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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 9 (FFF,anal, double-anal)
by LL

"So what's this plan, Han?" Emily said. She had her arm round her Mom's shoulder, the older woman sitting, her daughter standing, next to the Marin's kitchen table. Their phones sat out on display, handed back by Hanna after they'd all dropped them at her place the last night.

They weren't the only ones there, Ashley was round the back behind them, listening and brewing a fresh pot of coffee at the same time. And Aria and Ella Montgomery were there as well, Ella sitting lightly on her daughter's knee, whilst Veronica and Spencer Hastings had the third and fourth chairs, holding hands on the table.

Hanna glanced across at the inhabitant of the last chair, her friend Caleb, renowned bad-boy of Rosewood High but also tech genius extraordinaire (the two facts were not unconnected). He sipped the coffee and looked at her, it was her plan he'd only helped. Hanna nodded and then explained, "Caleb knows everything. Well, everything that we know."

"And we don't know very much," said Spencer a little caustically, but to be fair her Mom was the only who been detained (even if briefly) on suspicion of murder.

"Well with Caleb's help we're going to know more, enough to take down this bitch A," Hanna said with enough conviction that the others stared at her, unsure whether she'd finally gone mad or whether she really believed they could get rid of their nemesis. Hanna smiled and carried on, "The only way A could have got hold off some of the pictures we'd sent was through our phones and she has to be tracking us through them as well, to see where they are. So, once I thought of that I called in Caleb and got him to do some electricthingmejiggy type stuff."

Caleb said a few words, which was probably a technical description of what Hanna had just said, but none of the Moms and daughters understood it either and so Hanna's word worked just as well. Hanna waited until her friend had finished talking and then said, "I thought if A could hack into our phones, we could do the same back." She paused long enough to be able to give rhetorical flourish to her next words. "We can."

"How?" asked Emily.

Luckily before Caleb could give a technical explanation, Spencer spoke, "Never mind how, what have you got."

"We found the breach and were able to track it, almost all the way to the source," said Hanna

"Almost?" asked Ella, who wasn't an English teacher for nothing.

"They're in the County," said Hanna. She quickly held up her hand to stop the chorus of moans that she'd led them this far for nothing. "We've put in a tracker in Mom's phone. We can link that to some photos and when A downloads them - pow! we can track her to evil lair."

"Any photos?" asked Emily.

"No, they've got to be taken since we put the tracker in and A has to download them and then send to one of our phones for us to be able to trace her phone. If she just looks at them or even downloads them and doesn't send them to one of our phones the tracker won't work."

"It could be ages to she downloads and sends one of our photos," said Spencer, who never seen a plan she hadn't thought of herself that she liked.

"We have to take some pictures that she can't resist downloading and sending," Hanna grinned.

Emily nodded in agreement, "Like?" she asked.

It was Ashley who answered, "Some pictures that we wouldn't want to get out to our daughter or Moms... like selfies taken by someone having a secret affair."

"Mom's volunteered to be one part of the secret affair," grinned Han, "Not that it's so secret and A probably can't guess that I'd happily share her with my friends anyway."

"So you need to have a volunteer to bang Ashley and then take some selfies after," smiled Aria, "I'm in." Hanna nodded to show she was.

"Two of us might be better," said Emily, "We want to really whet A's appetite." Hanna nodded in agreement.

Spencer quickly added, "Three might be even better."

Han shook her head, "A might smell a rat."

"Okay, so when do we do it?" asked Aria.

"I've already booked a motel a few miles out of town," grinned Ashley, "What about I meet you there in a couple of hours?"

"Sounds good to me," Aria said and Em nodded.

* * *

Aria pulled her car into the lot of the motel and checked her phone for the room number. It was in a small annex off the main hotel. She got out of the car and lifted out her small rucksack from the front seat. It contained a few things for the evening, her favourite strap-on, some anal lube and a plug in case Ashley needed any help opening, though judging from her experience from the weekend at Ezra's cabin she didn't think her friends Mom would need any help with that. Walking round the corner she saw Em's four by four parked directly outside the room, her more organised friend having no doubt checked her phone before she parked.

Aria knocked on the door and then swiftly pulled down her top to quickly expose her tits in front of the eyehole, "Who's there?" Ashley called, she'd been paranoid about callers ever since A had chloroformed her a few weeks back.

"Room service," purred Aria and wiggled her titties, guessing that someone would be looking through the hole and would be both admiring and identifying them.

