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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 2 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

Aria Montgomery walked into the kitchen yawning, her Mom was already there, putting the finishing touches to breakfast. Unlike her daughter, who was still in a robe and hastily thrown on pyjamas, she was fully dressed in tight jeans that clung to her rounded ass and a light black top that half fell of her shoulders. She looked so desirable thought her daughter, so hot and sexy - she was so lucky to have her Mom as a lover. She couldn't resist silently padding behind her Mom in her slippers and sliding one hand onto the Milf's butt, squeezing it gently, but sensually as the other one crept round the front to find a titty to fondle. The teen nuzzled her mouth against her Mom's neck as Ella reacted with a moan to her daughter's touch, straightening up and rubbing back against her. Aria's lips moved higher, up the neck to just behind the ear, a trail of butterfly kisses marking her progress.

"Morning Mom," she murmured, "You're looking ultra hot today." She gave the butt a sharper, squeeze to emphasise her words.

Ella giggled, "I am. Good, you know I like looking hot for you, Aria. Hot and horny," she turned herself so that her mouth could meet her daughter's, her lips opening gently to move at Aria's, "Good morning by the way."

"Morning," Mike Montgomery didn't so much walk as slouch into the kitchen, like his sister still in his sleepwear, in his case boxers and old T-shirt, with a robe half on. He glanced at his Mom and sister briefly, before sitting at the table and looking at it in surprise as if he was expecting the coffee, pancakes and cereal to be already there and served.

His Mom gently disconnected herself from Aria, "Morning Mike," she smiled at her son, "We weren't noisy when we got home?"

"Not when you got home, no," said Mike. Aria wasn't sure if that was a statement of fact or a not to subtle dig that their Mom could express her pleasure at her orgasms loudly and she was having a lot of them one o'clock that morning. The teen took a couple of mugs and started to pour some coffee for her and her brother, her Mom already have a cup half-filled beside her. She was glad her Mom and Dad had such a civilised divorce and that custody for Mike wasn't an issue, with him staying with Ella every other weekend and usually a day or two during the week. And she loved her brother herself, even if he was a little grumpy in the morning and hated movies made before 1990. But at the same time she'd have loved nothing more than to rip down her PJ bottoms and push her Mom's face between her legs; having her brother in the room cramped her style. Even if he was as supportive of them as her Dad and her friends, she wasn't sure he'd want to watch an incestuous lesbian floor show over his bran flakes.

She sat down and sliding overt the mug to her brother as their Mom came over with the food, putting the pancakes in the middle of the table and joining them as the teens snatched out for them whilst they were hot.

"Got any plans today?" she asked Mike.

"Not really, might hang out with a few of the guys," he responded, mouth half full of pancake and then because he obviously thought it might be expected, he swallowed and said, "What about you and Aria?"

Her Mom glanced at her before replying, but Aria had her mouth full of coffee and quickly indicated her Mom should reply. "We're going to look at some curtains for our room and then going to meet Ashley and Hanna for a coffee and some lunch at Ezra's. You can come if you want."

Mike's expression suggested he'd rather bathe in acid, but he managed a more polite, "It's okay, not my thing."

Aria suspected her Mom had known that or she wouldn't have invited him; the curtain trip was some couple time for her and Ella and the lunch was with one of her best friends and her Mom/lover, who was one of her Mom's best friends. Neither would have been improved by having Mike along, no matter how much she loved her brother. Still it was best to move the subject on before there was any changing of minds, she turned to her Mom, "You know the text I got last night?" Before her Mom answered she continued, "I opened it this morning and had a look, you'll never guess what it was..."

"No," her Mom shook her head as Aria reached into her gown pocked and pulled out her phone, quickly getting the message and opening it. She put it on the table so that both Ella and Mike could see; it was a picture of a pair of naked tits, with a message underneath, "Who's tits? - A".

"So who's are they?" asked Mike with interest, any thoughts of curtain shopping with his Mom and sister banished.

"I don't know," said Aria.

"Who's A?" her Mom asked.

"Don't know that either, I didn't recognise the number. I wondered a little if it's Ashley, though those aren't Hanna's..." she saw her brother's quizzical look, wondering no doubt if she'd been having a secret threesome with Han, so she quickly explained, "I've seen them at sleepovers and in the changing room."

"It's a bit of a mystery then," agreed her Mom.

"Probably someone sent it you by accident, it happens," replied Mike, looking down at the tits, with the typical enthusiastic look of a teenage boy on seeing naked boobs.

"Yes, I guess," said Aria taking the phone back before Mike started to drool. She looked down at the photo, it was one she'd have been glad to take, the lighting accentuating the nipples and leaving tiny shadows under the breasts which made them seem firmer than they probably were. She zipped it close, "It's a shame it's nicely composed."

"Are you sure it's not just that is isn't just that you like other women's naked tits," her Mom smirked, "Should I be getting jealous?"

Aria smiled back, her hand moving to her Mom's thighs to give it a squeeze, "I'm not going to deny that I like hot boobies, but yours are definitely in my top five."

"Top five?" her Mom gave a smile.

"Okay, top three, these pair are number four, so you're ahead," Aria said.

"I'll live with that," her Mom said. She grinned teasingly, "You could always send one of the shots of mine to this mysterious A and ask how they compare?"

"I'm tempted," Aria laughed as Mike pulled at face the love-dovey flirting and took the last pancake seconds before Aria reached it. "I've got some very nice pics of yours."

Aria was proud of some of the shots of her Mom. In the main room she had one framed, an erotic print of Ella, naked against a wall; taken from the side it showed the curve of her tits and ass, without showing too much to bug out her brother. And in their room she had got a slightly more risqu‚, black and white, of Ella, leaning forward, wearing just jeans and with her hands covering her titties, but not enough that there wasn't a peak of nipple through her fingers. On the laptop there were much more daring ones that she'd taken of her Mom; though she wasn't going to send them to a stranger. She shook her head, "But no... it could be some evil stalker."

Ella laughed and Mike smiled. The teen stood up, "I'm going to have a shower and get ready."

