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Pretty Little Liars: Picking Up The Marins (MmFF,anal)
by LL

Byron Montgomery didn't want to be sexist, but if his children were anything to go by, men were better drivers than women. He could remember taking Aria out to practice driving, all bumps and swerves and nerves (his mainly); Mike on the other hand was smooth and sure, confident and calm, each time they went out it was like his son was born to it. Mike put his foot on the gas as they turned out of the intersection and down the road. "That's good, steady," Byron said in a reassuring tone that his son didn't need.

He glanced out the window briefly; there were puddles on the sidewalk from the last shower and seeing the grey sky, the divorced college professor guessed that it would be raining again before too long. He was glad he was in a car and not out. He glanced back at the speedometer, "Watch your speed," he said casually, Mike lifted his foot from the gas pedal slightly. Byron glanced out again, watching for pedestrians who were looking to become jaywalkers or cars preparing for a fender-bender.

Then he saw them, next to the bus stop. Hanna Marin and her Mom, Ashley, both laden with shopping bags - like they were fresh from the Wal-Mart Store. He had time for a quick look at Hanna as they shot passed, dressed in tight jeans and a matching denim jacket, a white T-shirt underneath, under which he had the briefest glance of a bare stomach. 'Damn, she was hot, he thought, he'd had a bit of a thing for his daughter's friend for a couple of years, now she'd lost her baby fat. And he recalled, Aria had said she'd broken up with her boyfriend as she'd gone over to comfort Hanna a few weeks ago, and last he'd heard the blonde remained single.' Almost without thinking he said to his son, "Turn at the next junction and reverse back."

"Are we going home?" asked Mike.

"No, I've just seen Ashley Marin and her daughter at the bus stop, its only polite we offer them a lift home," said Byron.

* * *

The problem with being a one car family was when it broke down you became a no car family, reflected Ashley Marin. Whilst that wasn't a disaster on nice days when you had plenty in the house, it was a big blow on rainy days when you'd pretty much used all your supplies from the last Saturday's shopping trip. She at least been lucky in that Hanna was in and 'willing' to help (with some coaxing and cajoling) as Emily, Spencer and Aria being away for the weekend visiting colleges; without her daughter she wasn't sure how she'd have carried it. Got a cab, she supposed, though they were hideously expensive.

"Is that rain?" if they hadn't been full with bags Hanna would have held out a hand. As it was she looked up at the grey sky and crunched her face and then said in a tone of someone who'd rather be anywhere but here, "It is..."

"The bus will be here in a moment," said Ashley, wishing she'd damned the expense and ordered the cab. Rain would be bad enough, but rain and a grumpy Hanna would make the apocalypse seem fun.

Just as she was thinking that an angel arrived, or at least a teenage boy and his Dad. A car pulled up, the window sliding down as it stopped and Byron Montgomery started to open the passenger door. "Do you want a lift?" he asked.

Ashley looked at Hanna, but the teen was already nodding at her Mom. Ashley smiled, "Thanks. Only if it's on your way," she added, earning a small grunt from Hanna who obviously wouldn't have minded the Montgomery men diverting miles if it meant she didn't get wet.

"We're just out for some driving practice," said Byron, who had stepped out of the passenger door and walked round to them. He took the bags from Hanna, "Mike, pop the trunk," he said and as it opened he put the bags in their.

Ashley followed him over and put her own bags in, "Thanks, that's very kind of you."

"We were passing and we're neighbours," said Byron, though as they lived near a dozen blocks from the Marins it stretched the definition of neighbours. Ashley didn't quibble though, not if she wanted Hanna to speak to her again. The teen was already smiling and nodding in appreciation as Byron held the door open for her, sliding into the back seat. He turned to Ashley, "Do you want the front seat? It's more spacious."

She paused, it was so nice that Byron and Mike were offering her and Hanna a lift home, it would be too cheeky for her to take the most comfortable seat as well, forcing Byron to crowd in the back with her daughter. He misread her hesitation, "Don't worry, I can backseat drive Mike as well from the back as the front. Anyway he's a good driver."

She glanced at Mike, he looked slightly irritated that his driving might be being called into doubt. And in the back Hanna was looking impatient, as if there was a risk that the Montgomery's might change their mind and tip them out into the rain. She smiled, "That's very kind."

She went over to the passenger door and slipped in, Byron getting beside her daughter. She closed the door and reached for her seat-belt, as she tugged it towards the slot she found herself facing down at Mike's legs. They looked so firm, she thought, and under his jeans she could make out the shape of a wedge between them. He's getting so big... immediately she blushed at the thought, sitting herself up straight. She needed a man, she decided, it had been so long and whilst she was dating Ted, as a Pastor he was a strict no sex before marriage type and anyway he'd disappeared abroad for a few months to do good works, leaving her hot and horny.

"Okay, everyone belted in?" asked Mike and switched the ignition without waiting for an answer. He glanced briefly at the road and then drove smoothly out. He was a good driver, Ashley thought, neither hesitant or cocky. She felt herself relax into the seat, it was comfortable and spacious and there was a very nice odour, musky and manlike. It took her a moment to realise that the scent was from Mike, some aftershave; it was so masculine and alluring she almost blushed again and was unable to stop herself briefly glancing down at his crotch again. The bulge was telling, he was no small boy, she wondered how big the teenager was - eight inches, nine, could he be even ten?

She jerked up, aware what she was thinking and forcing herself to look out the window. In the back seat Hanna was telling Byron about some purse she had her eye on- having a teen daughter must have imbued him against appearing bored as he nodded and showed all the signs of listening with interest. She wished Byron would speak to her, so that she could be distracted from his son, his sexual scent, the manly control way he shifted gears, the muscles rippling under his T-shirt. 'God, she so needed a good fuck.' "How's school?" she asked.

