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Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Lesbians (Anal, Ff, Oral, Toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

Even for Spencer the ensemble was both radical and chic; an outfit designed by a Frenchman with an unpronounceable name in a fit of genius merged with insanity. Reds and greys clashed with yellows and pinks, lapels jutted out at odd angles with buttons, with no connection to any of the button-holes, seeming to randomly sprout from the material. Spencer was extremely proud of her new outfit - stylish and modishly expensive; her family wasn't poor, but even her Mom had paled a little when the credit card bill had come in.

It was the perfect seduction suit for the perfect planned seduction; easy on the eye and easy to slip out of.

Spencer hadn't realised she was into girls when she was younger; not like Em. It was only as she had matured she realised that her desire for female form was not artistic and that her wishing for a close relationship with her four... three... best friends was more than platonic. Where others might have tried to deny it or hide away Spencer approached the problem head on, like she did everything else. If she was a lesbian she was going to be a lesbian and by the time she went to Yale or Harvard or crossed the channel for Oxford she wanted to be experienced - and Em would be perfect to practice with.

Which was why Spencer was walking briskly towards Hanna's house, where Em was staying whilst her parents were in Texas. Hanna was out, Spencer had chosen the night after checking that Hanna had plans...if doing a late assignment on the Romantic Poets could be called a plan... and Em was alone. Spencer gave a small little shimmy of her ass as she walked, her pussy was heating up and starting to 'itch' at the thought of having sex with Emily. Not that Emily yet knew they'd be having sex, her friend didn't even know that Spencer was coming round, nor that she was gay. But Spencer was not short of faith in her own seductive skills - it would be simples to make her lesbian friend her lesbian girlfriend and well, if Em still hadn't gone much further than heavy petting with previous girlfriends, she and Spencer could learn the delights of sapphic love together.

She was almost whistling as she sashayed up the drive and raised her hand to the bell.

"Hi Spence," Aria's voice came from behind Spencer, it sounded a little curter than normal - almost short. Spencer knew how Aria felt, she loved her friend dearly, but shouldn't she be out doing the dirty with Mr Fitz instead of coming round to Em and Hanna's to spoil Spencer's evening.

Spencer paused, readjusting her face from the scowl which had come up at the Aria's arrival and into a smile, as if was greatest slice of luck Aria had dropped by. She turned, the smile so wide it was almost breaking her jaw, "Hi Aria... I was just popping round to see how Emily was doing with her Mom away."

"Me too," said Aria. She smiled, but there seemed tenseness in the skin around her eyes. Spence mentally shrugged, whilst 'A' had been quiet for a few weeks the strain played on them all and Aria had secrets as deep as anyone. The look only lasted a moment before Aria bounded up the steps and rang on the doorbell, "We can see her together... new outfit?"

"Yes and yes," said Spence. The seduction would need to wait until another night it seemed.

For a few moments the two friends stood in silence, waiting. Then the door opened, framing Emily. She managed to look both sexy and flustered at the same time, a red blush creeping to her face as she saw who it was, "Aria, Spencer."

"Hi, we thought we'd pop round to see how you were," lied Spencer; no point complicating matters by mentioning that she and Aria hadn't jointly planned nor that Spencer's definition of 'pop round to see how you were' had originally meant 'pop round to make you hot and sweaty'. She stepped in without an invite - close friends didn't need one; they weren't vampires.

"Hanna," shouted Emily, "Spence and Aria are here."

There was a moment of silence before Hanna's voice came from the kitchen, "Okay..." She sounded disappointed at their intrusion; which was a bit rich, thought Spencer, as Hanna should at this very moment be buried with her nose in Keats and Byron.

"You alright?" asked Aria looking at Em, "You look a little... off."

"Nothing," said Em, "Hanna was just showing me her new bikini and it just made me think about swimming and Paige... nothing really."

The door to the kitchen opened and out walked Hanna. Spence looked at her, when Em had said Hanna had being showing the new bikini she hadn't imagined it would be so small, nor that Hanna would be modelling it. Spence had to admit it wasn't up to the standards of her own ensemble, but it was fetching in its own, seductive, way.

"Hey..." Hanna said, her face a mask of emotions, "What are you guys doing here?"

"Mm, nice to see you too." Spencer lied.

"I didn't mean it like that." Hanna quickly added, "I just thought you guys had dates tonight."

"Yeah, well..." Spencer stammered, momentarily a little flustered before quickly adding, "Toby cancelled on me. Some new job or something; he needs the money, you know?"

The other's nodded in understanding, then Hanna, Spencer and finally Emily turned to look at Aria expectantly.

"What?" Aria asked in confusion.

"Your date? Did Mr Fitz cancel on you too?" Emily asked with genuine concern.

"Oh..." Aria said softly, her eyes darting between her friends as her mind desperately raced for something to say, finally settling on, "Yeah. He had... a thing."

Aria gulped softly as her friends frowned suspiciously at her. She had always been a terrible liar and she was terrified her friends might get the truth out of her before she was ready to share it.

"Well, I guess that means a girls night in." Emily smiled, already loving the idea as her friends murmured their agreements. There were a few moments of awkward silence, something very unusual for the four close friends. Deciding to break it Emily asked, "How about I get some drinks?"

"You don't have to do that Ems..." Hanna began.

"I want too." Emily insisted, "You guys just go upstairs and I'll be right with you."

Before Hanna could protest any further Emily disappears into the kitchen. Giving up on dissuading her friend, among other things, Hanna sighs and begins walking slowly up the stairs.

"What is she, your personal maid?" Spencer grumbled, her eyes being unavoidably drawn to Hanna's barely covered ass as she followed her friend upstairs.

"Hey, she insists on helping. She likes to feel like she's earning her keep. Who am I to stop her?" Hanna countered as she made her way into her room with Spencer and Aria close behind.

"You're her friend. You shouldn't be taking advantage of her." Spencer said, momentarily feeling guilty. A small part of Spencer was worried that was what she was doing to Emily, but it wasn't like she wanted to use her. She wanted her, and not just for a one night stand, so it was different to what Hanna was doing. But then, what was Hanna doing?

"I'm not taking advantage of her. I wouldn't do that." Hanna insisted, a brief look of guilt crossing her face which confused Spencer even further.

Just then the door to the room was slammed shut, Hanna and Spencer turning to Aria who bit her lip and then asked, "Could you guys leave?"

"What?" Hanna and Spencer asked almost simultaneously, with Spencer then adding "Why?"

"I... I just... I can't say why, just please go. Please." Aria stammered, "Please... I promise I'll explain later, just... give me a few hours or something..."

"A few hours?" Hanna frowned, "What were you planning on doing?"

Aria blushed and lowered her head, searching for something to say.

Meanwhile Spencer was having a hard time not looking at Hanna's bikini clad body but managed to pull her focus away long enough to ask, "What were you planning on doing?"

Hanna turned to Spencer who was looking her up and down, the blonde searching for a good excuse of why she had chosen to model her bikini in such a way, but finding none.

For a few long seconds the three girls stood there in silence. Then they heard the sound they now dreaded more than anything else... the sound of their phones receiving a text.

Cautiously Aria and Spencer pulled their phones out of their pockets while Hanna retrieved hers from where she had left it on her dresser, the three girls reading the text at the same time but none of them daring to read it out loud just in case for once they hadn't received the same one...

Three pretty little lesbians, sitting in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. each other and Emily.

- A

The three girls remained as still as statues, glancing from one another to the words in front of them until Emily re-entered, awkwardly opening the door as she struggled to balance the tray of drinks she had brought, "Why did you guys close the... is that a text from A?"

"You didn't get one?" Spencer asked, her heart racing.

"No... why, what does it say?" Emily asked.

"Nothing!" Hanna said, quickly deleting the message, "Just a slightly meaner version of 'I'm going to get you my pretties, with a little lookout for something extra nasty thrown in."

"Oh..." Emily said, "Are you sure that's it?"

"Yeah." Hanna said dismissively, and then when it was clear the subject wasn't dropped added, "Why?"

"Well, you guys look... I don't know... freaked out." Emily said, "It's just, after everything we've been through if there's something to worry about, I want to know, you know?"

"There's nothing to worry about." Spencer said softly, "Like Hanna said, just A being her normal bitchy self."

Emily frowned, "Then why are you guys so... so..."

"Ezra and I broke up." Aria suddenly burst out.

The other three girls immediately turned to look at her.

"Oh God Aria, I'm so sorry." Emily said, Hanna and Spencer quickly adding virtually the same thing.

"It's okay. I'll be okay." Aria said, sounding sad but not as devastated as her friends were clearly expecting her to be, "I just... I just..."

"Need booze." Hanna quickly finished for her, "And junk food. And lots of it. Ems? Do you think..."

"Hanna! I'm not breaking into your Mom's drinks cabinet." Emily said insistently.

"Please, that's not even where she keeps the good stuff. And don't worry, I'll do it and take the blame. You get the junk food and we can start Aria's healing process, okay?" Hanna said, and then when Emily still seemed a little unsure added, "Look, Caleb and I broke up too. Long-distance's a bitch. So, if ever there was a time to be bad..."

For a few seconds Emily still seemed unsure, and then she said, "Okay, but just this once."

"Absolutely." Hanna grinned, making as if she was going to follow Emily out but instead waiting until her friend was making her way down the stairs before shutting the door quietly as possible and turning to her other two friends, "Was A telling the truth? Are you guys like, here to seduce Emily too?"

There was a moment's silence and then Aria softly said, "Oh God, how could she possibly know that?"

"Are we sure she even knows?" Spencer questioned, "That could have easily been just a pervy remark designed to get under our skin. She's not exactly above it."

"Really, that's what you guys are focusing on?" Hanna said with a raised eyebrow. A long silence followed, Hanna eventually adding, "Why are you guys going after her? I mean, is it because she's her, or because she's a girl?"

"Well... she's the only lesbian we know." Aria pointed out with a huge blush crossing her face.

"Is she?" Hanna countered, her eyes shifting back and forth in between Aria and Spencer.

There was more silence, and then Emily re-entered the room, trying not to act too annoyed from having the door closed on her again, but a slight bit of it slipping into her voice as she noticed Hanna hadn't left, "Hanna... I thought you were going too..."

"Get the booze. On my way, just needed to talk to Aria for a moment." Hanna said as she headed out, stopping at the door to turn to Emily, "She said she could do with a night of distraction, and I could really do with the same thing, so how about a game of truth or dare? That's always fun, and trust me, it's even more fun with booze. So, you guys start and I'll be right back."

* * *

"Anyone want anymore?" Hanna held up the pizza box. There was one slice left.

Aria sipped at the bottle of beer, "Not me." The others shook their heads as well.

Hanna looked longingly at it for a moment, herself, but she'd already had two slices and no wish to go back to being hefty. With some reluctance she closed the box and placed it in the bin. Spencer opened another bottle of the low-cal beer and passed it to her, "Cheers."

"Cheers," Hanna lifted the bottle in a toast to her friend and sipped it. She was a little tipsy, they all were. Three of them because they were working up their nerves to seduce the fourth. Emily seemed totally oblivious to her friends plans, her drinking was social - she was drinking because they were and if they weren't she wouldn't have been either. "So let's liven this party up, Truth or Dare."

A quick smile passed between Spence and Aria. Em paused and nodded, "I'm in. Who's first?"

"You can," said Aria and passed an empty bottle to her friend. Emily took it and sat cross legged opposite Hanna. They were joined by Spence and Aria, the four girls sitting or kneeling in a circle.

Emily span the bottle. It pointed to Aria. The swimmer said, "Truth or dare?"

Aria paused for a moment, before saying, "Truth."

"Have you ever stole from your parents?" asked Emily.

"Tame," moaned Hanna, before Aria could reply and then shut up as she was shushed by her friends.

