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Pretty Little Liars: How To Seduce Your Daughter (Anal, Ff, Inc, Oral, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

The door to Aria's room was open as Ella Montgomery approached it. Once it would have always been closed, to give the teenager some privacy from her Dad and especially the brother. But they no longer lived here, Byron and Ella's relationship had continued on the down-trajectory it had been on since she found out about his affair (or was that just a symptom? she wondered, where the gradual slope had turned into a cliff), until he had moved out. And her son Mike, not wanting to live in an all-female household had moved in with his Dad, though he'd been over today for his Sunday Roast.

Ella paused just before the open door, before turning into it, just in time to see the teenager pull up her pants, giving Aria just a brief look at the thong her daughter was wearing before it disappeared under the dark material of the tight denim.

"Are you going out?" asked Ella.

"Yes, I thought I said over dinner," replied Aria, "I'm going over to Hanna's."

She had turned as her Mom entered the room and not for the first time Ella realised that her daughter was no longer a girl, but a woman. And not just any woman but a busty, sexually attractive one who was wearing a vest with too plunging a neckline and so tight that it was obvious that no bra was holding in her tits. Ella tried to stop her eyes falling again to the teats pushing out and to look at her daughter's face, "You may have done. I mustn't have heard."

"You seemed distracted," Aria agreed, "Anything up?"

"Nothing," lied Ella and then immediately sensing that wouldn't do as answer lied again, "Some new paperwork for the School Board; you wouldn't know how hard it is squeeze money out of them for new books."

"I guess the economy is tanking at the moment," replied Aria. She reached for her coat, then paused, "Do you want me to help?"

It was obvious from her tone she'd rather not. Even so Ella paused, she did have some paperwork to do later tonight, though in reality it was a ten minute box-ticking exercise that a child could do, but it would be nice to have Aria close so she could stare at her nips... Even as she thought it Ella was shaking her head, she was a bad Mom, she told herself, to be even thinking of Aria in that way, "No. You go out. Do you need a lift?"

"No, it's five minutes walk," said Aria and bustled out so quickly that Ella was left alone in the room. The Mom paused and looked around; it was so typically teenage, books, clothes and some old toys not yet packed in the attic jostling for space, posters of boys on the wall and magazines with the same faces piled in the corner. And all filled with the delicious scent of Aria and her perfumes. Ella ran a couple of fingers over her forehead; it was warm. She sat down on the bed, her legs quivering.

God, it was terrible, she thought, she had been distracted over dinner. Not with work, though, but fantasising about fucking her teenage daughter. Yes, about getting Aria naked and slamming her fingers into the teen's pussy and then licking the cummy juice off them whilst Aria buried her cute face in her Mom's bald snatch. Ella had always known she had lesbian tendencies, but they'd been pushed into the background by her early marriage to Byron. And one good thing about the marriage, was that even as it swirled round the toilet pan, they still kept it physical as if almost nightly sex could repair the other cracks. It couldn't; but it did keep her from needing to fantasise.

It was only when the marriage ended that her lesbian fantasies came again. For the first few weeks they were normal, or at least as normal as a lesbian threesome with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg could be. But one night a couple of weeks ago Aria had arrived unbidden in her Mom's mind and into her imaginary bed. And no matter how much she pushed the teen wouldn't get out. Just thinking about it was making her see Aria topless and walking across a sandy beach licking her lips and swaying her hips. Ella cursed inwardly, touching herself through her pants as she did so, why couldn't it be Hanna - her daughter's friend was pretty cute - even better Emily - she at least was a lesbian even if she was seeing someone. And for a brief second the nymphet in Ella's mind became bronzer and taller and more toned. But then she took another step and became paler and shorter and bustier; back to Aria.

Ella stood up. She was so hot she knew she needed to do something to stop herself masturbating in Aria's room. And that thing was to go into her own room, switch on the computer, find some porn and jill herself until she was sated. More accurately find some erotic stories as with the faceless names in these stories she could imagine herself with whatever hottie or hotties that took her fancy.

Quickly finding her favourite website for dealing with this type of mood Ella clicked on the lesbian section and looked over the categories available within. For a few long moments her mouse hovered over her most clicked section, Authoritarian. There she could indulge in the wildest of her fantasies, her favourite of which being to imagine herself as a top dominating a bottom. Mostly with the bottom being a teen who lately had the tendency to turn into Aria more often than not.

That thought had Ella looking down past the sections she sometimes clicked on like Bondage, Celebrity, College Hotties and ignoring the Interracial section which was just below the one section her mouse had hovered over many times. Not that she's ever had the guts to click on it. The incest section. Like every other time she even considered it Ella starred at that section for what had to be a few minutes before finally clicking on Authoritarian, selecting one of the new stories and trying to get her mind off the shameful things she kept thinking of doing to her own daughter. However this time she just couldn't get into the story, or the next one, or the one after that, or even one of her favourites in which a lonely and recently divorced housewife entered into a passionate affair with one of her daughter's best friends.

Finally a almost deliriously horny Ella came out of the Authoritarian section and did the one thing she promised herself she'd never do, click on the incest section.

Moms topping their daughters was easy enough to find thanks to the titles and before she knew it Ella was creaming her fingers as she read about a woman tongue fucking her teen offspring's pussy to climax, Ella imagining herself in the role of wicked seductress while Aria was the blushing virgin who happily fed her Mommy her cum. And honestly, Ella didn't think she'd ever cum harder than envisioning herself swallowing her daughter's cum.

At which point Ella should have logged off and cried in shame... but the story wasn't over and for whatever reason Ella just couldn't stop herself from continuing to read it. In the story the daughter returned the favour, lots of detail going into the teen suckling her mother's teats as if she were an infant again, and then even more detail going into the daughter ravenously eating her Mom's pussy until she too was swallowing cum. Ella came again too, envisioning Aria in between her legs which led to another powerful orgasm. Then when the Mom butt fucked her daughter with a strap-on Ella went crazy, cumming several times as she imagined Aria bending over so Ella could take her anal cherry. Ella had found herself thinking lately that her daughter's cute little bubble butt was her best feature, and the thought of burying a strap-on in between those pert little ass cheeks and butt fucking her own daughter sent Ella into a euphoria she had never known from just masturbating alone.

When it was finally over Ella immediately logged off, half expecting herself to have a nervous breakdown from the shame she should be feeling. However while she definitely felt shame she also felt satisfied in a way she hadn't felt since her husband left her. Perhaps even before then.

* * *

For a few days Ella avoided masturbating entirely, which proved to be a really bad idea what with Aria's obsession with revealing clothing. When she finally visited her favourite website again Ella didn't even hesitate to enter the incest section, telling herself afterwards that as long as she found an outlet for these twisted desires then everything would be ok. And that worked, for a little while. Then amongst all these stories of debauchery she found a link to a website dealing exclusively in mother/daughter erotica. It was a PPV site but it promised more in-depth content and after Ella had blown through all the Mom topping daughter stories on the previous site she was aching for more and entered her credit card details after only a little hesitation. That kept her going for a little while longer, until she stumbled across something on the site which would change her life forever.

* * *

It was Monday morning, Ella could hear Aria in the bathroom, the shower hissing and the teen banging around slamming the bathroom cabinet doors as she searched for her toothpaste. Aria had never been known for speed in the morning; it gave Ella plenty of time to log into the computer and switch on the internet. Her Google homepage came up and Ella typed in 'Mom seduce daughter' into the engine, it was so important that Aria didn't discover her Mom's secret that Ella didn't even dare put it in her favourites. A list of sites came up, Ella clicked down and onto the fifth page, scrolling about half way down until she came to the site she was looking for 'How to Seduce your Daughter'. For a second she paused before clicking on it. Almost immediately up came the entry screen. Ella entered her username 'HornyMom' and then her password, "AnalAria". The screen went blank for a second and then defaulted to her personal screen.

Ella looked at it. To each side there were pictures an older woman cuddling an attractive one, whilst in between was one link. It was flashing. Ella paused again, if she touched it she would be going on a voyage from which she could never come back; no matter whether if it led to the North West passage or the waterfall at the end of the world. She pressed.

The screen dissolved again, 'Day one' it read at the top, followed by, 'Welcome to How to Seduce your Daughter's seven day guide. Following these instructions will allow you to seduce your daughter to fulfil your sexual desires. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully, as failure to do so may lead to your relationship with your daughter breaking down completely and time in jail. If you understand this and wish to proceed you do so at your own risk." Again Ella hesitated, but again she clicked on the mouse. Up came a new page titled 'Dress sexily'. Ella settled down and read it.

* * *

"I'm home," called Ella.

"You're late," called Aria from her room as she bent down and carried on with her History Essay.

The bedroom door opened and her Mom's head peeked in, "I told you as we drove to school I was going clothes shopping."

"You did," said Aria, "I just thought you'd be quicker."

"I was trying on a new look," said Ella. Her head vanished and Aria could hear her go into her own room next door.

The teen wrote a few more words, finishing her sentence before raising her head once more, "What look?"

"Just a minute and I'll show you," her Mom shouted back.

Aria returned to her studies; she had a good eye for clothes, she was unconvinced it was genetic, more than likely her Mom had got something grey and dowdy making her look more like a grandma than a single cougar on the prowl. She wrote a few more lines on the significance of the Norman Invasion of England (she knew Spence was going to do a revolutionary interpretation that all that had happened was the change of one feudal overlord for another. Aria was going for a less radical view and saying lots and lots changed, she wasn't yet sure whether she was going to say for the better or worse). The door opened and in walked Ella and Aria forgot all about early medieval England. Her Mom smiled, "I'm going for the slut look."

