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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 6 (FF,FF+,inc,anal)
by LL

Despite being on a motorbike Veronica and Spencer Hastings were the last to arrive, Spencer pulling in behind her friend's car and taking off her helmet, her long hair falling artfully down her shoulders as she shook it free. She looked so sexy, thought her Mom as she reluctantly removed her arms from around her daughter's stomach. Veronica was a lucky woman, she knew that. She had a well paid and interesting job, a lovely house and two beautiful and intelligent daughters, one of whom doubled as her lover. She clambered off the motorcycle, her legs still warm underneath the leather and removed her own helmet.

She looked at the cabin; it was set a few dozen yards away from a lake and a few miles from the road and any neighbours, a perfect weekend getaway with her lover/daughter and their friends. It had been so kind of Ezra to let it them, to allow them some time away and the fact that it had no mobile reception was a Godsend; no A to spoil the tranquillity.

Spencer was undoing the panniers, lifting out one handheld suitcase and passing to her Mom, before taking the other one and heading into the house.

Hanna met them at the door smiling, "Hi, we thought you'd never arrive."

"We were late starting out," Spencer threw a glance at her Mom, who's fault it was, but she was smiling to show that it was such a minor thing she wasn't worried about it.

"You're getting the smallest bedroom," Hanna teased, standing aside to let them in.

Inside was as well maintained as out, not a speck of dust settled on the expensive furniture and the rug in front of the fire as pristine as if it was new. Aria and Ella were sitting on the couch, Aria's arm casually around her Mom's shoulder and Pam was standing next to the fire place sipping a coffee. "Hi," the three of them greeted their friends cheerfully, "Do you want a coffee?" asked Pam. She pointed towards a doorway through which Veronica could smell the odour of fresh coffee, "There's a pot on in the kitchen."

Before Veronica could reply Emily and Ashley arrived in the main room from down the corridor. They again greeted their friends, leaning forward to kiss them on their cheeks before Em said, "There's a hot tub just down at the end. I was thinking about getting into my bikini and having a quick go before dinner." She looked around the others, Ashley already nodding as she knew what the teen was going to say and agreeing, "Anyone else?"

Whilst coffee had seemed a good idea moments ago the chance to go hot-tubbing with Spencer sounded too good to miss and Veronica nodded quickly, "I'm in."

"And us," said Aria.

Hanna and Pam were also nodding their agreement. Veronica picked up her case, "We better get changed, which room?"

"Second on the left," Aria pointed down another of the passageways, standing up and leading them down it as far as the first door where she turned and entered.

Veronica and Spencer continued the few yards to their room. It was small, but perfect, with room for a double bed and a chest of drawers and a window that looked out onto the lake beyond the trees. Veronica pushed her hand down on the mattress, checking its springiness, it would be getting a lot of use this weekend. She was about to open the first suitcase when she felt Spencer's hands on her shoulder, the teen easing her round so they were facing and placing her hands in a relaxed cross behind her Mom's neck. She leant forward and kissed her, slowly, romantically. Veronica kissed her back, smiling as they broke, "What was that for?"

"For being the hottest, sexiest Mom ever," grinned Spencer. "Let's have a great weekend and not think about A."

"Agreed," said Veronica vehemently, "I just want to be able to relax and have a good time." She licked her lips suggestively, "A very good time."

Spencer undid her arms and took a step back, smiling broadly, "You are such a slut Mrs Hastings," she said in mock shock.

"I am," smiled Veronica in agreement. She reached up and slowly undid her leather motorcycle jacket, gradually exposing the fact she was wearing nothing underneath, not even a bra. Her large tits came free, the nipples hard and recently pierced. Spencer looked on with lust apparent on her face as her Mom dropped the jacket on the floor. She turned half to a side, striking a sexy pose, "What do you think?"

"Not bad for a woman your age," her daughter smiled teasingly, side-stepping the Milf so she was behind her, her hands reaching round to take Veronica's boobs and gently caress them. Her lips moved close to the older woman, the warm breath playing over Veronica's skin, bringing a hot flush to her cheeks. Spencer fingers tweaked at the nipples, flicking the rings so they swung; her lips got closer, kissing at Veronica's neck just under the ear. "Mnnnnn, in fact I'd go so far as to say you're kinda sexy."

"Just kind of?" her Mom asked, pushing her body against her daughter's at the same time as she was undoing the top of her leather pants. That done she took hold off one of Spencer's hands and guided it down, leading it under the pants and to her pussy beneath; she hadn't bothered with panties and had freshly shaved before going out so. The teen's hand moved like she was strumming a guitar over the older Hasting's labia lips, making Veronica even hotter and hornier.

"Okay, very sexy," Spencer breathed into her Mom's ear, "That hot pussy and ass are going to get fucked so often this weekend you're not going to know whether to lie on your front or back."

"Sounds promising," giggled her Mom.

"Oh it's more than a promise," said Spencer, "It's a vow." She turned her Mom around again so they were facing each other and leant in, kissing her deeply and passionately, owning her Mom's mouth as her hands went to the Milf's ass and held it through the leather. For a few moments they continued to kiss before they broke. "We're going to be the last again," said Spencer. She undid her own jacket and tossed it on the bed.

"I can cope with that baby," smiled Veronica. Her hands reached for her daughter's waist bringing her forward again. Their naked titties rubbed together, Spencer's pert teen ones pushing at her Mom's.

"Me too" grinned Spencer, kissing her Mom again, albeit briefly. She sat down on the bed, taking of her boots before reaching for the buttons of her pants, "How about you show me what you can do with your tongue?"

"Oh yes," Veronica finished undressing, stripping down to just her socks, which was exactly the same amount of clothing her sexy teen daughter was wearing. She got down on her knees easing Spencer's legs apart, though the teen was no reluctant bystander, her hands on the back of her Mom's head encouraging her forward. Veronica could smell the sweet smell of fresh pussy, the teen wet without even a touch. Her mouth opened and her tongue lashed out, whipping up Spencer's slit and down again, washing the quim with saliva.

Spencer giggled, "Eat me Mom, lick my sexy slot." She gave another groany gasp as Veronica did just that, sliding her tongue up and pressing it at the clit, then swiping down like a falling elevator. Spencer gripped her Mom's head harder, pushing her forward into her wet slot, "Oooohh, eat me, eat me all up."

Veronica went faster and harder, her tongue swishing up and down like an out of control electric cable, spitting volts of pleasure up her daughter. The outside of the pussy was let with her spit, the inside soaked with excitement, the cum seeping between the lips as Veronica pressed her tongue in and worked the slit apart. The pussy was so warm and tasty, succulent and sexy. Veronica pushed in, working her tongue up and down and in and out, trying to find her daughter's special spot. All the time Spencer was gasping and moaning, her hands gripping her Mom's head, the fingers running through the hair. "Ooooooohhh, yesssss, Mom, ooooohhh yessss, that's so good, no-one can eat cunt like you can Mom, you're the best."