* * *

Hanna and Ashley Marin held hands happily as they walked down the sidewalk, Ashley giving friendly nods and greeting to acquaintances Hanna glancing in the shop windows in case of a bargain. Seeing a dress that would look good on her Mom (or at least would look good on her Mom before Hanna got it off) the teen paused and pulled her Mom towards the window so that she could see it. They discussed it for a few moments before ending it with Hanna giving her Mom a peck on the lips and squeezing her hand. They were such a great couple, Aria thought, and, as the longest lived pairing within their group of friends, an inspiration about how to keep the passion alive.

Not that she and her own Mom had any problems on that score themselves.
The Montgomerys waited just outside the coffee shop for their friends to join them; they'd actually been about to go in and find a seat where Aria had spotted the Marins coming towards them and paused her Mom to wait for them. Hanna smiled as she got closer, letting go off her Mom's hand to step-forward and give Aria a hug and Ella a kiss on the cheek, her Mom doing it the opposite way round. The blonde gestured at the shop, "Shall we go in?"

The four of them found ac comfy alcove away from the bustle of the main tables, taking a seat in he relative privacy. Ezra Fitz came over with the menus, greeting the four women cordially, he and Ella had been ex-colleagues at Rosewood High and both the Milf and her daughter had had a crush on the handsome teacher until they discovered each other. After a few moments conversation he retreated with the coffee orders leaving them to decide what they were eating.

"Pam cooked up a really nice meal yesterday," said Ashley as she scanned the menu.

"I said to Mom we need to invite her and Em round for a meal, now they're a couple," Aria said, she slipped her hand down to her Mom's knee and stroked it.

"That's a good idea, Mom, we ought to do the same," said Hanna, "Say thank you, you could make some of that pasta and salad, Em loves that and we'd get in a bottle of wine."

Ashley nodded in agreement, "That would be nice."

"Now they're together it'd be nice to have another dinner party with us and Spencer and Veronica as well. It's not often we all get together, I know the girls were worried if we did too much as couples Em would feel left out, but that wouldn't be a problem," Ella said, "Do you think the brushchetta?"

"I was thinking I might go for the chicken salad," Hanna said tentatively, "I'm not sure though..."

The four of them discussed it and other options as Ezra brought the coffee and gave his opinions. Hanna still couldn't decide, but after a few minutes of umming and ahhing and constantly changing her mind she went for the chicken salad as the others gave their orders with more decisiveness. The teen lent back in the seat, her Mom coming back with her and resting her head on Hanna's arm as the teen placed it round her shoulder.

"I saw Jessica DiLaurentis's being putting up more 'lost' posters," said Ella, she briefly glanced at her daughter and Hanna to see their reactions. Aria kept her face neutral. Hanna did the same. The teen brunette knew they all thought about their vanished friend and, kind of, missed her. But as the old saying went about time healing wounds and it had been four years since she'd gone. She was surely dead.

Something Ashley also thought though she wasn't blunt enough to put it into words, she wasn't her daughter, "Poor thing. She's never given up hope."

"They never found a body," said Ella.

"She was probably dumped into a mine shaft or something," said Hanna, who wasn't one for delicacies.

Aria wasn't sure she wanted to think to much about what had happened to Alison; whenever she did she could never imagine anything good. She shivered and started to move the conversation, sliding her hand out to stroke her Mom's hair and the back of her neck, "I don't know what I'd do if Mom vanished."

"Me neither," grinned Hanna squeezing her Mom's shoulder and leaning into to give her a kiss, "Who else would I bang?"

"I'm sure you'd find someone," her Mom blushed and laughed, knowing her daughter's word were a compliment.

"I'd never find someone so hot in the sack," Hanna quipped back.

"Don't be so sure, my Mom is plenty energetic," said Aria. And then realising what she'd said, squeezed her Mom's thigh, "Not that I'd be giving her up." And to confirm what she thought she leant in and kissed her Mom's lips as the other two smiled approvingly.

"Brushchetta? Chicken salad?" the waitress came over with the plates, she smelled faintly of weed.

"Me," Ella put up her hand. "And Hanna," she said, pointing to the blonde.

The other two dishes arrived moments later and the four women began to eat. They continued to talk about various things, including Pam's culinary skills, Aria's photography, how Ella was getting on in her new school and the short skirt Hanna had seen recently and was hoping would soon be available at a discount. The meal over Hanna and Ashley stood up to go over to the counter to pay. Ezra was serving someone else and the waitress was nowhere to be seen, so the two teen's waited, glancing over at their Mom's.

Suddenly they both grinned, Ashley and Ella had taken advantage of their alcoves privacy and that no-one was behind the counter to pop their boobs out and wiggle them at their daughters. Ella was lifting hers over her top and Ashley had undone a few buttons on the blouse, pulling it back to bounce them. The two teens laughed, "I think that's a signal we'll be getting some later," said Aria.

"Oh yes, but don't we always? I do," grinned Hanna.

"Me as well," said Aria, she smiled at her Mom as the woman hastily pulled back her top so no-one else could see, before turning to her friend and saying, "That reminds me, I got this accidental text last night, someone sent it me." She pulled out her phone and located the message from A, thumbing it so Hanna could see the topless pic.

Instead of laughing or saying how lucky Aria was to get random titty photos on her cell Hanna frowned and reached into her own purse and scrolling through the messages, holding it up to Aria. It was the same pair of tits with the same message 'Who's tits? - A'. The blonde looked at her friend, "I thought it was you as a joke, you know A... Aria."

"It's not my number," said Aria.

"I thought you might have been using Mike's phone or your Dad's or something. Truth tell I was so sure it was you I didn't think about it. I even sent a message back, guessing at Mona's."

"I'm not sure that's a good guess, the skin colour's wrong for starters," said Aria. She frowned as well, "I thought it might have been your Mom, same thinking A... Ashley, but the titties didn't look like yours and I couldn't see why she'd send them me. I just thought someone had misent."

"If they did, it's a big coincidence," said Hanna.

"It's probably Spencer or Em," said Aria, "though they're going to have to explain the 'A' tag as I don't get it."

"Anal? something to do with fucking their Moms?" Hanna shrugged, "Those aren't there's, wonder if they're just someone's off the web, you know like a porn star. or..." her face brightened, "perhaps someone famous or someone we know has been posing for porn."

