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Author's note: This story takes place in the first half of Season 5.

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Pretty Little Liars: Mona's A Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Mona Vanderwaal had only just finished her homework. She normally breezed through it no problem, which was doubly impressive given she had more going on around her than the average teen, but lately it was taking a lot longer as she was distracted by my the haunting memory of the humiliation she recently suffered. She couldn't stop thinking about it, and it was affecting her schoolwork, homework and life in general, Mona unable to stop thinking about how her school bully/rival Alison DiLaurentis had robbed her of her anal virginity and turned her into her bitch.

Right now she was supposed to be planning her revenge on the bitch, but every time she tried her mouth grew dry, her pussy tingled and her ass hole developed an unfamiliar itch. The last one was what terrified Mona the most, as she knew what it meant, that her treacherous ass hole was craving the sensation of being stretched and filled, Mona having to dig her nails into her palms to prevent herself from masturbating to the thought of being butt fucked by her school bully. It was bad enough she could still taste Alison's pussy and ass hole every time she ate or drank something, but at least some tops like to orally pleasure their bottoms. But constantly thinking about taking it in the ass, and getting wet from those thoughts, was definitely bottom territory.

It didn't help that while doing her homework her eyes had wandered to her toy draw where she kept her strap-ons, butt-plugs, etc. Where she'd put the butt-plug Ali had shoved up her ass, freshly cleaned and tidied away with her other toys. She had wanted to throw it away of course, but something she couldn't explain compelled her to keep it, even though she was free of Alison, at least momentarily, and now she was craving to feel it inside her again. It, or maybe one of her handheld dildos, Mona constantly wondering what it would be like to anally masturbate like a slutty little bottom while imagining it was Ali pounding her ass hard and taking no prisoners.

Of course Mona should have known better than to tempt fate like that, her heart racing as she first heard the buzzing which indicated she'd gotten a new text message quickly followed by an all-too-familiar ring. Whimpering softly she took a look at the name, and sure enough it read 'Girl Who Owns Your Ass' complete with a picture of her ass hole stretching for a strap-on, Mona's back hole trembling with pleasure as she briefly remembered receiving that particular butt fucking. Then she briefly considered ignoring the call, only to recall the amount of dirt Alison had on her, and reluctantly answered the phone.

Closing her eyes Mona whispered into the phone, "Hello?"

"Hello loser." Alison greeted cheerily, "How's your sweet little ass hole."

"Ali." Mona said warningly.

Ignoring her Alison asked, "Is it still wrapped around the butt-plug I gave you?"

Knowing what Alison meant Mona blushed and then softly murmured, "Yes."

Alison's face fell and she sighed, dropping back onto her bed, "You used to be a better liar."

Mona gritted her teeth and pointed out, "You said you'd leave me alone."

"No, I said I wouldn't touch that sweet little ass of yours until Friday. And I'm not going too... you're going to do it for me." Alison grinned, "Now take a pic of that fuck-able little butt of yours and send it to me. Then call me back."

With that Alison hung up, leaving Mona to fumed with rage for a few long seconds, then her shoulders slumped in defeat and she got up on her knees, awkwardly reached back with her phone and snapped a shot of her pyjama clad ass before sending it to Ali. A few seconds later she got a text simply saying 'not good enough, you know what I want' which made Mona grit her teeth, get in that awkward position again and pulled her pyjama bottoms down to her knees. She pulled them back up again as soon as she taken the photo, but that didn't make her feel much better about it as she sent the photo to Ali and waited for a reply.

She got it quickly in the form of a call, Alison greeting her with, "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, now that's what I'm talking about. Grade A bitch ass just waiting to be fucked. Mmmmmmm, tell me Mona, have you played with your ass yet today?"

"No!" Mona snapped, "I'm not a bottom, therefore I don't play with my butt."

"Then it's a good job I'm here to give you the push you need to explore your true nature." Alison sweetly replied, "Now be a good girl and slip a finger into your tight little butt hole and I'll tell you a bedtime story."

Grumbling softly Mona rolled over onto her front and swapped the phone to her left hand so she could reach back and slip her right hand down her pyjama bottoms fairly easily. Her heart beat faster when her hand slid over her ass, Mona reaching down further to her embarrassingly wet pussy for lubricant before she pressed her index finger against the forbidden hole. It took several seconds to push that finger in, and when she did she was surprised at the amount of resistance she found, her hole having tightened up more than she thought it would after Alison's days worth of anal abuse.

Hearing Mona's cry at the penetration Alison grinned, "Is it in yet?"

"Yes." Mona moaned.