However, she was right as Aria didn't even pause before saying, "When I was twelve I stole a couple of dollars, when my Dad left them his wallet on the table. My larceny career lasted all of five minutes before he discovered them missing... lecture city," she grinned and reached for the bottle, spinning it, "Hanna... Truth or Dare."


Aria considered what to ask, before asking, "Have you ever slept in church?"

"Sure, who hasn't" Hanna shook her head in despair at the ease of the question. It was time to liven things up; she took the bottle and spun it with such force it almost took off, "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," said Spence; she looked a bit bored obviously expecting an easy question - she wasn't going to get one.

"Have you ever fingered yourself over a dirty movie?" Hanna asked, grinning. For a second Aria and Emily looked shocked, then they giggled and looked to Spence for an answer.

Good old Spence was as calm as ever, she gave a faint smile, "Yes..." she said and reached for the bottle.

"Is that all you're going to tell us?" asked Aria. Her hand reached out and took Spence's wrist, not hard, but enough to stop her spinning the bottle.

"Yes," grinned Spence and then relented to give another small tease, "It was one of my Dad's - Cum Gaggers 3, I think it was called. He keeps them in a box in the attic, which he thinks is hidden."

"It had girls in?" Aria asked, then blushed as she realised what she was saying.

It was Hanna who replied, "I'm guessing it might have done, unless Mr Hastings has an even bigger secret than a hidden porn stash."

Spence spun the bottle. It ended up back at Hanna and Spence grinned as she said, "Truth or Dare."

"Truth," said Hanna,

"Isn't anyone going to dare?" asked Emmy.

"You can when the bottle hits you," said Spence and then turning to Hanna, gave a wicked smile, "Truth back at ya..."

"Caleb rented one out, which we watched. I can't remember the name, but it involved cheerleader's get it up the butt."

"Anal Cheerleaders," said Aria swiftly and then blushed, "I've a younger brother and a Dad, porn sometimes appears in old boxes."

Hanna laughed, "You are a dark horse, Aria, anyway Caleb rented this video and we watched it. Or I watched, he fell asleep, claimed he was tired... I just think he was worried that I'd jump him again." She reached for the bottle and spun, "Emmy..."

"Dare..." grinned Emily, "though I'll give you a free truth. Yes, I have watched some girl on girl DVDs and yes I did finger myself..."

"Okay, then, as we're talking about girl on girl... pull up your top and wiggle your tits at us."

"Anyone would think you're gay," grinned Emily, "Anyway its nothing you haven't seen on sleepovers before." She pulled up her vest and waved her chest, making her tits bounce. Hanna licked her lips, not that Emily was noticing the look on her face, or indeed the reactions of Spencer and Aria... The flash however was all too brief, before the vest came down covering the two teen titties.

Emily span the bottle, "Truth or dare..." the bottle slowed and then stopped, "Aria..."

"I'll take a .... No, I'll take the truth..." Aria asked.

"Okay then, have you ever been spanked?" Emily grinned wickedly, winking at her friends.

"When I was five I almost ran into the highway, my Mom gave my little leg such a crack," said Aria, frowning at the tame question.

Em blushed and shook her head, "I meant by Mr Fitz... Ezra."

"That would be two truths..." said Aria, "but I'll do you a swap. My truth for one of you."

"Okay," Em conceded, "What's your truth?"

"So, how far have you gone with another girl?" Aria asked.

"Not as far as you and Mr Fitz," retorted Emily and then she sighed as she knew that was not an answer under the rules of the game, "I have had my tits licked and I've suckled Samara, that's as far as I've gone... yet." She left the final word hanging.

For a few seconds there was silence as everyone looked expectantly at Aria. She leant forward with a conspiratorial glance at the door to make sure no-one was listening. Her three friends leant in with her. Aria smiled, "No spanking."

There was a collective sigh at the response and Aria grinned as she spun the bottle, "Hanna, truth or dare."

"Dare," said Hanna.

"Okay... we've seen Em's, now its your turn to..." Aria paused and then shrieked like she was announcing a new prize on a game show, "bounce those boobies."

Hanna paused, before lifting her pyjama top and wiggling her titties at her friends. Emily, the lesbian, went slightly red. Spence and Aria laughed and licked their lips, looking at her naked bosom with lascivious leers. Hanna shook them again, aiming them specifically at the two 'straight' girls. They didn't turn away, but continued to look at her with, what looked very much like lust. Hanna grinned and pulled down her top, "That's all for now girls." She spun the bottle; "Spence, you know the rules... truth or dare?"

"Dare," grinned Spence mischievously.

"After that tease from Aria on the spanking, you should punish her..." Hanna grinned, enjoying the stunned reaction from her friends. But she knew that was too far, too fast, so instead she said, "... or perhaps we should leave that. You should give her a kiss... full on tongue."

Spence looked at Aria. The brunette shrugged, "You've been dared... you got to do it." She stood up.

Spence paused and then did the same. The two of them walked towards each other and then stopped, their hands reached out and took each other's hands. Their heads moved forward and mouths opened, connecting. The sound of slurping filled the room as they kissed, passionately and for longer than Hanna had thought they would. She had been expecting a kiss lasting less than a few seconds, but it went on for at least half a minute, the two teens chewing and tonguing at each other's mouths. And when they pulled back there seemed to be a reluctance.

For a few long seconds Aria and Spencer stayed within each other's personal space, making it look as if they were contemplating kissing again without being dared too. At least one of them was... but Spencer also got the feeling that if she kissed Aria again she might never stop, and that might end this game which had... interesting possibilities.

So concentrating on the task at hand Spencer reached out, grabbed the bottle and gave it a gentle spin, "Hanna... truth or dare?"

"Dare." Hanna grinned without hesitation.

Spencer looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "Well, since you think Aria should be punished, why don't you do it?"

"Does that mean I should spank her, or kiss her?" Hanna teased.

"Kiss her." Spencer said after only a brief hesitation.

"Well, since I've been dared." Hanna said with a wicked smile on her face as she crawled towards Aria, the blonde barely finished speaking when she gently grabbed hold of her friend's face and kissed her.

Aria parted her lips slightly in welcome, Hanna taking that invitation to shove her tongue into the other girl's mouth, momentarily conquering it. After a few moments of unopposed rule Aria's tongue fought back, the kiss becoming a fight as Aria placed her hand on Hanna's cheek and began giving as good as she got.

The two girls became lost in their battle for several long minutes, and breaking apart when they heard Spencer making a loud coughing sound followed by, "It's Aria's turn to spin."

There was a pause, then Hanna nodded and moved back to where she had been sitting. There was another pause, and then Hanna spun, "Emily, truth or dare?"

Emily looked thoughtful for a moment, and then said "Dare."

"Kiss Aria." Hanna said, then when Emily gave her a funny look added, "What? Everyone else has."

Looking back and forth between her three friends Emily bit her lip. She knew she should ask what was going on because her friends were acting weird and the whole situation was like one of those perverted dreams Emily often had and felt really guilty about afterwards. But Emily couldn't help herself. This was a dream come true for her, and Aria was just so... kissable. Which was why Emily nodded softly and, pushed her thoughts aside, crawled over to Aria and planted a soft kiss on her friend's lips.

Aria was ready this time and gently parted her lips to invite Emily's tongue inside her mouth. However Aria was again taken by surprise, this time by how gentle Emily was. Her lips just move softly against her own at first, and then when Emily did start using her tongue it seemed to be a perfect fit against Aria's, those soft wet muscles seemingly melting into each other. That led to Aria feeling like her entire being was melting into the gentle lip lock, Aria completely at Emily's mercy until the other girl broke the kiss, leaving Aria panting.

Emily was left feeling a little breathless too, but she did a good job of hiding it as she returned to her seat and spun the bottle. It landed with Arai, but before the brunette had a chance to say whether she wanted a truth or dare Emily asked" Aria... out of the three of us, who's the best kisser?"

Aria blinked and then gulped, surprised that Em of all people was asking her that. Obviously Emily was feeling emboldened by their kiss, and maybe even the sexual tension in the air. As for answering the question, Aria found herself in a situation where she couldn't possibly win. She didn't want to upset any of her friends, and all the kisses had been different in their own way so choosing the best was impossible.

Deciding that the truth was the safest answer Aria finally replied, "You're... you are all pretty good."

"Lame." Hanna complained.

"Yeah, it kind of is." Emily agreed.

She was about to let Aria off the hook before Aria burst out, "No it isn't, it's the truth. You're all good kissers."

"Well it's not good enough, so I think you should either have to change your answer, or take a penalty dare..." Hanna said.

Aria looked thoughtful for a moment, and then said, "I'll take the penalty."

"I'm fine with that." Hanna said before looking around at the other two, "Any ideas?"

"Um... no...." Emily mumbled.

"I think she should strip." Spencer suddenly said, and then when she realised she said it out loud and now everyone was looking at her scramble to add, "Well, it's not like we haven't changed together, so it's not like it would be a big deal or anything. Just, you know, a deterrent against not answering..."

Seemingly everyone turned their attention to Emily who blushed and said, "S... sure."

Then there was silence as everyone's attention turned to Aria, looking a little nervous, and even a little embarrassed, but instead of complaining she slowly got up and did as she was told. Her stripping couldn't have been less erotic, at least Aria didn't think it could, but her friends seem captivated by her. The attention was oddly thrilling and by the time Aria was taking off her bra and then her panties she actually felt something she'd never felt with Ezra, that of being sexy.

That feeling of sexiness quickly went away as Aria found herself just standing there, completely naked, staring awkwardly at her friends.

"It's your turn to spin." Hanna said softly, not even trying to pretend she wasn't staring at Aria's rack.

"Oh, right." Aria murmured, kneeling down and spinning the bottle, "Spencer, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Spencer said.

"Erm..." Aria stammered, finding it a little hard to think of something in her current condition.

"Have you ever thought about being with a girl? Like, maybe someone in this room?" Hanna interrupted.

"Hey, it's not your turn to ask!" Spencer complained.

"What, I was just suggesting something for Aria. She seemed stuck." Hanna said innocently, or at least as much as she could fake it.

"Thanks." Aria said, turning to Spencer, "What she said."

"Well those are two questions, so that's not fair." Spencer protested.

"Oh come on, stop complaining. We use two part questions for this game all the time." Hanna pointed out.

Spencer briefly searched her brain for a way out but could find none, eventually resulting in her grumbling, "Maybe... and, maybe."

"That's not a proper answer. I think you should have to take a penalty too... a two part penalty dare." Hanna said.

"Fine, do your worst." Spencer huffed.

"As you wish..." Hanna grinned, "Suck Aria's tits."

"What!?" Spencer exclaimed, Aria and Emily following suit shortly afterwards, though Aria's 'what' seemed slower in coming than might have been expected,

"You heard me.." Hanna said, before offering her friend a way out, "But if you really, really don't want to maybe you could do something else - though we should call it Truth or Dare if you feel like it."

Spencer bit her lip, her eyes shifting between their three friends, "It's Aria's call. She's the one who should be choosing the dare anyway."

All eyes turned to Aria who looked just as nervous as Spencer as she softly said, "I'm... I'm cool with the dare. If, if Spencer's cool with it."

There was a long silence and then instead of answering the question Spencer just slowly crawled over to where Aria was. Then, after briefly looking her friend in the eye for a moment, Spencer lowered her head and took Aria's right nipple into her mouth.

Spencer felt very proud of the fact that the second her lips closed around her friend's nipple Aria let out a long, loud moan of pleasure. Sure, theoretically anyone's soft wet mouth around a nipple would feel good, but in practice Aria would have to want Spencer to use this to be acting so favourably towards it. However Spencer wasn't totally sure what to do next, and as she paused to try and figure it out she couldn't stop her mind from telling her of how crazy this was, how this was all going to blow up in her face etc. For a few long moments Spencer got lost in her own anxieties. Then she shut off her brain as best she could and let her instincts guide her.