Aria didn't know what to say. Except her Mom wasn't going for half-measures in her new look, she was wearing the tiniest skirt that Aria had ever seen, so mini that it would have been regarded as too short even in the sixties. On top of that she was wearing a short 'vest' though perhaps that overstated the size, it was more a slip of material which just about held in the Milf's nipples and was barely held up by two tiny bits of thong. "What do you think?" asked Ella. Before her daughter could reply she turned round and pulled up her skirt, "I'm wearing a thong as well, but I'm not sure they need underwear."

"Errrr," Aria struggled to know what to say, "I think they need underwear when you're out."

Ella seemed to consider, "I'll think about it. S what do you think?"

Aria felt a corner approaching that she couldn't get out of, "Why the change?" she asked desperately.

"You keep reminding me that I'm single. Well, I was thinking that if I want to meet men, and men who aren't total geeks, I've got to dress the part. Don't worry I won't be dressing like this to school, I don't want all the boys thinking about me as they do there evening hand-jobs," Ella laughed.

"Yeeuch," went Aria. The only male penis she had ever seen (apart from her brother's as a baby) was Ezra Fitz's that time they'd done it; and that had been a bit gross and also very small and wrinkly and not at all as much fun as she'd been led to expect.

Ella ignored her daughter's reaction to a perfectly and normal part of growing up and said, "So what do you think? I also got another couple of smaller tops, some hot-pants, these really, really tight jeans, which I think will be murder to get out of and half a dozen different types of thongs."

Aria considered. It had to be said her Mom pulled it off well; there was something a little bit alluring about her dressed as a slut. Not that Aria was interested obviously, but she could see how men would be, or Emily, her lesbian friend. "Yeah," said the brunette teen slowly, choosing her words, "They look not bad, better than dressing as a grandma."

"I'll take that as a compliment," laughed Ella, "It's good you like them. I thought I'd be best wearing them round the house as well as when I'm out, it'll give me confidence in them."

"Okay, sure," said Aria doubtfully. She wasn't sure that seeing her Mom in such a state every day was what she had wanted when she had said her Mom should look to do something about her single status; she had been expecting something a little more Momsy. Still, as she looked at her Mom, Aria came to the opinion that her Mom was much hotter than she had previously thought.

* * *

The following day Aria woke up bright and early as per usual. Well, early. She wouldn't be bright until she'd had her morning shower, and truthfully her version of early had nothing on Spencer's early, but that was besides the point, that being pretty much the moment her alarm went off she switched it off, bounced out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

Being used to living with four people making sure she got in the shower first was always a good thing as it guaranteed hot water and no need to rush. And true, this was much less the case now it was just her and her Mom, but Aria liked her routine and had no intention of changing it. Of course the problem with a routine is one can get so used to it that their brain switches off and they just go through the motions, not expecting anything to be different as it hadn't been for what felt like 1000 times before.

This was the case today as Aria was so busy going through the motions that her sleepy brain didn't register the sound of the shower until she was almost in the bathroom, and by that point it was too late to stop herself from entering. Not that it really should have mattered, after all the door was clearly open, and there was no way her Mom would have forgotten to close it so Aria had to be hearing things or more likely still be half asleep.

As soon as she turned into the bathroom all tiredness was shocked out of Aria's system as she was confronted by the stuff of nightmares, a naked parent in the shower!

Not that her Mom was repulsive or anything, it was just this was maybe the most embarrassing moment of Aria's life and... was her Mom crying? It was kind of hard to tell given that her mother was facing away, fortunately meaning Aria could only see the older woman's big round butt, and...

Aria's mind went completely blank for a second, the horrified teen so stunned she almost couldn't comprehend what had just happened. Then the realisation came to her that... that her Mom had turned around and she had one hand on her left boob, and one hand... down there, and she was... she was touching herself!

"Mmmmmm, oh Gawwwd, oh baby, right there! Lick me! Lick me!" Ella moaned, Aria looking up and noticing to her relief that her Mom's eyes were closed.

With that revelation Aria finally felt like she had control of her body again, the teen quickly and as quietly as possible tiptoeing backwards out of the bathroom, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible but desperately not wanting to be caught in the process. If she could just avoid being seen then they wouldn't have to talk about this, which would easily make this whole thing just as bad if not worse than the whole A/Alison situation.

That was when Ella let out a soft moan which almost made Aria faint, "Mmmmm, good girl."

Girl... GIRL! As in, a... a girl! Her Mom was, oh God!

The last sentence echoed over and over again in Aria's head throughout the day in some variation, but particularly for the next couple of minutes as she ran down the hall, into her room and rushed to throw some clothes and get out of the house as soon as possible. She felt a little gross, and had to talk to Hanna into letting her use her shower because hers was 'broken', but it was all worth it because she just couldn't use her shower after what she had seen. Maybe ever again.

* * *

Ella finished reading today's instructions; it was about the third or fourth time, but she needed to make sure she understood them and that she didn't make any mistakes. She hoped they were working; it was hard to tell, there might have been some semi-admiring glances from Aria as Ella walked past in her high-heels and ultra-short skirt, but it might have been a misreading. And if Aria had definitely stayed a few seconds to watch her Mom masturbate in the shower that might have as much been shock rooting her to the spot as lust. She could hear Aria downstairs, back from whichever of her friends she had gone to. Ella took a deep breath and switched off the computer. She quickly checked herself in the mirror, hotpants and a tiny top from which her boobs threatened to erupt. She smiled to give herself confidence and clenched and unclenched her fists calm her aura; whoever had known that seducing her daughter could be stressful. "Do it," she said to herself, put her expression to one of a concerned Mom rather than one who was lusting after her daughter and walked downstairs.

"Aria," said Ella. Her daughter was sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, or perhaps more accurately flipping through its pages with her mind elsewhere. She jumped as her Mom spoke, as if she was surprised to see her dressed and in the lounge. Ella sat down beside her, "We need to talk."

"We do?" asked Aria, her eyes looked around try not to look her Mom in the eyes.

The website said this might happen and that you shouldn't worry about it at this stage; it was a natural thing. But it also said you had to have the conversation. Ella took a deep breath (mentally at least, externally she continued to look calm, as if this was as an everyday a chat as asking Aria whether she wanted boiled or mashed potatoes for dinner), "Yes, about yesterday."

"Yesterday?" Aria was still trying the innocent no-idea-what-you-are-talking-about routine.

"Yes, yesterday - when I was in the shower," Ella let the words linger in the air long enough for Aria's cheeks to redden, "I know you saw me masturbating."

"We don't need to talk about it Mom," said Aria, "I know its natural and I don't want to know any more."

"Sit down," said Ella, it was all falling as the guide said it would and the guide said at this time she needed to be dominant and in control, not allowing Aria any chance to wheedle out of the chat. It emphasised that as long as Ella was firm Aria would respond.

Aria sat down.

Ella paused, secretly surprised at how accurately the guide could forecast the teen's reactions. She looked at Aria, the teen's cheeks were a deep red. Ella kept her waiting for a few more moments, the guide said that it would allow the teen to relive the scene of her Mom's masturbation and make sure the sight of her Mom's sopping pussy was fresh in her mind as they spoke. Eventually Ella started, "Did you hear me say anything?"

Aria mumbled something so quietly Ella could barely here it, she repeated herself, "Did you hear me?"

"Yes," Aria blushed, "I wasn't listening on purpose, though. I heard you say something about 'girls' and, well you know, oral sex."

Ella smiled, that was more than she had hoped, she had known Aria had been there when she mentioned the oral sex, but she hadn't been sure she'd stayed long enough. "Well now you know I like women as well as men. That's natural."

Aria pulled a bit of a face, "Look, I know. I'm friend's with Emily, but this... I don't want to talk about who or what you like, it's freaky..." she paused as if she was thinking about something, the colour draining from her face as she thought through the ramifications. "You were thinking about a girl... is it someone I know... it's not one of the girl's at school?"

Ella had been thinking about Aria as she played with herself, but it was too early to let her know that. Instead she said, "Yes," which as Aria went to school was technically correct.

Aria's face screwed up and she stood up, "I can't deal with this... let's just pretend I saw nothing." She headed quickly from the room.

Ella smiled. It was all going to plan.

Retreating to the safety of her room Aria slammed the door, sat on her bed and tried to go back to reading her magazine but she was way too freaked out to concentrate. It was the same story for her homework and pretty much everything else.

After a while Aria found herself staring at her phone, sifting through her contact list over and over again, the whole time biting her lip so hard she almost drew blood. Time and time again she almost called Ezra, or Spencer, or Hanna, or Emily, but really what was she supposed to say? Hey, how are you, oh that's nice my Mom is giving me way too much information about her sex life! Like talking about it wouldn't make it like a thousand times worse or something. No, she just needed a distraction.

Unfortunately every number went to voicemail, putting Aria right back at square one.

Then her finger lingered over Ezra's name, and all of a sudden she had an idea. It was a really weird, inappropriate idea, but it would be very distracting, and she felt all wound up at the moment and in need of a release. Plus honestly she felt kind of horny, probably because all this stuff about sex and then Ezra had got her body thinking two plus two equals four.

So Aria slipped into something more comfortable, namely her pyjamas and then her bed before letting her hands gently wander around her petite frame, one hand quickly making its way south. As she did this Aria did her best to think of Ezra. His soft smile, handsome face and well toned body. The teacher she had been so infatuated with kissing her, sliding his hands all over her body, touching her most sensitive places, and then finally entering her. All of which was good, but Aria's mind kept wandering to exactly who her Mom had been thinking about yesterday. Spencer? Hanna? Emily? Some girl she didn't know?

As time went on Aria found herself becoming more and more aroused, not because she was finally able to concentrate on Ezra but because she kept flashing back to her Mom masturbating in the shower, only this time there was a teen kneeling in between her Mom's legs lapping away at her cunt. And the more Aria imagined Spencer burying her face in her Mom's cunt, or Emily taking precise licks, or Hanna looking up at the other woman and grinning as she lapped away at the dripping hole in front of her, the hotter Aria became.