"Good, now push it all the way in, and don't forget to slide it in and out of your hot little ass the whole time I'm talking." Alison ordered, waiting a few seconds for Mona to push her finger or the way in and start pumping it in and out of her ass hole, then casually began, "As you've probably worked out from over hearing me and my friends the other day I'm trying to train them to be butt busting tops, like me. You know, to help them to stop being victims and start taking charge of their lives, and know the joy of pounding tight little ass holes, like yours."

"Never going to happen." Mona snapped angrily, before softening her tone, "I mean, they're all such bottoms."

"Even Aria?" Alison grinned.

"Oh please, the only reason Aria butt banged her Mom was because her Mom suggested it." Mona pointed out, "I bet she's the one who seduced Aria too"

"Actually Aria said it just kind of happened." Alison explained, "She told me that neither one of them planned it, her Mom was just feeling depressed over her divorce being finalised and got so drunk that sharing a bottle of wine with her teenaged daughter seemed like a good idea. From there one thing led to another. Kind of beautiful when you think about it."

"But it doesn't prove she's top material." Mona argued.

"No?" Ali questioned, before grinning wickedly, "Check the file I sent you, and call me back in five."

With that Alison hung up, leaving Mona to frown and cautiously check her messages. Within it contained a rather large video file and some pictures. Genuinely curious she watched the video first, her eyes going wider she saw her teacher Mrs Montgomery bent over her desk with her daughter Aria behind her. The teen was making a pumping motion, making it very clear what was going on before the camera panned round from the blissful looks on the faces of the two brunettes to where Aria's thighs were smacking into her Mom's butt cheeks, a wide shot revealing the teacher's pants and panties were down around her ankles, as was her daughter's skirt and underwear.

"Spread the cheeks Aria." Alison ordered from behind the camera phone, "Show me that slutty hole."

Quickly Aria's left hand moved from the older brunette's hip to her cheek and pulled it to the side, exposing the fact that Aria was wearing a strap-on which she was pumping in and out of her mother's ass hole. The camera then zoomed in on that dildo sliding in and out, in and out, in and out, Mona wishing it was her hole stretching for that strap-on. That was when she realised she was still sodomising herself with her own finger, and not just gently but really hammering her back hole, obviously excited by what she was seeing but for totally the wrong reasons, Mona blushing with the shame as she found herself imagining getting ass fucked by Aria Montgomery of all people.

Just as she was considering removing the finger, after all Alison had only ordered her to finger her butt while they were talking, the camera zoomed out and then moved upwards to Aria's face. When the video started one of the first things Mona had seen was the happy look on Aria's face, although at the same time she had been completely concentrating on the task at hand. Now she was grinning at the camera, and technically at Alison, not at all embarrassed to be filmed butt fucking her own mother. Which was most likely down to stupidity/being lost in the moment, but that confidence was undoubtedly sexy, Mona looking at the normally timid Aria in a whole new way.

"Having fun?" Alison asked from behind the camera.

"Oh God yes." Aria said, quickly adding, "Mmmmmmm, I love butt fucking my Mom. Oh Ali, you were so right. It feels so good just to bend her over her own desk and fuck her in the ass, mmmmmmmmm, it makes me feel so dominant and powerful."

"And how about you, Mrs Montgomery?" Alison asked, the camera blurring for a moment as the blonde quickly moved round so she could point her phone directly to her teacher's face, "How does it feel to have your daughter's dick in your ass?"

Mrs Montgomery blushed and lowered her head, and then cried out loudly as the spank to her ass echoed throughout the room and Aria demanded in a tone which made Mona's pussy and ass hole quiver with delight, "Answer her Mom!"

Clearly trying to avoid her daughter, presumably, smacking her ass again Mrs Montgomery whimpered, "I love it! I love my daughter's dick in my ass."

There was a brief pause, Alison probably grinning wickedly, then the evil blonde asked, "Do you wish the room wasn't empty? That it was full of your students? That it was the middle of the day and your classroom was filled with your favourite students and fellow teachers, all watching you getting butt banged by your own daughter?"

Obviously realising how she should reply Mrs Montgomery looked up into the camera and practically wept, "Yes, I wish the whole school was in here so they could see what a perverted slut I am."

If possible Mrs Montgomery's cheeks became even redder, partly because of what she just said and partly because of her two students laughing at her, and then... it ended. The video ended and Mona was left blinking in disbelief. The video was only about a minute long, but it felt like it had lasted an hour. She groaned with frustration, and finally slowed down the force of her finger fucking. If she had been hammering her cunt she would have probably cum, and while it felt like she was embarrassingly close she desperately wanted something bigger in her ass hole. However she ignored that submissive feeling and moved on to the pictures.