To start off Spencer gently sucked on Aria's nipple. That was clearly a big hit, Aria not only moaning happily but even slightly pushing herself into Spencer's mouth. Feeling encouraged Spencer let her instincts guide her to suck on the right nipple for a few more seconds before moving to the left. After spending a few seconds gently sucking on the left Spencer moved back to the right, and then back to the left, repeating the process over and over, the whole time Aria moaning joyfully.

After a while Spencer was feeling a little bolder and so she began using her tongue, at first sliding it around each nipple while they were in her mouth, then beginning to remove her mouth entirely so she could just concentrate on playing with Aria's nipples with her tongue.

Eventually Spencer brought her hands into the mix, at first just using a hand to play with Aria's free nipple, then using the other hand to massage the tit she was sucking on so she could better push the nipple into the other girl's mouth.

While Spencer seemed to find it easy to become lost in this dare Aria was having a harder time with it, more than likely because she was facing Emily and Hannah. She try keeping her eyes closed but she just couldn't forget they were there, Aria unable to resist the temptation to take a peek to see how her friends were reacting to this. Emily had a look of disbelief on her face, but she was also clearly enjoying what she was watching and in no hurry to leave. Oddly enough Hanna had a similar look on her face, like maybe she was surprised Aria and Spencer were actually going through with this. That thought gave Aria an odd sense of pride.

That feeling and any other thoughts Aria might have been having were a interrupted as a worrying smirk suddenly crossed Hanna's face. Then Hanna began crawling towards her, making Aria's heart race.

When they were face to face Hanna paused for a moment, Aria thinking that the blonde was going to kiss her.

Without really thinking about it Aria closed her eyes and puckered her lips. Aria stayed like that for a few long seconds and then her eyes blinked open to see Hanna smirking at her. Her cheeks flushing Aria was about to apologise when Hanna lent forward, moving towards her neck area. Again Aria closed her eyes in anticipation. Again she was left disappointed.

"How does it feel Aria?" Hanna whispered in her friend's ear, "Is Spencer as good at this as she is with everything else?"

"Yeeessss. She's good. It's good. Soooooo good." Aria moaned, suspecting a little harder suck from Spencer was designed to encourage that type of an answer.

"Ha, sounds about right." Hanna chuckled, "Spencer Hastings. Good at everything... hey, would you like to put that to the test?"

"H, how?" Aria asked in between moans.

"I don't know." Hanna lied, "What, using the second part of that penalty dare, do you think we could do to put that theory to the test?"

"I... I don't know." Aria stammered.

"Think really hard." Hanna said, and then when Aria just blushed and looked embarrassed for a while added, "You could always get her to lick you a little lower."

Spencer stops sliding her tongue around Aria's nipple at this and looked up, although noticeably didn't remove her tongue from the nipple.

Again blushing, perhaps worse than she did before, Aria mumbled, "If... if that's ok with her."

Turning to Spencer the blonde asked, "Well, is it Spence? Are you okay with, licking a little lower as the second part of your penalty dare?"

There was a long pause and then Spencer finally moved away from Aria's boobs, gently nodded and then lowered her head to kiss Aria's flat stomach, her tongue sliding out to touch the soft flesh with every peck.

That wasn't what Hanna had meant, but before she could mention it Aria moaned, "Lower. Please Spence, lower. L, lick me lower. Please, lower... lower... yes, lower, yes OHMYGOD! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh!"

Aria continued moaning softly but she didn't say anything else. Spencer was sure as she listened very carefully for the slightest sound that she was doing something wrong or Aria wasn't enjoying herself and there wasn't a single sign of anything like that. In fact Aria's moans were very, very encouraging. Not that Spencer needed much encouragement. After all this was something Spencer had dreamed of since before Toby and their awkward night together and it just confirmed what she had always suspected about herself.

Of course it wasn't just the fantasies of going down on another girl Spencer was fulfilling. This wasn't just any girl, this was one of the best friends she'd ever had Aria Montgomery. And now she was actually in between Aria's thighs Spencer was determined not just to make Aria feel good but to make the other girl cum harder than she'd ever cum before.

With that in mind Spencer lapped hungrily at the soft lips of Aria's pussy until the other girl's moans reached a fever pitch. Then she slammed her tongue inside Aria's twat, immediately loving the soft wet flesh squeezing down on her tongue as she began pumping it in and out of the smaller girl. Spencer also loved the chance to swallow more of the heavenly pussy juice which tasted even better then she dreamt it would, her mouth forming a seal around Aria's cunt so she could swallow the majority of the sweet cream.

Meanwhile Aria was finding her voice again, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH FUCK! OH FUCK!"

"Cute." Hanna said, Aria suddenly becoming aware how close her blonde friend now was to her, "I don't think I've ever heard you swear before..."

There was then a moment's pause as the two girls stared at each other, their eyes briefly lowering to each other's lips almost simultaneously. Then Hanna smirked, lent forward and then all of a sudden Aria was in her first non-dared lesbian kiss. And she returned it without hesitation, eagerly parting her lips to allow Hanna's tongue to slide inside and massage her own.

After a few long minutes of passionate kissing Hanna broke the lip lock, moved to Aria's ear and whispered, "What's she doing Aria? What's Spencer doing to you?"

"She's... she's fucking me. Oooooooh, oh, she's fucking me with her tongue. Spencer's fucking me with her tongue. Ohhhhhhh Hanna, it feels sooooooo goooooddddddddd." Aria moaned, "She's ooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd!"

As Aria was talking Hanna moved down to Aria's neck and began gently kissing it. Aria could handle that, but when Hanna started gently biting and not so gently sucking her neck she just lost it, once again just becoming a moaning mess. Then Spencer started curling her tongue inside of Aria, almost literally making her see stars. Then Hanna's mouth moved lower, soft wet flesh closing around a nipple and then Aria could have sworn she literally saw stars.

The brunette teen moaned as Spencer's tongue moved within her and Hanna's flicked over her nipple. Wet and soaked in saliva the two tongues explored and touched and probed Aria in a way that made her buzz with excited joy. Hanna didn't suckle for long, certainly not long enough, before she moved her head back to watch. But Spencer continued longer than the dare needed, moving her tongue slowly round Aria damp hole, tasting the liquid and massaging the warm walls. Spencer's movements may have been slow, but they were deliberate - Spencer pushing herself into places that had never been touched by tongue before.

Aria moaned and gripped her hands together; it seemed to be taking a long time to cum and she wondered if it was deliberate teasing by Spencer or the other girl's lack of experience. Then her orgasm hit her and her mind was filled with nothing but fluffy clouds and rainbows... at least for a moment. That was before the thunderstorm hit her; it rushed through her body in a wave of absolute delight. Her body bent and twisted, out of her control and she screamed in gratitude and gratification, shrieking loudly until the feelings dropped and Spencer raised her head, girl cum covering her lips.

Spencer grinned, but it was Hanna who spoke next; "So Em, what did you think?"

Emily blushed; she had been watching entranced - a live show was better than anything she'd ever downloaded from the web... more compelling and wettening; it had only been supreme self control that had stopped her touching herself. Now she went red that perhaps she had been looking a little too closely, rather than laughing and seeing it as a dare gone far. She forced herself to smile and pretend it had no effect on her, "I think you should ask Aria."

"I can tell she enjoyed it, so I am asking you" said Hanna.

Aria went a little red and looked at her painted toenails - Emmy knew how she felt; things were moving much further than their normal slumber party games. The Truths normally never went further than which teacher they fancied or who they'd kissed (both being the same in Aria's case) and the Dares usually not much more risky a raid on whichever parent's drink cabinet was easily available. Emily had never, except in her wildest and most secret dreams, ever believed that Aria would be sitting naked next to her after having her pussy lapped - especially when the lapper was so-in-control Spencer. She realised Hanna was still looking at her expectantly awaiting an answer and so were Aria and Spence. Emily shrugged, trying to appear non-committal, "In the films I watched they seemed quicker."

It was meant to be a way to try and move the conversation away from her feelings and onto safer ground, but it might not have been the right thing to say. Aria went redder with embarrassment, as if trying to pretend she hadn't enjoyed it and Spencer gave a small scowl, seeming irritated that her technique had been criticised. Hanna laughed, "That sounds like fightin' talk."

"Who are you? Clint Eastwood?" muttered Aria - Hanna didn't reply, just giving a small grin.

Instead it was Spencer who spoke; she sounded at least a bit aggrieved, "I think I was alright - it's not like I've ever done it before."

Emily looked at Aria who was going an even deeper shade of red than before. The swimmer felt herself blushing as well - her response to Hanna hadn't killed the conversation like she had hoped. She gave the blonde a look, willing her to move on and talk about something else. Hanna was grinning mischievously, a mysterious glint in her eye, as if she was plotting. For a brief moment Emily was reminded so much of Alison that she almost hurt - the burning desire she had for her dead friend had not been quenched by time. But Hanna was not Aly, she might be blonde but she lacked the ruthless vindictiveness and also the ability to make you feel you were alone with her in the room. Emily, thought that if Aly was here, it wouldn't matter if all three of the others were naked and fucking she would still only have eyes for Alison...

But she wasn't and Aria was. And she was still naked. And Hanna was grinning, like the proverbial Cheshire Cat, "So Emily do you think you can do better?"

It was an unfair question, though Em, she either came over as arrogant or as a complete amateur compared to her non-lesbian friends. She paused before answering, it was probably better to be boastful than bashful even if her natural inclinations cried at her to say 'no' and shake her head.

"Yes," Emily said.

Aria went redder, Spencer scowled more and Hanna laughed loudly. The blonde grinned, "So why don't you show us?"

There was no escape; Emily had walked into the trap with so much ease she wondered if she had done so deliberately. She looked at Aria, raising an eyebrow in a silent question.

Her friend nodded, "'Okay."

She lay back on her elbows and spread her legs again, revealing her pink. It was still wet with Spencer's saliva and Aria's cum. Emily took one further look at Hanna and Spence, both sitting expectantly, then she flicked a strand of hair behind her ear and dropped down. She could smell the aroma of sex as she got nearer and feel the warmth of Aria body on her skin. Up close the pussy seem to pulsate and shiver, as if it was shaking in anticipation of her tongue. It made Em nervous, she regretted saying she was better pussy licker than Spencer, now she'd have to prove it. Still at least if she failed Spencer wasn't Aly to keep reminding you of mistakes for months...years afterwards...

The swimmer paused before diving in. The mistake Spencer had made was too overly prepare and paddle slowly, Em didn't want to follow her. No, she gave herself a few seconds of contemplation, before thrusting her face forward and slamming her mouth against the moist hole. Her tongue shot out and hammered into Aria, plunging deep into the teenage cunt. Aria gasped, her body bending in pleasure as straight off Emily got stuck in. Emily licked hard and fast, slurping at the cum as oozed from the wet walls.

She had tasted cum before, admittedly it was her own cum after she had sucked her dildo after use, so the taste of Aria wasn't new... not totally; it was the same, but different, like all candy tasted the same, but some candy tasted different from others. With the sweetness of the cum the candy metaphor was not a bad one. She licked harder, intoxicated by the flavour of her friend and almost forgetting there were more than the two of them.

She was only reminded when she heard Hanna speak, "You want me to go down on you then Spence?"

The matter of fact way the question was asked, as if it was an everyday occurrence that the girls sucked each other's clits should have surprised Emily, but for some reason it didn't. Nor was the response as shocking or surprising as it would have been a few hours before, as Spencer said, "No, let me go down on you. If Em thinks that her technique is so good, let me show you what I can do."