Finally giving up on Ezra altogether Aria changed the scenario in her head so that it was her pussy getting licked by Spencer, Hanna, or Emily. Which obviously made her blush and feel really guilty but honestly she was too horny to care. Then all of a sudden it was all three going down on her at the same time, then Emily was using her well practised tongue on Aria's pussy while her other two friends were taking it in turns to kiss her and play with her tits, then it was just her and Emily with Hanna and Spencer worshipping her Mom's body, then... Aria came. Aria came hard, coating her fingers in cream before she could figure out what the last image was, and her climax was too powerful to remember it. Or at least that's what she told herself.

Meanwhile Ella was also in her room with her pussy clamping down on her fingers, only she was staring at a screen watching Aria thanks to the camera she had hidden in her daughter's room. Which she had totally felt guilty about when she had been setting it up, and a little when she watched her daughter strip to her underwear before slipping on her pyjamas, but now Ella felt like it was the best decision she'd ever made.

If only she had some little hint that Aria wasn't just thinking about her boyfriend pounding her pussy with his dick.

Still, everything was indeed all going to plan.

* * *

It was Day Four and Ella was wearing a skirt so short that it she'd taken it off and put it round her neck it would have been called a tie. It was so tiny that she didn't even have to bend over to show her underwear; at least that was true if her underwear hadn't been a thong, and a thong that was not over-protective. However, by bending over in front of Aria she almost forced the teen to look at her, to gaze at the way the skirt failed to cover her well rounded butt and to stare at the thong that slid between her cheeks. Ella continued in this pose for as long as she dared, pretending the paper clip she had dropped on the floor of her den was hard to pick up. Then she straightened, turning round and stretching so the tiny cropped T-shirt she was wearing rode up her midriff and her titties threatened to spring free and bounce over the top. Aria was standing in the door, open mouthed and leaning against the frame. Ella put on a concerned face, "Are you alright? You look a little ill?"

Before Aria could respond Ella had put a hand on her daughter's forehead. She kept it there for a few minutes, the position perfect for Aria to focus on the naked skin between the top of her Mom's tits and the bottom of her throat (she was sure Aria wasn't yet looking down at the tits themselves, though that would come). She kept the hand in place as long as she dared without making Aria too suspicious before saying "You seem a little hot."

Aria blushed. Ella knew that the heat on her daughter's forehead was nothing to do with any upcoming fever. The Milf moved her hand down and took the teen's slender wrist in her hand; her finger stroked it as she pretended to look for the pulse. In reality it wasn't hard to find, Aria's heart was pounding, not a surprise. Ella kept her fingers in place for a few moments, "Are you sickening?"

"No," Aria almost squeaked out the word; she took a deep breath and started again, "No, I must have just run up the stairs very quickly."

Ella removed her hand from the wrist and nodded, pretending she accepted the explanation rather than knowing it was all a result of her daughter slowly being seduced by the plan. "Did you want something?"

"I just wondered if you wanted a coffee," the teen asked.

Ella smiled. Today's instructions had been simple, make innocent physical contact with the daughter and watch her get hornier. So Ella had brushed at Aria's hair over breakfast, sweeping it in into her hands and saying how nice it would look if she styled it differently, all the time one hand was resting on a shoulder. Then she had wiped a non-existent crumb from the teen's mouth and then another one (which was harder to dislodge). She hadn't touched her at school, but as soon as Aria got into the car for a lift home Ella had leant across her to get to the glove-box, rubbing her body against the teen as she did so; though she was in a conservative work blouse rather than in her revealing home-wear. Now she'd got home and Aria was offering her coffee. Ella reached out and hugged Aria close. The teen gave a small squirm so Ella didn't hold her long, "Aria, that's so kind. I don't deserve such a delightful daughter."

Aria mumbled something and fled. Ella watched her go, there was plenty more time for some more 'innocent' touches.

* * *

"We need to talk," said Ella. It was Day Five and according to the site the action would be hotting up. Which was good, after a near week of flashing skin and a day of touching Aria, Ella was a horny as a unicorn.

Aria had barely come in the front door. She had stopped off a Spence's after school, which had allowed Ella time to get home, do some marking, have a bite to eat and then change into this evening's ensemble, pink hotpants and a tiny bikini top. Her daughter stared at Ella, before blushing and turning her head away; it was obvious that Ella's lack of covering was, more and more, having an effect. The teen put down her bag and said, "Okay Mom."

Ella beckoned her into the main room and sat on the couch. Aria followed her and sat at the far end. Ella scooted over, patting Aria's knee in a gesture which could have been interpreted either as motherly or seductive. Aria squirmed but didn't move. Ella smiled at her and said, "I've been thinking about masturbation and you seeing me."

Aria blushed, the image of her Mom in the shower was still near the forefront of her mind, no matter how hard she tried to push it away and it being mentioned again threatened to bring it up again. She would have stood up and made an excuse to leave, but her Mom's hand was on her knee and her legs had Aria pinned in; the only way out was to climb over her. The teen forced a smile, "I haven't thought about it at all. Embarrassment over."

"Oh, I'm not embarrassed, though I was more and more worried you were. And I think I'm right," her Mom looked concerned and her hand tapped at Aria's knee; seemingly unknowing as to the effect it was having on her daughter. Aria blushed and wondered how she could get out of this one, but before she could think of anything to say her Mom was talking again, "You shouldn't be though. Sex is so natural, whether between a man and woman, or a woman and girl and masturbation, well sometimes they call it self-love for a reason; it's about exploring yourself and loving yourself."

"Mn," Aria nodded, not wanting to say anything.

"That's why I've got us a DVD to watch together; it's a compilation of girls masturbating," Ella said. Aria's eyebrows rose in shock and surprise and whilst a second before she hadn't wanted to say anything, now she was found she was literally speechless, her mouth and brain collapsing into a black-hole of absolute stunned silence. Her Mom ignored or didn't notice her reaction and pressed a couple of buttons on the remote, first switching the TV from stand-by and then starting the DVD.

It must have already been part started, as there was no lead in or piracy warning, instead the first thing Aria saw was a young black woman, in her early twenties, sitting on her bed naked. The young woman began masturbating, sliding her fingers into her hole and moaning. Despite herself Aria found herself being both fascinated and aroused as she watched the woman buck and moan, as she thrust. The harder the woman moved the more it turned Aria on; she pushed her own legs together, hoping to push away the lustful itch in her pussy. It didn't work. The woman on screen moved her hand harder, screaming in pleasure.... And then relaxing.

"You'll like the next one," said Ella. Aria had almost forgotten her Mom was there; she looked at her, her Mom was looking at the screen and Aria knew that her Mom must have seen this DVD before. She wondered how many times and whether as she watched it she copied the actions of the girls on films, jilling her wet cunt until she came. Aria forced the thought from her mind.

The next girl was in a bikini, sitting on a secluded beach, she rubbed herself through the bottoms. A tiny patch of wetness appeared on the thin material. The actress pulled a string on either side and the bottoms fell away. Aria felt her hotness rising again as the young woman began to massage the outside of her pussy, whilst playing with a tit through her bikini top. It was so sexy that Aria felt more and more embarrassed. She cast a quick look at her Mom; Ella was staring at the screen, absorbed with the action taking place. Aria's eyes fell quickly downward; her Mom's hand was resting on her shorts, just over where her twat was - the teen quickly brought her head. Aria wasn't sure, but she thought her Mom's thumb was moving and pressing through the pink cotton at what was below. On the screen the porn star had removed her top, letting her large bosoms bounce free and for a second Aria wondered what it would be like to suck them and whether her Mom was thinking the same. It made her go red.

"Oooh," there was a little moan from Ella. Aria quickly glanced down and back up again, this time there was no doubt, her Mom was playing with herself, stimulating the pussy by pressing down with her thumb. It was shocking, a Mom shouldn't act like that in front of her daughter; it was also more than a little arousing, especially when combined with what was on the TV. Aria tried to wiggle away, she managed to get a little bit more room as her Mom leant away, mainly to allow herself more room to touch herself. The girl on the screen started to slide deeper into her pussy, before taking her fingers out and licking them. It was hot.

And got hotter as the actress went into a beach bag and came out with a dildo. Aria gave a little moan of sexual frustration as the toy went in. She couldn't help herself; she undid the top button of her jeans and pushed a finger down into the gap. It would be just a small touch, just enough to get rid of the urge that was welling up between her legs. Her finger touched the top of her pussy, rubbing away; it felt good, reducing, if not getting rid of the, sexual itch, She touched harder, giving out a little moan. Her eyes moved from the screen to her Mom and for a second she looked at her Mom rubbing away, the older woman giving little squeaks and moans of pleasure. Ella's head turned and she looked at Aria and what she was doing.

The shame hit Aria like a bullet. She got up, buttoning her jeans in a frenzy, "I... I've got to do some homework," she stuttered and fled the room.

Behind her Ella smiled.

On her way up the stairs Aria's eyes darted to the bathroom. Ever since she'd caught her Mom masturbating in there Aria had avoided it like the plague, using the downstairs toilet when nature called and using her friends' showers with the excuse her own was still broken, just so she could avoid going in there. Now she really wanted to jump in that exact same shower she had seen her Mom touching herself in, just so she could calm her treacherous body down with an iced cold shower. That, given her options, was what she should have really done, but Aria was just too horny.

So instead the teen ran directly into her room, slammed the door behind her, tore off her clothes and jumped into her bed. The second she was safely underneath the covers Aria's right hand shot to her pussy, the little brunette letting out a soft moan as she began gently rubbing the lips of her needy womanhood. Her left hand shot to her tits about a second later, Aria settling into a groove before her mind even caught up with what her body was doing. When it did all she could think about was finding some fantasy to help get her off.

