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Authors' Note: this is a sequel to How To Dominate Your Daughter.

Pretty Little Liars: How To Share Your Daughter (FFff,anal,inc,oral,toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected] )

Looking out the window Ashley could see the car parking on the street outside her house. She gave a small wave to show the driver she had seen her. Ella waved back and turned to say something to her daughter Aria who was sitting beside her. Ashley let the curtain fall back and walked over to her own daughter to give her a quick final inspection. Yes, she thought, Hanna was dressed to impress with her high-heels and sexy fishnets beneath a skirt that barely covered her bald pussy; her tits strained against the small top she was wearing. The teen stood dutifully letting her Mom look her over.

"I think the skirt is too long..." said Ashley. It was important to keep her submissive daughter dominated and part of that was to never be content with the teen's performance or behaviour.

"I could change?" Hanna said quickly, well trained bitch that she was.

Ashley shook her head and frowned, "It's too late now, Ella and Aria are here now. I just hope Ella doesn't see you, dressed like you're entering a nunnery and take Aria straight home." Hanna blushed and looked at her feet, shuffling them in shame. Ashley allowed herself an inner smile, even if she kept her expression stern, there was no way that Ella would be going home - she was as excited as Ashley at the chance of sharing their daughters. And if the skirt could have been a little shorter, in truth it was still revealing more than it concealed - and anyway would not be on Hanna sweet little body long enough to be a problem.

The doorbell rang, Ashley gave a curt nod of instruction to her daughter, before quickly running her hand over her own blouse to smooth an imaginary crease (not that there would be any - Hanna's ironing skills had improved massively since her Mom had taken her in hand). That done she left the main room and turned to the front door. She opened it with a smile of real greeting, "Ella, Aria come in." The two women stepped in. Ella, like Ashley, was wearing a sensible blouse and skirt, fashionable without being showy. On the other hand, despite the warmth Aria was wearing a large coat. Ashley smiled at her, "Aria do you want to hang your coat up on the banister?"

The reason for the coat became obvious when she hung it up. Unlike Hanna, who was wearing clothing you could at least go out in, even if she risked being mistaken for a hooker, Aria had been instructed by her Mom to wear high-heels, stockings, suspenders, a silk thong and a tiny bra. It would look good in the bedroom, or even in the hall of the Marin's house, but Ashley could see that it wasn't what you wanted to be seen wearing in the car or street. Ashley spent a moment admiring the teen, before remembering her manners, "Come on through. Hanna's in the main room."

She led her friend and her daughter into the main room. As soon as they entered Hanna was over with a glass of wine, she gave a small curtsey as she handed it to Ella, her Mom had made her practice half the morning to get right, a few cane swishes to encourage her to eventually get it right. The blonde teen passed the second glass to her Mom and the Milf took it, turning back to Ella, "I forgot to ask, do you allow Aria to drink?"

"On special occasions, like today she can have a small one if she likes," the other Milf replied. Aria nodded her agreement and before Ashley had even to instruct her Hanna was pouring a third glass for the other teen; despite herself Ashley felt a moment of pride at how well behaved she had become. However, that didn't mean she'd be allowing Hanna any alcohol, the teen normally drank water and was only allowed an orange juice as a special treat - spare the rod, spoil the child was the watchword in the Marin house.

As Hanna brought Aria's wine over Ashley turned back to the teen's Mom, "Aria's looking sexy today - I do like her outfit."

"We chose it specially; I wanted something that said, 'I'm available, all holes' and nothing says that like sexy lingerie under a coat. I have to say the same about Hanna," Ella shot a look at the blonde, a lascivious smile on her face.

Ashley took a brief look at her daughter, standing still and allowing the women to undress her with their eyes. The Milf gave a nod, "The skirt could be shorter, but Hanna's holes are always available as far as I'm concerned."

"I feel the same about Aria, we often talk about her being a fuckhole on legs don't we Aria." Aria nodded and replied that they did. Ella raised her glass to her lips and carried on, "The website was a find,"

"I'm sure I haven't thanked you enough for it," said Ashley.

Ella looked at the blonde again, her leer obvious, "Oh I don't know... I think I'm going to enjoy that thank you lot."

"She is very fuckable," smiled Ashley, turning to appraise her daughter again, "I'd have to recommend the butthole. I've deliberately not fucked it this morning so it's nice and tight."

"Thanks, that's very kind of you. It's hard to tell what hole of Aria's is the most fun, her ass is lovely and tight, but so's her pussy, and wet and warm and she does make this endearing shrieks as well when you get her clit. But, really, really, you need to have her tongue you - she's turned into such a great little cuntlicker; after a hard day at school I often relax in front of the TV with a glass of wine and Aria cleaning my slit."

"Well if you recommend it, I'll be sure to give it a try. Hanna's pussy licking has being coming on as well, I'd love to have your opinion on how she's doing," Ashley smiled, "And I'm sure you'd enjoy it as well."

Ella nodded, "I'm looking forward to it."

Ashley took her friend's elbow and guided her over to the table, "I hope there's enough."

"More than enough," smiled Ella as she looked at the collection of dildos and strap-ons that were on the table. She licked her lips with excitement and drained her glass, "So shall we share the girls? I'm horny for a bit of Hanna's ass."

"Certainly." Ashley nodded, finishing her own wine and placing it on the table, "Hanna, why don't you give Ella a better look at the ass she'll soon be fucking."

"Yes Mom." Hanna said meekly as she turned around and bent over right in front of Ella, the blonde making sure to stick out her ass so the fabric of her tiny skirt clung to her cheeks invitingly.

"Very nice." Ella almost whispered, feeling her breath taken by the glorious sight in front of her. Licking her lips Ella reached out and squeeze the teen's cheeks, the Milf almost literally drooling over the ass she would soon be fucking before adding, "You're a lucky woman Ashley."

"And you." Ashley replied, leering at Aria.

Briefly turning her attention away from Hanna's ass Ella said, "Where are my manners? Aria, bend over and give my friend a good look at the present I brought for her."

Aria quickly obeyed, the suspenders and tiny thong framing her cute little bubble butt even more wonderfully when she was sticking out her ass in Ashley's direction, the redhead amazed she managed to refrain from immediately strapping on a big dildo and slamming it into the teen's butt hole. Instead she just joined her friend in groping teen tushie, silence falling between them as they sampled the delightfully round flesh in front of them.

Just when Ella didn't think it could get any better Ashley ordered, "Hanna, remove your skirt."

Ella's mouth fell slightly open as Hanna slowly pulled the tightfitting skirt downwards, revealing inch after inch of perfect skin until those well rounded ass cheeks were on full display. Ella barely even noticed that Hanna then let the skirt fall down around her ankles, the older woman to preoccupied with the fact that Hanna hadn't worn underwear meaning she could really see the teen's inviting little fuck holes. Spreading those full firm cheeks Ella got an even better look at those holes, the Milf going back to groping Hanna's butt for a few long moments before murmuring, "Aria, remove your thong."