"Could be," agreed Aria. Ezra had appeared back and she and Hanna broke of their conversation to give him the money, before turning to face each other again. "Look, I'll ring Em and you speak to Spence, see if it's either of them."

Holding up their hands to show their Moms they weren't leaving yet the two teen's speed-dialled their friends. The conversations weren't long, and Hanna was frowning as much as Aria when she hung-up. "Spence didn't send it," Aria said, "She's got it as well and thought it was from me."

"Ditto with Em, she thought it was you as well. She did say they were a nice pair and she's seen more than the rest of us. She also said they weren't Paige's or Samara's... not that they'd be sending us snaps anyway."

"It's probably nothing, we've signed up for the same mailing list or something," said Aria, though she wasn't convinced.

Her friend shrugged, "Perhaps." She smiled, "Still what's the harm, I'm not going to complain if someone sends us pics of titties, even if I'm banging my Mom I can still look."

"Yes," Aria nodded, though she had a lurking feeling there was more.

* * *

"Who was that?" asked Pam as her daughter Emily returned to the main room from taking a call.

"Just Aria about a text I got, nothing big," replied Emily. She smiled as she settled back on the couch, slipping easily and comfortably next to her Mom, so their thighs rubbed and tingled at the slightest movement, "Where were we?" she asked as her arm slid round her Mom, pulling the Milf into the cradle of her shoulder.

Her Mom didn't answer, just giving a low moan of satisfaction and snuggling into Emily as she pressed the remote and the Game of Thrones DVD restarted. The teen focussed simultaneously on the show and on caressing her Mom, her hand sliding down to the flesh of the shoulder to her Mom's top, tracing a line with her finger on the skin above it. She could feel her Mom's little shudders of pleasure as her finger hovered just above the cleavage, rubbing and massaging the centre point between her rib cage, not quite descending into the gap between the bosoms, but not quite withdrawing either.

Emily knew how lucky she was; she'd had other female lovers before her Mom and she'd enjoyed them a lot, especially Paige before her ex's jealousy and hatred of a dead girl got too much, but none could compare to her Mom. It just felt so good, comfortable and snug one moment, lust-filled and passionately exciting the next. Her Mom was throwing herself into the relationship as well, willing to try things she'd never tried before and not just kissing another girl, but dinner parties with their friends and anal as well; and Em had enjoyed both.

Keeping her eyes on the screen Emily she moved her mouth to kiss her Mom's ear lobe, making the Milf shiver more. And even as she was doing that her hand went over her Mom's top, stroking the boob through the material and feeling the nipple get hard. Her Mom giggled, even as on screen blood flowed from an unlucky man-at-arms throat, burrowing herself even more snugly in Emily's arms. The teen grinned to herself and continued to massage at her Mom's boobs whilst planting a continuous string of small, loving pecks on her Mom's neck and ear. On the screen the beautiful, but cold Queen, appeared topless. Emily laughed, "Boobs."

Her Mom laughed as well, managing just to hit pause on the remote, before her daughter's hands were at her top jerking it down and sliding under her own titties so that the Milf's breast bounced out and into Em's hands. The teen squeezed them, grinning, "Boobs. I love boobs."

"I've noticed," giggled her Mom, struggling free and turning round so that she was lying on her daughter's chest facing up, her tits squeezed against the teen's midriff. She reached up to the couch behind Em and used the back to pull herself up, her bosom trailing over Em, until she was face to face with the teen. Emily didn't waste time, grabbing her Mom's back to hug her close as her mouth moved to her Mom's. The Milf was such a hot lesbian kisser, her tongue and lips twisting and playing with Emily's, reacting to teen's passionate and hard probing and pressing. The teen could feel her Mom's tits squashed against hers, the naked flesh rubbing at the thin cotton of Em's vest. It made the teen ever hotter, she briefly thought about getting back to the TV show, but equally rapidly decided against it.

Instead she moved one of her hands down to her shorts, undoing the buttons on the denim and starting to push them down. Her Mom could sense the actions and kissed her daughter even more heavily, one of her own hands shifting to help Em bring her shorts down to her thighs. That done the Milf's hands went between Em's thighs, making some space for her hand to stroke the pussy through the thin panties. "MMmnnn," Emily moaned, "You know what I want Mom, give it me."

Pam kissed down the teen's neck and then dropped rapidly, pulling herself back so that she was sitting on the floor, her tits dangling over her top as she took Em's shorts down the rest of the way. The teen groaned in excitement as she placed her thumbs in the elastic of her panties, raising her ass as she pulled them to her knees. Pam took over, taking the panties in her hands and bringing them the rest of the way, dropping them beside her. Em's legs opened and she showed her Mom her shaven slot. The Milf look ravenous for her daughter's cunt. Emily licked her lips in anticipation, "Come on, Mom, eat my twat."

She relaxed against the sofa as her Mom went in, knowing she was in for a cuntlicious lapping. Her Mom didn't disappoint, spreading the teen's legs and then opening her pussy with her fingers Pam tucked in. Her tongue speared the pussy, slamming over it and diving between the lips to taste the twat walls, pounding the pink, wrinkly skin. Em gasped and moaned, rocking on the sofa, arching her back and gripping a cushion to her chest. "OOoohh, uuuurrhhh, Mom, lick my lovely pussy, lap it with your tongue. Ooohhh, yessss, I love having your face between my legs."

Pam slurped harder, her fingers joining the tongue in a delightful combination, even as with her other hand she was thumbing the clit, rubbing it in a circular motion, sending explosives jolts of pleasure surging through the teen. Emily's eyes jammed shut as her face contorted and twisted, ecstasy etched in it like carvings on a wall. "Oooohhh, God, Mom, keep it up, eat my twat."

To think that not long ago her Mom had never even kissed a girl, never mind eaten cunt and now she was doing it like she'd be practising for years, a professional pussy eater and one at the top of it as well. She combined that perfect combination of energy, enthusiasm and expertise, slapping the cunt hard, hitting the sweet spots and never pausing even as Em shrieked and bucked, her body bouncing at the couch. The remote fell from the shuddering arm rest, clattering at the floor and knocking the pause button off; Game of Thrones restarted, but Em wasn't watching. She screamed out in excitement, "Fuuuuckkk, oooohhh, yessss, aaaaarggghh, eat me, eat me up."