"It's okay," he replied. 'Oh, damn, perhaps he was turning into the strong, silent type' - those had always made Ashley cum in her panties.

"Grades up?" it was such a dumb thing to say, but she couldn't think of anything else.

"They're holding," he replied.

For a minute they continued in silence as Ashley thought of something to say, something which could distract her from the tingling sense of excitement in her pussy. "Got a girlfriend?" she asked, realising even as she said it that talk of Mike Montgomery's sex life wasn't go to cool down the warmth growing in her.

"I was dating Mona Vanderwaal, I'm single now," said Mike.

"Oh," said Ashley as her mind eye developed an image of her daughter's ex-friend underneath a very naked Mike Montgomery, the young stud rising and falling, his firm buttocks up and then down as he slammed his huge dick into the teen. Ashley flushed wishing it was her. She kept quiet for a few more moments, glad that the intersection to her avenue was coming up, "It's left here," she said.

Mike was already indicating; he knew the house and Ashley didn't have to tell him when to pull over and turn into their drive, leaving Ashley both relieved and disappointed that the journey was over. He was much too young for her, she knew that, but he was gorgeous. He switched off the ignition and popped the trunk, she heard the back door open as Hanna and Byron got out, her daughter giggling at something Byron said as they both headed for the trunk, leaving Ashley alone with Mike. "Thanks for the lift," she said.

"That's okay," replied the teen.

She got out of the car, fishing her house keys from her purse. Behind her Hanna was being uncommonly helpful with the shopping, grabbing a couple of bags and leaving Byron to take the others. She smiled as she walked towards Ashley and the front door, "Mom," she said, "Byron was just telling me that as Aria's away he was just going to order a pizza for him and Mike."

"Yes?" Ashley raised her eyebrows quizzically.

"Well, why not have them stay over, as a thank you for the lift. There's plenty of food, we could easily cook for four," Hanna said and before her Mom could reply she was turning towards Byron, "You want to stay for dinner? Pizza's not good for you."

"We're still having something Italian, pasta," Ashley said smiling, aware that now Hanna had announced it she could hardly pull back the invitation. She half-hoped that it would be Byron and Mike's idea of hell and if Byron was too polite to say so, Mike would make it plain that he didn't want to. But at the same time she wanted Mike to say yes, to nod, to sit next to her, so she could smell him and see his sexy muscular frame.

Byron glanced towards Mike, who nodded in acquiescence. Byron turned to Ashley and Hanna, "Sure. Thanks."


As her Mom unpacked the shopping and made ready to prepare dinner Hanna poured their sudden guests some drinks; she'd thought about offering beer to Byron, but it was still early and he'd be the only one drinking. Then coffee, but it would take too long and anyway she always got hyper with caffeine and she wanted to remain cool, calm and collected. She settled on offering them a choice of fruit juices, an orange for Mike and a pineapple for Byron, she'd chosen the same as Byron, just because... and then, thoughtfully poured her Mom an orange a well. Though from the half-scared look on her Mom's face as she packed away she could have done with something stiffer. It had been a long while since they'd had guests over without preparing first and she was obviously worried her dinner-making skills had gone rusty with just her and Hanna to cater for.

Hanna was inwardly quaking as well; she wasn't sure what she was doing, but she was doing something. She'd always had a crush on Byron, since she wasn't so small and chubby. Perhaps it was because her own father had left that she was drawn to her friend's Dad, or it might have been because he was clever and interesting and charming. Whilst outwardly she'd commiserated with Aria when her parents broke up, she couldn't deny that a small part of her had been leaping with joy. But even if she hadn't been too scared to make a move she was dating Caleb and at the time things seemed to be going okay with them - before he went all ultra-weird. So she'd forgotten about Byron, apart from a few dirty imaginings in the still of the night. Until he'd offered them a lift.

Her Mom and Mike might have decided to treat the ride as practice for becoming Trappist Monks, but her and Byron had spent the ride talking and laughing and she was sure they'd connected. At least she hoped they had, that he didn't think she was a silly teen, a friend of Aria to be humoured. Oh God, she suddenly had a thought, what if he was into her Mom and was just using her invite to get closer to her - they were nearer in age, both divorcees, even their interest in movies and books might be similar. "Keep calm" she said to herself and walked into the main room with the drinks.

Mike was on one couch, Byron on the other. She gave Mike his juice first, before turning to pass Byron his. It gave her an excuse to take his couch, sitting nearer to him than she'd normally do, but not so close she couldn't brush it off as innocent if he made a move to back away. He didn't, instead (and it might have been her imagination, she admitted) he seemed to wiggle an inch or two closer. "Thanks for the invite to dinner," he raised the glass to his lips.

"It's okay, it's the least we could do for you and Mike after you saved us from the bus," she smiled.

"It wasn't a problem," he said.

Was he glancing down at her chest? Her shirt was less tight that she wanted and though it finished before her jeans it was still not revealing more than half an inch of skin, if you looked at the right angle. She smiled moving her body just a fraction closer, wondering if he'd notice and what he'd do if he did. "Thanks anyway," she purred tried to make her voice as sultry and sexual as she could, whilst wishing Mike would find an excuse to leave them alone.

Her friend's younger brother didn't, and in fact things got worse, as her Mom entered the room. She glanced round for a moment, looking for a seat, deciding there was no room on the couch that Hanna and Byron were on she walked over to sit with Mike; at least it stopped her from being close to Byron and making a move on him. Ashley sipped her own juice, "Dinner will be in about thirty minutes," she said.

"I was just thanking Hanna for inviting us over," Byron said, not seeming to notice that the teen had moved so close to him she could almost feel him breathing, "it's better than eating a pizza, isn't it Mike."

"Yeah," said Mike monosyllabically.