Veronica set out to show how true that was, her tongue pounding forward, slurping up her daughter's cum and pleasuring the teen to within an inch of an orgasm. And then beyond...

"Aaaaarrghhh," Spencer cried out in pleasure as she came, her entire body shuddering with excitement, "Aaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaarrghhhh."

Part of Veronica wanted to stay there forever, eating the sexy slot, licking and lapping her lovely teen daughter to orgasm after orgasm. But they had all weekend for that and Veronica didn't want to delay joining their friends. She lifted herself up, "You did pack swimming costumes?"

"Yes," her daughter looked a little offended, more that her Mom was questioning her organisational abilities than because she stopped the pussy licking, the teen knew she'd get plenty of that anytime. She motioned to the nearest of the suitcases, "In there."

Veronica knew how to deal with the sulk in Spencer's voice, standing up and over her she pressed her cummy lips at the teen's. "I love you."

"Love you too sexy," grinned Spencer, kissing her back, her irritation forgotten.

Veronica swiftly unpacked the suitcases as Spencer tidied up their motorcycle gear, before they got into their costumes. Spencer's bikini was one she'd had a for a few months, a yellow one with polka dot spots, which barely covered her tight body. Veronica's was newer, in fact she'd only got it this week after finding out about the weekend, and this would be it's first outing. She normally went for a one-piece and the small two-piece that barely covered her titties and slot was daringly risque, but, from the looks and whistle her daughter gave her, appreciated.

The teen looked her Mom up and down, nodding approvingly before saying, "Shall we got to the tub? the others are probably already there."

In that Spencer was, unusually, wrong; a giggling Aria and Ella coming out of the room next door at the same time as the Hastings and like them both Montgomery's were wearing sexy two-pieces and like the Hastings they were pulling it off. "We got delayed," said Veronica with a smile.

"Us as well," said Aria, her hand fondling her Mom's butt, which probably gave a hint of why.

The two Mom/daughter couples walked down the corridor, through the main room and into the room with the hot tub. Ashley and Hanna were already there, sitting in two sides of the circle, their arms stretched out over the rim and luxuriating the effervescent water. As they saw the other's arrive Ashley scooted round the bench to perch herself delicately on her daughter's leg. Veronica and Ella did the same, whilst the tub was spacious, it wasn't so big that it could fit them all together without some sharing of space. Not that Veronica minded sitting on her sexy daughter's knee, the teen's arm round her stomach and her chin resting on her shoulder.

"Room for two more?" asked Pam as they entered the room, Em climbing in, her two-piece so small her titties threatened to drop out.

"I think we can fit," grinned Hanna as Pam clambered in after her daughter and followed the others in sliding onto her sexy teen lover's knees.

"Welcome to Ezra's cabin," grinned Aria, "For a cell free weekend."

"We deserve it," said Spencer and the others agreed, the Montgomerys and Marins with added emphasis.

With the warm water bubbling around them the women quickly relaxed and agreed that without cells life was so peaceful and not just because of A, but no work, or ex-husbands or other children or salesmen calling. It was a shame that they couldn't take some pictures, but possibly for the best, anyway you didn't need photos to make memories, you just needed to have a good time and they were all agreed that was what this weekend was going to be. Veronica lay back against Spencer, feeling her teen daughter firm boobs against her back and the teen's hand stroking her thigh under the water and let the conversation flow; the gossip, the in-jokes, the catch-ups. She laughed and joked, letting Spencer's finger glide over her, just stopping short of her bikini top. The other Moms were smiling as well, Veronica guessing that under the bubbling water she wasn't the only one whose lover's hand was playing with some leg.

"Is that a new bikini?" asked Ashley, moving the conversation on from a story about Hanna's problems with reverse parking.

"It is," grinned Veronica. "I just bought it new."

"Me as well," said Ashley.

"I suggested something sexy for the weekend," grinned Hanna.

"Me as well," laughed Spencer, "but that's not the only thing Mom got that's new."

"What else?" asked Pam.

"Can you guess?" Spencer grinned a hand moving up her Mom's waist and side, sliding round the front under the water

Veronica half turned her head towards Spencer, smiling as Pam and others laughed, "Not a boob job?" Aria teased.

"They're no bigger," said Hanna who'd had first hand experience of them.

"Perhaps we should show," grinned Spencer, "What do you think Mom?"

"We all vote yes," said Aria.

"Perhaps she needs some back-up," her Mom said, the teacher immediately leaning forward and reaching behind her back for the bikini strings. "Wheee!" she laughed and shook her boobs, dropping the top into the water where it swirled and dip and sank gradually to the bottom.

"Mmnnnn, lovely titties," Aria giggled and reached up to jiggle her Mom's boobs.

"I think she might need more encouragement," grinned Emily kissing the back of her Mom's neck. Her hands went up behind her Mom and scrabbled with the knot, before pulling it away and holding the bikini aloft as her Mom shook her titties. the teen tossed the bikini and it landed on the floor behind. Her hands moved to her Mom's side holding her casually on her knee whilst the water effervesced round the naked tits.

"One more and then it's show time," Ashley laughed as she and Hanna both reached up at the same time. Together they undid the Milf's bikini, draping it over the side off the hot-tub as Ashley followed her friends in shaking her titties. They all laughed, Veronica included, she didn't mind showing her tits the other Moms, her friends. And certainly hoped the teen girls would enjoy them as much as Spencer (especially if that meant that Spencer could talk Hanna, Em or Aria into a threesome with her). Ashley leaned back against her daughter, "Your turn, Veronica."

"Okay, since you're all asking so nicely," Veronica leant forward and undid her strap. For a moment as she straightened the bikini remained in situ, before it slid slowly off, bouncing away on the waves. Veronica grinned and pushed her titties out.

"Are they pierced?" asked Pam, smiling, "They are..."

"I'm just a biker slut," grinned Veronica, cupping her breasts and jangling the little rings.

"So how do they feel?" asked Ella.

"Super sensitive," said Veronica.

"I can almost make her cum from titty licking," confirmed Spencer.

"Perhaps we should get some for you Mom," teased Emily, stroking her Mom's titties. Pam giggled.

Ella was more practicable, "I'm noticing four of us have our bikinis off and four of us still have them covered."

"Get them off," smiled Veronica. Pam nodded and clapped her hands, "Get them off." Ashley and Ella joined in, the four Milfs chanting in unison, "Get them off, get them off."