Pam tongue and finger continued to pound, her thumb pressing and caressing the clitoris for extra pleasure, the combination sending her daughter in paroxysms of ecstatic bliss, shrieking and screaming and gasping, "AAAArrrghh, aaarrrgghhh, yesssss." Emily had the best cunt licking Mom in Rosewood, she was sure, and from what her friends all said, there was some competition. She bucked and heaved, the orgasms rushing through her like a flooding river, tearing aside anything in their path and leaving her muscles tense and relaxed, tingling and burning. "Aaaarrrrghhh," she screamed even louder as the her Mom drove her to even higher orgasmic heights, "AAAaarrrgghhh."

Pam continued licking, giving her daughter the munching she so craved. The Milf's mouth pressed at the hole, her lips pushing into it, getting soaked with the girl cum as her tongue lapped it up and her fingers pounded deep. "Ooohhh, God, yesss, urrrrhh, uuurrhhh," Em gripped the cushion tighter, her eyes fluttering and her sock clad feet tapping a staccato tune on the floor., Harder and harder her Mom did her cunt, enthusiastic and eager for Em juice. The teen cried out again as another orgasm rushed, "Aaaaarrrghh, yesssss, aaaarrrrghhh. That's it, I'm cumming, fuck I am so cumming. AAAarrrrrghhh." Her back arched so much that it was a miracle her spine didn't snap like a toothpick. Her Mom continued to slam, her tongue driving the teen through the orgasm and into even sunnier uplands, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, aaaarrrrghhh, fuuuckk, aaaaarrggghh."

"You liked?" Pam looked up at her panting daughter, the teen's juice dripping from her lips and smothering her chin.

"I did," grinned Emily, "You were as fantastic as ever."

Her Mom, stood up and reached for the remote, "Where were we?" she smiled and started to rewind the DVD, before tucking her boobs back into her top. Emily meanwhile had stood up and was getting back into her panties and shorts. She sat back and gestured for her Mom to slide into the crook of the arm. Pam did so, stopping the DVD a few moments before Cersei's topless scene and getting herself comfortable as she pressed play.

"Boobs," Emily laughed as the Queen dropped her robe again and pulled at her Mom's top, exposing hers again.

Pam laughed and turned to kiss Em as the teen once more began to undo her shorts...

* * *

Ashley and Hanna Marin entered their house laden with shopping bags full of clothes they'd spent the afternoon buying, or technically full of clothes Hanna had bought with her Mom's credit card; the Milf's own purchases were modest - a scarf and a couple of new tops. Not that Ashley minded for a moment, she liked going shopping with Hanna and buying things for her daughter/lover; it was something they could enjoy doing together.

Nor was it the only thing as Hanna immediately reminded her, dropping her bags on the floor and taking Ashley in her arms to kiss her hard and passionately. The raven haired Mom replied in kind, sliding her tongue back at her daughter's and stroking the teen's back and perfect, sexy, little butt. Reluctantly the Milf broke the kiss, smiling at her daughter, "I should start dinner."

Hanna didn't let her go, grinning, "If you're hungry there's other things you could eat."

"I shouldn't," giggled her Mom, Hanna's honeypot was tempting.

"Oh you should," her daughter insisted with a smile as with one hand she lifted the hem of her dress and placed the other on her Mom's shoulder, encouraging the Milf down.

Ashley got down, kicking off her shoes as she knelt. She reached up to Hanna's panties and with an expertise born of long experience slid them down to the teen's ankles in one fluid motion. Her daughter's cunt looked as yummy and sexy as always; the tastiest meal that a Mom could eat.

The Milf slid her head forward. Hanna lifted her skirt and rested it on the top of Ashley's head as her Mom's finger's moved to the crack, gently prying it apart so she could lick gently. Her tongue slid up and down over the slit and the flesh between, teasing at the clit above, making Hanna moan. The teen leant forward, placing her hands on her Mom's shoulders, her nails biting into the Milf's flesh as she gripped, nipping more tightly as Ashley's tongue flicked up and down her slot. "Uuuurrhh, uuuurhhh, you know how I like it Mom, lap my cunt, ooooohh, urrrrrhhh."

Ashley resisted the temptation to drive her tongue hard in and slam a finger (or two) into the teen's cunt at the same time. She kept her licking slow and gentle, exploring the younger Marin's cunt, dabbing around the hole and teasing at the clit hood, stroking the bud underneath. She could sense Hanna's mounting excitement, the shivers of the teen reverberating down her arms and hands, making Ashley's shoulders tingle and hurt. She could have slurped hard and quick, powering Hanna to an orgasm. But that was a waste...

"Oooohhh, uuuuhhh, Mom, oooohhhh that's nice, you make my cunt feel so good, mmmnnn, ohhhhh, use your tongue, lick my sweet twat all up," the blonde teen gasped and shuddered, rocking on her feet.

Rolling her eyes, whilst keeping her tongue in position, Ashley could see her daughter's face, twisted into beams of pleasure, her eyes glazed with a far-away bliss. Slowly, gradually she began to speed up - not too fast, just enough to tantalise her daughter's tight twat. The teen groaned and gasped, pressing her cunt at her Mom, daring her go faster; only Ashley's monumental self-control stopped her. "Mmnnnn, go on Mom, slurp it, slam your dirty tongue down my sexhole, lick me so good."

Ashley's hands moved to her daughter's butt, cradling them in her hands as she pushed her face forward. Her tongue continued to probe and explore the teenage cunt, sliding over the slit and lips and the mound around and then back to slither over the wet, pink flesh within the hole, her touch making Hanna grasp her harder. "Oooohhh, urrrhhh, give it me Mom, give it me." The teen shuddered, her head rising so she was staring upwards, her mouth moving soundlessly as her jaw shuddered, every facial muscle contorting in excitement.

Ashley let go and went for it, her tongue slashing speedily the slick slot, pounding the pussy with passion and pace. Her hands were gripping the teenager's butt, as if she would overbalance as she let go, her face forced as far as she could get it into Hanna's soaking wet, juicy, lovely pussy. The teen shrieked and squealed, holding her Mom's shoulders as her Mom was gripping her ass cheeks, though in her case, there was a risk that without her Mom to lean on her legs would give way. "OOoohh, urrrhhh," she groaned, "Oh Mom, eat my cunt, you eat pussy soooo good."

