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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 7 (FFFF,inc,anal,dp)
by LL

Coming home after her day Pam Fields would have liked nothing better than to drop down in front of her daughter, rip down the teen's hotpants and bury her Milf face in her sexy snatch. Unfortunately Emily wasn't alone, as gathered round the kitchen table were their friends, the Montgomerys, the Marins and Hastings. They all looked up as Pam entered, the looks on their faces showing the suspense. Except Veronica, she looked drained - but then she had spent much of the last night in a small interview room being questioned about the disappearance of her neighbour, Jessica Dilaurentis.

"So have you heard anything?" her daughter Emily was speaking for them all.

Pam continued into the lounge taking a seat, as the others followed her like ducklings trailing their mother. It had been a hard day, not made any easier by the fact that the police station, where she was an administrative assistant, was buzzing with the biggest crime since the disappearance of Jessica's daughter four years before; and no-one thought that the two events were unrelated. Unfortunately the rules of her job required her to keep confidences, even with her friends. She ignored the rules, "Tanner's keeping it quiet, but I don't think she's got anything on you."

"She wouldn't as I haven't done anything," Veronica said, "My car wouldn't start that was why I was late."

"She's trying to try track the good Samaritan who helped you," said Pam, "but there's not a great description of him and the lot cameras didn't pick him up clearly."

"I wish he hadn't now, it might have taken me longer to wait for a tow-truck, but at least they be able to back up my alibi," Veronica frowned angrily. "Of all the times..." She trailed off and her lover Spencer gave her Mom's shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

"They're checking the blood to see if it Jessica's" Pam continued, "If it is hers there's enough of it that it's not that she cut her finger, enough that'd be fatal. And no-one seen Jessica since she left her work on Friday, if she didn't stop off she'd have been home about four."

"Her car was there when I got home, I told Tanner that," Spencer said.

Pam shook her head, "They're not treating you as a credible witness and no-one else has seen her. Yours is the only house that can see where on her drive she parked and none of your other neighbours saw her drive back or out. Tanner's not giving me a running commentary, but from what I heard in the canteen they still think she was taken between four and six."

"Putting me right in the time frame," Veronica said bitterly.

"But why would they suspect you?" Ella asked, "You're her neighbour, but you weren't enemies."

"We were okay," agreed Veronica, "I assume it has something to do with Alison."

Pam took a breath, "There was a tip-off. That's why they checked out her house and found her missing."

"So..." veronica started.

"There's more..." Pam continued, "The informant told them that you'd found out about Spencer, that she was banging Jessica behind your back."

This time it was Spencer's turn to look aghast, "What? That's not true... I've not cheated."

Veronica patted her arm, "Don't worry Spence, I know. The informant is lying, whoever they are."

"I think we know who they are," said Hanna bitterly. "A". She pulled out her phone and opened the message that she, Aria and Emily had all received. It was a long range shot of Veronica getting into the police car outside her house, with text 'Arresting, isn't it?' underneath. The blonde scowled as she swung round the phone, "That bitch is setting us up."

"Should we tell the police?" asked Aria, looking round her friends.

Spencer shook her head, "They wouldn't believe us, just like they didn't when Ali disappeared."

"They can't still suspect us of that," Aria said, "We had nothing to do with it."

"I know that, you know that, whoever took Ali knows that, but as far as the police are concerned, five girls have a sleepover in the barn, next morning there's four of them and they have no idea until they get up that the fifth is even gone," Spencer shrugged.

"So what do we do? We can't just sit here like targets," Hanna said.

"We catch A," said Spencer, "Whoever, she, he or it is."

"How do we do that?" asked Aria hopefully.

"I'll tell you when I have a plan," shrugged Spencer, "Unless anyone has got one..."

The others looked at each for a moment, before Hanna spoke up, "I might, let me come back to you."

* * *

Emily loved this time of the evening; dinner was finished, the dishes cleaned and away, her study was done, her bag packed for the next day with her books and a clean costume wrapped in a towel. It meant that she and her Mom had the rest of the evening to be together, whether that involved an early night or not. Pam had joined her on the couch and the Mom and daughter lovers were having a heavy make-out session, ignoring the unfunny sitcom that had been playing on the TV. The teen's hand crept up her Mom's body until it slid over her Mom's tit. She squeezed it through the shirt. Pam giggled, "Emily..." she said in mock severity, though her eyes were sparkling and her mouth upturned in a smile, "'re naughty."

"Very naughty," confirmed the teen, her other hand was sliding up under her Mom's skirt, lifting it upwards as she advanced up the thigh. "Almost evil..."

"Not evil," her Mom corrected, "but very, very bad."

"And horny," grinned the teen, not allowing her Mom time to reply before her mouth latched back onto the Milf/'s. There lips trembled against each other as there mouths gulped and stretched, like they were trying to swallow each other, their tongues slipping sensually together. Em's hand squeezed her Mom's boob again, her fingers pressing into the soft flesh. The fingers on her other hand had found her Mom's mons and stroked it beneath thin cotton of her Mom's panties. The Milf returned the passion, her tongue flickering as quick as her daughters, who mouth moving as greedily as her arms wrapped round the teen's back and kept her pulled down.

They might have remained like that for the rest of the evening had not Em's phone beeped. The teen ignored it for a few moments, she was both too engaged with her Mom and also living in a continued fear that any message might be from A. Pam didn't seem quick to push her away either, continuing to slurp at her daughter's face and encourage the teen to stroke pussy and squeeze titty. However, after a few moments the teen began to feel guilty, it might be an SOS from one of her friends. Gently she eased herself up from her Mom, "I better get that."

Pam smiled and brushed herself down, "I'm going to have a bath," she said, standing up. She turned to head towards the stairs, turning as she reached the door. "Join me," she purred.

Emily nodded and reached her phone, relieved it was Aria and that the message wasn't that her Mom had been kidnapped, the house burnt down or incriminating photo's published in the Rosewood Gazette, but the more mundane question of whether Em still wanted to borrow her Twilight DVDs. Em did. She typed back yes, Aria replying immediately she'd bring to school tomorrow. Emily in turn promised to return the DVD of Casablanca she'd borrowed (and not watched). She slid the phone into her pocket and went upstairs. It beeped again as entered her and her Mom's room. She pulled it out, thinking it would be Aria.

It wasn't.

It was an unknown number and that meant A on a new cell. She opened the message, her heart beating like a stampede of wild stallions. There were just seven words, 'I know what you did last summer'. Em read them and read them again.

The phone beeped in her hand as a new message came in. The teen opened it. This time it was just a picture. She was naked, water dripping down her brown body as she stood in front of an outdoor swimming pool. Emily recognised the time and place, the picture as well. She had been with Paige then, the two of them climbing a fence to get into the back yard with an outdoor pool and with owners away on vacation. Emily remembered the night, the two of them kissing and stripping, swimming naked under the moon, before lying together on the sunbed, licking and fingering each other, their lesbian loving hot and passionate. Paige had taken photos of her, through the night, as she undressed, as she swam, as she slid out of the pool, as she posed naked. Was this one of them? It had seemed romantic at the time, less so if A was hacking her ex-'s phone to steal the intimate photos within. But the alternative was worse, that it wasn't one of Paige's - but A direct, that even as she'd been swimming and fucking her girlfriend A had been their, in the bushes watching and recording.

She deleted the messages, there was no point in worrying her Mom. She only hoped Hanna's plan was a good one, her friend for once had been annoyingly cryptic.

Undressing quickly the teen walked to the bathroom. She opened the door and stepped in. The bath was full of bubbles, her Mom looking like she'd pumped half a bottle into the warm water. They surged up over the sides, looking like a popping and fizzing drift of snow, with Pam's head just visible above them. She was smiling happily, lying back, an arm draped relaxedly over the side. Her head turned as her naked daughter entered. "Are you coming to join me?" she smiled sexily.