Whether that was true or not the door opened by a smiling Emily, who looked at her friends tits, "Come in, I hope you weren't driving like that, you'd give the truckers coronaries."

"These?" Aria bounced them.

"Those," laughed Emily.

She stepped back, walking past the bathroom and wardrobe into the main room, where Ashley was waiting. She stared lustfully at the tits and then swapped her gaze to Em in her tight denim hotpants and tight vest, "I like this plan."

"So do I," agreed Aria.

"Me too," Em grinned. She pulled out her phone, "Remember we need to take lots of photos."

"For A to download," agreed Aria.

"And for mementos as well," smiled Ashley, "Hanna wants some for our photo album as well, especially of me well fucked, that always turns her on."

"Let's take a selfie of the three of us sitting on the edge of the bed," said Em. "You get in the middle Ashley."

"I can remember when you called me Mrs Marin," the older woman smiled as she took the place indicated by the teen.

"That was before I was about to DP you," laughed Emily, who actually hadn't called Ashley by her surname for several years. She glanced back at Aria, the brunette's tits still over the top of her top. "I think Aria's got the right idea, we should all whack out our titties for the shot."

Ashley nodded, pulling down the straps of her dress and then the dress itself so her boobs slipped out. Aria slipped a hand round her and took the furthest one in her hand, her finger and thumb finding the nipple and played with it as Em pulled down her vest so that her tits were lying sexily over the top. She sat down on the other side of Ashley and reached for the Milf's other tit, fondling it with one hand as she held up her phone with other, "Smile hot," she said and clicked.

"Mmmmnn," said Ashley, "Why don't you take another one except you could be sucking my tits."

"I'm up for that," Aria nodded enthusiastically. Even before she had Emily's agreement she had her mouth down on the waiting tit and was licking and tonguing it quickly, her teeth gently closing on the teat to stretch it. Soon she could feel the brush of Em's hair as her friend lowered down to suckle the other teat, the two teens sucking and slurping with practiced enthusiasm as Ashley moaned in enthusiasm. The Milf took the phone from Em and held it up to take the shot of herself in the middle of two teens, and then another for luck. But even when the picture was taken the two teen's continued to lap up the older woman's tits, both of them sliding their hands down and in conjunction pulling her dress all the way up to thighs. Ashley lifted herself to remove her panties, dragging them down her thighs and then wiggling her legs so they dropped to her ankles.

"Hot and wet," moaned Aria in appreciation as her hand stole under the dress to the Mom's cunt. Em's finger was there as well, the two of them hooking into the hole and prying it apart, whilst rubbing upwards with their thumbs.

Ashley moaned in pleasure, "Oooohh, that's good, you are both so turning me on."

"Let me take this off," Emily broke from their little tableau to remove her vest, her braless tits swinging happily once released. She seemed about to undo her shorts and then reconsidered, instead picking up her camera-phone to take a shot of Aria feasting on their friend's Mom's tits and then a close up of the brunette's finger sliding into the hot Milf hole. Aria drove in quicker and deeper, making Ashley gasp and Em take a couple more shots before the teen handed the phone to Ashley (who took it without enthusiasm).

Dropping to her knees Emily, pushed Ashley's legs apart and dropped down between the thighs. Aria could feel her friend's tongue entering the pussy, licking over her finger as the brunette pushed it down. She worked her digit faster and harder, shoving it deeper and opening the cunt for her friend's tongue. Em followed her lead, her mouth glued to the sexy twat and her tongue thrusting in and out, washing the tunnel walls with her spit. Ashley gasped and shuddered some more, the tit not in Aria's mouth, jerking and jiggling like a jelly on a plate. "Ooooohhhh," she moaned.

Aria stood up and quickly removed her shoes, top and pants. As she hadn't bothered with anything underneath this left her naked apart from her wristwatch. She took the phone from Ashley's hand and took a couple of hot shots of the Milf being guzzled by her friend and evidently enjoying it. Still holding the phone she got on the bed, standing astride of Ashley.

Even if Aria hadn't placed her hand on the back of the Mom's head, Ashley knew what to do. Her face bobbed forward and she began to kiss and lick Aria's slot, her tongue sliding up from the bottom all the way to the clit, to tease at the bud before flowing back down. Aria ground her pussy in Ashley's face, making the champion pussy licker go even faster and harder, her tongue driving apart the lips and slurping up the wet cum forming in the teen's fuckhole. Aria lifted the phone above her head and pointed it down. It wasn't a great photo artistically and not one Aria would think was one of her best pictures - but it still got the three of them in it and even a Monk would realise it was a shot of energetic cunt lapping.

