it through Ashley's own pants and underwear, not realising how damp she was making her Mom. The brush smashed down hard, "Aaaaaaiiiieee" screamed Hanna so loud that she put at risk the room's mirrors; and Ashley cunt quivered with horniness; she knew that once she'd finished spanking Hanna's naked ass she'd have to have some alone time again with her dildo. She rose her arm up.

Beneath it, Hanna's ass was red and white, a mishmash of marks and welts. It would be so sore that Ashley doubted that her daughter would be sitting tonight. She thrashed harder, putting all her power into the spanks, thrashing down so hard that she feared that the handle would break. Hanna's body shook and she squealed and shouted, bawling in pain as her Mom's punishment continued. Harder and harder the Milf went, remembering the site said there was no limit to the punishment, but the older woman's stamina. Her arm ached a little, but not enough to stop - not with the sexual enjoyment she got with each thrash down.

"AAAiieeee, please stop, please stop," shrieked Hanna. She was crying in pain, and perhaps humiliation.

Ashley continued thrashing down until there was barely an inch of skin which wasn't red and mottled, the flesh of the teen's ass bruised like a an apple that had been kicked across the room. Ashley put the hairbrush back and let Hanna stand up. The teen did so, gingerly, as her butt must have been stinging like anything. "Face me," ordered her Mom.

Hanna did so, she wasn't looking so cocky now, her hand draped in front of her, covering her pussy, her face red and stained with tears. Ashley nodded to herself, Hanna was coming closer and closer to being her total sex-slave. She looked at her daughter, "Let that be a lesson."

"Yes, Mom," said Hanna meekly.

* * *

For the next few days Hanna bent over backwards to avoid getting another spanking. Partly because the last one had been so hard she hadn't been able to sit down for hours and partly because she didn't want to be humiliated again but most of all because she was scared of where this was going. She seemed to be getting some kind of perverted pleasure out of being disciplined and perhaps even worse so did her Mom. If things continued like this who knew what would happen.

In her weakest moments Hanna even thought about it. About what would happen if her Mom discovered she was getting off on being spanked. How her Mom would react? With disgust and horror like any normal parent, or... or would her own mother make a move on her? And would Hanna let her?

That there was a chance of that happening was why Hanna had to be on her best behaviour. Better even. And she was. She made sure her room was tidy, did her chores, only left the house to go to school and let her Mom know where she was just at all times like she had been asked. Thankfully A seemed reasonably quiet, and while her friends seemed suspicious of her claims to be catching up on some studying they all had their own stuff to deal with, even if that stuff wasn't quite as weird and gross as their Moms being into them.

Not that Hanna had indisputable evidence that was the case, and the more she obsessed over it the more Hanna convinced herself she had to be mistaken. That feeling such pain and humiliation had simply confused her. Her Mom didn't like spanking her, and there was no way she liked being spanked. That was crazy. No, she had to be remembering it wrong, and it didn't even matter because the way things were going her Mom would see she had nothing to worry about, loosen the leash and then everything could go back to normal. Well, normal in the sense that she'd still have A to deal with, but after the last few days that seemed kind of preferable.

Just when Hanna thought she was out of the woods she found her Mom waiting for her when she came home. Trying to act calm she simply shrugged, "What?"

"I got a call from Vice Principle Tamborelli." Ashley said coolly, "It seems you've been fighting with Mona again.

"So I can't get into fights now?" Hanna snapped bitterly before she could hold her tongue, immediately regretting it when she saw the look on her Mom's face and quickly trying to backtrack, "I mean... it wasn't my fault. She started it, and it wasn't even that bad, I just yelled at her a little. It's no big deal."

"Isn't it?" Ashley frowned, "I get the feeling you haven't been telling the whole truth about what happened with Mona, or what's happening her with now. In fact I've got the impression that you've been lying to me for years now. Even when you were little it was a struggle to get the truth out of you, but these are no longer childish fibs Hanna. Now your lies are having serious consequences, and yet you don't seem to understand that."

"I understand just fine." Hanna snapped, unable to stop herself.

"Then tell me what's going on with you. Everything. Or I will make you understand." Ashley said, and then when Hanna remained silent she said, "As you wish, follow me."

Hanna opened her mouth to protest but stopped herself as she knew it was pointless. She couldn't put her Mom in danger by telling her the whole truth. No matter what happened she couldn't tell her. And given the last few days Hanna seriously doubted there was anything she could say which would stop the inevitable. If anything she would only make it worse. So she lowered her head in defeat and slowly followed her mother down to the basement.

Once at the bottom of the stairs Ashley turned to her daughter and simply said, "Strip."

There was a moment's hesitation and then Hanna did as she was told, Ashley watching coldly as her little girl nervously stripped for her, the whole time the teen glancing over to the special item which had finally arrived today. Of course the guide had suggested that a little breathing room would be ideal as long as too much lenience wasn't required, so really things had worked out quite nicely.

In the end the only real problem was to keep her eyes from wandering downwards, or at least letting them do so for too long as Ashley couldn't resist entirely.

When she was down to her underwear Hanna briefly stopped, leading Ashley to push, "Them too. Then you will bend over that."

Hanna look to where her mother was pointing and whimpered, "Mom, please-"

"Be quiet Hanna!" Ashley snapped, "You've brought this on yourself. I've had enough of your lies and now not even the truth can save you. All you can do is obey and make things easier on yourself. Do you understand?"

Hanna whimpered softly and then nodded.

"Good, now do as I say. I won't ask you again." Ashley ordered, allowing her eyes to only wander downwards as her daughter looked away from her and began walking towards the metal table.

Sadly Hanna didn't remove her bra until her back was turned, denying Ashley the chance to see her teen titties. On the bright side Hanna removed her panties next, giving Ashley a pretty good view of the well rounded bottom she had grown to want so desperately. She was then granted an even better view as Hanna slowly rested herself down over the table, the teen hesitantly placing her arms out into the open handcuffs ready and waiting to restrain her. Hanna also helpfully positioned her feet in the position for the bottom restraints, Ashley was securing all four after a few long seconds of staring at Hanna's butt.

Ashley then retrieved the ball gag from the nearby table and stuffed it into Hanna's mouth, her baby girl not even bothering to protest as she parted her lips and allowed the redhead to secure the straps around the back of her head. Then Ashley retrieve the other item she had left down here, the riding crop Hanna had bought as part of her riding gear when she had been trying to bond with her horse loving stepsister. Ashley doubted it had even been used until now, the older woman making sure Hanna saw it as she slowly approached from the front before slowly walking around so she was facing her target.

