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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 3 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

Dressed as she was in an expensive pantsuit, with her hair neat and stylish and her make-up understated and carefully applied you wouldn't have known that Veronica Hastings had spent a large part of the weekend with her daughter's strap-on pounding her ass. It was still sometimes hard for the teen to grasp, even after the months they'd been together, that her Mom was no longer just someone she fantasised over, but someone who she got to actively and regularly bang. Spencer poured the remains of her orange juice down the sink, placing the glass in the dishwasher as her Mom opened her briefcase and slid some of the papers sitting on the kitchen table onto it.

There was little more that Spencer would have rather done at this moment that to say the words 'ready for a butt-fucking' before creasing her Mom over the table and showing her exactly what she meant. And she was sure the moment she'd uttered the words her Mom would have been dropping her jacket to the floor and scrabbling to undo her pants. It was the one thing Spence had discovered about her and her Mom since they'd got together was that they both had a wild side, the motorbike outside and her Mom's tramp-stamp were proof of that, as was their willingness to have sex anywhere, anytime. But, they needed to keep that wild side under control, if Spencer wanted to keep her GPA up, and she did, that meant school and that meant not fucking her Mom on the kitchen table. The teen reached for her own rucksack, scooping up the keys in her other hand, "Ready?"

"Yes," her Mom said and headed to the door. Spencer consoled herself by stroking her Mom's butt briefly as the Milf paused to open the door, generating a brief smile and a seductive glance back into the kitchen. The teen was expecting it, she knew how horny her Mom was, and had steeled herself. She smiled back, squeezed Veronica's butt and guided her out the door.

Beeping open the door, Spencer got in the driving seat, starting the engine as soon as her Mom had got in the passenger side. It only took them nearly twenty minutes to get to the school, Spencer's driving was safe and boring, always within the limit and never trying to beat the traffic lights. Veronica used the time to see what her daughter wanted for dinner, take her views on Melissa's birthday present and mention that she'd be sending her daughter a panties down selfie later; she didn't want this mysterious A to be stealing her daughter's attraction with her sexting.

Spencer pulled into the school's parking lot, swinging in beside Em's car. Her friend was saying goodbye to her Mom... passionately. Spencer knew how she felt. She turned to her Mom, "I'll see you tonight..." she said bringing her mouth to her Mom's. Nothing more was said as the Spencer's connected, lips and tongues pushing and pressing forward, their hands gripping the other's waist and sides, as if for support. Spencer kissed long and hard, massaging up at her Mom's side, creasing the jacket with her palm. She was aware of students casting jealous looks into the car, some wishing they were the ones kissing Spencer, others envious that she was banging such a hot Milf as her Mom. Slowly and almost reluctantly the teen brought her face back, "I'll pick you up about six-thirty," she said, "Ring me if you're going to be late."

"I will," her Mom smiled, "but don't forget to look out for pussy pic later."

"I'm looking forward to it," said Spencer, opening the door, "Love you."

"Love you too," replied her Mom getting out.

Standing by the car Spencer couldn't resist giving her Mom another passionate kiss, sliding her tongue into the older woman's mouth as her hands clasped her lower back, sliding down briefly over the ass. Emily and Pam were doing the same, the four women, kissing hungrily as students streamed passed them. Sadly Spencer broke again, "Six thirty."

"Yes, have a good day," her Mom turned and started to walk towards her office,

Spencer turned round to Emily, as Pam walked to catch up with Veronica so that they could walk into the town centre together. The teens watched them go, Spencer saying, "So I take it you had a good weekend."

"Very good," grinned her friend, "Moms are hot aren't they?"

"The hottest," agreed Spencer as they both turned into school, "So I take it your Mom's still insatiable?"

"Oh God, yes," replied Emily with feeling, "We seemed to be fucking all weekend, from straight after dinner to a pre-breakfast slurpathon this morning. Does it ever stop?"

"I hope not," smiled Spencer. She stepped out of the way as Mona and her new girlfriend Jenna came down the corridor, partially as the latter was sweeping the floor with her stick, but mainly because she didn't like either. They'd been too obviously overjoyed when Ali had been taken; which given her friend had probably been raped and murdered by some travelling serial killer was way out of place, even if they had been among Ali's bullying victims. The only plus point, Spence could see, in them being together was that Mona had a habit of cheating on her girlfriends and with luck she'd break Jenna's heart so bad that bitch would push her into the path of an oncoming train.

"Did you get the picture?" Em didn't like Mona or Jenna either, but unlike Spence she didn't bother nurturing it with sullen glowers at the passing teen lovers.

Making a mental resolution to try and be more like Em Spencer asked, "What picture?"

"From A," Em sounded surprised.

"Oh that picture," Spence mentally blushed that she'd been thinking so much of Jenna's accident that she hadn't been on the ball for Em, "The pussy pic. Yes I got it. Anyone you know?" she grinned.

"Not Paige, not Samara," said Emily with a smile, "and not my Mom or Maya either."

They were entering the canteen area heading towards their table; always their table, ever since Ali, on their first day of High School, had dominated some seniors into giving it up. Even though Ali was surely dead, no-one had ever disputed her friends right to it. Han and Aria were already sitting their, talking and playing with their phones. They both looked up as the other two approached. "We're just talking about A."