Again doing what she was told without hesitation Aria used the same slow revealing tactic that Hanna had just done, Ashley staring lustfully at the teen's round little bottom as she got to see it in all it's naked glory. Like Ella after a few moments of just staring Ashley returned to groping the well rounded cheeks, spreading them wide now and again so she could admire Aria's sweet little holes. Of course given her preferences Ashley couldn't help focusing on Aria's ass hole, the tiny puckered hole looking almost virgin tight, the redhead wanting to butt fuck her friend's daughter more and more with every passing second. And considering how much Ashley had been looking forward to this that was saying a lot.

"How do you ever leave the house?" Ashley finally murmured.

Ella smiled, "Believe me, it's difficult. But surely you understand?"

"I do." Ashley smiled, "Some weekends I'll make sure Hanna has done all her chores including a nice big food shop before hand, but way I can stay inside my baby girl's butt near enough non-stop for two solid days."

"I do the same with Aria." Ella confessed, "Although I do try and sample her other charms. Speaking of which, how about we make these sluts turn around and show us their tits? I know Hanna's might be a little bigger but Aria's pair are quite delightful."

"Absolutely." Ashley said, reluctantly removing her hands from Aria's ass cheeks while Ella did the same with Hanna, "You heard Mrs Montgomery, turn around girls and show us those teen titties."

Any disappointment at losing the chance to stare and grope teenaged ass was forgotten when Aria and Hanna turned around and quickly pulled off their bra and top respectively, the blonde once again revealing she hadn't worn underwear so that both the Moms got a good look at the teen tits. Hanna did indeed have the bigger pair, but it wasn't by much, both teenagers sporting well rounded perky little boobs with oh so round little nipples which were already as hard as rocks.

The two older women stood there enjoying the sight for a few minutes, then Ella suddenly stepped forwards and latched her mouth onto one of Hanna's nipples. Hanna was clearly surprised but after a initial cry of shock moaned in pleasure, the blonde clearly enjoying the treatment. This was not a something Ashley normally indulge in, but as her friend had already decided to she figured what the hell.

After a few minutes of moving from nipple to nipple, the Milfs sucking on those little tips while kissing and caressing the surrounding flesh, Ella moved her lips upwards and planted them on Hanna's, the teen again surprised but quickly giving in. This was another thing Ashley didn't really indulge in but again she eagerly followed suit and explored the inside of Aria's mouth with her tongue.

Then, deciding it was high time she inserted a little control herself, Ashley broke her kiss with the young brunette and ordered, "Aria, kiss Hanna."

Ella broke her kiss with Hanna and looked at her friend with surprise. Although she wasn't half as surprised as Aria who blinked a few times as she processed what she had just heard. Then realising she was just standing there Aria quickly made her way over to her friend. Hanna looked as nervous and unsure as she felt. After all they both had been expecting the older women to have their way with them but the two friends hadn't been expecting to be required to do anything with each other. That said as Aria approached her friend she and Hanna couldn't help appreciate each other's forms. Not that they hadn't known the other was hot, but now all of a sudden they were looking at each other in a whole new light.

Of course it was still a little awkward when they found themselves stepping into each other's personal space, lent in and press their lips together. Technically Hanna leaned in first but given the order she quickly held back and allowed Aria close the distance, meaning officially the brunette kissed the blonde just as instructed. After that Hanna took over, kissing back eagerly and with more force, even pushing her tongue into Aria's mouth. Which didn't completely take away the feeling of awkwardness, but Hanna was eager to move past it. After all, she loved kissing and recently she hadn't been kissed that often.

Briefly dwelling on the thought Hanna could only remember a couple of times she had been kissed by her mother. Once after one of her very first attempts at eating pussy and once after Hanna had finished sucking her Mom's strap-on clean of her ass juice. Both times her redheaded top seemed more interested sampling herself, and the blonde's ass, on Hanna's lips then actually kissing her, which had at the time had added to the kinkiness but Hanna couldn't help long for a softer kiss.

Luckily she had found that first with Ella then her daughter, Aria slowly relaxing and allowing Hanna to massage her tongue with her own, the two long-time friends becoming lost in making out with each other for several long minutes.

They only broke apart when they heard Hanna's Mom call out, "Ok that's enough, Hanna get down and onto your back."

Ever the obedient sub Hanna quickly did as she was told, prompting Ashley to smile and turn to her friend, "Hanna loves it when I ride her pretty little face."

"Aria's the same way." Ella said softly and huskily, moving towards the blonde before Ashley stopped her with a gentle but firm touch.

"I was thinking we'd have the girls 69 first. You know, really put on a show for us." Ashley suggested.

"Ok." Ella said. Part of her really wanted to at least get Hanna's tongue inside her pussy first but she had to admit the idea of watching the teens 69 was hot so she agreed and quickly turned to her daughter, "Aria, don't dawdle, get on top of your friend."

"Yes Mom." Aria said, quickly positioning herself on top of Hanna, first lowering her cunt to the blonde's mouth and then her own lips to her friend's pussy.

Again it was a little awkward doing this with her long-time friend. Or at least it was for Aria. Hanna didn't seem to mind given that she licked Aria's pussy the second it was in range. She may have even lifted her head slightly to get at it, and when she did there was a pause, Hanna lapping away at Aria's downstairs lips hungrily and with no sign of stopping. The heavenly sensations caused Aria to cry out but the tiny brunette did not hesitate to complete the commands of the two tops, Aria positioning her face in between Hanna's legs and then after only the briefest of hesitation sticking her tongue out and running it over the lips of the other girl's cunt.

For the last couple of months Aria had been wondering if she was really gay or just gay for her Mom. Considering her new relationship with the woman who gave her life it actually felt kind of wrong thinking about other men or women so Aria tried not to do it. When she did it didn't help her confusion, but lately she had been thinking about Hanna's Mom and that kind of cleared things up. She hadn't really thought about Hanna in that way but now she was in between the blonde's thighs it was actually helping Aria with her questions about her sexuality.

Hanna's cunt was so yummy. Like just one lick and she was hooked yummy, Aria happily lapping away at the other girl with the same eagerness that Hanna had shown at first, even if the blonde had sadly tone things down a little. After a few minutes of hungry licking Aria quickly came to the conclusion that she should be trying to put on more of a show for her Mom and Hanna's. After all, that was what mattered here, the older womens' enjoyment.

So Aria slowed things down a little, but not too much, making sure the older women could see her tongue sliding across the lips of Hanna's pussy, the young brunette concentrating on simply licking up and down at first before bringing clockwise and anticlockwise licks into the mix. She also teased Hanna's clit and entrance with her tongue, again making sure the two tops could see by keeping her head to one side and brushing her hair out of the way. Aria also paused every so often to let out a loud moan of pleasure, although that wasn't something intentional, Hanna was showing plenty of skill when it came to pleasing a pussy.