Initially she tried Ezra and a number of famous male hunks but as had been the case lately they just didn't do the trick and she found her mind wandering to those girls in the porno. They were just so hot, and seemed to know exactly what they were doing, and Aria couldn't help thinking they would know exactly what to do with her. But she shouldn't be thinking that. She was straight. She had always been straight. Always, and this whole mess was really starting to freak her out.

Wanting a distraction from the things in her head Aria let out a cry of frustration, then jumped up and headed to her closet. There she threw boxes filled with shoes out of the way until she reached the bottom of the pile, opening up the bottom box to pull out the little gift Alison had given her so long ago. Not that she'd been the only one to receive this particular gift.

* * *

"You can't be serious." Spencer exclaimed, immediately slamming the lid on her present so she wouldn't have to look at it for another second.

"Why?" Alison questioned with a beaming smile.

"How'd you even get these?" Hanna asked suspiciously after briefly looking side to side to check Aria and Emily got the same things, although she should have been able to tell from their expressions they had.

"I have my ways." Alison said proudly.

"You know we're all 14, right?" Spencer said with disgust.

"Exactly, and very soon boys are going to start taking a serious interest, even in you Ems." Alison grinned, giving Emily a look most of the group didn't think much of at the time, "So I'd start prepping those pussies if I were you girls. But if you're not ready for that, I suggest you hang onto these because trust me, one of these days you'll crave something nice and big in between your legs, and if there's no guy around a dildo is the next best thing."

* * *

They had all laughed it off as being one of Ali's twisted jokes and thrown away those dildos. Or at least Aria had told everyone she did. In reality she had buried it away, partly because she was curious, and partly because even thinking about it made her blush so she wasn't so sure she could go through the brief touching that would involve getting rid of it.

Now Aria just wanted something man-like between her legs to reaffirm her heterosexuality, and although that didn't stop her hands from trembling as she removed the lid of the box she didn't just stare at the contents either. No, this time she grabbed the toy without hesitation, tearing off the packaging Ali had left on there and quickly returning to the bed.

Once she was underneath the bed sheets Aria popped the head of the dildo into her mouth and began gently sucking on it. To her surprise she didn't find it as unpleasant as sucking Ezra's dick, but that thought only made her more scared, so after only a few long moments of sucking she moved the dildo down to her cunt, took a deep breath and pushed it inside herself.

The initial penetration caused Aria to cry out rather loudly, the huge blush crossing her face as she silently promised to keep herself quieter from here on out. She only partly succeeded, the toy causing her little pain as she slowly slid it inside herself however it was nothing compared to even the initial pleasure. When she had established a steady rhythm that pleasure became pretty much overwhelming, Aria's eyelids fluttering closed as she once again tried to concentrate on her boyfriend.

All of a sudden there was a knock at her door, followed by Ella calling out loudly, "Aria, are you ok?"

"I'm fine Mom!" Aria blushed furiously, her hand immediately stopping in its tracks with the dildo fully embedded inside her pussy.

"Are you sure?" Ella asked softly, "Because-"

"Can we talk about this later!" Aria protested, "I'm, I'm on the phone."

"Oh, ok honey." Ella murmured, her retreating footsteps sounding deafening to the teen.

Somehow this latest interaction hadn't deterred Aria, her body still in desperate need of release. So much so in fact that when thoughts of Ezra just didn't help she immediately switched to the girls in the porno, flat-out imagining it was them who were thrusting the dildo in and out of her cunt. Then all of a sudden those strangers morphed into Hanna and Spencer, her two beautiful friends smiling down at her as with a hand each on the dildo they both pumped Aria's horny honey hole. Despite the tremendous guilt which immediately flooded her body she was pretty overwhelmed by perverted desire, Aria feeling herself beginning to hurtle towards a climax.

In an attempt to decrease her guilt Aria forced herself to replace Hanna and Spencer with Emily, telling herself that while fantasising about your own female friends was bad it was slightly better if the friend in question was gay. Which suddenly brought her back to the question of whether or not her Mom was thinking about one of her friends, or more accurately if her Mom was thinking about Emily, when she was masturbating in the shower. That thought in turn somehow caused the figure above Aria to transform from Emily into her Mom, which would have been horrifying in and of itself, however the timing couldn't have been worse as Aria was beyond the point she could stop the orgasm that was about to rock her body.

Aria's climax hit her like a tidal wave, the teen squinting her eyes closed as in her mind her mother stared down at her with a intense lust which was probably at least part of the reason her body continued to shudder for so long. Then, just to make matters worse, Aria let out this little cry which within the silent room sounded deafening. Then she opened her eyes and thought she was going to literally die with embarrassment. Or at least Aria wished she would because there standing in the doorway was her Mom, staring at her with an unreadable look on her face.

For what felt like an eternity the mother and daughter stared at each other, then Ella slowly closed the door that Aria had been so sure she had locked, leaving the teen to lay there for several hours, trying to convince herself what had just happened was some kind of nightmare. When she could not Aria spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what the hell she could possibly say to her Mom about this, and perhaps more importantly tried to figure out what the hell was going on with her.

* * *

About twenty-four hours later Aria found herself lying in her bed again, reflecting on what had been a sort of eventful day, at least outside of her home. There had been no word from A or anything of the sort, but she had broken up with her boyfriend, the man she had fought so hard for and was once convinced was her one true love Ezra Fitz. Considering that she should probably be devastated, but the truth was she didn't know how she felt. She was so very confused.

She'd lain awake for hours last night, dreading the inevitable conversation she was going to have with her mother but in reality they had barely said two words to each other, and honestly that freaked Aria out even more. Also maybe part of her wanted to clear the air, or at least get a embarrassing talk over with. And honestly there were things Aria wanted to talk to her Mom about, and yet... she didn't. Because talking to her Mom about sex was icky, or at least it should be, but while Aria didn't want to do it because it would be awkward and weird she wanted too because she felt like she could confide in the older woman and she would understand.

The entire day Aria had thought about talking to Emily about the thoughts which had rushed to her head the previous evening, but... it felt like if she discussed it with Ems, or any of her friends for that matter, it would be real and not something she could ever take back. As long as she kept to herself, or at least confided with someone she could trust outside her circle of friends, then it could be a one-time issue. Besides, her friends already had enough to deal with, and after all she'd been through Emily finally seemed happy with Paige, so why should Aria put them through her drama?

Of course it wasn't like she could tell any of them, especially her mother, who it was she'd envisioned during her last orgasm. She had to take it to her grave because it was wrong, sick, perverted, and... Aria couldn't stop thinking about it.

It really didn't help that her Mom was now dressing like a total slut, looking all hot and, NO! Aria couldn't think like that. It was wrong. But... she was so horny.

Aria gave a longing look to her wardrobe, wishing the dildo was still safely tucked away over there. It wasn't, she'd thrown it in the trash. And not the one outside her house either, no, she'd driven around especially just to get rid of the thing. After all how could she use it again after she had envisioned her Mom using it on her, only to open her eyes to see her Mom staring down at her? She couldn't... but now... she wished she still had it, Aria's right hand slowly lowering to her centre as she once again gave into her desires.

Unbeknownst to Aria her Mom was listening in behind the door much like she had last night, trying to decide when the time was right to make her presence known. The difference was now Ella was a nervous wreck, the rational part of her mind making one last desperate effort to convince herself not to go through with the final part of the guide. After all everything that had happened so far was a little peculiar but if it ended here Aria would think nothing of it and they could continue they're normal mother/daughter relationship. However according to the guide Aria was ripe for seduction, and no matter what part of her still viewed this as wrong Ella couldn't resist from slowly turning the door handle and pushing forwards.

There Ella encountered her final roadblock as she found her daughter had learned from last night's mistake and locked the door, giving the older woman one final chance to back out. Instead she knocked on the door and waited.

"Yeah?" Aria called out.

Yet again Ella was given a chance to back out, her heart hammering as she did her best to ignore the idea that fate may be trying to tell her something and firmly commanded, "Aria... open the door."

There was a moment of rustling and footsteps and then the door open to reveal a pyjama wearing Aria who's big brown eyes went as wide as saucers when she was confronted by the sight of her own mother wearing only a strap-on and a stern look on her face.

Which was hard for Ella to maintain given that the initial look Aria gave her made her think she'd misjudged her daughter's reactions for the entire week. Then Aria's gaze slowly lowered to the tits the teen had suckled on as an infant, the younger brunette staring at them for far too long to just be out of shock. Ella was also pretty sure the look currently on Aria's face was one of lust, something she'd only seen from brief moments over the week but now was almost all she could see on that pretty little face. That look only seem to grow stronger as Aria's eyes darted down to the strap-on, the teen gently biting her lip in a way which made Ella want to slam her baby girl down onto the floor and immediately start fucking her brains out.

Instead Ella firmly ordered, "Get down on your knees and suck my cock!"

This caused Aria to finally look up at her, mother and daughter staring at each other for what felt like an eternity. Then Aria looked back down to the dildo, then back up at her mother, then down to the dildo again before finally slowly lowering herself down onto her knees.

The second Aria started moving downwards Ella's mind was filled with so many thoughts she could barely tell one from the other, and then when her own daughter grasped onto the base of her cock and took the head into her mouth Ella's mind went blank. All she could do was feel overwhelming joy as she watched her baby girl start to bob her head up and down on the strap-on with more enthusiasm than Ella had dared to hope, that enthusiasm easily making up for Aria's inexperience.