That was true Ashley knew, but then living with a teen as insatiable as her daughter she had a lot of practice. She slammed harder, ramming her tongue into the teenage twat and rushing it up through the flesh to pummel the clit, making Hanna shake and shudder even more intensely. The teen's screams were loud and lovingly passionate, "Yessss, Mom, yesssss, I love you, eat my twat, ooooohhh fuucckkk, tongue it Mom, fuuuckkk, yesssss!"

Ashley was experienced enough with her daughter to know she was on the cusp and her tongue rammed to take her to that peak. Hanna's fingers tightened on the Milf and her mouth opened in a loud scream, "AAaarrrghhh yesssss, aaaaarrggghhhh."

She gushed. The explosion of girl cum shooting from her pussy like a geyser. It blasted into Ashley's mouth and as she automatically brought her head back it showered her face and neck and down onto her chest, the warm liquid soaking the top of her blouse, leaving it clinging to her.

Above her Hanna was taking deep breaths and trying to focus, leaning her hands on her Mom's shoulders as she recovered. "Wow," she said in admiration, "Wow, Mom, that was even better than normal." She let go off her Mom and took a step backwards, still looking stunned, "I think my pussy may have just gone to heaven."

"I try my best," giggled Ashley, "Nothings to good for my sexy daughter."

"Mmmnn, I love you Mom," Hanna moved in for a kiss, not minding that her Mom's lips and mouth tasted of her cum.

"I love you too," Ashley murmured before they connected, standing there in a sweet and passionate embrace, tongues and mouths moving in partnership, hands cradling each other. After a few moments Ashley broke away and looked at the bags of shopping, strewn in the hall, "I better pack these away before dinner."

"And after dinner, you can eat some more," giggled her daughter.

* * *

"Is there anything else on?" Mike asked, his voice, expression and body language suggesting that the movie was close to edging him from extreme boredom into becoming soporific.

"It's a classic," his sister replied, the teen brunette keeping a close hand on the remote; Aria being a big follower of the adage 'she who controls the remote controls the TV'.

"Classic sleep inducer," moaned Mike, following up his words with a yawn that was both fake and exaggerated. Aria ignored him and returned to watching Sunset Boulevard. She had seen it before, a couple of times, and if you could say this about a movie from 1950, she felt it never got old. It wasn't as if Mike would be watching anything good, sport or the reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer probably and that was rubbish - if Sunset Boulevard was a classic of moviemaking, Buffy was just boring trash which had been dated when it first came out. Mike grumped some more, but seeing there was nothing he could do short of wrestling it from her, and Aria knew his weak spots, he settled in his seat and continued to watch. She knew was good for him and in later years he'd thank Aria for her selflessness in exposing him to the best of American movie culture.

"What are we watching?" Ella said as she came into the main room.

"Paint drying," replied Mike.

"Sunset Boulevard," replied her daughter.

"Haven't you seen this?" replied Ella, but unlike Mike she made no suggestion that they watch something else, she too being a believer that control of the remote signified control of the television and her lover had the remote. Instead she walked over to the couch that her daughter was sitting on. Aria took her eyes of the screen long enough to appreciate her Mom; she was wearing a short nightdress to the top of her thighs, with a hint of translucence and with her robe hanging open Aria could see the shape of her Mom's nipples against the nightie's white satin. The Milf sat down, automatically slipping into her daughter's arms, the teen sliding one round her back whilst she moved the other over to rub at her Mom's naked thigh.

Them Milf snuggled back, she still had that fresh washed smell of shampoo and body soap clinging to her, her hair almost dry, but not quiet, a damp sheen still visible. Aria hand moved up and down her Mom's leg, caressing the naked skin. Suddenly Sunset Boulevard seemed stale, something she'd seen before. But if she gave in straight away Mike would forever be badgering her for the remote; she just had to hold it together with her hot Mom until the movie finished. Still that didn't mean the hand round her Mom's back couldn't creep lower to tease her Mom's titties, tracing patterns round the nipples, making them hard and erect. Ella giggled and squeezed tighter back into her girlfriend's arm, her giggling got louder as Aria's mouth moved to her and began to kiss her ear gently before moving down to tickle the neck for a moment.

Mike looked briefly over and gave a brief sigh, it wasn't serious, he knew the two love-birds often found it hard to resist each other. It was more, a 'why don't you get a room and leave me the remote' type sigh.

Ella's hand moved back to her daughter's thigh and as the teen rubbed her, she in turn caressed Aria. The teen felt her pussy heating as her Mom massaged her pyjamas up and down her leg, the silk sensually stimulating the skin beneath. Her Mom turned her head towards her, smiling naughtily as she continued stroking the teen down to her knee. She licked her lips, sexily, the succulent sweetness of her smile promising much. The teen grinned back, giving her Mom's thigh a tighter squeeze and pinging at her nipple to show that she was noting the signals and then turned back to try and concentrate on the movie.

Her Mom wasn't making it easy, her own hand tightly caressing at the teen and her back rubbing against Aria's side. And whilst Ella had turned back to watch the movie herself, it was only temporary as after a few moments she turned again and deliberately and silently mouthed at her daughter, "I am hot."

"Me too," Aria murmured back, squeezing her Mom's thigh in response.

Ella took Aria's wrist and moved it upwards so that it was sliding over the bottom of the nightdress. The Milf opened her legs slightly so that Aria was rubbing over her pussy. "I'm not wearing panties," she turned and mouthed.

"I noticed," Aria murmured in reply, her mouth moving to her Mom's ear as Ella turned back to the TV. She could feel a tingle in her own pussy, a recognition that her Mom was the hottest in Rosewood and was, as usual, as horny as hell.

For at least a minute her Mom returned to watching the movie, her hand continuing to stroke her teen daughter and the teen daughter in returning massaging and playing with her. Then she turned again, her mouth moving in an exaggerated motion so that Aria could perfectly lip-read her silent words, "I have a craving for cock. In my ass."