"You got the second picture as well?" Spencer asked, knowing the answer.

In reply Hanna and Aria showed her the phones, both had the message already open with lovely looking slit on display. "It must be someone we know," said Emily, "Otherwise it's just to big a coincidence."

"But who?" said Aria, "It's not me," she repeated, though she'd made it clear yesterday.

"Well the only other A we know is Alison," said Hanna. She gave an aggrieved shrug, like she always did when her blunt lack of tact shocked her friends, "I'm just saying if it's not Aria and it's not my Mom, the only other A we know is Ali."

"Knew," corrected Spencer before moving on, "If we knew the why perhaps we could work out the who."

"I'm certainly not against getting sexy photos on my phone," said Hanna and Aria nodded in agreement.

"Nor me. In fact," said Spencer smiling, "I might encourage it, because as soon as I showed Mom she started talking about sending me some pussy pics of her own, so that A doesn't lead me astray."

"You showed your Mom?" Emily asked, in surprise.

"Yes, why not?" asked Spencer, surprised Em hadn't.

"I don't know, I didn't want her to think that I was getting hot snaps from another woman; I mean she's still worried me and Paige are going to get back together."

Hanna gave a snort, "You're not are you. I didn't want to say much when you were going out..." that might have been true, depending on your definition of much "...but she's pyscho, she even tried to drown you."

"It was more a ducking," Emily said defensively, "but we're not getting back together, not now I'm with Mom. Anyway did you and Aria show your Mom the pics?"

Aria nodded, "I showed them as well, she'd be more wtf is going on if she thought I was hiding them. No biggie."

Hanna grinned, "Me as well, to get proof it wasn't Mom... here..." she flicked her phone and held up a picture of her Mom's naked pussy, followed by another one close-up of her titties. "Not the same at all."

"I see I'm not the only one getting Mom pussy pics," grinned Spencer.

Aria laughed, "I've no shortage at home."

"You think I should tell my Mom?" asked Emily.

"Yes," her three friends chorused.

Spencer's phone vibrated and chirped and even as it buzzed and hummed on the table in front of her, her friends' phones were doing the same; the teen's reaching forward to pick them up from the table. It didn't surprise Spence that the message was from a number she didn't recognise. The mystery A, she thought as she opened it.

"Nice," said Hanna.

"Lighting's a little off," said Aria a touch snootily.

Spencer didn't have Aria's eye for composition, though she did have Hanna's for shapely female behinds and this one was, as her friend said, nice. Definitely teenage or early twentyies the cheeks firm and round and sexy, just open enough to hint at the hole between them. There was the normal message ' "Who's ass? - A"

"Well at least we know it's not Aria," said Hanna grinning.

"But we still don't know who A is," said Em.

"Or why they're sending them to us," added Spencer.

"Who cares?" said Hanna, still looking at her phone, "If someone wants to send me photos of hot tushies I'm not complaining."

"I have a bad feeling about this," said Aria.

"Hmmpff," Hanna snorted, "I can remember your bad feelings when you were about to go on your first date with your Mom and how did that end up? First date anal."

That was true, Spencer could remember the four of them in Aria's bedroom calming the brunette's last minute nerves as she changed dresses about four times before finding one which worked. Aria could be a worrier, that was true. But this time Spencer had a feeling that Aria might be right.

* * *

School over for the day hundreds of students were streaming from it's door, moving so fast that it was almost a stampede. Ella Montgomery watched them go from her classroom as she picked up all the papers she had to mark and placing them neatly in a folder, before, equally tidily sliding that into her bag. Picking that up she left the classroom, locking the door behind her and walked down the now empty corridor, out of the school doors and down the sidewalk to the nearest bus stop. She missed teaching in Rosewood, Ravenswood was fine as a town, and the students were as smart and generally well behaved as her hometown. But it did mean a forty minute bus ride at the end of the day, rather than a ten minute car journey. Still, that was the price of dating Aria, she could hardly teach at the same school as her lover, it had been hard enough separating Mom and daughter; but when you were fucking her as well...

The bus arrived quickly, they were often and punctual, which was a help and as Ella settled into her seat and brought out the marking, she reflected that at least the journey gave her time to do her work without interruptions from her sexy teen daughter.

The teacher was soon engrossed in her student's essays, almost being surprised when the bus pulled into Rosewood. She hurriedly swept the work into her bag and alighted. The first thing she saw was Jessica DiLaurentis and unfortunately the other woman saw her at the same time. Ella plastered a smile on her face and walked towards her, wondering what to say 'How are you?' always seemed wrong for a woman who's daughter had vanished and probably been raped and murdered. 'You're looking good,' would have been true, especially if you thought that Jessica looked hot in a tiny skirt and with a blouse that was open enough to allow you to glimpse her sexy red bra, but would also be unsubtle to the Mom of a dead schoolgirl. Ella quickly settled on, "Hello Jessica."

"Ella," the other woman's smile was brittle, it was always difficult to know whether she was pleased to see you or not. "How's Aria? Is it going alright?"

Ella thought briefly of her hot and horny teen daughter, wondering how Jessica must feel knowing that unlike Ella she'd never know the touch of her daughter's mouth on hers, or the taste of her pussy or the slam of her body as she was drilled deep and hard. It wasn't a pleasant thought. "Aria's good; we're doing really well."