To be fair Aria had only done this a couple of times with Ezra, and hadn't really enjoyed it that much, but her performance was the furthest thing from her mind. No, her mind was too busy being a war zone of confusion, even more so than the last twenty-four hours. In fact the last week had been no picnic, leading Aria to the thought that maybe her Mom's sudden decision to dress like a slut might have something to do with this turn of events, which in turn pretty much shorted out her brain to the point where she honestly couldn't seem to be able to think coherently.

In the meantime her body took over, Aria lowering her mouth as far down on the fake cock as she could with every bob of her head, taking the toy to the back of her mouth. Granted that wasn't very far, but it was further than Aria had taken Ezra's cock, and she definitely sucked her Mom's... this cock for longer. And she was really trying to make it wet. She really was.

All of a sudden Aria heard a soft but firm voice tell her, "Spit on it."

With the cock still in her mouth Aria looked up at her Mom who after a few seconds explained her command, "Spit on whatever you can't take into your mouth and rub it in with your hand."

Again Aria's body seemed to respond of its own accord, the teen removing her mouth just long enough from the head of the cock to spit on the middle and the base before beginning to suck it again.

"Good girl." Ella murmured, watching transfixed as her little girl did as she was told.

The teen's head moved up and down the plastic phallus, licking and sucking it and treating it like Ella could feel her tongue twisting round. Up and own her head moved, toying the dildo round and round her mouth, making it slippery and wet like, a pole dancer dipped in grease. Aria pulled her head back and looked at her Mom. Ella gazed back down at her, her lust evident on her face; "Did you like that?"

Aria paused, "I guess," she said, not wanting to commit to an answer. Her response, though vague, seemed to satisfy her Mom. Ella reached down and took Aria's hand, helping her to her feet. For a moment they stood there, the naked Mom and her pyjama clad daughter, but just as Aria thought it couldn't get any weirder it did as her Mom's hands to the top and undid the buttons. Aria didn't resist, she wasn't sure why not, but she couldn't and let her Mom continue until every one was undone. She shrugged the top of, "Is this right?"

Her Mom didn't answer, instead she slid her thumbs under the elastic of the bottoms. Aria felt no surprise or shame as her Mom began to lower. She just stood still, unresisting, as her Mom bent down, pulling he bottoms past her knees down to her ankles. She dutifully stepped out of them.

"Onto the bed," said Ella, she lightly pushed Aria's chest between the teen's tits, guiding her back towards the crumpled sheets and quilts. Aria fell back onto them, for a second wanting to find herself snuggled beneath them and that this was a dream, a lovely dream perhaps, but still a nightime fantasy which would fade in the morning. But even as her head lay down she knew she wanted it to be real and she opened her legs.

"That's right, baby," said Ella.

Before Aria even knew it her Mom was climbing on her and pushing her legs apart further. The teen lay still, frozen in place and unable... unwilling... to resist. "That's good, Aria," murmured Ella, "Keep your legs open for Mommy." The Milf was moving her hand down to the teen's slit, stroking it and playing with the lips, before she slid in two fingers to ease it open. Aria couldn't help moving, wriggling and twisting as her Mom started to dip the plastic dick into the young brunette's pussy. Her Mom continued to ease it in, slowly rocking back and forth, each forward thrust going a little deeper into Aria, stretching her front hole to accommodate the thick slab of plastic.

"Good girl, lie back, you can take it," Ella said as she continued to move up and down, "That's good, you're so wet; so, so wet." Aria wasn't sure when that had happened, when her pussy had started to become so aroused that it began to dampen, but she felt it now, the warm juice lubricating the toy as her Mom began to move into a faster rhythm. "Spread a bit wider, good... that's it, move yourself a bit up, hold it," Ella carried on hitting, her hands palm down either side of Aria's body. Aria felt the warmth of her Mom's body against her, the touch of the smooth skin, the firmness of her belly, the weight of her tits. She thrust herself up, raising her cunt to meet her Mom's thrust. The Milf grinned, "Go on, Aria, let it go."

Aria groaned deeply, as the plastic penetrated deep down into her pussy. It pushed against the wet walls, finding the clit and pressing the button deep into the wall. It felt so good, that Aria forgot it was her Mom and let out an orgasmic cry. Ella grinned again and adjusted her thrusts to make sure she was hitting the teen's clit with every hard punch down, "Enjoy it baby. Enjoy my cock... Let yourself go, just enjoy it."

"Ohhhhh... God.... yessss," Aria closed her eyes, writhing and wriggling under the pounding. Her hands reached up and around her Mom, clutching the Milf's back and digging with her nails into her Mom's tense shoulder muscles. Up and down Ella went, doing press-ups on her daughter, thrusting and hammering the dildo at the teen. Aria gasped, it was wrong, she was sure, but it felt so good that it felt right. Her back bent and her body stretched as an orgasm burst within her; why couldn't it be bad, why couldn't it be terrible, then she could stop and pretend it was a bad dream. But it wasn't, her Mom's fucking was like being dipped in a bowl of warm honey, except more fucking enjoyable. The teen squealed, "Oh God, fuck me harder, please fuck me harder."

"You're loving this," panted Ella, "I knew you would."

Aria didn't disagree, given she was screaming and gripping her Mom's back as she quivered in the throes of orgasmic passion it would have been hard to do so. The Milf thrust down and Aria pushed back up, Mom and daughter working in a perfect partnership to make sure the toy went the deepest and hardest into Aria's cunt for the smallest effort. The teen screamed in pleasure again; she could feel slaps of her Mom's bosom bounced against her own, both their nipples hard with arousal. Perspiration bubbled over her skin, bouncing as her Mom's wet and warm body pounded down against her. Aria grunted and groan, rising to meet Ella as the older woman came down. The two of them rammed together, their bodies in unison. Aria's gripped her Mom harder, pulling her down as driblets of sweat careened down between the teen's cleavage like tiny streams shooting through a canyon. "Fuck me, fuck me," she cried out, giving herself so completely that it didn't matter anymore that she was being banged by her Mom, "Fuck me, fuck me so good."

Ella pounded harder, faster, thrusting herself vigorously at her daughter's sweet spot. Aria's hands slipped and slithered over her Mom's back, covered with sweat. Further spots dripped down from her forehead, a drizzle lightly dropping onto her daughter. Ella's hands pressed down into the bed as her midriff rose and fell, each fall driving the big toy deep into Aria's wet cunt. She moved quicker, as Aria screamed and caterwauled in pleasure, her thrusts trying to keep track of the teen's orgasmic shudders, "That's it baby, you want me, you want Mommy to fuck that pussy."

"Yessss!" shrieked Aria, "Yessss.!" Her body shook and shivered as the orgasms hit her, a rising crescendo of pleasure that left her innards twisting in ecstasy and her limbs shaking like she had just been plugged in the mains.

Ella pulled the toy out and stood up. Aria lay still, still weak from the orgasm and her brow furrowing in confusion as she realised what had happened. She was unsure whether she felt disgusted or overjoyed, whether what happened was bad and so disgusting it should never be thought of again, or good and something she wanted to happen every night. She raised up into a sitting position "Mom?" she said, unable to put her query into words.

There was no answer just the sound of footsteps as Ella walked over to the door. "Mom?" repeated Aria again, a note of urgency in her voice.

Ella paused at the doorway, for a moment, she was totally still as if she was thinking of something, then she turned, giving Aria full view of her Mom's tits and the still wet toy dangling from the top of her thighs. Aria could feel herself holding her breath as she waited for her Mom to speak. Luckily the silence only lasted a few more seconds before Ella said, "That was a taster Aria. It can be a one-off and we never speak about it again... or you become my bitch and I fuck you as often as I want, which will be often. It's your choice, Aria, all or nothing."

Aria gulped and nodded, she would have perhaps preferred a middle way, easing herself into a relationship, but that wasn't on the table. Before she could answer her Mom spoke again, "You have tonight to think about it. If I next see you for breakfast, we never have sex again, that's it, we move on... if you want to be mine, you come into my room." She switched off the light, "Good-night sweetheart."

"Night, Mom," replied a stunned Aria. She pulled back the covers and got under them, she had some thinking to do.

* * *

Ella didn't know how well Aria slept, the website suggested that it would take a night of tossing and turning, mind awhirl, as the thought of giving in to her desires and becoming her Mom's bitch grew more powerful, until there was no other option. Ella, herself, slept soundly; whilst the instructions on the website seemed to be working there had still been a doubt in her mind, but once she had spread her daughter's legs with no resistance from Aria, she knew that the website worked. She was so relaxed that Aria would be in her room that morning that, after setting her alarm - she wanted to be awake when her daughter appeared - that she was asleep almost as soon as her eyes closed.

The alarm buzzed in her ear and Ella stretched to knock it off. There was no sign yet of her daughter, but it was early. Ella stretched again and snuggled comfortably beneath the covers, content to doze.

She was woken to full consciousness by the sound of the handle of her door being pulled down. Ella turned on her back and opened her eyes. Standing, self-conscious and naked, was Aria, as Ella had known would happen the teen had made her choice. Still it remained for it to be made formal. Ella pushed herself half-up, leaning on her elbows and letting the quilt fall enough to show her breasts, "Well?" she asked, "Have you decided?"

"Yes," said Aria. Her voice quavered and she paused for a long moment, before continuing, "I want to be yours. I want you to fuck me. I'll submit to your every sexual whim."

"Good," said Ella. She lay her head back down on the pillow and opened her legs, "Get under the covers and eat my pussy. I'll be expecting to be woken up like that every morning, so get practising."

"Yes," said Aria. The naked teen burrowed beneath the bedclothes, her hands ending up on her Mom's thighs and her mouth over her Mom's slit. She didn't waste time but began to eat, slurping and drinking at the hole as her tongue pushed apart the lips and walls, pushing down into the wetness. Ella groaned with pleasure as the teen's tongue forced its way down, pressing and probing as she raced to find the spot. The Milf placed her hands on her titties and began to play with them, squeezing the hardening nubs and making them erect, stretching and moaning as the pleasure from her pussy pulsed through her body. It felt so good to have Aria's tongue down her, slurping greedily at her juice and slamming down her slot.