Hanna was pretty much thinking the same thing about Aria. Then again she had been using the techniques Aria was now using on her, but Hanna doubted that her friend was merely copying her given Mrs Montgomery's detailed accounts of their time together. Of course these conversations weren't directed at Hanna but at her mother, the older women seeming to get a big kick out of describing what they did to their submissive daughters while one or both of them were standing close by.

It had been kind of humiliating and embarrassing but ever since becoming her Mom's bitch Hanna found that if anything she liked being humiliated and embarrassed. It was more of a turn on then she could have possibly imagined, Hanna totally getting off on hearing the older women talk out her like she wasn't even there. And the things they talked about made Hanna so hot, visions of Aria and her Mom fucking each other like bunnies becoming oh so vivid inside her head until she couldn't stop thinking about them. Both of them.

Her Mom was now the centre of her world but Hanna had always had an active imagination and she couldn't stop herself from thinking about other women, mostly celebrities which she hadn't considered until she was turned into a lesbian sub, but occasionally people she knew crept into her head. Like Emily, her sweet and caring lesbian friend... well, she wasn't the only lesbian now but she was the only 'out' one of their group, the amount of time that she had been 'out' probably making her an incredible lover. After all Emily seem to be always with a girl so she must be good. And then of course to Spencer. Tall, commanding Spencer who Hanna had always been submissive to in a way. Yet of all her friends it was Aria she thought about most, because while Hanna imagined that Emily was a great lover she had heard Aria was good straight from her Mom's mouth.

Apparently Mrs Montgomery hadn't been exaggerating, Aria really was a fantastic little cunt lapper, the brunette teen knowing just when and where to use her tongue to drive Hanna crazy. And her pussy, oh her pussy was so yummy. Maybe even better than her redheaded top, not that Hanna had any intention of saying that out loud. Of course that led Hanna to wonder how Aria's Mom tasted. Well, she'd always wondered even before hearing those conversations, but now she knew just how sweet Aria was she hoped, and was almost sure, that this would be a case of like mother, like daughter.

Hanna found out sooner than she would have guessed, the teens slowly working each other over until they could no longer resist pushing their tongues into each other's cunts only to then hear Ashley call out, "Ok, that's enough. STOP! Good, now it's time for you to please us. Hanna, go offer Ella your mouth. Aria, you come here and give me yours."

Although she shouldn't have been surprised Ella couldn't help be a little taken aback by just how quickly Hanna moved to obey. Sure she had seem plenty of examples of the blonde teen's submission, more than enough to believe Hanna had been completely housebroken and trained, but Ella couldn't help but think of a blond toddler will fully stomping around her house and demanding all sorts of things whenever she thought of Hanna. Yet here they were with Hanna not even hesitating to move away from where she was getting licked to kneel before Ella, look up at her with her baby blue eyes and softly whispered, "Would you like me to use my mouth on you Mrs Montgomery? Because it's yours if you want it. Just tell me too and I'll lick you."

Ella was taken aback for a moment as the image of little Hanna was replaced by grown-up Hanna, the blonde having clearly turned into a sexy young woman who looked breath-takingly beautiful on her knees asking if Ella wanted her to lick her cunt.

Of course, there was an easy answer to that question, "Lick me. Lick my pussy ooooooooohhhhhhhhh!"

Normally Ella would say more but she was taken aback momentarily by the exquisite feeling of the teen's tongue touching her twat. It was always hard to say anything, or even think straight, when she first felt a tongue lick her pussy, especially when it was a new lover, but this occasion seemed extra special. After all this was her best friend's daughter, a girl Ella had shamefully fantasised about before she found that wonderful website, and ever since she had learnt of Hanna's submission Ella's naughty thoughts of the girl had increased tenfold.

The reality didn't disappoint, Hanna first teasing Ella with gentle laps of her tongue before pressing her face deeper into her cunt, wrapping her mouth around the brunette's downstairs lips and gently sucking on them. Those first gentle licks had Ella moaning happily but having her juices sucked from her had her literally crying out in pleasure, the older woman closing her eyes for a little while so she could just enjoy the wonderful sensations. Then sometime later she opened them again to check on Aria's progress.

Ashley hadn't allowed Aria to ask permission to lick her, the redhead grabbing a handful of brunette locks the second Ella's daughter was kneeling in front of her and shoving the teen into her cunt. Not phased in the slightest Aria had immediately started licking which had filled Ella with pride, the younger brunette continuing to make the older brunette proud as she settled into eating Ashley's pussy. Ella checked on her from time to time, like right now for example, and every time Aria seemed to be appropriately moving along with the licking. Although to be fair she was being held down somewhat by Ashley, Ella's friend pushing her daughter deep into her cunt and from time to time barking out orders.

"Mmmmm yes, lick me. Lick my cunt you little bitch! Yes, that's it, yessssssss, oh fuck, get your pretty little face deep inside my pussy you little rug munching dyke! Mmmmmm yeah, give me that hot queer teen tongue. Shove your tongue in my cunt! Ooooooohhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd yessssssss!" Ashley cried out as Aria did as she was told, the redhead looking over to her friend and moaning, "Oh God Ella, mmmmmmm, I see what you mean about Aria's tongue. Mmmmmmm, you're so right, oh fuckkkkkkkkk, ohhhhhhh, she really is a great little cuntlicker."

"Hanna, oh, is really good too. You, oooooooh, you must be very proud." Ella moaned.

Ashley smiled briefly. She was proud of Hanna, but she wasn't going to let her know that. Besides, both teens had plenty of motivation after Ashley had denied them from making each other cum, the mature redhead correctly guessing that being aching to cum would have them licking like they had just found an oasis in the desert. It should also be noted that there was almost always room for improvement, and in the past praise had caused Hanna to become overly confident and even lazy. Now that Hanna was finally properly motivated Ashley was determined to push her to be better than her best, both when it came to her studies and performing her duties as a lesbian sub.

"She's improved greatly." Ashley said somewhat coldly, "But she could be trying harder."

This time Ashley managed to stop herself from smiling, although she still felt a perverted sense of pride as she watched Hanna begin to tongue fuck Ella. Unfortunately she wasn't in a position where she could see Hanna's tongue sliding in and out of Ella's pussy but she could see her daughter's pretty blonde head bob up and down in a fucking motion. She could also see, and hear, Ella throw her head back, close her eyes and let out a long moan of joy before mumbling something barely coherent, "Mmmmmm, oh that, ah, that feels, ohhhhhhhh, it, so, oh Ashley, this really is a wonderful little tongue."