"As you're all asking so nicely," Aria grinned and popped her titties out over her bikini top. The others followed in seconds, the bikinis either being tossed on the floor behind them or being dropped into the water to slowly sink to the join those already bouncing along the tub's bottom. There boobs remained concealed as they were all sitting with a Mom in front, but it was the thought that counted, the four teens joining their Moms in toplessness.

Veronica gave a giggle as Spencer's hands moved down to her thigh and rubbed up to the bikini bottoms. "Stop Spencer, you're being naughty," she murmured as the teen's fingers slid under the side cord. Spencer ignored her, her lithe fingers moving under the knot, finding the cord which held the bow. She pulled.

Veronica's bottoms slid away, floating like some detritus bobbing in the tide, sinking away from the now naked Mom. "That's better," her daughter murmured in her ear, her hands moving up to cup and hold the Milf's titties.

The other Moms and daughters were smiling, none seemed to mind that Veronica was totally naked, in fact, judging from the way that the teens were playing with their Moms boobs, stroking their naked skin and exploring between their legs they were being turned on by it. And they weren't the only ones, being naked in the hot tub with Spencer fondling her tits made Veronica incredibly horny as well, her fingers slid down to her pussy to gently play with it under the water.

"Should I show everyone that hot cunt of yours?" said Spencer quietly. It was possibly meant to be just for her Mom's ear, but with them all crowded so close together it was impossible for the others not to also overhear and even before Veronica could reply there were definite members of assent from their friends. Veronica smiled and rubbed her back at her topless daughter's boobs. Spencer took that as a 'yes' and she reached under Veronica's thighs, girding her arms and lifting her Mom up just out of the water. She trembled with the effort as Veronica spread her legs to let everyone get a look. "My favourite shaven haven," grinned Spencer, before letting her Mom back into the water.

"Mmmnnn, it was nice," giggled Aria; she was fishing around in the water and came up with her Mom's bikini bottoms. "But let me show you my favourite pussy - up you stand Mom." Ella Montgomery, laughed and shook her head and stood up all the same, turning round in the hot-tub so that she showed them all her cunt before ending up with it facing towards Aria. The teen's hands reached up for her Mom's butt-cheeks and squeezed them as she pulled them apart, "Though whilst I love the pussy, this is my favourite hole."

Veronica knew where the Montgomerys were coming from, as no matter how much she and Spencer liked fucking her front they still remained anal lovers at heart and could have happily fucked backdoors all day if they could manage it. Ella was sitting down again, draping her arm round her sexy lover as Pam and Ashley had their bikini bottoms removed by their own daughters, the two skimpy bits of material being dropped into the water to bob and swirl as they sunk to the bottom. "So Mom," said Hanna, "Are you going to show everyone that hot fuckhole of yours."

"You as well Mom," grinned Emily as Ashley began to stand up, "We don't want to be the only ones who haven't shown the goodies."

Ashley and Pam laughed and grinned, standing up together and whirling round like Ella before ending up facing each other. "Mnnnnn, very nice," grinned Hanna as she reached up between her Mom's legs and rubbed her hot slot.

"Though I'm with Aria," said Emily, reaching up and cupping her Mom's ass cheeks, "I'm a backdoor girl and Mom's a backdoor Mom."

"I think we all are," grinned Spencer, Veronica nodded and agreed, Ashley also nodding in agreement as her daughter's hand moved from her pussy to her ass.

The two Milfs sat down again, leaning against their sexy daughters and relaxing in the water. Veronica did the same, sighing in contentment as one of Spencer's hands stroked her pussy whilst with a finger from the other she tickled her Mom's back rosebud. Giggles and light moans sounded above the bubbling water as the teen's fondled and played with their naked Moms.

It wasn't to last. After a few moments Spencer nudged Emily and said to her and the other teens, "Let's have a moment and leave the Moms together." The others agreed, stepping out of the hot tub, their sexy bodies dripping as the Moms all looked lustfully at them. They picked up some towels, wiping away the worst of the water, sensually rubbing themselves for the enjoyment of Veronica and the others, before leaving the hot tub room, Hanna giving a small wave of goodbye as they left.

Once they were alone Veronica spoke for them all when she said, "They are so hot."

"MMnnnnn," Ella was leaning on the side of the hot tub looking out to where the girls had recently being standing, "Tell me about it."

"I still can only half believe I'm fucking with Emily," said Pam, "Even when I down between her legs licking her sweet pussy I still worry I'm going to wake up and find it's a dream."

"It's no dream," laughed Ashley, "though I can see why you might think it is."

"I wonder what they're doing?" said Ella.

"Perhaps they're starting dinner?" Pam suggested.

Veronica shook her head in disagreement, "I'm hoping it's something more sexy than that."

"And if you've tasted Hanna's cooking you'd know why a daughter's place is not in the kitchen, but fucking her Mom on the dinner table," smiled Ashley.

The others nodded and smiled, even Spencer who could cook, left the domestic chores to their Moms and fulfilled other duties around the house - namely keeping Veronica so sexually satisfied that she almost cooed in happiness every morning when Spencer banged her before breakfast.

"So what are they doing?" asked Pam to the others shrugs.

They didn't have long to wait as the room to the hot tub opened again and the four teens paraded in. They'd all removed their bikini bottoms and replaced them with large strap-ons. As the Moms leant out over the hot tub watching lustfully the four teens line up, grinning and trying to stop their giggles. It was Spencer who spoke, "We couldn't decide who was going to get to fuck in the hot tub, we all wanted to do it - so we decided we'd all do it together."

"It'll be a tight fit," said Em.

"Especially given which holes we're all planning to fuck," grinned Hanna.

"Sounds fun," grinned Veronica. She looked round her friends, Ella and Ashley were smiling broadly, Pam looked a little nervous but was still nodding in agreement. The teens walked over like they were queuing on a catwalk, swinging their sexy butts and wiggling the hard-on like dildos. Aria was in first, stepping over the others and standing by her Mom. Ella stood up and let Aria take the bench. She remained standing as the others joined them, each Mom standing up as the teen's sat down.

With the four Milfs all standing in the centre it was crowded, but close. Veronica felt her pussy tingle with excitement and the warm wetness she felt down there was little to do with the hot tub, her exhibitionist slutty side was totally turned on by the thought of fucking in a group. Especially as Spencer was going to bang her ass, her favourite hole, and she and her friends would be so close as they were doing it that they could literally touch. The others looked as excited as she did, even Pam was smiling happily as Em's hands were up on her thighs, massaging the sleek brown skin. Veronica could feel her own daughter's sexy touch, her fingers gently sliding up the Milf's legs to her waist to slowly squeeze and grip her sides. "Hot," murmured Spencer.

