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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 4 (FFF,dp,inc,anal)
by LL

"Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me like you fucked Jessica DiLaurentis," Pam Fields squealed, her arms thrust out at from sides like at the crucifixion as above her daughter Emily pounded, gripping the Milf's ankles and levering forward the legs so they were ski poles and Pam the slope. The teen was gasping and panting in exertion as she slammed forward, drilling her Mom's butthole with speed and precision. Pam's back arched in ecstasy, "Aaahhh, fuck me baby, fuck my ass like's Jessica's."

Emily pulled out and collapsed onto the bed, "No more..." she panted, "I'm done in."

Pam leant her mouth over her daughter's perfect, firm titties, running her tongue round the nipples and kissing the points. After a few second she looked up, smiling, "Why don't we ring in, tell school you're ill; we could spend all day fucking."

Emily groaned, "That is so tempting." For a moment the teen lay still letting her Mom suckle her titties like it was Pam who was the baby. Then with a firm deliberateness she shook her head and reluctantly pushed her Mom away, "No, if I start getting into the habit of having a sickie to fuck you I'll end up never going to school again."

"And what would be wrong with that?" purred Pam. She watched as her daughter rolled of their bed and stood with her back to her undoing the strap-on, the teen's ass was so perfect and firm and round, with flawless light brown skin. Pam just wanted to put her hands over the globes and squeeze them, kissing her daughter's cheeks and slide her tongue down to the lovely slit and lick it forever. No matter how much she knew her daughter was right about school her desire was strong enough that lust trumped education.

"I'm going to take a quick shower... again" smiled Emily, there was a towel on the floor from her last one, that had ended with Pam ripping it off and demanding a quickie from her daughter, which Em had been happy to supply. There wouldn't be a repeat, Emily was too sensible for that, "You better get dressed and make some breakfast, otherwise I won't have anything to eat until lunch."

"Okay sexy," Pam said, her eyes telling her daughter it still wasn't late enough to change her mind about phoning in ill. She lay watching her gorgeous daughter until she left the room, before giving a sigh and getting off the bed, wrapping a robe round her otherwise naked body and going downstairs.

As she put the waffles in the microwave she saw her phone on the table. Picking it up Pam went back to the movie clip she'd got earlier in the week, watching as her beautiful daughter fucked Jessica DiLaurentis. It had been a surprise to get it; not because she hadn't heard of the mysterious A, her daughter had told her earlier that evening. Nor because of Em butt-banging Jessica; she'd known since her and Em's first date that in-between breaking up with Paige and getting together with her Mom her daughter had a one-night stand with Jessica. The movie itself had been a surprise; it didn't seem to be the thing Jessica would do, certainly secretly - but she was Alison's Mom and perhaps the apple didn't fall far from the tree. But what did surprise her was that A would send it to her; the way Emily had described it the texts had been harmless pictures before, but for another couple - one less trusting and open than her and Em - it could have caused real damage.

Pam looked at the clip again; Emily was really hot...

* * *

It took a long time for Spencer to say goodbye to her Mom. Her friends waited by the school entrance, grinning at each other; they all knew that sometimes when you locked lips with your sexy Mom it was hard to say goodbye. Eventually Spencer managed, reluctantly pushing Veronica away, taking a deep breath, belting out a quick goodbye and making a swift sacrificial turn before her Mom dived forward for another farewell kiss.

"Goodbye is the hardest word," grinned Aria at her friend.

"I'd have gone for 'bureaucratic', that's a real spelling nightmare," said Hanna shrugging, "Goodbye is easy." She smiled to show she was joking and knew how her friend thought.

Spencer nodded, "Em? Did we find anything out?"

"You mean apart from discovering that you never need to come up for air?" Emily joined her friends in the gentle tease.

Spencer gave a shrug, "What can I say she's hot and she's wanton." She smiled showing she was taking it in the spirit before going serious again, "No about the clip."

"I spoke to Jessica; she's denying it's her..." Emily replied.

"She would... if it was her," Hanna said with brutal logic.

Emily shook her head, "I don't think it is. I mean she seemed as surprised as me and worried that someone had planted a camera outside her room. After all let's be fair, we all know that I'm not the only person who's Jessica's brought home, she's been ridden more times than my bike. What about your friend Caleb?" she turned to Hanna.

This time it was the blonde's turn to give a small shake of her head, "No luck. He tried to trace the call, but it went through so many techie boxy thingie's that there was no way he could trace the call. He was able to say it came from America though."

"So we can rule out Melissa," laughed Spencer. The others looked at her. Spencer frowned, "You know she's in London."

"Any reason why it would be Melissa?" asked Aria.

"No," Spencer blushed, "But sometimes we fight, I don't seriously think it's her. I was joking."

Emily moved on the conversation, "So we're no nearer."

"What about the police?" asked Aria.

The other three all shook their head vigorously, "No," said Em speaking for them all, "We might get that creep Wilding."

"The one who tried to hit our Moms when we were being questioned after Ali's disappearance," added Hanna though Aria knew who was as well as anyone.

"Plus the police in this town are useless: I wouldn't trust them to arrest a hobo," said Spencer.

"So what do we do now?" asked Aria, "Just wait for another message?"

"I don't think we can do anything else," said Spencer.

"And most of them haven't been so bad, the last one might have been a mistake or a joke which just wasn't as funny as A thought," said Em optimistically, though from the looks her friends gave her they weren't in total agreement.

"Changing the topic," said Spencer as they turned and entered the school hall, "Are any of you free after school."

"No, sorry," said Aria, "We're out shopping for a new oven for the kitchen."

"I can't either," grinned Em, "It's our one month anniversary and Mom's promised me something special tonight."

"I'm free," said Hanna, "Why?"