Ashley had to agree, but she didn't tell Ella that as her friends seemed to be momentarily lost in the pleasure she was feeling. That was the same reason she didn't once again complement Aria's tongue work, which was probably for the best. After all Ashley didn't like to praise Hanna too much, or at all if she could help it, and she often felt Ella was too lenient with her sub. No reason Ashley should risk over praising Aria too. It was very hard though, Ashley eventually having to bite her lip as under her command Aria began tongue fucking her nice and hard, moving it around inside her on every thrust in a way which made sure one way or another the brunette teen found all of the redhead's sweet spots.

Suddenly Aria brought two fingers up and after briefly running them against Ashley's pussy lips she pushed them into the older woman's admittedly welcoming fuck hole. While her pussy was welcoming Ashley was furious. Hanna would have never done something so bold without her permission. But then again she reminded herself this wasn't her submissive daughter. If Ella wanted Aria to use initiative that was her business. Besides, it was hard to complain when she was seeing stars, Ashley gripping tightly to Aria's hair as she came in the teen's mouth.

Hearing Aria greedily gulping down her cum quickly followed up by the teen curling her fingers inside her had Ashley creaming again, in the middle of it the Milf looking over at her own offspring and glaring with dissatisfaction. Hanna had only just brought Ella to the edge and was in the process of pushing her over, proving that her own sub daughter wasn't the pussy licker that Aria was. True, Aria had used her fingers, but it still didn't excuse Hanna's sloppiness. Not that Ella was complaining, the mature brunette letting out a joyful scream as she pushed Hanna's pretty face into her cunt and covered it with her cum. And maybe Ashley should give her daughter credit for eagerly swallowing as much of Ella's cum as she could, not an easy feat given the way her friend was grinding into her daughter's face, but Ashley was still dissatisfied with Hanna's overall performance.

"I'm sorry Ella, she'll do better next time." Ashley promised.

Ella smiled and nodded, "Don't worry, I thought she was perfectly good."

Ashley face suggested she didn't quiet believe that her friend was telling the truth, but politely didn't want to argue. Instead she said "I have to say Aria know how to eat cunt."

Ella nodded and gave her daughter an encouraging glance, "I make sure she gets lots of practice."

"It shows," said Ashley in agreement at Aria's skills. Her eyes went from the dark hair temptress on her knees in front of her to the collection of toys on the table a few feet away; as she head turned she saw that Ella was also having the same thoughts as her.

"I'm jonesing for a bit of Hanna ass," said Ella and stood up.

"It's about time we banged some butt," agreed Ashley, "Don't get me wrong, having my pussy licked is fine, but nothing beats fucking some teenage asshole."

"You're preaching to the choir," said Ella. She turned to look at Hanna, sitting more or less patiently, in front of her. "Hanna, I want you face down on your knees with your arms spread in front of you and that cute little behind pointing into the air."

"Yes, Mrs Montgomery," said Hanna and assumed the position. Ella licked her lips as she looked down on the rounded, smooth cheeks, the promisingly tight hole almost hidden between them. Ashley might have been disappointed that Hanna's pussy licking was not up to scratch, but Ella had enjoyed it and if the teen was half a good as fuck as she was a muff-muncher Ella was going to have fun banging that butt as well.

"Take the same position, Aria," ordered Ashley, "Next to Hanna."

Ella watched as her daughter got into position, wiggling her ass skywards as she stretched her body forwards. Ella had seen the teen in the same posture many times, and still she couldn't get over how sexy she looked with her firm, flawless ass and toned teenage body. It might have been the Mom in her, but she knew no matter how much she was going to enjoy fucking Hanna the blonde would never take over from her daughter as Ella's favourite fuck. She gave the teen's one last look and walked over to the table. Ashley was already there, picking through the toys on table like she was a bargain hunter at a closing down sale.

She looked up from her musing as her friend approached and picked up a strap-on; it was twelve inches of rubber with an attachment at the end to slide into owner's pussy; "You should try this one, you'll cum like anything" she said.

"It looks big," said Ella.

The other Mom smiled, "Trust me, Hanna can take it."

"Okay," said Ella. She took the toy and fitted it on. It did feel good, perfectly balanced for butt fucking and the little bud at the end played pleasurably over her clit as she walked, so she could imagine when it was deep in Hanna that the ecstasy would be magnified. She opened a jar of lube and began to smear it on as she watched Ashley take a dildo of similar size and proportions and strap it on.

"I'm looking forward to this," smiled Ashley as she tightened the leather straps round the top of her thighs.

"Me as well," agreed Ella, "Don't worry about holding back; Aria may look fragile, but she can take it hard and deep."

"Thanks," Ashley replied. She grinned broadly, "I'm sure I don't have to say that Hanna's fuckhole can be pounded as much as you like; she's a bitch and she knows to take it."

"Yes. Let's go fuck some teenage booty," said Ella and smiled at her friend.

The two teens were still in position, their cute butts facing upwards. Aria's ass looked so tight, thought Ashley, the hole so puckered and small that it seemed almost sacrilegious to introduce it to such a big dildo. But she knew, from Hanna, that tight buttholes, with a little work could be opened amazingly wide. There was a spanking sound beside her and Ashley turned her head, smiling as she saw her friend pulling one of Hanna's cheeks whilst slapping the other lightly and turning it red. Hanna remained in situ, not complaining or moaning, her training holding. The Milf turned back to her own partner, her hands moving down to cradle Aria's sexy, round behind. If it had been Hanna she'd have yanked the cheeks apart and thrust in quickly, but as Aria was only borrowed, despite what Ella said, Ashley wanted to start carefully. She continued massaging the teen's cute ass, slowly prying the cheeks apart so that she could see the promised hole in all its tight glory.

"Oooohhhh," beside her Hanna bucked lightly as Ella's dildo started into her ass.

Ashley moved slower, taking a finger and slowly burying it in Aria's hole. The teen moaned as the digit went it. Her asshole was warm and Ashley could feel it pulsate round her finger, squeezing and contracting as she twisted it round, the knuckle pressing at the soft walls. "You like that?" she asked.

Aria nodded, "Yes Mrs Marin."

"You want something bigger?" both the teen and the Mom looked over at Hanna and Ella as she said it. The blonde was moaning and gasping, bucking back against Ella, the strap-on already half-way down her ass.

"Mmmnnn, yes please, I want something big in my butt," said Aria pleadingly.

"Let me give you it," smiled Ashley. She pulled her finger out; for a few moments Aria's hole remained enough agape from the tip of the toy to easily fit in it. The teen gave a small whinny of pleasure as Ashley rested the toy in the gap, shivering and shaking her butt to try and encourage the dick down. In the meantime Ashley was metaphorically, and literally, girding her loins, taking hold off Aria's waist to give herself some traction and raising her butt.

"Uuurrrrhhhh," Hanna groaned as Ella's dick drove deep into her asshole.