"It helps save energy and we should all do are bit for cutting carbon emissions," replied her environmentally aware daughter. She climbed into the bath, her Mom gliding forward to accommodate the teen as she lowered herself down. Her legs slid round her Mom's back, resting over her thighs with the teen's feet sliding at the older woman's calves. Putting her arms round her Mom's stomach Em slid forward, her shaven snatch resting against her Mom's cheeks. She lay back, her arms still holding her Mom, bringing the Milf down to lie relaxedly on her.

"This is nice," said Pam contentedly.

"MMnnn, yes," Emily tittered in agreement as her hands moved up her Mom's chest to the tits. She slid her hands over the soapy globe, jiggling them and making them bounce through the suds. "There's definitely some attractions, two of them at least."

"Oh there's more," Pam reached up to her daughter and took hold of one of her wrists. She lightly guided it down under the water to her slit. Em thought her Mom's slit was both hot and wet, though as it was immersed in a boiling bath it was impossible to say how much was due to Emily. Still she stroked it gently, and the quivers from her Mom wasn't due to the warmth of water, lapping around them.

"Ohhhh, that is nice," Pam groaned, her body pressing further back at her daughters. Emily's fingers glided over the cunt, sliding up and down the semi-open slit and brushing over the clitoral hood, pressing lightly, but not too lightly, down as she massaged over it. Her Mom gave another happy moan and Emily began to run a finger round an erect nipple, twirling round and rippling the water as she moved. The Milf giggled and laid her head back on the teen's shoulder, utterly relaxed in her lover's arms. Her eyes were looking up at Em, sparkling as she smiled happily. The teen smiled back, leaning down to gently kiss her Mom's head as she less gently began to open the pussy with a couple of fingers.

"That's right, Emily, that feels so good," Pam shuddered excitedly as Emily's fingers pushed aside her lips and entered the tunnel. The teen smiled at her, jamming her fingers in deeper and making Pam shake so much that not only did waves of water surge forward like a tide at a beach, but suds of soap floated and splashed out over the sides, popping as they slid down towards the floor. The Milf moaned and shook, her free tit jiggling as the teen gripped and kneaded the other one. "Ooohhh, urrrhhh, yes, baby, yes."

"Your pussy is so sexy Mom, I love your sexy cunt," the teen kissed her Mom again and thrust her fingers into the hole.

"Ohhhh, urrhhhh, baby and I love you finger fucking it, oh Emily, that's so good, fuck my pussy with your fingers. OOOhhhhh, " the Milf cried out in pleasure, her body thrashing around in the water like a fish on a line. Water cascaded over the side, bubbles swept away in the turbulence. "Ooohhh, Emily. You always know what I want, you're so good... urrrrhh, ohhhhh."

Emily was adding a third finger, thrusting them deep into her Mom's moist hole. The Milf shuddered with every shove, her body banging at the teen's tits and making there nipples as hard as her own. Emily grinned to herself and sped up, she loved finger fucking her Mom, the pussy was so soft, like velvet and whilst toying it was fun, for hot sweet twat there was nothing like the personal touch. Her own pussy sung in pleasure as her shuddering Mom's butt pressed at it, stimulating the sensitive clit above the shaven slit. "MMmmnn, you like this Mom? You enjoy me finger fucking you? With three fingers?"

"Ooohhh, yes, yes, I love it, I love when my hot girl's fingers are in me, fucking me. Oooohhh, yessss, you're so hot, Emily, you're the hottest lover I could have," Pam shuddered in ecstasy, her legs knocking at the bath walls, rubbing at the teenage ones which were wrapped over them. "Ooohhh, fuck, fuck, fucck. Harder, finger my cunt harder."

The teen did as she was asked, hammering as quickly and hard as she could, driving the digits as deep as they would go in to her Mom's waiting hole. The Milf squeaked and shuddered even more, her body almost rising above the water as Emily gripped her titty, squeezing it like it was a sponge. "Oooohhh," the Milf cried, "oooohhhh, that's so good baby, finger fuck your Mom."

Emily pounded in, the water was cooling and her Mom's twat was heating up, the two counteracting each other, as even as the rest of her body chilled Em's cunt was boiling in excitement. Her Mom's sexy bottom was continuing to rubbing and rock over Em's pussy, the wetness in the teen's hole nothing to do with the bath water. She leant down and kissed her Mom, her hand slipping from the tit to her Mom's stomach to give her more grip. Her fingers smashed in, driving at the hole like she was possessed. Pam's shook uncontrollably, perhaps suggesting she was the one who needed exorcising, her mouth moving in a failing attempt to meet her daughters. Instead she just squealed, "Aaaarrrrghhh, you're making me cum, oh fuuuckkkk, you don't know how hard you're amking me cum!!!"

Actually Emily had a fair idea, if only because her Mom was shaking like she was in an earthquake, sending tsunami of bath water crashing over the sides, like an overflowing dam. The teen smiled and slammed harder, making her Mom shriek and shudder all the more, the Milf's limbs swimming through the water uncontrollably like an frenzied child's wind up bath toy.

"Aaaarrrghhh, fuuuckkk, aaaaarrggghh, oh my God, fuck I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Pam screamed in excitement, "Oh my... fuck I am so cumming, aaaaaarrgghhhh."

Em withdrew her pussy stained finger and let her panting Mom relax back against her. For a few moments the only sound was the steady pop of waves hitting the bath sides as the water slowly calmed and Pam's breath as she struggled to get it under control. "That was something," she said eventually.

"Did you enjoy?" teased her daughter with a mock surprised face.

"You know I did," Pam grinned turning her face upwards and this time successfully managing to connect her lips with her daughter's. She slowly straightened up, "Come on we better get out the water's getting cold."

She stepped out of the bath and reached for a towel. Seconds later Emily joined her and the two Field's dried themselves.

Finished, Emily dropped her towel and slid her arms round her Mom again, her chin resting on the Milf's shoulder as she moved her mouth near the earlobe, "You know... I'm still horny."

"Let's see if we can do something about it," Pam slipped her hand back to Emily's, the naked Mom leading her equally naked teen daughter into their bedroom. She let go off the teen and walked, or more accurately sashayed, to the bed. Climbing on she got onto her knees, bending forward and bringing her hands round to the cheeks. Emily grinned as her Mom pulled at the buttocks exposing her puckered rosebud. The Milf turned her head to her daughter, "As you've already finger banged one hole, you might want to bang the other only with something bigger..."

"How big?" Emily opened the draw and pulled out a couple of strap-ons, the smaller one would have been average size if it had been a real dick and was seldom used, the larger one was ten-inches and was used regularly.

"I want to be stretched by my daughter's hot hard strap-on cock," answered her Mom. Emily dropped the lesser used toy back into the draw and stepped into the strap-on panties of the ten-inches. She pulled the leather material up her thighs, adjusting them so that they sat comfortably on her. Then she got out the lube and squirted a generous amount on her hands and began to rub it into the toy.

"Oh, that looks so big and thick," her Mom moaned, "I am so looking forward to you fucking me with it. I want your large cock all the way down my butthole. I want you to bang it as hard as you can and make me cum. I can feel it already, mmmnnn, imagine it ramming down my mature asshole, fucking it so good. Mnnnnmmm."

One of her hands moved from her butt and she began to gently massage her pussy as she mentioned what she wanted her daughter to do to her, "I want you to slam me hard. I want you to fuck my asshole like it's elastic and make it yours. I want you to ram that huge cock into me and open my ass like a can, stretch my chute like it's rubber. Mnnnn, even the thought of your big dick in me is making me wet. Hurry up and come butt-fuck me, baby, I want you to hammer my hole. Oh yeah, hurry..."

"I am," Emily dropped the bottle of lube back into the drawer and advanced on her sexy and extremely horny Mom.