Spencer grinned, "You know I've been trying to talk Mom into a threesome, well that extra long kiss was a thank you for her agreeing to have one tonight with whatever one of you I could bring over; look's like it's you Han."

"We could always go shopping another night," Aria said a little desperately.

"Too late," grinned Hanna.

"Think of it this way, if Hanna impresses my Mom I'm sure I can talk her into more threesomes with you and Em," said Spencer with a smile.

"So no pressure, Han," said Em. They walked down the corridor towards their classes.

* * *

Mona kissed Jenna hard, the blind teen responding in kind. All she could see was shadows and light; she had to decide Mona was attractive by feeling her face (though since they'd been going out she'd felt a lot more than that). But without sight her other senses had become more powerful; she could smell the pine disinfectant in the restroom cubicle, automatically count the steps between the lockers and it, and hear which of the cubicles had another giggling couple in it making out. Her mouth opened to let Mona's tongue slide in, the other teen was more dominant of the two of them - though Jenna thought if she hadn't been blinded by Ali's prank it might be her who was the top. The other's hand slid down Jenna's side and round to her front; undoing the top button of her black leather pants and going in.

Jenna tittered lightly and murmured, "Naughty," as Mona's hand brushed at her waxed pussy, the fingers slipping over the smooth skin. There was some more giggling from the next door cubicle as the other couple got equally fresh. The restroom off the main corridor had a reputation as the place to go in Rosewood High for lesbian seniors who wanted to get off with their girlfriends; the more junior years not coming in unless invited and the teachers giving them space. Jenna gave a little moan as Jenna's fingers explored down below, sliding over her labia and across the slit between, threatening and teasing, but not quiet entering.

"You like that?" Mona said quietly, her lips inches from Jenna's ear.

"Mmmnn yes," Jenna did; her erogenous zone had become as sensitive as her sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing - almost like Alison had done her a favour. The other teen's finger slid over her clit, rubbing it lightly but sexually and making Jenna's thighs quiver. The back of her thighs pressed at the porcelain of the toilet bowl and she had to hold out her arms, pressing the palms at the wall not to overbalance as Mona fingers pressed at the clit, going round in quick, small circles. "Mmmnnn, ooohhh."

"You're so hot," Mona whispered. Jenna could sense the teen's spare hand undoing her own jeans and then she heard the rustle of denim against skin as Mona brought them down. "Eat me, baby," she purred sexily into Jenna's ear, the blind teen feeling the warm air blowing over of her earlobe as the Mona talked, "Lick my pussy out."

Mona's hand was out of Jenna's pants and braced against the wall as Jenna got down on her knees. Even without her sight she knew where to find the pussy, since they'd started going out Jenna had often lapped her lover's cunt, slurping away the lovely, tasty girl-cum and exploring the hole until she knew every inch of it. She could feel the hardness of the floor on her knees and the smooth butt-cheeks of Mona in her hands, round and wiggling. Her face moved forward and she gave an exploratory lick, her tongue sliding through the tiny landing strip Mona kept over her cunt, over the clitoral hood at the top of her pussy and down between the lips, tracing over the thin crack. Mona groaned and giggled, "Yeah, Jen, lick my cunnie, use that sexy tongue of yours."

Jenna brought a hand up, using her fingers to pry apart the hole, whilst keeping her thumb rubbing and circling the clitoris. Her mouth pressed down and she began to lick. Within seconds Mona was wet, not just with Jenna's saliva, but with her own lovely, tasty juice. It was so sweet and flavoursome that it made Jenna tongue harder and Mona's cunt appreciated the effort by producing more cum in a virtuous circle. The darker-skinned teen moaned, her hands pressing at the cubicle walls and making them gently vibrate as she shuddered in pleasure, "MMmnnn, oooohhh, that's so good, lick it harder baby, lap my sexy pussy."

Jenna's tongue stabbed deep and down, switching and shifting round the hole, finding the bits that Mona liked having licked and teasing them with a hard licking. She could feel her girlfriend's sensual shakes and hear her pleasured moans and giggles. And she could taste her enjoyment, the cum filling Mona's cunt before being lapped up by Jenna's tongue; so yummy - like liquid candy. Jenna went faster, slapping at the sensitive spots, as her thumb circled the clit like Sioux round a wagon train, before pounding in for the kill. Mona squeaked and squealed, her body rocking so hard that the walls trembled. It was lucky that the restroom was so well-known as spot for horny teen's as none of the girls touching up their make-up in the mirrors outside could have any illusion about what was going on in the central cubicle. Mona confirmed it by gasping loudly, "Ohhhh myyyy... do it baby, use your tongue in my cunt."

Jenna rammed down, her tongue going as fast as she could make, rushing up through the wet, wrinkled flesh of the pussy, wiping the walls clean of cunt juice - at least for moments more leaked through the membrane and into the cunt. The blind teen kept her face in place, her nose pressed at the slit so she could sniff in the delicious aroma of fresh teen girl cum. Mona was grunting and shuddering, on the edge of an major orgasm and it was her girlfriend's job to push her over. The teen's tongue twisted down the twat, driving hard as her thumb rubbed and pressed at the hot clit.

"Fuuucckk," squealed Mona, "Fuuuckkkk." She bounced and quivered, her body shaking like she had stood on a live electric cable. "Fuuckkkkk aaaaarrrghh."

Cum juice surged into Jenna's mouth, a lovely waterfall of womanly wine. The teen continued lapping, tasting every drop of juice, making sure she knew how much her girlfriend appreciated her.

"Oooohhh, that was so good," Mona moaned. She reluctantly pushed Jenna's head back, "We better get ready for class."

"We could play truant, stay here all day, me eating your pussy," Jenna said hopefully.