The first was a very large ass, clearly Mrs Montgomery's from the look of the gaping hole in between those cheeks. The next shot was of Mrs Montgomery on her knees in front of Aria, her daughter's cock halfway in her mouth, they older of the two brunettes presumably going ass to mouth. And the next shot was of Mrs Montgomery bent over her desk again, this time with Alison behind her. Suddenly overcome with jealousy Mona found herself thinking 'how dare she' and then as she really didn't want to analyse why she had thought that/felt that she raced through the rest of the photos depicting Alison ass fucking their teacher and then shoving her dildo into the older woman's mouth for cleaning.

Mona then watched the video again, then whizzed through the photos, and so on until she received a call, "So, have you changed your mind yet?"

"No." Mona said weakly.

"Well, we'll see if that changes when Aria is sliding her strap-on into your butt." Alison gently threatened, before quickly adding, "In the meantime, you didn't call me back like I asked, and while that's kind of understandable I'm not the type of top who lets her bottoms get away with anything."

Mona wanted to argue she wasn't a bottom, and certainly not Alison's, but instead she whimpered, "Please Alison, I'm sorry. I was going to call you back, I swear-"

"But you got distracted, I know, I know." Alison said dismissively, "I don't want to hear your excuses."

"But-" Mona began.

"Mona! Don't forget who holds all the cards here." Alison warned, "Now, I was going to be nice and let you slip the second finger into your butt first, make sure you were nice and stretched out, but now I want you to just go ahead and shove a nice big dildo up your ass. Mmmmmmm, but don't worry Mona, I'm sure after all those times I fucked you it will slid in real easy. The real challenge will be holding up your phone so you can film it for me."

Mona went very pale, "You can't be serious?"

"As a heart attack." Alison said bluntly, "But don't worry Mona, I'm expecting a lot of blurry footage. Just try and get the penetration, and a decent amount of visible butt pumping. If you can avoid showing your face that would be an added bonus, I want to share this with the girls sooner rather than later."

Alison hung up again, leaving Mona blushing and weighing her options. Then after a couple of long seconds Mona finally pulled her finger out of her ass hole, got up and headed for her drawer of sex toys. Telling herself she had no choice and she didn't want to do this Mona selected a medium-sized dildo and then returned to laying on her front on her bed. Then, with a tiny whimper, she pressed record on her phone and then reached back with both hands to do as Alison instructed.

For a few happy moments she thought it was impossible, the angle incredibly awkward and Mona wasn't even sure she could correctly line up the dildo with her butt hole. When she did she was sure there wouldn't be enough pressure on her back hole. And then she whimpered and moaned in pleasure as her most private hole began stretching, Mona blushing furiously as she violated herself with her own toys, while filming it no less. Oh how Mona wished she could say she didn't try to keep the phone steady, but the truth was not only could she not afford to screw up, but she didn't want too.

Desperately trying to avoid analysing that Mona took her mind off it by shoving the dildo straight up her ass. It wasn't exactly easy, but the pain was certainly bearable, and Mona felt familiar tingles of pleasure. Tingles which quickly turned into fireworks as she began pumping the dildo in and out of her butt hole, the pain becoming a distant memory as Mona slowly began to sodomise herself, in her mind Alison's sexy body on top of her, gently thrusting her strap-on in and out of her ass while whispering sweet words into Mona's ear.

Mona's eyes went wide. She couldn't believe she had just thought something like that, especially when she was in such a compromising position. Her eyes narrowing she reminded herself this had to stop, she had to find a way to turn the tables and make Alison DiLaurentis the one dildoing her own ass, or better yet anally ride Mona's biggest strap-on, or Mona could lay face down while Alison pounded her butt from behind, or... oh God, what was wrong with her?

Rather than try and answer or dwell on this any longer Mona focused on the fact that she didn't have to film herself anymore, instantly feeling more comfortable as she moved one hand back and in doing was so able to lift her head out of the bed sheets. She had to so she could end the recording and send it to Ali, Mona not having to wait long before she heard Ali's ring tone. She let it ring for a little while, considering not picking up, but as she could imagine where that would lead she reluctantly pressed the call button and held the phone up to her ear.

"Oh Mona, it's perfect. The way your slutty little ass just swallows that toy, your soft yet high-pitched moaning, and the way you switch between gentle pumping and hammering your whore hole, mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, I'll definitely be watching that over, and over, and over again." Ali cruelly teased, "Oh, and I can't wait to show the girls. The question is, do I play it without the sound? They probably won't recognise your moans, it doesn't exactly sound like you and they'll definitely be distracted by your butt hole stretching for that dildo, but it's still a risk. Then again I'm sure Spencer suspects the truth, but who could guess that you're secretly my bitch, right?"