The Milf bounced her ass, wobbling the cheeks at Emily. The bed rocked as she wiggled, more so when Emily jumped on, her face filled with lust. She took the dildo in her hand, the lube squelching as she gripped the toy. The hole seemed to pulse with welcome, her Mom holding a cheek apart to give her daughter whilst she kept the other on her cunt, sliding her fingers over the soaked hole. "Enter me Emily, fuck Mommy's back hole... ooooohhh." Pam moaned as the toy pushed at the entrance, the teen easing apart the sphincter with the tip and sliding the thick rod downwards. Pam moaned again, her butt rising up, "Oooohhh, that's it, all the way..."

Emily was an experienced ass-fucker who regularly butt-banged her Mom and she knew exactly what to do. Her hands slipped onto the Milf's waist, gripping her hard like she was a jumper tottering on the edge of a skyscraper. She dragged the Milf towards her, slamming forward as she did so that they came together in a crash. Pam shrieked in pleasure as Emily retreated as quickly as she'd come in. But even before the Milf's cry had finished Emily was ramming in again, the dildo pounding apart her Mom's anal tunnel. The Milf's cry went up a couple of octaves. Emily grinned, tightening her grip and thrusting back and forth, her Mom both a target and balance.

"Mmmnnn, you've a great ass, Mom," the teen pounded down, her thighs slapping Pam's cheeks as she rammed the strap-on all the way in. "You're butt is so hot."

"Ooohhh, urrrrhhh," her Mom grunted in reply, her body shuddering and her hand rushing over her cunt. "Yes, Emily baby, fuck it and fuck it hard."

Being a good girl Em intended to do just what her Mom asked. She sped up, putting her strength into violently thrusting her pelvis, sending the dick shooting down the waiting anal passage. As a swimmer she was fit, with outstanding stamina and powerful lungs. It meant that she could give her Mom more for longer and that was what she was going to do. "Mmnnn, yeah, I'm really going to hammer this booty. I'm going to fuck it all night long." Which might be an exaggeration, but perhaps not by much.

"Yessss, yessss," her Mom squealed in agreement. As Emily was thudding quickly into her the Milf's finger were massaging her clit with speed, stimulating it and making her twat even wetter with lust.

Emily clutched her Mom's waist even tighter and continued to ram in. Her firm teen titties bounced and jerked as she rocked forward, the dark brown nipples hard and visible against the tanned skin. Her Mom's tits weren't as pert as the teen's, they swung and swayed, crashing together and flowing apart as their owner rolled and rocked like a landlubber dog on a sailing ship. Emily lowered herself downwards, still pounding her Mom's ass. Her chest leant on her Mom's naked back, using it as a resting pad as her hips gyrated, slamming the toy down. If the new position meant her boobs were now squashed on her Mom it gave her nice and easy access to reach down and grab her Mom's, gripping and squeezing them, kneading them like dough. "Mmmnnn great ass, lovely tits," the teen moaned as she played with them both.

"Ooohhh, fuuuckkk me," her Mom whinnied, "Oooohhh fuck my ass."

The teen's cock rammed in, opening the hole even more and making her Mom squeal. The Milf's hand was away from her cunt, such was the power and vigour of her daughter's pounding she needed both on the bed to stop herself collapsing in a heap. Emily let go a tit and replaced her Mom's fingers on the Milf's shaven twat, rubbing as vigorously as she butt-fucked. Pam obviously appreciated it as within second the teen could feel a warm, spurt of liquid as her Mom squirted. "Aaaarrrrghhh fuuuckkk, I'm cumming, aaarrrrrghhhh," Pam was screaming.

"Yeah Mom cum for me, I want to bang this gorgeous ass more and make you explode with lust," Emily hardly paused from the fucking and fingering, briefly lifting her hand to lick the cummy juice from it, before returning it to its place.

Below her Pam squealed and cried some more as her ass was rapidly, repeatedly and ruthlessly penetrated. The dildo was shooting in and out the hole like a blur, the tunnel walls last vestiges of resistance dropping away quicker than a wall of mud before a dam burst. The Milf's head lifted as she howled like a wolf, her back arching and bending, giving Emily a bucking bronco of a ride. The teen grinned, gripped one arm tightly round her Mom and squeezed, ramming the toy in. "You're so hot. You're the most fuckable piece of butt in Rosewood."

"OOoohhh God, yes, Emily, yes. Fuck me, just fuck me," her Mom cried.

Emily did. Her firm ass rose and fall as she pounded her Mom's rounder one. The Milf continued to squeal and rock, her daughter carried on riding her like she was at the rodeo, "Oh God, yes, I love fucking this ass, it's so hot, it the best butt ever. Mmmnnn, it feels so good to be banging it. I can feel how fuckable it is with every thrust. Uuuuurhh, you're ass is golden, Mom, it's like a diamond, it's so precious."

"Ooohhh, urrrrhhh, yesssss, Emily, yessssss, fuuuuckkkk it, fuuuuckkk it gooood," her Mom cried and squealed in return, her teen's daughter's fingers thrumming at her pussy, "Oooohhhh, fuuucckk, yessssss, yessss."

Emily could have carried on fucking all night, but she knew her Mom's ass would soon need a break. She sped up, driving the dildo even faster and harder into the hole, driving her Mom to that final orgasm. Pam screamed loudly, "AAaarrrghhh, yesssss," and rocked like she was the epicentre of the San Francisco quake. The teen slammed even harder into her, going as speedily as she could and putting every ounce of effort and will into it. Pam's screams got even louder, "AAarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaarrrggghhh, fuuuucckkk, fuuuuuckkk, I am so cumming, aaaaarrrghhh!"

Popping the dildo out Emily dropped onto her back. She lay down straightening the cock up, like a flagpole. Her Mom gasped and panted, her hair running over her forehead, her face red and flushed. She looked at the cock and managed a smile as turned her gaze to her daughter. The teen grinned back and waggled it, "Do you want to suck it?"

"Yes," said Pam. She crawled over to the dick and lowered her mouth greedily. The teen smiled as she looked down at the top of her Mom's head, watching it bob up and down as the Milf took the toy between her lips and begin to suck it. As the Milf went down Emily gently lifted her hips higher. Her Mom sucked it deeper, making slurping noises as she took the plastic toy into her mouth. Emily grinned as moved in tandem with the hot Milf, her Mom doing one of the most intimate acts that she could do to her daughter - cleaning her plastic prick with her mouth after it had been in her ass.

"Wash it all Mom, leaving my dildo shining clean," Emily grinned. Her Mom's mouth was pushing down the toy, doing as her daughter said as she left the toy wet and gleaming. Up and down she went, taking a little more dong each time she was down. The teen watched as her Mom's hair spread out, effectively shielding the strap-on from view. But she could imagine it vanishing between her Mom's lips and see the lustful look on Pam's face. And she could certainly enjoy the sensation as her Mom's head pressed the toy down against the leather pants it was attached to, the leather rubbing at Emily's already soaked pussy. "Mnnnnn, Mom, you're such a great prick-sucker. You clean my cock beautifully..."

"Mmmnn," her Mom slurped something in reply as she swung her head up and down. She was going faster, taking more of the rubber dong into her mouth. Up and down, up and down, her hair whirling like she was head banging down. Emily grinned and leant back. Her Mom was now so deep the teen could feel the Milf's nose pressing down, sniffing at the leathery aroma of the pants. There was a slurping sound and her Mom's head went up, until the dildo was popping out of her mouth, little dribbles of spittle dropping down it.

Pam looked up at her daughter, "There that's clean."

"It is," Emily agreed. She glanced at the clock on the bedside cabinet, "Do you think we have time to make it dirty again before sleep-time?"

Her Mom nodded enthusiastically...

* * *

"Have you heard anything of Hanna's plan?" Spencer asked. There was perhaps a touch of condescension in her voice, after all Hanna wasn't known for her ability to meet ideas and realism, Spencer's middle name on the other hand should have been 'great thinking'.