Hanna had been so preoccupied by the weird BDSM device that she hadn't even noticed the table nearby it. As a result the ball gag had been a surprise but she figured it was probably for the best. This way she had something to bite down on. However the crop was not such a welcome surprise, Hanna's eyes going wide before she trembled and looked at her mother pleadingly. Both that look and her brief attempt to beg for mercy were ignored and her Mom disappeared out of sight, Hanna left waiting for a few long agonising moments which felt like hours until suddenly there was a swishing noise and then a loud cry.

The cry came from Hanna as she experienced pain which was even worse than she remembered, blow after blow raining down on her butt which turned her into a crying mess. Mostly it was just pitiful wails of agony although she did try begging for mercy at first, even though she knew it was hopeless. Then she just went limp and accepted her fate, Hanna silently praying that it would be over soon and she wouldn't have the same type of unwanted reaction she was having before.

Her prayers went unanswered on both accounts, her pussy becoming wet shortly after the spanking began and the butt beating itself seemed to go on forever. There wasn't even any build up, her Mom starting with the brutal pace and then sticking to it, the pain so bad that Hanna silently swore she would do anything to avoid this again. Anything.

Meanwhile Ashley wasn't enjoying this as much as the other spankings. She missed the feeling of Hanna being over her knee, her hand connecting with the soft flesh of her daughter's butt, and the slow build up she had previously used. Most of all while before there had been an undertone of pleasure Hanna's screams were now pretty much of pure pain which hurt Ashley almost as much as it hurt her daughter.

However Ashley reminded herself this was a necessary evil. Not just because it now felt as if she physically needed to complete the guides instructions and turn her daughter into her bitch, but because she truly believed Hanna needed discipline in her life. And not just a painful warning against small indiscretions, but serious punishment. How else would the girl learn? How could Ashley possibly keep her in line if Hanna didn't know her own mother was willing to truly punish her for being a naughty little liar?

So Ashley turned a blind eye to her daughter's tears and concentrated on beating her baby girl's butt as hard as she could, turning that pale flesh a dark and bruised red in no time and then continuing to beat it. Watching that flesh change colour and the cheeks jiggle like that were still tremendous turn ons, although what really had Ashley so horny that she could barely stand was the knowledge that she was so close to her goal. So close to getting what she wanted. What she needed. What both she and Hanna needed, the thought of it just as distracting as her fears of hurting Hanna too much. Continuing the ass whopping was one of the hardest things Ashley had ever had to do, but she kept up the spanking until her arm felt as if it was going to fall from its socket.

Finally she stopped, listen to the sound of Hanna's now gentle sobs before placing the crop back down on the table and then stepping in front of her daughter.

"I hope you realise now that you're lying will not be tolerated in this house." Ashley said sternly, waiting until Hanna finally nodded her head without looking up at her before adding, "Good, now I'm going to leave you down here for a little while to think about what you've done."

With that Ashley ascended the stairs, turned off the light and shut the door, leaving Hanna tied up, naked and sobbing in the darkness.

* * *

It was lucky that as she had left the cellar Hanna hadn't seen her smirk, Ashley mused, she had caught herself in the mirror as she came out and she was beaming, a smile so wide that she could have been a model in a toothpaste commercial. Of course, she thought, she had reason to grin - everything had gone as the site predicted, there had not been the slightest bump or curve in the road that the instructions had laid out. And now the end was almost in sight. She had left Hanna an hour ago, naked and hogtied, with a ball-gag muffling her cries. The website said, for this final stage, the daughter should be left for half-an-hour at least, but no more than two; the teen should have time to contemplate her punishment and resolve to be good, but no so long that she went off the boil. She needed to both remember the thrashing and still be wet from it.

An hour seemed long enough, and Ashley had used the time wisely, filling the dishwasher, emptying the trash, brushing her teeth and hair and stripping naked and donning a large strap-on. She took a deep breath as she put her hand on the door and pushed, down the stairs was the target, what she had been aiming for, for Hanna's sake as well as her own; down in the basement was Hanna's naked butt and it was going to get fucked.

She flicked on the light as she descended the stairs. Hanna was as she had been left, cuffed to the BDSM table, her round and cute butt sticking up in the air. The red weals had died down, you could still see the marks, but they were pink lines rather than glowing scarlet. She walked to stand just inches behind her daughter, "I am going to remove your ball-gag now... if you remain quiet and don't say a word unless I tell you to." She waited for Hanna to respond, before, when the teen didn't, adding, "You can nod if you want me to remove the gag."

Hanna nodded enthusiastically. Ashley did as she promised, placing the gag on the table as Hanna gasped and sucked in air. The Mom was impressed, and a little surprised, that her daughter kept her promise and said not a thing. She reached out, stroking her fingers over the skin, following the contour of the round butt cheeks. She tarried for a few moments, admiring the plump, firmness of the well round cheeks, two mounds of perfection, with a tight, almost certainly, virgin hole in-between - so sexy, so fuck-able. She walked round to stand in front of her daughter. On seeing her Mom naked apart from a toy bobbing between her legs Hanna gave a small gasp, but apart from that remained silent. Ashley looked at her, there were tear stains on her face, long lines of smudged eyeliner drawn down like her face like dark webs; and her expression had lost all trace of any defiance, her rebellious nature thrashed out of her. Instead her look was a mixture of fear and longing, as if she wanted her Mom to fuck her and was terrified of it at the same time. But that was what was going to happen, not just because Ashley wanted, not just because Hanna needed it, but because that was what the website said would happen.

"It's your own fault you are here," said Ashley. She looked down at her daughter, almost willing her to speak to see if the teen was ready. Hanna nodded and remained silent, another strong sign that she was ready for her Mom to fill her hole with plastic prick. Ashley gave her long enough and then carried on, "I tried talking, I tried light spankings, I tried harder thrashings and now I've tried whippings. None of it seems to take, you still act like a spoilt little brat, where nothing has consequences..."

Hanna nodded. Ashley paused, again allowing time for her daughter to interrupt, before saying with deliberateness, "Have you anything to say?"

"No... I'm sorry. I'll listen, I'll do better, I'll be good."