"It's tempting," giggled Mona, though as Jenna could feel her pulling her jeans back up it seemed the decision had already been made, "But I've got Math next and I want to keep up my GPA." She paused "No-one's in tonight, you could come round...."

* * *

Veronica Hastings was almost quivering with excitement as she headed home knowing that she'd be met not only by her horny daughter, but also one of Spencer's equally insatiable friends, both planning to bang her from here to eternity. It had taken careful planning by the Milf, even perhaps manipulation, to get to this place - her first lesbian threesome since she'd been a senior in High School. It would have been easy to suggest to Spencer that she invite a friend over for a three girl fuckfest, but Veronica had worried that whilst Spencer would agree, her daughter would soon start to dwell on the fact that her Mom was inviting others for sex. And Spencer being Spencer the conclusion she'd draw was that her Mom wasn't satisfied with her rather than the correct one that Veronica was horny Milf with experimental tastes.

No, it was much better that it was Spencer's idea and Veronica was resistant to it. Step one had been easy, introducing some lesbian threesome porn DVDs to their collection and Veronica purring how hot she felt, as she snuggled up to Spencer watching them, and that Spencer would have to bang her ass soon, subliminally associating threesomes with Spencer (and Veronica's) favourite fuckhole. The second step, had been to wait for Spencer to suggest that one of her friend's join her. It would have been simple to say 'yes' but it was more important to make Spencer work for it and build up the teen's own longing for a fuckfest. The third step was the easiest, it was to listen to the teen's enthusiastic selling of a threesome in the car and finally as the car drove into the school's parking lot to nod and pretending to be reluctant, but doing it for your daughter, saying 'yes'.

Veronica opened the front door to her house. "I'm home," she called, wondering who Spencer had invited home. Any of them would be fun, Emily, shy but experienced with different women, Hanna, who'd been fucking her Mom for years and knew how to please them, Aria, the attractive brunette who Ella swore was the best fuck in Rosewood.

"Hi, I'm with Hanna in the main room," Spencer called back answering Veronica's question.

The Milf removed her suit jacket and opened a couple of buttons on her blouse, so that more of her cleavage could be exposed than a legal office would tolerate, before following the sound of her daughter's voice.

Spencer and Hanna were sitting on the main couch, a gap between them, both were wearing jeans without socks or shoes and T-shirts, which were tight on their teen bodies and through which their nipples were clearly visible, showing that there were no bras beneath. "Come sit here," giggled Spencer, lightly tapping the couch between her and Hanna. Veronica did so, sliding between the teens, giving Hanna a sexy grin as she did so, the blonde giving her one back. Spencer put her arm round her Mom's shoulder, caressing it with her hand as her other one moved down and popped another button, "How was work?" she asked.

"Slow, it seemed to drag," her Mom giggled, "How was school?"

"The same wasn't it Han?" Spencer smiled and undid another couple of buttons, opening the blouse to her Mom's belly and showing her sexy bra.

"Very slow," grinned Hanna, her eyes moving from Veronica's face to her lace enclosed titties.

They weren't covered for long as Spencer's fingers slid under the silk and eased it down so that her Mom's tits were free. She stroked them gently, squeezing the nipple between her thumb and middle finger, making it hard. "Nice," she murmured, then more loudly, "What do you think Han?"

"Oh they look good, can I touch?" Hanna grinned.

"Of course, that's why we're here" said Spencer. She removed her hand from one of the boobs, continuing to stroke the other.

Hanna went for the free one, cradling it in her like she was weighing, before stroking round the nipple with her thumb and squeezing the flesh with her fingers, digging them in so the skin popped. "Yeah these are nice," the teen grinned, gripping the titty harder, "Very nice." She let go, but before Veronica could react or say something the blonde's mouth was down on her bosom, licking at the hard nipple, tagging it with her tongue.

"They are lickable," laughed Spencer and dropped her head to suckle at Veronica's titty.

Veronica moaned in pleasure as the two teen's licked and kissed and slurpily sucked at her titties, teasing the erogenous zones round her nipples with their talented tongues. Her back arched and making her boobs bounce in the two teen's mouth as she spread open her legs. Hanna and Spencer took the hint; as her eyes were closed she couldn't tell which of them hoisted her skirt - Spencer she thought - but it was lifted to her stomach. Both of them slid their hands along her thighs and pushed aside her panties so that their fingers could enter under them. "Mmnnnn, oooohhh, that's right, ooooohhh that's good," moaned the Milf as the two teens began to massage and carress the pussy with her fingers, stroking down at the mons up over the lips and slit between them up to her clit. Veronica shuddered as Spencer's finger circled and pressed at her special spot, the pleasure doubling as her daughter and Hanna continued to tongue at her teats. She groaned again "Oooohh, you know what to do, you're making me hot."

Hanna slid a finger between the lips and into the hole, briefly looking up and smiling at Veronica as she entered, before dropping her mouth down to the soaking wet nipple and slurping at it. The Mom shuddered, quaking in excitement as Hanna's digit pushed down her hole, trying to find her erogenous zone their as her own daughter pressed her thumb at the clitoris. It was as enjoyable as Veronica had hoped, the two teen's more than the sum of their parts, the pleasure not just doubled but more. "Ooooohhhh, girls, you're making me so hot," she gasped in pleasure as Hanna's fingers found the sweet spot and rubbed in and out. Veronica's pussy was on fire, metaphorically at least - if it had been a real blaze the cum she was leaking would have put it out. "Oooohhh yeesss, that feels so good."