"Oooooohhhh!" Aria squawked as Ashley rammed down. The teen was tight, her asshole fighting back against the invader, yielding only inches to the rubber. Ashley gripped her harder and thrust again, hammering the hole deeper. Aria gasped and squeaked again, her body shaking in pleasure as the dildo went deeper. "Oh yes," she shouted, "Oh yes, fuck me."

"Uuurrrhhhh, urrrrrhhhhh," Hanna was making deep guttural gasps as Ella rammed into her, slamming the teen's butt. One of her hands was resting on the blonde's ass cheek, using it for balance. The other was gripping the Milf's own tit, adding to Ella's enjoyment.

Ashley smiled at the attractive sight and thrust herself down again into her friend's daughter. Aria gasped and bucked as the dildo went in further, the Milf's hard thrusts forcing her anal walls to yield and fall back. Ashley came back, took a breath and hammered down hard. The dildo went in even deeper, disappearing down into the teen's anal chasm; Aria gave a cry and her hands scrabbled at the carpet in front of her like she was trying to stop herself being pulled into a dark hole. Holding her tightly Ashley slammed forward again, seeing the full length of her toy vanish between Aria's sweet ass cheeks and down into her hole. The teen gave a cry, "Aaaarrggghh, yesssss! Oh fuck my ass!"

Ashley did so. Slamming vigorously at the cute asshole in front of her, opening up the butthole like it was just cheap toy. Beside her Ella was doing the same to her daughter, her friend pounding deep and hard at the blonde, her thighs slapping against Hanna's buttocks like she was intent on driving the teen half-way across the room. Hanna was shrieking and gasping, squealing in excited pleasure, "Aaaarrrghh, urrrrghhhhh, Oh, Mrs Montgomery, that's so good, it feels so good, fuck me." Her hands were spread out in front of her, pushing against the carpet to stop herself being forced forward. "Oooohhhh, urrrrrrhhhh... fuck it harder please. I love having my ass rammed."

"Take it harder," yelled Ella and pounded down. Her hands were on Hanna's waist, squeezing at the slender teen as she rammed her. "Take my fucking big dong in your whore ass."

"Oooohhh yesss!" Ashley was shouting as well, the bud on her strap-on pushing hard into her pussy, making her wet and driving up her libido. She rammed harder at Aria's ass, hammering the toy as hard and deep into the teen's anal hole as she could, every thrust sending paroxysm of pleasure flowing through the Milf, and she guessed, from Aria's shrieks and shivers, the teenager as well. She squeezed at Aria's side, gripping them, "Yeah, that's it. I'm fucking your butt, banging it open. You love it slut, you love your Mom's friend analising you."

"Urrrrrghhh, yesssss. Fuck me harder. Open my ass with your big dick."

"Fuck, fuck, take it like a bitch, take it more."

"Aaaaarrrghh, I'm cumming. Oh my God, fuck me harder, fuck my ass like I'm a skanky whore. I am a skank and a whore, oh God, please fuck me!"

"Uuurrrrhhh, that's it, that's it, you slut, enjoy my huge dong."

The two Milfs and teens were hammering hard, sweat coming down from their foreheads, covering their faces, getting in their eyes, its salty taste on their lips. Ashley looked at Ella and Ella looked back and both smiled and grinned. "Aria has such a sweet ass," said Ashley holding out her palm.

"The same for Hanna. I can't believe how tight it's been kept, it's wonderful," grinned Ella. She high-fived her friend like they were teen's on a football field.

After that the two Moms tightened their grip on the teenagers' hips and turned all their attention to fucking the tight teen ass in front of them. At first it was a conscious decision, Ashley and Ella trying to maximise their own pleasure by brutalising Aria's and Hanna's butts. However as the sensations became too much the whole world fell away and all the older women could focus on was the little holes they were fucking which seemed to be a perfect fit for the big dildos strapped around their waists. Well, they were also aware of full yet firm ass cheeks jiggling against their thighs, the attachments hammering their own cunts and most of all the explosive orgasms rocking their bodies but mostly Ella and Ashley concentrated on the tight rectums they were almost literally wrecking.

Hanna and Aria were orgasming even more violently than the Moms, the two teens screaming hysterically as their butts were so brutally banged that they worried their holes would never close properly again. It was a terrifying thought, not for their own welfare but because they were afraid their Moms would no longer want to fuck them if their butt holes became permanently loose and open. Their ass holes had always recovered before, but this seemed different as both Doms seemed almost in competition with each other, like they wanted to see who could last the longest banging teenager butt.

It was a close call but ultimately the Milfs simultaneously ran out of steam, both barely being able to stop themselves from collapsing in a sweaty heap onto their friend's daughter's back. Instead they each gave one last hard thrust, burying their dildos in Aria's and Hanna's butts and then spent several long minutes panting softly, all four of them slowly recovering from one of the most hellacious, orgasm filled butt fucks they had ever endured.

Eventually Ella and Ashley exchanged a look, smiled and then simultaneously pulled their dildos out of their friend's daughter and then admired each other's handiwork. Ashley truly had done a number on Aria's back hole, the anal ring remaining widely stretched with no sign of fixing itself in the near future, that wonderful gape and the ass walls remaining stretched open allowing Ella to see deep into her daughter's rectum. She couldn't help smile in approval, and from the look on Ashley's face she was just as impressed with Ella's efforts to open Hanna's ass hole, which was easily gaping as wide and deep as Aria's butt hole.

That smile of approval turned to a beaming grin of pride as Aria slowly reached back and spread her ass cheeks, enhancing her gape for the older audience. After a few seconds Hanna cautiously did the same thing, clearly unsure whether she was supposed to be doing the same thing or waiting for her Mom to order her to do so first. Ella wasn't sure either, Ashley's stern expression emotionless as she looked on. Knowing her friend she was probably debating whether to punish Hanna or not. Or more likely just how serious a punishment she should give her.

Although it was also possible Ashley was just lost in the joy of an admiring freshly fucked teen booty, Ella certainly concentrating on it for another minute or so before her redheaded friend finally spoke, "Aria, come suck my cock clean. Hanna, you do the same with Ella's cock."

"Yes Mom." Hanna said, whirling around and dashing over to take Ella's strap-on into her mouth.

Aria moved slower but she to obeyed, both teens soon suckling on the heads of the dildos which had plundered the deepest depths of their bottoms. Both spent plenty of time savouring that flavour but Aria was the first to move her mouth lower while Hanna, clearly feeling a little competitive, was the first to deep throat the entire length, Ella's mouth opening in surprise at what a sword swallower Hanna was. To her delight with a little time and a lot of effort Aria more or less achieved the same thing, even if she had to use her tongue to clean the base.

"Wow, Hanna really is an amazing cock sucker. Your training?" Ella asked.

"No. I wish I could take credit for it, but no." Ashley frowned, "I'd like to believe she was naturally gifted but I think it's pretty obvious she was just a slut for cock before I trained her to like pussy better. I can only imagine how many cocks she's sucked."