"No, it's only been a couple of days," Aria replied. She loved both her friends, but unlike Spencer she thought it was worth giving Hanna sometime to work out a plan, if only because none of them had any other ideas to deal with A. Something which Spencer had reluctantly conceded.

"Do you even know what it is?" Ella asked. She was sitting by her daughter in the pizza restaurant, her dress so low cut it was almost indecent, any vigorous movement and her boobs would have bounced out over the table. Knowing her Mom, Aria wouldn't have been surprised, if their table had been a little more private if she would have done that.

It was Veronica who answered. Like Ella she was wearing a dress that was designed to tease, except where Ella's was loose and light Veronica's was tight and clingy. Too much vigorous exercise would have also been a risk to her, though less because of the titties bouncing out and more that their be a ripping noise and the dress would drop away. She shook her head, her titties moving with her, "No. She's not told anyone, not even Ashley." She paused, "Though if it gets A off our backs it'll be worth the wait." She glanced at Spencer, who shrugged - it seemed like they'd had the conversation before.

For a moment it seemed like Spencer was going to continue, but even she could see that unless she had an actual plan to replace it with moaning about Hanna's lack of progress on her own, mysterious, one was pointless. Instead she said, "It was typical of A, it had been such a great weekend."

The other three all agreed. It was hard not to, Aria thought. Not only had she fucked her own Mom, but she'd done Pam, Ashley and Veronica, whilst her Mom had been fucked by her three friends. And it wasn't as even as it had left either of the Montgomerys exhausted or sated, as moments after they got home they were in their room with Ella disrobing as Aria opened her suitcase to unpack one of their favourite strap-ons. They only stopped fucking after the message from Spencer she was down the station with her Mom, being questioned on the disappearance of their neighbour and what were there movements.

The teen was about to put this into words, but her Mom spoke first, "It was fantastic. It was my first Mom swap, Aria and me had talked about it, so I knew we'd both be up for it."

"Was it planned?" Veronica asked, raising her wine glass.

Her daughter tapped the edge of her nose enigmatically, "Shall we say there was no surprise everyone agree to it," she grinned.

"I was reading an article in Mom and Daughter," Aria said, mentioning the most popular magazine for teenagers who were loving their Moms, "it was about this daughter who talked her Mom into starting to go on Mom swapping weekends and how it had really energised their relationship." She reached out and squeezed her Mom's hand to show that she was in the same place as that daughter. Her Mom's smile as she rubbed her thigh as Aria's under the table suggested that she was the same.

Spencer nodded, "I read the same. Though I knew that would be the case even without the article."

Veronica smiled, "Remember for Spencer and me this wasn't the first time that I've been fucked by another daughter, I've had Hanna for a threesome."

"And that was hot," smiled Spencer nodding. She slid her fingers over her Mom's.

Any further conversation was interrupted by the waiter arriving, picking up their plates. "Anything else?" he asked.

The four women looked at each other, Ella putting their thoughts into words, "Coffee?"

The others nodded, stating their preferences and the waiter confirmed "Three cappuccinos, one latte ," before slipping away as unobtrusively as he arrived.

"What were we talking about?" Veronica asked, draining the last of her wine before the coffees arrived.

"What do we always seem to talk about?" asked her daughter, "Hot sex."

The other laughed, it wasn't the truth, but it wasn't far away. Aria raised her glass and took a sip, now was the perfect time to mention something she'd been thinking about the last few days, "I was thinking I might submit an article to Mom and Daughter..." she said, letting the words hang.

Her Mom nodded in agreement, "I don't think having a published article does any harm if you're thinking of majoring in English."

"It gives you options," agreed Veronica.

It was good that the response had been positive, Aria continued, "About our weekend away, the Mom swapping and what it meant to my relationship with Mom." She quickly continued, "I'd change the names..."

"To protect the innocent," Veronica, who was a lawyer, smiled, "Were there any innocent that weekend? You didn't seem so when you were fucking my butt? And from what Spencer said, innocent isn't a word I'd use to describe Ella either."

That was a little unfair, Aria thought, as she hadn't actually used the word 'innocent', she'd have preferred to refer to it as 'keeping their anonymity'.

"No," Ella smiled, "I wasn't being too innocent either."

Spencer stepped in, perhaps recognising that the conversation was going a little off track, "I think it's a great idea, Aria."

"So do I," Veronica quickly added, "If you wanted any help, if you wanted to interview me for my feelings. I'm sure Pam and Ashley would as well." It went without saying that Spencer, Em and Hanna would also do whatever was asked.

"That's really kind," Aria smiled. The coffees arrived before she could say anything else, the conversation temporarily pausing as the waiter handed out the cups, together with a bowl with lumps of sugar (that none of them took).

"What about pictures to illustrate the article?" Spencer asked.

"I've not even had it accepted yet," said Aria defensively, "but I guess they'd use some models."

"Mmnnn, Mom being a busty blonde," Spencer grinned, "Now that's a picture."

"It would be," her Mom laughed.

"Not sure they'd be as hot as her in real life," the teen grinned and her Mom blushed a little.

"So how would you end the article?" her Mom asked, "I assume something upbeat?"

"Yes, I haven't really thought about it," Aria said, "It wouldn't be the arrest, that's true, but I'd like to have an epilogue in which I describe something that's come out of it, like me and Mom being really close or some great sex."

"The only trouble with those endings is that we are really close and we always have really great sex," her Mom said.

"I know, that's why I'm still thinking of an ending," her teen daughter replied.

"I'm assuming that the whole articles going to be about how fantastic Mom swapping is?" Spencer said, as Aria nodded she continued, "So you'll want to show character progression, even if it's non-fiction. So what about ending with your next Mom swap?"

"I've not had another Mom swap," replied Aria, even as she was saying it she saw the others were starting to smile and she finished on a '...yet."

Looking at her watch Ella said, "It's still early. Aria and I were going to go back home and fuck, what about you?"

"The same," agreed Spencer, "Except without you and Aria." She smiled, looking at Aria to make sure she was agreeing. Aria guessed what her friend was wanting to say, even if she didn't know the exact words. She nodded and Spencer finished. "Plan's can change."

"So shall we all go back to our place?" Ella asked.

Aria nodded, "Yes," she said, Spencer and Veronica replying the same in unison.

The four women finished their coffees (or about half of it in Aria's case, she didn't think she need a caffeine burst to stop her falling asleep tonight) and paid the bill. As they'd come in separate cars the Montgomerys and the Hastings agreed to drive back to the house individually. Aria pulled out her car keys and chirped the locks, waving at the Hastings car as Spencer drove past. The teen slid into the driver's seat as her Mom got into the passenger.

"I'm really excited," her Mom said, "This was such a good idea."

"Me too," grinned Aria, she'd certainly enjoyed Veronica over the weekend and wasn't against fucking her again.

"Spencer has so got to fuck my butt again," her Mom continued, "Last time was so heavenly. It'd be even better if you were there as well, we shouldn't go to separate rooms."

"All of us fuck together," Aria nodded, "I'm okay with that if Spence and Veronica are." She was sure they would be.

"Mmmnnn," her Mom slid a hand under her dress between her legs and rubbed at her pussy. Aria knew her Mom hadn't bothered with panties. The Milf's body bucked on the seat as she massged her cunt, "Mmmnn, you know what would be really hot."

"No?" said Aria questioningly. Though personally she had plenty of ideas she wanted to hear what her Mom wanted to do and if it was in her power, do it.

"If you and Spencer both fucked me at the same time," Ella said.

"We'll see," Aria tried to appear non committal, though she really liked the idea and given how much Spencer had gone about how much she'd enjoyed sharing Veronica, with Han, she didn't think it'd be hard to convince the other teen to join her in double-fucking her own. Ella moaned in pleasure again, her daughter could see her elbow as it went up and down in the corner of her vision. She tried to concentrate on the road, glad it was neither busy nor fast.