"Very hot," said Aria beside her.

"Very, very hot," Hanna added.

"Mmnnnn," hummed Em in agreement.

Spencer's hands moved round the back, kneading and fondling her Mom's ass cheeks, squeezing them tight and prying them apart so that her hole was almost directly in the teen's eye line. Spencer's tongue shot out and she licked the wet round rump, tickling her Mom's flesh and sliding into the crack and over the hole, before pulling her head away and pulling apart the cheeks even wider, her thumbs touching the rosebud but not going in. Spencer withdrew one hand and Veronica could sense it was holding the strap-on, pointing it up. Her instinct was right, "Sit on my cock Mom," said Spencer.

Veronica started to descend, looking up at her friends who were still all standing, swaying as there daughter's played with their butts and pussies. They looked back at her with a mixture of lust and impatience for their daughter's to be ready for them to come down. Veronica smiled blissfully, her hands finding the bench either side of her daughter and her ass finding the cock. Spencer guided it at the hole and Veronica continued down, letting out a satisfied moan as it pushed at her rosebud and then penetrated it. She continued sliding up and down, working the toy into her asshole. As she was doing so the other teens were telling their own Moms to come on down. Veronica could see them lower themselves, knowing when they achieved penetration as the looks on their face turned from anticipation to pleasure. The four Moms went up and down under the water, each of them determined to take the huge cocks all the way into their asses.

"Uuuurrrrhhh, this is good," Veronica moaned as the dildo went deeper, spreading her ass walls and pushing up her chute, running over sexually sensitive spots as it headed towards the thin membrane wall that separated the anal passage from her clit. She gave another cry of pleasure as it hit it. The wave of pleasure surging through her worth any amount of discomfort in her ass, especially as she knew from past experience she'd soon get used to the intruder but would never get used to the ecstasy that flew from it. Her palms pressed hard on the bench as she pushed herself up, with one foot she was touching Pam, with the other Ella and directly opposite her she could feel Hanna's feet as the teen stretched out as her Mom went up and down her dick.

"Ooooohhh, ooooohhh," Ella was moaning, obviously enjoying herself.

"Fuck my ass, baby," groaned Pam, her earlier nervousness replaced by lust.

"Uuuurrrhh, oooohhhh, yes, oh God," Ashley bounced up and down Hanna's dick, her tits wiggling and bouncing just above the bubbling water.

"Ooohhhh, this is so good, you bang me so hotly," Veronica gasped and shuddered. Spencer's hands were on her waist as the teen began to take the strain, pushing herself up and thrusting the toy into her Mom's butt. The dick went all the way in, banging at Veronica's walls and sending orgasmic waves through her. She shuddered and shook, her eyes fluttering as the ecstasy took her. Spencer rammed up again, increasing her speed and power to really give it to her Mom.

The other Milfs were bouncing as well, all of them wearing expressions of intense enjoyment. All of them were gasping and moaning, crying out and panting, their bodies splashing through the water making it even more choppy than it was, little waves spilling over the sides to land with a splatter on the wet floor around. The teens were all gripping their Moms and taking the lead, their faces showing as much excitement as their Moms with added concentration as they made sure they gave their Moms their all. It was worth it, Veronica screamed as she came and she was the only one, the room filling with a cacophony of shrill screams as Mom after Mom came loudly, "AAaarrrrghh, yessss, fuuuckkk, aaaaarrrghhh."

The teens were in no mood to stop just because their Moms had come once, if anything the orgasmic shrieks just drove them to more, thrusting and pounding harder, making the Mom's bounce on their knees. Veronica gave another cry of pleasure, her neck like rubber as she lay her head on her daughter's shoulder, feeling the firm tits of the teen against her back. The bench was shaking and the sounds of its creaks could be heard even above the bubbling water and moaning Milfs. Four teens thrust up and four Moms came down, the bench let out another cry as did Veronica, Ella, Pam and Ashley. "Ooohhh, urrrrhhh, fuck me harder, bang my ass."

The teens grunted their agreement and pounded up. Veronica could see her friends bouncing and shuddering, shaking in enjoyment and pleasure as their asses were vigorously violated. Her hands, the fingers splayed, were pinned to the bench against Pam and Ella. On the other hand her feet shifting were around as she was slammed up and down were constantly kicking and connecting with others, both Mom and daughter. The others were continually doing the same to her, Pam pressing her foot down on hers, just as Hanna's kicked at her lightly on the shin. Veronica gasped loudly, her body arching and her pierced titties wobbling and bouncing. It was so hot to be doing it with her best friends and her daughter and all her friends, a real turn on. She hoped the others were enjoying it as much as she was, she thought they were - certainly if the wide smiles and enthusiastic cries were any indication.

"Yeah Mom, that's it, let me fuck your ass," Spencer was thrusting up hard her hands moving under her Mom's thighs to give herself extra traction. She slammed harder, ramming the toy all the way in the back hole, hammering so hard Veronica was almost sure she would split.

"Aaaarrrghh, yesssss," the Milf grunted and bucked, her body writhing in pleasure. She moved her hands an inch, grasping Ella and Pam's. Neither other Milf resisted as she took hold of them and lifted, a few seconds later Ashley's hands came up as they too were taken hold off , the four Moms in a bouncing ring of sexual lust. They screamed and cried in excitement, "Yessss, aaaaarrrghhh, yessss," their bodies rocking as they came again, "Aaaaarrrghhh, fuuuuckkk, aaaaarrrghhh, yesssssss!"

Opposite her Veronica could see Ashley's feet raising from out of the water as the teen lifted her under her thighs and vigorously pounded her butt. The Milf's head rested on her daughter's shoulder and she squealed in pleasure as her feet shook like she was running on an invisible tread mill. Spencer rammed harder and repeated her friend's move, lifting up Veronica's thighs and bringing her feet out of the water, the dildo driving deep into her butt. The Milf dropped her friend's hand tom rest her palms on the bench again, squealing and squeaking in sexual pleasure as she was pounded hard and deep, Spencer panting in exertion in her ear. Her feet pressed and fought and collided with Ashley and the two soles tried to find a non-existence floor in the air. The pleasure was indescribable, mind-blowing in its intensity. The others were in the same position, their legs out and their feet scrabbling for grips, their heads against their daughters and their mouths open as they screamed in ecstasy.

"Aaaarrrrghhhh fuck me!"

"Yessss, yesssss, bang that butt!"

"Make me cum, aaaaaarrrghhh, yesssss, that's it!"

"Oh God, oh God, baby, you're making Mommy cum. Aaaaarrrrghhh!"