* * *

The meal was hell to Mike. Not because the food wasn't good, it was - much better than a slightly dry and touching warm pizza he and his Dad would have ordered nor because there was something he'd planned to do, his evening's entertainment would have been to sit watching repeats of old sitcoms in his room. It was due to the company; or rather one person within it - Ashley Marin.

She was too damn gorgeous and he could hardly say a word.

As they driven home it was a miracle he hadn't crashed. Her perfume made him crazy, the scent seemed to hint at a lot and provide little. And her dress was the same - a hint of cleavage and touch of leg - all suggestion and no promise. The body underneath was slender and shaped in the right places. She was old enough to be his mother, but God was Ashley hot, he'd always thought so, but seldom had he been so close, so near to perfection. And all the way back to her place he could hear his Dad and Hanna chattering and laughing like they were BFFs and he couldn't utter more than a couple of words as Ashley made polite Mom talk.

During the meal it had been the same, Hanna and his Dad talking away, him and Ashley barely speaking; and at least in his case, hardly touching his food, he was so overpowered by the sexuality of the Milf next to him. Even thinking about her as he toyed with his pasta made his dick hard, lifting the napkin of his lap so hard it nearly dropped to the floor. The meal finished with coffee and Mike hoped that he could leave, but there was no such luck as his Dad volunteered for washing duties with Hanna immediately jumping into say she'd help him dry before Mike could, leaving him alone with Ashley.

The hot Mom gave him the most sexy smile, even if she didn't know it. "Shall we go and sit on the sofa?"

He nodded, still speechless and followed her into the main room. She gestured at the couch and waited for him to sit, before joining him, sitting so close that her perfume was so overpowering that he had to think about butterflies to stop his cock rising so fast that he bust his zip. "So how are you finding single life?"

He wondered at the question - it felt strange coming from her lips, not like she was his Mom asking him how he felt or a buddy planning to set him up with a date, but at least it wasn't about his grades or lacrosse. "It's okay in some ways; I mean Mona was cute, but she was going loopier, that's why we split. But she was kinda hot..." not as hot as you he almost added, but stopped himself in time.

Perhaps Ashley suspected what he was going to say as she tittered and blushed a little, "I always thought so about her being not totally with it. Even when she was friends with Hanna I always felt that sometimes she was just playing with people."

Mike nodded, "That's Mona."

"But she was hot," Ashley smiled, "If I was a guy..." she paused for a second leaving the sentence hanging before rising an eyebrow quizzically, "Do you mind if I ask? Did you...?"

For a moment he was surprised by how forward she was. Was there something behind the question? Or was she just making conversation and struggling like him to think about what to say and had ended up with a slightly inappropriate and embarrassing question. And how did he answer? Should he just retreat into his comfort zone of muffled replies and long silences and if there was anything behind her query missing it? Or did he take the future in his hands and man up, forget she was a Mom and talk to her like she was a girl in his school he fancied?

"A lot," he grinned, "Say what you like about Mona's game playing, but she loved sex. We were always at it, like bunnies."

Ashley smiled wider, "I was at your age as well. Don't tell Hanna, but I banged anything that moved."

"Really?" he hoped his smile was confident and beguiling, not nervous and off-putting.

"Oh yes," she smiled. A finger moved to his thigh, stroking gently along the leg. Innocent, perhaps, more likely not. Especially as she moved her mouth closer to him so that she could murmur in his ear, "Lots of guys, including older men."

He could feel the warmth of her breath playing over him as she spoke. A second finger had joined the first and was gently playing over his thigh. It was surely a hint, he had to take her up on. He smiled twisting his head a little so that it was him, moving closer to her head. At the same time he brought his own fingers down to stroke at the back of her hand as she stroked. He was prepared to whip them back if she winced; she didn't, her only reaction was a small giggle. He inwardly gulped as his face moved closer to her ear, like he was going to whisper a secret or kiss her lobe. "So," he asked "You'd recommend older lovers?"

Their heads moved position so that she was again the one murmuring in his ear, "If you're a teen. If you're older I'd recommend someone younger, around sixteen or seventeen." That had to be a come-on. Especially as she continued, "Certainly my older lovers enjoyed me, a lot." She placed a lot of emphasis on the final word as her fingers crept up his thigh.

He became aware his cock was rock-hard, thrusting at his pants like it was a gopher wanting to break ground. Ashley's face was so close to his he could smell her scent, her breath warm on his cheek. She was so hot. His Dad and Hanna seemed to be being a long time doing the dishes, leaving him longer with the Milf that he had expected - he was unsure whether this was a good thing or not. What he knew was that her hand was getting higher up his leg, her fingers stroking at the bulge beneath his pants. There was no pretending any longer that she was uninterested and from the feel of his dick, he couldn't deny his own arousal. For a moment he still hesitated, crippled by the fear he was misreading the situation and that the sexy Mom wouldn't be into someone still at High School. He could see her tongue sliding over her lips, wetting them to make them look even more luscious.

Lunging forward he pushed his mouth at hers; she opened it to receive him.

Their lips swivelled round each other, their mouths open maws to be filled by probing, pushing, pressing tongues. Mona could kiss, but she was nothing like Ashley, the Milf's whole body encasing his as she bore her mouth down passionately. He reached up, rubbing and squeezing her back, dragging her down and levering himself up, so that they were almost merged. One of her hands was pressed on the sofa back for balance, the second was undoing his zip and buttons.

"Shit," he groaned softly, carried away with pleasure as her mouth slid from his to lick and kiss his chin and upper throat. Her soft hand was round his dick, easing it out until it popped from underneath his boxers and stood straight up; her fingers tensing round it. He wanted to remind her that his Dad and her daughter were just a room away, but he couldn't find the words, the only sound he could make were guttural grunts and deep moans of pleasure, "Shit, oh shit, yeah."