"Well, previous experience clearly has its benefits." Ella offered as she watched her daughter struggle to take the last few inches of Ashley's dildo into her throat, "Sometimes I almost wish Aria was more experienced."

"That could be arranged." Ashley grinned wickedly.

"Maybe." Ella said thoughtfully, "For now how about a little DP fun? As I've mentioned I think Aria would look really cute with both her holes filled."

"Fine by me." Ashley said, "Any preference on which hole?"

"Well..." Ella licked her lips, "As amazing as Hanna's ass was nothing could ever compare to the heaven that is fucking my own daughter's butt hole."

"I feel the same way." Ashley smiled, briefly reflecting on all the things she had in common with her friend before turning her attention to the teen still noisily sucking her strap-on, "Aria, stop sucking my cock and come ride it with your slutty little front hole. Hanna, you just watch for now."

Quickly obeying both teens removed their mouths from the now thoroughly cleaned dildos allowing Ashley to sit down and Aria to slowly get on top of her, the young brunette lining up her pussy with the redhead's strap-on and pushing it inside herself. The two women simultaneously let out a long moan of pleasure at the penetration, Aria continuing to moan softly as she lowered herself all the way down and then started bouncing on the fake cock while her mother and her friend watched with interest.

After just enjoying the show for a little while Ella joined in, Aria slowing down and then stopping once she sensed the older brunette was behind her so her Mom could enter her more easily. Of course thanks to Mrs Marin her back hole was still a widely gaping crater so her top slid in like a knife through butter. She could have probably shoved her fake cock up her teen butt much faster and harder but instead she chose to go slowly, Aria guessing that her mother wanted to savour the moment. Looking behind her that certainly seem to be the case, her Mom's eyes locked on to Aria's ass hole easily swallowing the dildo while just underneath the teen's pussy was stuffed with strap-on.

While she couldn't get a great view it certainly felt amazing to Aria, the young brunette loving every moment of getting both her holes filled. She could feel her Mom's dick sliding against Ashley's through the thin wall of the flesh separating them, that feeling getting more intense once both dildos were in all the way and the older women were gently thrusting in and out of her, Aria's eyes rolling in the back of her head the first time she received a simultaneous thrust. The next thrusts varied, the two tops sometimes thrusting in together, sometimes taking it in turns, Aria having no idea which she preferred better as the overwhelming pleasure melted her mind.

Sometime later, Aria had no idea how long, she was awoken by the sound of her mother ordering her, "Start thrusting back at us sweetie. Fuck our cocks with your slutty little holes."

Aria did as she was told, receiving approval from Mrs Marin, "That's it slut, move your whore ass. Ohhhhhh yes, just like that, give us those sweet little fuck holes. Mmmmmm yeah, ride those cocks like the good little lesbian slut you are!"

Then more importantly she received approval and encouragement from her own mother, "Yessssssss, good girl Aria. Make me proud. Mmmmmm, make Mommy proud. Show my friend what a good little lezzie whore you can be and maybe we'll share you like this all the time. Mmmmmm, stuff your little holes just like this, us fucking you together, ohhhhhhh, everyday, oooooooohhhhhhhh Aria! Oooooooh my sweet baby girl has the most wonderful little ass hole! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh fuck, oh Aria, Mommy loves your butt. Oh Goddddddd, my baby girl's butt hole is the best fuck hole ever!"

"I'm ahhhhhhhhh, I'm, ooooooooohhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, I'm glad my butt pleases you Mommy." Aria struggled to get that simple phrase out between her squeals of ecstasy.

"It does honey. So very, very much." Ella growled as she began pounding into her daughter even harder than before, "Mmmmmm, you take these cocks so well. Ohhhhhhh, both right up your little fuck hole. Ooooooooh, I, oooooohhhhhhh Ariaaaaaaaaa, mmmmmmm, I couldn't be prouder of you sweetie. Mmmmmm Mommy's so proud of her little girl."

Seeking more of this approval, and more pleasure and ideally some orgasms, Aria slammed herself back and forth on the cocks, the teen becoming a mindless animal determined to fuck the older women and maybe ruin her own holes in the process. The Milfs seemed to have the same idea as they switched to permanently taking it in turns thrusting into Aria in a way which maximised the force of the fucking. They timed perfectly so that when Aria slammed herself downwards Ashley would thrust upwards and when Aria pushed her ass back her Mom would pound her dildo as deep into the teen's butt as it would go.

One particularly hard thrust from her Mom sent Aria crashing over the edge, the floodgates then opening to the point where she just couldn't stop cumming. From Ashley's reactions and her Mom's cries she was pretty sure the older women came too, or at least enjoyed themselves very much. Aria hope so because she definitely wanted to do this again as she couldn't imagine anything more heavenly. She let out a loud scream of pleasure, "Fuck me, fuck me harder. Please don't stop."

She had been expecting her Mom to carry on, certain that they hadn't being going long enough to have tired the older woman out and knowing from her cries and words that she was enjoying it as much as she was. So the teen was surprised when Ella pulled out. Without the friction of the dildo her asshole started to cool and slowly close; and whilst she couldn't deny that Ashley pounding up into her cunt was enjoyable, it lack the absolute pure pleasure of having her special spot slammed from two sides. Not being told to stop she continued to ride Ashley, sure her Mom had just slipped out for a moment, perhaps to massage a kink in her back that the Milf had developed or perhaps the harness had slipped and it need tightening back before Ella returned. But her Mom didn't seem to be doing either of these things, instead just gazing down at her daughter's open asshole as she bounced on her friend.

Ashley also noticed that her friend had pulled out. She didn't stop banging Aria as she asked with a smile, "You want to swap holes? Or daughters."

Ella smiled and shook her head, "Not yet. I think Aria's got plenty left in her yet."

Aria went down all the way on the dildo, "Oh yes! Yes! Oh Yes, yes, yes!" her head rocked, whether it was a nod or a jerk of an orgasm as the pleasure flowed through her was hard to tell, though ultimately, as it was the Moms who made all the decisions, unimportant.

Ella licked her lips as she continued to watch the teen having sex in front of her, "I've always fantasised about DP'ing Aria, taking one hole as someone else took another and its certainly lived up to my expectations."

"Me too," giggled Ashley, "She's such a sexy slut." To emphasise the point she slammed even harder up, driving the dildo so deep into the teen it was like she was being speared. "So you're not wanting to DP Hanna yet? Are you coming back in?"

"I'm sure Hanna will be equally enjoyable," Ella cast a glance at the young blonde, sitting on her knees, entranced by the action. "But I want to try something else before we do her. Do you mind if I get Aria up from you?"

"Okay," said Ashley.