By the time they'd driven the remaining half mile to their house, Ella had managed to pop out her tits and was furiously masturbating whilst telling her daughter how she wanted the rest of the evening to go; the graphic description of which could be shortened to hardcore lesbian fucking. Luckily Aria was in agreement for that. And as she parked she could see Veronica and Spencer waiting outside the front door, taking the time to make out, their hands all over each other as their mouths worked in unison. They stopped as Aria opened the car doors and stepped out, her Mom following, taking the risk that there were no neighbours looking as her titties remained on display.

Fishing for her house keys Aria walked up the path, passing Spencer who was going the opposite way, the teen sliding her arm round Ella, "You're looking even better than when we left the pizza restaurant," the teen grinned. Her eyes were cast down at Ella's boobs and the Milf giggled.

By the door Veronica was standing patiently, waiting for Aria to open it. The teen did, stepping aside to let her Mom and Spence enter first, the teen's hand still round her Mom, but up from the waist to be gripping her side inches from side-boob. Aria gestured Veronica in and the Milf walked inside, wiggling her ass at the teen as she did so. In the tight dress the move looked deadly seductive and if Aria hadn't already been horny the shimmer would have been making her pussy quiver in excitement. She dropped her keys in the dish as she entered, back-heeled the door closed and took the ass in her hands cradling it. "This is as sexy as I remember," she said, like it had been months rather than days since she banged it, "It's so hot."

"You like?" Veronica shook it again, the cheeks heaving at the tight dress. She turned round to face the teen, smiling broadly.

Already beside them Spencer and Ella were making out passionately, the teenager's hands moving up and down the Milf's sides and down to her butt as she pressed herself forward, Ella's naked titties squeezing at Spencer's chest. Aria's view of them was soon concealed as Veronica mouth moved onto hers. The teenager met her half-way, her mouth opening and her tongue sliding forward to meet Veronica's. The two of them stood in the passionate embrace, mouths ajar and tongues darting, their hands gliding and exploring, up their sides and down to their asses. Aria squeezed the older woman's cheeks, gripping it tightly as her tongue drove in.

"Shall we get this off?" Aria murmured to Veronica, her hands on the dress, hoisting it as far as it would lift over the butt.

Veronica nodded, breaking the embrace with the teen to turn around so that the back zip was directly in front of the teen. Aria brought in down with the professionalism of a girl who's done this before. Beside her Ella and/or Spencer had removed her Mom's looser dress, which was lying in a heap on the floor. Ella, naked apart from her heels, was back to kissing a full-clothed Spencer, who was enjoying the chance to grapple the naked butt, her hands squeezing and kneading the round cheeks. Aria grinned and reached up to slide down Veronica's dress. The Milf shook herself gently, encouraging the dress down her back and past her hips. It seductively slid down, due its tightness it was like unpeeling a very tasty fruit, the dress slowly revealing the naked Milf body below. And a very nice body it was, still sexy and fuckable, with a pair of cute, wobbly ass cheeks and a wavy lined tattoo resting just above them. The teen reached round the older woman's Milf and swivelled her to face her, the front was no less nice, the pussy shaven and already wet, her gorgeous Mom tits pierced, two little studs sitting on either side of each nipple.

"That's better," Aria grinned, appreciating the view, as Veronica preened and posed in front of the horny brunette teen. She briefly glanced over at her Mom and Spencer, still making out furiously, the younger woman's hand gripping the older one's butt like if she didn't she risked Ella escaping. Aria moved into kiss Veronica herself. her mouth meeting the Milf's and one hand moving to the upper back, drawing the Mom in. Her other hand slipped down to between Veronica's legs. The pussy was wet and it became even more so as Aria's finger slipped into the unresisting hole. She slid the digit slowly up and down, giving the sexy lawyer a nice relaxed finger bang as she kissed her. Veronica kissed her hard back, her lips telling Aria she was enjoying the fingering without her saying a word. Aria slipped her finger deeper, enjoying the warm, wet touch of the pussy as the walls slithered round her. She tickled and Veronica's tongue went faster.

Gently the teen slid her finger from the pussy, breaking the kiss she slid the juicy digit in her mouth and sucked away the cum. It tasted good. She looked at the others, Veronica inches in front of her, the older woman's sexy tits pressed against her, horny and ready for a fucking, her Mom and Spencer, still locked in an embrace, the teen clawing the older woman's ass desperately as they kissed. Aria took hold off Veronica's hand and then reached out for her Mom's. "Let's go upstairs," she said as her Mom took it.

She led them up, her hands trailing behind her so that Ella and Veronica could walk up the stairs in unison, Ella's own hand out so that she could lead Spencer. Aria let go as they walked into the room. "You want to choose a toy, Spence," she invited her friend, walking over to the drawer she and her Mom kept their dildos and strap-ons in.

"Yes," Spencer grinned, walking over. She eyed the selection appreciatively, "Any suggestions? What's your Mom like?"

Aria pushed to one side the small dildos, which hardly ever got a trip out, and gestured at the remaining half dozen. "She's not too fussy."

Spencer rummaged around, looking at Aria every time she touched one, as if she was looking for Aria to approve. Aria kept silent, she knew her Mom would enjoy any and after a few moments, Spencer decided she wasn't going to get a hint and chose one. Aria picked another for herself, the two teen's turning towards their Moms and dangling the toys like trophy, "We've chosen a couple of big toys for your fucking pleasure," announced Spencer.

"Good choices," Ella nodded, sitting on the bed next to Veronica, so close that they were touching.

The other Mom nodded her agreement, "Now while you get ready me and Ella are just going to entertain ourselves." So saying she leant in to kiss her naked friend.

Ella returned the favour, moving back against her so it wasn't only their lips meeting. Spencer and Aria looked at each other, grinning, "Looks like they're starting without us," Aria said.

"I think they'll be plenty left," Spencer said as she began to undo her shirt.

At other times Aria had got undressed a lot quicker, especially when there was an offer of hot fucking. But watching the two Milfs go at she slowed down, not wanting to miss the sexy show, by pulling half undone blouses over her head, or because she was hopping around trying to remove a recalcitrant sock. Her undressing was gradual and deliberate, her hands gradually moving down her blouse front uncoupling buttons and as she removed her skirt and panties she kept her eyes on her Mom and Veronica the whole time. It was a hot little act they had on - kissing and stroking each other, their naked bodies crunching together as they made out. Their legs spread open, both to give the teen's an excellent view of their sexy slits and also to allow access to each others hands to rub and massage the hot pussies. Aria put on her strap-on, beside her Spencer doing the same, the two teen's buckling the straps in place without looking, they're eyes still glued to the making out Moms.

"Mmnnnn, are you ready now?" Ella withdrew her mouth slowly from Veronica's, her eyes darting to the massive dong in front of Spencer,

"We are," Aria grinned, "Are you?" The two Milfs might not be making out, but there hands were still stroking each other's hot cunts.

"Oh, we're ready," Veronica smiled, her tongue sliding succulently over her lips as she stared down at the Aria's huge strap-on.

"But I'm not sure those cocks are fully lubed yet" Ella grinned, pushing her tongue into her cheek to suggest exactly how she intended to rectify that situation.

"They do need to be nice and slick for where me and Aria intend to put them," said Spencer, nodding and smiling. There was a pause of about two or three seconds before she added, "So why don't you cum and suck them, make them wet for your sexy assholes."

The two Milfs dropped from the bed and padded across the room towards the teens, looking for all the world like a pair of tigers contemplating a tasty goat. The goats grinned and waited expectantly, their gaze on each other's Mom.

"Mmnnn, this looks large," Veronica dropped to her knees in front of Aria as Ella did the same with Spencer.

"If you think its big now, wait until later," promised the teen.

Veronica didn't answer, instead she just smiled at the teen, keeping her gaze for a moment as she licked her lips again. They opened as she lowered her head, sliding slowly over the large rod. Aria grinned, casting a quick glance at her friend. Spencer's smile was as wide as Ella's mouth was slipping down her dildo. She grinned even wider as she saw Aria was looking at her and moved her hands to the back of her friend's Mom's head, encouraging her down. "That's right, Ella, that's good, suck my cock."