Spencer stopped rubbing her Mom's clit and instead slid her middle finger into Veronica's pussy. For a delicious moment the Milf's cunt was filled with two digits, the teen's pumping them gently in and out, before Hanna withdrew and began to rub her pussy soaked digit at the Milf's clitoral hood. Veronica gasped, "OOohhh, mmmnn, keep going girls, play with my twat." The two teens continued, their fingers moving fast, but sensitively at Veronica, pleasing her pussy with their touch. Their tongues and mouths carried on doing the same to her titties, keeping the nipples erect and satisfied.

"Mom's juice is so tasty," Spencer pulled her finger out of her Mom's cunt. "You should taste it," she said offering it to Hanna.

The blonde teen took her mouth from Veronica's tit and leant forward to suck the outstretched digit. "Yum," she said. "Let me eat it propely."

Spencer nodded as Hanna got off the couch and onto the floor. The blonde teen closed Veronica's leg and then lifted them up so that she could draw the panties down along them and over the Milf's ankles, throwing them across the room so they landed on an antique lamp in the corner. She gently opened them again and brought a hand to the wet pussy, prying the lips apart. "I'm going to enjoy this," she said with a smile at Veronica and dropped her mouth down.

"OOoohhh," Veronica gasped in pleasure as Hanna's tongue probed and pressed at her wet snatch, sliding down the wet tunnel, skimming over the soaked walls and hitting the cluster of nerve endings hidden under the pink flesh. "OOohhhh, mmmnnn, yessss."

On the couch beside her Spencer grinned happily at the sight of her friend eating her Mom, for a few moments sitting their and watching, one hand casually stroking the nearest titty as the other stroked at her own cunt through her denims. Then she pulled of her T-shirt, revealing the firm and sexy tits Veronica knew and loved so well. She began to kiss her Mom, gently at first, planting her lips on the Milf's like she was resting them, but gradually more energetically, encouraging Veronica to go with it, until they were making out ferociously. Their tongues plundered each other's mouths as their lips locked and twisted like they were trying to swallow each other, their hands sweeping round their lover like they were out of control octopuses. Below them Hanna's tongue hammered home, slapping down the hole and slurpy at it's juicy nectar.

"Mmnnnn, oohhhh," Veronica groaned as Spencer moved her head back to her tits, suckling them both, one at a time. "Uuurhhhh, aaaaaahhh," she shuddered in excitement as Hanna teeth nipped at her lips, teasing and pulling at them, before she resumed her dive into the pussy. "Fuck...mmmnnn."

"Han," Spencer licked her lips as she pulled her head back from her Mom's well sucked tits, "You should get your own twat licked by Mom, she's such a hot cunt lapper."

Hanna looked up, smiling and licking at her own lips. If the liquid on Spencer's had been saliva which had dribbled out during her over enthusiastic tit-sucking, on Hanna's it was the Milf cunt juice - product of a pussy pounding lickathon. She nodded, "Oh yeah I'd be up for that."

"Why don't you lie on the carpet Mom," smiled Spencer "and whilst you tongue out Han's hot hole, I'll replace her licking the fuck out of yours."

"That sounds good," said Veronica. She kicked off her heels before lying down, letting her open blouse fall to either side of her, the bra still wrapped round her stomach. Spencer lifted her skirt and dipped down in front of her, her mouth opening straight away to lick at the slit, wet from lust and Hanna's tonguing. Veronica gasped in pleasure, as the teen's tongue pressed down, pushing at the slit and licking upwards; Hanna had been good, but Spencer really knew what to do.

Meanwhile Hanna had removed her denims, throwing them onto the couch and was standing over Veronica so the Milf could see her sexy shaven slot. It soon vanished from vision and all she could see was the lower half of Hanna's ass cheeks as the teen sat on her face. But even if she couldn't see the pussy her tongue could quickly locate it and as she gripped Hanna's thighs and waist to keep her in place she was starting to lick the slit. Hanna moaned in excitement as the Milf's tongue pressed and pushed, easing open the hole and licking at the damp, pink flesh inside. She slurped harder and faster, pushing her tongue up so that it pressed at the clit.

"Aaarrrghh, oooohhh, yeesssss," squeaked Hanna, shuddering and shaking, "Eat my cunt. Lick me harder."

Veronica slammed up, razoring her tongue through Hanna's soft flesh, tasting the teen's juice as it trickled down her tongue. Her own daughter's face was still pressed hard to her cunt licking quickly and speedily, hitting Veronica's sweet spots and making her quiver. the three of them were like a chain rocking in the air, link by pussy and tongue the pleasure from Spencer's tongue flowing up her Mom's cunt and to her own mouth as she slammed and slurped Hanna's soaked honeypot, the teen squealing and rubbing her pussy enthusiastically at the Milf. The harder Veronica ate the more the teen wiggled and giggled and shriek, her juice flowing into Veronica's mouth. She slurped harder, enjoying every drop, pushing her own cunt into her daughter's face for Spencer's enthusiastic licks.

"Aaaarrrgghh, fuuuucckk, yessss, you're making me cum, ooohhh God, you are so making me cum," squealed Hanna, confirming her words by arching her back, screaming and having her cum gush into Veronica's mouth. The Milf drunk it down, gulping at the liquid for a second before resuming her pleasuring of Hanna's smooth slot.

She wasn't sure whether it was the blonde's screams, her own shudders and quakes or Spencer's natural competitiveness and desire to do her best and then some, but even as Veronica was slamming her tongue upwards again Spencer was going up a gear. The teen's tongue pounded forward, shooting up Veronica's gash so fast that the Milf wouldn't have been surprised to see a wall of spray following it and hitting at the clit under the hood. Veronica shuddered, the waves of pleasure crashing through her. Hanna was definitely appreciating it as the middle link passed on the ecstasy into her tight teen cunt. "Ooooh, fuuucckkk, ohhhh yesss, fuuuckkk," the blonde squealed bouncing on the Milf face.