Wiggling her hips Aria smeared more cum juice over Ashley's face, "Look up," she giggled and took another photo, this time of the grinning Mom licking girl juice from her lips. Pushing the head back down she groaned as Ashley quickly resumed her artful tonguing, the older woman teasing her with little nips of her teeth on the labia, stretching them out and then diving her tongue in, sliding it up and around the slick pink hole. "MMmnnn, ooooohhh," Aria shuddered in pleasure. Ashley might not have been a good a pussy muncher as her Mom, but she was certainly close - Hanna was lucky...

"Swap places Aria?" Emily brought her head up from the older woman's cunt, her lip gloss even shinier when coated with Mom cum.

The brunette nodded and handed her the phone to Emily as she got down from the bed. She quickly got between Ashley's thighs and started licking, her tongue flickering into a slot already wet with her friend's saliva. Ashley groaned and gasped, rocking back and forth as Emily paused to remove her shorts. The bed rocked as she climbed on, Ashley continuing to groan until they were stifled by Em's pussy. Aria could feel the older woman shuddering as her neck craned and face drove into Emily's pussy, slurping at the teen's wet slot. Aria slid a finger down to her own pussy to stimulate it as she tongue fucked Ashley with wild abandon. Ashley tasted so good, the sweet flavour of hot sex oozing from her cunt.

Above them Em was moaning and gasping, her hips rocking as she ground herself into Ashley's face, "Oooohhh, yessss, oooohhh, eat me, mmmmnnn yes, do that with your tongue."

Aria added a finger to the Mom cunt, driving it in and clearing the way for her tongue, as she continued to finger her own pussy, until the pussy nectar was coating both fingers. She ignored her own, but lapped away at Ashley's, eating up the yummy juice like honey. She carried on diving in for a few more moments, before withdrawing her cum stained mouth and standing up. She walked over to her bag and pulled out a dildo. She picked up her phone and knelt down in front of Ashley. Snapping away as she did so Aria threaded the toy between the older woman's twat lips, working it back and forth.

"Mmmnnn, oooohhh," Ashley's groans were muffled by the fact she was still between Emily legs, but her excited jerks left no doubt that she enjoyed the toy. Her cunt thrust forward to take it, driving all the way to Aria's hand and then stopping, before a graceful withdrawal that left the toy slick with pussy juice.

Emily hopped off the bed, grinning widely. She walked over to her bag and out of Aria's eye line. The brunette teen continued to stuff Ashley with the toy, now lifting the camera-phone to take shots of the Milf's face and her jiggling tits, bouncing as she rolled and rocked on the bed, her dress still wrapped round her midriff. "Ohhhh yessss," she moaned, "Oooohhh yesssss." Cum dripped from the toy and down onto Aria's hand. The teen smiled and hammered harder, making Ashley shudder and cry out even louder, "Ooooohhh, yessss, ohhhhh...."

"Do you want something better it that hole?" Em purred and Aria turned to see her friend had equipped herself with a ten inch purple strap on, which she was wiggling in Ashley's direction. The teen brunette knew she was outgunned and pulled her toy out, as Ashley stared greedily at Emily's cock. However, she was polite enough to at least glance at Aria for agreement before nodding greedily.

"Let me help you with that dress," said Aria. Ashley stood and Aria pulled the dress down so that the older woman was clad only in a suspender belt. The brunette stood back and took a couple more pictures, first of Ashley climbing onto the bed and then Emily climbing on top of Ashley. The swimmer slid her toy into the older woman's spread cunt and began to do her exercises, pressing up and down, going faster and harder as she worked into a rhythm. Aria held out the phone and snapped away, trying to manage both artistic and arousing at the same time as A-attracting.

Ashley squealed in pleasure, her back bending and her hands clenched as the teenager hammered her hole. Their tits bounced and bashed together, two sets of rolling round balls skittering across each other. Emily slammed quickly and hard, her butt rising and falling like tides of surf coming in. Her hands were pressed on the bed next to the older woman as she levered herself in and out, her legs straight down as Ashley's drew up in a triangle and rubbed at the teen's thighs. Emily hit down again and Ashley squeaked some more, "Aaaahhh, yessss, yesssss."

It was too much fun not too join in. Still holding the camera Aria climbed on the bed, "Lick my cunt, Ashley," she said.