Now that was an offer Aria couldn't turn down; though they did anal at least three or four times a week, often more, Aria could never get enough of pounding her Mom's sexy butt and her Mom knew it; Aria wouldn't turn down the offer. The teen pulled her arm back from her Mom, standing up and, as her Mom stood up to join her, tossing the remote at her brother, "We're going to get an early night," she explained as he deftly caught it.

"Thanks Mom," he grinned, switching over to a repeat of an Ice-Hockey game from earlier.

"Why are you thanking her, it was me who gave you the remote?" Aria asked.

"Yeah right," Mike replied, settling comfortably in his seat, "See you tomorrow."

Aria was half-tempted to take the remote back. However her Mom was already heading to the stairs and perhaps to encourage her daughter, or perhaps because she was hot, horny and wanted her daughter to be as well, she briefly lifted up her robe and nightdress, flashing her sexy round butt. "Night Mike," said Aria and swifttly scuttled after her lover, catching her as she stepped onto the stairs and squeezing her, now sadly covered, butt. "Let's go upstairs," she said with a grin.

The Milf sauntered slowly up the stairs, wiggling her ass at Aria to the teen's enjoyment and once at the top pausing to give her daughter another quick flash on Mom butt. Aria grinned, reaching forward to give her Mom's ass a playful swat, eliciting an equal playful shriek. "Get moving, Mom," the teen laughed, "I'm ready for some hot butthole."

Her Mom giggled and teasingly walked even slower down the landing to their room, deliberately swaying her hips so her ass waved sexily under her light robe. Aria grinned, walking behind her Mom and enjoying the view, she didn't mind the delay, knowing that it'd be worth it - it always was.

They got into the room, the new curtain's definitely went well with the wallpaper, Aria quickly concluded as she shut the door behind them. Then she turned to give her concentration to Ella, both Mom and daughter shrugging of their dressing gowns to quickly come together.

Taking each other's faces in their hands they brought them together and began to kiss, rapidly, passionately, peppering each other's mouths, noses, chins and cheeks with intense lip-smacking kisses. "I love you Aria," murmured Ella in one of the few moments her lip wasn't attached to her daughter's face.

"I love you too," Aria responded, her mouth latching onto her Mom's, swivelling round it as she forced her tongue forward. Ella's tongue met it, slithering over and around her teenage lover's, the two Montgomery's filling each other's mouth with saliva and spit.

Aria's hands moved down to her Mom's ass, kneading and gripping the buttocks, at first through the thin night-dress and then lifting it up so she could play with the naked flesh directly. "MMnnnnn," Ella moaned and giggled, lifting her head so Aria could suck at her neck, "Ooooohh, Aria, you're so hot."

Her own hands was between the two of them, gently undoing the buttons on Aria's pyjama top and opening it so that the material resting on either side of her tits, allowing the Milf's mouth to move down and start to lick them. It was Aria's turn to moan and giggle as her Mom crouched down and began to suckle on her boobs, licking round the nipples, before sucking at them, chewing gently and teasing the rapidly hardening nubs. "Suck my breasts, Mom, lick them and eat them." The Milf did as she was told, slurping harder and tongue toying the titties. It made Aria shiver in pleasure; it wasn't the nicest place her Mom had used her mouth, but there was still an erogenous zone which could be stimulated and the Milf knew how to do it. "MMmnnn, yes, that's lovely, mmmnnn suck that titty Mom, like that, that's right, ooooohhh."

As her Mom's mouth played with her titties the teen reached for her pyjama bottoms, pulling them down to her thigh; stopping there as to remove them all the way she'd have to bend down and that would mean her Mom breaking contact with her boobs. Even with her bottoms half-on her pussy was exposed and as her Mom sucked and lapped her tits Aria began to rub her pussy, adding to the tingles she had been feeling there. One of her Mom's hands joined it, Ella concentrating on thumbing and rubbing the bottom of the pussy and the mons, whilst Aria concentrated on top and her clit. "Mmnnnn, ooooohhh, yes, this is so good, mmnnnn yes," Aria moaned.

Her Mom's mouth continued to munch at the teenager's pert titties for a few more moments before suddenly she pulling away. Aria momentarily thought about telling her to carry on and then decided to see what her Mom was going to do next, sure that the Milf was wanting to stop yet - she'd want Aria as hot and horny for the ass-banging as possible. Almost immediately the teen was glad she hadn't said anything as her Mom pulled the night-dress over her head, standing naked in front of her daughter, grinning and placing her hand gently on her chest, "Sit down baby, Mommy's going to slurp your cunt now."

Getting on the bed Aria opened her legs for her Mom as the Milf wasted no time in dropping to her knees and going in. Her tongue shot out and she began to lick enthusiastically, pummelling the pussy hard and fast. Aria moved her legs up and over her Mom's shoulders, wrapping them round Ella's head and effectively pinning her to her cunt. Not that Ella was in any hurry to escape as she burrowed her face in the soaking hole, slurping and lapping at the juice like she'd been stuck in the desert.

"Oooohhh, uuurrhhh, give it me Mom," Aria moaned. She slid her hands up to her titties, gripping and playing with them, the nipples still hard and wet after her Mom's ministrations. The Milf's tongue rammed at her slit, slamming up through the damp flesh and out, driving over the lips and mons, spewing juice everywhere. "MMMnnnn, lick me harder, tongue my clit." Ella did so, shifting from the inside to the outside, pushing her tongue under the hood and hitting the bud with enthusiasm, powering into it so hard that Aria shuddered and shook, squealing through clenched teeth, "Uuuuurrrhh, oooohhhh, ooohhh, aaaahhhh, yessss."

Whatever else you could say about Ella, whatever her faults (and Aria didn't think there were many) she was one hell of a pussy-licker. In her daughter's view if there was an Olympics for cunt lapping her Mom was a shoe-in for Gold, though she was realistic to think that lots of daughters probably thought the same. Still they'd have to be pretty special to compete with her Mom, who was able to do things with her mouth that were sending her pretty teenage daughter to paradise. "OOOoohhh, aaaahhh, uurrhhh, yesssss, ooohhhh, lick me, eat my cunt, slurp up my juice."

Aria squeezed her Mom's head tighter, encouraging the Milf to pound at the pussy hole even more vigorously, smashing her tongue at the juicy hole. "Fuuuckkk, yeessss, harder, Mom, harder, make me cum, I want to smear my wet cunt-juice over your face. Ooohhhh, that's it, lick my twat, like that's, yes, that's the way. Oooohhh, aaaarrrhhh."