"Lick harder, you slut, make Mommy cum, make Mommy's cunt cum with your tongue," Ella gave a few more words of encouragement, or, perhaps more accurately, instruction. In either case they seemed to work as Aria's tongue sped up and she thrust her mouth deeper into her Mom, her nose pushing at the hole and snorting up the juice. Ella groaned again, the teen was a natural pussy licker that it was hard to think that the teen had not done had dozens of female lovers to practice on, or that Aria had ever considered being anything but a lesbian for her Mom.

"Oh fuck," shrieked Ella. The lapping had been great before, but now Aria had found her clit the ecstasy became stratospheric, blowing the Milf's mind and bathing her in a bliss so intense that she almost melted. She bucked and twisted, her ass bouncing up and down on the bed as she thrust her twat into the teen's tongue, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck."

Aria licked harder and harder, slamming herself against her Mom's special spot, each lick making Ella squeal and convulse in joy. While doing this Aria pressed her face as deep into her mother's pussy as possible so she could use her mouth to create a tight seal around that cream leaking hole. This also helped Aria get her tongue as far as it would go into her Mom's cunt, but the main purpose was being able to swallow as much of her Mommy's delicious pussy juice as possible.

In her entire life Aria had never tasted something so wonderful. So forbidden. So right. Until her Mom grabbed her head, shoved her deeper in between her thighs, if that was even possible, and screamed, "YES, YES, YEEEEESSSSS! LICK ME! LICK MOMMY! OH ARIA! ARIA! I'M CUMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGG!"

That was when, some how, something even more heavenly than her Mom's pussy cream filled Aria's mouth, causing the already girl juice greedy teen to become berserk. Unfortunately no matter how hard she slurped and how quickly she gulped some of the pure heaven which was her Mommy's cum escaped Aria's mouth and covered her face. It was the same story with the pussy cream, although as swallowing that became pretty much irrelevant to Aria a increasing quantity ended up covering her pretty face as she concentrated on tongue fucking her Mom to orgasm so she could have more of that yummy Mom cum.

Neither brunette was sure how long it lasted but Ella had cum in Aria's mouth plenty of times when the older woman finally pulled Aria up and away, the teen protesting only momentarily before she was kissed firmly and passionately by her Mom for the first time.

Both mother and daughter were so lost in the kiss they could barely think, especially Ella who was tasting herself on Aria's lips. Really it was a miracle that Ella realised she needed to pull away for breath when she did, the two brunette staring at each other for a long time before Ella finally ordered, "Mmmmm, that was great. Now, how about some breakfast?"

"Thanks, I'd love some." Aria beamed.

"No sweetie, you make it." Ella said.

"Oh... ok." Aria murmured, then realising she probably wasn't acting like a good bitch added, "I mean whatever you want... Ma'am? Mistress? Mistress Mom?"

"Mom is fine." Ella smiled softly, pulling Aria in for a brief kiss before turning the teen around, slapping her on the butt and ordering, "Now go get me some toast and orange juice."

* * *

A short time later Aria returned with a beaming smile and the requested items, Ella smiled softly and taking them before commanding, "Turn around."

Aria frowned but did as she was told, continuing to stand awkwardly in place as Ella slowly finished the toast while staring at her daughter's beautiful little butt.

Once she was finished Ella firmly said, "Now take this down to the kitchen, washed up, and then bring me a glass of orange juice."

"Ok." Aria murmured, quickly collecting the tray and scurrying away.

Ella kept her eyes on Aria's butt until she had left, then immediately retrieved her strap-on and a bottle of lubricant. When Aria returned, far too quickly to have done a decent job washing up, she found her Mom standing by the bed with the harness firmly attached, the older woman slowly stroking the dick as if it was real.

"Get on the bed on your hands and knees." Ella ordered huskily as she made sure every single inch of her strap-on cock was thoroughly coated in lube.

After a few moments of just staring at the dildo which had given her so much pleasure last night Aria mumbled something inaudible and then got into the requested position. It was then Ella's turned to silently stare, although it wasn't long before the horny Mom got onto the bed behind Aria, reached out and gently slid her hand over her daughter's butt. Then she squeezed it. And cupped it. And stroked it. And finally pulled those supple cheeks apart so she could look at the two holes in between them, one dripping wet and the other looking so wonderfully tiny and tight.

"Ezra, Ezra and I broke up." Aria blurted out, honestly feeling kind of awkward and yet horny in this position, "Yesterday I, I told him I needed space. That... that I needed some time. So, so this isn't cheating."

"Good." Ella smiled, genuinely happy with this news as she pressed a freshly lube coated finger against Aria's butt hole and casually asked, "Now... tell me sweetie, did he ever fuck you here?"

"Ewwww, gross!" Aria grimaced, before realisation and then horror slowly crossed her face, "I... I mean, that's... that's supposed to be an exit hole. Not an entrance hole."

"Well, now all your holes are mine. To do with as I please. So..." Ella trailed off, slowly pushing her index finger into Aria's butt hole and becoming momentarily overwhelmed by the tightness of her daughter's virgin ass, "So, if I want to use this little hole as a fuck hole, you will let me."

"But, but I poop from there!" Aria exclaimed with embarrassment.

"Aria! I have been with many women, and nothing I ever did made them cum harder than a nice long ass fucking. Some were virgins when I met them but once they had felt a cock in their asses they were hooked. You will be no different. I promise." Ella promised while beginning to gently slide her finger in and out of Aria's butt hole.

"But Mom!" Aria whined.

"No buts sweetie." Ella said, ignoring the obvious joke and pressing on, "Try to remember you have no say in this. You already made your choice. You're my bitch now and what I say goes. So I'm sorry sweetie, but you're not leaving this bed until I've broken your butt in so thoroughly your poop hole is gaping wide open!"

Aria whimpered softly, and then trying to choose her words carefully complained, "But it'll hurt."

"At first, yes, but I promise you sweetie, once you're fully relaxed it'll start to feel good." Ella promised, twirling and curling the finger she had been pumping in and out of her daughter's tight little ass hole, making Aria moan in the process, "See? Your butt hole is already beginning to accept its fate, and once I've got my cock all the way up your tight little ass it will solidify the change in our relationship. Forever make you my bitch. You do want to be my bitch, don't you Aria?"

"Yes, but I-" Aria began.

"Aria, what did I say about buts?" Ella interrupted.

There was a long moment of silence as mother and daughter stared at each other. Then Aria whimpered again, lowered her head down to the bed sheets and whispered, "Please... be gentle."

Ella beamed with triumph, avoided the urge to say 'at first' and then removed her finger from Aria's butt hole. She quickly replaced it with her strap-on, the older brunette grabbing the base of the shaft with the hand she had been fingering Aria's ass with so she could properly aim while using her other hand to spread one of her daughter's butt cheeks to make her target easier. Not wanting to give her little girl a chance to tense up again Ella pushed forwards firmly, Aria's virgin butt hole slowly opening under the pressure until finally it stretched wide enough for the head of the dildo to enter.

The initial penetration caused Aria to cry out loudly but Ella barely heard it as she momentarily became lost in staring at the tip of her cock buried in between her baby girl's butt cheeks, proof that Ella had just popped her daughter's anal cherry.

Some combination of that phrase echoed in Ella's head for a few long seconds, then she was awoken from that daze by the sound of Aria whining, "It hurts."

"It'll get better. Just relax sweetie." Ella cooed softly, before gently reminding her daughter, "Remember, all your holes are mine now, to do with as I please."

In response Aria whimpered softly and buried her face in the bed sheets again, unwittingly pushing her ass up and back, making a tiny bit more of the dildo go up her butt. This of course made her whimper again, something Aria continue doing as Ella slowly pushed inch after inch of strap-on dick into her daughter's bottom, Ella almost literally drooling over the beautiful sight before her and the incredible tightness on her cock.

Unfortunately in the case of the latter Ella could not feel it as a man would, although if she could Ella had no doubt she wouldn't last long. She also had no doubt Aria was an anal virgin, the intense friction giving Ella more mental stimulation than anything. After all she was taking her daughter's anal virginity. Butt fucking her baby girl. Pushing a large strap-on dildo into Aria's somehow-even-more-tighter-than-it-looked ass with every intention of sodomising her own child, taking her little girl's butt hard and rough, fucking her own daughter's tightest hole into submission.

For a while Ella became so overwhelmed by these thoughts Aria's whimpers barely even registered with her. Then, when there was about half of the dildo inside the young girl's butt, Ella slammed two inches forwards, causing Aria to let out a pitiful cry. It was then Ella came back to reality, stopped for a little while, then started pumping in and out of her daughter's pooper in an attempt to further loosen Aria up.

Immediately Aria let out a loud, pleasure filled cry which caused Ella to smile triumphantly and ask, "How does it feel sweetie? How is having my cock in your ass making you feel?"

"Weird." Aria moaned in reply, eventually elaborating, "It, it still hurts. And, and it feels soooo big. But... it, it also feels kind of good."

"I told you it would honey. Now just keep relaxing and soon you'll be begging me for more." Ella promised, letting go of her dildo, reaching forward and pressing the finger she used to loosen Aria's butt to Aria's lips. "In the meantime, here. Suck on this. It will help keep your mind off what is happening to your butt."

Without really thinking about it Aria opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around that finger and began sucking on it. There was a weird taste, but it wasn't unpleasant and Aria found sucking on her Mom's finger oddly comforting. Like sucking on her thumb when she was a kid. Then, a few long seconds after the weird taste was gone, Aria finally remembered her Mom fingering her butt. For a few moments she couldn't believe it, then concluding it was the only explanation for the weird taste Aria grimaced, more out of principle than anything else.