Emily changed positions so that instead of lying on top of the older woman, she was kneeling in front of her and hoisting her rump onto the teen's thighs as she fucked her. It left Ashley's face free for Aria and the brunette took advantage of that. She planted herself down, rubbing her pussy over the Milf's mouth. Within seconds she could feel Ashley' s tongue probing upwards as the older woman's hands gripped at the teen's thighs, her nails digging in like Aria was a ledge she was clinging to. Aria gasped and groaned, rocking herself and pushing he twat down. The Milf's tongue went faster and harder against her slit and in down the pink tunnel, slurping the juice away like it was syrup.

"Oooohh, yeah," Emily grinned at Aria opposite her as she continued to pound away, her lithe, swimmer's body gleamed under the lights and her large tits bumped and jumped with every hammering thrust. Aria raised the camera and took a shot. Em raised her thumb and Aria took another one of her friend giving the sign of triumph whilst banging Ashley's sweet fuckhole. Emily beamed wider and sped up, slamming the toy into Ashley at a speed not far short of light.

"Uurhhh, aaaahhh," Aria appreciated her friend's thrust as Ashley transferred her pleasure on, her tongue diving deeper into Aria and swiveling round the hole to find every tiny nerve ending it could stimulate. The brunette rocked and rubbed, her wet cunt smothering Ashley's face, dripping cum down and soaking the older woman's lips and chin, so that little lines of wetness ran from then down over her jaw and cheeks. Aria lowered the camera to take another shot, a selfie of her cunt as well as the bottom of Ashley's face, though so much was covered the Milf would be unrecognisable.

As Ashley slurped harder Aria could feel her pleasure riding. She rocked back on the older woman's face, her tits jigging for Em and shuddered. Ashley's tongue dug deeper into the teenage twat, filling the hole with her luscious licking. "Aaarrrhhh," Aria squealed, her spine stretching as every muscle and nerve in her body tingled with unequalled ecstasy. "Aaaarrrghhh," she squeaked again and her cum gushed from her cunt all over her friend's Mom, the juice spurting all over Ashley and splashing down her chin and neck.

"Fuck," groaned Aria with feeling as she slid off, her pussy still quivering with pleasures past.

"Yeah," giggled Emily, still continuing to pound whilst looking lustily as Ashley's cum drowned face, "I know what you mean. You want to swap and bang some pussy?"

Aria took another photo and nodded, "Let me get on my toy."

"No rush," smiled Emily who was happily slamming away.

Aria reached into her bag and pulled out the strap-on she'd brought, ten inches of ribbed rubber - guaranteed for pleasure. She pulled it up her thighs and tightened the buckles to hold it in place, its end gently massaging her clit. "I'm ready," she said.

Emily slammed in once more and then pulled back, her toy dripping pussy juice. She took the phone from Aria, "Have fun..."

"Mmmnnn come fuck me, Aria, hammer me hard," giggled Ashley spreading her legs invitingly. The cum glistened on her pussy lips, overflowed from the hole. Aria got on the bed and onto her knees. She reached out and pulled the older woman towards her, guiding the soaking hole onto her fake dong. Ashley gave a whinny as the toy entered her, pushing forward so she could fully impale herself on the thick dick. "Ooohhh, yes, I love big thick strap-ons in my cunt," moaned Ashley, though Aria knew the older woman enjoyed them in other holes as well. The teen held Ashley's thighs hard as the Milf wrapped her legs round her. Slowly she began to thrust in and out, Ashley move against her in unison so that the toy vanished into the hole deeply and speedily. The Milf gasped and bucked, her tits wobbling like jellies on a plate. "Mmmnnn, yessss, fuck me deep, bang me good. OOooooh, that's it, give me your cock, oooooohhhh."

Aria smiled and slipped the dildo in and out, getting faster and faster as she built up the rhythm. the toys end rubbed pleasurably at her clit, pushing at the bud harder the more Aria fucked the Milf in front of her. Aria slammed quicker, enjoying the vibrations rushing up the dick as Ashley quivered and shook in front of her. "Mmmnnn, ooohhh, yesss, you're so hot and sexy," she moaned.

Emily was standing with the phone by the edge of the bed, snapping away. If her pictures weren't as likely to be as artistic as Aria's they still would be hot shots that Ella, Hanna and Pam could drool over when their lovers returned. Aria smiled at the camera, giving the thumbs up to show how much she was enjoying it. Emily laughed, "Ashley, grip your titties together and squeeze them, let's get a porn shot in."