Ashley shook her head and sighed, "I don't believe you. There's only one more thing to do..." she let the words trail off and walked round Hanna like she was a Sioux circling a wagon train full of settlers. She ended up in front of Hanna, close enough so the teen could see the size of the dildo, and mentally guessing its size and shuddering at its girth. Ashley smiled thinly, "You're going to have to be my bitch."

There was silence from Hanna, though that could just be that the teen didn't understand what was being said so Ashley elaborated, "You're going to have to be my slut, my anal whore, my fuck hole on legs. I'm going to own you and use you for my own pleasure, whenever and wherever I want. I'm going to fuck your sweet pussy, oh not now, later, I'm going to make you lick my cunt until your tongue is so numb you can't speak, but first I'm going to ram your ass and make it mine. Do you want it?"

"Yes," it was a more a whimper than a word.

It wasn't enough, her daughter had to really want it, she had to totally surrender; she had to beg. Ashley looked down sternly, "You need to understand... I'm not going to make love to you or have sex with you. I'm not even going to fuck you. I'm going to hammer you, I'm going to ram you, I'm going to take this large, thick prick and slam it down your ass. And I'm going to do that all the time, I'm going to take you and pound you, and all that matters will be that I get pleasure and that you do what I say, because I don't want a bad girl bitch, I just want a well behaved fuck hole."

Hanna nodded, but Ashley wasn't finished, "And you'll be my property, to do with as I want. So just so you understand I'm going to share you. I'm going to put you in stockings and film you get fucked by any cute girl or guy who wants and then sell the DVD. I'm going to dress you like a slut and put you on street corners and live of the earnings. And you'll do it."

The teen bit her lip, but she nodded again and said, "Yes."

"Or I can untie you and you can leave this room and we'll not mention it again. But we both know that without Mommy's hand you'll end up on the streets or in jail," Ashley stopped. It was enough to persuade her daughter make the decision, at least she hoped. She had been working on the speech for so long, continually looking at the site for hints and suggestions, practising it again and again with her friend Ella Montgomery, until she had it word perfect, the pauses, the inflections, the tone. Now there was only the final words, "Beg to become my bitch."

It seemed like an eternity until Hanna replied, Ashley almost felt her heart stopped beating, as she waited, a tiny, but growing, part of her wondering if she had misjudged and Hanna didn't want it. But then the teen spoke, "Make me your bitch." She paused, and licked her lips nervously.

Ashley straightened her face making it as unyielding as stone, "Beg," she said imperiously.

"Make me your bitch, please. Take my ass and fuck it, ram your toy in my hole and fuck me, please."

"More, I need to know you want it."

"I want to be your bitch," Hanna continued, "I need to be your bitch. I'll be your slutty skank, a butt-fucked whore, a fuck-toy for you to fuck. I won't complain, I'll do what you want, no matter how disgusting or degrading or humiliating. You can rent me, you can fuck me, you can thrash me, I'll be yours... I'll be your bitch, please."

Ashley smiled, "You want to be my bitch?"

Hanna nodded.

"Then I'm going to fuck my bitches tight butt so hard."

Ashley moved behind her daughter, so the teen couldn't see her. She reached down and ran her finger over her fake phallus; twelve inches of rubber with little ridges and ribs running round it, like veins. It was thick as well, so wide that her fingers and thumb couldn't wrap round and form a circle. She had gelled it, slapping on lots of lube, making it shine under the artificial light, but even so it would be tight and sore for the teen; but that was not problem - it meant Hanna would feel her first anal fucking. The Milf reached out and squeezed the butt, her daughter whimpered in pain as her Mom's fingers dug into the flesh, pressing over the whip marks. Her nails scratched over the weals and the teen winced and gave a little squeak, but like a good girl she didn't resist or complain; that was an improvement on what had gone before, she was learning.

Spreading the cheeks Ashley looked down at the puckered hole, "Are you an anal virgin?"

"Yes," Hanna nodded, "It's unused."

"Good," said Ashley and began to push in. Hanna squealed and her body tried to push itself automatically forward to escape from the huge toy that was invading it. The cuffs held her in place, though, and all that happened was the inevitable was delayed. Ashley continued forward, putting all her weight into her advance, pressing the toy down into Hanna's anal chute. The teen tried to wiggle around in a vain attempt to accommodate the big dildo. Ashley gripped her, "Hold still," she ordered and drew back an inch or two. She thrust again, driving the toy down, further into her daughter's cute bottom. The teen whimpered loudly, but she didn't try to escape - or at least the forward movement was as likely to be a knock-on from Ashley's thrust. The Milf moved back, God Hanna was tight. She wiped a sliver of perspiration from her forehead, "That's it, take my dick like an anal slut."

Again she hammered forward, deeper this time, slamming the dick down Hanna's chute. The teen gave a squeal and the fingers of her hand shot out straight like she was being electrified. Ashley pulled back, paused and went in again, her thrusts were getting deeper and deeper, each one opening Hanna a little wider and allowing more dildo in before the teen's ass walls could fight back. "You're my bitch Hanna, say it."

"I'm your bit...aaaarrghh," the teen's words ended in a shrill shriek as her Mom's dildo slammed down into her.

Ashley moved quicker thrusting in and out, giving her daughter almost the full twelve inches, "Say it," she said sternly and more loudly "Say it."

"I'm your bitch, I'm your whore bitch," shouted Hanna, before the scream hit her, "Aaaaarrghhh."

Ashley went harder and faster, thrusting her toy down the teen and enjoying the feeling of control she had over her daughter. Hanna was hers, to do with as she wished and what Ashley wished for was to fuck her butt hard. The Milf slammed down, "That's it take, you dirty whore, take my big plastic dick up your skanky teenage asshole."

"Aaaaarrrghhh, I'm your bitch, aaaaarrghhh, I'm your bitch," Hanna screamed repeatedly like a record stuck in a groove.

The Milf went harder and deeper, thrusting her toy all the way down the hole and spreading Hanna's walls like they were butter. Sweat encased her, dripping down her body. And it wasn't her only wetness; she could feel the dampness of her cunt as her pussy juiced up, the haft of the dildo rubbing hard at her with every thrust. The more vigorous the pounding the more pleasure raced from her pussy and so she hammered in hard and fast, enjoying her own excitement and not caring about whether the fuck hole in front of her came or not.