"That's good, Alison always liked Aria, she said she had style. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you together," said Jessica and Ella noted the strain of her smile and the present tense of the last words.

"Yes," Ella said, quickly thinking of a way to change a conversation. She quickly looked at Jessica's outfit, the high heels, the short skirt and open blouse, "Are you going somewhere, meeting someone?"

The smile in return was enigmatic, "I was just going to Ezra's for a coffee; I like the company."

Ella understood, lots of teenagers went to the coffee shop after school, including plenty of hot teen girls. Since Alison's disappearance Jessica had got a reputation, if you wanted to get over a break-up or lose your lesbian virginity or even just have casual sex with a hot Milf, Jesicca DiLaurentis would be the woman to seek out. Ella didn't judge, without Aria to keep her libido in control perhaps she'd have been doing the same and it was more productive than making another round of Rosewood and its environs putting up 'missing' posters. "Well have a good time, if you want to have a .... go to the movies or for a meal, let me know."

The other woman nodded, with all the indications that she wouldn't be doing that but was to polite to say so; which truth to tell left Ella relieved.

The Milf continued on the walk home. Entering the house all was quiet; she walked into the kitchen dropping her bag on the table before continuing into the lounge.

She gave a squeal as hand grasped her from behind...

* * *

"God Mom you're looking hot," Hanna was at her Mom as soon as the Milf was in the front door, her arms sweeping round the Milf's waist her mouth kissing at the older Marin's lips.

Ashley giggled, fidgeting a little as she wiggled into the most comfortable position to be kissed in, enjoying the touch of her daughter's hand as they went up under the bottom of her smart jacket to rest of the suit skirt and the ass cheeks underneath. Her own hands weren't still either, wrapping round the hot blonde and massaging gently at the bare skin between the bottom of her crop top and the start of her jeans. She kissed the teen back for a few moments, "You could give me a few moments to take off my jacket," it wasn't really a complaint as her smile showed.

"Let me," Hanna might not be great at doing chores and the cooker was a great a mystery to her as the vacuum cleaner, but where undressing her Mom was concerned she was as helpful as could be. Not that Ashley minded as her teen daughter slid the jacket off whilst still managing to keep kissing her hard and enthusiastically. Once it fell to the floor, Hanna's hands moved to the blouse, quickly undoing the buttons.

Ashley giggled, not stopping her daughter as the teen's experts hand sped down her front and her hot mouth moved to kiss at the crease between shoulder and necks. The blonde pulled at the undone shirt, starting to bring it down the Milf's shoulders and arms. Ashley smiled, "Don't I get a chance for a coffee?"

"I want to fuck now," her daughter replied, "We haven't banged since this morning and I'm so horny."

Despite the length of time they'd been together lesbian bed death was just a discredited academic theory to Ashley Marin. Not that they had sex in the bed more than three or four times a week, but that was mainly because they'd been having so much sex elsewhere that by the time they got to bed all they wanted to do was fall into an exhausted sleep. Ashley slipped the blouse the rest of the way down, pulling it over her wrists, "You're so bad, Hanna, you know how fucking makes me hungry and I haven't even started dinner."

"Yeah, I'm a bad girl and you're a bad Mom, look you're still covering these titties with this useless bra," even as she speaking Hanna was making her words a lie, unclipping the bra and dropping it onto the rapidly growing pile of clothes next to the front door.

"Mmnnn, so naughty," laughed the Milf, pushing back her chest so she could shake her titties at her daughter, "better?"

"Much," replied Hanna, her mouth slipping down to kiss and lick at the nipples, switching between them as her teeth and tongue make the nubs stiff and hard. At the same time she was undoing the zip at the back of her Mom's skirt and pushing it down, sliding it over the Milf's rump and letting it fall down her legs. Leaving it around her ankles, Ashley moaned in pleasure, her own hands continuing to run over her daughter's naked lower back.

"Now your panties," Hanna lifted her mouth from her Mom's titties. Her thumbs slid under the elastic of the underwear and slowly drew them down, her body bending as she did and her mouth licking and kissing down the Milf's stomach as she did. Ashley waited until they were at her ankles and her sexy daughter straightening up, before she stepped out of them and the skirt, kicking off her flats at the same time.

The Milf stood naked letting her daughter's eyes feast on her body. Her pussy was already tingling with excitement and the feeling intensified as her daughter reached into a nearby draw and pulled out a strap-on, one of a number they had the round the house available for emergency fucking sessions. The teen kept her eyes on her Mom, devouring her in her nakedness, as she in turn slipped of her pumps and pulled down her jeans. She was obviously hot and horny as she hadn't been wearing any panties, allowing the denim to rub direct against her pussy; Ashley could see the damp patch on the inside of the jeans. She licked her lips as Hanna bent down to step into the toy's harness and pull it up her thighs, buckling it in place. The blonde grinned, "You want to prep it."

Her Mom nodded, "Yes."

"Mouth or lube?" Hanna asked.