"You're so big," Ashley purred, her eyes sparkling with lust, her lips wet with passion. "I..." she didn't continue to sentence, but instead rubbed her hand up his prick - it felt good, especially as her mouth was on his throat, kissing the skin, her teeth grazing over him so lightly that he could hardly feel them.

"Shit," he moaned again, carried away in the moment,

"Something like that," Ashley agreed. Her head moved down further.

He gave a sharp intake of breath as he felt her mouth slide on to the top of his prick and work it's way further down; Mona had never done anything like this. He groaned in pleasure as she went further down, her lips rubbing over his stretched flesh, her tongue tickling at the erect dong. He closed his eyes, momentarily lost in the moment, his hands reaching out to find her head and run his fingers through her long auburn hair, whilst encouraging her to continue. "Ooooohhh," he groaned again as she slid a finger round his balls and the lower half of his dick, promising further pleasure as her Milf mouth moved down further.

"Oooohh, shit, ooooohhh," he breathed out heavily, his legs tensing with excitement as her mouth moved down his large dick, using her tongue to guide it into her cheek. She was moving faster and passionately, bouncing her head up and down so that he could feel her hair flicker at his balls and naked lower stomach.

"Ooooohhh," he moaned again. Ashley's mouth went further down, making him start with pleasure. "OOooohhh, shit," he groaned as he opened his eyes.

Just in time to see his Dad and Hanna appear in the doorway.

* * *

It would be the work of a few moments to load the dishwasher, and a little longer to hand wash and dry the remaining dishes which were either to big or too fragile for the machine. Hanna drew it out longer, making sure that as she bent to slide the plates into the rack her cute little tushie rose sexily and in the direction of Byron Montgomery. The reflection of his face was distorted by the washer's shiny metal, but even as it twisted and merged she could see his wide grin showing that her artful poses weren't being wasted. Nor were her sexy stretches as she stood up, arching her back so that her top rode a few inches from her jeans, showing him a touch of flesh and just a glimpse of the top of her panties.

She moved in front of the sink, smiling as he moved behind her. His talk might have been innocent, about how she was doing at school and her plans for the future, but his look certainly wasn't. And if her conversation was equally pure the way she let the tossed her head to look back at him wasn't, and neither was the way she pursed her lips and purred sexually as they spoke of the best colleges for a young woman. A single young woman, she reminded him as she picked up the towel to dry the nearest dish.

"Do you miss Caleb?" Byron asked, moving closer to her.

"In what way?" she flashed the older man a sultry smile and touched her tongue briefly to her lips.

"In any way," Byron was inches from her, "As a conversationalist? Or someone to pick you up or compliment your shopping choices?" He was right behind her, his hands moved to her waist, lightly taking it between them. "Sexually?"

Hanna allowed her butt to wiggle, brushing it against Byron; she could a feel a lump under his jeans. She grinned and swiped some soap from the plastic bowl she was drying, pausing for a moment or too to savour the sexual tension and tease Byron, making him wait for her response. "Sexually?" she purred, "I've got to admit I miss his dick."

"I'm sure there's plenty of other young men who'd be willing to supply that," Byron said softly, his hands moving up her waist to leave her in no doubt that he'd also be willing to volunteer.

"I'm sure they would," giggled Hanna. She put down the bowl and picked up a wooden platter and began to wipe at it. "But I'm not looking for a boy..." she paused leaving the emphasis on boy and hoping he'd pick up the hint.

"No?" he said, his mouth close to her ear, his pelvis brushing at her rear and his hands continuing to gently move up and down her sides, stroking at her top and sensually massaging the skin beneath.

"No," she put down the platter and picked up the last saucepan. "I'm looking for experience now. "

In response he pressed his body lightly forward so that she could sense the cock straining at his pants, the hard bulge of it scraping at the top of her butt. She wasn't going to be disappointed she knew, not at his size. "And big dicks," she added and put the saucepan down; it wasn't fully dry, but what the hell....

Byron turned her round, but even if he hadn't she would have spun and drove her mouth at him. They kissed like teenagers, which of course she was, long and passionate, their hands draping over each other, his sliding over her curvy ass, hers gripping his firmer, thinner one. Their tongues rammed at each other, exploring inside as far as they could, vibrating as they slid. Hanna pressed herself at his body, her breasts pressing at his chest, her waist against his, feeling the hard stir of his dong. Harder and more passionately they kissed, dragging themselves together, until they were like an intertwined stone statue, their mouths merged together, their legs slipping through, their arms around the other's sides with hands gripping and fondling the other's butt.

After a few magical moments Hanna broke, "Mmmmnnn that was fun," she sensually licked her lip to clear it off the saliva which had leaked onto, his and hers. "But if we stay here too long Mom will wonder what's happening."

Byron nodded in slow agreement. He grinned like a schoolboy, "We'll have to do it again... properly."

Hanna smiled back, now she knew Byron was interested it was just a matter of setting a day and time when Aria and Mike were out and then he'd be pumping her pussy with his thick cock. "Yes, I could come round next Tuesday, at six?" She knew Mike had Lacrosse practice then.

Byron nodded, "Tuesday, six. That works for me if Aria's out."

"She will be," Aria had a science project she was doing with Spencer that was due Wednesday and she knew her friends enough to know that Spencer would have |Aria's nose to it that evening. "Shall we go back and see Mom and Mike? They're probably bored out of their mind with small talk."

She turned and opened the kitchen door, stepping into the main room, stopping so abruptly that Byron bumped into her.

On the sofa Mike had his pants down to his thighs and her Mom had her mouth down halfway to his balls....

* * *

Byron couldn't help but smile as he saw his son getting a blow-job from the older woman; he had been the same age when he'd had his first Milf, the woman next door falling for his teenage charms as she went through a divorce. Even now he could remember the succulent touch of her lips as she went down his big dong - if he hadn't been hard already the thought would have made his prick spring to attention. Ashley seemed so engrossed that she hadn't yet noticed that she had been interrupted and his son looked too stunned to be able to tell her. Byron very briefly considered interrupting them, but that would be a waste - all young men should be corrupted by an older woman, anyway he was planning to do the same to Hanna so it would be hypocritical to stop her Mom sucking his son.