The four teens thrashed upwards and the four Milfs screamed as they came, their bodies shuddering, splashing water over each other and the sides, their cunts slick even as the cum juice was being washed and wiped away. Veronica could feel every muscle in her body tighten and relax a thousand times in a few seconds as the orgasm burnt in her, her insides bashing around like a squash ball in a court. She screamed even louder, shuddering and shaking in pleasure.

"Wow, that was something," Spencer was lowering her, popping out the dildo as she did, so that Veronica ended up sitting on the teen's thigh, her butt still throbbing.

"It was wasn't it," agreed Ella, she gave a small pant as she wriggled to find a comfortable spot on Aria's leg with an asshole that was probably as open as Veronica's,

"I enjoyed it," grinned Hanna, "And I know Mom did as well."

Her Mom didn't answer, but turned and kissed her daughter lightly on the nose.

"Me as well," grinned Emily, "But then I always enjoy fucking Mom in the butt."

"Me too," said Aria, "but it was still a fun start to the weekend."

* * *

It was after dinner and the four teens were lounging around in little silk shorts and vests as their Moms tidied up in the kitchen. Emily stretched and grinned, "That was fun earlier. I really loved fucking Mom with you all."

"It was great fun," agreed Aria, "There's definitely something hot about butt-fucking your Mom whilst watching everyone else butt fuck their own. I'm sure it made Mom cum more as well, I swear she was even louder than she normally is... and she's normally loud."

"Well I know my Mom enjoyed it," grinned Spencer, "She's a bit of an exhibitionist."

"I'm not sure she's the only one," Hanna arched an eyebrow as she looked at her friend.

"Me as well," admitted Spencer, "though if I remember from our threesome you're not little Miss Shy either."

If Hanna had known the word 'touche' she'd have said it, instead she just smiled, "you got me Spence."

"It seems a waste just to take our Moms to our rooms tonight. I can fuck mine anytime," said Emily.

"And you mean anytime," grinned Aria, who's Mom was a nymphomanical as Pam (and indeed the others).

Spencer nodded, a slow smile forming on her face, "I know what you mean. How about a Mom swap?" The others looked at each other, gauging their friends' thoughts and then nodded eagerly.

* * *

Pam tried to conceal her nervousness as she followed her friends into the main room, like them she was wearing a small robe with nothing underneath. The daughters were all sitting around, jingling car keys and grinning widely. The other Moms were smiling as well and Pam forced herself to do the same, she did think that the idea of a Mom swap was a good idea, even if scary. But the only female she'd ever fucked with was Emily and if the thought of doing someone else was exciting and made her legs quiver and her stomach jump in anticipation, there was an anxiety that was causing exactly the same symptoms.

Spencer stood up. She had led the little deputation of daughters into the kitchen to suggest to their Moms that instead of the original plan of Moms sharing beds with their own daughters they do a Mom swap and each Mom would be fucked by one of the others' daughters. They had needed little persuasion, Pam quickly seeing that her friends were up for the swap and pushing away her own nervousness agreeing. She could tell from the look on Em's face her daughter was as enthusiastic for it as the others and Pam didn't want to let her down.

"Shall we start with my Mom," Spencer gestured Veronica forward as the other three teens tossed their car keys into an empty wooden fruit bowl. Spencer took position behind her Mom and pulled apart the gown to show her tits, taking them in her hands she jiggled them, "A pair of super-sensitive titties, whichever of you gets her will enjoy sucking on them as the lightest slurping will make Mom cum. And she's edible elsewhere, though she enjoys eating more and she's so good at it make sure you get a good licking out. Finally..." she turned her Mom round and lifted the gown to show the tattoo on her lower back, "... people call this a tramp stamp and in Mom's case it's well named, as Han knows, Mom is a total tramp." Hanna grinned and nodded.

Spencer stepped away and pointed to the bowl, "Close your eyes and pick a set of keys Mom."

She guided the Milf towards the bowl, Veronica bending over to pick up a set. Pam recognised them straight away, as did Em, "They're mine," the teen squealed happily.

"Look's like you're Em's for the night," Spencer gave her Mom's ass a spank, sending her in the direction of the teen. Pam tried not to be jealous as her daughter shifted on the couch to accommodate the other Mom, putting an arm round her straight away and squeezing one of the advertised titties. Spencer was dropping her own car keys in the bowl. "Who's next?"

"I'll do it," grinned Aria, standing up she pulled her keys out so that her Mom wouldn't pick them and stood next to the fireplace as her Mom went over to join her. Ella giggled as she walked, or more accurately pranced over, swinging her hips and wiggling her sexy ass at the appreciative audience. Aria took the lead from that and reached down to lift up the gown, lightly pushing on the small of her Mom's back to lower it down and raise the butt. Still holding the gown up she used her other hand to squeeze her Mom's round cheeks.

There was a murmur of appreciation from Pam and the rest and an appreciative squeal from Ella as her daughter's fingers groped a buttock, slowly pulling it apart from its twin. Aria grinned as she exposed her Mom's backdoor, "Mom's a real anal lover. She's at her happiest when there's a big strap-on belting down her back hole, stretching it and leaving it gaping. Whoever gets her tonight you'll want to fuck it and fuck it hard, I can tell you it's worth it."

"Now close your eyes and pick a set of keys," Spencer ordered from the couch, grinning widely.

Ella sashayed forward, licking her lips sensually, her lascivious gaze going on all the teens on turn and promising great things to whoever was lucky enough to be picked. She bent over, raising her ass deliberately high and pulled out a pair of car keys, "These..." she jangled them.

"...are mine," Hanna answered the question to complete the sentence. She stood up, pulling her Mom with her, "We'll go next," she said, moving to the front of the room, but pausing as she passed Ella to fondle the Milf's pussy and give a lustful grin to her evening's partner.

"Mom's the whole package," Hanna began her hands round her Mom's hips encouraging the Milf to slowly twirl. "I'm not going to deny she's got a hot ass and she loves big strap-on dicks up it, but her shaven pussy is so hot and slick and fuckable and if you're wanting your own cunt serviced she's the tonguing queen of Rosewood." The teen stopped her Mom twirling and moved her hands up and down her waist, "She's a fuck machine and whoever she fucks with tonight is going to be exhausted tomorrow. Now let's see who the lucky girl is..."

Ashley held up a set of keys, jangling them as Spencer stood up and took a step towards her. "They're mine," she said, taking hold of Ashley's outstretched hand and leading the hot Milf back to the couch as Hanna moved to join Ella.

"Looks like you and Aria Mom," grinned Emily from beside Veronica, massaging the other woman's naked thigh as she spoke.