Her Mom's answer was to drop to her knees on the carpet and open her lips wide to take the toy between them. She moved slowly down, the dildo might have tasted of plastic, but with it sliding into her mouth and against her cheek, it felt right, a sexy precursor to the proper fucking she was going to get. She moved faster and slurped harder, her tongue playing with the thick dong as her teeth skimmed over it in a way that wouldn't have been possible if the flesh-coloured prick had been real. Gazing up at her daughter Ashley could see the teen's satisfied smile, she liked looking down at her Mom giving her a blowjob, even if the stimulation was just a gentle rub of the toy against the teen's pussy. "Oh yeah, Mom," Hanna grinned, her hands resting gently on the Milf's shoulder, "Suck it up, suck my dick. Make it nice and slick for when I fuck you."

Ashley's head bobbed, shifting the cock so that it no longer stopped as it pounded at her cheek, but went deeper threatening her throat. She gagged a little, but not as much as once she had, her reflex was better trained. Even so more spit and saliva flowed over the toy. Hanna smiled, "You know what to do, that's good, nice and deep. The wetter it is the more likely it is to go in your ass and I know how you love it there."

The thought made Ashley quiver in anticipation and as she rocked her head back and forth, one of her hands was down at her pussy, stroking and massaging the slick slot. Her finger slid in the hole, finding her special spot and rubbing it as the dildo pushed into her throat and tonsils. It was so hot and sexy, she loved it, it just felt so good to be kneeling in front of her teen daughter, sucking a dildo and preparing it for, hopefully, her ass.

Hanna was enjoying it as well, Ashley could tell from the broad smirk in her face and the pressure of the blonde's fingers on her shoulder as she exerted pressure to stay upright. "Suck my toy dick, oh yeah Mom, that's right, get it all the way in, make it nice and soaking. Mmmnnn, all the better to fuck you with." She wiggled her hips a little, not hard, but enough to push the toy another inch down, making the Milf cover it with her bile, soaking the toy in the white, translucent liquid. "You're the best dick sucker ever, all the others think there Moms are hot, but you're the hottest, the greatest cock slurper of them all, the Queen of the BJ."

"Mmmnnn," Ashley nodded and licked away the spit drooling from her lips as Hanna pulled the toy out. She looked up at the teen, "Ass?" she said hopefully.

"I am so going to bang it open," her sexy daughter confirmed.

Ashley spun on her knees so that she was pointing her ass towards her daughter, leaning forward to rest her hands part on the clothes she'd shed and part on the carpet.

Her daughter moved behind her, her hands massaging Ashley's cheeks as she spread them. Slowly she pushed the head of the cock into the raven haired Milf's asshole, the rosebud sphincter giving way under the pressure. Ashley moaned in pleasure as the speared head entered her hole, pushing at the walls. They spread easily, much more so than her first few times, they were used to the cock. Indeed it was no longer an intruder, but an old friend being welcomed home. It still felt good. "Ohhhhh, yes, baby, give it me, give it me all the way."

"I'm going to Mom, be patient," her daughter said. She slowly eased the toy in another inch and pulled it back, leaving the Milf quivering in anticipation for more. Ashley's hands were like claws, scratching at the floor, her body quivering like a pointer hound with a scent. Hanna rubbed the dildo between her ass cracks, sliding it over the rosebud, "You like this Mom? You want some cock."

"Oh, Hanna baby, ram my asshole, bang it the way you know I like it," Ashley grunted in reply. She gave a whinny as the toy was pushed in again, deeper this time, sliding down her well-used chute and then back again, further spreading the walls and sending paroxysms of pleasure through her hot Milf body. "Fuck me," she said through gritted teeth, "Fill me with your thick rubber dick."

"Uuurhhh, yeah Mom, you want it hard, tell me you want it hard," Hanna slid the cock up the hole, pushing it deeper and making Ashley vibrate with pleasure as the sharp tip brushed aside the anal resistance - not that the experienced ass was fighting hard.

"Oh baby, give it me hard and deep, I want you to really bang my ass, slam it and hammer it as fast as you can," Ashley groaned, rocking herself to meet Hanna's thrust. She sucked in a gasp of air through her teeth as the toy speared down, smacking against the ass wall membrane and making her quit, on the other side, quiver. "MMmnnn, that's it, all the way in, Hanna, pound it baby, ram it hard."

Hanna ploughed forward, thrusting the toy all the way in and banging her body against her Mom's beautiful booty. Her hands gripped her Mom's ass, fondling and cradling the round cheeks, pulling them and squeezing them as she totally filled the hole between. Ashley squealed and squeaked, rocking and rolling in time with Hanna's penetrations, making sure she got the most out of the analising teen. The toy was finding hidden spots and stimulating them, sending waves of pleasure rushing through her. Ashley squealed some more, slamming herself back to meet Hanna. She could feel the friction of the carpet against her knees, burning at her skin and sending static shocks through her as she grazed the nylon. She made a mental note they needed a wool carpet for the hallway if Hanna was going to take her there, she'd made the same mental note before, but she never managed to do anything about it - it was a good looking carpet which went with the wallpaper.

"Mmmnnn, ooohhh, this ass is so hot. I love butt-banging you. Mmnnn, urrrrhhh, it feels so good," Hanna moaned.

"OOohhhh, yeah baby," her Mom gasped in response, "I love you fucking it, I love having you ram a big dildo down Mommy's ass and make her yours. Mmnnn, oooohhh, fuck it harder, really nail it, screw it open..."