He looked at the blonde teen; the look of surprise on her face had been replaced by one that could be best described as horny. Byron smiled wider and slid his hand down to stroke her butt, making the teen even more excited. Why wait until Tuesday, he thought, as he shaped his hands over her round sexy butt. He leant forward and murmured enticingly in her ear, "It looks like your Mom and Mike are hooking up; seems you're not the only one who likes big cocks."

"Yeah," giggled Hanna. She turned "What shall we do?" From the look on her face she had exactly the same idea as Byron.

"I can think of things," he grinned and kissed her, sliding his mouth over hers as his hands went round her front, up her chest to her boobs, which he proceeded to squeeze.

"Me too," said the sexy blonde, stretching against him for a moment, before breaking clear of his embrace to grab his hand.

He had expected her to lead him towards the stairs and the bedroom, but instead she was leading him to the couch, pushing him down on it. He nodded to Mike as he landed down and then looked at Ashley. Her eyes opened in surprise, but she didn't stop her sucking bobbing up and down. He gave her a smile, it widening as the Milf's daughter got down on her knees and undid his jeans, almost yanking his dick out. She licked her lips, "Oooh, that is big."

"I didn't want to boast," said Byron. He leaned back against the sofa, relaxing as the teen's tongue swung up and down. Unlike her Mom who was sucking, Hanna was content to start with a licking, her tongue slithering down to his balls, tickling them and then stroking up the huge gland, leaving little trails of saliva in its wake. Byron grinned and grunted, that was fine.

Beside him Mike looked nervous and ill at ease, obviously wondering whether his Dad should be reprimanding for getting sucked by an older woman. Byron gave him a fake punch, grinning broadly, "Relax; just enjoy it. I know I am."

"Yeah, but Dad..."

"There's nothing wrong with getting your prick sucked by a beautiful woman," grinned Byron, "We're both single and so are they."

"Mmmnn," Hanna nodded in agreement, or at least he thought she nodded - her head was going up and down anyway as her tongue swept over his cock. "Mmmnnn lovely."

"Yes," nodded Byron, "Oh yes."

Ashley's head popped up from Mike's cock and for a moment Byron thought she might be going to contradict him and stop her sexy daughter from servicing him with her mouth. And, as she paused, perhaps for a second she considered it before realising that it was too late to chastise her daughter for sluttiness. "Yes, Hanna, do what Byron says, use your whole mouth, suck him properly. Like I'm doing with Mike." she smiled, licking a trace of liquid from her lips, "You'll both enjoy it more."

"You want me to suck it?" Hanna ignored her Mom and looked at Byron.

Byron didn't want to necessarily want to side with Ashley if Hanna felt like being rebellious, but he did want the sexy blonde teen's mouth down on his cock. He nodded, "Yes, suck it all."

Hanna looked briefly at her Mom, giving her a look to suggest she wasn't doing it because her Mom told her, but because Byron wanted it. Then her mouth slid down his prick and Byron was in heaven. He didn't know why Caleb and Hanna had really split, but it wasn't anything to do with her blow-jobs; the teen could have made a ninety year old hard, her lips and tongue combining to grip his cock and tease it. He shuddered in excitement, his hand on the back of her head, driving her down.

"Oh, shit," beside him Mike moaned in pleasure as Ashley's mouth returned to his dick. "Oh my... shit, shit, this is hot."

"Yeah, it is," Byron said, tensing in ecstasy as Hanna's tongue twirled at his cock.

He wasn't sure if there was a competition going on between the Marins, they were both moving faster, matching each other's speed and taking more and more of the Montgomery men's meat in their mouths. If it was Byron was happy to encourage it and a brief glance at the look of enjoyment on Mike's face suggested his son wasn't adverse to the women's Mom-daughter rivalry being played out on his prick either. Byron grunted and gasped, drawing in quick breaths between clenched teeth as Hanna's mouth went down further.

* * *

Ashley wasn't sure what had surprised her most; that she'd had the nerve to move from flirting with Mike to actively seducing the teen boy, that she'd carried on even when interrupted or that she hadn't stopped Hanna from dropping on her knees and easing out Byron's dick beside her. She knew none of this was responsible or Mom-like behaviour and had looked to Byron to stop it; he hadn't and Ashley found she didn't have the willpower; having coming this far she wanted to continue slurping at Mike's huge dong. 'Anyway,' she told herself, 'her and Hanna's relationship could be tense - sucking cock together was a way to bond and build a better connection. It's also dirty and skanky, a little voice was telling her, and your slutty pussy is soaking with lust.' She feared the little voice was right, her cunt was humming with anticipation, so itching with sexual longing it was almost painful.

Beside her Hanna was banging her head down with wild abandon. I've brought up a naughty slut, Ashley thought. But her own head was moving as fast, not wanting to give Mike a lesser blow-job than his Dad was getting. She didn't know how many cocks Hanna had sucked, Caleb's for certain, but the way she was swallowing Byron's her Mom wondered if she'd been bj-ing half the guys in her year. Ashley certainly had sucked a lot when she was Hanna's age; luckily you don't forget and she was able to take Mike's cock deeper into her mouth, timing her thrusts down with quick breaths like she was a championship swimmer.

"Shit, oh shit," Mike was grunting in appreciation, his body shuddering as her mouth engulfed it.