Harder, faster, deeper, Ashley pounded until she was sweaty and exhausted. Only then did she pull her toy out of the gaping bottom. She smiled, "I think I'm going to leave you here whilst I get myself a cup of coffee, then we're going to begin your training."

* * *

Ashley took her time drinking her coffee, giving herself plenty of time to reflect on what happened and what she was going to do next. Ass fucking her own daughter had been better than she had dared hope, by far the best sexual experience of her life. Just the memory of it was enough to get her hot and horny again after only a brief rest, but she refused to let her hand deal with her growing lust when she now had her very own personal sex slave. Sure, there was a lot of training to be done but Ashley was quietly confident that she had done a good enough job of breaking Hanna in that it was only a matter of time before she had herself a fully housebroken bitch.

Finally walking back down the stairs Ashley was quickly greeted by her prize, Hanna's beautifully gaping butt hole the perfect reminder of why she couldn't fail. Why she wouldn't fail. That whatever it took Hanna was going to be her lesbian fuck toy. Luckily walking around to Hanna's front failure didn't seem like a possibility, Hanna looking up at her with a timid submission Ashley had only seen before on completely subservient sluts. Was it possible that Hanna could be broken already? There was one way to find out.

Releasing Hanna from her restraints Ashley stood back and waited for Hanna to do something stupid. She didn't. Instead she just stayed where she was, waiting for further instruction. It was a pleasant surprise.

"Stand up." Ashley ordered.

Hanna awkwardly did as she was told but nothing more, clearly finding it difficult to stand up on shaky legs. Unable to resist Ashley moved in behind her and cupped her daughter's ass, spreading the cheeks to further widen the gape of Hanna's butt hole. Hanna tensed and gasped but didn't complain, and did nothing to stop Ashley as she played with the nicely rounded cheeks.

"What are you?" Ashley questioned.

"I'm... I'm your bitch." Hanna whimpered, before yelping as her Mom let go of her ass cheeks just long enough to give them a hard double smack.

"What was that?" Ashley growled, not liking the hesitation

"I'm your bitch." Hanna squeaked, again yelping from another hard double smack to her butt and repeating far more confidently, "I'm your bitch."

"Look at me." Ashley said, frowning when at first Hanna only turned her head and then smiling when Hanna took the initiative and turned around properly, "Again."

Not needing any other instructions Hanna bravely looked her Mom in the eye and loudly replied, "I'm your bitch."

"Then prove it. Get down on your knees." Ashley commanded, waiting until Hanna did as she was told and then pressing the head of her dildo against her daughter's lips, "Suck my dick. Clean my cock with your mouth like a good bitch should."

Hanna crinkled up her nose and let out a, "Ewwww."

This caused her Mom looked at her with burning anger and worst disappointment which filled Hanna with terror and shame. Terror because she was afraid her Mom would once again use the riding crop on her poor bottom which was already so achy that even a single blow would be agony. Shame because she had disappointed her mother. This woman had given her life and the greatest sexual experience of her existence, made her cum so hard that she thought she was going to pass out. So If her Mom wanted her to do something she should do it. No matter how gross and disgusting it was.

So Hanna closed her eyes, open her mouth and forced herself close her lips around the cock. To her surprise it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. In fact, she liked it. She.. she like the taste of her own ass. How sick was that? This strap-on dildo had been in the deepest depths of her ass and she liked how it tasted. The flavour of the deepest depths of her ass tasted good to her. God she was a perverted slut.

Of course after about a minute of cautious cock sucking Hanna didn't really care about how perverted this was as she became lost in the twisted act and the flavour of her own ass. In doing so Hanna's instincts took over and she began bobbing her head up and down, her mouth moving lower and lower until she was choking and gagging on the dildo. Just when the blonde teen was about to come up for air her Mom grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth down further, the older woman even beginning to thrust her hips back and fourth, pushing the ass flavoured dick even deeper into Hanna's throat. This had Hanna gagging so much she could feel the bile planning to erupt from her throat, but she was just about able to keep it down and even kept slobbering on the cock.

"That's it Hanna, suck it. Suck Mommy's cock. Mmmmmm, get every drop of your teen butt juices off my cock, you filthy little ass to mouth slut. Yes, suck it cock sucker! Mmmmmm fuck!" Ashley growled, turning her own daughter into a face pussy for several long minutes and brutally fucking her little girl's throat. After a few minutes of this Ashley pulled her cock out of her daughter's mouth and left Hanna to gasp for air while she took of the harness and turned around before she ordered, "Not bad. Now, kiss my ass. Do it! Put your lips on my ass cheeks and kiss them. Good, again. And again. And again. Keep doing it until I tell you otherwise."

Ashley smirked. She had enjoyed the feeling of the blow job. Not that she could feel it like a guy could, but the feeling of pressure on her clit with every movement of Hanna's mouth had been wonderful and combined with visual stimulation of her baby girl sucking cock and she could easily cum just from getting her strap-on sucked. Well, maybe she could have cum after a few more minutes of fucking Hanna's mouth, the extra stimulation really hitting the spot, however if she had done that Hanna would probably passed out. So instead Ashley had decided to switch gears, and as great as making Hanna taste her own ass on her cock had been it was perhaps even greater to feel her spoiled brat of a daughter's lips on her ass.

Over and over Hanna kissed her Mom's ass cheeks, covering every inch of the full round flesh in her saliva until Ashley was satisfied and ready to move on, at which point she ordered, "Now my hole. Kiss my ass hole. Mmmmmm, good, now lick it. Ohhhhhh, yes keep licking it. Lick my ass hole. Mmmmmm that's it. Ohhhhh, make sure you don't touch my pussy. You need to earn the privilege of touching my pussy. Oooooooh, you're going to learn Hanna, ooooohhhhhh, you're going to learn to eat Mommy's ass before you can eat Mommy's pussy. Mmmmmmm, proved to me that your mouth is good for something other than moaning and sucking cock. Ahhhhh fuck, make Mommy cum with your tongue up her ass and maybe I'll let you tongue my cunt you little dyke. Mmmmm fuck."

Ashley continued to give her daughter detailed instructions about how to worship her butt and to her delight Hanna did as she was told without complaint. The blonde even really got into the rim job, Hanna burying her face in between her Mom's butt cheeks in an attempt to please her. Ashley still needed to finger herself a little to make sure she got off, and when she did it was like a desert wine after the gourmet meal which were her previous orgasms, however her daughter's tongue in her ass felt great and definitely gave her climax an extra little kick. More to the point Hanna eagerness to please, and a shameless enthusiasm she showed for eating her Mom's ass, had Ashley believing that her daughter's training was going to be a breeze.