"But what am I getting?" Aria nudged Emily, who stood up and gestured for her Mom to come over.

Pam felt both a hint of embarrassment at being the centre of attention and a flush of pride as her daughter's hands slipped to the front of her gown, pulling it apart and showing her tits and pussy. "What's to say, Mom's nice on the front with a hot rack and the most sexy pussy." the teen twisted her round and lifted up the gown, "and her back's hot as well, with an ass made for pounding. I'm not going to sell it to you, Aria, as I know you'll be wanting to bang it hard. Your Mom may be a backdoor addict, but we all know who hooked her."

Aria grinned and reached for Pam waist as the Milf walked towards her, gently dragging her towards her so that she was sitting on her knee. The teen's hand slid between the older woman's thighs, stroking at the pussy. Pam was wet already. Across the room the other teens and Moms were acting similarly, hands sliding over naked flesh, kneading boobs, massaging the Milf cunts. The room was fill of the sound of giggles and moans, with shuddering Moms and creaking couches. It was Emily who said what they all thought, "I'm going to go to bed, come on Veronica."

Even as she was standing Hanna and Spencer were also voicing their goodnights, leading their soon to be fucked lovers into the rooms. Aria spent a few more moments playing with Pam on the couch, her fingers strumming at Pam's cunt lips and clit like she was a guitar, her lips mouthing at the back of the Milf's neck, their touch both ticklish and sensual. Pam groaned and stretched, pressing her body at the teen. She hadn't been totally sure of this to begin with, but now it seemed a good idea and something she wanted to try.

"Shall we go and fuck?" Aria murmured in Pam's ear.

The Milf nodded and stood up, Aria instantly following her and taking her hand. The teen led her down a corridor towards her room. From Spencer's room they could already hear the teen gave Ashley a hard ramming, the bed creaking and squeaking and the Milf squealing and crying; with the door open the sounds were unmuffled.

Aria left her own door open and led Pam over to the bed. She turned towards her and looked up and down her friend's Mom, a wide smile on her face. "I'm so lucky Pam, you're so fuckable."

"Mmnnn you as well," the Milf smiled back, shrugging off her robe so she was naked.

"I was hoping I'd get to fuck you," continued Aria, her hands reaching for the Milf and sliding up her waist, "You're so hot."

Pam was going to reply and say that Aria was the same, but before she could speak the teen's mouth was on hers, kissing her passionately. Aria's hands went round to cup the older woman's butt cheeks as her tongue went in and out of the Milf mouth, her jaw and lips working hard as she moved them to cover Pam's mouth. The Milf reacted, kissing the teen back with just as much passion and enthusiasm, her hands reaching for the bottom of Aria's vest. As soon as they broke for a second Pam lifted it, Aria's hands going up so that the Milf could pull the top off. She briefly glanced down at the teen's boobs, so sexy and pert, the nipples hard and erect. And then Aria was kissing her again, except this time it wasn't fabric that was brushing at Pam's chest, but the cute teen titties. They continued to kiss as both their hands went to Aria's silk shorts. In unison they both pulled them down, Aria bending and continuing to kiss the older woman's stomach as she slid them to her ankles. She stepped out of them and back, allowing Pam a few moments to gaze at her naked body. Her pussy was tingling in lust.

"So what now?" asked Aria with a grin. She gave a hint by walking over to the bed and sitting down her legs open and her cunt exposed.

It made Pam hungry for juicy teenage twat. "Let me eat you," she said following the teen and getting down on her knees in front of her, "Let me feast on that hot little slot."

"Mmmnn, that sounds a good idea," grinned Aria.

Pam didn't waste much time, bringing her head down with her mouth open and proceeding to lick up and down the sexy slit. She moved speedily, replacing force with fastness, making the lips quiver as she vibrated them with her tongue. Aria gasped and giggled, the teen moving a hand on top of Pam's head and pushing down, "Yes, that's good, but go hard as well."

Pam did as she was asked, pushing her tongue down at the slot, putting her heads weight into it and using it to open the slit. She could taste the yummy cum being secreted by Aria's hole, sweet and succulent - perhaps not as tasty as Emily's, but tasty enough. She pushed harder and deeper, swinging the tongue between the lips and into the tunnel, feeling its warmth and wetness on her tongue as she licked. At the same time her hand moved up and she used her thumb to stimulate Aria's clit. The teen shuddered and moaned, "Yes, Pam, oh God yes, go for it."

The Milf slurped and lapped, enjoying the teenage taste. It wasn't only the cum she craved and enjoyed, but knowing that she was pleasuring Aria and that the teen was hooked by her pussy lapping, it made the Mom wet to know that the teen was even wetter. Her tongue slammed down deeper, pushing and pressing into the tight twat, driving apart the tunnel walls and sliding over the pink, crinkled flesh which made them up.

"OOOOhhh God, yesss, yessss," Aria groaned and gasped.

From the next door room Pam could still hear the sounds of sex, loud and passionate and she rammed harder, her tongue speeding over and into the twat. Her thumb swivelled in small circles, pressing at the clit and pushing into to pleasurable heights. The teen gasped and grunted, her entire body shaking. It made Pam go even faster, her tongue slapping at the hole and lapping up the juice like she was a very hungry cat after the cream. Aria cried out loudly, "Yessss, aaaarrghhh, yesssss, eat me, lick my cunt." She pressed her hand harder at the back of the Milf's head.

Pam's face was deep in the teenager, her tongue down far into the slit, hammering hard as she lapped away the girl juice. She could smell the sweetness of the teen, the waft of her arousal going up Pam's nostrils, the scent making her wetter, even as she continued to taste the teen. Her thumb was circling so fast that she was almost giving Aria friction burns, the hood waving and jerking and the bud underneath rocking like a bush in a gale. "OOOOhhh," squealed Aria, "Aaaaarrrrgghh yessss, make me cum, oooohhh, aaaarrrghh."

Pam knew from licking at Emily when a girl was on the edge. It always left her with two options, slow down and let pussy calm before going in with a reinvigorated cunt licking. Or slam hard and send the target over the ecstasy cliff. She went for the latter, knowing the sooner she made Aria cum, the sooner the teen would deal with her own horniness by fucking her. Her tongue pounded down and her hand moved at close to the speed of light, both of them sending Aria into paroxysms, her body shuddering like she was the epicentre of an earthquake and her squeals becoming higher and higher pitched, "AAaarrrghh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaarrrghhh."

Pam continued, speeding up and going harder. She could feel Aria tense and relax, her muscles and sinews loosing all control. "Fuuucccckkk," the teen screamed and squirted.