She knew how she felt, she was so horny, her cunt was soaking and it got wetter as she undid the top buttons of her slack and slid her hand under the elastic of her panties, stroking her clit. Her mouth went down further, lubricating Mike's prick. It was so hard and big, she needed it in her now and her daughter could do what she wanted, continuing to suck Byron or getting her own cunt filled as she wanted. She brought her lips up, springing the cock out of her mouth with a pop. Immediately she stood up, her hands flying to her blouse to quickly unbutton it and shrug it off. She was undoing her bra before she realised Mike was just sitting their looking at her, with a sense of wonder still on his face. She unclipped the bra, letting it fall to the floor, "I want you to fuck me. I want you to nail my twat so hard that I split."

"Oh, shit yeah," Mike nodded enthusiastically. He reached down and pulled his pants the rest of the way down, kicking them off and pushing them across the floor. He was reaching down and removing his socks as Ashley was getting out of her slacks, the Milf removing them and her panties at the same time. He shook his head in wonderment as his face was at eye level with her snatch, shaven apart from a small, carefully kept, landing strip above the slit. "Oh shit," he said again and removed his T-shirt.

For a moment the naked Milf regarded the equally naked teenage boy, his chest was muscular and hard, his prick large and thick. She was so lucky. Slowly she retreated backwards to the opposite couch, sitting down on it and spreading her legs, licking her lips as she looked at a naked Mike and beside him her daughter's head bobbing up and down as she sucked Byron. She ran a finger through the thin tuft of hair, it was wet with her lust, down it went to her slit, where she added a second and spread her cunt open. "Fuck me, Mike, come and fuck my wet Mom hole."

"Shit yes," Mike almost sprinted across to the couch. His cock drove into her cunt, stabbing deep into her most satisfyingly. She gasped and moaned, arching her back, her naked skin rubbing at the fabric of the couch. He was drawing back and thrusting in, slamming his dick further in, spreading her pussy and opening the hole. Ashley squealed again, one hand clasping at his back, scratching at him as she took a grip. With the other she rubbed her clit, just above where his thick member was slamming down. "Ooohhh, yessss, oooohhh, give it me."

Mike was half standing, half-leaning with his hands on the back of the couch, thrusting hard into her. Ashley squealed in excited pleasure, as the thick member drove into her cunt, stimulating her G-spot. The ecstasy flowed through her, enhanced as she rubbed her clit in time with the young man's drives. "Oooohhh harder, harder Mike. Fill my Milf cunt."

"Fuck me," Ashley could see that Hanna's head was off Byron's cock. As she pounded by his son she saw the Dad stand up, kissing her daughter passionately. Mike's cock rammed deep into her as the other two got naked; if Byron was not as firm and beefy as his son he was still well endowed and Hanna was in for a treat. Her pretty blonde daughter gazed lustfully at the cock for a moment, before skipping over to the sofa beside her Mom, grinning as she replicated her Mom's position, legs spread, fingers holding the twat ajar. Ashley grunted as Mike rammed her deep, "Fuck me," she squeaked and then added, "Fuck my daughter, Byron."

* * *

Hanna's bald twat was open, her fingers spreading it invitingly for Byron The blonde was licking her lips and staring at his hard manhood, still dripping saliva from the hard sucking and licking she'd given it. Her Mom was shrieking and gasping beside her as Mike rammed her, inviting his son to fuck her and Byron to fuck her daughter. The Dad wasn't one to turn down the sweet teenage pussy being offered and in he went.

Hanna's pussy was so wet and tight, it was like entering heaven. Especially as she gave a loud shriek of pleasure and rammed herself up to meet him, so that within a few thrusts he was balls deep into her, his testicles slapping hard at her outside as his prick smashed down into her tunnel. The teen screamed louder and shuddered, competing with her Mom in loudness. Her hands rapped round him, dragging him down quickly into her. He stood on his the balls of his feet, leaning his hands onto the sofa as he thrust. "This is hot, you're hot," he grunted at the teen.

"Ooooohhh, yes, oooohhh, give it me. I want it harder," Hanna gasped out, her nails scraping at his skin, her titties bouncing at him as she shuddered.

Beside her Ashley was also crying and moaning in pleasure as his son pounded her pussy, the two naked Montgomery men putting all their effort into spearing the equally nude Marin women. The couch squeaked with the strain of the four of them fucking on it, shaking and jumping as Mike and Byron hammered Ashley and Hanna into it's soft fabric; the flowery material was soon stained with sweat and girl cum as the two women's cunts leaked like holed pipes.

"Shit, shit," Byron could hear his son swearing with pleasure as he pounded the hot Milf beside him. Byron knew what he felt like, if Ashley was anything like her daughter, and he was guessing she was, his son was getting a treat, banging a woman who was so hot and sexual she was almost a professional.

The Dad drove his own dick down, enjoying the sensation of it plunging through warm and wet pussy, the walls gripping it hard and soaking it with their juice. The hot sexy teen slammed back at him, engulfing his dick with her cunt, arching her back as she thrust and shaking her titties so hard they were bouncing at him as they met. "AAaarrrghhh, yessssss," she screamed, "Fuck me, fuck my teen cunt hard. Ohhhhh God, yessssss, aaaarrrggghh."

Byron did as she asked. Smacking his cock into her cunt and feeling her shudder beneath him, her back bending and her mouth opening to scream in pleasure, "Aaaaarrrghh. Yessss, aaaaarrggghhhh."

Her Mom was shuddering beside her, clawing at his son as she did, screaming as loudly as her daughter, bouncing her head at the sofa's back. The couch squeaked and shuddered, bending under the powerful poundings. "AAaarrrghh," Ashley screamed, "OOoooohhhh God, yessss, Mike, yesssss."

Up and down the two Montgomerys moved, beneath them the Marins continued to shriek and shudder.