Em ignored the little dig, concentrating instead on slipping her tongue over Aria erogenous zone and making the brunette bounce with gleeful excitement. Aria squealed in pleasure and Emily could taste her cum as it soaked from the walls. She hit harder and faster, driving her tongue down into the soft flesh and making Aria noisier and noisier. Soon the small brunette's cries were joined, matching in intensity, but Hanna's - the blond screaming, gasping and moaning as Spencer pushed her tongue into her cunt. Em mentally smiled at the competition and slammed her tongue in at the special spot of Aria. The brunette screamed and shook with the unmistakable signs of orgasmic pleasure.

Like the taste of pussy juice, the taste of girl cum was even better than Emily imagined it would be. Not wanting to miss a drop the young lesbian closed her mouth around Aria's cunt, allowing the other girl's cum to literally flow into her mouth. Once she had swallowed Aria's cum Emily slid her tongue back into her friend's pussy, seeking out any left over cum and the equally just as sweet flavour of Aria's cunt cream. However after only a few strokes of her tongue Emily felt a firm pulling on her hair.

Worried she had done something wrong Emily lifted her head up to look at Aria, but before she got the chance to say a word her friend lent down and captured her lips with her own. The kiss was soft, tender, easy to get lost in, which was what Emily did for a few long seconds. Then Aria broke the kiss, bit her lip nervously, then shyly asked, "Can I go down on you now?"

A few feet away Hanna was still writhing around on Spencer's wicked tongue. The writhing was actually kind of painful as Hanna was literally giving herself carpet burns she was moving around so much, but she barely felt it. Hanna was a lot more preoccupied with the agonising pleasure she was feeling which was completely new to her.

Whenever she had masturbated Hanna had always been pretty quick to get herself off. Sure, sometimes she teased herself to start with, but whenever she started getting close Hanna didn't hesitate to push herself over the edge.

Sadly it seemed like Spencer was trying to get her back for something because she seemed content with keeping Hanna as close to the edge of orgasm as possible without actually letting her go over that edge. Hanna found it so frustrating. Spencer's tongue was easily giving her the greatest sexual pleasure of her life, and yet it was torturing her at the same time.

If she'd been in a better mood Hanna might thought it was funny that her now ex-boyfriend Caleb hadn't been able to get her to cum while one of her best friends Spencer obviously could make her cum but chose not too.

Since Hanna wasn't in a laughing mood she instead started back, "Fuck me Spence, please fuck me. Fuck and make me cum. I need to cum soooooooo bad. Mmmmmm, fuck Spence, fuck me. Fuck my lesbian pussy. Ohhhhhhh, I like your tongue so much better than Caleb's dick. Guess that makes me a little lesbian slut. Mmmmmm, I like getting fucked by another girl's tongue more than I do a guy's dick. Ooooooooh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, fuck, mmmmmm, fuck me Spence, fuck my slutty little lesbian pussy with your pretty little girl tongue! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk!"

It worked like a charm, her words seeming to encourage Spencer to increase the pace of her thrusting tongue just enough to make Hanna cum. And when the blonde did finally go over the edge the brunette's tongue seemed to go into overdrive as if to make sure Hanna's climax would be the most powerful of her life. Hanna was pretty sure it would have been that way anyway, but the extra forceful thrusts definitely helped her reach a euphoric pleasure she had never known before.

All to soon Hanna felt herself coming down from her high, the blonde groaning with displeasure as Spencer removed her tongue from deep inside her pussy and then crawled up her body with a knowing smirk on her face, "So, how was it?"

Hanna shrugged, "Mediocre."

"You said I was better than Caleb." Spencer countered.

"Since I'm pretty sure I'm gay, that doesn't really mean that much." Hanna quipped before eyeing Spencer lustily, "But I might be willing to give you another chance to fuck me again, if you let me eat your pussy first."

"Oh, what a horrifying ultimatum." Spencer said dryly as she leaned down for a kiss.

Similarly the second their lips were touching Hanna flipped them over so she was on top, the blonde careful to keep their lips pressed together the whole time and then pressing her tongue against the other girl's lips once their positions were reversed. Spencer was quick to grant access, although once her tongue entered the other girl's mouth quickly became challenging for Hanna to keep up with her extremely competitive friend.

Emily whimpered softly as she watched Hanna cum in Spencer's mouth then taste her own cum on Spencer's lips. Sadly it was mostly a whimper of frustration as Aria was still sucking on her tits.

What Aria was doing was very pleasurable, and Emily really didn't want to rush her friend, but she needed to cum so bad, her need becoming so unbearable that eventually she whimpered, "Please Aria... lower... lick me... finger me... just please make me cum. I need ohhhhhhh!"

To Emily's delight Aria quickly fulfilled one of her requests, Emily's eyes rolling in the back of her head as for the first time her pussy was invaded by a finger which wasn't her own. That finger began gently pumping in and out of her pussy, Aria seeming very sure at first but slowly settling into a fairly steady rhythm. After a little while Aria added a second finger, causing Emily to gasp out loudly in pleasure and then moan as Aria began steadily fucking her again, this time with two fingers, "Ooooooh yes, oh yes Aria, ohhhhhh yeeeeeessssss!"

Emily would be more than happy with this if it was all Aria was comfortable with. Given how hot and horny she was from watching and participating in all the make out sessions and pussy eatings Emily knew it wasn't going to take much to make her cum. She was even on the edge already. Of course she welcomed the feel of Aria's mouth travelling lower, the other girl kissing down Emily's stomach until she was in between her legs. Then Aria's tongue flicked Emily's clit and the swimmer saw stars.

Yeah, she was definitely gay. Not that Emily had really doubted it as of late, but even the tiniest bit of leftover doubt was erased from Emily's mind once another girl made her cum for the first time. Then as a suddenly emboldened Aria removed her fingers and replaced them with her tongue Emily wondered why she had ever questioned what deep down she always knew to be true about herself.

Hanna was thinking the same thing as she got a little revenge on Spencer, this time the blonde being the one to bring the brunette incredibly close to orgasm only to deny her at the last second.

There were a few differences. For starters Hanna was constantly switching between fucking Spencer's cunt with her tongue and fingers while using the other to play with her friend's clit. The other big difference was that Spencer seemed too proud to beg to cum, or to stroke Hanna's ego in any way. Hanna could tell she had the overachieving girl frustrated from the little annoyed moans Spencer couldn't help make every time she denied her a climax, but no matter how many times she did it or how eagerly she licked, sucked, and fucked the other girl Spencer never said a word.

Obviously Spencer felt she could outlast the inpatient blonde. She was right. Hanna wanted Spencer begging and pleading, but not as much as she wanted to make the other girl, who had already made her feel so good, cum harder than she'd ever cum before.

So seconds after finally admitting defeat Hanna clamped her mouth down on Spencer's clit and sucked it as hard as she could while she pounded her super smart friend's pussy with her fingers. The blonde did this at a relentless rhythm until she heard the brunette cry out loudly, begin writhing beneath her and then finally feel an extra coating of liquid covering her fingers. Only then did Hanna remove her fingers so she could swallow down as much of Spencer's cum as possible, the blonde burying her face deep into the brunette's cunt in an attempt to get every drop of sweet girl cum.

Finally Spencer stopped pumping and Hanna stopped drinking. The two teens detached themselves from one another, looking at Emily and Aria who were sitting against the bed, their legs intertwined and holding hands tightly. Aria grinned at Hanna and Spencer, opening her legs slightly so that her two friends could get a good look; she nudged Emily, who blushed, but did the same. Their cunts were both as wet as wells; juice mixing with saliva. Aria grinned, "So who's turn is it for truth or dare?"

Spencer shook her head, "I think that truthing and daring won't cover it any more." Her friends looked at her in disappointment and she realised that they had misunderstood her meaning, "I mean I don't mean we should stop now. I'm up for... experimenting a bit more, but I just think that daring someone to lick someone's pussy is a bit... well, that we've done it."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," agreed Hanna, "and I'm up for a bit more experimenting. I'm almost sure I'm a lesbian, but it's best to make sure." She looked at Aria's wet and wanton slit and licked her lips, before casting her eyes at Emily's and licking them some more.

"Me too," said Aria, "It'd be nice to make sure that it's not just Em's pussy which is turning me on, but pussy cum in general. I'd hate to say I'm gone lesbo only to find out that I'm a one-snatch wonder. No offence, Em."

Em nodded, but didn't say anything. Her friends looked at her for a moment, until Spencer prompted, "Em?"

"Yeah, sure," said the swimmer nervously. It was weird, thought Em, she was the only one who had been a lesbian previously, but she still remained the most reluctant. She forced herself to give a smile; she needed to get over her inhibitions about group sex or she'd look like an old maid, "Yeah I'm game for carrying on... well, y'know... carrying on."

"So swap?" then Spencer asked, twisting her head from side to side to look at Hanna on one side and Em and Aria on the other.

"Yes," said Hanna and Aria together.

Em paused, an image from a film she had watched playing in her memory, "We could. Or we could do a daisy chain."

"What? Pick flowers and hang them round our necks..." Hanna seemed genuinely nonplussed, which surprised Emily, but the other two seemed to understand as they smiled and tittered at Hanna's response. Spencer leant forward and whispered into Hanna's ear, making the teen go red, before nodding and saying, "Sounds like fun; let's try it."

Everyone looked at Em, as it was her idea and whilst two of them may have heard about it in theory, she was the only one who'd seen how it worked. Anyway it was her idea. Em hated taking charge, but seeing the others staring at her expectantly it seemed she had no choice, "Hanna you lie on your side there, Aria you want to lie at a right angle to her head so Hanna can get in. Twist your body a bit so you can get to Spence... yeah Spencer lie on your side opposite Aria but the other way round...." She watched as the three teen's got into position, Hanna's mouth next to Aria's pussy, whilst Aria eyed Spencer's juicy hole hungrily. "That's it, let me slide between Spence and Hanna."

Em got down, moving onto her side and moving her pelvis so that Spencer's head was between her legs. Spence dabbed it gingerly and Em giggled, as she twisted herself so that her own mouth was next to Hanna's. The four of them lay in the square for a moment, testing and dabbing, but not yet going in. It was like cars revving on the grid and Em knew she was the one with the chequered flag. She took an inward deep breath, "What are you waiting for? Let's eat."

As one the four teen's opened their mouths and started to gobble the pussies in front of them. Tongues pushed and probed, lips locked on the other type of lips, mouths opened and closed. The four liars trembled and quivered; sucked, licked and lapped - driving themselves deeper in a fourway of cunt munching. The sound of slurping was overlaid with pants, and gasps for air as the teens moved their mouths from pussy to suck in some much oxygen and squeal in pleasure as their pussies were orgasmed.

"MMmnnn... mmmnnn... lick me....mmmmnnn... eat me....ooohhh you taste so good... oooohhhh... aaaarggghhh... mmnmnnn... tongue my slit... ooooohhh... that's so yummy... mmmmnnnn... mmmmnnn... tongue fuck my cunt... pussy lap my pussy... oooooohhhh... I'm cuuuummmiiiinnngggg..." the four girls were driven wild with ecstasy as they daisy chained; orgasm following orgasm, cum squirting from wet pussies down throats and over faces, making their top halves almost as soaked as their cummy pussy and juice stained mons. Even as they licked and lapped their hands played over each others bodies, massaging bodies that were already taut with sexual excitement and adding the overwhelming explosions of joy that were ratcheting through their bodies. "Mmmmnnn... oooohhhh... this is... oooohhh... yes, fuck, yes... oh my God... aaaaarrgggghhhh... tongue my spot... make me cum again... squirt my face... aaaarggghhh... oooooohhhh... ram me, make me cum... face fuck me... ooooohhh mmmmyyyy!!!"