It was certainly hot seeing her Mom's head bobbing on Spencer's cock, watching her bff gently ease her down the dildo. It was even hotter that Aria was doing the same with Veronica, the older woman's mouth gliding down Aria's ten-incher as the teen rested her hands on her crown. "Oh, yeah," she murmured, "Suck my strap-on, I want it nice and soaked so I can fuck your butt with it."

"You hear that Ella," Spencer said, "Your little girl's going to butt-fuck my Mom. How sexy is that?"

Ella didn't reply, but as her mouth swept down the dildo and she started to rub her pussy quick and hard, Aria was guessing that her Mom was finding it very sexy indeed. She jerked her hips slowly, feeding the dildo to Veronica. The Milf slurped it greedily and enthusiastically, her eyes gazing up at Aria, the look in them telling its own story about how much the Milf was enjoying the dick-sucking, even if it was a prelude to the main event. One of her hands was gripping the toy, keeping it in place and making sure it didn't pop out, The other was massaging Aria's thigh, rubbing at the flesh and sliding her fingers up and down. Her tits wobbled as she bobbed forward, the nipples erect, the little studs glinting.

"Mmmnnn, suck my cock," Aria groaned, "I want you to suck it hard so I can fuck that asshole hard back. Oooohhh, I am going to fuck your butt so deep and fast, I'm going to pound your ass until it's raw."

"Hear that Ella, that's Aria saying how hard she's going to ass-bang my Mom," Spencer grinned, her hands pulling the Milf down her cock. "I'm going to fuck you even harder. I'm going to slam that anal passage until it's gaping like a gopher hole and smoking like Vesuvius. However hard Aria bangs my Mom you'rew going to get twice the treat." Spencer always had been competitive.

Perhaps the Moms were as well. Or it might have been that the talk of vigorous butt-banging was making them even hornier than they had been already. Whatever the reason they both sped up, sucking the cocks deeper, their heads pounding down like they were in the front row of a Death Metal concert. The two teens groaned in appreciation as the Milf's mouths pressed down the toys. pushing their hafts at the teen's pussies and clits. Aria gripped at Veronica's shoulders, using the older woman for balance as the pleasure flowed through her, "Ooohhh, God, that's it. Push that cock harder, swallow it all."

"Mmmnnn, Ella, slurp my dick, get it all the way into your mouth. Ohhhh, I love having a dildo deepthroat, oooohhh, this is good," beside her Spencer was groaning in excitement. Like her friend she was resting her hands on the older woman's shoulders, Ella no longer needing any encouragement to go deep.

"Gggrrff, ggrrrr," the two Mom's spluttered and gulped and made choking growls as they rammed their mouths so far down the dicks that they were swallowing them all. With no space to spare on the dildo for her hand Veronica was vigorously rubbing her own pussy, her finger thrumming up and down the slit and over her clitoris. Saliva was leaking from her mouth, dripping from her chin and onto her excellent boobs. She slammed down hard, "GFfffff..."

Glancing down at her Mom, Aria could see she was sucking the cock with the same strength and stamina, taking it so deep in her mouth that her eyes were watering. It didn't surprise the teen who knew how much her Mom loved deep-throating dick to ready it for her ass. From the knowing smile on Spencer's face it wasn't a surprise that her Mom was also a keen cock-sucker. Aria smiled back at her friend, "God this is hot, isn't it?"

"Majorly," agreed Spencer, "You're Mom is an excellent sucker."

"We practice a lot," admitted Aria, "but let's be fair, your Mom is no reluctant virgin either, this is some of the best sucking ever. I mean it's not Mom, but its still award winning slurping."

"Oh, we practice a lot as well," grinned Spencer. She rattled her thighs, driving the cock into Ella's mouth as the Milf came down, "The wetter it is, the harder the ass fucking."

"The same," said Aria, "Mom really likes a good butt ramming so as you can see she lubes it until the dildo is wetter than the Mississippi."

The Moms carried on slurping the teens' dildos, their heads bouncing. The two teens grinned happily, standing with their legs apart and their hands on the older women's shoulders. "Grrfff," went Veronica, "Grffff." The sounds emanating from Ella weren't dissimilar. They enthusiastic sucking left the toys soaked, every time their heads bobbed back, saliva slipped from the toy, little streams thick, viscous spit dropping down.

"You think your Mom and mine are ready for a hard butt-banging?" Aria asked her friend.

It was Veronica who answered, her head jerking off the cock, so she could look directly at the teen standing above her, "I'm ready."

Ella's mouth quickly disengaged herself from Spencer's strap-on, "Me too," she said enthusiastically.

"I think they may be..." Spencer dryly answered her friend's question.

"Okay," grinned Aria. She pointed to the bed, "Up."

Both Milfs sprang like Jack in the Boxes, giggling like schoolgirls as they sped over to the double bed and got onto it. Both of them moved in the centre, crawling on their hands and knees, their cute butts wiggling seductively at the two teen daughters. They moved closer together so that there was no gap between them, their legs and sides brushing at each other. "Come fuck us," Veronica said giggling.

Her friend added, "And fuck us good, you know what we like."

"Shall we?" Spencer asked with a smile.

"I've not got any other plans," Aria replied.

The two teens followed their Moms onto the bed, moving behind the other's mother. Aria hands reached out for Veronica's ass cheeks, spreading them apart. Beside her Spencer was doing the same, her eyes gazing down at the waiting puckered hole, glinting greedily. The two teen's slid their strap-ons between the buttocks, sliding the shaft through the crack and rubbing over the hole. Both Veronica and Ella was groaning in anticipation, their bodies trembling with lust. Aria continued to rub her cock between the round rumps, teasing Veronica that the dick was so near, but so far. The Milf gave another light moan, "Fuck me, Aria ram my ass."

The teen kept one hand on the Milf's cheek, the other she slid round the dildo. She guided it into the waiting hole, pushing at the rosebud and easing it into the waiting chute. There was a moan from Veronica and another from Ella, telling her that Spencer was also done with teasing and was introducing dildo to the teacher's anal passageway. The brunette glanced sideways and down, looking as her friend pressed the cock into her Mom. She watched vanishing into the waiting hole, Aria had often seen the cock disappear into that hole, but never when she wasn't the one controlling the cock and the change of viewpoint was so hot. Especially as at the same time she was sliding her own strap-on into Spencer's Mom.

The two Milf's groaned loudly, letting out whinnies of pleasure as the dicks went down their asses. The moans got louder as the two teen's slid back and then whacked in again, sending the huge toys further in. Aria and Spencer grinned at each other, sliding back again and pounding forward in unisons. Veronica and Ella gasped out, squeaking their enjoyment, their bodies rocking as the teenagers shafted them. "Mmmnnn, urrrrrhhh, ooooohhh..."

"Enjoying?" Aria asked and without waiting for a reply thrust forward again. Veronica squeaked, her hands gripping the bed and her butt rising to meet her daughter's friend.

"She is," Spencer said, ramming forward herself, "Mom loves butt-fucking."

"I can tell," grinned Aria. She had her hands on Veronica's hips, using them as counterweight to her own thrusts. Spencer was assuming the same position, her knuckles inches away from her friend's. The two teens drove in and out, slamming their dildos into waiting ass-holes. The two Milfs shuddered and squealed, rocking the bed like it was a swinging hammock. The strap-ons punched further down, opening the asses, pushing the walls aside and filling the tunnels with their plasticy goodness.

"OOohhhh, uhhhh, yes, ohhhh yessss," Veronica groaned as Aria's full length entered her.

"Fuck, ohGod, ohGod, ohGod," Ella gasped as her ass was brutally but pleasurably violated by Spencer's dick.