The Milf's tongue rammed and probed, hitting the hole and then sweeping up and down, finding the G-spot inside and the clit out, pleasuring both and sending rushing waves into Aria. The teen squeaked and squealed, shuddering as the ecstasy built up, like a steadily rising volcano. And eruption, the orgasm smashed Aria and she screamed loudly, "Aaaarrrrggghhh, fuuuucckkk, yesssss, aaaaarrghhh." Her shrieks were wild and wanton, telling Mike exactly what his Mom and sister were doing, if he hadn't known already. Luckily it was no secret as her Mom's tongue continued to hammer, prolonging and deepening the orgasm, "AAAarrrghhhh, fuuucckkk, aaaaaarrggghh," Aria screamed, her body burning, her limbs atrophying into usefulness. Her legs fell from her Mom's shoulders and her body slumped falling back on the bed.

Her Mom giggled and stood up, licking the cum from her face. She slowly stood up, allowing Aria, still lying on their bed, to see her in all her sexy, naked glory as she slowly turned and retreated. Aria lay still for a few moments, recovering from the orgasms and trying to return to some sort of equilibrium, her pussy was still wet, tingling with lust, but in not such desperate need that she couldn't return the favour and send her Mom to orgasmic heaven. She could here Ella rooting in the cupboard for a strap-on and the teen sat up, "Pass me the blue one, you know the one with the bulbous cock-end."

Her Mom nodded, "This one?" she asked, holding up the one Aria had asked for. She didn't wait for an answer, knowing she was right, walking over and passing it to her daughter. Aria took it and stood up, stepping into the harness and pulling it up. As she adjusted the toy and straps so that end would rub against her clit as she butt-banged her Mom Ella was opening the tube of lube they kept with the toys. "I'll just get you ready," she said, dropping to her knees in front of her daughter again.

Taking a liberal helping of the gooey gel in her hand Ella started to rub it into the toy, using both her hands to spread and smear the lube, running her fingers round the ridges and cracks and swirls that lined the shaft. She squirted more directly onto the toy and worked it further, round the head and all the way down to the end, Aria nodding in approval, like her Mom she knew from experience the dick would be going all the way into the Milf ass. Ella looked up, smiling wantonly, "That's ready."

Aria slid a finger along her cock, feeling the dampness and nodded, "Yes, that's prepped." She reached down and helped her Mom to stand, guiding the Milf onto the bed and rolling her on her side. She got behind and beside her, the mattress dipping under her as she closed on her Mom.

"Fuck me, stick your dick in my ass," Ella said, her voice thick with lust and anticipation. Her hand was between her legs, stroking her cunt, making it wetter as she waited impatiently for the other hole to be filled. "Give it me Aria, bang my butt, just do it baby."

Aria was in no hurry, making last minute adjusting the toy so it was snugly against her pussy and wiggling on her side until she found the most comfortable spot to lie. Only then did she get into position with her Mom one hand resting on her Mom's ass, the other taking hold off the oiled up strap-on. Slowly she pulled up the cheek, exposing the rosebud between it and it's twin. As ever it looked tight and virginal, as if it couldn't take anything bigger than a pencil up there. Looks could be deceiving.

Aria pushed the tip of the toy at the hole, not pushing it home, teasing her Mom, "Do you want it Mom? Really, truly, deeply? It's such a big thick cock and your ass looks so tight."

"You know I want it," squeaked her Mom indignantly, "I always want your dildo in that hole."

"I'm not sure," giggled Aria, "I'm not sure it'll fit. Tell you what why don't you lie on your back and I'll fuck your hot pussy instead."

"Don't you dare," said Ella, though she didn't sound like she thought her daughter meant it, "anal's my favourite and you're just being bad."

"A bad daughter would fuck her Mommy's asshole and gape it open, I'm saying that I don't want to ruin that super sexy butt by smashing it open like a bank vault."

"I want it wrecked, I want you to hammer it so hard I won't be able to sit for a month," moaned Ella, rubbing her pussy vigorously as she spoke.

"If you insist," giggled Aria, "but don't say you weren't warned."

She pushed the dildo at the hole, splitting apart the rosebud and driving the toy in as deep as she could in one thrust. Immediately it went half way helped by the lube, the flexibility of her Mom's experienced asshole and her own strength and experience. Ella squealed loudly at the penetration, her spare hand gripping at the bedding and her eyes popping like jumping beans on a burning hot pan. "Mmnnn, look at that asshole stretch," purred Aria though for her Mom to see it she'd have had to been more anatomically gifted than a gymnast. Aria pulled back a few inches, to prepare to ram again, continuing to tease her Mom, "It's so open that perhaps I shouldn't fuck it any more... I wouldn't want to wear it out."

"Don't you dare," moaned Ella, her teeth clenched and her breaths deep and passionate pants. "Bang my ass until it splits."

"Uuurhhh," Aria didn't reply, at least in words, but she did hammer her cock back down the hole, which she thought was an answer of sorts and from her Mom's squeal of pleasure the one she wanted. She grabbed her Mom's waist, for leverage, and worked her cock in and out rapidly.

It didn't take long for the second, higher, half of the toy to join the lower half encased in Ella's hole, stretching the walls and making the hot Milf squeal and squeak in excitement. her hand rubbed vigorously at her cunt, the juice coating both lips and palm as it streamed from the front hole. With each thrust she trembled with excitement, making the mattress beneath her shudder and rolling the sheets in her hand like little waves. "OOoooohh, yes, Aria. I want that dick, fuck Mommy's butt wide open, you know how I love it."

"MMmnnn, hot Mom butt, so sexy," the teen replied, her fingers gripped tight to her Mom's hip as she rammed in and out. Now the cock had entered all the way the brunette was free to concentrate on speed and strength, hammering hard at the hole, making it wider and easier to fuck. And the more stretched and relaxed it became the more she could slam fast and brutally, a virtuous circle of butt-banging. The teen made the most of it, ramming the cock violently into her Mom's hot hole.