* * *

There was no doubt about it - Hanna was a natural submissive. Anything Ashley wanted was done; Hanna would eat her greens without fuss and the dishes were cleaned and dried every night. The teen's room had never been so spic and span, with every piece of clothing in its place and the quilt as smooth as if a giant iron had been over it. Of course part of the reason for the lack of clothes being tossed wasn't just that Ashley demand Hanna tidy away rather than just throwing them over the back of her chair, but because Ashley now chose what her daughter would wear. There was none of that long drawn out process as Hanna went through her wardrobe, throwing to one side piece after piece, complaining she had nothing to wear and nothing matched. Instead Ashley made that choice - on days where the teen was due at school Ashley would choose something bright and sexy, but not too bright and sexy, she didn't want others ogling her property. But on days when there wasn't any school the Milf didn't see the point of making laundry and so Hanna would be naked or as near to it as made no difference - socks might be allowed or a garter belt and stockings or perhaps a see-through nightie if was cold.

It wasn't a school day today so Hanna was naked, if you didn't count the butt-plug in her ass as clothing - and Ashley didn't. The Milf was naked as well, though in her case it was totally through choice, it allowed her easy access to stroke her pussy or slide the dildo over her naked titties as she read '50 Shades of Grey'. Sometimes she looked up to give an instruction to Hanna and make sure the teen was following them; she always was. Hoovering, cleaning the windows, dusting - all the jobs that Ashley used to do on a Saturday morning, now they were all done by her sub-daughter; in the nude with a plug up her butt.

"I've finished," Hanna stood in front of Ashley, waiting like a wind-up doll without a key.

"Mmnnn," Ashley nodded and pressed the button on her kindle to skip to the next page. It was hot stuff, it might not have been literature, but it made her wet with lust. She devoured the next page as well, reading down it in mounting excitement, touching her pussy as she read what the heroine was doing to the hero. There were ideas in here she'd have to think about trying with her own sub. Too soon the chapter ended. Ashley briefly considered leaving Hanna to stand for a little longer and to carry on for the next chapter, but that would be too cruel and anyway whilst words were fine her pussy was itching for some real action. She switched off the kindle and looked at Hanna, standing patient and demure in front of her Mom. "Have you finished your chores?"

The teen nodded, "Yes Mom."

"Is your plug still in?" Ashley asked. The teen nodded, but Ashley made a turning motion with her hand and said, "Let me see."

Obediently Hanna turned her back to her Mom, showing Ashley her behind. The Milf hadn't expected her sub daughter to have removed it, but she wanted an excuse to salivate over her daughter's butt jammed open by the toy. Not that she needed an excuse, if she told Hanna to turn over and bend round so her Mom could eye her shapely plugged behind Hanna would have done so without complaint. "Turn back to face me," ordered Ashley. The blonde did as she was told and for a moment or two her Mom admired the shaven slit in front of her.

"You've done well over the last fortnight," Ashley said, looking up. Hanna blushed and mumbled something. Ashley continued, "I've been pleasantly surprised - nothing has been too depraved or degrading for you. You've been an anal animal, a real ride; not only have you not complained about the length or hardness or how long I've fucked you, but you've gone at it with enthusiasm."

"I've enjoyed it," admitted Hanna.

"Good, because your ass is mine and I love banging it. It's something I'm going to do all the time, whenever I want and wherever. And afterwards you always clean it without complaint, polishing the strap-on until its sparkling."

Hanna nodded, agreeing with her Mom, "I know that's what you want."

"I do. Now you've done your chores you may eat my pussy, properly..." Ashley allowed herself a small hint of a smile.

Hanna's beam was more obvious, a huge grin split her face, "I can?" Suddenly she looked nervous, "I'll do my best."

"You've eaten my ass enough it's the same principle," said Ashley sternly, "And you watched those porn DVDs."

The teen nodded, "Yes," she said anxiously, then she paused and said more forcefully, "Yes, I'll be the best cunt-licker in Rosewood."

"Hmmnnn, we'll see," Ashley spread open her legs and leant back against the couch, "There's some competition."

Hanna didn't ask who it was. She just got down on her knees and waddled between her Mom's thighs. She paused, looking down at her Mom's wet hole, before dipping her head. Ashley took in a breath in anticipation - of all the things she'd done, perverse and delightful things, this was the first time Hanna was going to eat her. The website had said to leave it until the teen was fully trained, it was the last part of the jigsaw to dominate your daughter and Ashley had been looking forward to it. The website had said that as a Mom you'd know when it was time and as Ashley had fucked Hanna's ass this morning, her daughter's orgasmic squeals and shakes and the way she moved with her Mom's pounding had told Ashley that the final step was due to be taken. 'After your chores,' she had told the teen as Hanna sucked the dildo, 'you can eat my pussy if you're good.'

The teen's tongue touched her twat and Ashley groaned. It was a gentle touch, a nervous dab, a feeler - but for all that it was the first touch of her daughter's tongue her pussy had felt. She put her hands on Hanna's head, "That's it, harder now, harder." She pushed down.

The teen's tongue moved over the hole and labia and the flesh around. The licks were slow and without power, but they tingled and teased, making the Milf pussy wetten with anticipation. She moaned and let Hanna get on with it, the teen tenderly toying with the twat, tickling with the tip of her tongue. Ashley felt herself quivering with excitement, she had thought that Hanna would go for a full in muff-diving, but, no, the teenager was working her way up to it. It might be nervousness, a fear of getting her full mouth down, or it might be deliberate, a realisation that you don't start a meal with the main course. It didn't matter, whatever the reason it was working, making Ashley hot and wet and exciting her without frustrating her, She moaned again, "Yes, Hanna that's the way. Lick my cunt."

The teen started to move her tongue faster and harder, sweeping at flesh of the cunt and the lips round it. Ashley gasped and gave a start as suddenly Hanna's tongue dipped down. It was only for a few moments, a quick exploratory swirl round the tunnel and then out to lick round the labia. "MMnnnn, that's it," said Ashley, holding the back of her daughter's head, "In you go."