None of the girls had ever been so blown away before. And the harder they were licked, pushed into pleasure, the harder they slurped and ate the pussy in front of them - a daisy chain of cumming teens. Their bodies shook so much as they all climaxed it was like an earthquake, albeit the screams were of joy not fear. Cum squirted out, drenching the teens like a sexual perfume.

The four girls wordlessly switched places half a dozen times until they had all got to taste each others' cum at least once and they were so exhausted that one by one they started dropping like flies. Spencer was last to roll over onto her back gasping for breath. As she did this out of the corner of her eye Spencer noticed Hanna crawling over to her bed, reaching underneath it and pulling something out.

"What the?" Spencer panted, trying to elaborate but she was beaten to the punch.

"You remember that gift basket A sent when Ems moved in? Well under all the chocolates, there were these." Hanna explained, placing two boxes down in front of her and pulling out a strap-on dildo out of each of them.

"You kept those?" Emily questioned with a raised eyebrow after she and Aria sat up to see what was going on.

"What? It's not like I ate any of the chocolates. Or kept the massage oil. A could have poison those. But I thoroughly washed these, and look... the insides are hollow. Nothing bad in there." Hanna argued, unhooking one of the dildos and showing her friends the inside of it before reattaching the fake cock into the harness, "I kept the other toys too, but I thought these would be more fun... the question is, who wants to try on these little fashion accessories first?"

There was a little pause, then to the surprise of the other three Aria moved forward, "I'll try."

"Ok... who else?" Hanna asked, handing one of the toys to Aria before looking over at Spencer.

However before Hanna could offer the last strap on to Spencer Emily slowly started moving forward towards the blonde. This had Hanna smiling, and when Emily was close enough to hold out her hand the blonde said, "No, let me."

Emily bit her lip and then lifted herself up onto her feet, allowing Hanna to strap the dildo around her waist. Once the straps were firmly in place Hanna took hold of the fake dick and began stroking it up and down with her right hand as if it was real.

"You look pretty good with a cock Em." Hanna said with a wicked grin before taking the head of the cock into her mouth and beginning to greedily suck on it.

A soft moan escaped Emily's parted lips as she watched her friend sucking her cock. That last little sentence sent a very wicked tingle of pleasure through Emily's body.

Even when Emily had been trying to tell herself that she was straight the idea of giving a blow job had never seemed appealing, no matter how hard she tried to see it that way. The thought of receiving a blow job had never occurred to her for obvious reasons. But now, she had a cock. Okay, it wasn't real, and Emily certainly wouldn't want it to be, but there was something oddly sexy about watching Hanna sucking on a -prick.

Maybe Emily was so horny that she just wasn't thinking straight, so to speak. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that every time Hanna touched the shaft something inside the harness bashed against Emily's clit. Or maybe it was just because Hanna was so hot that she could make anything look good. But as the blow job continued the reason why she was enjoying this became less and less important to Emily, because like everything else tonight it just became to good to question.

Emily wasn't the only one enjoying watching Hanna sucking cock. Aria and Spencer were left staring dumbfoundedly at just how passionately Hanna was being with that dildo, both of them more than a little turned on by how their friend was treating the fake dick like it was real.

After a few minutes of watching their friends Aria turned to Spencer, motioned to the dildo she had strapped around her and mumbled, "Would you mind... you know..."

There was a pause, and then Spencer strolled over to Aria, took her by the hand and guided her over to Hanna's bed. Once they had reached their destination Spencer pulled Aria into her arms and gently kissed her. Aria immediately melted into it, becoming so lost in it she barely noticed Spencer gently lowering her down onto the bed. Then, once Aria was lying flat, Spencer dived her head downwards and swallowed the head of Aria's dildo.

Aria let out a soft gasp as her eyes followed Spencer downwards, the shorter brunette then biting her lip as she watched the other brunette beginning to bob her head on her cock. Obviously she couldn't feel it, and this easily paled in comparison to getting her pussy licked, but there was something definitely erotic about this whole thing and Aria liked it. She really, really liked it.

The rest of the world fell away for Aria as she became lost in watching Spencer suck her cock. Just like she had when watching Hanna suck Emily's prick, only this time it was much hotter because it was her dick that was being sucked, which added a whole new perverted edge to it.

While Aria and Emily became solely concentrated on the blow job they were each receiving Hanna and Spencer were very aware of what each other were doing.

Like most things Spencer couldn't help but see this as a competition and that meant she had to win. She attempted to achieve that by adapting the knowledge she had gained from previously sucking dick.

Spencer had only ever sucked cock one time before, and that was the first time and only time she was with Toby. During that Spencer naturally had tried to use everything she picked up during her research to give the best blow job possible. Spencer used many of those techniques again, however this dick wasn't real so she was very mindful that the best way to outdo Hanna was to make sure she gave Aria a good show.

With that in mind rather than trying to force the dildo down her throat like Hanna seemed to be doing Spencer concentrated on things like noisily sucking on the strap-on cock, sliding her tongue up and down the length of the shaft and, most importantly, trying to keep eye contact with Aria. There was more than one occasion where Spencer shifted her gaze to Emily and/or Hanna, but for the most part she kept eye contact with Aria and from what she could see from the other three girls Spencer was confident she was giving the best blow job.

Meanwhile Hanna wasn't treating this as a competition. Mainly because getting into a competition with Spencer was suicide, or more accurately dangerous to her health because if Hanna tried out doing Spencer then she would probably pass out from trying to deep throat for too long or something. The other reason Hanna wasn't treating this as a competition was because she just wanted to concentrate on having fun.

Hanna hadn't really enjoyed being with Caleb. She had tried several times, but it just wasn't... fun. Not like tonight which had already been amazing, and if anything it only seemed to promise to get better.

While fucking Caleb had been a disappointment, using the dildos A had sent on herself had been far more enjoyable, especially when Hanna pictured Emily using one of the strap-ons on her. She had even practised sucking on the strap-ons while fucking herself with one of the other dildos, Hanna having one of her strongest orgasms while bobbing her head on a strap-on and pounding her own cunt with one of the other toys. Now the strap-on in her mouth was around Emily's waist Hanna was working that toy cock with more enthusiasm than ever before, pushing herself to take several inches of it down her throat before her gag reflex forced her up to choke and gasp for breath for a few moments before repeating the process.

However as much as Hanna enjoyed this she wasn't out to win a competition. She was out to coat Emily's fake cock in her saliva so that it would slid into her easily, and given how wet her pussy now was Hanna was sure that taking the dildo inside her cunt was going to be no problem. Just as she was sure there was no need to wait longer.

Hanna certainly didn't want to wait any longer so with one last bob of her head, taking most of the dildo in the process, she removed her mouth completely from the toy, jumped up onto Emily's bed and called out, "Come fuck me Ems."

Emily only briefly paused, Hanna flipping over onto her hands and knees so she could wiggle her ass at the other girl a little, "I like it from behind."

"Ok." Emily said breathlessly, Hanna loving the way the other girl stared at her ass.

Since Emily came out Hanna had been keeping an eye on her friend to see if she ever checked her out. Not because she was at all grossed out by the idea, but because Hanna saw it as flattering. Or at least she had thought she had. Really Hanna had probably been hoping Emily was interested in her long before Hanna was willing to admit to herself that she was gay and very much wanted Emily to be interested in her.

For the most part Emily had been very good at hiding it but Hanna was sure she had noticed her friend looking at her once or twice in a not quite platonic way. Now her normally shy friend was staring at her with almost shameless lust and Hanna loved it. Not as much a Hanna loved the feeling of Emily's cock sliding up and down her pussy lips, teasing her for a few seconds before pushing the dildo inside her.

"Oooooooooooooh Goooooooodddddddddd!" Hanna moaned, "Oh Ems, fuck me. Fuck me Emily. Fuck me with that big cock, mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhh!"

Hanna continued to moan as Emily pushed the dildo about halfway inside her, then pulled it almost all the way out and then pushed it back in. Emily repeated this process for a little while, then with each thrust she began adding additional a inch into Hanna's hungry hole, the blonde crying out joyfully with the addition of each inch. Then Hanna let out an extra joyful cry as Emily's hips came to rest against her ass cheeks, meaning every inch of that cock was deep inside her pussy.

To Hanna's delight Emily didn't pause for a second, that dildo continuing to steadily slide in and out of her eager fuck tunnel, each thrust seeming to intensify the pleasure, which was far stronger than what Hanna had received when using the dildos on herself. Or when Caleb had fucked her with a real prick.

At first Hanna tried to examine exactly why that was, but the pleasure was too overwhelming for her to really care. Soon she became lost in more important things, like thrusting herself back against the dildo and moaning joyfully, "Yessssssss, oh fuck, fuck me Ems! Fuck my lezzie twat with your big girl cock! Mmmmmmmmm, make me a lesbian just like you. Ohhhhhhh, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, I wanna be a lesbian. No, oooooooooh, I am a lesbian, I just need you to show me how to be a good one Em. I need you to show me how to be a good little lesbian. Mmmmmmmmmm, make me a good little lesbian just like you, ohhhhhhhh, please make me a good little lesbian!"

Still treating this like a competition Spencer had mounted Aria's dildo as Hanna was getting on Emily's bed and had lowered her pussy down the whole shaft by the time Emily was rubbing Hanna's pussy lips with her dildo. Taking Aria's cock so quickly had been a little challenging, it was after all bigger than Toby's, but it was nothing Spencer couldn't handle and it wasn't before her insides adjusted to the size of the dick. At that point any previous discomfort became very worth it.

As discomfort turned to pure pleasure Spencer started hammering her pussy on the dildo, riding Aria's cock for all she was worth. It felt so good that Spencer closed her eyes and forgot about Aria, the two other girls, and everything else in the world. For a few blissful moments Spencer became completely lost in what she was feeling. Then she heard Hanna opening her big mouth.

Having liked the few blissful moments when she was lost in the pleasure she was feeling Spencer tried to ignore Hanna's words. Or more accurately she tried not to see them as a challenge. But every word out of Hanna's mouth made Spencer want to outdo the other girl's dirty talk, and as much as she tried ultimately Spencer just couldn't resist.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd Aria, mmmmmmmmmmm, oh Aria that big dick of yours feels sooooooooo good inside me! Mmmmmmmmm, I love riding your big fucking cock!" Spencer cried out loudly, making sure everyone in the room would hear, "Mmmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooh, it feels so good to slam my dyke cunt on that big fucking girl dick! Mmmmmmmmmm, my lesbian pussy loves girl prick! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, oh fuck, mmmmmmmmmm, I love acting like a little lesbian slut, slamming my tight little dyke pussy on that big hard girl cock!"

Hanna knew she shouldn't retaliate, but couldn't resist, "Fuck my lezzie cunt Ems! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me, ohhhhhhhhh, fuck me like the lesbian slut I am! Fucking pound that pussy! Mmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, fuck me harder! Fuck me until I cum for you like the little lezzie slut I am! Mmmmmmmm, I want to be a good little dyke slut for you Em, ooooooooooh, please turn me into a good little dyke slut!"

As the little dirty talk battle continued, and even escalated, Spencer bounced up and down faster on the dildo, leaving Aria completely forgotten. At first Aria didn't mind as her current position gave her the chance to just stare lustfully at Spencer's body. And it wasn't just Spencer's bouncing boobs that caught Aria's eye, but her entire body.

Aria had been around a naked Spencer before. They weren't shy about changing clothes in front of each other in locker rooms, changing rooms, or even their own rooms. That hadn't even changed after Emily came out, because it just felt natural. But through it all Aria felt like she'd never really seen Spencer, or Hanna, or Emily before now. And now Aria was really looking she saw just how beautiful her friends were, especially when they were moaning in pleasure.