"What were they before?" the Milf giggled, but did as she was told, her expression seductive for the camera and her body arched and bent, her ass off the bed.

"Nice," giggled Em and got on the bed, kneeling at the opposite Aria so she could take some full frontal shots of her friend pounding the pussy. Aria smiled prettily at the camera and used her hands to press Ashley's thighs even further apart so that there was nothing stopping the camera's view of the big dildo slamming down the wet hole.

Emily took a few more shots, shuffling closer so that her still equipped dildo was hovering over Ashley's face. The Milf tried to take a couple of experimental licks, but couldn't get it quite in her mouth. Emily looked down and smiled, "Want this?" she said twisting her hips to make the toy wiggle over the Milf.

"Mmmnnn, yessss," Ashley nodded. Emily moved forward, taking toy in her spare hand and guiding it towards the Milf's mouth as Ashley pushed her head back and raised her mouth to take it.

The second toy slid between Ashley's red lips, sliding into the older woman's mouth. Emily's thrusts were gentle and shallow, planting the toy in the mouth rather than driving it at the throat. Ashley rocked, her back bending with pleasure, a hand reaching down to rub at her clit just above Aria's rubber dong. The two teens grinned at each other, Emily taking a photo of Aria before passing her the camera. Aria raised it and shot one of Em, nicely framed with her friend pushing a lock of hair out of her eye and smiling happily. The teen lowered the camera and took one of Ashley as well, her head back on the bed, resting on the top of her skull as she slurped the toy.

"Why don't you get on your hands and knees, Ashley," Aria suggested, "You could give Em a proper blow whilst I bang you doggy style." She pulled her dick out of Ashley and the older woman, popped Emily's cock out of her mouth, nodding enthusiastically.

She switched positions, wiggling her behind Aria, whilst giving Emily a seductive look that inviting the teens to slip a dildo into her. Both girls took up the invitation, slipping their dicks in. Aria gripped Ashley's waist and pushed in, the new position giving her more penetrative power and incentivising her to go faster and deeper. Ashley would have been groaning and moaning in sexual bliss if Emily hadn't already filled her mouth, the darker skinned teen holding the back of the Milf's head and encouraging her down.

"Wow this is hot," grinned Aria

"Doubly so," laughed Emily, "Even if A doesn't take the bait Ashley is a real sex machine, Hanna's so lucky."

"Don't tell me your Mom, isn't," grinned Aria as she continued to pump the Milf pussy, "I've fucked her remember."

"Oh she is, I'm lucky as well," Emily smiled, "Though I'm not the only one, we've all got really hot, sexy Moms. And the best thing is they love being shared so we can all sample them."

"It's so great have besties," said Aria in agreement.

As much as she loved fucking her Mom, banging her friend's Mom and having them hammer her own, had brought a whole new level of kink to their relationship; as well as new tips and tricks and techniques which they could put into action. She was about to put one into practice now, her hand moving up to Ashley's ass and gripping the buttocks. Still fucking the pussy hard she eased the round cheeks apart and exposed the rosebud between. Her thumb slid down and pushed at the sphincter. Ashley knew what was happening and approved, her ass rearing to take the teen as she enthusiastically rammed her pussy at the toy.

"Mmmnnn, this ass is so tight and hot, you'd almost think it was virgin," purred Aria, admittedly exaggeratedly, as she pushed the top of her thumb into the hole.

"That's so bad, we should take a picture," Emily popped the dildo out of Ashley's mouth and rolled across to pick up the phone.

Free from the toy Ashley was able to give full vent to her feelings, "Ooohhhh, yesssss, fuck my hot Mom pussy, give it me good. Ooooohhh yessss, that thumb is my butt feels so sexy, slut me up hard."

Aria continued pushing in the thumb until it was as far in as it could go. She looked up to where Em was kneeling taking photos and stuck up her other thumb. Emily grinned and held out the phone to take a couple more pictures. "Looking good, I don't know what A will think, but these are turning me on."

"Ooooohhh yeessss, fuck me, fuck me," Ashley squeaked, her body bending and arching in pleasure.

"Hang on a moment, Em," Aria said, "Take some more photos of this."

The brunette pulled the toy out of Ashley's twat, the dildo was sopping wet with Mom juice. Quickly Aria grabbed it with her spare hand and brought it up, guiding it towards the full rosebud. Out popped her thumb and in went the toy, sliding the first couple of inches with ease. Ashley gasped and bucked again, "That's right Aria, bang my backdoor."