"Yes, yes, yes!" said Hanna smacking the dildo in. She'd done it so often she was a pro, the right angle, the right speed, the right depth, doing it so expertly Ashley was in a permanent state of sexual bliss, just being kept on the cusp of cumming. And then Hanna redoubled her efforts, driving the dick into her Mom's butt in a sudden frenzy.

It didn't surprise her Mom, but it did send her to the summit of sexual pleasure; an explosive cacophony of burning pleasure rushing through every cell of her being, her brain burning and her heart thumping as her organs twisted the twist, "AAaaarrrghh," she screamed, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, I'm cumming."

Her teen daughter slowed for a few moments to let the Milf quiver and quake, collapsing face down onto the carpet, brushing her face at it's stiff fibres and feeling their warmth.

But Hanna never thought one orgasm was enough. After giving her Mom (and herself) a few moments to recover the teen started to ease in and out again, "MMmnn, I think this sexy ass wants more, doesn't it? I should fuck it hard again, make sure it's really satisfied."

"Oh," giggled Ashley, "You should, it's not a proper ass banging without multiple orgasms."

"Coming up," grinned Hanna increasing the speed of her thrusts and the force behind them, slamming the strap-on down the raven haired Milf's butthole.

"Ooohhh, ooohhhh, yesssss," squealed Ashley, writhing and shuddering in pleasure as her ass was filled by plastic. She continued to lie face down, her chin grazing the carpet and one hand stretched out, clawing at the floor. With the other she was rubbing at her clit and pussy, magnifying the pleasure and making her hot, damp cunt even warmer and wetter, the juice dripping out and covering her fingers, before being smeared back on her twat as she pressed hard at her lips. "Ooooohhhh, yes, oooohhh."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, this is so hot. Fuck, ooohh, urrrhhh, I'm feeling it on my clit Mom, your ass is making my cunt soak," Hanna ground deep into her Mom, each time hammering the strap-on as deep as it would go, the full ten inches vanishing into the Milf ass. She slammed the hole in a rapid rhythm, driving her Mom up the hill of pleasure.

And again over, "AAAAArrrghhh," screamed Ashley as her world exploded in orgasmic pleasure, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss! AAaaaarrghhh!"

This time Hanna didn't pause to let her Mom recover, but continued to slam down, smashing the dildo down the hole like she was pick-axing a concrete road. The jolts of pleasure pounded Ella, leaving her almost insensible, squealing and shrieking, shuddering and shaking, clawing and trying to grip the carpet, tearing at it with her nails, "Aaaaarrrgggh, fuuuuckkk, yessss, aaaaarrghh, baby, aaaaarrgghhh."

"Yeah, Mom, take it, love my dick, worship it with your butt," grunted Hanna. Her hands gripped her Mom's side, the palms sweaty with the effort she was putting in. They slipped over the skin and the teen dug her nails in for extra grip, biting at Ashley's flesh. Not that the Milf minded, the nip was worth it for the flows of ecstasy that were owning her body. "Shit, fuck, shit, your ass is perfect, so fuckably fuckable, I could fuck it forever."

"Do baby, do, ram it all night and all day, you own it so use, fuck it until the world ends," her Mom squealed in reply. Her finger jammed her soaking wet cunt, squirting juice onto the carpet; perhaps she'd have to replace it if she stained it with her cum. "Ooohhhh, yesssss, oooohhh. You feel so good in me, slamming me open, making me cum, you're the world's best lover. Fuck me forever."

"Uurhhh, urrrhhh, ohhhh, yes," grunted Hanna, her thighs slapped at the Milf ass, her hands tore at her sides, her plastic dick hammered her hole. It was all so good and hot...

"Uuuuurhh, ooohhh, fuck," Ashley quivered and shuddered, her back bending and arching, her face ramming forward so her chin was scraping at the carpet, she'd have a rash on it later, a red burn mark from the friction. Wool, that was what she needed, in her carpet. Her fingers stretched and clawed, her arm reaching out, brushing over a discarded blouse. "Fuuckk, fucccckk. Harder! Faster! Fuck me! Hammer my butt!"

Hanna was moving as fast as she could, no longer speaking, just grunting in exhertion like a runner racing with the end in sight, giving it her all to break a record for the marathon run. The dildo was like a blur as it shot in and out of the taboo hole, racing out and then vanishing in again, ten inches of plastic pounding down the stretching hole. "Uuuhhh, uuuuhhhh, uuuhhh," panted Hanna, "Uuuuhhh, uuuhhhh, uuuhhhh."

"That's it," screamed Ashley, "Fuuucckkk, aaaaarrrghhh, aaaarrrggghh." The pleasure bounced round her body like a rubber ball banging around a small metal box, her body vibrating like the boxes thin walls, ecstacy zinging through he, both out of control and sadly ephemeral. "AAaarrrrghh, aaaaarrggghhhh."

She fell forward, the dildo slipping out of her well-opened backhole. Seconds later Hanna was slumping forward, falling on her, breathing heavily and panting as she crossed the finish line; though Ashley considered them both winners. "That was incredible," the Milf managed to murmur, "As ever."