It was that moaning that appeared between the dirty words which encouraged Aria to finally get involved with the fucking, the short brunette nervously gripping onto the taller girl's hips and gently thrusting upwards. Spencer immediately cried out joyfully which was all the encouragement Aria needed to start regularly thrusting her strap-on upwards into the other girl's pussy, each thrust making Spencer moan in delight.

The sensation of Aria beginning to fuck her caused Spencer to momentarily forget about talking dirty and just cry out in pleasure. That didn't last long though, "Oooooooohhhhhhh Aria, yes, oh fuck me, fuck my hot dyke cunt, mmmmmmmmm yessssssss! Fuck me like a lezzie whore! Mmmmmmmmm, yesssss, make sure that girl cock goes nice and deep into my queer girl twat! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhh, fuck me, mmmmmmmmmm, just like that, fuck my lesbian pussy as hard as you can while I ride that big fucking girl dick!"

Hanna had been way ahead of Aria, eagerly beginning to gently thrust her cunt back against Emily's invading cock shortly after it entered her. And by the time Aria started fucking Spencer poor Emily was struggling to keep up with Hanna's violent thrusts back against her. Although considering it was her first time Emily thought she was doing pretty good.

Hanna certainly wasn't complaining, "Yeeeeeeessssssssss fuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk meeeeeeeee! Oooooooooh Emily fuck me hard! Just like that, mmmmmmmmmm, make me your little slut! Your little lesbian whore! Mmmmmmmmmm, make that pussy yours! Ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh, fuck, fuck me, ooooooohhhhhhhhh you fuck me soooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddddd! Please fuck me like this every day Ems! Oooooooohhhhhhhh,mmmmmmmm, yeahhhhhh, fuck my pussy hard and deep, mmmmmmmmm, make it yours so you can fuck me like a little lesbian slut every fucking day!"

Emily blushed at a lot of the words coming out of Hanna's mouth, which she was aware was kind of silly given how she was currently pounding her blonde best friend's pussy with a strap-on while only a few feet away her two brunette best friends used another strap-on to have sex with each other. However there was one thing that caught Emily's attention, that being references to doing this again. She wasn't sure how or if that could work but after everything that happened Emily knew she would pretty much do anything for this to become a regular thing.

With that in mind Emily felt like she needed to prove herself. She felt she had done a good job when it came to the pussy licking and now Emily was determined to do just as good if not a better job at the strap-on fucking. That was why Emily started using every ounce of her strength to fuck Hanna, pounding into the blonde's cunt so hard that eventually Hanna either forgot all about the dirty talking battle or became so overwhelmed with pleasure that she could do nothing but concede. Either way Hanna's words dissolved into mindless gibberish and then eventually deafening screams as Emily fucked her to orgasm.

Spencer came shortly after Hanna, both girls continuing to ride their respective dildos not because they wanted to outdo each other, but because they simply wanted to cum as much as possible. As was the case throughout the fucking Aria and Emily struggled to keep up but they both did a respectable job. Thanks to the stimulators on their clits and the mental stimulation they were receiving both Emily and Aria were rewarded for their efforts with orgasms of their own, even if they were less powerful than the ones Hanna and Spencer were receiving given the way they were screeching joyfully.

It seemed that the two women would continue forever, enjoying the feeling of the toys in their soaking wet slits, the way the rubber rammed and rubbed at their erogenous zones and the way there slits seems to contract and expand to accommodate the shifts and thrusts of the strap-ons. Equally enjoyable was the feeling of another's skin against there's, the warm touch of flesh sensual and comforting, as they felt the beat of the other, the breath and the thud of the heart. But it was Hanna who slid off first, noting probably correctly, that if she didn't stop there was no way the ultra-competitive Spencer would do so. She dropped off and lay panting for a second, as Emily sat up and looked nervously at her friend, "Something wrong Hanna? You've stopped."

"It's not fair me and Spence having all the fun with the toys," replied Hanna. She looked at Spence who was still bouncing with wild enthusiasm on Aria's toy; the peppy teen had the grace to look a bit embarrassed, though it was with obvious reluctance she pulled herself off the strap-on. Hanna waited until Spencer was off and then said, "It's only fair for you and Aria to have a go at riding them."

"Yes," agreed Spencer, deciding that as she wasn't going to have it up her twat any more the next best thing was to be best fucker in the room and quickly running through how she was going to fuck to give her partner the ultimate orgasm and more importantly make sure Hanna knew she had given her girl the ultimate orgasm. She quickly came to the conclusion that Aria would be a screamer, but that Emily would probably cum quicker and more often, even if she might be understated. Though of course as Hanna would know how quiet Em was and would understand a small moan from her was the equivalent of a piercing shriek from Aria. Spencer grinned, "But why don't we swap as well, variety and all that."

The other three looked at each other and Aria said, "Suits me. I'm happy to move around, we're not exclusive are we?"

"I guess not," said Em.

"It does seem we've turned tonight into a bit of an orgy," grinned Hanna, "Not that I'm complaining."

None of the others seemed mind either and Aria and Emily swiftly removed the strap-on and passed them to the other two liars. Spencer and Hanna pulled them up and on, adjusting them to ensure they fitted their slender frames as Aria and Emily positioned themselves on the floor. Suddenly Emily sat bolt upright, blushing red, "I've got a favour to ask," she mumbled.

"Go on," said Spencer, intrigued.

"I was watching this movie, on the computer, a few nights back," the swimmer was blushing red, "You know, one of the type we were talking about earlier."

"Porn," said Hanna helpfully.

"We gathered that," said Spencer dryly. She looked back to Emmy, wondering what the favour would be and hoping it would be fun, "Go on Em, what's the favour."

The teen didn't say straight away, instead she said, "Well this movie had lots of girls at a party. They all paired off and had sex in different rooms, you know sixty-nining, dildos, fingering. Any one couple had a strap-on dildo and the first girl did her friend normally... in her pussy. But then they swapped and the second girl did her friend in her... backdoor and the girl being bent over, she really seemed to get off on it."

"Oh," Spencer smiled, "You want to me to do you in the ass?"

"Yes," Emily nodded. She pointed to the strap-on Spence was sporting, "It's well oiled with cum. It'll be tight but it'll fit."

"Okay sure" Spencer couldn't help but grin at Hanna, they hadn't agreed to compete to see who would bring their partner to orgasm first and best, but if they had Spencer knew she had just been dealt the winning hand.

Aria looked at Hanna, "You know in some of my Dad's movies the men give it to the girls up the butt. I've never seen girls do it with girls, but in the normal... sorry I mean hetro, porn the girls seem to enjoy it. If Em's going to give it a go I'm up for trying it."

Hanna smirked like the cat who had got the cream and Spence almost looked disappointed. She wondered if this was Aria's way of saying she was too competitive and needed to be taught a lesson - if so she wasn't sure it was entirely unfair, though she was still going to pound Em until her friend was orgasming like she was on film. At the same time she wasn't a complete bitch, she really did want her friend to enjoy it and feel comfortable, something she might not be able to do if Spencer got too carried away. She smiled, "Okay Em, why don't you lean face first on the bed and lift your ass, I think that'll be the easiest way to get in."

"I'll do the same," Aria said to Hanna and she and Emily moved over to the bed, lying with their top half's face down on the bed, with their thighs pushed against it and their butts on display.

Spencer and Hanna moved behind their two friends, gripping the strap-on in their hands. Hanna said, "Okay why don't you two take your butts and pull them. It'll widen your holes a little bit and help us go in."

Emily and Aria did as she suggested, gripping their cheeks hard and pulling at them. It didn't open the holes much, but it did so enough that Spencer and Hanna were able to rest the tips of their strap-ons in top of the teenager's butt tubes. Hanna began to slowly push in, working the dildo in and out so that it slowly expanded Aria's hole, allowing the toy to move in further. Aria grimaced a little as her anal virginity was slowly taken, it was obvious that it was sorer than she expected, but not so bad she wanted to stop.

Spencer was planning to do the same to Em, but first she had to make sure of something, "Look, Em, anytime you want me to stop tell me and that's it, I'll stop."

"Sure," replied Em, her voice was nervous.

"You promise?" asked Spencer.

"I promise," said Emily, she looked over her shoulder at her friend and gave a small smile, "Look Spence, I promise, but don't hold back."

"I'm not going to," said Spencer, "Which is why I wanted you to promise." So saying she began to replicate Hanna's movements, working the dildo in and out of her friend's butthole and slowly stretching the walls so it became more accommodating. However Spencer being Spencer she was quicker and more forceful than Hanna, thrusting deeper each time and moving quicker, leaving less of a gap between her forward shoves. It didn't take long before she caught up with the length Hanna had slipped in and shortly after she was pushing it deeper.

At first Em, like Aria, had contorted her face as the dildo pushed painfully up a passage that had never had anything so thick and hard in it before. But the deeper it went the more her expression changed, from pain to pleasure. The swimmer's lithe body moved in time with the thrusts, so she wasn't just a passive recipient, but an active partner and little gasps began to emit from her mouth, as one hand clawed the bedding and the other grabbed Aria's hand and squeezed it tight. And as she moaned in excitement Spencer felt more confident to thrust harder and faster slamming the dildo in deep, "Fuck, Em, fuck, your ass is so tight, it's so cutely tight."

Emily gasped and shrieked as a wave of pleasure hit her as the dildo struck deep into her colon, "Fuck me, fuck me so fucking hard Spence. I want your fucking great big rubber shaft all the way up my ass, I want to feel it, I want to cum like I've never cum before."

The cries of passion from beside her made Hanna revise her own technique and start to move quicker and deeper. It wasn't that she was competing with Spence, nobody would be that dumb, but it would be equally as stupid not to learn from Spencer and Em and to see that getting quickly beyond the pain was the way to go if you wanted your partner to orgasm. Hanna sped up and was rewarded with Aria's noises turning from squeaks of pain to squeals of joy, "Yes, yess! Yesss! Oh God Hanna, that's it, that's the way. Oh my God this feels so good, I didn't think it could feel so good. Oh please Hanna go harder, don't hold back."

"I'm not, I'm coming in. Yes, God, Aria this is heaven, my God I'm fucking your ass and going to paradise, my pussy is feeling so good. Your ass is divine, I want to fuck it for ever. Oh my God, I just had a orgiastic blast." Hanna gripped her friend's waist and continued to slam in. The attachment in the strap-on was really hitting her own clit, making her wet and warm, as she hammered Aria's tight hole. Beside her she could see Spencer moving fast as well, concentrating on making it a special night for Em in the same way as Hanna was doing for Aria. Both the teen's on the bed were squealing and writhing, gasping with enjoyment as their back doors were pounded open.

"Aaaaarrggghh, fuuuuuccckkk, yesssss!" the screams were loudly passionate. Aria and Em were holding each other's hand so hard it was if they feared that letting go would lead to them falling away. Not that this was likely as the other two liars were pinning them to the bed, thrusting in and out deeply, racing as far as they could go into the two, now non-virgin, assholes. "Aaaaaaarggghh, fuuuuccccckkkk, aaaarrrghhh."

"Fuck, come on Aria/Hanna, take it, take it all. I'm fucking you, fucking your ass hard," Spencer and Hanna were also screaming in pleasure and passion as they hammered the two teenage butts in front of them, "Aaaarrrrghhh, fuuuucckkk. aaaaarrggghhh."

"Aaaaarrrghhh, yesssssss, fuuuuccccckkk, I'm cuuuummmming," Em and Aria orgasmed, almost exploding with lust as they came, their bodies twisting and turning, bouncing and buckling as they were pounded into pleasure, "Aaaaarrrrggghhh, aaaaaarrrrgggghhh."

Hanna and Spencer continued slamming into the two amazingly still tight butt holes in front of them, making themselves and their friends cum over and over again until they had used what felt like every tiny bit of their energy. Hanna was the first to fall exhaustedly down onto Aria's back, Spencer pushing on for just one more wonderful orgasm, sending Emily over the edge in the process. Then Spencer fell too.