"That's so sexy," grinned Em. She moved round the bed to snap the dildo going in from a new angle. Aria meanwhile was gripping Ashley's waist and levering the rubber dick the rest of the way in, making the Milf squeak and gasp. As both Ashley and Aria were experienced anal lesbians it didn't take long until she was the dildo equivalent of balls deep in the older woman's ass and Aria could hammer away to her hearts content. She smiled at Em as her friend snapped away. Some were close-ups of the toy vanishing into Ashley's butt, others concentrating on Aria with her boobs bouncing and her face creased in a smile and yet more were wide shots which took them both together, to show them happily working in unison.

"You're both so hot, you should be models," Em said as she took another photo.

"Enough pictures you need to join back in," grinned Aria, "Get that dick nice and lubricated and you can replace me in Ashley's ass."

"Mmmmnn, ooooohhh, urrrrhhh, fucccckkk," Ashley moaned in what was probably agreement. As Em approached round the front she opened her mouth, letting out more guttural moans until the swimmer blocked it up, pushing the dildo between her lips and up against her inner cheek.

"I love fucking in company," giggled Aria, "Three's not a crowd if you've got a sexy Mom with you."

"So right," said Emily as she shoved her dildo in and out of the Milf's mouth, passionately fucking her.

Aria continued to hammer the asshole, it was so bangable, tight, but not too tight and Ashley was working with her so that with every thrust the older woman was against her, pressuring the toy so that it rubbed at Aria's clit. The brunette shuddered in pleasure, a drip of girl juice threading from her pussy and over the leather strap which snagged round her lips. She squeezed her fingers into Ashley and slammed deep and hard, giving the older woman the full length. The Milf bounced against her, partly under her own steam and partly propelled by Emily's forward fucks into her mouth.

"Mmmnnn, this is great," Aria groaned as she jammed the dildo deep into the wanton asshole. "Such a bangable butt."

"Her mouth is hot as well, Ashley can suck," grinned Em as she worked back and forth.

The sandwiched Milf bounced and rocked happily between them, slurping one dick and sucking in another, both cocks vanishing down two very different holes. Aria and Emily swapped the phone between themselves, snapping away at each other - thumbs up, smiling, pulling wacky faces - until Aria was sure her friend's dick was ready for the ass. She slid out, "Ready to swap holes?"

"I am," grinned Em and pulled the dick from the Milf''s mouth, "You okay if we swap."

"As long as you both pound me hard, I don't mind which of you goes in which hole," the older woman smiled eagerly.

Aria moved round the first, "MMmnnn suck my dick," she purred. Ashley hadn't even waited and even as the teen spoke her mouth was sliding down the dick that had just been in her butthole. The teen fed it in gradually, her hands on the older woman's shoulders.

Opposite Em took a photo of the open ass, before starting to fill it with her rubber dick. Ashley trembled in excitement her hands round Aria's thighs, using her for leverage as she rolled back into the plastic penis. The dildo pushed in, Emily holding the Milf's waist tight, her fingers digging into the skin as she anally penetrated her friend's Mom. To Aria it was a hot sight, made even hotter by the slurpings coming from below as the older woman greedily sucked her dick, as if it was a Popsicle. The two teen's went from both end, Em slamming hard and filling the Milf, Aria softer and more gentle, but still pushing the dick into Ashley's mouth.

The older woman quivered and shook, grunts coming from her mouth, competing with the dildo for space. Aria knew how she felt, her own pussy was buzzing with excitement, dripping juice like it was leaking. She worked her hips, feeling the toy press and rub at her clit, stroking and pushing, stimulating the small lump of flesh. She took hold of Ashley's head from the back and pressed the dick in harder, groaning as the haft pushed back and pleasured her.

"Uuuuuhhh," Em was the same, moaning in excitement as she worked in and out of the asshole, slamming it with no regard for its health. She took another picture, of the toy sinking down into the butt and then another of Aria, smiling as she wiggled and jerked her toy into Ashley's mouth. Then she groaned again and dropped the camera onto the bed, to grip Ashley and again redouble her fuckings.

Slipping the cock out of the older woman's mouth Aria rolled across for the camera.

"Aaarrrrghh, yessss, yessss," squeaked Ashley, her face contorting and sweat dribbling down her features. Aria snapped a picture. Then she moved and took a couple from the side so that you really see Em riding the Milf, the dildo deep into the older woman's butt. Ashley squeaked again, "Aaaaaarrrrghhh fuccckkkk."