* * *

Mike still couldn't believe it. When he'd been with Mona he thought nailing her was the most fun he'd ever had; it was paling in comparison to fucking the hot Milf underneath him; her enthusiastic screams and shudders driving him onto greater feats of fucking, ramming her and fast and hard as he was able. He wasn't even put-off by the fact that his Dad was fucking beside him, shit, him and his Mom were divorced and weren't getting back together so why shouldn't his Dad have some fun with Hanna. And he was sure that Ashley was being turned on and almost competing with her daughter to be the best; something Mike was benefiting from. "Shit," he grunted again as his full length ploughed into the hot cunt, "Shit, shit, shit." It wasn't original or pithy, but it did the business even if it was the exact opposite of how he felt.

And then suddenly Ashley said the five words he'd been longer to hear ever since he'd started dating Mona, "Fuck me in the ass." He paused, deep within her, unsure if he'd heard right. She smiled, licking her lips hungrily; "I want you to fuck me in my ass," she repeated.

Mistaking Mike's surprise for reluctance his Dad grunted, "Go for it Mike," not breaking his rhythm as he continued to slam Hanna.

Mike pulled out his cock and stood up, it was soaked with the hot Milf's juice, the cum lubing it as well as any gel. "God, shit, yeah," he stumbled out.

Ashley smiled, not worried by his lack of articulately, her eyes locking on his prick. "Good, Let's go over to the other couch, I want to get us some room." She stood and walked over to the sofa opposite, where he'd been sitting as she'd blown him. He waited for a second glancing briefly at a squealing Hanna below him and a wiggling Mom ass that he was going to nail, opposite. She grinned again, "Aren't you coming over? I know your cock is big, but it's not room length."

Mike almost sprinted to join her, "Where? How?" he asked.

Ashley licked her lips sensually, "You did all the work just now so why don't you sit down and let me do it this time."

Mike sat down so vigorously that he almost was sprung back up by the sofa. He tried to relax and appear nonchalant, spreading his legs a little, but it was hard to do so when a hot Milf was climbing over him and placing her feet on his thighs and lowering herself back down towards his cock. "Grab my ass and spread the cheeks," she instructed. Mike did as he was told, grabbing the round, soft buttocks and prying them apart. Ashley started to lower herself gently, turning her head round to talk to him again, "Guide me onto your prick."

"Yeah, of course," Mike said. He kept hold of her ass as he slowly turned it to the left so that she was over his upright dick. He lowered his hands and she went down with them, until his cock was sliding between her open cheeks and touching her hole. Then she paused, going back so that was leaning on him and lightly resting her fingers on the sofa for balance. "Oh shit," he moaned again as she started to go down and his thick prick started to enter her tight hole.

"Ohhhh, yesss, is that good Mike? How's it feel to have your cock entering my hole?" Ashley groaned.

There was only one answer that would suffice, "Shit," the teen grunted in pleasure as the Milf lowered herself. Then as one word couldn't adequately convey how good it was to have his prick enter such a tight embrace with her butt, he said again, "Shit."

"Mmmmnnn yes," the Milf agreed, "Shit, yes." She continued to lower herself down his thick pole, her hair brushing in his face, her feet pressing on his thighs. He groaned and grunted, lifting himself up so that he was also pushing, shoving his large prick into her most sacred hole.

Ashley gasped and shuddered, moaning in pleasure as inch after inch went up her asshole; she was no anal virgin Mike guessed - though he wasn't experienced enough to know. He reached round with one arm to cradle her stomach, using the other to keep himself balanced and to lever up. Down she went as he went up. Faster and faster, harder and harder, her anal tunnel expanding and loosening as his prick pounded into it. She was squealing in pleasure and he was grunting, the two of them moving in unison, getting into a partnership so rhythmic it was like they'd been banging for months, not just this afternoon. "Shit yeah, shit, shit, oh yes, shit," he grunted.

"Aaaarrrrrrggghh, urrrhhh. Oh fuck, yes Mike, yes, ram my asshole, spear it with your prick. I want you to gape my butt," she squealed back. Mike rammed harder and harder, placing his hands under her thighs to give him extra lift as he pounded up.

Opposite him he could see his Dad sitting down with Hanna lowering herself onto his dick. As she did so Ashley sped up ramming down his down his cock so far that his balls were squashed under her sexy butt. He didn't mind, fucking Ashley Marin's ass was heaven as far as Mike was concerned.

* * *

"Aaaarrrgggghhh," Hanna squealed in ecstasy. Being fucked by Byron Montgomery was even better than she would have imagined he was; the older man had experience and expertise as she knew he would, a large dick as she suspected, but also strength and stamina; her pussy was getting a pounding that she'd never got off Caleb. "Fuuuckkk, yessss, fuuucckkk."

"Uuuuurrhhhh, oooohhhh, aaarrrgggh," across the room she could hear her Mom's orgasmic screams, though her view of her was blocked by Byron hammering down. "Aaaaarrrghhh yessss, my ass, Mike, fuck it harder." It didn't however need Hanna to see anything to know what was happening, even if she hadn't been next to her when Ashley had invited Mike to butt-fuck her. She rubbed at her own pussy, crying out in pleasure as the cock pounded into, scraping past her finger and into her hole. It was such an experience to be fucked at the same time as her Mom; she knew the two of them would be talking about it for weeks in the same awed tone. And if they were talking they weren't arguing about Hanna's grades or her clothes or the state of her room. Plus it was hot as hell. "Aaaarrrghhh," Ashley screamed, "Oh my God, my ass, my ass, bang it, ram it."

Byron stopped, his cock half-way into Hanna's slick slot. He looked down at her, breathing heavily as he got his breath back. "I want to fuck you in the ass, like your Mom."

"Yes," Hanna said, agreeing to give up her ass cherry without a moment's hesitation. She had always known she wouldn't die an anal virgin, assuming that she'd either give it up to Caleb if they'd continued dating or some guy when she went to college. She'd never thought however that she'd have her first ass-fuck whilst her Mom got butt-banged just feet away, but it felt right somehow, that they'd bonded so close they could take cock in their ass together.