For a few long minutes Spencer and Hanna lay where they were, their strap-ons completely buried deep within Aria's and Emily's butts. Then Spencer was aware of Hanna lifting herself up and beginning to slowly pull out of Aria's ass. Not wanting to be outdone Spencer did the same, but Hanna had a head start, her dildo leaving Aria's ass hole with a pop quite a few seconds before Spencer pulled her strap-on from Emily's butt hole. In between the two cocks being removed Hanna whistled, Spencer moving back slightly after her dildo was free so she could see what Hanna was seeing.

Spencer's mouth opened slightly as she got a good look at Aria's gaping ass hole, that formally tight virgin pucker now a red ringed crater. It kind of looked like Aria had been anally gang banged by the football team, not just one girl armed with a strap-on.

Almost simultaneously Hanna and Spencer turned their attention to Emily's butt, both girls having pretty much the same reaction as they saw that Emily's back hole, which had seemed so tight on Spencer's dildo, was just as open as Aria's. Maybe even more so Spencer thought to herself, immediately feeling surprised and guilty for taking pride in destroying one of her best friend's butt holes to the point that they were left gaping open wider.

Before she could analyse her perverted thoughts Spencer noticed Hanna unstrapping the dildo from around her waist. That gave Spencer mixed feelings as she guessed it meant Hanna was too exhausted to continue, and considering that Aria and Emily were just lying where they were, panting softly with exhaustion, it seemed unlikely they would be up for more. And really Spencer was exhausted too, and the night had been already plenty satisfying. But enough of her strength had returned to make Spencer feel like she could handle more, which left her feeling a little disappointed her friends seem to be all tired out.

However Spencer quickly forgot her disappointment in favour of shock, her mouth opening slightly as she watched Hanna bring the dildo she had just been wearing up to her lips and then without hesitation taking it into her mouth. Spencer could even hear Hanna sucking on it. Sucking on that dildo which had just been deep inside Aria's ass.

Catching Spencer looking Hanna smiled around the cock and then began sucking on that fake dick even more passionately. The blonde even moaned as she finished tasting the deepest part of Aria's butt and began sliding her lips down the shaft in search of more ass juice.

This was probably the most perverted thing Spencer had ever seen and yet for some really, really twisted reason it turned her on. And not just a little bit, a lot. Enough to give her a surge of adrenaline that guaranteed she'd be up for more. Specifically more anal. Even more specifically more anal sex, this time with Hanna as at that moment Spencer really, really wanted to pop her blonde friend's anal cherry, and from the way Hanna was looking at her Spencer suspected that the blonde wanted the exact same thing.

But first, "You really like doing that, don't you?"

"Mmmmmm, fuck yeahhhh." Hanna moaned once she had removed her mouth from the dildo so she could answer Spencer's question, "Aria's butt tastes sooooo fucking good. Mmmmmm, fuck, I always wanted to be a little ass to mouth whore. I always knew it would make me feel really slutty and hot, and it totally does, but I didn't think butt hole would taste this good."

"Would you like to taste Emily's butt hole?" Spencer offered.

"Sure, just give me a sec." Hanna said, taking the dildo she was holding in her hand back into her mouth, this time slowly lowering her mouth down on almost the entire length of the shaft.

Spencer watched more than a little impressed how easily Hanna deep throated the cock. As if she done this a thousand times Hanna bobbed her head up and down on the dildo, holding onto the straps with her hands for leveraged as she cleaned every drop of Aria's butt juices off the strap-on.

The verbal exchange between Hanna and Spencer had managed to get the attention of Aria and Emily who turned over to watch what was going on. The second the two girls tried resting their weight on their sore, thoroughly fucked asses they immediately regretted it, both yelping in pain as they quickly switch to resting on their sides.

Their discomfort seemed to go unnoticed by their friends, something that annoyed Aria a little. That and a perverted curiosity had Aria calling out, "You really like the taste of my butt?"

Hanna looked over at Aria, smiled, gave the dildo one final hard suck, then pulled the toy cock out of her mouth and said, "Mmmmmm, yeah. It's yummy. Remind me to give you a butt licking later. I totally want to taste this sweet flavour from the source. But first, I want to see if Emily's tushie tastes half as sweet."

As she finishes speaking Hanna turns to Emily and gives her a wicked smile. That and her friend's words causes Emily to blush, the poor girl only getting redder as she watched Hanna drop-down onto her knees and take Spencer's strap-on into her mouth.

Aria blushed as well when Hanna loudly moaned as she tasted the deepest part of Emily's butt on the fake cock. Then Hanna removed her mouth from the toy and groaned, "Ohhhhh Ems, your butt is just as yummy as Aria's. Mmmmmm, soooo yummy. Any time you two want your butts licked please come to me. You too Spence. I'll be your personal butt licker. And pussy licker."

After taking a moment to admire the looks of lust on her friends' faces Hanna turned her attention back to Spencer's cock. Again she quickly swallowed the head of the dick and moaned at the taste of Emily's ass. After that Hanna sucked softly on the toy, savouring the flavour of the deepest depths of Emily's bowels. When the flavour was gone Hanna slowly began bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, taking as much as she could get into her mouth and down her throat.

As she reached her limit Hanna looked up at Spencer, both girls eyes quickly meeting in an intense stare. That stare continued until Hanna finally blinked, after which Spencer smirked, grabbed a handful of Hanna's hair and began gently guiding her head up and down on the cock.

"That's it slut, suck my cock." Spencer said softly, "Suck that cock and taste Emily's butt. Oh God, you really love that don't you? You really love the taste of butt. And you love tasting it on my cock, don't you? Do you know what that makes you Hanna? An ATM slut. An ass to mouth slut. A slut for taking a cock into your mouth which has just been deep up another girl's ass!"

First Hanna moaned in agreement as she took as much of the dick as she could down her throat and gave it a thorough sucking. Then she removed her mouth and moaned, "Yeahhhhh, I'm an ATM slut. I love sucking and licking a cock which has just been buried deep in another girl's butt."

Quickly proving her point Hanna leaned forwards and slid her tongue out over those last few inches she hadn't been able to reach, immediately regretting not doing this earlier with the dildo she used to ass fuck Aria as she received a little more precious butt juice. Moaning softly Hanna used her tongue to make sure she got every last little bit of Emily's ass juice, aware that Spencer was still talking dirty but not really paying attention to it. Then when the dildo was completely clean Hanna pulled it out of her mouth and did something rare.

She interrupted Spencer, "I want more. I wanna taste my own ass on this big dick of yours after you've fucked it. Please Spence, take my anal cherry and feed me my own ass! Shove your big, hard cock up my virgin ass and then let me taste it after you've given me a nice, hard butt fucking!"

"You wanna lose your anal cherry? Fine, bend over." Spencer said, only too happy to oblige, "Same position Aria and Emily were just in. Make sure to spread your cheeks so it's easier for me to slide my cock into your virgin ass!"

"You mean like this?" Hanna quipped, Aria and Emily moving out the way so the blonde could lay down on the edge of the bed, reach back and spread her ass cheeks wide, "Is this what you meant? Do you want me in this position when you take my anal cherry Spence? Is this how you want to give me my first ass fucking?"

"Uh-huh." Spencer murmured noncommittally as she lent forward and spat on Hanna's ass hole.

Given how wet Spencer's strap-on was from the blow job Hanna had just given it the spit probably wasn't necessary, but Spencer figured a little extra lubricant couldn't hurt. And it was probably a good thing, considering she took Hanna's anal cherry in one thrust.

"Come on Spence, butt fuck me already! I want my tight little butt fucked! Please, take that big, hard cock of yours and shove it right up my ass. AAAAHHHHHH!" Hanna exclaimed impatiently before crying out as Spencer popped her anal cherry, "OH FUCK! Oh fuck Spence, fuck that hurts!"

"You want me to take it out?" Spencer offered with concern.

"Hell no! Just give me a second to get used to it." Hanna said, a half cry half moan escaping her lips as her stretched wide butt hole slowly got used to the feeling of a cock inside it, "Mmmmmm, oh that feels... good... fuck me Spence. Shove more of that dick inside my ass. AHHHHHH, oh fuck, don't stop, don't shove it in all at once but keep going. Mmmmmm, AH, ohhhhhh, get all that big cock up my ass Spence! Ooooooooh FUCK, I wanna feel every inch of that big cock up my ass!"

Hanna continued to be very verbal as that big strap-on dick continued to invade her bowels, although she had very little idea what she was actually saying. She was pretty sure it was all positive, more or less, and she was just asking for more, it was just that Hanna found it hard to concentrate on anything except the feeling of her rectum being filled by big fake cock.

It hurt a lot more than losing her regular virginity but the additional pain was worth it, and in a really twisted way it only seemed to add to her enjoyment. Not that she was sorry to see that pain slowly fade away shortly after Spencer's hips pressed against her still spread ass cheeks, Hanna letting go of her butt and burying her hands and face in the covers as the real butt fucking began.

"Oh my God, fuck me, fuck my ass, oh ass fuck me, oh Spence!" Hanna began groaning over and over as that big dildo pumped in and out of her ass hole, the fake dong sliding over places inside the blonde's butt which Hanna had no idea would be so sensitive.

Since she had rummaged through that little basket A had sent and found the dildos Hanna had been very tempted to use one on her butt. There were smaller ones than the strap-ons, some even clearly labelled as being intended for butt holes, but Hanna had always chickened out. She'd figured it was probably better to save her back door cherry for someone she cared about.

Hanna cared about Spencer, and while she'd never imagine giving her anal cherry to the intense brunette she was glad it was one of her closest friends which was introducing her to the joy of travelling up the hershey highway. At the same time Hanna wished she started taking it up the ass a lot sooner, because this was amazing.

Aria bit her lip as she watched Hanna getting butt fucked for the first time. Her body was exhausted and her ass hole was still gaping and sore from the pounding Hanna had just given it. However watching Spencer fucking Hanna up the butt seem to make Aria's sore, gaping ass hole cry out to be fucked. Aria blushed at the thought of it, but she felt like her already well fucked butt was literally screaming at her that it wanted more, her open back hole like a baby bird that wanted to be fed.

"Do you think Spence would fuck my ass?" Aria asked Emily quietly, then quickly adding, "After she's done with Hanna I mean."

Emily looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, "I don't know... but, if you want... I could fuck you back there."

"Really?" Aria said excitedly.

"Sure. I have always wanted too." Emily blushed.

"Fuck a girl in the butt?" Aria said questioningly, not sure why Emily seemed embarrassed.

"You. I always wanted to fuck you in the butt." Emily admitted, blushing again.

"Really?" Aria grinned.

"Yeah." Emily said, before adding somewhat flirtatiously, "I always thought you had a great butt, and that it would always be amazing to fuck it."

"Well you can." Aria grinned, getting down next to Hanna so that her butt was also leaning off the bed, then she reached back, spread her cheeks and called out, "You can fuck my butt all you want."

Aria stayed perfectly still for a few moments. Then Aria looked behind her and blushed a little as she saw Emily was staring at her gaping butt hole with a clear look of lust on her face. Aria quite liked that look so the two girls remained still a statues for a few long moments. However they both became impatient.

Before Aria could protest that her friend was taking too long Emily grabbed the cock which had already been up Aria's butt thanks to Hanna, strapped it firmly around her waist and then knelt behind the beautiful hole which was open and ready for her.