Veronica's body arched, her spine feeling like it was snapping as her daughter drove her into an orgasm, she screamed and cried into Han's cunt, her mouth opening and closing over the teen's twat, making more cum drip into her it. Explosions raged through her body, blowing every muscles and every nerve. Her tongue fell back uselessly into her mouth, like a flopping rag. She forced her mouth open again, "Aaarrrrghh," the shrieks of pleasure were muffled by Hanna's thighs and pussy, but they were real enough, "AAaarrrrrghhh."

Flopping back down, Veronica gasped and panted for a few seconds, Hanna's shaven slot still dripping. She quickly began to resume even as she sense Spencer standing up and moving away. Veronica wondered what her daughter was doing, knowing that she hadn't yet finished, not after one measly cunt licking - she knew Spencer better than that. She'd find out in a minute though and for the moment she concentrated on tonguing Hanna's slot, slurping and licking the lovely, tasty hole and making the blonde writhe and scream as she came again, more juice spurting onto the hot Mom's face.

"Hey Han, ready to fuck my Mom properly," Veronica could hear her daughter's voice, muffled by Hanna's thighs wrapped round her ears, but perfectly audible.

"Do I, do I ever," grinned Hanna standing up.

Veronica hoisted herself onto her elbows and looked up. Spencer had got rid off her jeans and replace them with her favourite strap-on dildo, the ten incher glinting with lube, the bulbous head looking like an particularly deformed mushroom. In her hand she was holding another one of the same length, though this tapered of to a rounded point like a missile. Her daughter handed the second toy to Hanna and grinned at her Mom as she said, "You're the guest Han, why don't you fuck her first?"

Hanna nodded, attaching the strap-on and then pulling off her T-shirt so she was as naked as Spencer. Veronica used the time to shrug off her blouse and unclip her bra, tossing in on the couch to land on top of Hanna's denims, before removing her skirt and draping it over the sofa's back. She stood naked, smiling at the teens, "Where do you want me? The rug?"

Hanna looked at Spencer, who nodded, "Yes, spread those legs so Hanna can fuck your hot pussy."

Veronica lay on the rug, her legs moving apart. She smiled, looking upwards at Hanna, "Come and fuck me. Bang my hot Milf pussy like you bang your Mom's. Stuff that strap-on in my cunt."

The blonde teen didn't waste any time.

Veronica giggled in excitement as Hanna moved on top of her, the teenager's fingers expertly finding the older woman's pussy and easing it apart, her strap-on sliding into the wet hole. "Oooohhh yes," Veronica moaned, "Stick that plastic dick into me."

"God, you're so wet," Hanna groaned.

"Fuck her Han, fuck her pussy hard, Mom will love it," said Spencer, standing a couple of feet away and looking down with lust written all over her face.

Hanna placed her hands either side of the Milf, her tits brushing and bouncing at Veronica's as she slowly began to move up and down. Veronica rose to meet her, arching her hips and sliding up the dick coming down; it went in deep, sliding over her walls and through the wetness, pressing and pushing at her cunt tunnel. The Milf shuddered in pleasure, her hands reaching round Hanna's back, grabbing the teen and hugging her close. The blonde grinned and thrust down again, driving her dildo into the Mom's twat. "Like that?" the teen grinned, "Spencer says you love big fucking strap-ons."

"I do," Veronica smiled back, "I love hard fucking plastic cocks". She placed emphasis on the word 'love' leaving Hanna in no doubt how much she enjoyed being fucked by lesbian wielded toys.

Hanna grinned harder and matched the smile with a rapid and hard series of thrusts, her firm tits bouncing and shaking over Veronica's Milf ones. The Mom gasped and groaned as the dildo penetrated her, thrusting at her erogenous zones and scraping over super-sensitive nerve endings. Her legs wrapped round Hanna's calves, her heels rubbing at the teen's flesh. Hanna moved faster, like she was being dragged in, her hips jolted and jerked, driving the dildo attached to her deep into Veronica. The Milf gasped louder, "Oooohhh yessss, yesssss."

"Fuck her Han, fuck her good," said Spencer. Veronica could see her daughter standing a few feet away, holding her plastic dick hard in her hand and licking her lips with lust, obviously incredibly turned on by seeing her Mom getting fucked by one of her friends. "Give her that cock, get it down deep into her cunt."

"Yeah, you're so hot, you're twat is so fucking wet and moist, you're so fuckable," Hanna was looking at Veronica as she fucked her, smiling and panting. She was ramming the dildo all the way in, the leather straps pressing at Veronica's flesh as the dildo attached to them vanished all the way in. Harder and harder the teen went, slamming with passion and grunting with exhertion, filling Veronica with lovely hard rubber cock. "You're such a great fuck, you really love it. God, I can see why Spencer loves banging you."

"Oooohhh yessss," Veronica's back arched and bent as the orgasms hit her. "Aaaargghhh, aaarrrggghh. Fuuuckkk yessss." The teen continued slamming into her, driving the pleasurable waves deeper and harder, making them flow throughout Veronica's body, burning through flesh and bone and muscle. "Fuuuckkk aaaarrgghhh."

"God, yesss, yesssss, ohhhhh, urrrrhhh, ohhhhh, yessss!" grunted Hanna in reply, her face contorting in pleasure as the vibrations from the shuddering Milf shot up her dildo and bounced against her pussy and clit. "Fuuucckk, ooohhh, yesssss, ohhhhh!"

"Oh God, Han that's so hot, you're making my Mom cum," Spencer squealed in excitement. "Go, Mom, go, let Han fuck you."

"Yessss, yessss," squealed Veronica, thrashing on the rug, writhing and rocking as she orgasmed again and again, each one more powerful and explosive than the last.