For a moment Hanna seemed to be ignoring the instruction, continuing to tease the wet hole, but then she dipped her head further forward and thrust her tongue down the tunnel. Ashley grunted and jerked as the teen's tongue disappeared down her, pushing through the wet walls, opening them up in her quest for clit. Ashley moaned again and pushed at the back of Hanna's head, forcing her deeper, "Lick me, lick me out."

She could feel Hanna's face pressing at her as the teen's tongue went in, her nose pressing at the top of the hole, her forehead pushing at the flesh above, her blonde hair tickling at her skin as the teen moved and slurped. Her tongue went in and out, shooting round the hole desperately, hitting the fleshy walls and the nerves embedded in them, mixing her saliva with the secreted cum. Round and round, up and down, left and right, smacking against the pink, moist flesh of Ashley's tunnel. "Oh yessss, that's the spot," Ashley jolted as her daughter found the spot. She pushed at Hanna's head harder, keeping her in place and 'encouraging' her in her licks. "Aaaarrrrghh, yesssss, aaaaargggghhh," the Milf quivered in excitement as the teen's tongue clipped her clit, driving at it with skill and enthusiasm.

Juice was filling her cunt, Hanna drinking it down. More and more of it came oozing from her walls, like ice melting on a hot day, as Hanna drove her into orgasmic pleasure. Ashley gasped and groaned, her back arching and snapping back and forth as the excitement became too intense. She kept one hand on her daughter's head, pressing it down and with the other began to fondle a naked tittie, as if playing with her breast could in some way stop the squeaks of excitement that were coming out of her mouth, "Uuurrrrghhh, aaaaarrgghhh, oooooohhh, ooooooohhh, uuurrrgghhh, aaaaarrgghh."

Hanna's tongue continued to expertedly smack at the bud, each slap sending frissons of pleasure through the Milf. They combined into a delightful wave, an explosive flood of sexual excitement. Ashley's back bent again and she screamed out,, "AAAAarrrghhhh." Her pussy was squirting, blasting cum at her daughter like a hose. And Hanna was letting it wash over, moving her mouth back far enough to make sure she got the full effect, a geyser of juice erupting all over her pretty face. Her mouth was open and she was trying to catch it, swallowing the girl cum like a slut.

Hanna was in heaven. Her Mom's pussy juice had been amazing, easily as good as the taste of her own ass which Hanna had grown addicted too, but just when she thought she had found her new favourite flavour her Mom came in her mouth. It tasted like heaven in liquid form and Hanna immediately knew she was hooked; that from now on she would crave the taste of her mother's cum and pussy juice. That she would do anything her Mom said if she could be allowed to bury her tongue in the place she had once been pushed out of.

And to think, Hanna had been terrified she wouldn't like eating pussy. After all, Hanna had been so sure she had been straight. Although she was also sure that she wouldn't like anal, so apparently she had been wrong about a lot of things. And oh how she was grateful to her Mom for setting her straight. Or gay or whatever.

As her Mom's climax died down Hanna cleaned the older woman's cunt of any leftover cream, silently praying that her Mom had been bluffing before when she said she was going to share her. Or at least bluffing about men because Hanna really didn't want to be with another man ever again. She knew she had been wrong before about her sexuality, but she felt sure she was right this time. She was a lesbian. And a bottom. She was a submissive lesbian bottom who loved licking pussy and taking it up the ass for dominant lesbian tops like her Mom. She was born to be her mother's bitch, and if she couldn't be hers exclusively she hoped at least the woman who gave her life would at least pimp her out to like-minded lesbians.

Hanna had thought about asking this before and she opened her mouth to do just that now but her Mom interrupted her, "Oh, Hanna, that was so good."

"Really?" Hanna beamed.

"Yes... for a beginner." Ashley said coolly, not wanting her daughter to get ahead of herself, "You still have a lot to learn about technique. But you have a lot of enthusiasm, and a tongue which was clearly made to lick pussy."

"Thank you." Hanna blushed, "Do, do you want me to try it again?"

"Maybe later. First go get my strap-on." Ashley said, Hanna's eyes lighting up as the older woman clarified, "The twelve incher. I want some of your sweet ass. It's been far too long since I fucked it."

By far too long, Ashley meant a few hours ago before breakfast. Which quite frankly was too long to go without being inside Hanna's perfect ass.

The little squeal of excitement Hanna let out suggested she agreed, not that her opinion mattered. Still Ashley was silently proud of her daughter for immediately getting up and scurrying out of the room, remembering to slow down somewhat so the older woman could admire her shapely rear as it wiggled away. There was almost thunderous footsteps as Hanna quickly retrieved the requested item and brought it back to Ashley, the redhead taking a few moments to regain her strength before standing there waiting for her daughter's return.

When Hanna returned she obediently knelt in front of her mother but didn't attach the toy as she had yet to be asked. Ashley quickly remedied that, "Strap the toy to me and give it a little spit shine. Make it easier for me to use your ass."

With practised ease Hanna obeyed, the toy soon strapped firmly around Ashley's waist and the teen eagerly taking it into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down it. As there was nothing to clean from it, and she was eager to get her slutty ass fucked, Hanna showed off the cock sucking skills she learned and perfected by taking the dildo deep into her mouth as it would go, her chin resting against the fake balls announcing the cock's head was deep within her throat. She then bobbed her head up and down, making sure the toy was well coated with spit.

"Ok, that's enough." Ashley said after less than a minute of deep throating, Hanna immediately removing her mouth and looking up expectantly, "Bend over and give me that sweet ass. No, wait, bend over the couch. So your upper half is resting on it and your ass is hanging off. That's it, now reach back and spread your cheeks, and beg me to fuck your ass."

Immediately Hanna's hands shot to her butt cheeks, prying them apart before she began to beg, "Please Mom, fuck my ass. Fuck me in the ass. Ass fuck me. My ass hole is yours. It's your personal fuck hole, for you to use whenever you want. Please use it now, and... oh fuck me. Fuck my ass. Please Mom, butt fuck me. Fuck me up the butt. Please Mom, pound my tight little butt. Slam it. Fuck meeeeeeeeee!"

Hanna continued begging as she felt the butt-plug being pulled from her ass, but stopped in favour of squealing in pleasure when she felt the strap-on slamming into her butt. Showing no mercy her Mom slammed forward deep and hard, burying the full length of the big dildo into Hanna's bowels in only a few seconds and then beginning to immediately use the same brutal force to start fucking Hanna's ass.