"Mmnn, you too," groaned Hanna, making no move to get off her Mom, "I want to bang you always."

"You will," said her Mom, smiling, "Love you."

"Love you too."

* * *

Jessica DiLaurentis sipped at her cappuccino, making it last, though she was more than wealthy enough to afford another. She crossed her legs seductively, flicking her eyes round the coffee shop in the hope of attracting the attention of one of the hot senior girls having an after school gossip at Ezra's. She often came here when she was feeling horny, if she couldn't fuck her own daughter she could always find another hot teen who'd fulfil her dyke desire, the Milf spreading whatever hole they wanted to strap-on.

But today she wasn't having much luck; Ella Montgomery obviously being the opposite of a lucky rabbit's foot where getting girls were concerned. Sure there were a few in, that blind girl Alison had a feud with and her new girlfriend, Mona who Ali hadn't liked either - but they were too obviously a teen couple in lust, stroking and pawing the other's knees, whilst giggling and tittering and leaning close. Then there were the twins, Cindy and Mindy, Ali hadn't liked them much, Veronica did - they'd dp'd her a couple of months back, one of the best double-fuckings she had, but going back to them so soon smacked of relationships. Shana Fring, who'd moved to Rosewood recently, whilst Alison had liked her from some of the things Jessica had heard her say about her daughter the feeling was no longer mutual. And whilst Jessica had no problems with banging teens who hated her daughter for a reason she drew the line at those who hated her for none. Then there was Caleb and Lucas, but they were guys and no use in satisfying the older woman's pussy craving.

She continued to look round, trying to make sure she didn't turn her head enough to see the smiling poster of Ali Ezra had kindly put up to replace it's fraying predecessor. The bell on the door tinkled and Jessica looked to see who it was. In stepped Paige McCullers, her swimming bag over her shoulder and her long wavy brown hair still gleaming from the shampoo and shower, even if now dry. Jessica raised her cup and drank the frothy coffee; what had Alison said she called her over the dinner table? Pigskin? That was it. It was a cruel, but then Ali had a streak of that, her Mom could recognise that even if she loved and forgave it. It didn't look like she could be called that now, her legs flawless and toned as she walked in wearing some sexy hotpants and if her top showed less skin it was still tight over her firm teenage titties. She put down her bag and glanced at Jessica, was there a ghost of a sensual smile there? the Milf knew that she'd broken up with Emily a few weeks ago, but she wasn't close enough to the teen gossip to know if she was with someone; if there was one thing Jesicca knew, it was in Rosewood cute lesbians didn't stay single long.

She quickly drained her coffee, there was one way to find out. She stood up and walked towards the teen as Paige leant an arm on the counter and glanced at the coffee list above Ezra's head.

She briefly turned as Jessica approached, her smile suggesting she didn't bear a grudge with Alison's Mom for the teen's taunts. She turned back to the counter, "Skinny latte, please."

"If you want to make that two, I'll pay," said Jessica reaching for her purse.

"You don't have too," Paige turned again, her eyes flicking up and down the Milf, especially down to her bare legs and up to where her blouse wasn't fully done up. Her expression said that the coffee wasn't needed.

"Oh I insist," Jessica said, as even if she was sure she was guaranteed a fucking from the sexy swimmer there were the mating preliminaries to get through before she could get the teen back to her place and rip her clothes off.

"Oh well, I'm not going to fight," said Paige, her voice laden with double meaning as she looked with undisguised lust at Jessica's red bra, like she was using X-ray vision to see what was beneath.

"I'll bring them over in a minute," said Ezra, who'd was bright enough to realise that unless he moved them away from the counter he was likely to becoming a very useless third wheel in an eye-fucking contest between Milf and teen.

"Why don't I join you?" Jessica said, as Paige walked over to where her bag was sitting on one of the seats in a half-closed alcove.

"Why not?" said Paige, turning her head to make sure the Milf was following her before sashaying over to her seat.

Jessica followed, sliding onto the seat next to the teen, rather than the one opposite. Paige smiled, looking her up and down, "Any news on Alison?"

The words were like a blow to the stomach, but they weren't unusual, everyone always wanted to know about her missing daughter, even if out of politeness and if you wanted to fuck someone perhaps it was best out of the way quickly. She forced a smile, "Not recently, but I'm sure she'll be back here soon."

To Paige's credit she kept her face neutral, not like many others, who always allowed an expression of disbelief to crowd it. "And how are you?"

"I'm good," Jessica kept her smile on her face, no-one wanted to bang a moody older woman, they wanted a fun fuck. She placed her hand on Paige's naked leg, letting it rest their for a moment, before she gave a light squeeze and said, "Truth to tell I'm feeling a little horny. What about you?"

"I'm eighteen and I'm single," Paige said in reply, her tongue slid between her red lips and her gaze moved up and down Jessica's body as if she was imaging what she'd look like without any clothing. It was an imagining Jessica wanted to make real...

"I live quarter of an hour away..."

"I know," Paige grinned wickedly.

"You want to come back and fuck me?"

"In the butt?" Paige grinned forwardly.

"In any hole you like," Jessica purred back feeling her libido rising.