"That's so hot, you're cumming Mom, Han's making you cum. I'm so horny watching," Spencer was almost dancing from one foot to another in excitement.

"Spence you need to have a go," Han panted, pulling back.

"We should do her together," Spencer nodded, "Spit roast."

"I am so up for that," grunted Hanna disentangling herself from the Milf.

Veronica was as well, the idea of sucking one dildo whilst another fucked her appealed immensely, "What position do you want me in?" she asked her daughter, her hand automatically reaching down to her soaking cunt to rub it enticingly.

Spencer looked at Hanna for a moment as if waiting for her friend to express an opinion. As she didn't she made the decision, "On your hands and knees so I can fuck you doggy style whilst Hanna gets your mouth; that okay with you Han?"

"Sounds great," grinned Hanna. She moved to the front as Veronica followed her daughter's instruction.

Opening her mouth Veronica slid her lips over the dildo; it was so big she really had to stretch her jaw, widening it so far there was an ache below her ears. The toy moved in, covered with her cunt juice. Hanna rocked gently, easing the toy in just a bit more than was comfortable, pushing against Veronica's inner cheek and pinning at her tongue. "Oooohhhh yeah, I bet this feels good," said Hanna taking the Milf's head in her hand and sliding back and forth an inch at a time, "Sucking a dick covered with your cum."

Veronica, for obvious reasons, was unable to answer, but she hoped her eyes showed the proper level of adoration for the cock in her mouth and she bobbed her head in what she was sure Hanna would realise was appreciation.

"I'm going to fuck your wet pussy now," announced Spencer, her hands spreading moist lips apart before she pushed her dildo in, the bulbous head pushing and scraping at the wet pussy walls, stimulating pleasure zones hidden behind them. "I am so going to fuck your pussy."

The teen continued to push the dildo down, impaling its full length in her Mom's fuckhole. Her hands gripped Veronica's waist, squeezing at the flesh as her own hips jerked back and forth hammering the cock in and out. Veronica wriggled and writhed as at either end her holes were used by two hot teens; she was in heaven she decided, squashed between two teen angels, both fucking her holes hotly. Hanna wasn't going as deep and she was more gentle and there was no eregoenous zone in Veronica's mouth (at least if it was it was well hidden), but it still felt hot and horny to be sucking the cock, tasting the flavour of her own pussy. Perhaps having her mouth filled, meant that she couldn't gasp the orgasmic pleasure out, making the waves of pleasure more intense.

And she wasn't just getting small waves from Spencer's pussy fucking, but huge tidal waves of ecstasy, waves that would send seasoned surfers scurrying for their board and everyone else rushing inland. Spencer was slamming hard and deep and fast, pounding her Mom's pussy vigorously and violently, filling it with hard, thick, dick. "Yes, fuck, yes, this feels so good, oooohhh, Mom, ooohhh God, this is great."

"Ohhhh, yeah, suck my dildo Mrs Hastings, press it back against my pussy with your mouth. OOooohhh that's right, making my pussy hot, eat my dick," Hanna moaned, rocking her hips and feeding the toy at Veronica's cheek. She held Veronica's head, ruffling her hair, running her hair through the strands, mussing it up. "Mmmnnn Spencer your Mom can suck cock so good."

"I know," grinned Spencer, still continuing to fuck the wet pussy from behind, "I've told you, haven't I, about how sometimes after I bang her in the ass she sucks the dildo clean. It's so hot."

"Me and Mom do that as well, Mom's a big atm'er," Hanna grinned back. "Ass and mouth, she loves both."

"Mmmnn, yeah, so does mine and speaking of ass..." Spencer's hand moved to her Mom's butt and she pulled apart the cheeks exposing the rosebud. Veronica quivered in joy, enthusiastically sucking at Hanna's cock and pushing back at her daughter's dildo. Her enthusiasm got greater as Spencer's middle finger pushed at her backhole, drilling in and wiggling, easing apart the tunnel. The digit was worked in and out, Spencer matching it to her hips rhythm, knocking both holes at once, even if one was getting a big thick dildo and the other a thin, small finger.

"I'm going to swap holes now," Spencer warned her Mom. So saying she pulled the sopping dildo out of her Mom's cunt and pressed it at her rosebud, pushing down.

Veronica rocked her butt back to meet it, whilst still making sure she kept Hanna's dildo in her mouth. Her daughter's dick entered her back-hole, moving down. if it didn't enter as quickly or as forcefully as when it had been in her pussy that was all for the best, allowing Veronica's anal chute to get reused to the intruder. The walls slowly stretched and expanded, pried apart by the toy's head, before wrapping back round the hard rod that followed it. Gently, gradually the cock went in, slowly vanishing down Veronica's hole. The Milf rocked back and forth, enjoying the feeling of dick in her butt and mouth, sucking and fucking like she'd been doing it for years.

"Mmnnn, that's good Mom, roll back and take my dick, slide your ass down my dildo. Ohhhh yessss, I can feel it rubbing at my cunt, work that dick with butt," Spencer groaned instructing her Mom's movements while not slackening her own. The teen's hands gripped Veronica's waist tightly, holding it like she was using it to stay upright. Her own thighs were rocking and pressing forward to hit the Milf's upper legs and cheeks, flesh slapping flesh.

"Spence, your Mom is the best cock-sucker, she really is," Hanna said enthusiastically. She rocked her own hips, making the Mom suck the dildo deeper, Veronica's tongue pressed to the bottom of her mouth, the tip of the toy threatening to tickle her tonsils, but never quiet managing. Certainly if Veronica hadn't sucked Spencer's strap-on quite so often or vigorously (either before or after a good ass-fucking) she'd have been gagging. But she was used to swallowing deep, and whilst it was a new experience to be doing it whilst her back hole was filled, she was able to manage it easily. In fact not only was she able to cope she was finding it enjoyable, enjoying the feeling of plastic cock filling her mouth as her head bobbed and knowing that as she sucked she rubbed the shaft of the toy at Hanna's pussy, making the teen wet and sexy. It was especially fun doing it whilst her other hole was being furiously filled at the same time.