Wiggling her ass Hanna tried her best to relax, her now constantly fucked back passage quickly loosening to accept this latest invasion. With a little more wiggling and squirming Hanna soon found herself squealing and screaming in pleasure, "Ooooooohhhhhh, oh Mom, oh Mom, fuck me Mom, fuck my fucking ass. Aaaaahhhhh shit, pound my slutty bottom. Pound it. Please pound it. Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh Godddddddd, wreck my butt. Gape it wide. Slam my shit hole hard and deep! Destroy my back hole! Oooooooh Mommmm, oh yes fuck me! Oh Mom. Bang my butt! Remind me I'm your bitch. I'm your bitch and you own my butt hole! You own my butt! It's yours, mmmmmmm, my butt is yours, ooooooohhhhhh, I'm your bitch! I'm, oh Mom! MOMMMMMMM!"

Others may have found the pace to be far too violent but Hanna loved it. She needed it. She craved it. Besides, Hanna could take it. Her Mom had been ass fucking her nearly non-stop for a fortnight. Well, every couple of hours on weekends and then at least twice a day during the weekday, but still. And her first butt fucking of the morning had been long and passionate, her Mom taking her most private hole in multiple positions before Hanna was permitted to go make her mother breakfast in bed, after she had thoroughly sucked the older woman's strap on clean, of course. Sadly she hadn't been anally reamed a second time afterwards, but her Mom had bent her over and stuffed a large butt-plug up her ass to keep her loose and horny as she did her chores.

As a result of this it wasn't long before Hanna was screaming joyfully in climax, orgasm after orgasm rocking her body as her Mom used her for her pleasure. Just as it should be.

Hanna didn't care that her ass basically hurt all the time now. That she found herself avoiding sitting down wherever possible, and when she did she was constantly squirming from one cheek to the other in a futile attempt to get comfortable. That using her ass hole for its intended purpose was agonising. Or that even walking around caused her butt to complain. Or that she was taking daily spankings, couldn't choose her own clothes, and had no freedom. It was all worth it for the mind-numbing climaxes. And more importantly it was worth it to please her mother. After all, this was the woman who gave her life and pretty much everything in it. The least Hanna could do was be a good little bitch for this woman. Her woman. And if that meant taking it in the ass and cumming like crazy so be it.

It took a while for Ashley to notice that her daughter was cumming. Even when she realised Hanna's cum was squirting violently from her cunt she didn't care. She was too lost in both the heaven she was feeling from sodomising her daughter and in the beautiful sight of her strap-on slamming in and out of Hanna's back hole.

Ashley had at first allowed Hanna to continue spreading her ass cheeks but after a while she had pushed those hands aside so she could grabbed those succulent cheeks herself and greedily grope them. After a while of feeling them up Ashley spread them wide open to once again examine the perfect little hole in between them. The hole that was made for Ashley's pleasure, just the sight of her dick pumping in and out of her daughter's bottom enough to make her have a mini orgasm.

The guide had suggested that for an anally inclined daughter the key to her continued submission could be her ass hole. That the mother should try keeping the back hole stretched at all times, either plugged, filled with a cock or gaping. As far as Ashley could tell this had been a triumph with Hanna, the teen becoming even more submissive and under her thrall the more Ashley stretched her baby girl's butt hole. It was now a rule in the Marin household that Hanna had to wear a butt-plug at all times except when using the bathroom or when Ashley was using Hanna's butt for her pleasure. Or when Ashley instructed her not too, mostly so the older woman could enjoy the sight of Hanna walking around with a gaping butt hole.

All this constant abuse made Hanna's ass the perfect fit, loose enough to slide into whenever Ashley wanted but still so incredibly tight around her toy. The hole was a marvel, practically one of the wonders in the world in Ashley's opinion, Hanna's back hole inevitably making her cum over and over again. Or at least pounding it did, Ashley eventually giving up on spreading Hanna's ass in favour of concentrating on wrecking her daughter's rectum, the sound of her thighs smacking against Hanna's butt cheeks almost as loud as Hanna's deafening screams of pleasure.

Ashley wasn't sure how long she brutally sodomised her daughter. As it was a Saturday and all the jobs around the house were now Hanna's responsibility there was no reason for Ashley to hold back during sex, particularly when it came to slamming her little girl's shit hole. This time round Ashley only stopped because it was getting close to lunch and she had worked up quite an appetite pounding her daughter's butt, the older woman allowing one more particularly hard orgasm to rock her body before she pulled out and spread Hanna's cheeks so she could admire her handiwork.

It was some truly great work, Hanna's ass hole gaped so wide that even Ashley's largest plug would probably fall out of that stretched hole. Not that Ashley minded, she'd probably be able to plug Hanna's butt again after lunch. Until then her daughter's gaping back hole would provide a pretty sight to stare at while she was eating. That is if Ashley didn't choose to let Hanna eat with her so she could watch her baby girl squirm and grimace at having to sit down on her battered butt.

Despite being butt fucked into near unconsciousness Hanna forced herself to not only stay awake but listen out for her mother's inevitable next command. It took a while to come, Hanna finding it very telling she wasn't even blushing anymore when her Mom spread open her cheeks after an ass fucking so she could study Hanna's gaping ass hole. Hanna even found herself hoping that the wideness of her stretched butt hole, and just how deep someone could currently look into her bowels, pleased her Mom, a sign that the blonde had become truly shameless in her quest to become the perfect bitch for her own mother.

Eventually there was a firm slap to her sore behind, making her yelp pitifully. Luckily she didn't miss her mother's command, "Wake-up Hanna, it's time for you to clean up another one of your messes."

Hanna understood what this meant and, after the older woman had sat back down on the couch, the teen quickly got back between her legs and easily took the head of the dildo back into her mouth. Tasting the deepest depths of her butt on the toy Hanna moaned joyfully, briefly hesitating to saver the sweet flavour before beginning to gently suckle at the tip of the huge strap-on which had just plundered her pooper.

"Harder. I'm hungry and I don't want to wait around." Ashley said, grabbing a handful of Hanna's hair and pushing her downwards, "Suck it harder. Take every inch into your mouth. Mmmmmm, that's it. Good girl. Show me what a ass to mouth whore you've become. Put those cock sucker skills of yours to good use. Come on, more, take it, mmmmmm yes."