"Uuurrrrhhh, oooohhhh, urrrrhhh, uuuurhhhh," Ella panted and grunted as her anal passage was filled. One hand gripped a titty, squeezing and bouncing it, as the other sped round and round her pussy, pressing at the clit and making it strum. Aria hand gripped her harder, the nails digging into the Milf's waist, thrusting the dildo as hard and deep as she'd threatened/promised. Ella groaned louder, the sounds of passionate reverberating in the air, "Ooooohhh, uuurrrhhh, yes, oooooohhh, uuuurhhh."

"Oh Mom, this is great, your ass is divine, the best fucking butt for fucking ever," Aria groaned. With every thrust the other end of the toy rubbed at her own pussy, the more vigorously she slammed her Mom's butt, the bigger the pay-off, waves of ecstasy shooting up her with each brutal, hard ram. "Oh God, yeah, yeah. I love fucking your butt, I could fuck it forever.

"Oooohh, urrrrhhh, yeah, baby, yeah," Ella panted in reply.

The teen slid a hand under her Mom's side and tipped her over onto her front. For a second as the Milf rolled over the toy popped out. But before Ella had a chance to complain her daughter was scrambling onto her back and returning the strap-on to its proper place. Straight down on top of her Aria could get the toy even deeper and with her Mom as a base, slam even harder. She grunted in pleasure as the toy banged at her pussy as she went down. Ella let out a passionate cry in return, her hand spreading out to grip the already disturbed bedding and tear it towards her. "AAaaaarrrrghh, yesssss, fuck me Aria, fuck your Mom's sweet ass."

"Am doing Mom, I'm banging the most delectable butt in Rosewood," Aria said, her hands firmly planted either side of the Milf as she pressed down with a speed and stamina an Olympic athlete would have been proud off. Rising up and pounding down she spread the ass like peanut jelly, elasticating the anal passage as far as it could go. She loved fucking her Mom and fucking her hard; as far as Aria was concerned her Mom's butt-hole's only use was to be fucked by her teen daughter - and she wasn't sure that her Mom didn't think the same. Certainly she was screaming and squealing loudly, her body writhing and jerking in sexual abandon. Aria hammered down harder, gasping out her own ecstasy, "Fuck, uuurhhh, God, Mom, this is fuck..."

"Aaaaaarrrghh," shrieked Ella, "Aaaarrrrghhh." Her body was arching, her spine tensed against her skin and the cords in her arms pulsing and pressing at the skin like little ridges in a smooth desert. "Aaaaarrrghh, fuuucckkk, aaaarrghhh."

Aria pounded down and deep, sweat pouring down her face and into her eyes. She briefly moved her hand up to wipe it away a couple of times, but any succour from the perspiration was short lived as her slamming continued its tempo. She was grunting and panting, giving her Mom all she had, her back and arms aching with the effort of ramming up and down, her thighs and feet tense as she used them to push as well. It was worth it, the pleasure flowing into her pussy was heavenly, waves of orgasmic joy coursing through her body like rainwater rushing down a window. And it wasn't just her own ecstacy that was important, but her Mom and lover's, the older woman obviously enjoying the fucking so much she was screaming herself into insensibility, "Aaaaarrrghhh, Aria, aaaaarrggghhh."

Aria gave one last great effort, raising herself, pausing and then ramming the hole in a flurry of brutal, vigorous, hardcore motion. Her thrusts were like the speed of light, as violent as tank attack, as deep as the halls of Hades. Her Mom screamed louder and Aria came, her eyeballs feeling like they were going to pop as her stomach and heart switched places and every muscle went hard and soft at the same time. "Aaaarrrrghhh, Mom, aaaaarrrghh," the teen screamed, slamming as hard as she could, "Fuuucckkk, aaaarrrghh, I'm cumming."

"Aaaaaarrrghhh, yes, Aria, yes," her Mom squealed in return, "Aaaaarrrrrrghhh."

Breathing heavily Aria slumped down on her Mom, lying there with her Mom as her bed as they both spent the next half-minute recovering from the violent, but pleasurable, bout. Aria pulled out the toy and looked down at her Mom's butt, as expected the hole was wide open, the dark insides plainly visible. "Hold that a second," grinned Aria, "I've got to take a picture."

She got up and went over for her camera, an expensive, semi-professional model, her Dad had got her for her eighteenth birthday. The erotic, artistic, photos of her Mom nude leaning on the wall and in topless, hiding her boobs, had both been taken with it. As had the other photographs, more explicit and exciting, that Aria kept on her laptop. Her phone beeped, but she ignored it as she hefted the camera and pointed it at her Mom, the Milf's hands on her cheeks as she pulled them apart to present a different type of smile to the camera. "Nice," Aria smiled as she clicked, "Very nice ass, it's well gaped."

"MMnnn, I can feel it," giggled her Mom, "It's been well fucked. Not that that's a complaint."

"I should hope not, giving how you were asking for it," grinned Aria taking another photo.

"I know, I really had to twist your arm " said her Mom, laughing to show she knew there hadn't been much twisting involved.

"Yeah, oh that's so hot," Aria took another few photos, "Consider my arm untwisted..."

"Done," giggled her Mom, pulling even harder at her cheeks as Aria went in for a close up.

The teen grinned and lowered her camera, "Let me get these on the computer," she said walking over to the laptop. She switched it on and as it powered up she reached for her phone to look at the message.

The number was unknown and the brunette felt both a frisson of fear and excitement as she opened the message. It was a picture, as before, possibly even of the same young woman, the skin tone was the same and the body shape. Except where before it had been a pair of bouncy tits now it was beautiful shaved pussy and underneath the message: "Who's pussy? - A".

Aria looked at it for a moment, who is A, she wondered, and who's cunt was it?

"Have you finished?" her Mom called, "Come to bed, Aria, give me a snuggle."

Aria closed the phone, "Coming," she replied.

* * *

The black clad figure looked at the naked body in front of her. The blonde was face down, so still she could have been dead - she wasn't, but she could have been. And no-one would have known, that was power. The person in black leant over the sleeping beauty and gracefully arranged her, pulling apart her legs enough so that the crack in her ass widened, but not so far that it would expose the hole between. Then they picked up the camera and began to take shot after shot, snapping away from all angles trying to find the perfect picture...

* * *

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