"Your ass is so fuckable," Spencer gasped in reply, "Aria your Mom has such a bangable butt."

"I know," grinned Aria, "Yours as well."

The two teens slammed forward, quick and hard. The two Milfs bounced and rocked, their mouths opening to let out a series of shrieks and wails. It made the two horny teens move faster, their dicks pounding deep down the older women's wanton holes. And Aria noted that as fast and vigorously as she went Spencer would give it just that little bit more as if they were in a race. Not that Aria minded, she knew her friend was competitive and she was sure her Mom appreciated the increased banging. In fact she sped up a little herself, mentally challenging Spencer to keep up and exceed her. It was no surprise her friend did, grasping Ella's side for balance and ramming the dildo into the brunette Milf's butt.

"Ooohhh, urrrrhh," Ella moaned in pleasure.

"AAarrhh, ooooohhh, yessss," gasped Veronica.

The two teens rode them harder, the two older women coming together in the centre of the bed, their shuddering bodies colliding and massaging at each other. They're face turned. Aria wasn't sure if they'd somehow planned it or whether one made the first move or whether it was a case of great minds thinking alike, but suddenly Veronica and Ella was making out, kissing each other passionately as their asses were filled. Aria briefly glanced at Spencer. Her friend was entranced, looking down at the two women as their mouths moved against each other. She seemed to suddenly become aware that Aria was looking at her, awaiting a reaction. "Hot," the teen grinned and rammed Ella even harder.

Aria was happy to follow her lead, ramming her own strap-on deep. She was so close to Spencer she could feel the vibrations from her friend, feel the heat rising from her bodies, hear the springy slap of Spencer's body ramming down. She grinned and placed her hand on Ella's butt, squeezing the rump as her friend banged down in the hole. Spencer looked at her grinning, "Don't you love sharing."

"Yes," Aria wasn't pausing in her own pounding. She glanced forward, Veronica and her Mom, were still locking their mouths to each other, like a pair of out of control goldfish, "And we're not the only ones."

"MMmnn, yeah, that's such a turn on," Spencer grinned, "I mean watching them make out as we fuck them, I swear my pussy is about to catch fire."

"Mine too, I just hope I can bang this ass for a little longer before the bed's ablaze," Aria smashed forward, her teenage titties jiggling.

"Yeah," Spencer nodded and pounded in.

For a few minutes the two teens rammed, if not in silence, at least without coherent conversation. Aria continued to massage her Mom's bouncing ass and Spencer's arms crossed hers to rub and squeeze her own Mom's butt. The two Milfs in turn continued to kiss passionately, their lips sliding over the others as they rocked and shuddered, their tits swinging and bouncing beneath them. It was such a turn on and Aria sped up. Unsurprisingly Spencer caught up and overtook her. Their dildos sped down and in.

"Mmnnnn, urrrhhh," Veronica broke the kiss and shuddered hard, blowing out, "Ooohhh, fuuckk, yessss." Aria hammered more vigorously, her hand moving back to the older woman's waist as if just her touch would make her cum harder.

Beside Aria her own Mom was starting to orgasm violently as well, shaking like a leaf in a storm. "AAArrrrghh," she cried loudly. "Fuuucckkk, aaaaarrrghhh, I am so cumming, aaaaaarrrghhh."

Spencer grinned at Aria and Aria grinned back and neither paused for a moment.

The two Moms shrieked even louder, seemingly the squeals of one making the other cum more, like they were in a competition of noise ,"AAAarrrghhh. Fuuuckkkk." "OOOhhhh, aaaarrghhh, yeesssss." "OhmyGod, OhmyGod...." "Fuuuccckkk, shiiiitttt, aaaaarrrggghh."

The screams were deafening. And Aria could think of only one way to stop them.

She pulled her cock out of Veronica's ass. And replaced it in her Mom's mouth. Spencer looked surprised for a moment, but Aria grinned, "Mom was wanting to be shared."

Her Mom nodded, temporarily pulling her head back from the dick, "Oh yes, double-fuck me." Her mouth closed round her daughter's thick plastic dick, swallowing the toy which had just been up her friend's ass.

"MMmnnn, yeah, fuck her," Veronica, swung her body round and slid herself under Ella, her head just under her fellow Milf's dripping pussy. She lifted her mouth up and her tongue shot out to lick at the wet cunt, her hands wrapping round Ella's waist, nearly interlocking with her daughter's as Spencer resumed the hard anal banging.

Aria grinned grabbing at the back of her Mom's head and guiding it further down her strap-on. The Milf slid down it, somewhat propelled by the thudding from behind. Her tits were bouncing and jumping, her hair streaming down her face and across her back as she was double-banged and licked. Aria almost felt jealous that her Mom was getting all her holes dealt with at once, but as a top she was a fucker not a fuckee. Anyway her pussy was zinging with excitement as her Mom's mouth pushed the dildo against her clitoral hood. She pushed harder, sandwiching her Mom. "Fuck her Spence, ram her ass."

"God, Aria this is even better than I was expecting, sharing your Mom... it's great."

"Mmmnnn, mmmnnnn," Veronica slurped enthusiastically at the Milf pussy, licking and lapping at the cunt juice and drilling her tongue down the slit.

"Oh God, fuck, fuck. Oh God Mom, you are so loving both our cocks," Aria held the back of her Mom's head, drawing her so close she could feel the touch of her Mom's forehead on her stomach and hear the greedy, slurpy gargling as the dildo went deep into the mouth and throat. The teen grinned, "You're right Spence, this is so hot."

Spencer nodded and upped her speed. Her pert teenage titties were bouncing and jumping like two blancmanges on a plate. Aria smiled as she looked at her friend, Spencer's expression was both grimly concentrated and utterly enthusiastic, devoted to giving Ella the best pounding she could - perhaps almost as good as the one's Aria gave her. The other teen looked up, "You want to fuck her back door, she's your Mom."

Aria shook her head, "No, you carry on, you're my guest, you should get to fuck her."

"You sure?" asked Spencer, she smiled in gratitude.

Aria nodded, "Yes, that ass is yours."

"Thanks," said Spencer, she temporarily pulled her dick out of Ella's ass and pointed in downwards. Veronica must have been a mind-reader as even without her daughter saying a word she was taking her mouth from her friend's cunt and sliding her mouth up and over her daughter's strap-on.

Aria grinned as she watched. Her Mom continued to greedily suck and slurp her strap-on. "Spence, can I ask something?"

"Of course," said the other teen, taking the relubricated dildo from her Mom and returning it to Ella's ass. "Ask anything - I'm really good on Physics and the Civil War." She smiled to show it was a joke - sort of, they were her best subjects.

"Did you enjoy dping your Mom with Hanna?"

"Oh yes, it was hot. Mom loved it as well."

"Can I ask you something else?" Aria said, her cock sliding in and out of her Mom's lips.

"Yes," Spencer nodded, her hands gripping Ella's waist as she slid the toy back down her anal tunnel.

"You want to DP my Mom?" Aria pulled the dildo from Ella's mouth, "You up for that Mom?"

"Yes," said Spencer and Ella together.

"You still get her ass," said Aria, "I want her pussy, I want to be able to look at her as we fuck her."

"That's a deal," said Spencer, "How do you want to go, me on top or reverse cowboy."

"Your choice," said Aria.

"Why don't you go lie down and your Mom can ride you whilst I ride her. Mom you want to watch?"

"Yes," giggled Veronica. She rolled away to the edge of the bed, lying on her side and casually stroking her wet pussy. "But next time we go over to friends its me who get DP'd."

"I'm sure that can be arranged," Spencer grinned. She stepped back from Aria and Ella, allowing the Milf to get up from the bed as Aria lay down.

The brunette teen pointed her strap-on straight up, it was soaking with her Mom's saliva. Her Mom got over her, hovering for a moment, her titties dangling over Aria's face as she reached for the dildo to guide her pussy to it. Ella's slick slit slipped down the toy, the Milf moaning as it entered her. Aria reached up to hold her Mom's waist, not that the older Montgomery needed any encouragement to come all the way down.