Ella reached down and helped Aria to her feet, there was a slurping sound as she came off the dildo, leaving it soaked with her juice. The teen tottered, her knees weak from the orgasms. Ella looked down at her ass, it was still open and gaping, red rimmed from the attention it had received. Ashley stood up and joined her, licking her lips as she gazed at the teen's battered butt. "Very nice," Mrs Marin said.

"We've not finished yet," smiled Ella. She let go off the teen's waist and said to her, "Down on your knees Aria an stick that cute ass in the air.

"Yes, Mom," giggled Aria. She got down, deliberately or accidentally swinging her ass towards where Hanna was kneeling giving the blonde a foretaste of what her own butt would soon be looking like.

Ashley turned to her friend, "So what do you have in mind?"

Ella smiled, "I've got an idea from this porn movie we were watching on Wednesday" she paused, "Aria you know the one."

Aria's eyes had widened in surprise at her Mom's words and her mouth hung open, but at the question she nodded, "I do..." She paused and waited for her Mom to continue, but as her Mom was quiet she continued, "Back door lesbians. It's an anal lesbian riot," she added unnecessarily. She could feel her excitement growing as she looked at her Mom, who nodded to her to continue to describe what it was. Aria resisted the temptation to rub at her naked and her buzzing with anticipation cunt as she spoke, "There was one scene where the girl was shared between her two friends, and have after they'd done a normal DP they both banged her in the ass... together."

"You don't mean...?" Ashley looked at Ella, smiling.

The other Milf beamed back, "That we double fuck her ass... yes." She looked down at her teenage daughter, "It's open enough, even if a squeeze and I'd know Aria would love it." The young brunette nodded enthusiastically in agreement with her Mom.

"Okay," Ashley nodded, "but we must do Hanna after it."

"We wouldn't want her left out," agreed Ella.

"Hanna," her Mom turned to her, "Make sure you're prepared, don't just sit there watching take one of the toys and make sure that slutty butt of yours is nice and open and ready for us."

"Yes, Mom," said Hanna and stood up to get one of the dildos off the table. Choosing a big one she lay on her front facing Aria and the Mom and began to slide the toy in as she watched.

Ashley went in first, coming behind Aria like it was a normal butt-fucking, gripping the teen's waist and levering her strap-on in. She gave a few deep thrusts, making sure that the teenager's butt still remained open, before pulling half-way out and smiling at her friend, "Let's really share her then."

Ella stepped over Aria back so she was astride the teen and facing Ashley. She slowly lowered her haunches, taking the dildo in her hand and pushing the tip into Aria hole. Ashley pulled back another inch to give her friend some room, but even so it was so tight, as tight as it had been when Aria was a virgin, if not more. The young brunette gave a cry, pain? Pleasure? Both? Ella wasn't sure. But she knew it was something that both she and Aria would reminisce over and remember and she had no qualms about continuing to push into the teenager's tight hole.

"Are you watching this Hanna?" asked Ashley casting a very quick look at her own anally masturbating daughter, "This is going to be you... except we're going to go harder, so work open that butt." Hanna nodded and increased the vigour with which she jilled her back hole.

"Ooooohhh," Aria moaned as more of her Mom's dildo pushed in.

It was still only a couple of inches it looked like her ass was splitting, but Ella was sure the chute was elastic enough to take it, albeit slowly and achingly. She continued forward, her slow entry into her daughter's ass bringing her also closer to Ashley so that the two women were almost touching. Ashley smiled at her friend and wrapped her arms round her back, dragging her further forward and down, so that their tits were brushing against each other as the dildo moved further down Aria. "Let's move in together," smiled Ashley, "It'll be easier."

"Yes," agreed Ella. She put her own arms round her friend so they were embraced like one, their hot, sweaty bodies against each other. Ella was looking into Ashley's face, she wondered if her own was as lust filled and excited; it probably was. "Mmmnnn," she pushed down going further into Aria's ass, taking Ashley with her, "That's good," she giggled as they came up half and inch.

"She's such a natural," said Ashley, "You must be so proud."

"I am," tittered Ella as they went down again, slowly pushing the two dildos deeper into the teen's bowels. This time as she came up her mouth met Ashley's. Their lips opened and their tongues flicked together as they kissed hard and excitedly. Up and down they went, slowly, like a sculptor chipping at a stone, opening the teen's asshole and going further down. All the time their mouths and lips moved in a passionate dance, their tongues bashing and exploring each others mouths. Up and down, further in, brutally overcoming any anal resistance and filling Aria's ass with fake cock. Their bodies pressed together, hard nipples digging and scraping at each other, their hands caressing and rubbing at each other's naked back and butt cheeks. Ella felt Ashley's tongue swish round her mouth as her dildo went as deep in as it could go. The Mom moaned, "MMnnnnn,"

"Aaaaarrrghh, fucccckkk, arrrrgggghhhh," below them Aria screamed and shuddered with pleasure as her asshole was opened like it was a can of baked beans, "Aaaaarrrghh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaaarghhhh!"

Aria had thought there could be nothing better than getting her ass fucked. She had been wrong. Getting double penetrated had been even more amazing, Aria again thinking she had found the most intense pleasure possible. After all what could be possibly better than taking a cock which would never go soft into her cunt and another one just like it into her ass at the same time? The answer to that apparently was taking two cocks up her butt, Aria squealing hysterically as her ass was ripped apart by those two large toys causing orgasm after orgasm to rush through her body.

It didn't matter that Aria didn't think she'd ever be able to sit down again, or even walk, the pain and humiliation was all worth it for this exquisite pleasure. Plus if Aria's ass hole was left gaping open permanently it would make it easier for her Mom to slam her butt for her own happiness. Oh, and her Mom could use bigger butt-plugs. And Aria could be double ass fucked every single day, the last thought causing the teen to smile blissfully as she slipped into a trance, a dreamlike state of sexual nirvana.
"Aria! Aria!" she wasn't sure how long she'd been away with the fairies, but she was brought back to planet earth by her Mom's calls

She became dully aware of sucking noises and something hitting her ass. The blows were infrequent and pretty gentle but this felt devastating against her aching backside. Not that the pain from her cheeks could match what her back hole was going through, Aria feeling so very open and empty as she squirmed around on the floor. Opening her eyes Aria saw Hanna greedily sucking Ashley's cock, the blonde teen taking her Mom's ass flavoured toy down her throat with practised ease, and her own Mom pointing her strap-on against her mouth.

"Aria, I won't tell you again!" Ella said sternly.

Quickly guessing what she had been ordered to do Aria swallowed the head of the cock, only taking a few seconds to savour the taste of the deepest part of her butt before lowering her mouth until the tip of the dildo was pressing against the opening of her throat. She then bobbed her head up and down for a little while, making sure the first half of the toy was thoroughly cleaned before taking it into her throat, Aria taking the whole thing more or less at same time as Hanna although she may have choked on it a little more.