"OOohhh, urrrhhh, urrrhh, fuck yes, Mom this is so hot and sexy, double-fucking you," Spencer moaned, as she and Hanna continued to spit roast the Milf. "Ooooohh, yes, yes, yessss!"

Veronica rocked and shuddered, her body moving back and forth between the two dicks. Her tits jiggled and bounced, swinging underneath her body, rocking like boxing balls being continually punched. She slid one of her hands to her pussy, rubbing at the wet slit hard and fast, finding her clit and massaging it through the skin. The excitement surged through her body, making her shake even more violently, and Spencer thrust even faster to keep up with her. Cum soaked her fingers, more and more of it as she raced her finger quickly over her cunt.

"Uurhhh, uuurrhhh,, oh God, your ass is heaven, it feels so fucking good," Spener gasped.

"And her mouth as well..." Hanna added.

"Let's swap places," giggled Spencer, without waiting for a reply she pulled the prick out of her Mom's ass.

"Okay," grinned Hanna.

"Just keep on fucking me," said Veronica, before wiggling her ass invitingly for Hanna's first time in her butt and sliding her lips round Spencer's dildo for about the hundredth.

It felt so good, Hanna entering her butt-hole swiftly and deeply, slamming it vigorously and Spencer feeding her dildo into her Mom's mouth, unlike Hanna knowing how far she could go and testing the limits, making her Mom deep-throat the dick. The two teens rammed her in unison, grinning and giggling as they rushed towards each other, sandwiching Veronica in between, and then retreated, before speeding forward again. The Milf shuddered and shook, orgasming all the time, her cunt sopping and hot and her inside mangling and jumping around like teenagers at a rave club.

"MMmnnn yesss, oooohhh, fuck," moaned Hanna as she pounded ass.

"Yes, yes, that's so good, Mom, suck my dick clean, I love it when you do that," groaned Spencer, keeping her hands on her hips and jolting them vigorously.

For the next few minutes the air was filled with the sounds of sucking and fucking, slurps and groans, the smack of body against body and grunts of excitement, cries of appreciation and pleasure. The two teen's spit-roasted Veronica to perfection, if she'd been a pig been turned on a stick she'd have been crackling, as she was a Milf being double fucked she was orgasming with an intensity she'd seldom know; her body shuddering in ecstatic bliss.

Spencer grinned "We should do a proper dp, ass and cunt together"

"I'm up for that," Hanna said excitedly.

"And me," said Veronica with enthusiasm as she pulled her mouth off her daughter's cock and looked up at her like a puppy gazes adoringly at it's owner.

"So we're all agreed, we're fucking my Mom back and front," grinned Spencer.

The other two nodded eagerly and Hanna said, "You want to bang her ass, she is your Mom."

Spencer shook her head, smiling, "No, you can keep on fucking her. I want to be able to look at her as we fuck, to see how much she's enjoying it."

"It'll be a lot," said Veronica, her pussy almost somersaulting in excitement and it didn't even have a strap-on in it yet.

She stood up as Hanna moved over to the couch, the blonde teen sitting down, her legs splayed and pointing the dildo upwards more than suggestively, "Isn't this big?" she giggled.

"Massive," said Spencer smiling.

"It fits my ass nicely," agreed Veronica. She turned her back to the teen, correctly guessing how she was wanted, and slowly stepped back and down. Hanna's hands met her as she lowered herself guiding the Milf to the straight dick. Veronica paused as she felt the tip at her backdoor, wiggling a little to make sure she was directly over it, before dropping. "MMmnnnn, yessss," she moaned as the toy went up her well spread anal chute. It pushed upwards and inwards, fitting the hole like a hand fitting a glove. She slid up again, raising her ass and smiling at her horny daughter standing a few feet away watching and then down, moaning in pleasure as the toy went up, stimulating and satisfying.

"Yes," moaned Hanna, "Yes, that's good. Come down my dildo." Her hands remained on Veronica's waist, helping the Milf up and down, keeping her guided to the cock. Veronica moved faster and faster, working the cock and making sure her ass was nice and open for it. As she was moving she was rubbing her cunt, making it slick and wet for her daughter; Spencer standing by and watching lasciviously, waiting for her Mom to get used to the position she was in and for the right moment to join her and her friend.

Veronica groaned and gasped, draping her legs over Hanna's and prying her pussy, hoping that without her needing to say anything that her daughter would take the hint that this was the time. Spencer did.

She stepped forward, moving into position between the legs of her friend and Mom. Holding the dildo, the teen fed it into Veronica's waiting hole, cutely smiling as she did so. To help her Hanna paused her butt-fucking, remaining in situ, her hands cradling the Milf's thighs and her strap-on deep in Veronica's ass.

"Oooohhh, yessss," moaned Veronica as the second cock slid into her fuckhole, pushing so deep she could feel it rubbing against its twin lodged in her ass. She reached out to hold Spencer's shoulders, smiling sensually at her daughter as she pulled them even closer together, "Fuck me," she ordered, "both of you."

The two teens grinned at each other and began to fulfil Veronica's demand, pulling back and lunging forward in unison, sandwiching the naked Milf between them. The feelings of pleasure was intense; explosive, burning, flames licking at her innards intense. "Oooohhh, yessss, yessss, aaaaarggghh" Veronica rocked between the two strap-on wielding hotties, orgasming coming as quick and easily as the flood of hot water when she switched on the shower. "Aaaarrgggh, fuuuckkk, yesssss, fuuuckk meeee!"