"Mmmmmn," Ella moaned in satisfaction. She pushed herself up and then glided down, her pussy enveloping the plastic prick like a ghost costume over a small child. "This is good..." She rose again, pausing for half a second before lowering herself. "But where's that second cock."

"Oh yeah, fuck her honey," Veronica said to her daughter. Not that Spencer needed any encouragement, getting on the bed and moving behind the Milf. Veronica's hand went over her pussy, strumming the clitoral hood with her fingers. "I want to see you both DP Ella, that would be hot."

She was getting her wish, Spencer was holding her strap-on (or, more accurately, the one she'd borrowed from Aria). She slowly eased it into Ella's back chute. With the fucking that the Milf had taken earlier the hole was loose and ready, the toy spearing deep down. Ella moaned and groaned, her body shuddering. She slid further down her daughter's prick so that it was fully in her. Spencer followed her down, stopping as Ella did, the toy half-in the Milf's ass. Raising herself Spencer thrust again, the elasticated hole spreading for the dick. A few thrusts and it was all the way in. It allowed Spencer to wrap her arms round the Milf, her hands cradling Ella's magnificent titties. For a moment or two the two teens and the Mom remained in situ, as unmoving as statues. Then Aria broke the silence, "Let's fuck."

"Yes, DP her hard," Veronica agreed from a few feet away, her legs spread open and her hand jerking over her cunt. "Double dick her girls."

Spencer lifted herself. Ella rose to meet her. Aria thrust up. The two cocks slammed at the Milf holes, ramming deep and hard. Ella shrieked in pleasure, her hands gripping the bedding either side of her daughter. The two teen's slammed again, their bodies smacking Ella from either side. The Milf rocked, her tits bouncing like balloons on a windy day. The two teens pulled back, paused for half a second and then came back, ploughing forward at the speed of light. The Milf's head rocked up, like she was a wolf howling at the moon, "Yesssss," she cried out, "Yessssss."

Aria pounded up, her hands on her Mom's back, like she was trying to pull the Milf towards her. She was counteracted by her friend. Spencer's hand wrapped round the Milf, just under her titties, dragging her towards her. The end result was that Aria was rocked like an out of control see-saw between the teens, her holes sliding up and down the two dildos. She didn't seem to mind, screaming loudly and gripping her hands so tight, that the nails were punching through the thin cotton of the quilt cover and into her palms. "Ooohhh, fuuckkk, yesssss."

"Oh, this is so hot. Ram her holes," Veronica had one hand on her pussy, working the wet hole wildly. Her other hand was stroking first one tit and then the other, her fingers tweaking her nipples and making them as hard as stone. "Ohhhh, just watching you is making me cum. Ohhhh, urrrhhh, stick those dicks in."

Aria grinned at her friend's Mom, watching her fingers moving into her sopping slot. Veronica quivered in excitement. "Aaaarrrrghhh," her own Mom squealed in pleasure and Aria returned her attention to her, looking at the Milfs contorting face, her cheeks blushed red as the blood pumped round her veins like a speedway. Aria thrust up, feeling the bump of Spencer's cock through the walls as her friend came down. Ella screamed again, obviously cumming and doing so loudly, "AAArrrghhh fuuuckkk, yessss!!!" The two teens didn't stop, continuing to slam up.

"Harder, fuck me harder," Ella caught her breath long enough to shriek out some instructions.

"Shall we?" grinned Spencer, the smile on her face suggesting she was enjoying the double-fucking of Ella as much as Aria and Aria was enjoying it a lot.

"Yes," the brunette said and put action into words.

"Yesssss," squealed Ella in elation, as two plastic dicks hammered even more vigorously into her holes. She rocked and rolled as she was slammed, shuddering as she was made the filling in a dyke sandwich.

"Mmnnnn, urrrrrh," Aria grunted and moaned as the haft of the dildo brushed at her own pussy. Her cunt was soaked with desire. She always loved fucking her Mom, several times a day in fact. But there was something even more twat soaking about sharing her with Spencer and seeing her Mom's face twisting in delight with every thrust of the two teens. She looked beautiful, she looked sexy, she looked so damned fuckable that all Aria could do was ram her sweet slot and thrust her strap-on deep into it. "UUuurrhhh, ohhhhh... yes, oooohhh."

"Aaarrrggghhh, yeesssss, fuck me, baby, fuck me," shrieked the Milf, perhaps not been totally clear who baby was; Aria assumed it was her, but her Mom did love her ass being rammed as well and Spencer was slamming down hard. Not that it mattered too much, Aria was banging hard and enjoying it, if her Mom wanted her ass rammed by Spencer at the same time that was the whole point of having a Mom swap segue into a DP. The Milf's eyes were closed and her body was shaking, "Aaarrrrghhh, yesssss, make me cum, fuck my holes baby, make me cum."

The two teens did as they were asked, ramming as fast and strongly as they were able, pounding pussy and ass open with gusto. Sweat slid from their bodies, dripping down from Ella as well, the tiny driplets dribbling down her forehead to fall like smatters of rain onto her daughter's face. Aria gripped her harder and slammed up, her slick body slamming against her Mom's. She could feel the pounding of Spencer above her, her friend giving it all she had, the bed rocking beneath them like it was a raft in rapids.

"Oooohhh, urrrhhh, yessss," Veronica was moaning loudly her fingers slipping into her cunt as fast as she could manage, squirts of juice would shoot out, leaving the bedding between her legs soaked. "Ooohhhh, oooohhhh, that's so hot. Fuck, Ella, you're so lucky..."

"Aaaarrrghh, yessss, make me cum more, oooohhh fuck, yessss, aaaaargggghhh," Ella shrieked in excitement.

"OHhh, urrrhhh, ooohhh," moaned Spencer from above.

"God, god, ooooohhh," Aria speared upwards.

Her Mom shook and shuddered, sweat racing over her body as the two hot teens squeezed her between them. But they were slowing, the effort of hammering the Milf leaving Spencer panting with exhertion. Gradually she began to reduce her pace, Aria keeping at the same speed so they were hammering Ella's hole in unison, meeting in the middle. The Milf shook once more and hung her head down, her eyes closed, breathing heavily as the double fucking moved from intense to relaxed. "Oooohh," she moaned, "That was so good."

"Yes," agreed Spencer. She slipped in and out a few more times, slowing with each thrust, before pulling the cock out of the Milf's ass. "That was hot."

"Very hot," agreed Veronica, her face was flushed and her cunt was soaked.

"MMmnnn, yeah," Aria nodded in agreement, lying back as her Mom raised herself off the dildo and collapsed on the bed beside her, "That was fantastic."

The four women lay recovering, all agreeing it had been a great evening.

* * *

The video camera mounted in the ceiling, in its circular sweep there wasn't one part of the so clean it was colourless white room that wasn't viewable. The camera wasn't moving it was focused on the only thing which broke the pure white symmetry of the room, a bed and on it a unconscious Jessica DiLaurentis.

On the other end of the monitor A smiled. Soon Jessica would wake up again, dozy from her drugged sleep. She would find a tray of food awaiting her and a dildo. It was up to her what she did with both.

A flicked their eyes over to a jar filled with Pigs Blood. Soon the police would realise that the blood wasn't Jessica's and Mrs Hastings would be off the hook; that was a shame. She'd wished she'd been there to see all so perfect Spencer's face as her Mom was arrested, but you couldn't have everything, but you couldn't have everything.

With a flick of the button A changed the camera to another cell. The inhabitant of this one was awake, sitting on her bed reading. As if she realised that A was looking she looked up at the camera. Was that fear on her face? Or resignation? Or was it the realisation that A controlled her, could do whatever she liked and no-one would ever know. A, didn't know, but looking at Alison she did know if you can't have everything you can have a lot...

* * *

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