Aria quickly forgot about that weird thing her Mom had made her do when she felt something bumping against her butt cheeks, for a few seconds the tiny teen just frowning with confusion, then realisation hit. It was her Mom's thighs. Her Mom's thighs were now pressing against her butt cheeks, which meant she had done it. She had taken every inch of her Mom's strap-on cock up her butt. Her Mom had buried every inch of her strap-on cock up her butt. Every inch of that big strap-on cock was now deep inside her butt!

"You did it sweetie." Ella whispered softly, her words sounding deafening in the silent room, "You took all ten inches up your tight little bottom. Mmmmmm, Mommy is so proud of you."

Hearing that sent an incredible feeling of pride and happiness rushing through Aria's body. Sure, the main reason she had accepted her Mom's offer was because she had never experienced pleasure like she had last night and Aria selfishly craved more, but it had also been incredibly thrilling to submit to her mother. To allow the older woman to sexually dominate her. To allow her own mother to have her way with her. It had all been wonderful and Aria had wanted more of it. Had wanted to sexually submit and do whatever her mother said. To sexually please her Mom. Do whatever it took to make her Mommy happy. And perhaps more than any other point in her life that was exactly what Aria was doing right now, and it was more of a turn on than she could have ever have guessed.

Another thing which felt better than Aria could have ever guessed was the feeling of being fucked in the ass. Before it had started to feel pleasurable but when her Mom gripped firmly to her waist and began gently sliding the dildo out of her butt Aria found herself crying out in pure pleasure. It was the same story when her Mom pushed back in, and then out again, and then in again and so on, the older brunette beginning to butt fuck her at a slow but steady pace as Aria became overwhelmed by the most intense pleasure she had ever felt.

For the first few thrusts there was still a little pain, and some soreness, but it was barely even noticeable when compared with the ecstasy Aria was feeling and soon that minor distraction was gone, leaving the tiny teen a moaning mess.

It wasn't long before Aria tried to hump herself back against her Mom's thrusts in an attempt to increase the pace of the butt fucking. However Ella wasn't about to allow this, the older woman holding Aria firmly in place before softly murmuring, "Do you have something you want to say sweetie?"

"Yesssss, please, please fuck me!" Aria cried out without hesitation, "Fuck my ass! Oh my gosh, it feels sooooooo gooooodddddd! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!"

"Oh don't worry sweetie, I'll fuck your ass. I'll fuck your tight little ass every day from now on." Ella promised as she continued butt fucking her daughter, "You're clearly a little butt slut who needs to be butt fucked every single day. Just look at the way you're moaning for me already. Mmmmmm, yes, my baby girl was meant to take it up the butt for me, and that's what she's going to do. You're mine now Aria. I own every little part of you, ohhhhhhh, but this tiny little hole is by far my favourite. I love butt fucking my little girl, and seeing as how you're my bitch now you're going to have to get used to it Aria. You're going to have to get used to bending over for me whenever I want. Giving me this tight little ass hole to fuck. The little hole you poop from being a depository for my cock. Do you understand me Aria? Do you understand what the main purpose of your little poop hole now is?"

"Yes Mommy, I understand!" Aria moaned joyfully, "My poop hole is a fuck hole for you. The hole I poop from is a depository for my Mom's big cock. Mmmmm, oh Mom, ooooooooh fuck me, I'm yours. Every little part of me is yours. I'm an up the butt girl who was born to be butt fucked by you! Mmmmmm oooohhhhh butt fuck me Mommy! Fuck me up the butt! Use my butt hole as your own personal fuck hole! Please fuck my butt every single day! Ahhhhhh Gawwwwd yesssss, mmmmm fuck, harder, please harder! Fuck me harder and make me cum! Please! I'll totally bend over for you whenever you want, mmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhhh, you can use my ass hole as a fuck hole, aaaaahhhhhhh Gawwwwwd, I'll take it in my shit hole all the time even if I never shit again, just fucking fuck me! Please Mommy fuck my ass! Fuck your bitch's ass and make her cum!"

With that the older woman began slowly increasing the pace of the butt fucking, Aria's eyes rolling in the back of her head as the pleasure which had already felt overwhelming became mind melting. By the time her Mom's hips were smacking painfully into her butt cheeks, causing them to shake a little while the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed through the room, Aria was hurtling towards her first orgasm of the morning which the teen was sure was going to be her strongest ever. It was, but it had nothing on the orgasms which quickly followed it.

Very quickly Aria became a screaming, writhing mess. Her girl cum shot out of her cunt almost like a fountain someone was constantly turning on and off every few seconds, her shaking body was so drenched with sweat it was like she was in the shower, and her mind felt like it was literally becoming nothing but a puddle in her head. Particularly the last thing might not have been entirely accurate, but there was definitely a very long period Aria was unable to think coherently, and throughout that time one of the many things which echoed in her mind was not only did she hope her Mom was telling the truth earlier, she would eagerly beg for it. She would eagerly beg to be butt fucked for the rest of her life.

That Aria was experiencing incredible pleasure would have been obvious to anyone in the room at that point, however while Ella could clearly see, hear and smell it she knew deep down her daughter couldn't possibly be enjoying this as much as she was.

Certainly Ella was thrilled Aria was enjoying this so much. In fact she may have never had the pleasure of fucking a girl with such a sensitive rectum before, meaning that making Aria feel pleasure/cum through anal sex would always be incredibly easy and that her baby girl was a natural butt slut. That was exactly why Ella was enjoying the mother on daughter anal sex more though, because she was in a state of mind to appreciate just how right this was. How natural. How perfect.

Aria was clearly born to be a butt slut. Her round bubble butt and supersensitive back passage were designed to be fucked. Hell, even as Ella used every ounce of her strength to sodomise her daughter as hard as she could her baby girl's butt remained incredibly tight, both Aria's back hole and back passage clinging onto Ella's dildo like a vice, further proving Aria Montgomery's purpose in life was to be butt fucked. And to eat her Mom's pussy, given what happened earlier, Ella realising she had given birth to the perfect lesbian fuck toy, this wonderful creature clearly always meant to be her bitch. Which is exactly what Aria was now. Her bitch. Aria was her bitch, and with a little training she would clearly become the perfect bitch.

When it came to sex Aria was almost there already, especially when it came to anal, the small girl holding herself up in the air for what felt like hours as she allowed her Mom to use the little hole she pooped from as a fuck hole for the older woman's pleasure. And oh did Ella use it, the respected teacher relentlessly sodomising her little girl with every ounce of her strength for as long as she could, Ella eventually becoming just as lost as her daughter in the perverted act of anal sex, her mind filled with the wonderful realisation that there was absolutely nothing wrong about what she was doing. This was how it was always meant to be between herself and Aria. Her daughter was always meant to be her own personal fuck toy, and now she was simply using Aria's ass hole like the orifice for her pleasure it was always meant to be. Like it was going to be from now on, Ella intent on using her daughter correctly from now on.

Even when a super intense orgasm, brought on more by the mental stimulation she was receiving as opposed to the stimulator on her clit, and Ella collapsed down on top of her daughter she continued grinding and pumping into Aria's pooper, drawing out the pleasure for them both. Ella wasn't sure if she made herself and Aria cum yet again from this or whether they were just experiencing after-shocks from their previous orgasms, but either way it pushed her to continue the now lazy sodomy until Ella felt like she literally had no energy left. Then she rested on top of her daughter for several moments, Ella contemplating taking a nap on top of Aria with her dick still firmly embedded up her baby girl's butt.

Then Aria whined, "Mom, you're crushing me."

Ella frowned, opened her mouth to scold Aria for her rudeness and then got a better idea.

"Sorry sweetie." Ella mumbled half-heartedly before suddenly pushing herself up and off Aria, her strap-on swiftly leaving her daughter's ass hole with a loud pop.

"Oh my God!" Aria gasped, rolling over onto her back while clutching her butt, only to quickly roll back again once her sore backside made contact with the bed sheets.

"Get up on your knees honey." Ella ordered, having to wait a few long seconds before the tired Aria complied, "Now bend over. Face down, ass up. Mmmmmm, very good sweetie."

The room then fell into silence as Ella became lost in staring at her daughter's gaping ass hole, the mother of two feeling a twisted sense of pride that she had done such a good job of destroying her baby girl's butt hole that it was left a cavernous ruin. It was a perfect testament to how their relationship had changed, that Aria was now her own personal little anal whore. Her baby girl was her butt slut, and Ella would be using her daughter's currently gaping butt hole for her pleasure as much as she wanted. With that in mind Ella eventually got up to retrieve something which would be helpful with this.

Silently hoping she was doing the right thing Aria stayed where she was even though her muscles ached and it was kind of a embarrassing position, especially because she could tell her ass hole hadn't closed yet. Honestly Aria was beginning to worry it never would, but if it meant her next anal fucking would be easier on her it might be worth it.

"Aria, come kneel in front of me." Ella said firmly, bringing Aria out of her thoughts.

Without hesitation Aria slowly turned around, got off the bed and then went to kneel in front of her Mom who was standing next to the bed. Every single movement seem to make her ass complain, however the pain was manageable and while she was in position Aria was much more concerned with what exactly it was her Mom expected her to do.

As Aria had feared her Mom pressed the tip of the strap-on against her lips and said, "Open your mouth."

Aria scrunched up her nose in disgust and was about to murmur 'ewww, gross' when a look from her mother stopped her. Quickly Aria remembered as her Mom's bitch she had no right to refuse any request no matter how gross it seemed, and she had always thought of anal as gross but nothing had ever made her cum harder than being ass fucked by her Mom. So, with her face scrunched up and her eyes closed, Aria slowly opened her mouth and allowed her mother to push the head of the toy cock passed her parted lips.