"Yes, Mom, yes, God this is great," Spencer grunted, "Don't take this the wrong way, but you're such a slut, isn't she Han?"

The blonde was pounding up, lifting the Milf's thighs as she did. She nodded enthusiastically, "In a good way. Her ass is so fuckable."

"And your pussy as well and your mouth," added Spencer, so that none of her Mom's holes were left out.

"OOOhhh, urrrrhhh, aaaaarrrghhh," Veronica squealed in reply. Her fingers dug deeper into Spencer's shoulders as she used her daughter for balance as she rammed her cunt up to meet and then her ass down to clash with Hanna. The cocks rammed in and out, smacking against each other in her middle, only a thin wall separating the two plastics rods - and that was stretching. The two toys smashed into her again, seeming to stimulate every nerve she had, "AAAAarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaargghh," she shrieked orgasmically, "Aaaarrrrghhhh, yesssssss!"

The two teens pounded harder. Spencer smiling all the time, her eyes fixed on her Mom's face, adoration for her evident in the look. The teen's normally neat hair was awry and if you looked closely (and Veronica did) you could see her make-up was smudged and stained from sweat. But if Spencer looked a mess, albeit a sexy one, Veronica knew she must look even worse; her lip-gloss smeared all round her mouth from cock-sucking, her hair like she'd been repeatedly electrocuted and her face sticky with sweat. And Spencer was still gazing at her with love; Veronica was the luckiest woman in Roseview - though from the expertise with which Hanna was pounding her ass Ashley Marin had to be a close second. Veronica closed her eyes, letting the feeling swamp her as she screamed again, "AAAAarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaarrggghh!"

"This is making me cum," moaned Hanna, not stopping and whilst obviously orgasming, at a much lower intensity of the rocking and writhing Milf on her lap. "Fuck, my pussy feel's so good."

"Mine as well," grinned Spencer, "Fuck her harder."

Veronica didn't think it was possible for the two teen's to up their speed, but they managed it, slamming the dildos into her almost as fast as light. She squealed in pleasure, "OHhhh fuck, fuck, oooohhh!Yes girls, yes, ram my holes, slam them so good and hard!"

The two teens grunted and hammered, Hanna spearing up and Spencer thrusting down. Their two dildos clashed in Veronica's cunt and she shrieked out in excitement, writhing and wriggling between them like a banner flapping in the wind. The two teens continued hard and fast, their firm tits jiggling as they smacked at her, their hands gripping her firmly, their faces filled with concentrated lust. Sweat dripped down three bodies as they came together. Cum filled all three pussies, sliding round the walls and leaking over their slit lips.

The toys rammed in.

"Yessss, God, yesss," moaned Hanna, "Ooohhh Mrs Hastings you make me cum."

"Mmmnn, oooohhh, Mom, me as well. Fucking your hot cunt is making me so wet," Spencer moaned as well.

She arched her hips, slamming her toy deep into her Mom's soaking, slippery twat, that, and the didlo smashing up her asshole at the same time was enough to make Veronica scream again... loudly, "AAAaarrgghh, fuuucckkk, yesssss." Two large thick dildos were definitely better than one, especially when wielded by her daughter and her friend. Veronica screamed again, howling at the ceiling as another wave of orgasmic pleasure surged through her, the two teen's not pausing, but continuing to slam her holes like they'd vanish if not fucked. Veronica's hands gripped her daughter's shoulders harder, her nails digging in and leaving tiny marks in the skin. Spencer didn't complain, just smiled and smacked down again, "AAAarrrghh fuckkk, yesssss."

Hanna was meeting her friend half-way, slamming up Veronica's ass. The half-way was also in the middle of Veronica; where nerve endings seemed to connect with the dildos and every thrust was orgasmic. The two teens slammed and slammed, making the Mom squeal even harder, her entire body on fire. They were grunting as well, groaning in pleasure and exhertion as they filled the Milf with plastic cock, the toys rubbing at their pussies as they hammered them in.

The air was fill with the sound of ecstacy, moans and cries, shrieks and squeals as all them came to varying degrees of intensity.

"AAaarrrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaarggghhh!"

"Ffffuuuckk, God, yesssss, fuuuckkkk!"

"Oooohhh, uurrrrrhhh, aaaarrgghhhh!"

The two teen's disconnected from the Milf, both of them panting, Spencer moving beside her friend and slumping exhausted on the sofa, panting heavily.

Standing up Veronica was equal part aches and bliss, sore from the pounding she'd been given, but still revelling in the pleasurable feelings it had released.

With a smile she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth to slide it down Hanna's fake prick...

* * *

"Bye, thanks for the evening," Hanna waved goodbye to Spencer and Mrs Hastings. The hot Milf waved from the car window, before turning to say something to her teen daughter as Spencer reversed from the drive.

Hanna reached into her bag for her keys, before hoisting it over her shoulder and walking towards her front door. She knew her Mom would be waiting, eager to hear all about the night. Hanna couldn't wait to tell her, despite banging Mrs Hastings for most of the evening, she was still horny and knew that by the time she'd finished filling her in with the details, her Mom would be wet and ready to be filled with other things. Perhaps she could talk her Mom into returning the favour with Spencer and inviting her friend over for a threesome soon, or even with Aria or Em, they were equally keen to share as she had been.

She opened the door and stepped in. There was a strange smell in the air. She sniffed again, it smelt sweet but sickly, and made her feel woozy. She blinked, wondering what it was - a scented candle gone wrong? She continued into the lounge and stopped, her heart pounding in fear.

Slumped on the floor, a spilt cup of coffee staining the carpet beside lay her Mom. She wasn't moving...


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