The juice filled Pam's mouth and bounced out, exploding over her face and eyes, leaving her dripping. She gave one more slow relaxing lick and looked up. Aria was panting, her eyes glazed and a fixed, stunned, grin on her pretty face. She looked down. "Does Emily get this every night?"

"Most," said Pam with a smile.

"I thought Mom could eat pussy, but that was incredible, you'll have to tell her how you did it," said Aria in awe.

Pam blushed a little, "I just use my tongue a little, it comes naturally."

Aria looked like she was going to say something and then decided not to instead, she just shook her head in wonderment and got up off the bed. Pam followed the teen as she went over the drawers, admiring her sexy bare bottom, the globes moving up and down as she walked and stretching appealingly as she bent down for the lowest drawer, before coming up with some lube and a strap-on. She quickly began to buckle the toy, a large ten incher. Pam looked on lustfully, her hand stealing to her cunt to gently stroke. The teen grinned as she turned to the older woman, watching Pam's fingers playing round her cunt. Aria squirted some of the lube onto her palm and began to massage it slowly into the rubber toy, easing her hand slowly up and down the dildo and making Pam's imagination go into overtime. The older woman's fingers moved quicker, sliding up and down her slit as her thumb rubbed at her clit. She was so horny she could have burst.

Placing the lube on the dresser Aria walked towards the bed, the dildo bouncing in front of her like a long pole on top of an incoming van coming down the road. Pam looked at it with the fascination of a rabbit on that highway. Aria stopped in front of her, her own hands moving over her titties, showing Pam how curved and firm they were. "Em's said such great things about your ass it would be a shame not to try it," the teen licked her lips greedily.

Pam couldn't disagree, "She loves that hole, I love that hole." She rolled onto the bed and lay face down, slowly spreading her legs open so her cheeks slid apart. "I know she wants you to fuck it."

"Mmnnn yeah, like she'll be butt-banging Veronica and my Mom will be getting ass rammed by Han," said Aria, who knew as well as Pam did what the positions the other Moms and daughters would be trying. She got on the bed and the wooden frame creaked as she slowly shuffled over to behind the Milf. Her hands glided over the older woman's rump, her palms flawless and smooth, her nails lightly scratching the round flesh. Pam whimpered, in anticipation. One of her hand was underneath her body and she raised her hips an inch or two to allow it access to her wet twat, her fingers stroking the soaking hole as Aria continued to admire and massage her buttocks. "These are so sexy and hot. I can see why Em loves fucking between them." The teen took hold of the cheeks gently and pried them apart to reveal Pam's puckered hole.

"Mmnnn," Aria dribbled her spit over the hole and Pam could feel the warm liquid pooling in her anal crater. She moaned loudly as Aria finger pushed at the entrance, easing itself past the sphincter. The teen swivelled the digit, like she was trying to screw down, "That's nice tight."

"I've only had Em up there," explained Pam. "You'll be my second."

"You keep it in trim for her," said Aria as a statement more than a question, "I'm so going to enjoying fucking this hot hole." Her finger pushed deeper and Pam groaned.

The sound of bed the knocking on the wall from next door and the orgasmic screams coming through the from their acted as another reminder to Pam of what she was soon going to get. Aria finger was deep in her anal chute, twisting round the hole, the knuckles on her other fingers pressing at the hole. The Milf's own finger was between her cunt lips, wiping at the damp flesh within, making her shake with excitement. "Oh God, Aria, I am so ready for your dildo."

"You want a good, old fashioned butt-fucking now?" the teen teased.

"Yes," confirmed Pam with feeling.

"Okay," giggled Aria.

There was a pop and a hiss as the teen pulled her finger out of the dyke. Pam tittered in excitement as she felt Aria rolling on top of her, the teen both scrabbling for her strap-on and for Pam's ass cheeks. Grabbing one of the latter she pulled it apart and guided the former towards the target hole. "Coming in," she said in warning as the tip of the toy touched at the elasticated rosebud and pushed down.

"Oh yes, my ass," moaned Pam as the hole was slowly penetrated. She worked her own hole more vigorously, enjoying the extra sexual bliss it brought to the party which was happening in her centre. "Oh Aria, fit it all in."

"You're so hot Pam, Em's so lucky," grinned the teen above her. She continued to keep hold of the toy with one hand, slowly, but determinedly, guiding it down the anal passage. With her other she was brushing at Pam's back, stroking her skin and flicking the older woman's hair which lay on the top of it. Pam shuddered in excitement, her ass rising to meet the teen's big plastic cock. Aria wasn't one to waste an opportunity and went faster, pushing the strap-on at the welcoming hole. "That's good, take my toy."

"Oh God yes, get it all in me, fill my ass with dick," the older woman moaned. Her spare hand reached out for the bedding, gripping it like it was a baby's comfort blanket, and drawing it towards her. The teen on top of her was swivelling and rocking her hips, each time she slid forward guiding some more of the fake dong into the waiting Milf asshole. Pam rubbed her pussy and pushed back her ass, "Oh God, yes."

"Fuck, fuck, this is so sexy. Your ass is wonderful," moaned Aria, the toy far enough in that she could let go without a fear it would slip out. She was moving faster and harder, sliding her body fully onto Pam's and bringing her hands underneath the older woman to grab the Mom's titties. Her hips rose and fell, sending the full length of the ten-incher down Pam's hole.

The Milf groaned in pleasure, shuddering as the teen slapped up and down on top of her, their naked bodies connecting with each bang. She rubber her pussy, it was soaking, and her arm ran against Aria as the teen grabbed her own tits like she was using them as ballast. Aria's own, firm, tits were bashing at Pam's back, like little balls bouncing at a wall. The Milf could feel their sexy slap each time Aria came down, the light smacks coming faster and faster as her ass loosened to welcome the teen's toy and the younger brunette upped her speed. Pam gripped the bed in front of her harder, her nails nipping into the material so hard that she probably punctured the cotton.

"Fuck, fuck, you're so hot and fuckable. Em's so lucky. Oh God, yes," Aria groaned as she continued to bang down. Harder and harder she slammed, ramming her dildo all the way down Pam's hole. Pam was no traitor, she didn't think Aria would ever replace Emily in the butt-fucking stakes, but she was close and if Em was a lucky daughter, Pam would also concede that Ella was a lucky Mom. The teen slammed down her asshole, so hard that Pam's clit was jiggling. She shifted her thumb so that she could rub it at the same time, adding to the ecstasy. Aria moaned "OH fuck, yes, fuck."

"OOohhh, urrrh, Aria pound my ass, ohhhh God, ram it good," the older Milf cried out in excitement. The bed underneath her was damp with her juice and getting wetter. "OOOOhhh myyyyy... yeesssss."