Not wasting any more time Emily pushed forwards, immediately being rewarded by Aria moaning, "Ohhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssssssss! Mmmmmmm fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

Emily was very glad of Aria's extremely positive moans because she was extremely worried about hurting the other girl. Emily even listen carefully to the tone of Aria's voice, checking to see her friend wasn't hiding the truth from her in some way. After all, none of them were above lying and while Emily hadn't minded the feeling of her butt stretching her still gaping back door was now very sore so she imagined Aria must be feeling at least a little discomfort, and if that was the case Emily wanted to try and minimise it as much as possible.

However the dildo was sliding back into the little brunette's bowels with ease, Aria continuing to moan happily, "Yesssssssss, fill my butt with that big girl cock! Oh my God, it feels so good. Mmmmmmm, fuck me Ems. Fuck me just like Hanna did. In the butt. Ohhhhhhhh, fuck me in the butt. Fuck me in my queer little butt with your big fat girl cock! I'm a lesbian now Emily, just like you. Let's do lesbian stuff together from now on, like licking and sucking each other's pussies and asses. And butt fucking. Mmmmmmm, let's take it in turns sticking big toys up our lesbian asses and butt fucking each other. Ooooooooh Em, stick that cock all the way up my ass and make me cum and I'll let you butt fuck me whenever you want!"

"Really?" Emily questioned, the strap-on now over halfway back inside Aria's back passage.

"Really." Aria promised, "You like my butt so much? You can fuck it whenever you want if you, mmmmmmmm, if you just slammed that cock inside me and give me a nice, hard butt fucking."

Emily bit her lip, briefly considering her options. Then she slammed forwards, burying the rest of the dildo deep into Aria's perfect little bubble butt.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, oh Ems, fuck me! Fuck my butt with your big hard cock!" Aria practically squealed joyfully as her rectum welcomed the return of that big dildo, "Butt fuck me like a butt slut!"

As she began pumping Aria's pooper Emily continued to listen very carefully to the tone of her friend's voice, paying extra close attention each time she increased the pace a little. However no matter how hard Emily sodomised Aria the little brunette only squealed in pleasure, her moans becoming increasingly incoherent but the general message still being clear that she wanted Emily to butt fuck her hard and make her cum like a little butt slut.

It took a long time but eventually she started treating her friend like a butt slut, Emily pounding deep and hard into Aria's butt with every ounce of strength she could muster much to Aria's clear delight, "YESSSSSSSSS BUTT FUCK ME! BUTT FUCK ME BUTT FUCK ME BUTT FUCK ME BUTT FUCK ME BUTT FUCK ME! FUCK ME IN THE BUTT! MMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCK MY SLUTTY LESBIAN BUTT! OH EM, OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS, MAKE ME YOUR BUTT SLUT! I WANNA BE YOUR BUTT SLUT AND BEND OVER FOR YOU EVERYDAY!"

The picture of Aria being her butt slut and bending over for her whenever she wanted a piece of this beautiful bubble butt she was currently fucking as hard as she could had Emily losing the last of her self-control. It was actually kind of scary, Emily feeling like she couldn't have stopped fucking Aria's ass if she wanted too. Like she was so obsessed with butt fucking her friend Emily would have continued doing it even if Aria was begging for mercy.


The increasing pace didn't bother Aria. Exactly the opposite. Every single hard thrust felt like pure heaven, Aria's rectum practically on fire with ecstasy. So much so that Aria found herself wishing Emily had started getting down to some serious sodomy much sooner. After all, she was pretty sure her slutty butt could have taken it.

Her back passage was already so stretched out thanks to the hard butt pounding Hanna had given her that Aria hadn't really even needed the slow sodomy. It was appreciated, it showed Emily really cared about her, but Aria's rectum had been aching for another hard fucking and the slow sodomy drove Aria so crazy she was happy to see anything she needed to get the hard ass pounding she really wanted.

Not that she really had a problem with living up to her word. In fact Aria really love the idea of bending over regularly for Emily. Hanna too. And most of all Spencer, Aria loving the hard butt fucking Emily was finally giving her, but at the same time wishing she was in Hanna's position because the blonde's pooper looked like it was getting jack hammered by an automatic drill.

When she initially slid into Hanna's tight little ass Spencer did think about Aria's perfect little bubble butt. She thought about how much fun it would be to fuck it. Spencer even promised herself that she would. That some way, somehow Aria Montgomery would be bending over in front of her taking it up the ass for her. Just not tonight. Spencer already felt like she was about to pass out and she was already using all her energy to fuck Hanna's butt. And sure, Spencer could try and hold back so that she'd have some energy left for Aria's ass, but Spencer has never given anything less than 100%, and she wasn't going to start now, especially not with Hanna's perfect posterior.

The very idea of not butt fucking Hanna with every fibre of her being at this point seemed to Spencer like an insult, herself and the perfection that was Hanna's well rounded yet firm behind. Such a thing of beauty deserved all the attention Spencer gave it, the intense brunette only too happy to pound into her friend's pooper with every ounce of her strength, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room.

Emily starting to roughly ass fuck Aria only made Spencer fuck Hanna's butt more intensely, the taller brunette being the first to become completely lost in the anal fucking because she refused to be outdone by anyone at anything, and that definitely included pounding ass.


While Hanna wasn't stupid enough to get into a competition with Spencer she had got into a competition with Aria, drowning out the other girl's dirty talk with her own a little while back, which was just as well because Aria's words had been becoming increasingly incoherent. However as her first anally induced orgasm crashed through her body Hanna became just as incoherent, although the blonde made up for it with volume, her screams becoming deafening as her cum squirted out of her pussy and covered the bed sheets in front of her.

Aria was in no position to pick up the slack verbally wise although she did a good job of contributing to the deafening screams, and she also helped cover the bed sheets in cum as she too squirted from the intense anal pounding she was receiving. When the anal pounding reached its most intense Aria reached out and grabbed hold of Hanna's hand like she had done with Emily's before, the feeling oddly comforting, like it was almost bringing them closer together, the four of them part of one massive session of anal sex as opposed to two sessions happening side by side.

Given all the noise Emily was very grateful that Hanna's Mom was out of town because if she was home they'd no doubt have some explaining to do. Although given the volume Emily was half expecting a call from her own mother in Texas asking her what all the fuss was about. Not that she was really helping, her own cries echoing throughout the room is the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of fucking Aria's beautiful butt sent her over the edge of climax after climax.

It was pretty clear that Aria and Hanna were getting the most powerful and frequent of the multiple orgasms. Especially Hanna, or at least that's what Spencer like to think. In truth Spencer was so delirious with lust that she could barely remember her own name, let alone tell how many orgasms everyone had. She was far more concentrated on what really mattered, that being pounding Hanna's heavenly pooper and making both herself and the blonde feel as good as possible. And of course Spencer achieved that for quite a long time, again taking pride in outlasting her friend, even grinning as Emily collapsed exhausted onto Aria's back. However one more powerful orgasm later Spencer followed, the tall brunette feeling like she was going to pass out she was so exhausted.

For a while Spencer thought she did pass out. It seemed that the other three girls thought the same thing, all four of them just lying there panting. But slowly Spencer felt a tiny bit of her strength returning, just enough so that this time she could be the first to lift herself up and pull out of one of her friends' asses, which is exactly what she did. To Spencer's delight Emily followed her example, meaning that soon both of them were admiring Hanna's newly opened butt hole and Aria's now even more gaping ass hole.

Looking behind her at her two watching friends Hanna smiled, reached back and spread her ass cheeks, widening her open ass hole even more. This only seem to make Spencer and Emily look more lustfully at her gaping butt hole, which in turn had Hanna grinning mischievously. It was weird, but having her bowels on display like this was actually kind of hot.

Aria thought the same thing, and although she was a little embarrassed about feeling something so perverted she didn't hesitate in following Hanna's lead, reaching back to better expose the inner depths of her own bowels by spreading her ass cheeks wide and further opening her gaping butt hole.

After a few long seconds of this Hanna turned around and in the blink of an eye had her mouth around Spencer's cock, moaning softly as she tasted her own ass for the first time. Savouring the moment, and the flavour, Hanna closed her eyes and just lightly sucked on the head of the strap-on for almost an entire minute. Then she started bobbing her head up and down on the first few inches of the fake dick, completely unaware that she was suddenly the centre of attention.

If Hanna had known she was the centre of attention she would have loved it as that was something she almost always craved to be, but for a while she was so preoccupied with tasting her own ass that she forgot anyone else was even in the room. Although that didn't last long.

"Do you like it?" Spencer asked, feeling like she already knew the answer.

"MMMMMMMMMMM, I love it!" Hanna moaned after taking her mouth off the cock, "I love the taste of my own ass on your big hard cock. The big hard cock that you just used to take my anal cherry. Mmmmmmmmmmm, I'm such an ATM slut!"

"Yeah, you are." Spencer agreed softly, before glancing over at Aria, "You wanna try?"

"Tasting Hanna's butt? Or mine?" Aria questioned.

"Either." Spencer shrugged.

Biting her lip Aria looked nervously between her three friends, Emily and Spencer obviously curious to see what she'd do while Hanna seem to be silently pleading with her not to deprive the little ATM slut of what she craved.

After going back and forth on it Aria decided Hanna could share, and that she wanted taste her own butt. So with that in mind she slowly crawl over to where Emily was kneeling when her head down, and took the dildo which had just been up her butt into her mouth. Then she moaned.

"Taste good, doesn't it?" Hanna grinned.

"Yeahhhh. "Aria agreed, briefly adding before taking the yummy flavoured dildo back into her mouth, "You guys should try it."

"Maybe." Emily said softly, Spencer thinking the same thing as they both watched intently as Hanna and Aria got down to some serious cock sucking.

They were very thorough, sucking as hard as they could on the inches they could shove in their mouths before stuffing as much as they could down their throats. The additional flavouring seem to make Aria take more down her throat than Hanna, the blonde noticing this and pushing herself harder than before. However eventually both of them could take no more so they ended up licking the bases clean and then going right back to sucking the fake dicks, making extra sure they hadn't missed any yummy ass juice.

Once she was sure she got every little bit of her butt juice off Emily's dildo Aria lifted her head and blushed a little as she saw Emily and Spencer staring at her lustfully. Then, biting her lip, Aria asked, "So... what now?"

There was a brief silence and then Hanna took her mouth off Spencer's strap-on and said, "We could date?"

"Who? You and Aria, or..." Emily stammered.

"All of us." Hanna clarified, and then when the others stared at her added, "What? We hang out all the time anyway, have long intimate talks, sleep in each other's rooms, and are always there for each other. We're pretty much dating already, this would just add the additional benefit of us regularly fucking each other's brains out."

"I don't know Hanna." Spencer said thoughtfully, "Can four people really be a couple?"

"Why not? Just because you don't see it everyday doesn't mean it wouldn't work." Hanna pointed out, "I love you guys, and I really loved fucking you."

"We, we could always try it." Aria piped up, "And if things got weird or whatever, we could always go back to being friends."

"Right, and we can be honest with each other in a way we can't be with anyone else. You know, the A thing, and the Alison thing." Hanna said quickly, not really wanting to go to detail about either, "And we wouldn't even have to come out as a foursome right away because unless we start kissing in public no one will even notice the difference. We'll just treat each other to more nights out, and presents, and hot sweaty sleepover sex."

"And if it works, we can come out after we're finished with school, and if it doesn't we can go back to being friends without anyone being the wiser." Spencer said.

"And have a lot of fun either way." Aria added, only blushing slightly.

"Exactly." Hanna beamed, wincing along with Aria and Hanna as all four of them sat down, nervously looking back and forth between each other until the blonde added, "So what're ya say girlfriends, wanna be girlfriends?"

The other three girls glared at the painfully unfunny wording before Aria softly added, "I'm in."

"Me too." Spencer quickly added.

With all eyes turning to her Emily blushed, smiled and nodded, "Ok."

From zero girlfriends to three. Sending that little basket had worked better than Emily could have possibly imagined.


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