"Please Alison." Mona whimpered.

"Please stop talking?" Alison offered, before grinning, "Or please give you permission to cum."

There was a long pause and then Mona admitted, "The second one."

"Which is?" Alison pushed.

Mona closed her eyes, taking a calming breath and then said as sweetly as possible, "Please Alison, give me permission to cum."

"Like a bitch with a dick in your ass." Alison said, "Now, you say it altogether, or you won't get to cum."

"Please Alison may I cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass!" Mona quickly replied.

"See, you can be trained." Alison giggled, "And since rewards are important during bitch training you can cum, at the same time I do. Ohhhhhhhh yeah Mona, let's cum together. Me with my finger in my cunt, you with a cock up your ass. And while I do, let me tell you about Ella Montgomery. Oh God Mona, Aria's Mom was such a good little anal slut. She didn't whine, or complain... or pretend to be a top, she just spread her cheeks and beg to be butt fucked like a good little bottom should. Mmmmmmmm, and she took every single inch of my cock up her ass, which you should know by now, but what wasn't in the pictures I sent you was just how much she moaned for me. Begged me to fuck her. Promised to be the perfect bitch for me if I just let her slutty ass cum. Mmmmmmmm, you should have been there Mona... and you will be. Very soon I'm going to have you watch as I butt bang respected teacher Ella Montgomery, and a whole bunch of other ass whores, oooooooooh yeah, making you all hot and jealous and disparate to feel my strap-on up your ass. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuck, then it will be your turn, and you'll be so eager and slutty for me, mmmmmmmmmmm, oh Mona, mmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd, and then when I'm destroying your ass hole, I'm going to ask you if you're a top or a bottom, mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, and do you know what you're going to say?"

"I'm a bottom." Mona whimpered.

She had only said it to push Alison over the edge so she would finally shut up for a second. Mona had to believe that. But while it succeeded it also pushed her over the edge, Mona hammering her back hole while on the other line Alison hammered her front, both girls cumming simultaneously, just like Alison wanted. It sounded like Alison's was pretty powerful too, Mona feeling a flutter of pride at being able to do such a good job of pleasing her top. Luckily she was too far gone to really acknowledge that thought, Mona screaming into her pillow as she ass fucked herself through orgasm after orgasm.

The next thing she was aware of was Alison's voice coming from her phone, "Mona... MONA... are you still there?"

After briefly considering her options Mona hesitantly answered, "Ye, yeah. I'm here."

"Oh." Alison murmured, a long silence falling between them before she added, "That, that was actually really great."

"You sound surprised." Mona found herself giggling.

"No, it's always great with you." Alison admitted, things becoming instantly awkward as the blonde quickly added, "I mean, you're a great piece of ass, with a butt so fuck-able it almost completely makes up for you being such a loser."

"Gee, thanks." Mona rolled her eyes, "Can I go now? I don't want to spend any more time talking to you that I have too."

"And you think I want to waste my time talking with you?" Alison automatically shot back before grinning, "Well, when it's not about your sweet ass at least. Speaking of your sweet ass, as it's been freshly fucked that means you have cleaning to do, so let's hear it. Then you can go."

Sighing with annoyance Mona yanked the dildo out of her butt, wincing and crying out as she did so. That made Ali giggle, causing Mona to frown as she slowly brought the ass flavoured toy up to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Then she tried her best not to moan, settling for just moaning infrequently and softly, Mona hating that she had developed a taste for her own ass during the worst weekend of her life. The last weekend, the one filled with just as much ass to mouth as ass fucking, the flavour of her own butt taking Mona right back to being Alison's anal fuck toy... a position it was beginning to feel like she would never get out of.

"God, I love it when you moan while tasting your ass Mona." Alison grinned, "Mmmmmmmm, I better hang up now before I get too horny to sleep. This was fun though, and we'll definitely have to do it again. Maybe even make this a nightly thing. Not tomorrow though. I'm sleeping over at Aria's and well, let's just say we'll be busy all night long, if you catch my drift. I'll definitely tell you all about it sometime though, give you all the gory details. Anyway... erm, bye."

With that Alison hung up, leaving Mona half naked on her bed and sucking a dildo which had just been up her butt. Mona supposed she could have stopped sucking, but now there was no one around to see or hear her giving in to her submissive side she pushed that dildo into her throat, eventually all the way to give it a thorough clean. When there wasn't a drop of anal cream left she put away the toy, retrieved her pyjama bottoms which had been left discarded, put them back on and curled up to sleep, figuring that she would find a way to turn the tables on Ali, or at least get out of this mess, tomorrow.


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