Waves of pleasure swept through her, like a stormy gale on the seashore. It whipped round her, speeding and twirling in a rollercoaster of sexual bliss, burning her nerves and toppling her defences. "Oooohhhh, yesssss, fuuuckkk," she cried out louder, her ass rising and falling in time with Aria's thrusts. "Ooohhhh fuuuckkk, fuuucckkk, yesss, harder, Aria, slam me harder."

The teen was going at the speed of light, hammering up and down, her toy smashing down the older woman's chute, opening it like a tin can. Her hands were grasping Pam's tits, gripping and squeezing them, making the nipples hard like steel helmets. Her own tits continued to slap and crack at Pam's naked back, every thrust squashing them down on the Milf. "Yes, fuck, you're so fucking hot and bangable. God, Em's so lucky," the teen cried and slammed even deeper.

Pam was in anal heaven, an angel floating on clouds of anal ecstasy. Her back twisted and arched as she came again and then again. Her pussy flamed and squirted, the cum exploding out like a geyser, making the bedding so wet it was like fucking in a pool. Aria rammed her harder, seeming not to understand the concept of slowing down. Pam screamed again, her finger jammed into her pussy as her thumb hammered her clit. The cock drove down deep, smashing apart the walls weak resistance and hitting the membrane wall between ass and cunt, the vibrations shooting over the Milf's fingers and thumbs. "Ohhh, urrrrhhh, God. Yes, yes, fuck me hard."

"Oh yes, oh this is great," Aria grunted. Her naked body heaved up and crashed down, the sweat from it dripping over the Milf below.

In the room next door the screams and crash of the bed was reaching a crescendo. Pam ignored it, too intent on her own pleasure. She came again, screeching like a banshee at dawn, "AAAArrrghhh, aaaaarrggh, fuuuucckkkk, yeeeeessss."

The orgasms tore through her like a hurricane, sweeping all before it. Her back bent so hard that her spine hurt. And it would have curved even further upwards if Aria's nude front hadn't been crashing into it and forcing it down. More cum shot from her cunt. "AAarrrrgghh, fuuuckkkk, yesssss, Aria, yessssss."

"Fuck, fuck, yes," Aria was panting and grunting, giving her all, exerting herself for their common good, driving Pam into ecstasy and beyond. She was slowing a little, but not much. And Pam worked her pussy harder to make up for it.

"Fuuuckk, urrrhhh, urrrrhhh, ram my asshole, Aria, fuck it so hard. Oh God that is so good," the Milf shuddered. She drove herself up to meet the down coming teen, determined to get one last orgasm from her before the young brunette collapsed from exhaustion.

She didn't say anything, but Aria must have sensed the same thing as she seemed to bring up reserves from somewhere and sped up her hammering, grunting and panting, without words into Pam's ear. The Milf gripped the cotton quilt harder, dragging it close as with the other hand she fucked her pussy as vigorously as she could. Aria's dildo rammed down into her ass. The orgasm welled up in her like earthquake. "Aaarrrghhh, yesssss," the Milf screamed, shuddering in ecstasy, "Aaaarrrrggghh."

"Oh God, yes," murmured Aria and slid off Pam's back, panting hard. It was the only sound in the house, the others obviously spent as well. Pam lay still, damp with pleasure, sweat rolling from her back and her pussy still wet with her cum. The teen lay beside her, struggling to get her breath back. Pam turned her head to look at her, she was beautiful and sexy, not Em beautiful and sexy, but certainly as hot as any model or starlet Pam had ever seen. The teen saw the older woman looking at her and she turned her head to look back, her red lips rising in a smile, "Em, is so lucky."

* * *

It had been a great weekend, Veronica Hastings thought as she and Spencer sped on their motorbike back home. Her arms were wrapped tight round the teen, only partially for safety. She had been expecting great sex and lots of it, that had been true, but with Spencer only. And that had how the weekend had seemed to be going, with the hot tub, even if all her friends and their daughters had also been having sex with their Moms at the same. But the teen girls had other plans, ones the Moms had been glad to fall in line with and the weekend had turned into a Mom swapping extravaganza. There was the first night fuck with Emily, turning her in for Aria on the second and then being fucked by Hanna that morning, whilst Spencer had in turn fucked Ashley, Ella and Pam. The Milf hugged her daughter closer, the swapping had been great, but there was only one teen for her and she wanted Spencer to know it; her daughter wouldn't get to sleep until late tonight.

As they came towards the turn-off into their small street. Veronica could see blue flashing lights through the trees. She felt a sudden sense of foreboding and hugged Spencer quicker as the teen indicated and went left. Halfway down the avenue was blocked off by police tape, with half a dozen cars behind it, there top lights flashing and all around them cops. Cops with notebooks, cops on their radios, cops searching in bushes and cops talking to each other, with looks of grim worry on their face. And from Jessica DiLaurentis house another woman was stepping, with brown frizzy hair and a trouser suit that just screamed plain clothes detective. She briefly spoke to the cop at the door, who nodded towards Veronica and Spencer as they parked the bike. The detective moved purposefully towards them. Veronica halted, ushering Spencer inside. In most thing her daughter was the top in their relationship, but this was her territory and she wasn't now Veronica Hastings, daughter swapper and lover of Spencer, but Veronica Hastings, lawyer.

The cop didn't ask for an invite to step onto the Hastings property, but Veronica made no move to stop her. "Can I help? What's happened?"

"Lieutenant Tanner," the woman introduced herself, not answering the question, "You're Veronica Hastings." It was a statement.

"Yes," Veronica replied. "Has something happened to Jessica?"

Tanner smiled, it was best described as humourless, "That's what we're trying to find out. We got an anonymous call saying that Mrs DiLaurentis was missing. We get to her house. There's a car, an open front door and a blood stain. Forensics are looking at it now, late Friday afternoon."

"Oh, how much..."

"Enough that it's not a nosebleed," Tanner said. "You were out this weekend?"

"With my daughter and some friends, a bit of a getaway near the lake."

"Sounds nice, I'm single myself, too much of a workaholic. You got there early I suppose?"

"About six thirty or seven," Veronica said.

"You left work at what time?" the police officer's smile was grim.

"I don't see why it matters," blustered Veronica.

"Come now, your a lawyer, you must know why we're asking. You live next door to the missing woman, your daughter was one of the best friends of her equally missing daughter. We can check the time with your work, see what time you swiped out."

"About three," Veronica conceded.

"That seems a very long time," said Tanner, "Either your daughter was wheeling that bike all the way or... shall we have a chat down the station, it's more comfortable. I'd suggest you might want to call a lawyer if you weren't one..."

* * *

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