"Good, now clean my cock with your mouth. Clean Mommy's cock with your slut mouth." Ella mumbled lustfully.

Even though she was pretty sure her Mom said some other stuff Aria didn't really hear it as she was a little preoccupied with tasting her own ass. She had tasted it before on her Mom's fingers, but Aria had been so distracted by the huge dildo invading her ass that she hadn't realised what exactly she was tasting until after the flavour was all gone. Now all she could do was think how the head of this cock had pounded the deepest depths of her pooper, touching her in such nasty and forbidden places... and yet... it didn't taste as horrible as it should have. In fact it was very bearable. Maybe even kind of good.

Whether it was from the flavour or the sheer perversion of the act Aria wasn't sure but she kind of felt herself getting into the blow job in a way she'd never had before when she'd sucked Ezra's cock. Of course pleasing her Mom was an important factor too. In fact, from now on nothing was going to be more important to Aria than pleasing her Mom.

Ella was very pleased just how eagerly Aria took to sucking ass flavoured cock. Not quite as much as eating pussy, there was a noticeable hesitation at first, no doubt because of where the cock had been. However once she got going Aria showed encouraging enthusiasm for the act, slurping her own ass juices from the head of the fake dick with increasing force until it was all gone and then moving down to stuff as much of the shaft into her mouth as possible. Aria even managed to stuff a couple of inches down her throat, however she choked violently for her trouble, the inexperienced girl clearly not up to deep throating. Not yet anyway.

Not wanting Aria to push herself too much Ella softly commanded, "Lick it honey. Lick the shaft up and down. Get the base nice and clean for me."

Obediently doing as she was told Aria took the cock out of her mouth and slid her tongue slowly down the full length of the shaft. She then repeated that motion over and over again, every so often pausing at the base so she could lick the cock nice and clean just as she had been told too.

To Ella's delight once Aria had licked the base clean she went right back to sucking on the cock, her daughter either lost in what she was doing or trying to do whatever she could to please her. Hopefully both, with a suggestion that at least the latter was a factor given that after going back and forth between licking and sucking the dildo for a little while Aria opened her eyes and looked up at her in the way she used to when she had been smaller and constantly yearning for her approval. She had it now, Ella beaming down at her daughter and stroking her hair as she gave her head.

After a few more minutes of this Ella ordered, "Ok sweetie, that's good and clean. Now I want you to get back on the bed, press your face to the sheets, reach back and spread your cute little cheeks."

Still moving gingerly Aria got into position, Ella once again spending a few minutes admiring her daughter's well fucked ass hole. The cheeks had slowly started returning to their natural colour after a slight bruising from the constant pounding, and the hole itself was slowly starting to close even though it was currently nice and gaping. Ensuring that hole wouldn't be able to close fully Ella pushed the butt-plug she had retrieved earlier into Aria's ass hole, the wide toy sliding in easily and fitting like a glove.

Aria let out a soft cry but offered up no other form of complaint. This caused Ella to smile proudly and then, after admiring the sight of the plugged butt for a few long seconds, smacked Aria's ass and said, "Good girl, now let's leave that in for a while and then I'm going to fuck your ass again."

* * *

Aria was standing naked, her arms outstretched, in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom; well she still called it hers though that might not have been totally accurate given she hadn't slept here since she had submitted to her Mom' and there was another reason as well. Aria briefly pondered the philosophical conundrum that if her mother fully owned her could Aria still claim to have own a room or clothes or books or anything independent of her Mom.

"I think this silky black bra," Ella's voice jolted Aria from her thoughts.

"Yes, Mom," said Aria. She walked over to the bed where her Mom was standing looking at several bras that Aria had laid out. It was almost like regressing to a child having her Mom choose the clothes she wore - except her Mom's choices for the teen were a lot more revealing and sexual than when she was a toddler. Aria picked up the bra and moved back to the mirror to put it on. Her Mom stood a bit to the side and behind her, a finger on her lips, as she pondered what else to make Aria wear. Aria clipped the bra in place and put her arms out again; the pose, together with the mirror allowed her Mom the best view of her body front and back, all the better to decide what Aria would be wearing.

Sometimes that would be nothing, or near to it; Aria would walk round the house naked hoping that it was warm enough that any shivers would be down to anticipation of what her Mom would do later. Occasionally her Mom made her wear some small piece of apparel - last Sunday her Mom had made her wear a pair of bobby socks, the Wednesday evening before that Aria had stripped out of her school clothes and spent the rest of the night only wearing a small silk neckerchief. But she knew her Mom would dress her today.

She waited patiently as her Mom decided what else her daughter was wearing. That was something Aria had discovered in the last four weeks; her Mom didn't like to be rushed - whether that was Aria giving her a leisurely wake up licking in the morning or her giving her daughter a long, slow butt-fuck in the evening. Of course sometimes Ella wanted things done quickly, Aria had quickly got to know when her Mom's moans of pleasure had reached such a crescendo that Aria's tongue needed to up the pace to bring her Mom to her morning orgasm. And whilst sometimes Ella loved to spend time giving Aria butt a fucking at other times she just wanted to bend the teen over the kitchen table and give her a hard and quick anal ramming. Everything was done at Ella's pace, Aria had to make sure she matched it - whether it was fast or slow.

"I think the red top," said Ella.

"Yes Mom," said Aria dutifully. Compared to some of her things it was almost austere, having buttons that went all the way up to her neck. It was also totally transparent, her belly button and boobs barely enclosed by the bra, being as visible through it as if they had just been covered in a see-through net.

The teen slipped into it and then resumed the position as her Mom moved behind her examining her butt. It was the Milf's favourite hole, sure Ella had nothing against slamming Aria's cunt or making her slutty daughter suck a strap-on (before or after it was used on a teenage orifice), but the ass remained the place she liked best. There wasn't a day that went by that Ella didn't demand Aria position herself face down or on her hands and knees or with her legs pulled up to her ears and let Ella ram a large dildo into the back hole.

Of course, Ella liked variety - not just in the position she took Aria and the vigour she put in, but in other ways. Sometimes she liked to take Aria after the teen had woken her and before they left the bed for breakfast. In these cases Ella might roll her daughter onto her front, pull apart her cheeks and ram her until the teen was as wet and satisfied as her Mom. Other times Aria might get as far as the kitchen before her Mom's lust overtook her and she butt-banged Aria on the floor or bent her over the counter and slammed her as the pop-tarts cooled. Aria loved it whichever way; she hadn't realised she was such a nympho and an anal one at that, until her Mom had seduced her. Now she realised she was she couldn't get enough of her Mom's perverse desires.

The times she hated were when her Mom didn't fuck her ass first thing. All day Aria would have to sit in her school clothes (which whilst sometimes sexy were never slutty), trying to talk with her friends, all the time thinking about what would happen after the final bell rang and she got home. Usually Ella would be as horny as her daughter by the time they got home and the teen wouldn't even have time to change into her slut-wear before Ella was equipping her strap-on and ordering the teen to strip in the living room.

"I think these sandals," Ella held them out, "No socks."

"Yes, Mom," Aria said and sat on the bed to buckle them to her feet. She didn't waste time; whilst she was sitting and bending over to do up the sandals her Mom wasn't able to feast her eyes on the teen's body. She quickly got up and moved back to her previous position in front of the mirror. Her Mom fully moved behind her and Aria could her reflection, a slight frown on the Milf's face and her lips pursed as she considered. Once she stepped forward and pulled apart the teen's ass cheeks and looked at the puckered hole. Then she stepped back.

There was only one time that by dinner Ella hadn't filled her daughter's butt at least once. And on that evening Aria had spooned out the mash for dinner in an agony of anxiety, wondering whether she had done something wrong or was her Mom was just bored with her. She needn't have worried, because when she called her Mom for dinner Ella appeared wearing a woollen sweater and a strap-on. Aria's squeals of pleasure were loud enough to wake the dead as her Mom fucked the teen into the potatoes and gravy; and even if Aria had to spend the next hour cleaning and then cooking a new meal it had been worth it for the orgasms.

"I think the short red mini-skirt," said Ella indicating a skirt that was more purple than red. Aria didn't contradict her Mom, nor did she comment that short might have been overstating it. It had been a mini when Aria the first few times she'd worn it (with tights underneath), but after seducing Aria her Mom had ordered it even shorter; now it was little more than a strip of material which didn't cover either her ass or pussy properly. Aria picked the skirt up and pulled it on.

She'd already been fucked today; before school, in the bathroom; her Mom had pushed her against the wall, ripped down the towel and taken her as they were both wet from the shower. But Aria was hoping that she might get lucky twice today, after their visitor had gone, her Mom looked horny and getting two or even three anal bangs a day was common. But it wasn't her place to decide, so she waited as her Mom looked her up and down. Her Mom's examination seemed to last forever, until she gave a nod, "I think a butt-plug."

"Yes, Mom," said Aria replying politely like a good daughter should.

This was something she wouldn't put in herself. Instead she bent over and lifted her ass in the air. She felt the toy being pushed in and gave a small grunt. Ella ignored her sounds and pushed it a bit harder, shoving the sharp toy down Aria's chute until the handles were against the teen's cheek. The Milf stepped back to admire her handiwork, admiring the toy deep in the naked butt, "That's in. Make sure you don't take it out. I want your ass nice and ready for later, I don't want to have to be too strenuous in fucking you this evening."

"Yes, Mom," said Aria. Then rebelliously she added, "Of course." She regretted her cheekiness, but her Mom didn't notice as at that moment the doorbell rang.

Ella nodded, "That will be Ashley; she's here to talk about Hanna. Go and let her in. I'll be down in a minute."

"Yes Mom," said Aria.


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