It was less like fifteen minutes and more like twelve by the time they reached Jessica's house, but the Milf wasn't counting. She reached into her purse for the key, sliding it into the lock as behind her Paige stood and squeezed her cheeks, testing what she was about to receive. Jessica giggled and opened the door, immediately turning to take Paige by the hand and lead her upstairs. She stopped outside Alison's room, pushing at the door with her spare hand and stepping in. Paige followed her, looking round the bedroom she'd never been in - all pink and Alison like, with photos of the teen and her friend (no family), books on the shelves, a closed wardrobe and a neatly made bed complete with teddy and cushion. It was on the last that Jessica sat, motioning for the teen to follow her.

Some of her visitors were squinky about using her daughter's room, looking uncomfortable and out of place, some so much that Jessica had relocate to her own room. But Paige looked like she didn't care, glancing around briefly with a very small amount of interest, before moving into kiss Jessica, her mouth opening to take control of the Milf's and her hands gripping at Jessica's waist as she pressed her tongue forward. Jessica melted into the move, allowing her tongue to be rocked and licked and relaxing against Paige's body. She always liked it best in Alison's room, it made her feel that she was close to her daughter and that it would soon be Alison here, making hard and passionate love to her.

The Milf quivered in excitement as Paige's hand moved to her front and began to undo the remaining buttons on the blouse and slip her hand in to pull at the bra and cradle at the boob. The teen's tongue continued to dominate the older woman's mouth, leaving no doubt who was top. A tit was popped out and stroked, the nipple become hard and stiff. Paige's other hand was down below, sliding under the short skirt and finding the slit to rub (Jessica not having bothered with panties today). The Milf shook at the teenager's digits penetrated her, two finger pushing apart her lips and into the hole, easing up and down the wet tunnel. It felt so good that it took every inch of willpower for Jessica to push her back. Paige took the hint taking her mouth from the Mom's and drawing back her hands, leaving Jessica's clothing in a state of disaray. The Milf smiled, "You wanted to fuck me in the ass, do you still want it?"

"Oh, yes," Paige nodded, "I want to bang that Mom butt so hard."

Jessica stood, trailing a finger lightly over the teen's mouth, "I'm just going to get ready, there's a strap-on in the top drawer." She pointed to the cupboard where she kept a selection of toys for when Alison returned. Paige nodded and stood, Jessica licking her lips and turning with a wiggle, "I'll be back in a minute."

She quickly walked to her bedroom and stripped, before pulling a pair of sexy stockings and a garter belt to attach them too. She stood in front of the mirror and admired herself, she looked good with her pussy shaven to just a small landing strip, her stomach still flat(ish) and her boobs flexible and suck-worthy. She waited for a few moments to make sure Paige was ready before her before going back to Alison's old room. She leant sexily against the door frame and purred, "Do you like?"

The teen was naked herself, apart from a strap-on, one of the bigger ones in the drawer. She nodded, "I like a lot."

Jessica stepped, or rather sauntered, into the room, swinging her hips and licking her lips. Paige smiled happily, her eyes continuing on the Milf as Jessica went over to the drawer and pulled out the anal lube. She knelt down between Paige's thighs and unscrwed the top of the tube. Squirting some of the thick clear gel onto her hands she began to rub it in slowly and seductively, looking up and keeping her eyes on Paige's face, seeing the teen's mounting excitement as the cock was lubricated. "I want it nice and slippery," the teen instructed, "the better to ram your ass."

"That sounds right," giggled Jessica, squirting some more gel onto her palm and running it round the dick, leaving the plastic gleaming and oiled, like a newly polished engine.

"On your hands and knees," said Paige, "if you want me to fuck your butthole open."

As that was Jessica's main desire she complied, quickly getting onto her daughter's bed and wiggling her ass at Alison's enemy, "Take me, stuff that big strap-on down my Milf asshole and slam it open." The bed shook as Paige's joined her, the teen's hands moving over the round cheeks, squeezing at them and easing them slowly apart. Jessica gripped the bedding, looking down at the pillow's where her daughter's golden hair had rested. For a moment she wanted it to be Alison behind her, but she shook the feeling, for now she needed to live in the present - she'd once before screamed Alison's name in the throes of passion; it hadn't gone down well. "Open my ass, Paige, give me what I want, give me your big fucking plastic dildo."

"Mmmnn, yeah, this behind is so sexy," Paige teased the rosebud, brushing the toy's tip over the hole, tickling and tantalising without fulfilling. "This is such a bangable asshole, no wonder it's so popular."

"I love fucking," said Jessica, "Stick it in me, make my ass feel like it's splitting."

"You want it? You want it hard?" Paige asked and she must have known the answer would be 'yes' as even as she was speaking she was pressing the oiled dick down the waiting hole.

"Oooohhh," Jessica let out a purr of ecstatic enjoyment as she was penetrated, the toy spreading the tunnel walls and pressing down, gradually picking up speed as Paige put her strength behind it. The Milf gripped the bedding and raised her ass, pushing it up and back, so that the next thrust went in deeper. "Oooohh, oooohhh," she moaned, feeling the pleasure starting to flow through her as the big dick expanded the hole.

"You're hot, God, this ass is good," Paige said, as she rapidly and repeatedly rammed the rock solid dildo down the back passage, hammering so hard that the entire length of phalluis vanished between the Milf's cheeks. She gripped round the Milf's stomach, lying herself across her back, hammering all the time and rubbing her firm, sexy breasts at the Jessica's spine, the nipples scraping at the skin as the two of them jiggled.