Her arms gave out and she fell face down, her body shuddering. Em continued to slam in, filling her with plastic dick. Aria was as hot as anything and ready to return to the butt. "Read to swap?" she asked Emily.

Her friend nodded and pulled out the dick with a pop. Aria raised the phone to take a shot of Ashley's hole, it was absolutely gaping. She was about to enter it again, when Ashley raised her head, "I want to try something else."

It was disappointing, Aria had been looking forward to round two, but sometimes that was the way the cookie crumbled. She forced a smile, "Ok, what?"

The Milf smiled wickedly, "I want you both to fuck my ass."

"At the same time?" Aria gasped, whilst looking at an equally stunned Emily.

"Oh yes, two dicks together. If you want to..." her smile was wanton.

"We want," said Emily, speaking for both of them accurately.

"Why don't you lie on me and we can slide in that way?" Aria said, "then Em can come in from the top."

The three of them quickly moved into the new position, Aria lying down and Ashley lying on top of her so that her back was resting on the teen's tits. Em took her friend's dildo and guided it into Ashley's well used butthole as Aria wrapped her arms round the Milf to hold her in situ.

"Come on in, double fuck me," Ashley purred invitingly.

"My God, this is so sexy, I've never shared an ass before," said Emily. She moved forward, holding her dildo and slowly introducing it to Ashley's, already filled, behind. The Milf shuddered as the tip of the toy pressed at her, spreading her asshole and forcing a gap between Aria's dildo and the anal wall. Aria gripped Ashley harder to make sure she didn't accidentally roll away or slip of her toy.

"OOooohhh," Ashley let out a deep moan of satisfaction as the second toy began to penetrate inside her. Emily continued to push, her hands on the inside of Ashley's thighs, pushing them back. Aria reached up and grabbed the ankles, further forcing them down. The legs worked like a lever, even as her back and head lowered onto Aria, squeezing the teen, her ass was rising to take more of the second cock alongside the first. She shuddered, her pussy dripping juice, "Ooohhhh."

Emily was slowly pressing back and forth, gradually drilling her dildo deeper and deeper, making a space for it to slip into. With each thrust of her friend vibrations shook down Aria's plastic prick, making her clit quiver with excitement. Ashley rubbed at her, the Milf's back acting like a masseur against Aria's front. She groaned and pulled the older Mom's ankles down more, further opening the ass to her friend. Emily took advantage and pushed in, forcing the dildo another half-inch into the stretched hole.

Ashley moaned again, "Ooohhh, yessss, fuck my ass, my ass needs two cocks."

Emily was moving quicker now, Ashley's ass stretched enough for two. The teen leaned down on the legs, gripping them like oars as she rowed into the asshole. Ashley squeaked and quivered, her body rocking over Aria. The brunette began to herself move, delicate strokes rather than thrashing slams, wiggling the dick into the ass, not hammering it. Ashley seemed to be appreciate as she screamed even louder and her body quivered like she was being bitten repeatedly by a rattlesnake. "AAAarrrghhh yesssss, aaaargghhh."

"Uurhhh," Emily grunted and pounded her dick in and out. Her thrusts might have been making Ashley cum, but they were also making Aria's pleasure rise, her own toy vibrating against her clit, sending explosive waves of ecstasy to her brain. She pushed up, joining her friend in the double fucking as her hand reached again for the phone. She raised it over them and snapped away, not sure what she was taking in the pictures but sure it would be hot.

"Aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaarghhhh," Ashley screamed and squirted an explosion of cum from her pussy.

Em ignored it and hammered in harder, smashing the hole with vigor, "Uuurhh, uuuurrhhh," she grunted.

Aria grabbed Ashley's ankles and pulled even harder, making the Milf double over like a bendy slice of rubber. The Milf shrieked again, "AAAAAarrrghhh, I'm cumming, aaaaaarrgghhh, yessssssss!" She writhed and rocked, evidently enjoying the sensation of two pricks at once in her most taboo hole. Aria pushed up, shoving the toy in, even if she was not going at the pace of Em, the swimmer hammering as hard as she could into an ass which was as stretched as it could go. The double pumped Mom's hands pushed down at the bed, her palms flat on the messed up quilt and squealed again, "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaarrrggghhh."

A squirt of cum shot from her pussy.