Once the teens had thoroughly cleaned their Moms' dildos Ashley ordered, "Hanna, bend over. It's time for your slutty ass to get double fucked."

"Yes Mom." Hanna mumbled once she had removed the cock from her mouth, the teen quickly turning around and presenting her Mom with her ass, giving it a little wiggle in the hopes of pleasing her top.

Ashley was pleased by the cute little wiggle and how Hanna had managed to keep her back hole nice and loose, although of course she wasn't going to admit that, "Hm, I think your back hole was wider last time I saw it."

"I, I'm sorry Mom." Hanna apologised before crying out when her Mom gave her ass a quick but hard spank.

"Sorry isn't good enough. But I'll deal with your disobedience later." Ashley promised, pressing her strap-on against Hanna's gaping ass hole, "For now I'm just going to have to loosen your butt a bit before we move on to the real fun."

"Yes Mommmmm aaaaaahhhhhh!" Hanna let out a guttural cry as her Mom slammed every inch of her strap-on inside her ass in one hard thrust.

That cry quickly turned to squeals of pleasure as her Mom began hammering her ass, Hanna almost so overwhelmed by this she forgot to feel ashamed for not keeping her butt loose enough for her mother's liking. There was a tiny part of Hanna which couldn't help pointing out her ass still felt pretty loose, and there wasn't any pain at all despite how brutally her Mom was slamming her butt. Of course it didn't matter how loose her ass felt or how easily she was taking the big dildo up her butt, the point was Hanna had displeased the woman who gave her life and for that it was only right she should be ashamed of herself. But it was just so hard when she was being butt fucked.

Being butt fucked had quickly become Hanna's favourite thing ever and she was really looking forward to feeling two cocks in her ass at the same time. She'd had to stop herself several times from begging for it, a big no-no when she didn't have permission. Luckily her current butt fucking was a great distraction. Hopefully her butt hole was bringing her Mom some pleasure which would make up for the apparently lousy job she had done loosening her rectum, Hanna once again reminding herself that it was the older womens' pleasure that mattered here, not her own.

Hanna tried to keep that in mind when her Mom suddenly pulled out of her ass, the blonde biting her lip to not complain that she had been so close to an orgasm while the redhead turned to her friend and said, "Ok Ella, I think she's ready now."

Not needing to be told twice Mrs Montgomery stepped over the teen so she was crouching over her with Ashley behind her. Then the older woman positioned her strap-on against the blonde's ass hole and slowly pushed inside it, Hanna moaning with delight as her rectum was quickly filled with cock. That moan turned to a scream of delight as after only a few thrusts from Mrs Montgomery Hanna felt a second toy being placed against her well stretched back hole, her mother wasting no time in making it stretch even further to accommodate her dick. Of course it hurt, quite a lot actually, but it had nothing on some of the canings Hanna had been taking lately and this wide stretching caused her some really intense and twisted pleasure.

Ashley could clearly see this but she wanted to hear it from Hanna's own lips, "Tell me how it feels sweetie. Tell me how it feels to have two cocks in your worthless little whore ass!"


Hanna tried to keep talking but her words quickly became incoherent jargon as her rectum was slowly filled with a second dildo, those toys rubbing together inside her bowels and causing her wave after wave of pleasure. Soon Hanna was cumming perhaps harder than she had ever cum before, the teen screaming hysterically as she frantically pushed her ass back against the invading pricks, Hanna wishing she had the ability to keep begging for a harder fucking.

Ella was going slowly for three reasons. Firstly, she was exhausted. Fucking her daughter was always tiring work, if it could be called work given how rewarding it was, and adding Hanna into the mix had only made it more energy consuming/rewarding. Secondly, she didn't want to move too fast or hard, especially right at the beginning. After all she didn't want to literally ruin her best friend's favourite fuck hole. Thirdly and most importantly she found the sight of teen butt hole stretching for two dildos intoxicating. Sure Ella had loved it even more when it was her own daughter's back hole obscenely stretching but Hanna did have a delightful little bottom which was taking those dicks so well.

Meanwhile Ashley was loving the sight of Hanna's ass hole stretching for two strap-ons as much as Ella had loved watching Aria's butt stretch like that. However that was about all she had in common with what Ella was feeling. Because although she was equally tired double ass fucking her own daughter with her best friend was reinvigorating Ashley and she was confident that her anal slut of a daughter could take a nice hard double rectum wrecking and still return to her usual tightness. Eventually.

So when Hanna became hysterical Ashley gradually increased the pace until she was slamming her strap-on in and out of her daughter's double stuffed shit hole as hard as she could. Which wasn't as hard as usual, but in Ashley's defence there was another cock in there. Not to mention Hanna's ass tightened up when she came which was practically non-stop at this point, that cream squirting out of Hanna's love box even after the blonde teen had collapsed motionless onto the floor. As she was still whimpering in the light Ashley tightened her grip on her daughter's hips so Hanna's butt could still provide pleasure to the older women, Ella eventually following Ashley's example so that the two Moms were using Hanna's bottom like the fuck hole it was.

That was because Ella became too overwhelmed with the joy of double fucking such a tight teen ass, she and Ashley quickly becoming mindless animals completely obsessed with taking their own pleasure from Hanna's double stuffed butt hole. Thanks to the stimulators on their clits and the sheer pleasure of pounding teen tushy both Milfs came multiple times as Hanna laid there and took it like a good little bitch she had been trained to be. When they were finally satisfied, or more accurately too exhausted to go on, the two Moms collapsed down to the floor.

Almost immediately Aria was by her Mom side, "Can I clean your toy Mom?"

"Go ahead sweetie." Ella beamed as her daughter eagerly swallowed her cock, Aria moaning with delight as she tasted the deepest part of Hanna's bowels.

Not wanting to be left out Ashley smacked her daughter's ass and almost yelled, "Hanna! Stop being so lazy and perform your duties as my ATM bitch daughter!"

Hanna let out a incoherent groan of acknowledgement and crawled over to follow her friend's example, the two daughters quickly cleaning their own Moms' cock with as much enthusiasm as they could muster in their current state. At least the taste of Hanna's ass somewhat reinvigorated them, the Milfs feeling similarly energised from watching their daughters giving them passionate blow jobs.

When she was sure both cocks were cleaned Ashley ordered, "Hanna, Aria... bend over and spread your cheeks! Shows us how well we've stretched your bitch asses!"

Both daughters quickly obeyed, Aria briefly wondering whether she should have waited for her Mom's permission but ultimately deciding it would be something she'd want to see. Aria was right, both her Mom and Ashley adored the sight of the teens' back holes gaping wider than ever before, the two Milfs staring at those wide open holes for several moments before finally getting up, pouring a glass of wine and toasting their success.

"To the website." Ashley said raising her glass.

Ella smiled and clanked her glass against Ashley's, "To the website."


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