"Ooooohh, urrrrhh, fuck me, baby, fuck my ass," Jessica gasped and groaned, still wishing it was Alison though recognising that Paige was a skilled and energetic lover who it had been worth picking up - it must be the swimming. "Oooohh fuck, deeper, fuck it, ram my asshole."

"Shit, yeah, shit," Paige grunted in response, "Let me fuck this butthole so hard, I'm going to tear it to pieces."

She was going so fast, ramming so vigorously that, even with the lube, Jessica felt the teen was going to keep her word, as she stretched the ass to its limits and then more. The pain burnt as the tunnel expanded beyond the size it was designed for, the cavern walls elasticating like rubber yanked between two nails, so stretched it was close to breaking. But the pleasure was worth it, waves of it pounded through her body, like she was continually feasting on the most orgasmic chocolate puddings. The Milf screamed and howled like a wolf at the full moon, "AAAaarrrghhh, fuuuckk, aaaarrrghh."

Paige pounded harder, her body a blur as she gave the Mom what she needed, the thick plastic cock filling her ass as the teen's fingers reached down to tease and stroke the soaking pussy. "MMmnnn, you're loving this, you're loving this fuck-off big dick in your asshole." Paige grinned, her fingers exploring the twat as if she was making a point, "Take it hard, you slut, take it all."

"AAaarrrghh, fuuuuckk, yessss, ram me, hammer me, treat me like a whore, I'm yours to fuck, own my asshole."

"Oh yeah, I'm owning it, I'm owning this slut butt," grunted Paige, ramming the dildo between the cheeks.

"Aaaarrrghhh, fuuuckkk, aaaaarrgghh, yesssss," an orgasm of mind blowing intensity raced through Jessica sending her soaring in pleasure, like Icarus towards the Sun. Paige slammed her even harder, speeding up and down the hole. Jessica's hand gripped the bedding so hard she could feel her nails cutting into her palm even through the cotton coverlet. "AAAArrrghhhh, fuuuccckkk, aaaarrghh."

"Mmmnn, uuurrhh, oooohhh, fuck, shit, God," grunted Paige, her words saying all that needed to be said.

"Fuuucckkk," shrieked Jessica as articulately and accurately in response, pausing for a second to catch a quick gulp of breath before adding, "Oh fuuucckk!"

The dildo pounded in and out, Mom, teen and bed, shuddering and shaking as they all rammed and bounced together, the bed squeaking and the two women moaning. Paige kept up the hammering, moving her hand from the pussy to grip Jessica's tits and squeeze them, her flat firm stomach pounding on top of Jessica's back as she hammered that hole, fast and quick, brutal butt-fucking. Jessica screamed again, the pleasure burning her, "Aaarrrghh, fuccckk, aaaaarrghhh."

"Yes," moaned Paige, "Oh God yes, yes, yessss!" She sighed and rolled off the Milf, the cock popping out of the older woman's butt, leaving it suddenly cool and aching. Jessica fell face forward, moaning softly, exhausted and satisfied and hoping that Paige was the same; she was sure she was as the teen lay on her back, panting softly.

Up above them a small camera hidden in a crack in the corner recorded it all.

* * *

Ella Montgomery lay naked on her couch, her daughter behind her an arm wrapped over the Milf; it would have been almost protective if Aria hadn't been gently rubbing one of Ella's nipples at the same time. The Milf stretched and sighed contentedly, she could feel the hard rubber of her daughter's strap-on pressing at her back, the same strap-on that had been up her ass not that long before. Aria's mouth nibbled at her Mom's ear, making the Milf giggle. As soon as the news was over she'd suggest Aria take her up to bed, despite near non-stop sex since Aria had grabbed her when she was barely in the door, she was still horny - her daughter had that affect on her.

She didn't think her daughter was in a different place as now Aria had regained her breath her hand was moving down to stroke her Mom's pussy; with Mike back with Byron the two Montgomery women had much more space to indulge their lust. "Naughty," giggled Ella as Aria hand slid over her slit, she moved it away knowing it would soon be back (or at least hoping it would). She tried to concentrate on the news and the latest Middle Eastern situation as Aria's lips pressed at her lobe, blowing sexily at her ear. The Milf giggled again, stretching upright as Aria's hand resumed the journey down her chest to her twat.

It was interrupted by their phones beeping together. Teasingly Ella rolled off the sofa and skipped over to where they sat on the table, feeling rather than seeing her daughter's lustful gaze, as she took in her Mom's wiggling ass cheeks. It was strange that the phones had gone together, perhaps it was Mike seeking an answer to a homework question or one of their friends, inviting them to a future meal or to meet tomorrow for a coffee.

Handing Aria her phone Ella slid her thumb over hers and quickly typed in the password. She didn't recognise the phone number attached to the message, but opened it anyway. Immediately a small movie clip started playing, Jessica Laurentis on her back being fucked and moaning. From the sounds coming from Aria's phone Ella knew she had the same clip. She turned to her daughter, "Is that Emily?"

Her daughter nodded and read out the message below, "Who's fucking? A"

* * *

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