"Uuurhhh, uurrhh," Em was beginning to slow down, like she'd just run a race and pipped past the line.

"Oooohhh," Ashley gave another shudder and relaxed her body against Aria. The teen slowed herself even further, so she was hardly moving, there was only so much dick an asshole could take and she didn't want to ruin Ashley's for Hanna. "Oooohh," the Milf moaned again in satisfied pleasure.

There was a pop and a hiss as Em pulled out and another one as Aria did. "Oh," Ashley gave another satisfied moan as she rolled off the brunette and onto her front.

"Wow," said Em, "Look at that ass, it's so open."

Aria picked up the phone, "Ashley roll over on the side so your back's facing me, Em rest your chin on her thigh."

The other two did as she asked, Em also sliding a finger down to hook into the hole to pull it a little wider. Aria snapped a shot.

"Your turn," said Em, "You'll want a souvenir as well."

Aria swapped with her friend, smiling at the camera as she ran her hand over the naked butt and down to the pulsating hole, rubbing the inside with her finger.

"The two of you should take a selfie with it, " said Ashley. She rolled onto her back again and pulled her legs back as far as she could take them so that her open hole was exposed. The two teen's lay on their front's parallel to her, so that their smiling faces were just inches away from her cheeks. Em raised the camera and shot a pic of the two teens and the battered asshole in between.

The three of them moved to sit on the edge of the bed, Ashley more gingerly that the younger pair and quickly thumbed through the shots. There were some really hot ones, and if Aria's were more artistically framed than Em's, they both showed lots of rampant fucking between the two teens and the Mom. Aria grinned, "If these don't attract A's attention nothing will."

* * *

Spencer looked at her watch. She didn't know why, she wasn't waiting for a specific time and even if she was looking every five seconds didn't bring it closer faster. She looked up at the table. Caleb was sitting there concentrating on his laptop; he was quite good looking if she'd been into guys. She wasn't so she glanced over at her Mom, standing talking to Ashley, who was still struggling to sit. The teen licked her lips, it seemed like her friends had a good time with the older woman. She'd have loved to have been there - the only consolations being that Hanna had promised they'd share Ashley once her ass was a little less tender and they'd set a trap for A.

There was the sound of phone's beeping "I think we may have something," Caleb said, not taking his eyes off the laptop, but reaching across to run his fingers over Ashley, phone, sitting next to him. Hanna picked up her phone and looked at the message, a picture of Ashley lying on Aria as two dildos filled her ass came into view, the side of Em's shoulder just visible. The others clustered around as for a moment and stared at it lustfully, before turning back to Caleb and the laptop.

A whizz of numbers scrolled down, so fast as to unreadable, before a map of the United States flashed up. For a moment there was a flashing red circle over Pennsylvania before the map zoomed in closer and closer, to the State then the county and then to a large forest a few miles out of time. A red number clicked in the middle. Caleb pointed to it, "That's your A's longitude and latitude." He clicked again and a satellite went out of position (to the sudden horror of the US Defence Department) to fly over the spot and film down. "It look's like an old Cold War bunker, some survivalists made, but that's where A is."

"I'll phone the police," Hanna was already over at the landline and picking up the receiver.

* * *

"So A was Paige," Emily still sounded surprised that it was her ex-girlfriend.

Alison nodded, it was only a day after she and her Mom had been rescued from captivity. Despite her long imprisonment she was already the centre of the gang again, her friends, their Moms and her own Mom all sitting around her like she was the Queen Bee and they were her adoring workers. "Yes, she's always hated me. I tried to improve her, make her less of a looser, like I did with you Han. But she thought it was bullying. It seems that she found this old abandoned survivalist bunker on line and decided to kidnap me."

"But why did she hate us?" Spencer asked. As a favour from the police Alison had been allowed to listen to Paige's interview and knew a lot more about her than the others.

"She didn't hate you all, it was Em and Pam she hated, after Em stopped dating her and started banging her Mom. She was consumed by jealousy and wanted to wreck Em's life. The rest of you were just collateral, if she'd gone over just Pam and Em, it'd be obvious to look at old girlfriends."

"Well I'm just glad she's going to jail," Hanna shivered.

"More likely the nuthouse," Alison said, "She's completely off her rocker, has a Napoleon complex and thinks she's God."

"Whatever, as long as she's away from us," Hanna said and slid her arm into her Mom's.

"And so say all of us," repeated Pam and leant over to give Emily a long, slow kiss.

* * *

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