Ashley said more, but Hanna was more concentrated on the dick pushing its way into her throat, the teen remembering to relax just like she had been trained so that the dildo could slide down her gullet. It wasn't long before the head of the strap-on was buried in Hanna's throat and the older woman was holding the teen firmly in place, Hanna choking and gagging in between frantic slurping and sucking. She quickly cleaned the cock, but her Mom insisted on making sure by gently fucking her throat for a little while, Hanna's submission being reconfirmed yet again by the fact that not only was she happy to be used as a face pussy, but again she was more concerned with her mother's pleasure than even her own breathing.

Just as she thought she was going to pass out her Mom pulled her off the cock and waited until Hanna was done gasping for breath before slapping the teen's ass an ordering her, "Now go bring me a sandwich and a coffee."

"Yes Mom." Hanna squeaked, scurrying out of the room, feeling oddly flattered that on her way out she sensed her mother's eyes on her retreating backside as the teen slowed down to allow her Mom to admire her property.

* * *

"Ella, come in," Ashley Marin gestured her friend and near neighbour through the door.

The other Milf came in, the two of them swapping greetings, before Ashley led the other Mom into the main room. Ella looked round as she entered, nodding and smiling, "I see you've redecorated since I was last here."

"Has it been that long?" Ashley shook her head in wonderment, trying to recall when it was her friend had last been in her house. It was certainly a while, before Ashley had begun to train Hanna. Time flew, the Milf thought, Hanna had been a rebellious little chit always wanting her own way, demanding more and more from her Mom. Now she was obedient and well-behaved, as perfect a daughter as any Mom could want.

Ella was admiring some pictures of Hanna on the mantelpiece. The other Milf picked up one of Ashley's favourites, Hanna, naked apart from a ball-gag, sitting on her knees in a begging position. Ella was admiring it too, even if she had an equally slutty daughter at home. Ashley smiled and walked behind her, "I've changed the pictures. The others were a bit... old-fashioned."

"So I see," said Ella smiling, putting the photo down and picking up another. In this Hanna was bent over a chair arm, her reddened ass cheeks explaining the tearful expression on her face. Ella looked at it for a moment before replacing it and turning to her friend. She smiled again, "I'm guessing the website worked."

"Better than I ever could have hoped, " replied Ashley as her friend picked up another photo of a naked Hanna her legs splayed out to expose her hairless cunt in merciless detail.

Ella looked at it, a lascivious look on her face, obviously imaging what it would be like to have the cute little teen spreading for her, Hanna's lithe tongue playing with the older woman's pussy before her holes were spread for the Milf's pleasure. After a few moments she put it down and looked at the cane hanging over the fireplace, like a ceremonial sword. Ashley saw the look and went over to the stick, lifting it down and bending it between her hands. "One of my little helpers. It still gets plenty of use. Even though Hanna is totally trained I find that thrashing her a couple of times a week keeps her on her toes." She paused and then said, "I've been rude. Do you want a coffee?"

"That would be nice," smiled Ella and took a seat on the couch as Ashley momentarily left the room.

She walked into the kitchen where her daughter was dutifully doing her homework; being a fucktoy had improved her grades no end. "A coffee for me and Mrs Montgomery," Ashley ordered. It was heart-warming how quickly Hanna hastened to obey, no 'in a minute', no exaggerated sighs, no sulky looks; just the teen jumping up and starting on her task. Ashley was about to go back to her friend, then a thought hit her and she turned back to her daughter, "And put in your butt-plug."

"Yes Mom," the teen nodded.

Ashley walked back into the main room, "Coffee will be ready in a few minutes," she said.

Ella smiled, "I can wait," she said and gestured to her friend to take a seat next to her, "But I want to hear how it went with Hanna? How did you do it? I want to know all the details."

Ashley sat down and told her. About half-way through Hanna came in with the coffees. Ashley paused her tale long enough to take her and Ella's cups and tell her daughter to wait over by the mantelpiece. Then she carried on, going through all the spankings and thrashings talking in detail about how wet her daughter was and what it was like to ass fuck the cute little thing, all the pussy lickings and ass to mouths, all the slutty, depraved things that Hanna did without fuss. Ella's looked impressed, sometimes casting a quick glance to the teen standing there, listening to a description of how she'd been ass-fucked over the table. Ashley smiled as she finished her story and turned to look at her daughter. Hanna was wearing a short skirt, which went down over her thighs and a tight top which accentuated her bosoms, both chosen this morning by Ashley. The Mom beckoned, "Come here."

Hanna walked over and stood before the two of them.

Twisting her finger Ashley instructed her daughter, "Turn round and bend over."

Without complaint the blonde teen did as instructed, the skirt rode up to just below her cheeks. Ashley reached out and lifted in the rest of the way, "What do you think?" she asked Ella.

"Very nice," said the other Milf admiring the butt-plug firmly entrenched between the teen's cheeks.

"I got the idea from you and Aria," said Ashley.

"It does keep the hole ready for use," smiled Ella. "Though, in truth I fuck her ass so often that I probably don't need it."

"It's the control thing," Ashley said as her friend nodded in agreement, "Making Hanna keep a plug in it says, 'That's my hole, I can use it whenever I want'."

"I feel the same," admitted Ella, still looking lustfully at the plug.

Ashley smiled and pulled it out, "Spread your cheeks Hanna, let Mrs Montgomery get a proper look."

A bent over Hanna pulled at her buttocks, dragging them apart so that Ella could get a good look at the cavernous hole. She licked her lips and Ashley guessed that Ella would soon be making her excuses to go home to give her own daughter a hard anal pounding. The thought turned Ashley on, as she imagined a naked Ella ramming an equally unclothed Aria up the ass, quickly her thoughts moved on to her pounding her daughter's old friend, thrusting her dildo up Aria's backhole. And at the same time she could see Hanna bouncing under a Ella, the Milf pounding her daughter. It made Ashley hot and wet. She sipped her coffee, "If you like you could borrow her. Hanna wouldn't mind."

And even if she did, she wouldn't disobey, the Milf silently added.

Ella nodded, a smile playing across her features, as she continued to gaze lustfully at the teen ass on show, "I'd enjoy that. I think you'd enjoy banging Aria as well. She's such a slut."

"That sounds a good idea," Ashley said, "What about next Saturday?"

"That works for me."


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