She and Byron moved into position, him sitting on the couch, holding his cock and pointing it at her asshole, as she replicated the position that her Mom had taken, back to him, feet on his legs, leaning back and balancing on the sofa. "I'm an anal virgin be gentle," she told Byron. Then she paused and grinned, "Not too gentle..."

"Right, I'd say you'll hardly feel a thing, but that would both be a lie and also against the point of butt-fucking you. You'll love it, I promise," Byron was guiding his cock and her ass together. He paused as the tip of it pressed at her tight sphincter, "You are so hot and sexy Hanna, you're just made for fucking." He pushed up.

Hanna gave a squeak; it was sore and that was only with an inch or two in. How it was going to feel with the full dick in her, God only knew. But she continued on down, pushing herself both mentally and literally, ignoring the pain and discomfort, focussing on how much her Mom was evidentially enjoying it. And her Mom was definitely loving it, jumping up and down on Mike's dick, squealing in excitement and crying in pleasure. Hanna gritted her teeth as she impaled herself further - it was worth it if that was what she had to look forward to.

Byron had his hands on her waist, keeping her straight and on-course, guiding her down and levering himself up. "God, your ass is so tight it's great. It's so fucking hot, I'm loving fucking your ass." He pushed his cock further in, making Hanna take a quick intake of breath or else squeak out in pain. "Your ass is like a vice on my cock; you don't know what it feels like to have your dick in such a perfect butt; it's fantastic." The older man's dick pushed another inch in, deflowering virgin territory. She closed her eyes and grimaced as the walls spread. "You're so sexy, you're one of the best fucks I've had. This ass, it's perfection." Hanna knew she could cope with the pain, get through it and enjoy it as much as Byron and her Mom were.

"Harder, Mike, harder... aaaaarrrgghhhh, yessssss," her Mom was springing up and down, her legs apart and dangling over her teen lover's. His hand was between them, rubbing vigorously at her clit and cunt as he filled the other hole completely. Ashley screamed louder, her body rocking in pleasure.

It gave Hanna an idea, as another inch of dick disappeared into her unused ass, she took hold of one of Byron's hands. He let her guide it to her slit and without her saying a word he knew what she wanted and began to play with her cunt, rubbing and stroking and fingering it as he continued to thrust upwards. Whether it was him pleasuring her pussy or that she was getting used to the dick in her ass Hanna felt herself relaxing and the soreness lessening. Even the discomfort was receding, it no longer feeling that her ass was being filled with concrete, more that it was being massaged by a hard, but flexible, pole. She gave a small groan, "Oooohhhh."

"Yes, Hanna, yes, I'm almost in all the way. Let me ass-fuck you harder," Byron replied.

Hanna gave another moan as she felt the press of his balls at her buttocks, for a moment they remained in situ, as unmoving as a statue, before Byron began to fuck her again. At first his thrusts were no different from the slow, careful strokes that he had been giving her before, gradually they began to speed up, with more force and vigour behind them. It was starting to feel not just good, but really good, waves of pleasure coursing through Hanna, "Ooooohhh, uuurhhh," she moaned, "Oh fuck me." Byron's cock pounded up her asshole.

"UUuuurrrhhh, ohhhhh, yesssss, fuck my ass Byron," moaned Hanna. Harder and harder Byron thrust up, bashing at her butt, pounding deep into the taboo hole. It felt so good, especially as he continued to play with her pussy. Or at least he did for a few minutes more, but as he got faster and faster he returned it to her waist to hold her in position and keep himself balanced. Hanna's pussy was only untouched for a moment as she immediately brought her own hand down to fondle and finger-fuck it. All pain was forgotten as she gasped "Uuurrrhhh, ohhhhh, that's so good, go harder, really bang it."

"AAaarrrghhh," her Mom was screaming in ecstasy, her legs spread out and straight, held up by Mike's hands as he pounded her ass, "Aaaarrrghh yesssss."

It was so great to be opposite her, even if they weren't speaking they were bonding and creating joint memories that would last a lifetime. That alone made the evening worth it, even if Hanna ignored the stupendous orgasms. And Hanna wasn't ignoring them "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaaarrghhh," her scream's competed with her Mom's in their ear-drum bursting loudness.

Mike was getting her Mom off him and positioning her on her knees just feet in front of Hanna. The blonde teen watched in excitement as the even younger teen jerked his huge cock a few times and let loose a stream of white, gooey, cum. Her Mom giggled and smiled as it landed on her face and tits, the sperm slithering down her body as she took the still hard cock in her mouth and cleaned it of all traces of Mike's seed. As the teen boy slumped back on the sofa Ashley remained on her knees looking expectantly at Hanna and Byron, "Oh yes Hanna, take that cock. Let him fuck that ass."

Byron redoubled his efforts, grunting with exertion as he slammed his full length all the way into her ass. Hanna gasped and shrieked, being driven by orgasm after orgasm into a state of delight so intense it was almost like an out of body experience. It didn't take long before she heard Byron grunting, "I'm going to cum."

"Shoot in my butt," shrieked the teen, noticing her Mom nodding enthusiastically, "Blast my ass."

Byron just panted, but seconds later he did as she asked, blowing streams of warm, wet, silvery liquid into her anal passage. It filled the hole, its velvety smoothness, act like a lotion to relax and soothe the stretched tunnel, slowly dripping out as Byron removed his cock. She felt his hands under her legs, lifting her up. She stuck them out so that Mike and her Mom could see her stretched asshole, dripping with Byron's jizm. He let her go and she walked over to kneel by her Mom, letting Byron relax on the couch.

Ashley wiped a strand of cum from her chin and smiled, "I think we should invite Mike and Byron around for dinner more often, don't you think Hanna?"

The teen looked at the two naked Montgomery's and smiled, "Oh yes, definitely."

* * *

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